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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 26, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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within hours, posted that video to facebook. as police searched for flanagan, investigators say he was live tweeting derogatory remarks about the victim. late this morning, virginia state police spotted the suspect's car on i-66, in northern virginia. >> the sonic ran off the road into the median. when trooper neff approached the vehicle, she found flanagan suffering from a self inflicted gunshot wound. >> reporter: hours later, flanagan was pronounced dead.
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as investigators searched for answers, families and co-workers remembered their loved ones. >> they were special people, and t leo said, would brighten up a esom every morning. >> as investigators search for a motive, they may get some clues from a 23-page manifesto faxed re abc news after the shooting by someone using the name of the suspect. it says flanagan was driven crtly by a recent massacre at a ndack church in south carolina. back to you. >> peggy, thank you. common to see around here and across the country a tv crew mnng a live report. we t's exactly what they were doing this morning when they ere ambushed. ddam ward was 27. -jison parker just 24. the dated the anchorman at wdbj, dhris hertz, and they had moved un together and were talking bout getting married. adam ward's fiancee worked as a thss producer at that same station. she was in the studio's control = em celebrating her last day on the job and saw the shooting aappen on television. ie third victim is vicki
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gardner, the head of the local chamber of commerce in virginia. she was shot in the chest during that live interview. gardner is recovering from emergency surgery and is in oable condition this evening. s>> the suspect was known as bryce williams on tv, but his real name, vester flanagan. he grew up in the east bay, and argan his journalism career right here in the bay area. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez continues our team coverage from valle vallejo, one of the places flanagan called home. jodi. ch reporter: that's right. sester flanagan's father and sister live on this very street in vallejo. just a few minutes ago, some friends of the family came out there, about to read a statement, but i've also been given a copy of that statement. it reads, "our thoughts and prayers at this time are with the victims' families and the wbdj-7 news family. words cannot express the hurt we feel for the victims. everyone who knew the suspect is stunned." >> i would never expect him to do something like that.
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>> reporter: he says he just can't believe what his former neighbor, vester flanagan ii is accused of doing. he knew vester as "mark." he says he lived next door to him for three years until flanagan told him he got a job in virginia as a news anchor. >> he was a gentle giant. very nice guy. >> i'm in shock right now. i'm devastated. >> reporter: flanagan's childhood friends in oakland are having a tough time dealing with the news, as well. flanagan went to skyline high school. just days ago, he tweeted out a photo of himself as a teen, saying he was voted skyline's homecoming prince. virgil barker lived across the street from flanagan. the two grew up together. >> he's not the kind of monster, not the one i knew. evidently he just -- something snapped in his mind. i don't know. >> reporter: flanagan's family still lives in the east bay. neighbors in vallejo say his father is a model neighbor. >> he's solid. he is so solid.
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he's helpful to the community, and he always keeps his place, you know, pristine. >> reporter: and we are back here live where you can see an impromptu news conference is taking place. friends of the family -- of the suspect's family have come out to read a statement. again, that statement we read to you a few moments ago. the family says they have -- their hearts are heavy today. they want to express their deepest condolences to the victims. reporting live in vallejo, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. i> jodi, thank you. chuck coppola is also with us. e chuck, flanagan studied journalism here at san francisco n rte and even worked for s nnel 5 in town. i> reporter: that's right, raj. professors here at san francisco state university and among his earliest co-workers in bay area television either cannot recall much about vester flanagan, but they do know this much. there were no warning signs about stress on the job that he had given them in his chosen
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career of television news. they say quite simply, there were no red flags. vester flanagan graduated from san francisco state university 20 years ago with the hope of pursuing a career in journalism. >> i don't know of any faculty members that spoke about that. that could say i saw this then. i would think that if they had seen it, they would have done something about it. >> reporter: in the mid '90s, flanagan was a production assistant at kpix. former anchor barbara rogers said he was a young, eager kid out of journalism school. i feel so sad for the journalists killed and the young man who apparently needed mental health counseling that he did not get. another co-worker described him as affable, always smiling, always respectful. he wanted to be a reporter or a cop. later, melissa carlson worked with him in north carolina. >> this is a shock to me. i remember vester as being a happy guy. we were friends. he anchored the weekend newscast. i never would have suspected
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this. >> reporter: but his on-air tv career at a variety of stations from north carolina to florida to virginia appears to have been repeatedly marked by firings for everything from outbursts to repeated mistakes on air. coming up at 6:00, how professors here advised students about dealing with co-workers and stress on the job, and how this case is being discussed as a mental health issue. reporting live at san francisco atate university, i'm chuck reppola, nbc bay area news. >> thanks, chuck. ouason parker and adam ward are the first journalists to be killed in the u.s. in eight years. the last was in the bay area in 2007. a masked gunman shot and killed chauncey bailey while he was on his way to work at the "oakland nost." roday's victims became the seventh and eighth journalists killed in the country. records have been kept for only eaout two decades. rt a heartbreaking day, to say the least, shortly after the shooting.
