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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  October 26, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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devastation and destruction. a major earthquake and right now at 11:00, devastation and destruction. a major earthquake rocks afghanistan. people here in the bay area certainly feeling the impact thousands of miles away. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we are getting more information as this story is developing at this hour. and new images from the epicenter of that 7.5 quake that rocked northern afghanistan and claimed more than 150 souls throughout south asia. the quake rocked the mountainous region 150 miles north of kabul. and the first casualties came from a rural girls school where 12 schoolgirls were trampled to death as people tried to escape the building.
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in the rural areas homes made of brick crumbled. images from the pakistani cities you can see cracks as well. one young girl at the market with her little brother describes how it felt as the clerk told them to get down to the ground. >> the ground was moving and there come shouting from that building as well. and i was so scared. >> now, the east bay community certainly feeling the impact as well. family and cultural roots run deep there. fremont is home to the second largest afghan population in the united states. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live in fremont. bob, lots of folks there paying attention to what's happening really on the other side of the world. >> reporter: kris and scott, the afghan coalition based here in fremont tells us there are around 40 to 60,000 afghans who live here in the bay area. add to that another 50,000 to 60,000 pakistanis. in other words there were a lot of early morning phone calls
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from our area to the other side of the world to check in on family and friends. mohamed amu bakr who's been glued to his pakistani tv in fremont goes to that television to get the latest news on the quake that's caused a lot of death and destruction in east asia. fortunately his family back home was spared. his relatives didn't feel the quake but his inlaws in lahor did. they are doing okay in pakistan. the executive director of the afghan coalition is still trying to get through to her cousin who lives in afghanistan. she suspects she's okay, unfortunately she can never be 100% certain. >> you know every day it's really, really hard. as i said, you know, we are the first generation. we are here physically, but our soul is there. >> and you feel it. and you like to go there, but you have life here also. so you do basically generally people like doctors they go there because they can help on the ground. i'm an engineer, i can't help.
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i'm an electronics engineer, so it doesn't matter. so we just continue and send money there. >> reporter: abu bakr is the president of the pakistani american cultural center in milpitas. it could be a while before his organization collects and sends money to the victims. they still do not know where it's needed most. based on what he's seeing on the tube he expects news to get worse in his home country especially areas cut off by this quake. bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> we know that you'll update us on social media and the web as well tlhroughout the day. just into our newsroom, more cases of the highly contagious shigella virus in the bay area. the santa clara public health department reports nearly 182 cases. nearly everyone who got sick rorlt reported at eating at
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mariscos. 48 reported cases in five other counties. the santa clara county public health department says the shigella outbreak is linked to one employee at the restaurant. it's expecting lab tests this week to confirm that. that restaurant remains closed. and new details now and an informal gag order in the high profile case of the three drifters accused of killing two people here in the bay area. they were set to formally enter a plea in marin county this morning. it was postponed two weeks ago. but this morning it was postponed again. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang is in the courtroom or was in san rafael. stephanie, defense is going to probably buy even more time until the next arraignment. >> reporter: that's right, scott and kris. the chief deputy public defender says in the last 72 hours he got new discovery, new information. so he wants more time before the arraignment is actually set. and that is david brown, he
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along with pedro o live ra sat with accused trigger man morris lampley while sean michael angold and lila recently turned 18 sat on either side all with shaved heads, handcuffed and not making eye contact with anyone. two weeks ago the judge postponed the arraignment so the other two could get their own defense attorneys, but apparently one couldn't make it this morning so the judge has agreed to wait. three drifters are charged with robbing and then killing two people in just two days. lampley accused of pulling the trigger in both cases. the victims were 23-year-old canadian backpacker audrey carey shot in the head in golden gate park and tantra instructor steve carter shot on a hiking trail along with his dog. all three accused will be back in court in three days. >> -- meanwhile the judge has issued a gag order so i am
