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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  August 26, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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in france waking up on american soil this morning. from the vine to the wine, why experts say it may not be a good year for grapes. "today in the bay" starts right now. good wednesday morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's 5:00 now. check that forecast with meteorologist kari hall. looking for a good day ahead? >> yes, a great day. but starting to heat up, sam and laura. but it is wednesday. we're looking ahead to the weekend, as it will be much cooler. we just have to make it through the next couple of days where temperatures will be heating up especially in the tri-valley and inland valleys. right now in the upper 50s to lower 60s. and today's high, brings it up to 88 degrees in north bay. south bay 85. east bay at 7 a. tri-valley check that out, 94. san francisco, nice comfortable 70 degrees. i'll have a look at the forecast for the rest of the week coming up now a look at commute with mike. >> look here toward oakland, easy drive past the coliseum,
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from alameda, the island to downtown. let me show you the map. there had been construction that cleared the posy tube, once again open for business. easy drive approaching the bay bridge from all angles. to the south, south bay, no problems. construction crew clearing now from 101 on the eastbound 237 and by the time you get there, even if you leave now, you'll be fine. back to you. >> thank you, mike. we have breaking news. a dramatic rescue happening on the peninsula. a man, a woman and two dogs tumbled down a cliff in the middle of the night. it's happening near pal la saids park in daly city. >> firefighters in action there. "today in the bay's" strothmeph chuang live from daly city. her pit bulls are making it tough on rescue crews. >> reporter: that's right. we're told by firefighters the two pit bulls with her are chasing up the firefighters who went down to try to get her. they got close and had to come back up. you can see, crews standing by
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right now. the u.s. coast guard chopper should have lifted already from sfo. it's on the way, it should be here any minute now to help save the woman who is over the cliff here on the other side of the fence, about 200 feet down. she's about 100 feet up from the beach. a 300-foot drop. almost trastraight down in daly city. around 1:00 in the morning when she and her boyfriend were hiking from thornton state beach, a half mile or less away, which is closed but has a parking lot open they were hiking from there. somehow they fell. the man was able to make his way back up the cliff and get help and is at a local hospital at seton medical center. she got stuck, though, with the two dogs. but as we mentioned, firefighters trying to save her going down the cliff, chased away by those two pit bulls. by the way, this is virtually the same spot where three people fell off the cliff about a year ago, almost to the day last august 30th, and one of them
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died here on the beach. the woman conscious, speaking with rescuers but again, waiting for that chopper. it's very dark, it may be challenging. also two humane society control officers to get the two dogs when the chopper comes. the noise may scare them up the cliff. we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. live in daly city, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> tense moments there, thank you. a crucial day in court for the undocumented immigrant accused in the shooting death of kate steinle. prosecutors will present evidence that could determine whether sanchez goes to trial. tourists captured photographs before and after the july 1st shooting at pier 14 in san francisco. we're not allowed to show you the images but none of the photos clearly show the suspe suspect's face an excused of killing steinle out for a while with her father. no plea from the man accused of killing a hayward police
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officer. standing room only inside the courtroom yesterday as 21-year-old made his second appearance before a judge. estrada's charged with murder with special circumstances in the death of hayward sergeant scott lunger last month during a traffic stop. the case was continued until october to give his new attorney time to review the case. all right. one day just ordinary guys, now they are international heroes. the first of three sacramento friends turned heroes overnight arrived last night, hours ago, days ago, on board a train, bound for paris, stepped in tackling a would-be terrorist armed with assault rifle. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with the welcome they'll get at home. >> scram planning aparade to honor the three, two of them grew up next door to each other. this morning anthony sadler sleeping in his own bed, arriving back home in sacramento by private plane last night. here he is looking every bit
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like the normal 23-year-old college student that he was just days before he and two friends gained hero status on that french train. alek skarlatos and u.s. airman spencer stone, there in the sling, welcomed in germany by 200 airmen and family whose cheered them on. despite the fact that he was shot, spencer stone, again, there in the sling, used his training as member of the air force medical operation squadron to save a fourth american who was shot in the turmoil and remains in the hospital. all three of these men got the french legion of honor award. sadler got to walk the red carpet for a movie premiere before he left france, reeling from the unbelievable chain of events. >> i feel like i'm in a dream. this is unreal. two days ago we were on the train and two days later, all of this happened, crazy. >> my brother, i don't know what to expect. he's been so overwhelmed, pulled so many different ways.