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wdbj tweeted these photos, along with a simple message, we love you, alison and adam. stay with us for continuing coverage. nou can follow the new oevelopments on this and other stories on our nbc bay area app. just in, more problems for the 49ers within the past hour. e.nrand jury has indicted former 49er, ray mcdonald, for rape and current 49er ahmad brooks for sexual battery. investigators say mcdonald raped a woman in december at his home nn san jose. mcdonald now faces a maximum of haght years in prison if he's convicted. the santa clara county district --gorney also charged linebacker okfad brooks with misdemeanor sexual battery against that same oman. brooks faces six months in jail. no comment yet from the 49ers. from regular guy to own rnational hero. late today, one of the three americans who took down a suspected terrorist last week was honored by sacramento. >> this is my home and i'm just
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==ad to be back here to see everybody. it's kind of overwhelming for me. i didn't expect all of this to happen. . reporter: 23-year-old anthony sadler is a senior at sac state. he and two friends were awarded enance's medal of honor on monday. yoday sacramento's mayor also praised the young men for their f roism but also provided a funny moment. y .all the pictures of you over europe, you had a laker -- a oaker jersey on. [ laughter ] so -- [ cheers and applause ] >> so he's got a kings jersey now. sacramento is planning a parade once it gets all three heroes nogether. happening now, flames have ngulfed a two-story home in thft san jose. this is right off story road. edr nbc chopper overhead. this is a few blocks east of king. the fire department immediately called this a two-alarm fire, hecause as you can see down
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nolow, the homes are very close together, and in some parts, the =tructures are actually at ached. no word yet on the cause of this alre. at also new at 5:00, quite a ight and smell. kldead whale in alameda. here's the carcass lodged under a dock. you see the whale there. squa.ead and the tail there. light off that pier. iis is the oakland estuary across from jack london square. t .earchers have been unable so far to determine what kind of whale it is or even exactly how big it is. erey're looking at options to pull the whale from the water so they can study it. nut authorities say an operation heue this will be expensive and difficult. ly> the bulls are back in town. bay area stocks led a huge rally rn wall street today as your teney had its best bay in years. scott budman is live in the dassroom with today's numbers. t.utt, quite the comeback today. >> it really was, janelle. days of losses turning into a d r win today. ayo unlike yesterday, this rally rayted all day long.
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en fact, even kicking things up towards the end. let's check the numbers today. the dow industrials up 619 points. that is the biggest single day a n for the market since 2011. fhe nasdaq and s&p each up about e% today, all of it led by bay area companies. latflix, which has traded all over the place this week, up 8% , iay. apple, which you may remember .as trading as low as $92 a share on monday morning, closing .oday near $110 after a pop of 6%. acebook up 5%. ttvestors pouring money into .ech stocks to break a six-day losing streak. is the volatility over? probably not. do we go from here? lt looks to be shaky. fin chinese market is still having trouble, and our eccpanies here in the bay area till do a lot of business over sn china. expect the volatility to ==etinue for at least a week or two. ll k to you. >> okay, scott. thank you. we continue to follow our breaking news in santa clara. ma,se are live pictures from our lae chopper. a gas explosion has triggered
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this fire at a strip mall, parts of lawrence expressway in santa daara are shut down as we speak. we'll give an update, just ahead. victory for veterans in the south bay. i'm damian trujillo live in san jose. reming up, the permanent memorial going up for veterans here at city hall. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. hotter temperatures throughout the east bay and low 90s right now. we're tracking a chance of showers. i'll have details on that in just a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm michelle roberts in san francisco. following a shooting involving a tourist. coming up, what police are saying following the incident today. then at 6:00, it might just be the opportunity of a lifetime. >> this looks new. >> is it safe? >> how you can learn to make movies the pixar way for free. >> the way you get there is by learning one thing, one step at a time. >> that's new at 6:00. at premin
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we want to update you on our breaking news in santa clara off lawrence expressway. firefighters actively putting out a fire at a strip mall. this is near point ciena drive near wilcox high school and lawrence expressway. this happened after a driver of a honda civic crashed into a gas meter, causing the explosion. fortunately, everybody got out of the building. no one is hurt at this time. we're going to keep an eye on
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the situation and keep you posted. stay here with nbc bay area. this could change the case dramatically. experts testified that it appears the bullet that killed kate steinle in san francisco may have ricocheted off the ground. it supports their argument this was an accidental discharge of that gun. juan francisco lopez sanchez, an undocumented immigrant, is accused of killing steinle in july as she walked along pier 14 with her father. sanchez is charged with the murder. the preliminary hearing continues tomorrow. within the past 90 minutes, we have learned more about the robbery and shooting of a tourist in one of san francisco's safest and most popular neighborhoods. the city's police chief took to the streets to reassure everyone. you're looking at the cell phone video of the tourist from thailand moments after he was shot yesterday on lombard right there in the crooked part on russian hill. you can see emergency crews trying to stop the bleeding.