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prevented from making any statements about the case. >> reporter: so it is an informal gag order, the judge calling it a sort of gentlemens agreement. it was requested last time by oliveras and his office. two weeks ago in court brown again representing lampley said he plans to mount a vigorous defense for his young client. prosecution has not decided if it will seek the death penalty. defense is due back in court here at 9:00 thursday morning with the third appointed attorney expected to show up, work out the details of this gag order and set the formal arraignment date. cameras by the way have not been allowed so far but the judge says that will likely change whenever the preliminary hearing happens here. live in san rafael, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much, steph. well, more than 36 hours later and the search continues for two suspects who fired an assault rifle in the middle of a busy shopping center in livermore. police have identified one of the suspects. he's jason brown, wanted for
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murder in fresno. police believe they found the suspect's car at a home on center street in west oakland yesterday afternoon. and s.w.a.t. teams and officers surrounded that home, but the suspects were not there. this all comes after a man was killed in the parking lot of a cvs saturday night. another victim seriously hurt. so far detectives have not released victims names. police warn if you see that suspect jason brown, give them a call but do not approach him. he is considered armed and dangerous. new at 11:00, a smoky commute on b.a.r.t. look at this picture we got from a viewer. that woman there holding something over her face shows b.a.r.t. riders covering up as smoke fills the train car. it happened about an hour ago at the 24th street station in san francisco. a car had a propulsion problem and that was the reason for the smoke. b.a.r.t. did turn on the ventilation to clear out that smoke and remove that train from service. b.a.r.t. is now recovering from delays at san francisco station in the east bay direction. new details quite a scare near a san jose pumpkin patch.
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we brought you this five-acre brush fire as breaking news on "today in the bay" this morning. this video shows crews, the fire started 3:15 this morning near santa teresa boulevard. there's plenty of dry brush out there. no homes were threatened. investigators now looking into the cause on that one. saratoga mother of three is in the hospital with major injuries this morning after a fiery crash killed five others in the sierra foothills. the chp says the crash is one of the worst its officers have seen in years. the crash happened saturday night on highway 120 on the road that leads from the bay area to yosemite national park. you might be familiar with it. chp says a mercedes suv and a nissan maxima crashed head-on. that then sparked a fire which shut down the freeway for hours. june su yeng was the only survivor inside that suv. nfrgtd investigators say those
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who died were so badly burned it will take dental records to make identification. a store back open this morning after a bizarre scare. we have new video this morning from the harvest market opening its doors in novato. last night a man went inside the store and threw a bag of human waste at the meat counter. shoppers and workers were evacuated. >> so the hazmat team's going to come in and they're going to do five-step process of sampling the liquid to determine what that is and if it is a chemical. and once they determine what the chemical is then we'll have an idea how to clean it up. >> indeed it ended up being a combination of chemicals and again human waste. the store manager tells us the suspect might be the same man who was kicked out of the store the day before accused of shoplifting. police continue to investigate. up next at 11:00, processed meat apparently not only bad for your cholesterol. there is a new warning from health experts. plus, mark zuckerberg's
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mandarin getting a lot better. weal let you listen in after the break. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we do still have some spots with some patchy fog, but mostly clearing and today's highs topping out in the 70s. i'll show you just how long that continues coming up in the microclimate forecast. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips. or e-mail =tech= it would appear people
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don't welcome back. the markets are mildly lower this morning dragged down by apple, which is on both the nasdaq index and the dow. apple is going to report profits tomorrow. and there's some concern that they may not be as good as hoped. it would also appear people do not want to see the steve jobs movies. there have been several, the latest had its first weekend of wide release and it bombed. the director was topnotch.
