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tv   Today  NBC  August 31, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. no♪ nobody can drag me down >> who's that, hoda? >> 1d, one direction. >> funday monday. last day of august, can you believe it? >> welcome to our before and after show. i like these, we do dramatic before-and-after transformation. so one will be about the home with guys from flipping boston.
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>> we love them. >> we'll show you how you can make big changes on a small budget for your home. then if you want a flawless face like kim kardashian and other celebrities, we have the abcs of contouring. >> look at that. >> it's all about contouring. and lilliana -- >> she's here with four lucky fans giving a fashion upgrade. she'll reveal their before and afters on our wonderful before-and-after show. it's national trail mix day. >> so kath and i'm prepared a trail mix the way we love them. in looking at them now, i really want yours. however, mine is walnuts, cranberries, raisins and trail mix and chocolate chip. mine's very sweet. sweet. >> it's a little -- >> too much for yours? what's going on? >> i have granola, i have some raisins, i have -- the biggest is pistachio nuts and coconut. >> yum, how does it take? >> really good. but anyway -- and sunflower
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seeds. >> i love yours. >> isn't that good? help yourself. >> here's the question. how do you eat it? with your fingers? i've never seen it with a spoon. our recipes are on >> have you ever been to a diner and they have when you're leaving that bowl of mints. >> yeah. >> have you ever seen people with their big paw dig in and grab mints. >> we're not talking about covered mints? >> the ones! that's when you see a spoon that would dip down and take it. but i can't imagine eating something like that with a spoon. >> who cares, right? >> i care. does whistling annoy you or do you think it's nice? >> there was a dear prudence column where somebody said "the person in my office whistles randomly." >> people don't probably realize they're doing it. >> this is how "dear prudence" answered his query. she's puts george washington's rules of civility. "while until the presence of others sing not to yourself in a
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humming voice or drum with your fingers or your feet." i guess it would have included whistling as well. >> i didn't know he did that book. >> i don't know what we're talking about! >> george washington, the book of civility. you're reading it and you have no idea who george washington is? >> i do! i just glanced up and there it was. george washington wrote a book. all right. look, everything now and then things just pop up and you just go along. so she told him to politely ask him not to. >> that's the answer to all of this? say "please don't that do this. "here's the trouble, they don't know they're doing it. >> and you're criticizing someone who's enjoying themselves. i was on a plane once and the thing i do loudly is i chew -- i chew go gum like -- >> like nobody's business. like a cow with her cud. >> like i'm alone in my
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apartment. i was reading a book with my head phones on and a lady tapped me on the shoulder and she said "excuse me, would you mind not doing that." and it was tone. i felt terrible. her tone was mean and rude. i felt terrible for the flight and even mentioning it now i remember how bad i felt. >> you know what will make you feel more terrible, you told this story about a month ago on the air. >> i did? >> hoda, you are losing your mind. >> are you sure? >> oh, yeah, we have the videotape right? all right, let's play a game. we have a before-and-after show. we're going to do before-and-after songs. so there have been a lot of famous songs that have been reinvented or covered by other musicians so we'll play the covered version and figure out the original version. here is our first song. in the '80s. ♪ since you've been gone i can do whatever i want ♪ i can see whoever i can >> that's aretha. ♪ but nothing can take
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>> maybe billie holliday an original one. "since you've been gone." what is it? >> sinead o'connor, "nothing compares to you." ♪ nothing compares, nothing compares to you ♪ >> that was good. i would have never -- >> i didn't like either one. i'm only kidding. >> this is sam smith. let's listen. ♪ why not feel really, how will i know ♪ >> oh. ♪ how will i know if he really loves me ♪ >> oh, i love his version. oh, my god, i love this game! i really love this game. okay, paul anka sang this cover.
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♪ we take him to the street, we kill with the skill to survive ♪ yes, it's the eye of the tiger ♪ >> "eye of the tiger" by survivor. ♪ it's the eye of the tiger, it's the thrill of the fight ♪ >> unrecognizable. >> boom! >> here's dolly parton. ♪ outside i'm masquerading, inside my hope is fading ♪ like a clown -- >> it's slow, i don't remember -- ♪ but my smile is my makeup i wear since -- ♪ >> what is this? note note? take a good look at my face, you see ♪ >> this is the best ever. >> it's terrible!
