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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 25, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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at that point, the victim tried to get his items back. a little chase transpired heading down towards the street. at which point then he was shot. >> reporter: police found two bullet casings on the street and dug a third bullet out of the wooding facing of an apartment building. tourists who saw the crime scene were shaken. >> scary, in the middle of the day. >> you just don't think that's going to happen. >> we got told areas we couldn't go in at nighttime because it was actually quite dangerous. >> and this isn't one of them. >> definitely isn't one of them. >> so fairly scary. >> reporter: the shooting victim was rushed to san francisco general hospital in stable condition with a gunshot wound to his shoulder. we just checked with the police, and they say that his injury is not life threatening. as for the robbers, they took the victim's expensive-looking camera, jumped in a car and led police on a high-speed chase across the bay bridge. reporting live at the foot of russian hill in san francisco, chuck coppola, nbc bay area
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news. >> thanks, chuck. for that part of the story. let's go to cheryl hurd in oakland. she takes it from there. cheryl, once the suspect reached oakland, more chaos. >> reporter: well, janelle, a huge sigh of relief for an oakland neighborhood under lockdown for about three hours now. that lockdown has been lifted. the pursuit from san francisco ended up here in oakland, one street over on 60th street. that's where the get-away car crashed into a tree. here's video of the first suspect being arrested at 61st and idaho in front of a church. soon after that, the s.w.a.t. team and police from several agencies, including san francisco, did a door to door search for the second suspect. that search lasted a couple of hours. the second suspect was eventually caught in the backyard of a home after being bitten by a police dog. police found a camera and a gun inside the get-away car. police say the two suspects are facing serious charges. >> so we have a plethora of charges that could be facing,
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robbery at the minimum. assault with a deadly weapon for the shooting. felony evasion for the police pursuit. resisting arrest for running and leading officers on foot pursuit. and also maybe even attempted murder charges, depending on the circumstances of the case. >> reporter: now police are telling us today that those men were armed and dangerous, and they're very happy that they are now off the street. we spoke with a woman whose son was almost grabbed by one of the suspects. we'll hear from her coming up at 6:00. reporting live in oakland, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. you can stay up to date on the story and follow other developing news on our nbc bay area app. we have new details on the shooting death of kate steinle. new evidence was presented today against the accused gunman, francisco sanchez. investigators testified that tourists captured photographs of the suspect before and after the shooting on july 1st near the
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ferry building in san francisco. we are not allowed to broadcast those images, but we can tell you, none of the photos clearly show the shooter's face. sanchez pictured here is accused of killing steinle while she was out for a walk with her father. a judge will decide if there is enough evidence to send him to trial. the shooting has triggered a national debate of sanctuary cities for undocumented immigrants. ♪ in san francisco, the sanctuary debate hits the south bay today, about 80 protesters stormed into the santa clara county board of supervisors meeting. coming up on our 6:00 newscast, we'll take a closer look at what they're fighting for in terms of immigration. new video out of san jose shows a man attempting to run from police. even as taser wires were still stuck to him. the chaotic scene happened on interstate 880 near stevens creek boulevard. just before 10:00 this morning.
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police say the man appeared to be on drugs as he tried to shut down the freeway with traffic cones. he began to run frantically between cars, even after police used a taser to subdue him. it took four officers to take him into custody. three suffered minor injuries. depending on who you ask, this could be a step forward. about an hour ago, the san jose city council approved an agreement with the police and firefighters union. bottom line, restoring some of the money and benefits that were taken away by measure b. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from city hall in san jose. robert, this is a big money roller coaster here. >> reporter: well, that's right, raj. this was also a deal, though, designed to heal both financial and emotional wounds. as we have been reporting, measure b tore apart relations between city hall and its workers, and the most damage was done to the once revered police department, now on the mend. the effects of the measure the cuts could be followed by the falling number of police
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officers. a staff, once at 1,400 cops, is now down to around 900. today the city and its police and fire unions agreed to a new deal that for cops restores pay, including a 5% bonus and a total of 8% in raises, but also mitigates some of the retirement and disability benefits cuts. almost as important, it is designed to end expensive litigation, and the ongoing public battles. >> i would rather not spend a lot of time focusing on what if or should we have or shouldn't we have. what i know is, where we were at in terms of what the police and fire offers were in march of 2012, and where we're at today is very different. >> this deal honors the will of the voters of saving a tremendous amount of money. and at the same time, we were able to negotiate benefits that are competitive in the field of law enforcement. >> reporter: now, that deal was just officially passed by the council on a 10-1 vote. coming up at 6:00, how the deal is supposed to help the police
