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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  August 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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that they're closing. >> i don't know where i'm going to go. i'm not going to be drinking coffee anymore. >> that is nervous laughter. starbucks will sell the pastries in their stores and is trying to help some employees get new jobs. nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> good evening again, that breaking news is on the peninsula. i'm jessica aguirre. and i'm raj mathai. let's get to the breaking news, a mess right now on the 101 just south of sfo. right now all lanes of 101 north and southbound between milbray avenue are closed, around 9:30 tonight, chp says a crane crashed into a light pole. you see some still photos here. this is on broadway avenue. lot of construction in the area. knocking out high voltage wires. here is the map, you see sfo right on the side of the screen,
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drivers told to avoid the area completely. it's still not clear if anyone was hurt in the crash or what caused that driver of that crane, the operator of the crane if there was anyone to go in there. a pg&e spokesperson just coached to us as we watched the giant's game on the board. this caused the lights to flicker at at&t park. a lot of people on the peninsula said their lights were flickering as well, several neighborhoods throughout san francisco. both lanes closed between milbray avenue and ansa boulevard. we'll bring you more information as it comes in. and more than 30 bail bondsmen targeted in a sting. the investigation takes us inside what is called the largest raid of its kind in the state's history. >> tonight, we uncovered more
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details on the raid across california. we also learned it may just be the beginning. >> chief reporter tony kovaleski has more. >> they made careers getting people out of jail, but for the past night, they have been cuffed and now need bail to get themselves out of jail. law enforcement made arrests in five counties including monterey, santa clara, san bernardino, and merced, and nine employees from san jose, aladdin bail bonds, and one for the bail hotline. sources say that the bondsmen face serious felony charges for colluding with the inmates inside the santa clara county jail. they are charged with working with the inmates to gain unfair advantage and beating the competition by gaining exclusive telephone access to inmates
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before other bail companies. the arrests started early thursday and continued into the night. when the raid is finished a total of 31 bail bondsmen from several different companies will spend time behind bars. sources confirm the state department of insurance has already revoked the bail licenses of all the arrested bail bondsmen. 18 arrested. 13 additional arrests are expected soon. we first learned about this raid early yesterday but were asked by the state department of insurance to hold the information because the raids were ongoing and there was concern for officer safety. >> jess, raj? >> all right, thank you, tony, if you have a tip for us or tony you can call or send an e-mail to tony at and more on the santa clara county main jail. three corrections deputies are on administrative leave while investigators look into the death of an inmate.
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the sheriff's office says that deputies were doing welfare checks wednesday night on the sixth floor of the main jail when they found an inmate was not responding to their knocking on a cell door. paramedics were called but the inmate subsequently died in his cell. now, sources close to the investigation tell us the inmate may have actually died after being beaten or aggressively restrained by the guards. at this point investigators are not commenting on any of those allegations. a convicted sexual predator has served his time. but his next battle is just starting. most people don't want him to be placed in their neighborhood. an east bay town is bracing itself for a fight. that man may be moving in. nbc bay area cheryl hurd is in concord with more details, what happens now, cheryl? >> reporter: well, there has to be a public hearing and that won't happen until next month. but right now the people i talked to are in shock. the proposed new home for the
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convicted predator is in the 1500 block of amhurst way and that is right here in concord. people i talk to say why here and why now. now smith was convicted of sexually assaulting four women, and is currently in a state hospital set to be released soon. why contra costa county? well, the state tried to put him in fairfield but the community there fought back. >> we're concerned about our kids, safety and property values, as well. what will happen to my home value at this point. we just sunk a bunch of money into renovations. i'm not saying we're getting ready to sell. but if we were, this is something you would have to disclose to a future buyer. >> i wouldn't want to raise a child here. if that you know -- that dangerous person is here. and i just can't understand why they would have the quiet established neighborhood like this that they would pick. >> now, the contra costa deputy