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>> the best! >> well, i'm 0 for 0. >> that was so exciting, wasn't it? >> not really! >> i loved that. things not to say at a job interview. >> you know that comedian scooter mcgruder? he fires off things not to say in the job interview. >> what up? can we hurry this up? i have another interview i need to be at. how much do i get paid? what kind of benefits? you don't know any background checks, do you? >> why didn't you leave your last job? >> i didn't leave, i was fired. they wanted me to go to sensitivity training. there weren't enough attractive women. >> why do you want to work with? >> i'm just trying to get to the receptionist. she's a 9.5. >> i just have to look like i'm searching for a job. my mom threatened to kick me out. the e-mail says i need to bring a resume. what is a resume? what is that? [ laughter ]
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>> he nailed that one. all righty. >> so this mom had -- >> trouble having her little one eat healthy food. toddlers are famously picky eaters. >> she decided to make her son's food into favorite cartoon characters she made mr. potato head out of pinch, lentils, carrots, sweet potatoes, eggplants and apples. >> she's like the karen tack of vegetables. >> you're right! >> then olaf from "frozen." scrambled eggs, watermelon, carrots and pretzels. >> bert and ernie from "sesame street." >> simba from "the lion king." >> adorable. whole wheat wrap and zucchini. >> and she made one of us oh, my gosh! >> we are made out of, of course, chocolate for hoda, vanilla, pancakes and fruit. check her instagram out under "jacob's food diary."
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>> that's so smart! >> that's so time consuming! [ laughter ] our favorite things are still ahead. >> oh, you'll love this one, too. you'll flip when you see what these guys can do for your homes. >> we'll start with "flipping boston" and show you how to make big improvements without spending money. >> you ready? >> i'm ready. ♪ and you and me. ♪ no matter how they tossed the dice. ♪ ♪ it had to be. ♪ the only one for me is you. ♪ and you for me. ♪ so happy together! now there's a rewards program that lets you earn points at one place and use them at another. introducing plenti. ♪ ♪ discover lots of ways to earn points fast and join for free at ♪ ♪ i'm feeling lucky. today is the day. i knew it! (robot voice) activate probe. no way! three rye chips and a breadstick!
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bring out the best. cleans so well, it keenderw. new charmin ultra strong, dude. so clean you could wear them a second day. new charmin ultra strong. it's 4 times stronger, and you can use up to 4 times less. enjoy the go with charmin. we're kicking off our special before-and-after show with a couple guys who know how
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to turn trash into fresher. >> peter and dave are the stars of the real estate show "flipping boston" where they buy rundown properties, buy them, flip them and resell them. they're here to help us with curb appeal. are we starting in the kitchen? we heard a rumor. >> let's do the kitchen. >> ooh, yuck. >> the befores always shock me. >> even if you took everything off the counters it would still look bad. >> it would help but it's not -- >> 1970s. these things across the top of the windows just scream 1970s. >> what should you do? >> watch the magic. >> ideally rip it out and do it all over again. you got new cabinets? >> this is new. >> how much did that cost? >> the cabinets about 2k34$3500 >> looks like you lost counter space and you lost cabinet
10:14 am
space. >> we changed the layout. you can't see in the the picture but you couldn't function correctly because the stove was up against you so we made it straight, added a pantry, the space we lost we gave it back here. >> you put in wood floors or are those laminated. >> wood floors. >> if you can't afford this -- >> you can paint these cabinet, change the countertop, change the sink, change the faucet. >> the hardware, too. >> and what's big is the closers, you can attach those right to the drawer so they go b bshhh. >> my mom got those. those are great. >> let's move on to the living room, shall we. >> ooh, that's pink! >> remember this? >> yeah, it was my happy place. >> we have to put him in there for timeouts. >> so what did you do? >> that's what we did to it. remember the one we did last time. so we did wainscotting, hard wood floor and paint. >> how much value have you added to this house with that?
10:15 am
>> i would say -- >> thousands and thousands. >> how much does it cost to go from carpet to hard wood? >> hard wood floor you're paying anywhere from $7 to $12 depending on the material. >> here's the magic. nine times out of ten underneath the rug guess what i've got? >> hard wood floors. >> guy comes in, a buck a square, sands it, primes it. >> you have to know it's there. >> let's check wall purple heart. wall paper is a turnoff to people? >> it's got to go. >> nothing dates your house. >> exactly. >> can i let you in on a secret? this is my house. >> what? >> before. now let's see my house after. >> is that seriously your house. >> that's my kitchen. every time i go in my kitchen i do that move. >> and he calls me everyday and says "thanks for designing." >> that is beautiful. >> pendant lighting makes a big difference. it changes everything. the island was there but there was nothing above there.