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i want to hug him and just kind of let him lead. >> the fourth american, teacher mark moogalian, remains in the hospital recovering. he was shot in that fracas. nbc news reporting that his condition is worrisome. as the other three train heroes make their way home, sacramento preparing a hero's welcome. the mayor of sacramento says they're working on details, as you can imagine, nobody prepared for a parade because of this. >> as you said, weave been waiting for this. now it's only been a few days but excitement attached to their return. thank you. 5:06. there are more jitters ahead of today's opening bell on wall street. wednesday. gains in china wiped out by the end of the day. but other asian marks did stabilize, giving home to u.s. markets. dow futures are higher this morning, as they were yesterday, we'll remind you, when stocks could not hold on to early gains. a big sell-off in the last hour led to another rout.
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the dow has lost close to 2,000 points over its six-day losing streak. >> 5:06. happening now, chardonnay on the way, but will this year's wines be as good as last year's or maybe worse? experts weigh in on how the drought is impacting local wineries. >> for that, we go to "today in the bay's" bob redell live in livermore where this year's harvest is starting early. in fact, it's going on right now, bob. >> reporter: you got it, sam and laura. here at the vineyard estates in livermore, where they're picking chardonnay grapes. historically, they wouldn't be picking these grapes for another week or two, but here we are, because of the drought and possibly because of climate change, they are picking them. they started around 3:00 this morning, at their estate location. rob sorenson, the manager, with the drought how has this changed how you grow your crop. >> we're adapting to it really. learning as we go, year by year, what we've done, is implement a lot of technology to manage the
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irrigation systems and plans and it's just being proactive, ready to go. >> you'll see lower yields, right, by 10%? that's the estimate. >> looks like trending 10%, 10% lighter than what we say is average, average yield. >> what does that mean for the grape quality, the fruit? >> certainly has potential to optimize quality. could be a real good thing in term of quality. >> reporter: how so? >> it's just the, you know, quantity versus quantity. concentrated flavors, less fruit, just more concentration in the berry. >> reporter: what i don't hear from you, and from other times we've been out here talking to people like yourself, i don't hear panic. >> we've learned to deal with it. we've learned to be pro active, cool things in place, help us manage. i'm not panicking. it is what it is and i adapt. try to be proactive and adapt to this year and plan for this
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year. >> rob, very busy morning. fellows will be picking. started around 3:00. they'lling picking for another hour. very efficient getting chardonnay grapes which will not be in the bottle until -- >> about another, you know, 18 months or so. >> reporter: live here in livermore, bob redell. >> look how fast they work out there, bob. amazing. >> hustle and bustle. as you are as well getting ready to go to work. a quick check of the weather with kari hall. >> great weather today. cool start to the morning. it's in the lower 60 in lvr now and it will be 88 degrees in los gatos, and san mateo 79. embarcadero at 70. the clouds will clear out the afternoon. i think quickly. 88 degrees in novato, concord at 90. pleasanton, 94 degrees. it will be a hot one for inland valleys in the next couple of days. expect more of the same before a break this weekend. i'll talk more about that coming up in the next microclimate forecast. let's get a look at how the commute is going with mike. >> going great. looking at the westbound 580,
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easy drive, good volume, manageable. and as we look at your map, you see a little slowing west out of the altamont pass, and our speed sensors as you make your way to dublin interchange, it's clear out of livermore. no surprises for the tri-valley or approaching the bay bridge, cash lanes show a build, because of the volume starting to build. a look at palo alto live camera, no problems for the peninsula and no delays for the south bay, silicon valley. the fight fizzled why is the head of fox news demanding an apology from donald trump? the new feud between trump and a different news anchor. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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decision 2016, em brawling with broadcasters, first megyn kelly, now another us in anchor. donald trump in iowa after tweeting new chris simple about megyn kelly. >> edward lawrence live in washington with the latest. good morning, edward. >> good morning. sam and laura, love him or hate him donald trump is make the primary very interesting. look at video, he fought with another journalist last night. >> reporter: donald trump spoke to some 3,000 supporters in dubuque, iowa but the fireworks came during the news conference, a television news anchor from univision started asking questions to immigration to trump while speaking.