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department recruit and retain police officers and help convince some of those who left to come back. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. a packed courtroom in the east bay has a man accused of killing a hayward police officer makes his second court appearance. it was standing room only inside the courtroom as 21-year-old mark estrada appeared in front of a judge. estrada is charged with murder with special circumstances for shooting and killing hayward police sergeant scott lunger last month during a traffic stop. dozens of police officers showed up to show their support for lunger's family. >> we support them and care about them. that scott was part of our and he's not going to be forgotten. >> estrada did not enter a plea today. his case was continued until october 9th to give his new attorney time to review the case. a little after 5:00 p.m., and do you know where your money is. a sigh of relief today, sort. wall street rebounded just a bit
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after yesterday's staggering loss. so what does it all mean moving forward? here's our business and tech reporter, scott budman, with the latest. >> reporter: after ringing in days of big losses, today's to the races, buying stock, largely tech stock, lhv%ie3í%k and netflix previously buried over the last few days, and sending the american markets higher, before reality set back in and#& despite the early optimism. >> the stock market is very forward-looking. so it's not that netflix or apple or facebook are doing worse than they were last week. their stocks just got cheaper. >> reporter: that's santa clara business professor robert hender shot, who says we should get used to days like this, because our market ups and downs are not over yet. so keep your seatbelts on. some real estate watchers also tell us the turmoil in china
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could be good area home buyers. many chinese developers were buying up homes here, but as that economy cools, some of that buying may slow down, as well. in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. on his way home. one of three americans who stopped a terrorist attack on a passenger train in france is back in the states. anthony sadler is expected to land in sacramento in just about 90 minutes from now. meantime, we're learning more about the terror suspect. authorities say he watched a jihadist video on his cell phone prior to boarding the passenger train with guns and ammunition. under high security today, 26-year-old ayoub el khazzani was escorted ini a paris courtroom and formally charged with attempted mass murder. as for saddler, we're going to cover his arrival live during tonight's 6:00 p.m. newscast. >> these are things that happened to us that will be forever ingrained in all of our
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memories. >> reporter: they say they were discriminated because of their race on the napa wine train. i'm michelle roberts, and the ceo is speaking out tonight and apologizing. hear from him, coming up. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a few high clouds across mt. diablo. otherwise a beautiful afternoon. we're tracking this storm system off shore and the potential of showers in just a few minutes. plus, a woman is using running and baseball to change lives thousands of miles away. tonight's bay area proud. then at 6:00, everybody hates potholes, but there's one big reason keeping them from getting fixed. the new silicon valley technology that could soon wipe out those nasty bumps in the road. that's new at 6:00. ware00 rce inh
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wro. that's what the ceo of the napa valley wine train is saying bof the train for being too loud. the women believe they were discriminated against because of their race. the wine train says it was a customer service issue. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is live in napa, and spoke to both parties following today's apology. michelle. >> reporter: well, the ceo says it was not a race issue. he says it was a mistake, a mistake that they are taking full responsibility for. it happened here on one of these trains on saturday.
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11 women from an ante okay book club were on the train when another passenger complained to (t&háhp &hc% too loud. so the entire group was kicked off, including one member who was 85 years old. they were met by police officers after being escorted off the train. following the incident, a wine train employee posted on the company facebook page that the women were "verbally and physically abusive" towards other guests and also staff. and that post has since been deleted and the ceo is calling the incident a lapse in customer service and he's also apologizing. >> we made a mistake, we're humans. we make a mistake. 0
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 first weekend in august, you might recall, b.a.r.t. trains will not operate across the bay, so from san francisco to oakland, service will resume in time for the morning commute on tuesday, .
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we did mention the hotter temperatures, but besides that, it's just going to be really, really nice here. san jose expecting 87 degrees. hotter numbers in morgan hill with 94. for the peninsula, 69 in pacifica, 77 in san mateo and palo alto at 85. san francisco with the heat coming actually could get up to 76 in the mission. all right. let's bring you to the north bay, east bay and also the tri valley. let's go warmer here throughout bless tan ton with 94 degrees. one of our hottest.
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also 91 in danville. nice day in oakland at 77. then, of course, hotter once you get away from the bay breeze. 93 in oakland. and it will real comfortable into napa with 88 degrees. so as we get a look at the forecast again, warmer weather through friday and then as we hit saturday and sunday, it begins to cool down. 5 to about 10 degrees. and that best chance of showers would be again here in the north bay. we'll be tracking, of course, that, guys. >> thanks, jeff. just this past sunday, 20,000 runners lined up to take part in the annual san francisco giants race. >> it was a big deal. one woman was a winner, even before the race began. garvin thomas joins us now with our bay area proud. >> the whole atmosphere surrounding road races is a familiar one to christina. long before she had run a race she watched her dad compete. so running is in her blood. charity vbl, that's a little newer to her, but it turns out she is just as good at that.