10:16 am
cool pendant lighting, a bigger island, the overhang so you can sit down. and colors. it neutralized everything. >> here are the colors. i'm in, i'm in. >> dave, why don't you start off first. >> you remember last time, right? >> back up, back up. >> talk him through. >> the first thing, ideally you want to prime this wall with a primer. he's priming it with the same paint right now. >> what are we trying to do? >> a suede finish. it looks like real suede. the key is you want to get some color on the wall, get primer on the wall. the first coat just so you know it looks horrible. the first coat -- don't be like "oh, my god." it looks horrible. the second coat is when you start putting in the magic. >> i'm good at this, soviet union in. >> >> you have to try this. second coat you start doing this. >> i'm out. >> just right on top? >> crisscross right on top.
10:17 am
and you don't want to make it wet. you just keep trying it. the more you dry it. >> what? that does look cool. >> hoda, what's cool about this. when you put the lights on it it almost looks like museum-type quality. hang pictures on, there get depth out of the pain. >> that's fun! >> look at you! >> look at kathie lee go! >> guys, thank you so much. if you want a slimmer-looking nose and more defined cheekbone -- >> yes, sure. >> right after this. there's a bazillion ways to top your kids' rice krispies. what's yours? ♪ a dash of fruit ♪ in their favorite color. ♪ a bunch of pineapple ♪ 'cause hey - it's summer! ♪ a smidgen of honey ♪ in the shape of a flower. ♪ a handful of almonds ♪ for strong superpowers. ♪ bananas and berries ♪ 'cause the letter b rocks. ♪ a little bit of yogurt? ♪ sure! why not? ♪ colorful marshmallows ♪ add a bite of fun. ♪ apple slices ♪ with their buddy, cinnamon. ♪ plop pomegranate ♪ for a polka dot pattern ♪ a swirl of chocolate. ♪ look! the rings of saturn! the fun never stops!
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it's the beauty technique once reserved for runways and the red carpet but contouring has gone mainstream thanks to social media. >> we've seen celebrities like kim kardashian and chrissy teigen posting makeup selfies. just because you don't have a makeup artist doesn't mean you need one. >> and joining us is a make up expert to show us. you have a before and after of yourself doing that contouring. let's see what you did here. describe. >> this is a full-face contour. so over here i used the contour products to sculpt and define my cheeks, make my nose look more narrow, name jawline look more
10:22 am
defined. this takes more time than your everyday contour. >> it's interesting. are there basic tips people use? >> you can see on jamie here. nobody has time every single day to be using these contour products but we want to make our face look sculpted and defined. that's what contouring does. it enhances the features you want to pop on your face. >> so make your -- let's see what you've done. >> so we've put on jamie the brown contour lines. so whey used was brown eye shadow which is something everyone already has at home and we don't have to buy and there's fancy products you can go buy. >> why do you put it on your forehead? >> these are the key places that you want to contour. it's the hollows of your cheeks and if you do that duck face you do on instagram, that helps you find without to put it. if you put it on your forehead and jawline, those are the parts of the face that make it look sculpted and more narrow. >> what about the nose? >> the nose is a big one. >> sorry. >> whatever, mine's not that
10:23 am
big. >> once you put the brown eye shadows on, you want to highlight and illuminate five key parts of your face. so i'm using a white shimmery eye shadow. shimmery being key because you want the parts of your face to pop. put it on cheekbone and bridge of your nose, under your eyebrow and then the bow of your lip. this is just a white eye shadow. everyone has a shimmery white eye shadow. >> as you smush it in, we'll go to commercial, it seems like it easy to do. >> and blending is key. blend. >> thank you very much! how to get the clutter out of your closet. >> coming up after your local news. we don't need that many bags. ♪
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good morning. 10:26. i'm kris sanchez. two schools are canceling classes today after a fire in los gatos which happened a little before midnight at lola prieta english school. that's off summit road off highway 17.