5:14 am
next? excuse me, sit down, you weren't called sit down. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have a rate to -- >> no, you don't. you haven't been called. >> i have a right to -- >> go back to univision. >> reporter: the journalist was removed, and later returned and allowed to ask questions about deporting all illegal immigrants if trump were president. >> one thing we'll start with are the gangs and the bad ones you agree there are bad ones. do you agree or do you think everyone's perfect? no, i asked you a question. do you agree with that? >> reporter: a new gallup poll shows 14% of historic voters view trump favorably. that shows 34% like jeb bush. >> i'm not a talker, i'm a doer. there's a lot of good talkers running for president. there's one in particular i'm thinking of. >> reporter: even of the other 16 republican presidential hopefuls are finding it hard to get their message out with the attention and crowd trump draws.
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>> with the next republican debate three weeks away, each of the other candidates are trying to shine and get some of the spotlight so they can be one of the ten on the stage. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, back to you. >> thank you very much. it's never boring. you can hear now from the man himself, matt lauer's going to sit down with donald trump later on the "today" show. all of that coming up starting at 7:00. >> what does he have to say about the markets? all early morning gains are gone. the market expected to rebound after late losses. >> a food fight between two fast food heavyweights. >> for more on that, landon dowdy, live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> good morning. u.s. markets poises for another bounce of the opening bell today following tuesday's late day fade. stocks started sharply higher with the dow up 441 points at highs after china took action to
5:16 am
prop up its slumping markets. for those gains trimmed in the afternoon with selling picking up in the final hour of trading. the dow closing down 205 points for its biggest one-day reverse until nearly seven years. index had five straight days with losses of more than 100 points asian markets were mixes with china down 1%. japan rallying 3% ush testing a bus line service. uber car will drive on a set route with set stops and pick up passenger as long the way. part of uber pool where passengers share a ride for a lower cost. burger king calling for a cease-fire with mcdonald's and full page ads today, proposing the giants combine the whopper and big mac to create, you guessed it, the mcwhopper. part of a marketing gimmick to promote awareness on september 21st. if mcdonald's agrees they sell
5:17 am
from a pop-up store in atlanta, they won't pay with cash but declaration to end their beef with someone else, pun intended there i think. >> how funny. interesting. >> beef is goning september the beef is bigger. >> might be a -- >> i don't know. i'm not a big burger person. never had a big mac in my life. i don't know. i have had a whopper. we'll see. >> what? >> double quarter pounder with cheese. >> what? i shocked her. >> that was me going what? >> or a quarter pounder. >> where's the beef? wendy's old slogan. they should get together, where's your beef? >> sing kumbaya. >> okay. your day's just starting now. a check on that with kari. >> no hamburgers this morning. not even thinking about burgers yet. a great day for anything planned as you get the day started. taking a live look from emeryville at bay bridge. you can see, look at the cars out there. it is moving on this wednesday
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morning. and the seven-day forecast is coming up at bottom of the screen. it's going to be warm in many spots for inland valleys. not much of a difference in san francisco and along the bay. and it's now 58 degrees in the south bay. 61 degrees. highs reaching 85 in the south bay. peninsula 79. east bay 75. look at tri-valley, 94 degrees today, north bay 88. as we go through the week, not a lot happening here. but the hot temperatures inland. there's relief coming. the leading edge of cool air, the green shows where there could be rain and lines show the direction of the wind. the wind will be picking up this weekend. a slight chance of rain along the coast. but it looks like most of that stays to the north of us. we'll keep a slight chance of rain in the forecast, especially north bay. what the computer models are doing for the rain in the bay area. not a lot. anything will help. but it won't be any measurable rain until you get to about n a napa, maybe .01 of an inch and
5:19 am
santa rosa .03. and farther north a little bit more. in the tri-valley, hot temperatures the next couple of days, up to 96 degrees tomorrow. look at the weekend. one to get out outside and enjoy. lower 80s. look at microclimate for the weekend forecast. feeling very comfortable. a lot of 70s here any anywhere across the bay. tri-valley in the lower 80s and the north bay up to 80 degrees on sunday. let's get a look at commute now with mike. >> we'll look at bay bridge toll plaza where there are no problems right now. smooth flow of traffic building that volume. as we look at your map, the speed sensors refleck through the maze and freeway, green here. widen out the shot, i'll move the camera south, we did want to show you 580 smoothly through the tri-valley and south bay, traffic northbound new york problems yet. slowing for 85, cupertino, but that has started to clear. no incidents there a live look
5:20 am
at fremont, 880 into the area. good volume of traffic. maintaining speed limit toward milpitas. back to you. >> a major u.s. bank founded here in the bay area is giving something back today to bay area nonprofits. bank of america now based in charlotte, plans to award $1 million to 30 bay area nonprofit groups. many grants aimed at improving the affordable housing. taking place in san francisco, the same city where the first branch opened more than a century ago under the bank of italy name. >> interesting. 5:20. a medical breakthrough that could have people with eye problems seeing life in a new light. tkeyacoat ast.. osr mar pentomp
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hole the bacon, turkey bacon, at least. oscar meyer parent company kraft heinz hit with a food recall involving 2 million pound of meat. people are getting sick from products that may have spoiled and affected products include, oscar mayer's select, uncured turkey bacon and smoked cured turkey, chopped and formed. the items produced between may 31st and august 6th. cataract changes, a new medical breakthrough restoring clear vision without the need for glasses or contacts or even special contact lenses.