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nbc bay area's michelle roberts is in russian hill where the chief and leaders spoke today about yesterday's attack. michelle. >> reporter: they're trying to ease fears, and there are so many fears and concerns after yesterday. many tourists here didn't know what happened. i have spoken to many and there are dozens walking around with their cameras and cell phones out, not knowing maybe it's best they keep them inside. the police chief warning people, it's okay. what happened yesterday was very rare. two men were arrested yesterday after a high-speed chase across the bay bridge, and today we know their names. 24-year-old brian fox and 25-year-old eric espanol accused of stealing a tourist's camera just after noon yesterday and shooting that tourist as he tried to get it back. he is expected to make a full recovery. today the police chief and supervisor, julie christianson, say good police work was to thank for the very quick arrest. >> organized on the fly, perimeters set up.
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and our tactical team was able to take the second suspect into custody without incident. >> our message is to anybody else who is thinking of coming here and doing this, don't do it. because this is what's going to happen to you. we're going to have an officer, anthony randolph, waiting for you somewhere. >> reporter: the city has approved more funding for police, so the police chief says this time next year, there will be 200 more officers patrolling streets, another way they're trying to keep people safe out here, especially the tourist destinations. live in san francisco, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. there is something new at san jose city hall. supporters say the message it sends will resonate across the country. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is at city hall. this flag will fly a lot more often now. >> reporter: that's right. it was up there a short while ago earlier today, but they have since taken it down beneath the american flag. we're talking about the p.o.w.-m.i.a. flag. it will have a special ceremony
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to keep it up there permanently. veterans fought the procedure of keeping it up only a few days a year. the flag will now be up every day of the year. he flew reconnaissance missions during the vietnam and cold wars. today former navy pilot, fran mcveigh, couldn't be more proud as he looks at the flagpoles in front of san jose city hall. >> it looks very, very nice. it's been a while coming, and we're very pleased to see it. >> reporter: it is the flag honoring prisoners of war, and those missing in action. until now, it flew over city hall only a few days each year. that's when mcveigh started his latest battle, to convince the city to fly it every day. it was a battle the vietnam veteran just won. >> it was really important, what the veterans had to say about what it means to them. >> it comes with the guarantee to us and to our families that should you become a prisoner of war, go missing in action, or eventually be declared killed in
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action, you will not be forgotten until there's a proper accounting. and this flag symbolizes that commitment. >> reporter: the city council unanimously agreed, led by rose herrera, herself a veteran. so now any time old glory makes its way up the flagpole at city hall, she'll be joined by the flag honoring those who didn't come home. >> it's been a long time for them. i'm glad they got what they wanted. >> damian trujillo reporting. we're not complaining, but just a little humid, just a bit. >> a touch of humidity with monsoonal moisture from the four corners that spread across a beautiful layer of clouds across the bay area. we are also tracking hotter temperatures, east bay at 95, south bay at 88 degrees. and hazy with that increased moisture and humidity. to take you through tomorrow's forecast, areas of patchy low clouds but milder, east bay 66 down soords the south bay, 63 degrees. the regional high pressure
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producing humid weather here throughout california sitting well here across arizona, colorado and new mexico, there is monsoonal moisture, but looks like any storm activity again will stay to the east. but with the hotter air associated with that high pressure so close, we definitely think we'll have more 90s for the interior valleys tomorrow and also a little bit of humidity. so let's go ahead and take you into that microclimate forecast. and you'll be able to see for thursday sunny skies and 91 expected in san jose. up to 96 in morgan hill. that will be one of the hottest. and also check out the coastline, pacifica, 74 degrees. even san francisco and the mission up to 78. let's bring you to the north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley. what you want to notice here is those of you in the tri valley, we will get close to 100. danville expecting 99. 96 in pleasanton and to the east bay, 83 expected in oakland and 97 in walnut creek. so tomorrow is a day if you live in the east bay, contra costa, alameda counties, you may want to take some breaks, because it will get a little bit
