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tv   Today  NBC  August 25, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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board, too. >> that's right. we are constantly watching the markets this morning, up about 320 this morning. back this 7:25 with a live local news update. good morning. breaking news. the dow opens strong following the historic wild swings on monday. but will things keep trending up? and what does all of this mean for your nest egg? we'll go live to the stock exchange. >> the grown light? a new report saying the president gave joe biden his blessing to enter the race if he wants to. will the president choose between clinton and biden or stay newtal? >> damning testimony. friends of owen labrie take the stand in his rape case claiming he bragged about having sex with his alleged victim even as he denied it to police. will the defendant himself take the stand as early as today? and a trip to remember. a 12-year-old boy stumbles as a
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museum, accidentally punching a hole in a centuries old painting worth more than a million dollars. why he's now learning the art of being just a little more careful. today, tuesday, august 25th, 2015. good morning, everyone. welcome to "today." 7:00 a.m. on the west coast on a tuesday. matt just watched that video like this. a little cringy. >> i can hear the parent, you must be mistaken? i don't have a son. if i did, he would be grounded right now. >> he wouldn't be carrying a cup or something at the heart museum. >> it's terrible. >> more on that video. we want to get right to our top story breaking right now. this rebound happening on wall street at this hour in the wake of monday's roller coaster ride. so what is driving the upswing now? jim cramer, hoh of mad money at the stock exchange this morning.
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good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. >> happy to see the numbers go up. does this mean crisis over, go about your business, or could we see more wild swings? >> it would be super to say we have seen the worst, but we do tend to have snapbacks after three really horrible days. that's been the history of the market. don't get overconfident. this is a longer slog. we're bouncing in part because china made it so that they're a little more liquid. that's not enough. i like to see some stability for a couple days. please take it easy and don't make any big moves in buying today. i would rather have people who spent too much money borrowing money to do selling. that would be more mogical. >> we learned that china is the real driver of this downturn we have seen in global markets in the last few days. as you say, the government has taken some action, but fundamentally, nothing has changed about the slump china is in. >> no, not at all. i think what has to happen there, it looks like they're going to get away from the propping up of stocks, which is what they have been doing.
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maybe put money to work in the actual economy. but you know, this is a long day. i think we had a lot of damage done, a lot of people just very scared. i say do nothing. stay put. there's nothing to do. don't panic. and don't buy. >> jim, when you say that, i really believe you. let me ask you about the federal reserve in this country because that sands some of the plains of this as well. the fed was hinting perhaps it's time for us to raise interest rates, and that really, i guess, exacerbated what we saw in the market. >> boy, are you ever right. we have different people from the federal reserve saying different things. some are saying that they're kind of happy with the way things are. i'm not happy with the way things are. i think what's important is that the federal reserve come out and say they're on hold. one of the reasons why i'm not confident in this rally is what happens if a federal reserve official says everything is good, we can raise rates. everything will be repealed? they should be quiet and let things out asand federal reserv
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chair woman janet yellen said we'll put things on hold. >> yesterday, she didn't say anything, right? >> no, where in the world was janet yellen was the game we were playing. >> that's how you have your fun, jim, at the stock exchange. thank you very much. >> i love the fact that you wrote your notes for a story on the stock market on a pad that says welcome to crazytown. >> it's a little appropriate. >> that's perfect. all right, let's turn to the presidential race this morning. a couple big stories there. signs that vice president biden is inching closer to a run on the democratic side, while republicans donald trump and jeb bush trade new jabs. we'll get to that in a moment. first, let's head to the white house and peter alexander. hi, peter. good morning. >> hey, matt. good morning to you. aides within the white house have consistently said that the vice president has earned the right to take all the time he needs to consider a 2016 run. and overnight, one senior democratic source tells cnn president obama gave biden his blessing at their weekly lunch
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yesterday to run if he would like. a spokesperson for biden tells me the sources are basically speculating about something they say they know nothing about. this morning, the buzz about a possible biden bid is building. the latest leak that the vice president will reportedly huddle privately with top democratic donors at his residence after labor day, adding to the drum beat that began with the vp's not so secret weekend lunch with elizabeth warren. who would the president back? his vice president or former secretary of state? press secretary josh earnest said the president respects and admires hillary clinton, but heaped braise on biden. >> there is probably no one in american politics today who has a better understanding of exactly what is required to mount a successful national presidential campaign. >> later, earnest added to the intrigue. >> i wouldn't rule out the possibility of an endorsement in the democratic primary. >> what would a biden/clinton showdown look like?
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they have parted ways on national security. secretary of state clinton pushed for more aggressive military actions in afghanistan, libya, and syria. while biden was more cautious. the biggest split, the osama bin laden raid. clinton said she pushed forward, but biden's acknowledged he initially thought it was too big of a gamble. >> if they get get into the race together, you can see this becoming a defining point objudgment, on presidential judgment. >> those messages disappear all by themselves. >> meanwhile, republicans aren't letting up on clinton. today, releasing this new snapchat style video mocking her handling of the e-mail controversy. still, clinton's not backing down. picking up the pace of her campaign, leaving her hamptons vacation tomorrow for a swing through the midwest. first stop, iowa. and biden is said to have met with two of obama's most trusted advisers at his residence last night. only a small percentage of obama's fund-raisers in 2012
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have already mitted to bundling large sums of money for the clinton campaign. >> take me inside the briefing room yesterday when josh earnest was being so complimentary about the vice president. was there any surprise among the kind of seasoned reporters. >> >> it was diffinaefinitely striking. josh earnest anticipated these questions. he brought notes. he said the president credits biden's wisdom, counsel, leadership, for helping him get so much done over the last seven years. i spoke to several of the president's top aides who say there's great affection for the vice president. they would like to support biden, like to see him end his career on a high note, and there are concerns as well over whether he would win. >> thank you, peter. >> as you mentioned, bitter rivalry between jeb bush and donald trump is intensifying. chris jansing is in texas with that part of the story this morning. dpoom to you.
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>> good morning, savannah. i'm standing at the epicenter of this escalating immigration battle, the border between the u.s. and mexico. jeb bush came to south texas with a new strategy to punch back against attacks from donald trump, and show skeptical republicans he's tough enough to beat the billionaire front-runner. jeb bush in his home state of texas, taking shots at donald trump over his promise to build a beautiful wall. >> you have to have a much deeper strategy than just building a fence. >> hours before, trump had already launched a pre-emptive strike. >> bush, by the way, attacked me in a very modest way. he's a low-energy person, so when he attacks, he attacks with low energy. >> trump's trouncing of the gop field in recent polls has pumped bush up. >> this is ludicrous. >> a more combative bush, dismissing questions in both languages. about his use of a term some immigrants consider offensive. anchor babies. >> i think we need to take a step back and chill out a little bit as it relates to the
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political correctness. >> that sounded a lot like trump, and so did this. >> you might want to read my book, immigration wars, which i published four years ago. >> president obama, secretary kerry, i highly think you should read this book quickly. >> and while bush was meeting with local officials, team trump was posting this 2013 matt lauer interview with bush's mom. >> would you like to see him run? >> no. i really don't. i think it's a great country. there are a lot of great families. there's other people out there that are very qualified, and we've had enough bushes. >> have you seen the instagram put out of your mother where she said we've had enough bushes. >> i don't follow the instagram feeds from donald trump. >> as bush and trump touted their differences, hillary clinton put out her own immigration ad, lethally suggesting they're just alike. >> most of the other candidates are just trump without the pizzazz or the hair.
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>> this morning, the bush campaign is confirming that they are doing some budget cutbacks, not because they say of fund-raising but because they always intended to be lean, but truth is donald trump's staying power is making all the republicans sit up and take notice that this campaign could be longer, tougher, and more expensive than they originally planned. matt, savannah. >> just at the beginning. chris, thank you very much. in the meantime, the racing world is mourning the loss of popular indy car driver justin wilson. the 37-year-old died last night a day after he was struck in the head by some debris from another driver's crash. today, national correspondent craig melvin has more on that. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. that tragic accident happened just two days ago behind me here at the pocono raceway in pennsylvania. justin wilson was 6'4" tall. he was the tallest driver in indy sport racing. he was also soft-spoken. this morning, the racing
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community and fans alike are mourning the loss of this gentle giant, as he was known. a young life cut short. tributes are pouring in this morning for late indy car driver justin wilson. >> great guy. you know, one of the few if only guys that really was a friend among everyone in the paddock. >> his family calling him a loving father and devoted husband to his wife, julia, and their two daughters. his younger brother fellow indy car driver stephan wilson tweeting, i often told him i just want to grow up to be half the man he is. that will make me a pretty good man. >> justin's elite ability to drive a race car was matched by his awaunwavering kindness, karngt, and humility. >> the 37-year-old england native died monday night one day after crashing at a race at the pocono raceway in pennsylvania. the fatal chain of events started when another driver lost control of his car, crashing
7:12 am
into the wall. seconds later, the nose cone, a heavy piece of debris from the front of the other car, struck wilson's head as he drove by. >> that is -- if that is the nose of the car, that's a very, very heavy, thick object. >> wilson was knocked unconscious. seconds later driving into the wall. >> oh, into the wall goes justin wilson. >> medical teams rushed immediately to treat him, but he entered a coma. nbc leigh diffey called sunday's race. >> he really understood how the game, so to speak, worked. that's why the gravity is so big. his loss will impact so many. but to me personally, i'll really miss him. >> wilson's tragic death is the second in indy car in four years. fellow british driver dan withhelden d enweldon dies of severe head injuries in a race. mario andretti spoke out about the safety of the sport just before wilson's crash. >> the sport, actually, we have
7:13 am
reached a point that as safe as you could possibly make it. on the other side, it's still a work in progress. >> justin wilson was well liked. he was well respected by all accounts, he was one of the most popular drivers in this sport. no word yet on the memorial services. the last race happens this weekend. after all of that, a lot of folks surmise that the conversation will then turn to how to make the sport safer. keep in mind, the drivers in indy, largely unprotected. those cockpits are open despite the fact they're wearing helmets and their cars themselves approach speeds of nearly 200 miles per hour. matt, savannah. >> that piece of debris could have landed anywhere and it landed in the worst possible place. >> absolutely. another story we're following, learning more about what's next for the heroes who stopped a gunman from attacking a crowded train to paris as a fifth passenger is now being
7:14 am
recognized for his bravery. kelly cobiella is following the story. >> good morning. we're expecting to hear from the french prosecutor on any possible charges against the suspect within the next hour. meantime, here in germany, airman spencer stone has been at the landstuhl medical center. he has been seen by doctors. they expect him to make a full recovery from the bad gash on his hand. another american being treated in france is also improving. a man whose bravery nearly cost him his life. a hero's welcome for spencer stone and alek skarlatos. an impromptu honor guard. more than 200 airmen and their families cheering them on at ramstein air base. anthony sadler was on the red carpet for "straight out of compton" in paris last night and spoke briefly. >> two days ago, we were just on the train. two days later, all this has happened. pretty crazy. i return back to california
7:15 am
tomorrow, so that's next for me. >> as more details emerge about the bravery of another train passenger, french american mark moogalian, a musician and academic who confronted the gunman moments before the americans disarmed him, tried to warn other passengers and was shot. his wife, telling the story on french radio. he looked at me and said i'm hit, his wife said. i saw the blood. i was so scared he was going to die. the bullet went through mark's back and out his neck. spencer stone, his own thumb almost severed, kept mark alive. >> found what i thought to be the artery, pushed down, and the bleeding stopped. so i said thank god and held that position until the paramedics got there. >> mark's sister paying tribute. >> it was very overwhelming, one to realize our brother had been shot and we almost lost him, but to realize what he did, how he stepped in without even giving it a thought, we couldn't be more proud.