5:24 am
cataracts can be removed and replaced with a new type of intraocular lens implant. the implants modified to see a range of distances compared to old lenses that could only focus at he a predetermined distance. >> with basic lens i would need some sort of glasses that my close-up would not improve enough where that i would not need any glasses. >> the solution is permits. eyes do need to be relatively healthy to benefit from the implants. something eye-opening, also something to think about before visiting a baby in the neonatal intensive care unit. make sure clothes are clean. a new study found clothes had detectable traces of rsv, which causes common cold symptoms and almost everyone gets it but can prove deadly for premature babies. more studied needed to determine how long rsv remains infectious
5:25 am
and whether separate grounds needed. fish oil pills, a new study one of the large southwest longest, finds taking omega 3 supplements did not slow dough client. much better bet for all-around brain and heart health is eating foods high in omega 3 fatty acids, such as salmon, flak seed and wall neats. enjoy labor day weekend but prepare for traffic. b.a.r.t. is going to shut down again. talking about the transbay tube, closing for repairs. >> even though we'll be running long buses and every minute and two throughout the day, we encourage people to plan ahead. >> this is a follow-up to the closure on the first weekend of august. b.a.r.t. trains are not going to operate from san francisco to oakland. service will rezrum for the morning commute tuesday, september 8th. update to breaking news.
5:26 am
rescuers on the scene of a peninsula beach where a man, woman and two dogs tumbled down a cliff overnight. tourists shaken up after a member of the thailand royal air force shot on the most recognizable street in san francisco. one leader has a plan to curb the crime. pl - cu cre.
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good tuesday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. rescue under way in daly city. more on that in a second. first, a check of the weather with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning. we'll be heating up today for inland areas. but the bay and the coast will be cool, still as we go into the afternoon. it's right now 58 degrees in san francisco. and 61 degrees in the south bay. take a look at these highs, 88 in the north bay. 85 in the south bay. some mid-70s for the peninsula and lower 70s in san francisco. once again, tri-valley is where it will be heating up today and tomorrow before it cools off this weekend. i'll let you know how cool it gets coming up in a few minutes. let get a look at commute with mike. >> the backup, the cash lanes has kicked in. over the last four minutes this really builds. fas-trak moving well, we should see metering lights on in a few.