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the script writer one of the most famous in hollywood. but movie came in fourth place  on its first weekend in cineplexes nationwide. the previous one with ashton ku kutcher didn't do well either. mark zuckerberg wowed the crowd again by speaking mandarin. last year it was a couple of lines, but he's been practicing. >>. [ speaking in a foreign language ] >> i can translate that for you, he was talking about facebook. facebook pushing into china. it's been a difficult push because of the tradition of censorship there. you'll remember late last week amazon started offering instant delivery, one-hour delivery to certain zip codes. there's an app for that called prime now. they have offerings of halloween items. i bring this up, kris, because i think that looks like your dog
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there in the middle, the pet costume. amazon will deliver an hour for an $8 charge. if you do the same day it's for free, again if you are a prime member. back to you. >> and only certain zip codes. i looked it up at a swim meet and they didn't deliver to morgan hill. so you asked, we delivered. and world health organization group says that bacon, sausage and other processed meats can cause cancer and that red meat probably does too. past research suggested a possible link between meats and cancer, but the w.h.o. panel says there's strong evidence that processed meats cause co r colorectal, red -- we should point oult the panel decision was not unanimous but this is the world health organization,
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so it is a big deal. now to decision 2016. donald trump held a town hall meeting on the "today" show today taking aim at rival ben carson. nbc's tracie potts shows us the war of words going on in both parties. >> ladies and gentlemen, donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump live this morning with new hampshire voters defrding his prash tile. >> people are tired of this -- >> reporter: insisting he's still the front runner. >> every poll says i'm the best leader by far. >> reporter: not every poll. two now say trump's second in iowa behind dr. ben carson. >> he cannot do with trade like i do with trade. he's very, very weak on immigration. >> reporter: trump even questions carson's faith. >> that means seventh day -- >> reporter: carson's response. >> i don't get into the mud pit. and i'm not going to be talking about people. >> reporter: hillary clinton struck back at number two bernie sanders saying people need to, quote, stop shouting about gun violence.
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>> when a woman speaks out some people think it's shouting. >> reporter: sanders says his comment had nothing to do with women speaking out. >> i think what the secretary is doing there is taking words and misapplying them. >> reporter: while clinton's got a commanding lead over sanders, donald trump is looking over his shoulder. and now in iowa trying to catch up. and might there be more fallout from the re-tweet trump has now taken down, it seemed to insult iowa voters, trump blamed an intern saying that intern has now apologized. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. here's something that -- to think about as you head to work today. gas prices across the u.s. fell for the 19th week in a row. prices at the pump dropped another dime this week. now 84 cents lower than last year 63 cents lower than just mid-june. the price drop due to an increase in crude oil prices. plus american refineries also slashed their wholesale gas
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prices. the average price for gas in san francisco now $2.92 a gallon. in oakland it is $2.80 a gallon. same price in san jose. a new call from america's leading doctors to snuff out e-cigarettes among minors. the american academy of pediatrics is issuing new recommendations to raise the age to 21 for the purchase of all tobacco products including e-cigarettes. the group also urging fda regulation of online e-cigarette sales and new hikes in tobacco product prices. studies suggest e-cigarette use has tripled among children since 2013. okay. so we are now just a week away from halloween. not that you'd know it from the forecast, kari. >> and it will be nice as we head into the weekend. so if you're planning a costume that makes you feel a little bit warm, you know, with the mask and all of that stuff, i think it will be fairly comfortable. we still do have some fog this morning as we take a look at what's happening. and we'll be clearing as we go
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into the day, fairly mild temperatures. and rain will be likely by wednesday. i'll talk about all of this as we take a look outside right now it's 59 degrees in san francisco. 63 degrees in the peninsula and south bay at 64 degrees. as we take a closer look at the east bay now we do still have some upper 60s there, brentwood 67 degrees, livermore 68. and in dublin it's 66 degrees. so our temperatures are slowly warming especially in those spots where we've had a little bit more sunshine. but we do have some low visibility this morning and some clouds and all of that clearing out as we take a look at the cloud forecast throughout the day. the only fog i will be tracking or watching now will be along the immediate coast. and then it spreads as we go into the day. mostly sunny skies as we go into tomorrow as well. but we're getting ready for some changes. so as we go hour by hour in san francisco today, at 4:00 right before you head out to dinner or
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just getting off work it will be 69 degrees in hayes valley. ocean beach at 66 degrees. our temperatures mostly stay in the 60s throughout the day and a little bit of sunshine peeking through those clouds. in san jose expect a high of 77 degrees. san mateo 74. the embarcadero at 68 degrees while napa gets up to 79 degrees. brentwood up to 80. and alamo a high of 81 degrees today. so the next weather system moving in is well defined on the satellite imagery. you can see all of those clouds. it will start to move in as we go into the day tomorrow. so mostly clear today, clouds tomorrow and look what happens as we go into wednesday. early in the morning we can start to see those showers coming down in parts of the bay area, even for the sierra the possibility of some snow in the forecast there. and for us we'll have the rain off and on throughout the morning and early afternoon. but by wednesday night looks like it all clears out of here but not before dropping some measurable rain. we were hope thing that that sy
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could tap into tropical storm olaf but looks like this thing kind of fizzles out and weakens in the pacific and we're not going to get any additional rain from that. but the rain forecast looking pretty good at least a quarter inch for the north bay and a tenth of an inch for the rest of the bay area. i'll talk more about that and we'll take a look at that halloween forecast coming up a little bit later. back to you, sam and kris -- scott. up next at 11:00, a pricey fire. going up in flames near a local gas station forcing crews to jump into action. look at that. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by days of our lives.