7:16 am
>> moogalian recovering in a french hospital, will also receive a medal of honor. and the accolades and tributes keep pouring in. there's even talk of a parade in sacramento, these three friends all have tied to the west coast. >> wow. i think it's in order. kelly, absolutely. >> can't even describe the bravery of these guys. >> and the instincts just kicking in. an amazing story. makes us proud. >> tamron is here with a story out of a college that's going to make a lot of people upset. >> a fraternity at old dominion university has been suspended amid controversy over some sexually suggestive banners hanging from an off-campus house. jacob has the story. >> welcome signs at american colleges are not unusual this time of year. but many find these banners at old dominion university downright offensive, asking parents to drop off their freshman daughters for a good time, adding go ahead and drop off mom, too. at ohio state university,
7:17 am
banners proclaim one campus house as daughter day care, adding, dads, we'll take it from here. >> we're not trying to cause having or stir up trouble. we're trying to have a fun time. >> seems kind of condescending to say they're going to be the babysitters, as if we need someone to watch over us. >> social media erupted with responses like, that odu frat proved that college does not make all boys smarter. the president of old dominion university says there is zero tolerance on this campus for sexual assault and sexual harassment. >> the actions taken by a few individuals this week certainly do not represent the position of the university. >> the national fraternity suspended the local chapter, calling the banners derogatory and demeaning. after the back to school prank that's failed to make anyone feel welcome. jacob ras cone, nbc. >> help has arrived, some of it coming from the other side of the world. dozens of firefighters from
7:18 am
australia and new zealand are in the pacific northwest this morning. to help battle the massive wildfires raging in washington state. the complex of wildfires is now the largest in washington state's history, covering more than 250,000 acres. a 10-year-old boy lost in the utah wilderness for 29 hours is safe and has been reunited with his family this morning. a rescuer carried malachi bradley from a helicopter to the open arms of loved ones monday afternoon. on sunday, he was camping with his dad and siblings when he wandered off to look for wild mushrooms and got lost. when it got dark, he used a makeshift shelter of giant rocks to try to shield himself from the elements. rescuers spotted him from a helicopter five miles from where he was last scene. he was hungry and tired but otherwise in good condition. so a happy ending for that family. a scared little boy.
7:19 am
>> you hold on tight, for sure. thank you so much. >> al's back from his epic adventure to the middle east. >> a great time. now we're back and talking about a typhoon causing big problems and also looking at all the -- sorry, the smoke in the pacific northwest. i mean, it covers ten states where we have air quality alerts and red flag warnings, just dangerous conditions. and you can see the temperatures today above normal. so that's not good news. luckily, the winds are not quite so bad, but as you can also see we're expecting monsoonal moisture through the southwest with rain in phoenix up into denver. look for sunshine, los angeles, salt lake city, on into the pacific northwest. the high in seattle of 77 degrees. showers and thunderstorms along the mid-atlantic coast, also northern new england, breezy and cooler conditions through the great lakes. temperatures for the great lakes into the south, 10 to 20 degrees below aver
7:20 am
good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have the clouds across the bay area that will be clearing out in the next couple of hours. a bright sunny day. also, temperatures up a couple of degrees warmer than yesterday in some spots. san francisco up to 72 degrees, 84 in the north bay, east bay will be up at 82 degrees for a high, but 92 degrees in the tri-valley. in the south bay expect a high of 84, and the peninsula topping out at 82 degrees. tors test weather. . matt?
7:21 am
and that's your latest weather. prep school. coming up, how testimony from the suspect's friends and his own list of girls to allegedly pursue, could impact that case. and on rosen reports, the new tool that could bring an end to dangerous and sometimes controversial police pursuits. first, this is "today" on nbc. p. we'll show you how it works but first, thi
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♪ as long as people drive cars carmax will be the best way to buy them. a very good tuesday morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. at least a dozen people looking for a place to stay after an overnight fire at a senior care facility in san francisco's mission district. happened about midnight on shotwell and 20th street. one resident suffered sp smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. no word on what caused had a tire, but firefighters believe it started on the top floor. keeping an eye on wall street this morning, big bounce back day for stocks. the dow has been up this morning. hovering at about 2% after a pretty rough start last week and of course yesterday morning as well. let's see if we rebound. let's check the numbers if the weather department as well. these numbers are rebounding, too, starting to go up for the inland areas.
7:27 am
up to 91 kegs degrees today in gill roy, san mateo 80 degrees and the embarcadero will be at 72 degrees, morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. 84 degrees in napa, concord 89 degrees, san ramone today 87 degrees. let's get a look at traffic with mike. the car volume also going up so the speeds are coming down. a live look for 101 north of that 680 interchange which is slowing for south 680 on to north 280. we will show you the map. that's the slow drive at that interchange. all the red starting to build up for 101, 280 and 85. slow drive south 680 continuing, another crash as one clears around main street, another crash in the backup pleasant hill, concord, that's a tough drive this morning. the rest of the east bay, the bay bridge toll plaza has your metering lights on and slower drive for 880 south past the san mateo and dumbarton bridges and that bridge over to the peninsula where 101 shows a slowing. >> we will be back with another
7:28 am
local thus update in had half an hour. have a good morning.
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it's august 25th, 2015. it's 7:30 and one fine day out of the plaza. as we get ready for a special live performance from the great carole king. >> let's take a look at what's making headlines. another nervous day on wall street following monday's wild roller coaster ride. the dow closes down 515 points. >> indy car driver justin wilson has died from the jury he suffered when hit by debris. wilson was 37 years old. >> some of the world's most popular beaches are closed today.
7:31 am
heavy rain caused flash flooding. half a million gallon stewage spill near the wikiki beaches. >> in the meantime, a key day in the trial of a former prep school students accused of s sexually assaulting a student. that would clear the way for the defense to call their client to the stand. gabe has been in the court since the trial started. gabe, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. all along, the defense has insisted that owen labrie never had sex with her accuser. here at the courthouse, uncomfortable testimony from several of his former schoolmates who told a different story. today, prosecutor s could wrap p their case against 19-year-old owen labrie after four of his classmates testified labrie left them assuming he had sex.
7:32 am
>> certainly a smile, but i left under the impression that they did have sex. >> eventually told me that in his words that he [ bleep ] her. >> what does that word mean to you? >> i assume it would mean they had sexual relations. >> kun class mate, a minor whose identity we're not revealing said labrie was even more direct. >> a private conversation between me and owen where i askask ed him if they had sex, and he told me they did. >> he told police he never had intercourse with the girl. one of the nation's most elite boarding schools under scrutiny as testimony reveals the senior salute where older students ask out younger ones before graduate, sometimes for sex. st. paul's said the allegations aren't indicative of the school, but a juror said he learned of the senior salute in 2013.
7:33 am
>> were you aware of the practice or what was involved in the practicing of the senior salute? >> in relatively vague terms, yes. >> prosecutors alleged labrie had been plotting the encounter with a 15-year-old freshman for months. on a list of girls he wanted to pursue or slay. her name was in capital letters. labrie's attorney said crude messages to his friends does not mean he's guilty. his statements have been typical teenage statements, in mew view. with all the immaturities, imperfections, uncertainties that are reflected in teenagers. >> jay carney says his client still plans to testify. that could happen as early as today but probably tomorrow. he could be the only witness the defense calls to the stand. this entire case could hang on his words. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. let's bring in leisha bloash li
7:34 am
"today's" legal analyst. let's start with owen labrie. he told police he didn't have sex with this underaged student. yet, the prosecution has called four former friends. they said he told them he had sex with her or they led them to believe he had sex with her. how damaging is that to the defense? >> pretty significant because these are his friends, and not just one, a group of them, and it's consistent with other evidence. his allegedly saying afterwards are you on birth control and her asking about condom use. >> is it also typical with teen behavior where guys brag about things they didn't do or embellish the facts? >> of course, standing alone, that would be helpful to the defense, but there is other evidence to corroborate. >> if matt says this is a case full of contradictions and the prosecution has to attend with an accuser who faced a withering prosecution. and they went point by point by her account, the fact she sent
7:35 am
back a flattering text, that she laughed uncomfortably, she told the school nurse the sex was consensual. how do you deal with that? >> there are inconsistency on both sides. her inconsistencies are more significant because the prosecution has the burden of proof. if she's not believed, there can't be a conviction. >> we were talking that the alleged victim remained in court during the testimony of these four young men and had to listen to accounts of this alleged sexual counter in sometimes demeaning language. is that unusual that she would be there for that. >> >> she has the right to be there and she decided to be there and she's been very emotional in court. you have to wonder if that has an effect on the jury. ultimately, i think they have a strong case for statutory rape against this young man. as to forcible rape, that's a tough one. >> they may rest, the prosecutors, and the defends is
7:36 am
talking about calling one witness, i guess the story does come down to his story and credibility, but what if jurors think that's all they got? >> most of the witnesses have already been called by the pr prosecuti prosecution. this is a young man, very intelligent. was admitted to harvard. he watched the entire trial. i'm going to assume he would do a good job on the stand. >> 11 men, 3 women on that jury. how might gender impact this verdict? >> you know, a lot of people say prosecutors say they prefer to have men on a jury in a rape case because women classically speaking are more tough on other women. i don't know if that's true or not. i think it ultimately comes down to the facts and the evidence, and unfortunately, the accuser's credibility. she has some tough issues that came out in cross-examination. >> lisa bloom, thank you very much. >> get a check of the weather now from al. >> thank you so much. we're watching changeable weather here along the eastern seaboard. front is going to cause
7:37 am
problems, strong storms in the southeast. a stronger risk as you get into newigeland. up to one-inch sized hail, damaging wind gusts and cloud to ground lightning. showers and thunderstorms racing up off and through into new england. as the day wears on. we have this front pushing through, we will see drier air coming in behind it. showers and thunderstorms fire up, especially on into new england. that's going to be the worst of it, then we move on through with cool conditions. as you look at the rest of today, we expect to see a gorgeous day throughout the gulf coast. breezy conditions in the great lakes. downright ch good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we're at 56 degrees now in the north what i and 62 degrees in the south bay. you see clouds everywhere, but as we head into the afternoon our skies will be clearing and a little bit warmer than it was yesterday in a few spots. 84 in the south bay as well as the north bay, peninsula 82 and the east bay 82 degrees.