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really fast runner. like christina solorio fast, don't like to stumble. it can't help but slow you down. but ask this 40-year-old life-long san franciscan how she quickly became a long distance humanitarian. well, stumble is the best word she knows to describe it. >> you know, it's just -- i never imagined that. never. >> reporter: it all started in 2007, the first year of what's now known as the giant race. christina liked the idea of a finish line inside at&t park so she signed up. she didn't put all that much effort into fund-raising for the race's beneficiary, project open hand, so was surprised when she checked the website leading up to the race and saw she was the number one money-racer. >> wait, i'm top. and my competitiveness kicked in. >> reporter: christina did stay
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number one and as a thanks, not only got to throw out the first pitch a giants' game but was given two plane tickets to anywhere in north america. >> i thought this is great, but it's weird i'm going on vacation as a reward for doing something charitable. really good stuff people can't use anymore. >> reporter: which is when christina decided to take her reward and run with it. she had just seen a documentary about baseball in the dominican republic, and the trouble kids had getting decent equipment. so she asked for donations of bats, gloves, helmets and used those free tickets to deliver the free gear. in person. >> i think people liked that. that it was more of a -- their one donation reached farther than initially thought. people that maybe don't have that time or resource to travel, and want to give and be part of it. >> reporter: and continued to be a part of it. you see, every year, since that first event, nine races running,
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christina has made sure she is the number-one fund-raiser, topping the $100,000 total last year. and even though they stopped giving away those plane tickets as a prize, every year, christina still makes that trip, baseball gear in hand. >> i'm just reaching out. a small little act makes a big difference for somebody. >> did i say she is fast? she's fast. third in her age group. 20,000 runners run this race. so she's really fast. and the money she raises is wonderful, the baseball gear to the dominican republic. the money she raises is their number one fund-raiser each year that help them feed thousands of people so she takes the good and makes it even better. >> thanks so much, garvin. >> garvin has to keep up with the race, as well. you're very tired, aren't you? >> you didn't see any shots of me running with her. i'll give you that. . thanks, garvin. still ahead at 5:00, oakland raiders or l.a. raiders.
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the new plan unveiled today to keep the raiders in the bay area. plus a setback for crews battling a stubborn wildfire. the trouble nearly 200 firefighters encountered on the central coast. do you like the passaaadd?
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not just smoke in the air, but allergies. this is from the questa fire burning near san luis obispo county. nearly 200 firefighters have been treated for allergic reaction. the active ingredient is poison oak. side effects include swollen lungs, coughing and swelling in the throat. that questa fire is more than 85% contained. an angry crowd in san francisco is being credited with stopping a hit and run driver in the city's sul ma district. police tell us the driver tried to get away from the crowd after hitting a pedestrian and then ran over the victim a second time. the crowd surrounded the car so he couldn't get away. tonight the victim is hospitalized with life-threatening injuries. no word on what charges the driver may face. a motorcycle officer responding to that crash ended up in the hospital as well. police say a driver made a sudden lane change and struck the cop at gold en gate avenue. the officer hurt his elbow, knee and back but we're told he will
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be fine. did it fall on deaf ears. this morning a new plan unveiled to build a stadium complex and keep the raiders in oakland. but it was more about who didn't show up. developer floyd kept hart presented his case for the coliseum city. it's a project he presented at a restaurant. it was attended by several raiders fans and one city councilman. however, no one from the mayor's office, the board of supervisors or the raiders' organization actually attended this event. >> i understand why they're not here. and besides, the county elected officials are just like the city elected officials. we have not seen the final deliverables that mr. gephardt has submitted. >> gephardt's contract to negotiate with the city ends on september 24th. the raiders have made it very clear, without a new stadium in oakland, they want to move to l.a., and share a new stadium with the chargers in the city of carson. the new year will bring new wages to workers in palo alto.
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city council members unanimously approved an ordinance to increase the minimum wage to $11. it takes effect january 1st. just last week, santa clara approved the same wage hike. there is also a proposal in the works to raise the minimum wage to $15 in mt. view and sunnyvale in the next three years. l.a. has big plans for the 2024 olympics. we'll tell you about the city's vision, next. mar gs isecityt
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tonight at 6:00, major gaps in security. the state agencies at risk and how your personal information is ready for the taking. boston's loss may be l.a.'s gain. today los angeles outlined its plan for the 2024 olympics. they want to hospital host it. there was talk they would co host with san francisco but it's all l.a. the budget l.a. predicts will have $161 million you are surpl surplus. this comes a month after the u.s. olympic committee cut ties with boston, which was initially selected as the u.s. contender for the 2024 games. the usoc faces a september 15th deadline to enter a bid. you might recall, l.a. hosted the olympics back in 1984. and previously in 1932. we'll see if l.a. gets it. >> they know how to do it. >> they do.
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>> yeah. >> thanks for joining us here at 5:00. lester holt is next with "nbc nightly news." of. >> hope to see you back here at 6:00. tonight, whiplash as the meltdown continues on wall street. stocks surge, then come crashing back to earth at the bell. more money wiped out as jitters spread with a major wild card still to come. it was a terror plot. startling new details about the potential massacre stopped by those american heroes. the jihadi message the attacker played before grabbing his guguns. and prosecutors say he had help. a new war of words erupts as donald trump unleashes another tirade against megyn kelly. now fox news firing back, demanding an apology. and the guilt trip caught on camera. the boy who broke his fall by ripping a hole through a 17th century masterpiece. and what happened next. "nightly news" begins right now.


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