5:30 am
oakland, live view, good volume of track building north. headlights past the coliseum, southbound towards the san mateo bridge. map shows no real problems. congestion at bay bridge toll plaza, slowing up the incline. here in antioch, westbound highway 4 showing signs of a slower drive. the same for altamont pass, west 580 and toward livermore because of the typical build. south bay and peninsula, all green. that's great. back to you. >> update to breaking news. dramatic rescue on the peninsula. a man, a woman, and two dogs tumbled down a cliff in the middle of the night. this is happening near palisades park in daly city. >> "today in the bay's" strothman live now. a rescue helicopter got there moments ago? >> yeah, in the last 15 mints ago. an update from the chief who says any minute now, either he's going to make contact with the coast guard or the coast guard will call him with a plan. will the chopper be the one to save the woman who is just beyond the fence here, there's a
5:31 am
cliff, drops 300 feet down. she's about 50 to 100 feet up from the beach there. if you look at video we shot moments ago, the u.s. coast guard chopper kind of made a few passes, shining a light there. the plan is to see can it safely go in and save her, if not firefighters say one firefighter can one police officer will rappel down the cliff with the basket to try to get to her. one of the issues right now is she has two pit bulls with her that have chased away rescuers and so they're trying to figure out that situation. but this all started 1:00 in the morning, when the woman, who we understand is in her 50s, with a male companion in his 20s and hiking. they fell. he was able to make his way back up and get help. he's at a hospital. she has been stuck with two dogs since 1:00 this morning. i want to note, again, this is the same spot near palisades park where three people fell off the cliff almost a year ago to the day, last august 30th. one person actually died here on
5:32 am
the beach. again, she has been conscious, speaking with the rescuers and firefighters. again, we're waiting to hear at hi any moment whether it will be the coast guard or fire officials will go down with a basket to get her. stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> we'll continue to follow that. violent and disturbing crime could lead to more officers on the streets of san francisco. that's the message expected at a news conference today after a tourist was shot on lombard street. a military pilot is recovering after a thief shot him in the arm during a robbery yesterday. the pilot fought the thief for his camera and was shot. a bus driver says the victim was part of a group of military pilots from thailand's royal air force. the group was in town just to see the city. >> he's okay. you know, he was -- the bullet penetrated his left arm, upper arm, and it went in and came out the other side. so we're hoping that there was
5:33 am
no bone fracture or injury, just flesh. >> police chased the gunman and other suspect in the car across oakland. the chase ended when the driver crashed the car. police arrested one man, the other took off but was was later caught in one's ward. the controversy for permits regarding ride sharing companies is heating up. taxicab drivers are holding a news conference, plan to talk about renewal of airport permits for transportation companies. last year sfo agreed to allow permits for ride sharing companies and since then, taxi driver have protested the decision. the long-awaited rebirth of a south bay shopping complex may take a big step forward. vallco, the developers have been getting public input how to change and modernize vallc on. the design will involve a new town center with more park space
5:34 am
and residential units. jackie speier teaming up with athletes and coaches to bringing attention of pay inequality between male and female athletes. that issue highlighted by alex morgan, i the star on the world cup champion women's soccer team and she plays for the portland thorns. last month "money" magazine reported top pay for national women's soccer league players less than $38,000 a year. compared to the professional male counterparts who average more than $300,000 a year. >> big difference there. one california bill a pen stroke away from providing better protects for lgbt families and lgbt couples looking to start a family. state legislators approves ab 960, the equal protection for all families ability. it seeks to better protect lgbt couples married or unmarried having children or trying to
5:35 am
through assisted reproduction. supporters will gather today to ask governor brown to sign the bill into law. the would-be terrorist was thwarted days ago, now charged with murder. one of the four american heroes who stopped the massacre is back in sacramento. >> "today in the bay's" kris sanchez joins us with anthony sadler's return home. >> he woke up in his own bed, or will in a couple of hours and a lot of people wanted to meet him at the airport. he decided to arrive quietly with his parents before sunset last night. looking every bit like the normal 23-year-old college student that he was just days before he and two friends gained hero status on that french train. national guardsman alek skarlatos and u.s. airman spencer stone in the sling, they were welcomed at ramstein air force base in germany by 200 airmen and their families waving american flags. despite being shot, stone, there in the sling, used his training as a member of the air force
5:36 am
medical operation squadron to save a fourth hero who remains in the hospital today. the three got the french legion of honor award and sadler got to walk the red carpet for a movie premiere before leaving france. still reeling from the chain of events. >> i feel like i'm in a dream. unreal. two days ago were we -- we were on the train and two days later all this happened. it's crazy. >> my brother, i don't know what to expect. i think he's been so overwhelmed, pulled so many different ways, i kind of want to hug him and kind of let him lead. >> the fourth american teacher, mark moogalian, remains in the hospital recovering from a bullet wound to his neck. nbc news reporting that his condition is worrisome. today. as the other three train heroes make their way home -- i should say two -- sacramento is preparing a hero's welcome to honor the three back. they've been friends since middle school but the mayor says they're working out details to