7:38 am
expect a high of 92 degrees in the tri-valley, while san francisco tops out in the lower 70s, breezy winds and afternoon sunshine. >> the weather you need, go to weather channel and cable, >> coming up, disturbing new fallout ties to the ashley madison hack. what police are now saying about alleged cases of suicide linked to that data dump. inked to the data dump. plus -- >> good morning. i'm jeff rosen. we have seen high speed dangerous police chases but there is a new gadget that could be a game changer, a device that shoots out of the police car. look at this. fire. it actually flies onto the suspect's car. how this could help it's a long day and sometimes, an even longer night. helping with homework before doing your own. and you may think no one notices... but she does. she sees more than "mom,"
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it's 7:42. this morning, new technology that could change the way police go after suspects. >> what if officers could find targets without engaging in those risky chases?
7:43 am
"today" correspondent jeff rossen is here to show us how. good morning. >> hey, guys. good morning to you. we have all seen the high speed police chases, right? they are controversial. innocent people have been injured. hundreds killed every year when suspects drive out of control, running from the comes or the offic officers themselves get into accidents. the high tech tool that could be a game changer. comes shoot a gps tracker at the suspect's car and break off. does it work? this morning we are about to show you. police are right on my tail. i see the police officers behind me. but comes are about to make their secret move. suddenly they peel off. no officers in sight. the suspect thinking he got away. and the rest of us? avoiding this. high speed police chases ending in disaster. this suspect in arizona speeding through a busy intersection, crashing into several cars.
7:44 am
and in california, this suspect missing bystanders after crashing into a sidewalk cafe. more than 300 people killed. thousands injured every year in police chases. but now police departments across the country are starting to use a new high tech tool. this palm-sized gps tracker called star chase. how does it work? >> this is the gps tracker. it is shot from the front grill of a patrol car down here. >> reporter: shoots out of here. >> sticks to the suspect's vehicle and we begin tracking in real time. >> reporter: no chase needed. >> no chase needed. >> reporter: let's give it a shot. i will drive in my car playing the suspect while the police officers chase me and shoot the gps tracker on me to see if they can find me. right away the two officers try to pull me over. >> i have one refusing to stop. >> reporter: i try to get away, but not before they tag me. >> tagged. >> they stopped chasing me. if they shot the tracker on my
7:45 am
car, i have no idea. i didn't feel anything. i didn't see anything. >> reporter: meanwhile the officers are pulled over, sitting on the side of the road, tracking my every move on their laptops. >> the vehicle is westbound. >> reporter: i drive down winding roads. going to make a right here. making several turns. >> the officers have no idea where i am or where i'm going. not even my producer knows. i come to a stop in this neighborhood. let me get out of the car here. you can see we are at the dead end of a suburban street. no one here. no one up there. me and the car. will the comes comele down the road to find me? we'll see. >> he's probably two miles away. we have tracked him to the end of this subdivision. >> the vehicle has stopped. let's get him. >> reporter: within minutes they find me. >> look at this. and they have me. that's incredible. how long did it take you? >> from the location, probably three minutes. >> if i were a suspect you would have me. >> absolutely. >> reporter: and no dangerous
7:46 am
police chase. >> not at all. nobody got hurt on our side and the general public is safe. >> reporter: and you have your man. >> he's in custody. we got him. >> reporter: the company that makes it, star chase, says the technology can save lives. it is in place in more than 20 police departments from florida to arizona to texas. they say more to come this year. guys? >> wow. >> we have four thumbs-up here. we like this. >> remember when jeff was on the diet. she could put it on jeff and know if he went to taco bell. >> how many people want to see jeff shot with one? how great would that be? >> we love you, jeff. >> we love you. seriously. coming up on trending, in this health-crazed world why are experts telling some men to avoid salad? >> million dollar mishap. a little boy who learned a costly lesson about watching your step at a
7:47 am
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and neutralizes stomach acid at the source. tum-tum-tum-tum-tums .. .. .. back now at 7:51. [ cheers and applause ] >> they're on tv! dylan is here for carson with the art accident seen around the world. >> yes, it is. take a look at this beautiful work of art. it's 350 years old in taiwan at a museum. it's worth $1.5 million. keep it in mind as you watch what happens when a 12-year-old boy walks by the masterpiece, loses his footing. no, doesn't spill his drink but uses the master piece to break his fall. you can't see the damage at first. it's hard to see. looking on the back side you can see he punched a hole through the canvas. here is a better look at it. it's damaged. he won't be responsible to restore the painting.
7:52 am
it's actually covered by insurance. this video has racked up half a million views on youtube. no word on what he was drinking but he was able to finish his drink. >> are you allowed to have drinks in the museum? >> i wouldn't think so. >> do you want charges filed? >> numerous charges. >> wow. >> like a farmer's insurance commercial. >> thank you. >> all right. coming up, surviving the slump. we'll talk about the best ways to protect your money given the jitters on wall street. >> and pierce
7:53 am
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7:56 am
a very good tuesday morning. 7:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. the man charged with killing a hayward police officer is due back in court today, 21-year-old mark astrada is expected to enter a plea. he is accused of shooting and killing sergeant scott lunger is during a traffic stop. bliss found blood on the driver's seat of astrada's truck an empty bullet casings. plans for a new coliseum city project may start to take shape. a look at which a developer promises to trans forl. the raiders seem more interested in in moving and the a's don't seem to have a dee sir to play with a new stadium. leaders expect to meet with raiders. it will be nice after the clouds roll out of here. we're taking a live look from tiburon and we see the clouds are still here and our
7:57 am
temperatures in the mid 60s for the east bay, san francisco now at 59 degrees. it will be warming up, though, white a few degrees warmer than yesterday in some spots. in san jose 84 degrees, san mateo 80 degrees and the marina will be at 68 degrees. napa 84, oakland 77, and dublin reaching 90 degrees. let's see how that commute is going with mike. i took this live look, trying to take it to show pokes westbound 92 really slowing down on the flat section t this just popped up a couple of minutes ago. look at the maps and we will show you the hayward side a good roll lum of traffic coming off 880. no incidents reported for the span. more slowing for the dumbarton bridge as had they brush from 880 over to 101. that is your commute direction. that's kicking in there, same thing for the northbound routes through the south bay. 101 toughest stretch from 85 all the way up to 85 and approaching the bay bridge no real problems, just slowing across that richmond san rafael bridge.
7:58 am
we will be back with another local news update in half an hour. we will see you then.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up dramatic consequences that leave two people linked to the ashley madison scandal have now reportedly taken their own lives. what investigators are warning the hackers this morning. then, it's a drink or not to drink. what does the latest science really say about the eight glasses of water we're supposed to have every day? plus, the earth will move when the legendary carole king joins us for a live performance of a musical about her life. and pierce brosnan stops by to talk about his thriller and the future of james bond tuesday, august 25, 2015.
8:01 am
>> just to hear carole king. >> happy birthday national park service! >> hello to quentin county, illinois. >> good morning. 8:00 on a tuesday, it's the 25th of august, 2015. the waning days of august. a liver treat. >> there you go. >> somebody tweeted me, matt action give the dog the treat already. he is sitting there. >> speaking of treats, coming up we've got creative food snacks for breakfast, lunch and dinner. save you time now that the kids are heading back to school. >> katy quinn has some this better
8:02 am
understanding of what is required to mount a successful presidential campaign. however, biden's spoke woman down played a report that president obama gave biden his blessing to run. meantime, hillary clinton is picking up the pace of her own campaign leaving her vacation tomorrow for a swing through the midwest. jeb bush took on republican
8:03 am
front-runner donald trump during a visit to a texas border city monday, bush called trump's plan to build a massive fence to seal the mexican border unrealistic. he said a deeper strategy is needed to fix the immigration system. earlier trump called bush a low energy person. the hacking of a website for extramarital affairs led to embarrassment, concerns about blackmail and now reports of suicide. the fallout from the ashley madison scandal turned tragic as two alleged cases of suicide linked to last week's massive information release from the website. >> as of this morning we have two unconfirmed reports of suicides associated because of the leak of ashley madison's customers profiles. >> speaking about the personal impact of the scandal that affected nearly 37 million ashley madison users.