10:27 am
the fire did not destroy any classrooms, but it did damage a community room, which connects both campuses. right now investigators are calling this fire suspicious. happening today, santa clara county leaders will meet to discuss policies surrounding undocumented immigrants. authorities are considering giving federal i.c.e. agents a heads up the before the release of violent, undocumented inmates. the issue has been front and center ever since the deadly pier 14 shooting in june, in july, i should say. santa clara county, like san francisco, are sanctuary cities. until now, there has been very little cooperation with immigrations and kcustoms enforcement. another look at weather coming up.
10:28 am
10:29 am
it will be a beautiful day. we're seeing sunshine all across the bay this morning and into the afternoon. expect highs in the lower 80s. 80 degrees in the east bay and peninsula. and the tri-valley, topping out at 87 degrees. 82 in the south bay. our temperatures about average for this time of year. san francisco sees a high of 72, it will be 85 degrees in the north bay. let's see how traffic is moving with mike. >> just in the last few minutes, we've seen it start to loosen up a little bit, southbound and 101 at university. it's been a tough drive all around the bay. the peninsula now recovering, back in towards the orange zone for those speeds. but northbound routes continue to slow down. 85, the worst of it. now over at 288, 85 has a crash, the north 280 at 85 itself. traffic slowing and clearing from cupertino an tough drive
10:30 am
there. a smoother drive towards the bay bridge toll plaza. back to you. >> join us at 11:00 for our newscast, all the day's news and another look at the forecast, too. it's funday monday and we've got so much more of our special before-and-after show. before we went to break we were learning how to contour with makeup. >> we want to show you what our model looks like after the contouring the. that's the before and after, you can see what contouring changes. right? amazing? >> she was beautiful to begin with, though. >> she was. now to clearing the clutter. a recent "wall street journal" article found on average we only wear 20% of the clothes in our closet. >> you keep wearing what you love over and over and over again. so if your closet looks anything like this. yeah. that's hoda's. it's no wonder most of our wardrobes never see sunlight. >> so we're here with ways to bust that clutter out.
10:31 am
"real simple" home editor stephanie cisco. so we saw that before picture, a little crowded. >> and the after picture looks amazing. there are a ton of tricks we can take from amy's closet. >> oh, many i gosh. >> we took doors off, added doors on a barn door track. >> okay, just live here for one s.e.c., it makes you feel better looking at the other. what can we do? >> so the first rule when cleaning out your own closet is to work in sections. don't overwhelm yourself by starting all in one big pile. so take from the top then the racks then from the floor. and then you assess what you want to keep and what you want to donate. >> that can be hard sometimes. >> it can be really hard. so sometimes it's good to have a friend and help you make the hard decisions. >> if you haven't worn in the the last six months unless it's a season change -- >> six months to a year, i'd say. give yourself a little time. >> hefty bags. give them away. >> once you're putting things back in the closet we like to make visual organization. so we put them back in according
10:32 am
to use. so work wardrobe on white hangers, casual weekend wear on black hangers and you can see we've added a second rung so you can hang blouses above, pants and skirts below. >> those hangers are awesome. >> slim line hangers. >> if you have wire ones or clunky ones -- >> nothing will fall off of these. >> look at the pants. you fold them so they're not dragging. >> will that be a problem when you go to put them on. >> these pants are more durable. your jean cans do that. and be aware of the material but play around and see what you can do. leave yourself space to hang longer stuff as well. the formal attire can go off to the side. then with shoes and accessories, we love these container systems from the container store. it helps curb a shopping habit. if you have no open space, you shouldn't bring in more shoes. then not everything will fit inside your closet so take things outside and make a dressing area in your room with a full-sized mirror, a table top
10:33 am
with trinket trays for jewelry and a harper so you have a nice dressing area. >> sitting in the open. >> yeah. >> look at these! i would like these because you can see in them. >> more casual clothing is better folded so you might want to just slide one of those flight there and that's really helpful as well. and one of my favorite tips is to really just add some pizazz to your space, give it a boutiquey look. so your closet is a room within your home so this is chasing paper temporary wall purple heart. it's like contact paper. you can add it on the interior. once those clothes are out that you decided to get rid of, put this on the back wall and if you decide to move or you're renting you can peel it off when you're done. >> great tips! >> thanks, sweetie. how to turn your overprocessed summer hair into a mane attraction for fall. >> and lilliana vazquez gives us fashion upgrades right after this. >> how cute is she? >> so cute, okay? with my android from tracfone,
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we all have items in our closets that are ready for retirement, but the problem is, we're not ready to get rid of them. so if you're snuck a fashion rut and need a new look, this will be for you. >> four lucky fans are about to get a fashion upgrade and here to give it to them is our friend, style expert and editor of the -- >>, lilliana
10:39 am
vazquez. >> since when? >> you have another thing going? is this new? >> no, it's my blog. it's just a great place to get affordable finds. we're talking about that here today. >> sometimes we can't bear to part with things we love. >> sentimental reasons. >> that's the hardest and spending a lot of money that was on sale that you don't want to throw away. >> there's a lot of excuses for keeping old clothes that don't fit. >> lisa has kept old clothes. she had gym clothes you were not a huge fan of. tell us why. >> well, i think it was just an all around bad fit for her. she's in incredible shape, she has this fabulous body i wanted her to show off but that sweatshirt she's had since college, she says it's soft, comfortable, she doesn't want to throw it away. i'm totally with her, i have those things, too. >> lisa, let's see what lillianna did to you. oh, i'm sorry! >> so cute. right? >> bright, chirpy, and happy.