5:37 am
make sure it is a parade, in his words, fit for a king. >> tight bond there. thank you, kris. 5:36. thousands of students getting a helping hand when it comes to hygiene. several businesses, nonprofits and the city and county of san francisco plan to give 40,000 low income children hygiene and school supplies. but this is not a one and done deal. the groups will give students supplies for the next three years. supplies a supplies are worth more than $2.5 million. >> from the vine to wine, workers beginning that tedious process of picking every grape from the vineyard in livermore. >> "today in the bay's" bob redell enjoying every moment. he's live right now at the winery. winemakers worried this could be a bad year for grapes, how come? >> reporter: well, depends on who you ask. here at the estates in livermore, sam and laura, talking to the manager and he thinks the crop could be better
5:38 am
because of the drought. here, the yields are down 10%, because of the high temperatures, but the manager believes that the lower quantity could lead to a better quality. we won't know for certain as far as the wines taste like for another 18 months. today, picking chardonnay grapes. a week or two earlier than normal. they would normally wit a couple of weeks but because of the heat, the drought, they don't want to wait too long or the sugar levels could get too high. now that over the past ten years, roughly, they've been instituting a lot of technologies here to make them more better at managing water resources. so, for example, they have weather stations, they have soil moisture probes out in the vineyards, that tells them how much water's getting on the ground. also sap flow sensors, they have flow sensors that tells them how well the vines are responding to that water. and every week they fly
5:39 am
airplanes overhead to take a high imagery of the vineyards so they get a better idea how everything is growing. >> if we can be as prepared and planned have and a good solid plan. do i get stressed out over it? no, specially knowing i have a lot of good systems to manage all of the activity we're doing. >> reporter: so they have good systems, good workers, as you can see, and also perhaps relying on a higher power because of at 11:0 a.m. here in livermore, the annual blessing of the grapes. as we are now in the full harvest here, bright and early in livermore. picking chardonnay grapes, again a week or two earlier than normal. live in-livermore, "today in the bay." >> like to see that quality control live. >> not a grape to waste. 5:39. a check of the weather. meteorologist kari hall. >> it will be a great day. but heating up in the tri-valley with the highs today, topping
5:40 am
out in the 90s. get ready for that. but it will be cool along the coast with clouds and fog and sunrise at 6:33. rapid warming later today, again inland, with highs up to 94. mainly clear tonight. sunset at 7:45. let's get a look at all of the microclimates. 8 pa degrees in san jose. san mateo, 79. marina at 65. some breaks in those clouds in san francisco to give us a little bit of sunshine and napa, 79 and concord, 90 degrees. 93 degrees dublin. seeing 90s there. more tomorrow and it cools down in time for the one. i'll highlight temperatures coming up a look at morning commute. >> highlight the temperatures, i'll metering lights the bridge. metering lights are on, and there's the backup. filling in the toll plaza. east shore freeway, base, moving smoothly. that's the wrong map. back here the approach, toward the bay bridge, with only the incline slow.
5:41 am
the north bay, no delays and the city side smooth drive as well. remember the giants play at&t park tonight. over here, typical build for the tri-valley and easy flow of traffic there. and south bay, we only have your build for northbound 101. but this is the first burst and it kicks in now as we take a live look, you see headlights building here, just at 680. clearing by the time you get to mckee. folks, though, feel the south bay's gotten bad over the last, i'd say, six months. and it's getting heavier throughout the airport we don't have the worst, do we. >> back to you. >> we don't. we'll keep you in suspense for a little longer. there's a study done on the worst traffic, stay tuned. coming up, hidden thumb drive in the home of a well-known celebrity. >> investigators, technology the last clue needed to bust jared fogle. his dog, bear.
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officials say definite le a freak accident, a man recovering from burns after his two dogs were killed after jumping into a popular hot spring near salmon, idaho. it happened at panther creek hot springs. tourist spot usually mild enough for swimming. investigators say the man was hiking with his dogs when the
5:45 am
dogs jumped into the spring. but the water was so hot, one of the dogs died immediately. the man jumped in to save the second dog and suffered severe burns. sadly enough, the second dog died. drought conditions likely caused the temperature of the water to get dangerously high. >> do almost anything for your pets. 5:45, black lab credited with finding key evidence leading to the arrest of former subway pitchman, jared fogle, on child pornography charges. police used a 2-year-old dog named bear who nosed out a thumb drive investigators had been unable to find themselves of the home. the find came week before fogle agreed to plead guilty to paying for sex with minors and possessing child pornography. >> amazing. i didn't know dogs could hunt out those. this week marks ten years since hurricane katrina hit the u.s.