8:04 am
>> just got to understand, people. the social impact behind this leak we're talking about families, we're talking about their children. we now have hate crimes that are a result of this. there are so many things happening. >> the company is offering a $378,000 reward for information leading those responsible. while toronto police are offering tough talk to the hackers involved in this growing scandal. >> i want to make it very clear to you, your actions are illegal and we will not be tolerated. this is your wake-up call. >> avid life media, ashley madison's parent company says the investigation will lead to arrests and convictions. an mirn runner provides our latest teachable moment on the hazard of celebrating too early. molly huddle thought she clinched the bronze medal at the
8:05 am
world athletic championship in beijing. she raised her arms a half step too early. huddle said later it's frustrating, going to take a long time to get over it. that's a bad one. matt? >> so sad. thanks very much. anyone with money in stocks, the headlines are p scary. a 588-point loss on monday, the eighth worst single day decline in the history of the markets. on the heels of a 530-point fall on friday. so what should you do to protect your money? sharon is cnbc's senior personal finance correspondent. good morning. easy to say to people it's cyclical. these happen. if you've got money in the market this is gut wrenching. >> it is and particularly for those near retirement or in retirement. and they are watching their account balances go down or concern that's going to happen. it's a very scary time. but it is something that is a
8:06 am
plus in the market. >> jim cramer likes to say no one made a dime panicking. what is your advice for people? what should they do synod >> review what you have. do your research. and if you don't have a plan that's a problem. if you do have a plan you need to stay the course. figure out what your goals are, how much risk you can symptomatic in this market and then stay on that plan. >> a lot of people aren't picking up the phone to a broker and buying specific stocks, they have 401(k) plans, they have iras. what should they know? that's how they are invested. >> they need to know what they are invested in. i think it's a great wake-up call for people who haven't checked that 401(k) to find out what the investments are and look at the mutual funds to see what they are holding and how they are diversified. that's the word we always say that helps. make sure you have a little bit of everything. and that will help you when stocks start to slide. >> real estate, are the real estate markets impacted by this at all if you are trying to buy
8:07 am
or sell a house? >> only when you look where mortgage rates are now we have seen a slide below 4% so a lot of people may think now might be a time to refinance that's a good time. other people may say if i'm seeing and feeling poor in my investment portfolio i don't know if i want to do much of anything. >> the take away is what was we watch these crazy numbers? >> make sure you review. you may want to rebalance if you have seen a dip, good time to buy things more cheaply. look whether you want to do a roth conversion to your ira, that's something you can talk to a financial adviser about and you'll pay less tax if your balance is lower right now. and then look at what you can do in terms of other tax advantaged ways to save money if you are what they call harvesting losses which is using some of the losses to offset the gains. now is a time to look at those opportunities. great time to talk to a financial adviser to help you and calm you down because it's not a time to panic.
8:08 am
>> something about you calms me down. >> that's good. >> sharon, thanks very much. up next, choosing iced tea to crown the most honest city in america? we'll explain on trending. plus, raw emotions on display. the couples retreat that takes spouses out of their comfort zone. to hopefully bring them closer together. and carole king performs with the cast of the musical based on her life. that's the first time on our plaza. first these messages. you loved brad. and then you totaled him. you two had been through everything together. two boyfriends. three jobs. you're like "nothing can replace brad!" then liberty mutual calls. and you break into your happy dance. if you sign up for better car replacement, we'll pay for a car that's a model year newer with 15,000 fewer miles than your old one. see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance.
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8:13 am
what do we say on the show? >> eight glasses a today. >> and we all feel guilty and depressed that we don't. guess what. it's a myth. we are free from it. good-bye, glasses. >> yes. the "new york times" said there is no science to back it up. there is no proof that drinking water keeps your skin healthy and wrinkle-free. good-bye, water. >> where did this come from? >> there was a study in 1945 that it came out of. but it doesn't hurt you. >> no, no. it's hard to drink eight glasses of that size of water every day. >> how much do you think you get? >> maybe two or three. if i work out, four. >> you feel like you're in bladder training. gradually work your way up. they say coffee counts as water though it ee's caffeine and somf the food has a lot of water. >> fruits and vegetables. >> can i have one? it's making me thirsty. >> there you go.
8:14 am
never mind. here's a question for the ladies on the panel. say you're on a first date. you go to a restaurant with a guy and he orders a salad. >> like as the entree? >> no. >> that's all he's getting? >> like a chef salad. >> that makes me feel guilty because i probably ordered a filet and he's getting a salad. >> what do you think of him? >> i think he's not a tough guy. >> a little bit wussy. >> go figure. apparently guys skip the salads. women find it bore and wimpy according to a new survey that says what you order can make or break the first date. other tips for guys. always pick up the check. at least for the first date. women like that. for women, order hands-on food. burgers, ribs, corn on the cob, things like that. guys like it. >> you added corn on the cob. >> guys like it when you're willing to get messy.
8:15 am
>> i feel like back in my dating life 300 years ago i wouldle get a salad. like, oh, no, i couldn't possibly. >> but you're ale woman. >> guys like that. >> that's what i learned. >> i'm single. going in for the burger and -- >> of course. >> if you're picking up the check the guy loves that. i'll have the iceberg. >> don't go for the surf and turf. >> all right. how honest do you think your community is? the makers of honest tea set up stands and asked people to donate a dollar if they took a bottle. everything was on the honor system. the question was, who did the right thing? nobody was looking. the city of atlanta. congratulations. people there left a dollar 100% of the time. >> there's a shock. >> washington, d.c. people actually took money out of the box. seriously. other interesting note. women and those with brown hair were the most honest.
8:16 am
the least honest -- bald people. >> yep. >> what about bald people who once had brown hair? >> very honest. >> good. >> owen wilson opens up about a family struggle and a big anniversary for the boss, bruce springstein. dylan? >> owen wilson sharing the news that his father is battling alzheimer's disease. willie sat down with owen to talk about "no escape" and asked about his father's condition. >> it's, you know, bad luck and just a really terrible disease. but the good luck is that, you know, he's at home. he's with people that love him. >> he's a giant figure to you and your brothers. i have heard you talk about him before. >> huge. i didn't study acting. i didn't even finish college. my dad used to have the joke that he was the charter member of the 3970 club which stood for three sons, nine high schools, seven colleges, zero degrees.
8:17 am
>> you may not have the diplomas but i bet he's proud. >> my dad still keep it is ticket stub in his wallet of "bottlerocket" our first movie. dad was proud of us. >> sounds like he has nice memories. you can see more of the interview with owen thursday in the 9:00 hour. in the next half hour pierce brosnan will be here for the same movie. these days we are all obsessed with smartphones but 20 years ago it was all about microsoft windows 95. the cutting edge operating system was released this week in 1995. check out this throwback promo video. it's jennifer aniston and matthew perry getting a tour of bill gates's office and a lesson on his computer. could it be any more '90s than this? >> so this is bill gates's computer. that's like using wayne gretzky's hockey stick. >> oddly enough, none of it
8:18 am
seems to rub off. >> i meant for her to sit at the keyboard. want to take a little backlit drive-thru the road through the microsoft network? i will keep both hands on the keyboard i promise. >> smooth. i think i have to go with no. >> this video came out a year after "friends" premiered and proves the internet was obsessed even back in 1995. for a lot of people the world changed 40 years ago today and music hasn't been the same since. what happened? take a listen. ♪ ♪ baby, we were born to run >> yes. it was august 25, 1975 that bruce stringstein released "born to run," his album that took him from promising artist to legend. it landed him on the covers of time and newsweek in the same
8:19 am
week. >> wouldn't it be cool to have one of the original albums. i would love it. maybe like this one? signed by springsteen? >> you're like that kid. >> how did that find its way in here. >> yes, hello? oh, yes, we hate him, too. >> one of my favorite possessions right there. >> my mom went to high school with bruce springsteen. she was a couple years younger. >> you have been story topped. >> does she have one of those? >> i think -- >> signed her yearbook. >> really? i have a picture with him at the stone pony. >> i have been to the stone pony. >> i have a go bag in case of the zombie apocalypse. >> i have bruce's phone number.
8:20 am
>> i will end this. al, please do the weather. >> i'm sorry. anyway, let's see what's going on. right now we are keeping an eye on erika. that's right. 840 miles east of the leeward islands. 45 miles per hour winds moving west at 20. if you look at the track it will move relatively quickly. it passed the lesser antilles into the caribbean. by monday it's just around the bahamas. this one bears watching. that's a good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it will be a little warmer today, especially inland, as highs reach 84 degrees in san jose. san mateo at 80 degrees. inner sunset at 70 with clouds that will give us some peeks of sunshine today. a lot of sun in the north bay. napa, 84 degrees. oakland, 77. in dublin, expect a high of 90 degrees. in pleasantton, up to 93 degrees. our temperatures will be warming up the next couple of days.
8:21 am
and that's your -- hi, bruce? you want dylan's mother's phone number? okay. >> sounds like he may have it already. i don't know. today two of the summer of secrets this week. >> this morning we have an unflinching look at marriage and what it takes for some couples to stay together. andrea canning has more. good morning. >> good morning. we kicked off the series reminding you communication is the key to a happy marriage. that's exactly the cornerstone of an intense three-day program called couples retreat. i was a fly on the wall of the boot camp for emotions and it was brutal at times. it can work to repair and restore even the worst marriages. over the next few days, you wille meet four struggling couples. for some it's their last chance. it is an intense weekend. >> welcome to the couples retreat. >> reporter: dedicated to helping couples revive rocky relationships. >> this is not therapy.
8:22 am
all right? this is an interactive program that's going to cause you to get uncomfortable. >> reporter: tina conkin, the founder of couples retreat said in 20 plus years running the program her success rate is over 80%. she uses what she calls an r-3 factor -- reveal, rewrite, renew. >> the reveal is really recognizing that you can't change or heal what you don't reveal. the rewrite is seeing it from different glasses. renew is making it better than it was before. >> reporter: what's the one thing you do on this retreat that you think can really get the spark back? >> it's compassion. >> reporter: masie and pat are here to repair two years of betrayal. >> we were engaged for the last year. we are currently separated. i wasn't looking for a resolution. i didn't want to do anything like this. i kind of just feel shut down.
8:23 am
he's a complete fraud. >> thank you. pat, what's she talking about? what did you do? >> my name is patrick. what i did is i have been dishonest with her. >> are you owning that? >> yes, i am. >> that's not her saying that? >> no. i started a relationship on a lie. i told her that i could have kids when i can't. that was a major lie. when that came out, it was devastating. i knew it. i have since spawned other lies. >> now you have three kids that are aware that this is falling apart. >> her daughter is living with us. her daughter loves me and this definitely affected her daughter. >> what are you crying for? stand up. you were numb and now you're -- >> my daughter -- i just failed her. again.
8:24 am
>> pat, what are you willing to do? >> i'm willing to change myself. not for her, but just for myself. to be a better person. >> reporter: conkin asked the couples to look at how their own history affects their current relationships. they rate their relationship, write their own eulogy and have their partner read it. they stare without speak ing into each other's eyes. there is fun thrown in. ♪ >> reporter: but for masie as days go on, the emotions sit at the surface. in a forgiveness exercise she has a hard time accepting pat's apology. >> i know forgiveness is for me, not for him. i feel like it's condoning everything he did. >> forget about him. he let you down. >> yes.