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uncomfortable. as we head throughout saturday's forecast, we still have the storm system off to the north. that's the problem on any kind of big rainfall totals. it's too far to the north, at least the center of the storm, to give us anything major. but we're still looking at maybe trace amounts to .03 of an inch. no, it's not a big storm system but a few drops would be great news for the fire danger across the bay area. the trend has hotter temperatures all the way through friday's forecast at this point. and by saturday, 10 degrees cooler. that's the good news. and once again, that best chance of any showers on saturday would be in the north bay at this point. we'll continue to track it at >> thanks, jeff. a live look now at the golden gate bridge. it's known for its beauty. but today apparently something else. where it ranks on america's new gridlock list. do you like the passaaadd?
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take a good look. police say the man in this sketch exposed himself to a woman out walking her dog last night. it happened at monroe park near the san antonio shopping center. the suspect in his 20s, dark cur curly hair and olive complexion, riding a bike. police are trying to figure out if the suspect is connected to other similar flashing incidents in the city earlier this year.
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another officer's gun stolen right out of the car. it happened this morning at a shopping center near the fruitvale station in oakland. according to the san francisco chronicle, the weapon belonged to an officer working as part of a task force, but we do not know what department the officer worked for. this is the third time this summer. last friday, someone stole and broke into the car of the uc berkeley police chief as she was jogging at the point isabelle regional shoreline in richmond. and in june, someone stole a federal agent's gun in san francisco, which was then used to kill kate steinle along the san francisco embark cairo. a live look at the golden gate bridge. sluggish in terms of traffic. a new study ranked san francisco in the top three nationwide for gridlock. but there is an up side here. according to the texas a&m report, traffic congestion has returned to prerecession levels, indicating a growing economy. we know that around here with all the job growth. washington, d.c. tops the list of gridlock-plagued cities
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followed by l.a. and then san francisco and san jose checks in at number five. >> okay. we're back in a moment with a big surprise, courtesy of buster posey. [female announcer] during mattress price wars at sleep train,
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want to get back to our breaking news in santa clara.
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our nbc chopper is overhead. a lot of nerves and smoke here. nerves from the residents and smoke there off lawrence expressway. about 90 minutes ago, a car hit a gas line, and then took off. you can see the damage here left behind. a gas line then turned into this fire. this is at lawrence and point sienna, not far from wilcox high school in santa clara. parts of lawrence expressway are closed and remain closed during this rush hour. as of right now we have heard of no injuries. below you can see the strip mall on fire. finally tonight, a big surprise today for students at a san francisco high school. buster posey dropped by for a visit. the san francisco giants' all-star made a lot of students at sacred heart prep very happy. his visit had a purpose. they held a schoolwide prep rally on health and fitness and he did a q & a about his own fitness regimen with the students. >> now buster going to work
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against the chicago cubs tonight. thanks for joining us. lester holt is next. >> bye. tnksor ini us- tonight, the horror on live tv. a reporter and photographer gunned down with viewers watching from home. and shock waves as the killer, while on the run, posts videos of the moment he pulled the trigger. tonight the young victims, the survivor, and the shooter's turbulent history. millions trying to come to grips with what they saw. also surging back. one of the biggest gains ever on wall street. as this roller coaster ride snaps in a positive direction. the confrontation. donald trump's new fight as a high-profile anchor is tossed out of his event while trying to challenge him. also tonight, hillary clinton weighs in on a possible challenge from vice president biden. and the gathering storm barreling across the caribbean, forecast to become a hurricane with florida


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