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district attorney said that smith should be placed back in solano county. that is where he has ties. 's attorneys tells me this whole system is broken. it should not take long to find him a place to live. as i said earlier the community has a chance to voice their opinion. that is on september 25th in fairfield. reporting live in concord, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. and want to show you a photograph. do you recognize this man in pool in police say he groped several girls at the campus swimming pool. they say he swam up to the girls at the strawberry canyon pool and grab their legs and behinds. he then swam away. the girls are between the ages of nine and 13. campus police are trying to determine his identity. if you have information call the uc berkeley department. and police are trying to track down a man apparently
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trying to track children into his car. he is described as a white man in his 30s and say he pulled up to two students and tried to lure him into his car. last night, somebody approached an 11-year-old girl on lewis road. police say they got a description of a man trying to lure girls in another neighborhood. and in wine country, now napa is upset. not with the raiders but with the oakland police department. at issue? the police escorts. nbc bay area has more from napa county. and jean, what is the problem? >> reporter: well, the napa county sheriff's office says the problem is the lights and sirens but this is no emergency. the sheriff says he wanted to talk about the incident with oakland's police chief by phone but could not reach him he sent him a letter on monday expressing concerns about what he calls an illegal private
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motorcade for the raiderss that rolled through last friday. he said the officers should not hold up traffic and light up sirens for a football team when there is no emergency. some raiderss fans agree. >> i don't think is very appropriate. you know, it stops a lot of traffic. people got to come and go you know. i don't think that is an emergency. >> reporter: the sheriff says the incident was particularly frustrating for parents who were heading to pick up kids at school when the motorcade drove through american canyon on an already crowded highway 29. the sheriff has not yet heard from the oakland police chief but is looking forward to a friendly conversation. we also reached out to opd tonight and have not heard back. reporting live in napa county. >> okay, thank you, jean.
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and san quentin with officials on high alert. one inmate has tested positive for legionnaire's disease. so far other inmates were tested but have not shown symptoms. the water was needed to be turned off, so that inmates had to skip showers, use port-o-potties and line up in the yard to get drinking water. >> we don't want inmates to be affected by legionnaire's disease. if it is not handled appropriately can be deadly. >> health officials say legionnaire's is spread through contaminated water. later today determined that using the toilet was not a risk to the inmates so they will be turned back on. faucets and showers will stay dry until they figure out how the one inmate who tested positive got the bacteria and if other inmates test positive. well, ten years ago a bay
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area woman drove miles and miles to rescue victims of hurricane katrina. tonight, we'll look at where the people are now. plus, it's all in how you type. how a woman earned a job with google. and a local man trying to fix his roof. how a simple facebook post got him a lot more help than he expected. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, and we're trying to cool off here, upper 60s and low 70s, we're tracking showers in just moments. says cre csheinta ne. aessn 1 -
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the chp says that crane crashed into light pole near broadway avenue, a lot of construction in that area, those high voltage wires were knocked down into the road. let's take a look at the map here, drivers are told to avoid the area completely. it's still not clear if anyone was hurt in that accident. and think about that, friday night, especially with the heavy traffic coming out of the giants game which ended just a short while ago and the traffic coming in and out of sfo, that has been rerouted. so if you can pass the word here to anyone who is coming or using this route, 101 remains closed and is expected to be closed for the next 60 minutes, possibly even two hours from now. well, the virginia television station is doing its best to get back in the business of tv news. it has been two painful days of the traffgic on-air shooting of the two reporters.