8:25 am
i betrayed myself and i betra d ed my daughter. >> can you forgive yourself for that? >> i don't know. >> would you cry right now if you got hit by a bus and died? really? why? you don't want to wish him well. that tells me you want him to feel pain. >> he owes you. >> he can't die because he owes you? >> i can't wish him well because he owes me. >> if he tied you would be sad? >> yes. >> why? >> because i love him. >> hard to watch. >> it is really hard to watch. >> intense. >> they are still together. they're working on it.
8:26 am
>> you're going to have more examples of other couples going through the program. >> three more couples. it's an emotional detox. >> thank you.i'...=too==t lst d a good tuesday morning. 8:26 right now. at least a dozen people looking for a place to stay after an overnight fire at a senior care facility in san francisco's mission district. happened about midnight on shotwell and 20th street. one resident suffered smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. no word on what caused the fire, but firefighters believe it started on the top floor. keeping an eye on wall street this morning. big bounce back day for stocks. look at that. the dow this morning is up over 2%, 392. this is a live picture of that big board. you know they had that huge slide that started last week. it ended yesterday with lots of ups and downs. want to check the morning commute, see if there's any red traffic tie-ups. >> yeah, fast and slow instead of up and down.
8:27 am
north 101 at 680. let's look at the entire south bay. you see that 101 starting to go a little better speed. the yellows and oranges instead of the reds. still focusing around the airport for the slow drive. 280 at 17, always trouble as far as the speeds go. that continues this morning. more traffic through oakland for westbound 880. of course, the bay bridge toll plaza has its metering lights still on. back to you. >> all right. thank you very much. another local news update coming up in about half an hour. have a good tuesday morning.
8:28 am
8:29 am
what's happened to snacking? how did it become absent-mindedly eating one after the next? we are a creamy cheese that still believes in savoring our food. the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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♪ i feel the earth move under my feet ♪ 8:30 now on a tuesday morning, the 25th day of august, 2015. our crowd about to be treated to a live performance from music royalty. carole king is here along with the hit musical inspired by her life "beautiful". >> just start singing now. "natural woman," oh, my, that's amazing. >> a real treat for us. speaking of natural things, savannah naturally hanging out
8:31 am
with a handsome man, pierce brosnan, no less. he's here and they will let us in on their private conversation coming up. ooh, la, la. >> with sun setting on summer the busy school days are here. we have katie quinn here to teach you simple kitchen hacks to make every meal of the day a little easier. >> all right. first, mr. roker, a check of the weather. >> i did it, but i forgot to take the rubber band off. >> it's there in your teeth. >> let's see what's going on right now. for "today," wet weather along the atlantic coast. stronger storms in northern new england. smoky conditions in the pacific northwest because of forest fires. rain through the desert southwest. tomorrow we expect cooler conditions through the great lakes. down into the south. showers along the southeastern atlantic coast into florida. the southwest continues on the wet side. unfortunately the temperatures stay warm in the pacific good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of clouds across the bay
8:32 am
area, but they're starting to clear up in the south bay. and temperatures are in the lower 60s. today's highs will be a touch warmer than yesterday, reaching 84 degrees in the south bay, 82 in the peninsula and east bay. in the tri-valley, it warms up to 92 degrees this afternoon. and in san francisco, 72 degrees. north bay, 84. our temperatures will be going up along with some higher humidity the next couple of days. don't forget, any time you need the weather go to the weather channel on cable or online. now let's head back upstairs to ms. savannah and mr. brosnan. >> all right, al. thank you so much. "no escape" focuses on a family caught in the middle of a violent uprising over seas. they have no one to turn to except for a mystery man played by pierce brosnan. >> most of the merciless men out there are just trying to protect their children, just like you.
8:33 am
so don't thank me. i'm the one who put your family in harm's way. least i can do is get you out of the bloody place. >> pierce brosnan, good morning. >> good morning, savannah. >> you are mysterious in this role. how would you describe this character? >> he's an enigma. his name is hammond. this is an intense movie made by young film makers who came to me with the role. i said, okay, i will do it. >> it's an action film but you have a softer side in the movie as well. >> i do, yeah. he's a man that's a desolate kind of fellow really. you're not sure if he's a secret agent, a mercenary. he comes to the aid of this family, owen and lake bell. they play a mother and father who set up a new life in this country which is really nondescript. but a coup happens. >> and the action never stops.
8:34 am
>> it grabs you by the throat. if you have children and you're a mother, a father and you see the film, it's devastating actually. >> owen wilson, i adore. i never think of him as someone you would find in an action movie. how do you like working with him? are you a big fan? >> i'm a big fan of owen's work. he did a movie with gene hackman years ago called "behind enemy lines". >> you're right. >> owen has been there in action. he does a brilliant job. and lake as well. it's palpable, the fear you have for this family. that's a testament to the film makers. >> you're a member of the bond family. i like to think in my mind that all the former bonds get together, hang out, have a club. if so, could you tell me the date and time when you meet? >> which one do you want to
8:35 am
meet? you have the irish one here. >> i have the best one. >> i don't know about that. it's a small group of men, a small club. they say more men have walked on the moon than played james bond. it was a great honor to play the role. i was a huge fan. sean connery was my james bond. >> he turns 85 today. >> really? oh, sean, way to go. >> the best. do you have opinions about who might make a good bond in the future? >> no. i really don't keep tabs. there is a great bond right now, a bond for his time. it's amazing it's been going for 50 years. >> i saw on your instagram feed you have a new grandbaby, a little girl. >> i do.spefeed, you have a grandbaby. >> i do, molly mae. cassandra. molly mae.
8:36 am
a darling baby. >> darling. darling. very grown up. >> you keep talking. i'm just going to sit here had and listen. >> oh, thank you very much. >> pierce brosnan, thank you. very nice to have you here. the movie is called "no escape." is opens tomorrow. just ahead, french toast in a mug, creative back-to-school foods to give your kids the energy they need.
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ back a back at 8:38 this morning. ongoing series. fuel for food. fast food hacks. katie quinn the host of q foods. helpful tips. >> yes, helpful tips. this is like a complete healthy
8:39 am
breakfast all in one. >> breakfast is supposed to be the most important meal of the day and yet so easy to skip over. here's my solution. cut a banana in half. stick a popsicle stick in. yogurt, also good for you. it's a cohesive for this trick. brush it on the banana with grano granola. >> and sprinkle it on? put it on there. all the way around that? >> all the way around. stick in the freezer. it's good for the next couple of days. you can take it and run with it. >> another great breakfast idea. this is french toast but much easier to prepare. >> french toast is such a treat to have. you can have it during the week, believe it or not in a mug. you take cubes of bread. milk, egg, butter, cinnamon, vanilla. pop it in the microwave for a minute to 50 seconds.
8:40 am
>> mix it for a second? >> yes. >> put it in the mug? >> yes, put it in the mug. in the micro wave. get that cinnamon in there. you're good to go. >> and they can carry it with a spoon and a mug. as a parent on more than one occasion, i have cut up an apple into sections sent it with the kids to school, by the time they open the lunch, the apples are all brown. >> totally, oxidation is what makes that iky brown mess. it can be as simple as a rubber band. you preslice it and keep it together. it stays fresh like band off. >> how long would it last without turning brown? >> you have until lunchtime. >> that's great. >> you go that way, i will go this way. >> this is a salad that you can prepare and take with you. it won't get soggy. >> right. i love taking salad to the work
8:41 am
place. soggy salads are the worst. it's all about strategic layering. >> in a mason jar, you put the dressing on the bottom. >> dressing on the bottom. leafy greens on top. >> hard vegetables like carrots right above the dressing because they won't a sosh it. >> grains, beans and proteins, cheeses, tuna, anything like that. >> when you're ready to eat it, you shake it into a bowl. >> the best thing is this keeps really well all week. on sunday, you can make salads for the week. >> is there a nobel prize for salad preparation? this could win it. >> it looks so good. >> finally you have a pocket pizza. >> yes. a pepperoni pocket pizza. my friend put this one on her youtube with ultimate hacks. this is genius. you have a tor till la. spread sauce on it. this is healthier and more delicious than the frozen p
8:42 am
premade stuff. cheese, maybe some which he had lar. pepperoni slices. fold it like a burrito, pop it in the microwave for a minute or two. >> they can take it right to school. >> good for college kids or a busy weeknight meal. >> good ideas. katie quinn, good to have you here. for more head to more hacks in the next hour. before that, friday night lights, 25 years later. the man behind the phenomenon reveals what happened to the high school football stars in the best seller. and carole king live on the plaza. first, this is "today" on nbc. leave early go roam sleep in sleep out star gaze
8:43 am
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i know you're staying golden by managing your energy use...ns which means managing water too, sfx: rawr especially during a drought. learn to save water, energy and money at
8:45 am
it's 8:44. it 's been 24 years since buzz bissinger shined a light on football in west texas. friday night lights was a book, movie and television series. buzz went back to visit six members of the panthers he originally profiled. he writes about the embassy appearance in a new edition of the book. buzz, good morning. nice to have you here. >> good morning. >> was it the plan always to go back on the 25th? >> it wasn't. often you do it by e-mail, phone. i wanted to see the kids face to face. it was an important part of my life. >> did you have expectations of what would have happened in the players' lives? >> some i could have predicted, some not. some of it's great to see them. in one case it was tragic. >> let's talk about the tragic case. miles was a star player but got injured in the preseason. >> right. >> what happened?
8:46 am
>> one of the reasons the books endured is because of miles. a black running back from the wrong side of town. not a lot of money. he was basically treated as a football animal. it was his only skill in life. when he got hurt before his senior season that was it. he was cast aside. he had no academics, no underpinnings. the result when i saw him was he's in prison. i have to say i wasn't surprised. >> does he talk about the days and being featured in the book? >> he talks about those days in a bittersweet way. he liked the book because the book was honest in terms of parents living through their kids. it's bittersweet. i think the movie -- you know, the exposure is a double-edged sword. you get the exposure but you are who you are. >> one of the guys you wrote about in the book, don billingsley, the renegade did drugs, drank alcohol. 25 years forward, how did he turn out?