5:46 am
craig fugate will join others to commemorate the tragedy and celebrate the recovery. he will visit several schools today rebuilt near mississippi' gulf coast. katrina the most costly natural disaster in the u.s. and one of the deadliest. more than 1800 people die. thinking of booking a last-minute getaway, beware, travelers searching for rooms are tricked into paying more than they should. according to the better business bureau, when many booked or checked in they did not get the room or amenities they requested. travelers also had to pay unexpected booking fees on top of the daily rate. the problem here, thousand of travelers who thought they reserved directly through a hotel's website were directed to third party ones. you're urged to beware of pop-up ads that appear to be legitimate websites. using high-tech features in your car? one out of every five new
5:47 am
vehicle owners has never used half of the 33 technology features measured in its annual sa survey. owners didn't find certain features useful or it came part of a package of an option they didn't want. they prefer to use their own smartphone for gps and directions. the top technology not wanted on a vehicle, rear seat entertainment. what? they don't have kids. >> what's go on in the back there? give me that seat warmer, we're good to go. please, take that out of the record. halloween two months away but one costume on track to be the most-talked about and controversial costume of the season. the caitlin jenner costume, seasonal retailers carrying the ensemble which consists of a wig, corset and cash that reads "i am cath lynn" manner supporter condemn it as transphobic and disgusting on
5:48 am
twitter. one retailer defended the costume saying it's no different than any other costume that they offer. 5:47. bay area companies selling just mayo has a problem. regulators say it's not actually mayonnaise. hampton creek's just mayo doesn't have eggs so fda issued a warning letter. the letter cited violations include the allegedly misleading branding. it's not the first time hampton creek has had an issue with its vegan mayo. last year it was sued for false advertising and fraud. nothing fraudulent about this, google trying to get into the business of fixing pot hills. many say filling potholes is not an issue but finding potholes is a problem. using gps from car's navigation system a bump sensor would be able to detect potholes. the technology would create a
5:49 am
new database of road conditions for departments. >> go on the slow lane of 101, you'll find plenty. >> rhythmic. >> bumping right along. first a check of weather. >> great today on the way home, windows down. and nice breeze coming in. but some of us will be windows up and the air conditioner on. it will be heating up for the inland valleys as we get a live look now. we have a clear sunrise, about to happen. over san jose. starting to get a little bit of light in the sky and temperatures are cool as we start out right around 60 degrees across the most of the bay area. we will have clouds near the coast and they will be hanging out for a couple of hours before giving us a bright sunny afternoon and making it up to 85 degrees today in the south bay. 79 in the peninsula. east bay 75. tri-valley, today 94 degrees. our temperatures are trending slightly above average in some spots. san francisco, a comfortable 70 degrees today.
5:50 am
and the north bay 88. let's go hour by hour in livermore. 60 degrees at 6:00 and mostly clear skies. you'll see that sun throughout the day. look how quickly those temperatures jump up. by 10:00, 74. lunchtime 86. 2:00, it's 91 degrees. dinner time, we start to feel temperatures coming back down no the 80s and clouds move in later on this evening with temperatures in the 70s later on tonight. and the futurecast shows that weather will be quiet all across the bay area. but this is the leading edge of cool air. these lines show direction of the wind and when they turn red winds are really starting to pick up. and the green here shows the rain potential for the region and it looks like we only have a very slight chance of rain early saturday morning. we'll keep a chance in the forecast for the north bay but the rest of us looks like stays dry. the estimated rain, the models picking up on the possibility of trace amounts of rain and then
5:51 am
up around santa rosa, maybe .03 of an inch, not anything that will be drought busting but something we'll be watching before the weekend gets under way. it will be hot, talking mid 90s for livermore and still hot on friday, 90 degrees. but look at the weekend. once that cooler air arrives, we'll all feel much cooler temperatures across the bay area. some widespread 70s, lower 80s. nothing outrageous here. weekend to make outdoor plans. let's get a look at morning commute with mike. >> we had a pleasant drive. but in the last few minutes, an issue for san jose. i'll show that in a second. i did stack this first on the list, the bay bridge toll plaza where we have the backup and metering lights on as 5:33 or 5:35. good start. map, speed sensors, smooth drive through the maze. slowing off of 880 and down the berkeley curven build across san rafael via the bridge.