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wdbj is doing its best to continue reporting after alison ward and adam were shot. the fans in the stands of the high school game also observed a moment of silence before kickoff. and we're following some developing weather news. a state of emergency in florida tonight as tropical storm erika moves closer to the united states. the storm already being blamed for 20 deaths of the tiny caribbean island of dominica. the storm damaged homes in puerto rico and the dominican republic. many people were standing in line to make sure they gassed up the cars. and it was a city that promised to come back stronger than ever before. but ten years after new orleans was struck, much of the city remains that way, boarded up, closed for business and
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abandoned. two local bay area people didn't stop, they rushed to help the people stranded by the rising waters. nbc bay area peggy ba gy bunker here with us. >> that is what they did when one santa clara woman, rina solomon, did. she got in her car and drove there. so she could help solomon and her friends tried to help those trying to escape katrina with her two sons. she had a 2-year-old who was only five weeks old at the time. they were desperate, said solomon, everybody was desperate. so she brought them back here in her car in santa clara to live in her house with her family. >> we stayed with her and her children and everything. so we got our own place, i watched her kids, she watched
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mine. >> she has got her back. the firefighter dan quayle also responded to the disaster. >> you know i have seen plenty of things in a small area or one building, a small community. that kind of thing, to see a major emergency like that was pretty amazing. >> ten years later, still vivid in their memory. solomon says for those who think new orleans built that couldn't be further from the truth. one of the two families said their hometown of new orleans is always going to be their hometown. they stayed here in california almost ten years they have lived here. now, nadine smith and her two boys moved to southern california recently. they say going back to new orleans is painful. so much of it was lost to the hurricane and neighborhoods they loved are abandoned. >> tough anniversary for many. how far would you go to help a neighbor? what about installing a roof for
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a neighbor, 75 years old in need? and the power of facebook is uniting this tight fremont community. here is nbc bay area with more. >> reporter: if you have ever replaced or roof or watched someone do it then you know. >> it's quite a bit of work. >> reporter: it's a big job, more so for one man, especially an older one. >> last year when it rained we got a bunch of leaks through the ceiling in the family room. laying shingle had been his work of the summer, spending a few hours a day up here but it has taken three months to get to this point. >> it was hard to watch him up there himself. >> reporter: this week, his neighbor spotted the slow progress. >> i would see him up there on his hands and knees, you know, trying to place the shingles. >> david perez doesn't have any roofing skills so he snapped
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this picture and posted it to facebook to see if any of his 100 friends do. >> i just kept thinking, at that age if that was my dad i wish somebody help. >> reporter: the post now shared more than 1200 times. the result, a few experts are coming over tomorrow morning for a roofing party. >> you see it's just a neighbor that -- realized i needed help. >> reporter: others are chipping in to provide meals and snacks for the workers, all so richard can relax. >> today and tomorrow, take it easy, don't go up there and do any work. >> and without any thought of getting any return other than the satisfaction of knowing that they help someone. >> reporter: what took months for him to start took just a picture to help finish. a simple gesture that made a lifelong impression. >> so it changed my mind on humanity somewhat. because for a while i was
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getting pretty discouraged. >> reporter: in fremont, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> how about that, what a story, we'll be out there tomorrow to see a roofing party take place. we look forward back to it over the weekend. and we have jeff ranieri. and there is only a very, very small chance that we could get a few drops, nothing that will stop that roofing party. in fact some of the cloudy skies will make it easier to do the tough work. as we look at san francisco, the fog is rolling in, 66 degrees, dramatic difference from the upper 70s. the fog and the clouds now progressing across the bay, hoping to cool everybody off. 69 in the east bay tomorrow, 67. the big thing you will notice is the possibility of showers in the north bay, san francisco and also for the peninsula, now, the