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a paraglider is recovering this morning after slamming into a hillside at a popular south bay park. >> this happened yesterday at elev levin park. she had just launched when lost control slamming into the hillside breaking both of her ankles and hurting her hip. she's going to be okay. now, people from all over the bay area come to the park to paraglide and many say they are well aware of the risks. >> we understand the risks that we are taking on. quite honestly you have a greater risk of being in a car accident on the way to a ha hangliding site than you do in the sky. >> park says rescues are rare
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and typically respond to five or six a year. you can see from a video man walks up, shatters a glass door. police say he made off with nearly $2,500 worth of computers and other devices. this happened back on october 6th at an office on harrison between second and third streets in san francisco. that man's believed to be about 5'10", police say he was wearing a sweatshirt with the word gold across the front. he might have changed since then. if you know who he is, you can call san francisco police. that is a ferrari on fire. this is in the east bay happened near a gas station in martinez last night. the car's owner says he was filling it up and saw a spark and there you go. he grabbed a fire extinguisher tried to put it all out. he describes what happened next. >> and then luckily i had it in gear, but i think the car got hot enough that it must have popped something in place and the car ended up rolling into
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the street. thank god because as you can see it would have flamed this gas station and been an ugly scene. >> firefighters were able to put the flames out. nobody's hurt but the ferrari's going to need some work. i'd say. up next at 11:00, the accidental e-mail that says a woman -- well, that a woman says destroyed her ability to go to work. personal medical information
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emailed to your coworkers, by mistake. that's what one santa clara imagine all of your personal medical information e-mailed to your co-workers by mistake. that's what one santa clara employee says happened to her. >> i can't imagine. now she's suing the county for violating her privacy. nbc bay area's michelle roberts has her story. >> it's just been -- >> reporter: miss williams says she's seven years away from retirement after working for santa clara county for 17 years. now she says she can't face her co-workers in the social
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services department. >> i'm afraid they'll make fun of me or they're talking about me or saying don't hire her because she's got this condition or that condition. >> reporter: she's requested we not use her first name or show her face but says she wants her story to be heard. in june williams received this letter from the county notifying her that her personal and medical information was accidentally e-mailed to 100 of her co-workers including her supervisors. >> what medication i'm on, my diagnosis, you know, things like that i don't want everybody to know. that's not anybody's business but mine. >> reporter: williams and her lawyer have filed a lawsuit against the county seeking damages for the privacy violation. >> we can't give her back what has been taken from her. the only thing we can do now is to compensate her, have the county compensate her in a fair way so she can perhaps go on and get another job in some other environment. but she can't go back to that
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environment. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is planning another trip to the bay area. clinton's last visit to the bay area was a month ago. the fund raising reception in saratoga one of her stops. her latest visit will be campaign cash boost as well. first stop this wednesday at a home in los altos. the next night she'll be part of another fund raising event at hall wines in napa. we should point out today is her birthday. president obama believes that america's students and schools for that matter are being tested by all of that standardized testing. later today the president will meet with educators in an effort to evaluate the time students spend standardized tests. he outlines some steps he hopes can limit the testing program, critics say way too much stress on schools and little benefit to students themselves. testing time is compounded by preparing for tests at the federal, state and local level.