8:47 am
>> he's done great. the worst barometer of future success is high school. i thought he would be road kill, the first to end up dead. don did get religion. had a close friend who committed suicide his freshman year in college and he woke up. he's now a health care consultant. he looks great. he's at his playing weight. it's unpredictable as to how the kids do. >> the public reacted in a positive way to what you wrote. i mentioned what it went on to become. the people in odessa had very, very mixed feelings about your finished product. >> right. >> they were not happy with the way you described their culture. >> right. >> the racial divide in town. >> correct. >> when you went back was the tension still there. >> there is slight tension. because of the movie they ignore me now. folks, the book came first. they ignore me but i'm going back to do the book tour. i had to cancel it 25 years ago
8:48 am
because of threats of bodily harm and two public venues wouldn't have me in odessa at a bookstore. they said, it's too can he recall. i will not take back a word of what i wrote. >> as i say it and now that i know you're going back, has the culture changed? you can say it before you book your flight. >> the culture has changed. winning creates obsession. they are no longer the winningest team in texas state history. there is not the fanaticism, but other places, not just in texas. all over the country. we care more and are more obsessed with sports in this country than ever before. it can be dangerous. >> one of my favorite books ever. i love your work. 25th anniversary edition of "friday night lights" available in stores today. up next, a special performance on the plaza. carole king live with the cast of the musical inspired by her life. but first on a
8:49 am
8:50 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> the tony-winning broadway show "beautiful" the carole king musical is ready to go on the road in september. carole king is here with the cast including abby mueller and
8:51 am
shynella kennedy, the women who play her. you have a broadway show. here you are. >> shylene will be in the national production. i'm all over! >> you guys are about to perform. you have seen the show a couple of times now. >> i finally did, yes. >> you have never performed together, have you? >> no. not until now. >> are you nervous? >> i'm really excited. it's just incredible. >> i have seen you and your rendition of carole king on broadway. did you give tips to abby? >> she'll be fabulous, amazing. >> you are being honored this fall, kennedy center honors. >> yes. >> what does it mean to you? >> i don't know if you can have more accolades. there's one more to add to the list. >> that's a good one. there are so many great people. we don't have time for me to list them all. great, great people. >> why do you think the show has resonated so much with people? why do you think it's so
8:52 am
popular? >> not only the music. it's worth coming just to hear the incredible songs but the story of her life, it's very moving i think to all generations and to men and women. >> earth-moving, one might say. >> come on! >> i feel the earth move? get it? can i get an amen? what are you singing now? >> "earth moves"! >> see, it's a segue. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ i feel the earth move under my feet ♪ ♪ i feel the sky tumbling down ♪ i feel my heart because it's trembling whenever you're around ♪ ♪ ooh, baby ♪ when i see your face ♪ melle low as the month of may ♪
8:53 am
♪ oh, darling ♪ i can't stand it ♪ when you look at me that way ♪ i feel the earth move under my feet ♪ ♪ i feel the sky tumbling down ♪ i feel my heart start trembling ♪ ♪ whenever you're around ♪ ♪ oh, darling ♪ when you are near me and you tenderly call my name ♪ ♪ i know that my emotions are something i just can't tame ♪ ♪ i feel the earth move
8:54 am
♪ i feel the earth move under my feet ♪ ♪ i feel the sky tumbling down ♪ a tumbling down ♪ i feel the earth move under my feet ♪ ♪ i feel the sky tumbling down ♪ tumbling down ♪ ♪ i feel the earth move under my feet. >> i feel the sky tumbling down ♪ ♪ tumbling ♪ tumbling ♪ i feel the earth move under my feet ♪ ♪ i feel the sky tumbling down ♪ tumbling down ♪ tumbling down ♪ tumbling down ♪ come tumbling down [ cheers and applause ] >> carole king, thank you so much. remember, "beautiful" heads out on tour. check it out. ladies, thank you so much. >> can i say something?
8:55 am
al, be honest. we both had that suit. >> i had that suit! >> carole had that dress. all right. thank you so much. it's great to have you. we have willard scott with birthday wishes. take a look. >> hey, you gang in new york. you have to try orchard's finest from smucker's, their new jelly and jam. unbelievable. i mean it. grandma couldn't make it better. franklin, tennessee, goo-goo candy bars are big down there and so is bonnnie bennett. likes to play word search. we wish her the best of everything. edna jackson, you are something from cleburne, texas. 100 years old today. one thing she loves to do in life is bowl. can't beat it. good exercise. roger robinson, hello, roger from new orleans, louisiana. he's 100 today. his hobby is growing okra and
8:56 am
tomatoes. mix it together and it's delicious. august di gregory from ft. wayne, indiana. that's where johnny appleseed is buried. he loves a little bit of red wine at night to sleep tight. having a great time. hope you are. best-looking bunch on tv in new york city. >> willard, thank you very much. did i show you my signed "tapestry" album?i'..=too= n fnp a good tuesday morning. it's 8:56. i'm sam brock. san francisco's former archbishop in legal hot water this morning, accused of driving under the influence. he's a former senior ranking clergyman in the catholic church. police reportedly pulled him over and arrested him last week during a vacation on hawaii's big island. he's due back in court later in the month. meantime, b.a.r.t. bracing for another transbay tube
8:57 am
closure like the one earlier this month. there are going to be some differences. this time around it's going to last three days over the labor day weekend, not two days. today they'll reveal more details about the closure, including the new rail that's being installed. buses will run between san francisco and oakland to help with the gap. we'll have another update in just 25 minutes.
8:58 am
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this morning on "today's take," pierce brosnan on "no escape" and who he thinks should be the next james bond. plus edward burns is here with his novel "public morals" and feel the earth move with a performance by the great carole king, coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news this is "today's take" with al roker, willie geist, tamron hall and natalie morales, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> big crowd on the plaza for the great carole king who just finished a performance. we'll have another song this hour. i'm willie with tamron and al
9:01 am
roker is back. natalie has the morning off. how was it? >> it was fun. we went to do the travel channel 50-50 thing with a couple off the plaza. i have never been hotter and not my looks. being on the beach on friday i was drinking a gallon and a half of water per hour. never had to go to the bathroom. >> wow. it was humid. it was brutal. there is a reason they don't allow workers out in direct sunlight between noon and 3:00. we started the show at 3:00 their time. so it cooled off dramatically. >> this as we listen to your jam by lion babe "jump hi". >> i don't know if we have a photo. the lead singer is the daughter
9:02 am
of vanessa williams. this is gillian, part of lion babe. she performed at the astro pump festival in weekend. her mother so proud. when i tell you to put it on your play list it's absolutely -- vanessa williams -- >> i can't get past the morning jam graphic. >> is that what you were laughing at? >> it's new. >> inspired by bit moji. get it. it's the most important thing. >> tamron has been showing us grace jones performances. >> we have had an exciting few days. grace jones, by the way, two people asked me who is grace jones. they were both under 40. matt lauer said, grace jones, icon from the '70s.
9:03 am
she's about 7'0" tall. >> beautiful. >> she was only wearing body paint. i got trapped in front of her. >> were you in times square? >> brooklyn. it was like times square. >> we are always on our phones. i was busy trying to record grace jones. she's on a man's shoulder. i was grace jones roadkill. the video -- >> down here. >> the video isn't safe for tv because she only has body paint. i don't know what to say. it was amazing. >> beautiful woman. >> 67. she hula hooped a song, walked off stage, still hula hooping. >> what a show. >> body paint. >> like when i'm 67. >> grace jones in body paint. >> we are going to do springsteen, listen to "thunder road," i think.
9:04 am
i can't hear it. ♪ >> yes. the great classic album "born to run" turns 40. >> no way. >> it was released august 25, 1975. check out the track listing. thunder road, 10th avenue freeze out, knife back street, born to run, she's the one, meeting across the river, jungle land. eight for eight. unbelievable. >> happy birthday "born to run". >> i saw him in concert. he looks amazing. oh, my gosh. he looks better now than 40 years ago. >> he looked amazing then and now. >> proportionately, this guy. >> can you pull the album cover back up? that's handsome personified. look at him. >> yes. >> look at his hair, his beard. >> anybody who's been to a show
9:05 am
knows he plays for three hours without stopping. >> amazing, brilliant. >> so flexible. >> what does that mean? >> the grace jones story? >> he bent backwards on his knees and was parallel with the floor, lying on the floor. >> he looks athletic. >> were you hanging out? >> i said, bruce, can you -- he did the backwards bridge thing. >> i learned it from bruce. you were hanging out with owen wilson. >> we have pierce brosnan in a minute to talk about "no escape" which is a thrill ride. i sat down with the star of the movie. we'll air it tomorrow. he talked about his father with alzheimer's. he talked about it publically during the press. it was great to sit down. i loved him first of all. the comedic actor is great. he was so sweet talking about what his dad meant to him and luke wilson, his brother.
9:06 am
just a warm, deep conversation. we'll play it tomorrow. >> so great to open up, hear your celebrity. you want your private life private but you hope it can help other people. >> exactly. >> that's incredible. >> what about you? and tennis, little miss backhand. >> that's my nickname on the street. this is me yesterday playing with serena williams. that's match point. let me be clear. i had never touched a tennis racket, played tennis. two of our producers, i will tell you more. we'll do a quick interview with pete sampras, roger federer, andre agassi and serena williams and then we'll have you play a round. there were thousands of people. serena actually heckled me. >> oh. >> she said, don't you know how to do a backhand. i was like, do you know how to read a teleprompter? i do sometimes, serena.
9:07 am
>> i bet on serena. >> she loves the show. she's an "i.d." addict. she stays home all the time to watch crime shows. interesting factoid. we'll air the interview. i have to tell you, talk about the quality of a person and who they are, pete sampras, andre agassi, the whole time, the most important thing they wanted to talk about was their children. pete has two kids. of course andre has a girl and a boy with steffi. that's a barometer for all things. it was beautiful. we'll show me winning the tennis match. willie was supposed to be my doubles partner. >> i was with owen . >> you could have done both. you didn't have game. >> you know, crying makes you feel better. >> who says that. >> a study. people who sobbed during a movie felt happier 20 minutes late than those who didn't cry. >> is this a credible study? >> i have no idea.