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forecast models still have kept this chance of rain. and this is great news for us. it's not a whole lot but something to help the fire danger. you can see the core of low pressure offshore. the best news about this, i heard from somebody on twitter, they want to know about washington, what it will mean for the fires. they could see maybe two to three inches of rainfall as the core of the system moves to the north for tomorrow. as we look at the doppler radar here across the bay area, a lot less in terms of rainfall. you can see the current storm track i have. could bring showers to the bay, to santa rosa by 1:42, and clear lake by 2:15. estimated rainfall totals, trace amounts to 407th of an inch, in marin and napa counties. we could get a drop near the coastline. right now nothing expected for the east bay or south bay a slight chance, we may get spotty showers. the bulk of it up to the north
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bay. you will see the thing i think everybody is going to be impacted by no doubt will be the cooler temperatures, 86 for san jose, peninsula, 69 expected for pacifica, and palo alto, once again, chance of showers for north bay, east bay, tri-valley, we're out of the 90s, 88 expected inville. 86 in pleasanton, and a risk of rain drops up in santa rosa and mill valley. sunday's forecast, no threat of any showers. great news if you're doing anything here across the bay area. more on the forecast, i want to finish it tonight you have family and friends out here in the east in florida, still tracking tropical storm erika, winds at 45 miles an hour. it keeps changing every day. the main storm track moving off to the west. so it looks like the west coast of florida could see the bulk of this activity. large threat, the legacy of the
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storm will be the floods potential, two to five inches of rainfall for florida, guys. >> yeah, my mom already put her shutters up, jeff, so she is ready to go. still ahead, google's secret recruiting trip that could land you a job. >> and we have jimmy. >> hey, guys, the one and only, barbara streisand is my guest, you got to watch! it's great. [female announcer] if the most challenging part of your day
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google's secret recruiting trick revealed. aspiring engineer typed in action lamda function list into
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google's search engine. it took two weeks to complete six problems. in the end, a google recruiter called him. google wouldn't comment on the recruiting tactic, but offered a message in uni code which needs to be decoded. and hackers now have a job with uber, they will join uber next week, receiving worldwide attention last month after remotely taking control of that moving jeep cherokee. chrysler later recalled more than a million cars because of their packing work. their move comes after uber works with self-driving cars. >> up next, the amazing electric finish at the giant's game tonight. stay with us.
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yoplait. the smooth and creamy yogurt your whole family loves. yoplait original with no artificial sweeteners, no artificial flavors, and no high fructose corn syrup. cardinals, giants, certainly a hot pick. you have the defending champs versus the team with the best record in baseball. in game one, they definitely lived up to the hype as the
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giants got it done in dramatic fashion. let's get you to the action, orange, friday at at&t park. bottom score, bases loaded. bye-bye birdie. eighth grand slam of the season most in the majors. 4-0 g-men, steve puts scotty, double sacked aoiki, two run sacks 4-3. in the ninth, tied at four, bases loaded for tomlinson. single up the middle, game over. first career walk-off a day after hitting his first career home run which of course is the grand slam. and the giants win 5-4. >> it has been unbelievable, you couldn't script this up. it's been a blast. and it's fun to win. definitely got a lot of text messages. >> a's, diamondbacks and bob
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melvin face off for the first time. rumor has it they car pooled to the stadium today. how about that? castillo flies off the field. goldschmidt, four, tied the game. redick, not happy about it. bottom seven, runner on, drives an rbi double gap to right center. chris owens scores, arizona, they take the lead in the eighth. >> san jose sabre cats back in the arena bowl for the first time since 2008 all going down saturday after stockton arena. against the jacksonville sharks, now kickoff is set for 4:00. san jose looking for the franchise's fourth championship. and it's the first that they're looking for since 2007. now, the sabre cats are four and a half point favorites over the sharks. so in the last ten months the bay area sharks have signed. santa cruz warriors, big league
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champions. and of course the dubs won the nba title. so the sabre cats could be next. that is it for sports. we'll be right back. anpda onur eakg ns. 10in rliamee
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want to give you an update on our breaking news, 101 in burlingame expected to be closed for another hour. the chp says a crane, a construction crane crashed into a light pole near broadway avenue knocking these high voltage wires right onto the roadway. just south of sfo, all lanes between ansa boulevard and milbray, if you can avoid the area, on the 101 on the peninsula. sn >> have a great weekend and stay safe. good night. >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- barbra streisand. musical guest, barbra streisand.


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