10:40 am
>> is it okay if i put these aside for now? >> yes. >> okay, those are gone. >> so tell us what you did. >> this entire head-to-toe look is from express core, it's like their new workout line because active wear is such a huge thing. super affordable. i love color. i think when you're wearing bright colors it motivates you to feel good about yourself and get to the gym when you look this good in gym clothes so a printed tight is huge right now. >> what's in the back? >> turn around so we can see the back. the shirt is a two in one. the sport bras is built into the tank top which saves you money. she is ready to hit the gym. >> thanks so much. next, you found felicia, she is a self-proclaimed printed a detective. >> yes, and with only one print that she loves. >> and she has print underwear, we heard. >> i shi he has leopard print everything in her closet. so what we wanted to do is show everything. you don't have to do it head to
10:41 am
toe. >> come on out, oh, just a little touch in your coat. >> tlapd it is on her feet. >> cute shoe. >> instead of classic leopard in the darker tone we gaver will a snow help national guard the shoe. >> i love the snow leopard. >> it's so sophisticated. this is her old leopard outfit in my hand. can we put this aside for now. >> yes, you can toss it. >> for now. so what we did is a classic white dress, fits her beautifully, belted it, gave her detail, great cardigan perfect for the summer, a little cool in offices and it's all about the snow leopard mule. she can slide it on. it's a cute trend in fashion. they're really comfortable and for her it's about overall sleek and sophisticated. >> do you like? >> i love it. >> do you miss your print? >> especially these shoes. >> do you miss your old leopard? >> that can go. i love these shoes. >> thanks, girl. >> thank you. >> now we have a couple people who needed nuclear weap eed hel department.
10:42 am
cat and casey were into their jeans. >> so into their jeans. cat in her denim and casey in what i like to call his dad jeans but he's not a dad. >> let's see what you did. come on out, you two crazy kids. oh, cute! >> how sweet do they look in their new outfits? here they are in head-to-toe sleek denim. with cat, she wanted an edgier denim so instead of blue i gave her a gray. but no rips, no distress, a little bit of a preppy top and i gave her a jean jacket. on casey i just got limb jeans that fit. >> thank you, casey. hello? >> the other ones were three sizes too big. >> this is the preppy look? >> super preppy. he's so young we wanted to be playful. i have your jeans here, i know you love these but you can't wear them out of the house and casey, these don't fit you. >> we're done. >> do you like your new look? >> yes, i feel like cinderfella.
10:43 am
[ laughter ] >> lilliana, you did a great job. >> you look great. >> thanks, everybody. he is a cut above the rest. >> celebrity hair stylist harry josh shows you how to transform your hair for the summer season. when you take a sip of our ocean spray cranberry juice, it's a little like... [ dog barks ] and it's also like... [ laughs ] [ engine revs ] but don't take our word for it. try all of our tasty, good-for-you ocean spray cranberry juices and juice drinks. it's amazing what a little cran can do. yoplait greek 100. for when you just can't make it without a protein-packed, thick and creamy, power-me-up-with-something filling taste-bud-loving, satisfaction by the spoonful,
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sfaul a few weeks away, can you believe it? it's a great time to refresh and revamp your summer hair with a new season. >> changing the length, color, texture of your locks can make a big difference. check out amy poehler or how jennifer lawrence -- >> even you. >> i've done a couple hair transformations. you know what? that is unnecessary! >> that was unkind but funny. here to make over your mane for fall, harry john. >> how are you doing? >> and you brought mystery women? >> i did. doing one strong impactful thing
10:49 am
can make such a big difference. >> it doesn't take much. >> it doesn't. we'll go through our models and tell you what single transformation we did that made the whole look radically different. >> let's look at megan's before picture. >> there we go. >> so tell us about this. >> megan's hair, she wears her hair back, she wears it up for the summer. she likes the length because she wants to throw it up. women want to change but don't want to lose their length. how can i make the hair different? that being said, the best way to recreate and revamp a look without losing an inch of length is bangs. so you can drop the bhir or are here, you can see the reveal, beautiful way to frame her face. this is really nice, it's reminiscent of julie christie, the things we saw in the '60s that have come back in a strong way. it allows her to have versatility and wear her hair up in a ponytail, wrap it in a bun and no matter what she's got a look because this is here. >> and you like it piece y.