9:08 am
researchers say that crying actually changes your brain chemistry. if you are in the movies and it makes you cry, you will feel better. >> i was told this is a university in the netherlands. >> they are well known for their studies. >> ever been to amsterdam? >> i saw architecture. >> i love how your voice went up. >> what movie makes you cry? >> "beaches." it sends me, like, into the ugly cry with mascara, fake lashes. i melt. i look like a little boy because the makeup is gone. what's yours? >> i went with the last scene in "saving private ryan" where matt
9:09 am
damon morphs into the old man at the american cemetery and asks his wife, tell me i have been a good man. he wants to know if his life has been worth the effort and death of those great american men. gets me every time. >> "frequency" with dennis quaid. he's a father, a firefighter. dies fighting a fire. they are talking via ham radio over time and space. i just lost my dad. it was -- >> that's an under rated movie. >> it's terrific. >> that will send me to tears in this one. pierce! mr. brosnan! hi! what sends you into tears? >> this show. >> yeah, this show. i said that without moving my lips. good morning, everyone. "bridges of madison county". >> oh! >> yeah. >> when she reaches for the door
9:10 am
handle. >> ooh. >> we need tissue and drinks. >> have a drink. >> we are doing the weather here for a minute. >> can you put the weather up in there? let pierce try to -- there you go. >> oh, dear. >> tsunami. big swell here. coming up. then it will clear up and, al, i need help, please. >> i'm coming over right now. >> this is going around and around. >> we have a tropical storm. this is erika. 750 miles east of the leeward islands moving west at 20 miles per hour. >> that was hawaii. >> they are still getting wet weather. three to five inches. now we are watching -- are you going to the bahamas? >> no, no. >> it's headed that way. erika. by monday morning a category 1 storm making its way -- sunday morning, i should say. they will be left with that.
9:11 am
you were fantastic. >> thank you. that's al good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it'll be warmer today. especially for inland valleys. in gilroy, a high of 91 degrees. san mateo, 80 degrees in the inner sunset at 70 degrees. we'll have 80s also for the north bay. and napa 84 degrees. in concord at 89 degrees. some of the temperatures warming up like pleasanton, topping out at 93. and we'll have a little bit more humidity moving in this evening. have a great day. i just did the weather with james bond! >> is he the most dashing man on the planet? >> still doing the weather. >> "no escape". >> can i come over and join you? >> not yet. >> so close.
9:12 am
>> he's one of the smoothest action stars on the planet and one of the worst meteorologists. be honest. pierce brosnan is back on the big screen in "no escape." we'll talk about that, a possible bond reunion and whatever he wants to talk about after this. >> it's his world. >> it's his world. we're just living in it. ♪ ♪ isn't it beautiful when things just come together? build a beautiful website with squarespace. so whgetting better dental checkups than me, i decided to go pro... with crest pro-health advanced. my mouth is getting healthier. my teeth are getting stronger. this crest toothpaste is superior in five areas.
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going up! nope, coming down. and if you switch to progressive today, you could save an average of over 500 bucks. stop it. so call me today at the number below. or is it above? dismount! oh, and he sticks the landing! we kept the poor man waiting long enough. doing the weather. he's dashing, charming and a man of mystery and not just al roker. pierce brosnan plays james bond in four of the films from 1995 to 2002. we all remember his vocals getting a workout in the big screen version of "mama mia". >> oh. >> don't go there. >> we're sorry. pierce is now back in action in "no escape." he meets a family in a political uprising trying to calm their fears. take a look.
9:16 am
>> my daughter gave me this the last time i saw her. then she said, nothing bad would ever happen to me as long as i wear it. i would like you to take it. okay? okay? you're safe now. no matter what, okay? >> what about bea? >> we'll work for both of you. stay quiet. stay fast. stay close. >> those are the calmer moments of the movie. it is unbelievable. you're with owen wilson and lake bell known for comedic roles. this is an intense, grab you by the throat -- as you describe -- thriller. they were more than up to the task. >> they do a magnificent job. owen and lake are outstanding in this film. those little girls are incredible, too. we shot this about two christmases ago. in thailand. it was an amazing experience, really good. the young writer, director of the film were incredible. >> we talked to lake yesterday
9:17 am
and got to talk to owen as well. one of the niethemes was the ma bear and papa bear instincts. if you have children particularly, you can't get off the edge of your seat. you are panic-stricken for a lot of the movie. >> it's a testament to the writer, directors. drew and john and to the performances within this. my character hammond comes to the rescue. he dips in and out. it was very good. i had days off. that's what i look for in a script. >> days off. >> that's amazing. it's such a physical movie. i was watching it. i have to selfishly admit the entire time i kept thinking what's it like to have pierce put a necklace on you and tell you that you'll be safe. >> tamron, pull yourself together. >> thank you very much. >> i just kept thinking that. is it true that you vowed never
9:18 am
to give up your accent for a movie role and this is something you would not do. is that true? >> maybe i said that a long time ago. you say silly things in interviews at times. just to fill the space. >> we are learning so much here. >> this guy, ginger baker, i designed him on ginger baker. i watched a documentary. i was reading the script on the plane. i said, how do i do this character? what's the voice? that became the voice of hammond. that's fascinating, isn't it? so glad i told you that. what else? >> could have been ginger rogers. >> is there any more james bond in your future? do you see anything else down the road for you? >> no. that's another man's job now.
9:19 am
daniel does a brilliant job of it. this character is someone -- you're not sure if he's a secret agent, mercenary, he's a desolate, broken fellow. but i just keep showing up as an actor. that's what you want. you want to stay at the table as long as you can. grow into yourself so to speak. >> and find days off. >> go home with my girl. >> thank you so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> "no escape" hits theaters tomorrow. go check it out. up next, forget cutting off the crusts. we are kicking off your kids' school lunch with really cool hacks that will ensure that they are going to eat lunch when you're not around, after this. ♪ crisp garden vegetables... fresh local milk, real cream...
9:20 am
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9:23 am
granola bars. nature comes in many flavors. >> back now with our hack to school series. your kid will be counting the hours to lunch. we have easy and fun ideas. >> dustin chabell is the host of mad genius tips on food tv. you're going to make lunch fun. >> fresh and new. we'll make our everyday sandwiches and take fun cookie cutters in all different shapes and cut it through the sandwich. go as close to the crust as possible. >> right. >> then take it out and you get awesome shapes. we'll do stars, little leaves. >> the kids can do their own. >> you pack them in awesome bento-style boxes. >> how about keeping it cold? >> yes. some of the boxes come with ice packs. but don't fret if you don't have one. take an ordinary clean sponge,
9:24 am
soak it in water, throw it in a resealable plastic bag in the freezer and you have this. >> brilliant. >> pop it in the lunch tote. keeps everything chilly. >> this is amazing. slow down. i'm sorry. this stays frozen inside the lunchbox? >> by the time lunch is over it will be defrosted and they can use it to wipe their hands. >> yogurt parfait. >> we take plastic light jars, yogurt, granola, blueberries. by lunch it's defrosted and delicious. >> is this plastic? >> pop it in the freezer. >> for the older kids, larger jars for salad. it has an awesome little container for your dressing. >> if you get the small ones you can throw in hummus, ranch dressing, crudites. >> and invisible ink. >> you take a push pin, write on
9:25 am
it. don't go too deep. you can do "i lo you" be happy. it's a secret message. >> i see you. >> i see what your doing. >> that's frightening. big brother. >> thanks so much. find the video and tips for packing school lunches. packing school lunches. up next, ed burns coming up ♪i can't find my way through the trees♪ ♪ ♪so so so so don't don't don't don't wait wait wait wait♪ ♪for for for me me me me me me me to get home♪
9:26 am
good tuesday morning. it's 9:26. i'm sam brock. at least a dozen people right now looking for a place to stay after an overnight fire at a senior care facility in san francisco's mission district. the fire happened around midnight on shotwell and 20th street. one resident suffered smoke inhalation but is expected to be okay. no word yet on what caused the fire. but firefighters believe it started on the top floor of that complex. meantime, the man charged with killing a award police officer do back in court today. he's accused of shooting and killing the sergeant last month during a traffic stop. now, according to court documents, police found blooden o the driver's seat of his truck and emptied bullet casings on
9:27 am
the floor the night of the shooting. also happening today, time and the deadline running out now. today is the deadline. plans for a new coliseum city project may finally start to take shape. it's a live look at coliseum. problem is, the raiders seem more interested in moving south and the a's don't seem to have a desire to play ball with the idea of a new stadium. east bay leaders are expected to meet with the raiders to gauge their response to that plan. we'll have more on that story. first, though, a look at your weather and traffic after this break. weherosso tffi
9:28 am
good tuesday morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. our skies are clearing and temperatures are now in the lower 60s heading into this afternoon, bright sunshine, a breezy westerly wind. and a high of 84 degrees in the south bay. and the peninsula, expect a high of 82. and also 82 in the east bay. tri-valley up to 92 degrees and a lot of sunshine there in san francisco, breezy and 72 degrees. here's mike with the commute.
9:29 am
>> and behind me, you see the traffic just starting to break up a little better. north 101 in san jose. we do have a slower drive starting to look better. 17 up to 880, very slow right now. again, that's starting to move better. but a crash right around stevens creek boulevard, close to 17. that involves a motorcycle in the lanes still looking to see the status of the driver there. meanwhile, the rest of the bay starts to move, traffic lightens toward the toll plaza, but all lanes are still full at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thank you very much. that'll do it for us right now. we'll be back in another 25 minutes with more updates. especially what's going on in the markets.
9:30 am
taking a look all the the headlines investors breeng breathing easier with the dow points lost on monday. the selloff largely to fears of china's economic slowdown after china low interest rates to give its economy a boost. forget the shot what if you can get a flu vaccine by taking a pill? it's probably not going to happen in the near future. but a series of new studies shows solid progress for a flu vaccine in a new form. the universal vaccine would protect against the virus even if it constantly mutates. one expert said more work is
9:31 am
needed but they find this to be encouraging news. and safety regulators are investigating some complaints that some newer jeep suvs can rollway after drivers put them in park. the probe covered grand cherokees from the 2014 and 2015 model years. safety officials have received 14 complaints from drivers including five crashes and three injuries. investigators will determine how often the problem happened before deciding to seek a recall. and the nation's personal trainer could be in for a wave of change to transform the industry. regulators in washington, d.c. are preparing new rules that would create standards and registry for personal trainers in the nation's capital. those rules could become a model by other cities and states and other personal training services become eligible for coverage under president obama's affordable care act. and the national park service is celebrating a birthday. everyone's invited to the party. the park service is 99 today.