5:52 am
behind me, highway 4 slowing through antioch and building toward 242 and concord. tri-valley, standard flow. slowing through livermore, dublin is fine. san jose 101 that's the burst. but here 87, new crash blogging one lane as heading up 280 before the connector, that's backing things up past curtner. tough morning for highway 87. 101, volume for the burst that kicks in now on schedule. it's 5:52. today there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony. the library will have a new community room, cafe and teen airport there will be more space for used books and computers. the newly renovated library will be a high performance green building the first of its kind in san lorenzo. it will officially open saturday. 5:52. with fights with fox news anchor megyn kelly renewed trump taking
5:53 am
aim at another news anchor. but a poll shows tactic may be working. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
5:54 am
save up to $400 on beautyrest and posturepedic. get interest-free financing until 2018 on tempur-pedic. plus, helpful advice from the sleep experts. don't miss mattress price wars at sleep train.
5:55 am
decision 2016. republican presidential front-runner donald trump making news on the campaign trail again. this time in iowa. first he attacks megyn kelly, now a univision journalist. edward lawrence has more on the
5:56 am
latest run-in. >> reporter: donald trump spoke to 3,000 supporters in die buk, iowa, but the real fireworks came during the news conference, a television news anchor started asking questions about immigration to trump while speaking. >> who's next? yeah, please. excuse me, sit down. you weren't called. sit down. sit down. sit down. go ahead. >> i have a right. >> no you don't, you haven't been called. >> i have a rate. >> reporter: the journalist was removed, and later returned and allowed to ask questions about deporting all illegal immigrants if trump were president. >> the one thing we're going it start with immediately are the gangs and the real bad ones. and you do agree there are some bad ones. do you agree or think anyone's perfect. i asked you a question. >> reporter: a new poll shows 14% of hispanic voters view trump favorably. the same poll shows 34% like jeb bush. >> i'm not a talker, i'm a doer.
5:57 am
there's a lot of good talkers running for president and -- there's one in particular i'm thinking of. >> reporter: each of the other 16 republican presidential hopefuls are finding it hard to get their message out with the attention and crowd trump draws. that was edward lawrence reporting. catch donald trump later today, he's going to sit down with matt lauer on the "today" show at 7:00. congresswoman jackie speier teaming up with professional athletes and coaches hoping to bring attention to inequality between men and female athletes. the issue highlighted by alex morgan, a star on the world cup championship women's soccer team. she plays for the portland thorns. last month the top pay for national women's soccer league players less than $38,000 a year. professional male soccer players average more than $300,000 a
5:58 am
year. >> gaping gap. 5:57. major u.s. bank founded here in the bay area giving something back today to bay area nonprofits. bank of america, which is based in charlotte, plans to award $1 million to 30 bay area nonprofits, many grants aimed at improving the affordable housing issue. the event takes place in san francisco, the same city where bank of america's first branch opened more than a century ago under the name bank of italy. thousands of students getting a helping hand when it comes to hygiene. planning to give 40,000 low income children hygiene and school supplies. the groups will continue to give to students supplies for the next three years. supplies said to be worth more than 2.5 million. >> make a difference for the families 5:58. right now on the show at 6:00, hero's homecoming, sacramento state student back home after he helped take down a suspected
5:59 am
terrorist. >> plus, shooting and robbery on the world's crookedest street and the victims a military pilot from thailand. >> update to breaking news, a woman stranded and her dogs are making the rescue effort very dangerous. "today in the bay" starts right now. very good wednesday morn to-ing you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. more on top stories. first, tracking the weather and roadways, mike keeping a close eye on the commute. kari hall a look at your microclimate forecast. >> it's going to be a hot day especially inland with highs in the 90s. some of the hottest weather all week between today and tomorrow. it's 58 degrees now in san francisco. 62 in the peninsula and south bay, 60 degrees. highs in the 70s for most of the bay area. warming up in the north bay, 88. south bay 85. and check out the tri-valley, 94 degrees. hot today. once again i'll talk more about
6:00 am
that, what to expect, even as we head into the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. a look at morning commute. >> a crash in san jose, presenting a lot of slowing for 87. another tough start for 87 drivers at guadeloupe parkway, crash north bound past alma. blocking. more distraction. jammed up not from curtner, now it's back to capitol expressway. we may see folks towards 101 if they have the choice and that may mean more problems for 101 starting its typical build. there's disturbance for san jose. tri-valley, slowing for 580 through livermore. build for 680 south, sam thing for 880 through hayward and union city, typical pattern there. bay bridge toll plaza, metering lights are on backup at the toll plaza and the approach. san mateo bridge, a live look, volume builds for the westbound direction. east bound, headlights towards us, a stall reported but cleared. no


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