10:50 am
>> it was important to tell her these are going to be soft rounded bangs. the blunt is hard to pull off unless you're 17 and even when you probably shouldn't do it. >> yay, megan loves it. >> michelle is next. you're talking about people with big curley hair. >> someone with naturally curly who struggles with it everyday. the thing is if you invest the time and spend actually -- i'm going to blow everyone away here, an hour, do you hear me? an hour blow drying and waving it your hair will last five to six days, easily. >> wait. five to six? >> easily. this kind of hair never, ever, ever gets oily. it's just the natural texture, it's course, it's got tight curls. let's see the reveal. >> wow. >> that is cute. >> and we didn't cut anything, we didn't color anything. this is a total style transformation only by adding heat and a curling iron. this will last her literally seven days. so when you think about the
10:51 am
investment for one day, you're like that's a lot of commitment but knowing everyday you'll wake up to tweak it. >> even if you're working out, the beach? >> we talked about that. she said if you're going to sweat like crazy, you're going to do that. but if you're going to have your hair look great, think about that. so when we did it on friday she said "i'm not going to go to the beach this weekend." >> oh, the sacrifices we make! >> but think about that, transforming texture can make a big difference without having to cut or color anything. >> now we have one of our own, kristen, one of our producers is here. let's talk about her before picture. >> kristen has that beautiful, silky healthy hair. everyone loves it and wants it. it's a one trick pony. it's always shiny, slippery and healthy and sometime there is's no versatility with that and women want to have different texture. >> different looks. >> this is going to be a shock. >> this is going to be a shock because she never colored her hair in her whole life and all i did was natural highlights that she'll only have to do three times a year. >> do it, kristen. >> let's see the reveal. >> wow! makes it look like there's so
10:52 am
much more body. >> that's what i talked to her about. if she ever used a curling iron before it would never hold a shape. it would be too healthy. it slips and falls out. so allowing her to have this versatility -- this is no piece, just her own hair expanded. you can see how natural the highlights are. we're not doing a ton, just the most important pieces. and you can see right here, this is her natural color. >> do you love it, kristen? >> i love it. >> oh, my darling. enjoy the life of coloring. >> thank you very much. that was. >> that was great. >> thank you guys. >> our favorite things is just a moment a way. >> but first, this is "today" on nbc. hey foster farms!
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10:55 am
time for our favorite things. my nails were about destroyed from having gels on them so i said i want healthy nails again.
10:56 am
jackie, my manicurist, found this stuff. it's unbelievable. it's vi 3. it's called vitry nail repair treatment. it's $22.95. you can get it at or in one month -- feel my nails. >> oh my gosh i want to get that. mine is something andy cohen gave me and you. if you're not sure whether you should have wine or a martini and you don't know, get a glass that has both. it's called vinotini. if you want a martini you drink it this way. if you want wine you drink it this way. it says "mazel" because it came from andy cohen. look, think i'll have a martini. oh, wait, i'll switch to wine. >> we get it, hoda. [ laughter ] tomorrow, real estate maven and your bff -- >> she hates that word. nobody likes the word maven.
10:57 am
barbara corcoran will be here. and real moms weigh in on back to school. and reid alexander, love him. g pred
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00, sky-high rents in silicon valley. people get priced out of their homes. i'm sam brock. >> silicon valley families say they are being forced out by high rent. rent is scheduled to go up by 21% starting tomorrow. they are scrambling to see what they can do. live at city council where the folks will debate rent control tomorrow.


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