9:32 am
to celebrate it is offering free entry into 408 national parks today. about 127 of the parks usually charge an entrance fee. video of an escape artist exhibit is gaining steam on the internet. the red ball art project rolled away. look at that! when handlers near the toledo museum of art over the weekend. eventually they caught it. so now there's -- >> that's spectacular. >> but now some other people are having fun with this. they have created a new version of the incident by turning the ball into -- you see it there -- a giant tomato. aww. >> oh, that's great. oh, man. >> al has the weather. >> it doesn't get better than that. >> let's see what's happening today. we're looking at wet weather along the southeastern atlantic coast and thunderstorms through new england. monsoon moisture through the southwest. the fires continuing to create smoky conditions. tomorrow, more of the same and temperatures heat up.
9:33 am
so that's not good news. we have red flag warnings in the pacific northwest. the monsoonal moisture continues in the southwest. beautiful and cooler weather from the great lakes all the way good morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. it's getting warmer in the bay area, especially inland with highs reaching 91 degrees in gilroy today. half-moon bay will be 71. inner sunset will be at 70 degrees. and sunshine later on. in napa, 84, oakland topping out at 77 and san ramon, 87 degrees with temperatures in the lower 90s in pleasanton. we'll see more 90s heading into the next few days. have a great one. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thank you very much. these tv dinners will -- in just a second. ed burns starring creating a new show getting a lot of buzz.
9:34 am
called "public moral." the streets of new york are riddled with crime but his toughest case is his son. check it out. >> you know, when you were born, my hopes, my dreams, that you my oldest son would grow up to an [ bleep ] and you've done that and it makes me proud. you know, you can't imagine the joy i felt sitting in the classroom listening to sister paul and hearing the stories about what a fool you are with your asinine jokes and comments. i was hoping i was doing a good job raising a complete imbecile and you have shown me that my hard work paid off. so i just want to thank you for that. >> oh, wow. good morning. tough love. >> here is the best part of the scene. that happened with you and your dad. >> word for word, me and my dad when i was in the 7th grade. he got called up to school. i come in the house and he's
9:35 am
waiting for me. not a good sign. >> no, no. >> she said get in the car. he said we go into the classroom. my teacher explains what i have been up to. we get back in the car. we pull up outside. he put it is car in park. he delivers the speech. continued to dinner where he asked, tell us some of the funny jokes that got the class all riled up. i'm like this. when i show him the script for the pilot he says, you forgot the third scene in the pilot. that night when he comes into the bedroom and says, you have a choice to make. there is a fork in the road. you can be a good kid or continue down the path. the kid remembers getting dressed down. the life lesson. >> the moral. >> we have to explain why you provided dinner for us or lunch
9:36 am
here. you cook it yourself. >> we are busy in the back room. >> the show takes place in the '60s. tv dinners were popular back then. >> you guess. it was a staple. >> this is what we've got. >> i love that you're diving in. >> i'm in. >> for season 2 could you make the trays? >> absolutely. >> this is a passion project for you. you have been trying to get it done for 15 years. >> when making "private ryan" my dad and uncle, retired comes, came to visit the set. they were telling us stories about being a come in the '50s, '60s. with steven spielberg. steven said, you need to make a movie about those guys. when we wrapped "ryan" dreamworks hired me to write the
9:37 am
script. i wrote my attempt at an irish-american godfather, family saga set against the police department. we tried for a couple of years to get it made for a number of reasons couldn't get it made. flash forward 17 years, tnt asks if i'm interested in making a tv show. i had this idea to revisit that type of story, not the same script. after i wrote the pilot i sent it to steven who has remained a mentor in my life since "private ryan". i think he'll give me notes on the script but surprises me and says this is terrific. i want to help you get it made, why doesn't amblin come on as executive producers. >> wow. >> i recognize how lucky i am to have steven in my corner. when you do, folks have a lot of faith in him, therefore me and the vision of the show. tnt really left us alone to make the show we wanted to make. >> nice.
9:38 am
>> which is rare. >> i understand you have already started working on season 2. but it hasn't been green lit. i suspect it will be. >> all signs indicate we are moving in the right direction. tonight is the big premiere. we do a nice big number and we are guaranteed. >> we want the tv trays. everybody watch. >> angling for the tv trays. >> we are huge fans. the show is incredible. can't wait for the public to see it. "public morals" tonight on tnt. >> the first four episodes available on demand tomorrow. you can binge watch the first four. >> i'm sorry. you can't add that. >> i can't? >> and eat your vegetables. be a role model. >> when we go to commercial. >> we have pearl onions in here. >> he brought us food without eating. up next, a new trend. all the summer trends that you said, i really want to try but you haven't gotten to it. the summer trends you can get in before fall including a tattoo.
9:39 am
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only at verizon. if you have been tempted to try a hot new hair color or temporary tattoo there is still time. here to show us how to rock summer styles before fall is upon us, beauty and lifestyle exit, good the see you. >> good to see you. >> we have all said i want to try that before summer ends. summer is about to wrap up. time to launch into trends. tattoos. beyonce is popular. >> these are everywhere. everyone who wants to can use these tattoos. they are temporary, last about four days. we see metallic because they are jewelry inspired. this is from beyonce's line. lana has one on. they are easy and cool. you can use the water colors available at kohl's.
9:44 am
they're about $5. >> i like those. i wear a lot of ear cuffs. i look like an alien but this is one of my own. i have a couple different ones here. full disclosure, an hour in, they hurt but they look good for an hour. >> they do. no substitute for hoops and studs wu it is a statement piece, cool for a quick party. you don't want to wear them all day. >> still in style for fall? >> absolutely. you can pair them with all kinds of clothing. >> the bling looks the same. it looks great. >> this is from bauble bar. >> i have some from there. >> colored hair extensions. everyone is doing it from kylie jenner to gwen stefani. look how natural it looks. it looks like her hair. or kylie jenner -- >> kylie went blond. >> for her 18th birthday she pulled one of these. >> mine isn't right.
9:45 am
you know. okay. so, really, is this a joke? can people pull this off? >> people can pull it off and you don't damage your hair or spend a ton of money at the salon. >> kim kardashian said bleaching her hair damaged it. i love the blue. >> especially with black hair. >> i love lashes. i acquired a taste for them. i practice putting them on regularly. is this a trend? >> totally a trend. better than lash extensions. much more affordable. >> takes practice. put the mirror on the table and look down. >> that's a good tip. you're a pro. >> last the jump suit trend. can we rock it into fall? >> summer jump suits are hot. perfect for fall with a sweater, add booties. for your lip, go a little bit darker for fall. >> very nice. >> easy to transition. they are on sale now since it's the end of summer. >> i'll rock the wig this weekend. thank you so much.
9:46 am
>> thank you, tamron. >> enjoy summer fashions. enjoy the grammy winning singing of carole king performing her hit "natural woman" which is the opposite of what i am ♪ we don't need that many bags. ♪ ♪ eat some more pasta. certainly. low prices. every day. on everything. for whatever you put your heart into. kellogg's® frosted ...8 layers of wheat... ...and one that's sweet. to satisfy the adult.... ...and kid - in all of us. ♪ nutritious wheat for the adult you've grown into.
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>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> she's been making the earth move and now from "beautiful" the musical, carole king singing her hit "natural woman." ♪ looking out on the morning rain ♪ ♪ i used to feel uninspired ♪ and when i knew i'd have to face another day ♪ ♪ lord, it made me feel so ti d tired ♪ ♪ before the day i met you ♪ life was so unkind
9:51 am
♪ you're t-- ♪ your love was the key to my peace of mind ♪ ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ ♪ oh, baby ♪ what you've done to me ♪ what you've done to me ♪ you make me feel so good inside ♪ ♪ good inside ♪ and i just want to be ♪ close to you ♪ you make me feel so alive ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel
9:52 am
♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel ♪ you make me feel like a natural woman ♪ ♪ a natural woman >> wow! >> the great carole king. thank you. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. >> sounds better than ever. wow. [ cheers and applause ]
9:53 am
9:54 am
you talk about a show. that was fun.
9:55 am
pierce brosnan doing the weather. tv dinners with ed burnes, closing with carole king "natural woman". >> stay tuned to watch kathie lee and hoda. the best of home show. >> with the property brothers and barbara corcoran gearing up for a curb appeal show. >> and barbara is crazy. >> she's crazy about you. >> in all the best ways. >> and a million dollar listing, jeff altman. >> he's fun to watch. >> all of that after your local news and weather. have a great day. i'...=bbrd=a sh oreef dayor ts n
9:56 am
good morning, 9:56 on your tuesday. i'm sam brock. so far, a sigh of relief today for investors as we take a quick peek right now at the dow jones industrial average. it's been a nice bounceback day on wall street. as you see, so far, the dow has gained a bit over 2 percentage
9:57 am
points, up 343 points. a far cry from what it looked like at this time yesterday when it dipped more than 1,000 points from the first few months, first few moments, i should say of trading. comes on the heels of a huge slide. started last week and ended yesterday with the dow's biggest drop in four years. we're going to continue to follow that throughout the morning. now a quick check of your weather with kari hall. >> good morning. i'm kari hall. it'll be a warm day and starting to feel a little warmer in some spots. 84 degrees, 82 in the east bay and the tri-valley. up to 92 degrees today. while san francisco's in the lower 70s. we'll have lower 80s and a peninsula and the south bay today topping out at 84 degrees. with mostly sunny skies. let's get a look at traffic now with mike. >> kari, behind me, 101 bunching up from time to time. look at your map and starting to see a bit of an ease around the south bay commute. but towards 17, right underneath the crossing.
9:58 am
that's where they finally settled on the location for the motorcycle crash. two lanes are currently blocked. th that's why there's a slow drive approaching. the rest of the bay, still a lighter dry, over toward the bay bridge toll plaza. the biggest slowdown, approaching that bay bridge, which moves smoothly in toward san francisco. back to you. >> thank you very much. we're also tracking sever several --
9:59 am
they make little hearts happy and big hearts happy too because as part of a heart healthy diet, those delicious oats in cheerios can help lower cholesterol. cheerios... how can something so little... help you do something so big.
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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. photono ♪ take me home >> it's a miracle, i like that. that's cash something? >> cash cash. >> i like cash cash. >> you know what it is besides boozeday tuesday, besides august 25? it's regis's 84th birthday. >> happy birthday, reeg. >> we love that


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