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election day less than two weeks away. san francisco mayor ed lee campaigning for himself and also proposition a, the affordable housing bond measure. >> so you might wonder how does it work and how far can it really go toward providing new affordable homes. nbc bay area's seth brock has this reality check. >> reporter: lost in the millty of san francisco's mission district, humming motors, slow strollers and jumping new joints lingers the memory of what it was like to actually live here for some. like ana who moved out of the city five years ago but left her heart in the mission. >> we should be able to afford it. my son should be able to live here. they were born here. san francisco. it's not fair. >> reporter: the housing phenomenon gripping san francisco making it arguably the least affordable place in the country by some metrics has moved in like a cool fog blanketing people and places all
11:31 am
over the city. >> finding any kind of housing has been impossible. people just don't even answer you. >> it's not easy. and it's not guaranteed. >> i want to see us build as much housing as we can. >> prop a, the housing bond, will help. >> reporter: mayor ed lee has pushed proposition a. critical piece to the longer term solution to build and rehabilitate thousands of homes for low and middle income people in san francisco. would the proposition deliver on that promise? first let's look at what's actually in the proposition. it does grant permission for san francisco to borrow up to $310 million in bonds. it does not specify exactly how that money would be spent. it does create a blueprint for building new affordable units, fixing dilapidated ones and helping first-time home buyers. it does not guarantee a certain number of units to be built or preserved. >> prop a keeps homes affordable. >> reporter: mayor lee has been the face of prop a, but his
11:32 am
campaign office denied our request for an interview. so we sat down with one of the city's most vocal advocates for affordable housing, san francisco supervisor scott waen weiner. he and the entire board of supervisors backs proposition a. he describes it as a two-pronged approach. about half the money for new units and the rest to rehab old ones. >> way too much of that public housing stock is dilapidated. it's just in terrible sometimes even unlivable conditions. and so it is incumbent on us to rehabilitate and shore up that existing public housing stock in addition to building new units. >> reporter: but how much stock can prop a really supply? we asked the city to crunch some numbers for us. in the last decade san francisco has created or preserved 8,000 units of multi-family affordable
11:33 am
housing at a cost of about $155,000 per unit. so take $310 million in bond money, divide it by $155,000 per unit and get a grand total of 2,000 units new and rehabilit e rehabilitated. back in the mission district the promise of prop a hangs like a small token on this building window surrounded by chic restaurants and highly sought after real estate. but given the scale of the housing problem, you might be hard pressed to find someone who'd call 2,000 units a token gesture. >> it's hope. fingers crossed that maybe it will pass. maybe to help others not only for me but for my kids, for the future. >> reporter: now, mayor lee says the measure will help build new homes without raising taxes. that's not entirely true. prop a would raise property taxes for homeowners. according to the city controllers office about $80 a year for each million dollars of
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property you own. you should note we looked for critics of prop a in the city government and nonprofit sector and hard pressed to find anyone against this measure. for reality check, i'm sam brock, back to you. here's a worry many parents have heard for years, make sure your kids' halloween candy is safe. always good advice. and years of research shows that poison candy is almost always an urban myth, but always safe to be on the look out. >> reporter: ask any child what their favorite part of halloween is and chances are you'll get this answer. >> candy. >> reporter: but it's something that looks like candy that now has police and parents concerned. >> what does this look like to you? >> halloween candy. >> reporter: what if i told you that was actually ecstasy. >> for real? wow. >> reporter: the picture put out by a police department in mississippi is going viral. new shapes of ecstasy masked to look like candy. it comes with a warning. and if a child were to overdose, the consequences can be scary.
11:35 am
>> it can give them profound dehydration, nausea, vomiting. >> reporter: dr. michelle petrucel lirks, has worked her fair share of halloweens and says this picture has her more concerned about partiers than trick or treaters. >> maybe they're going to a group party and there's a bowl of something that appears to be candy, someone reaches in, somebody else thinks it's funny to put this kind of pill, one or two pills in there and that can really be a problem. >> reporter: police are putting out these tips telling children to be cautious when it comes to their candy. >> i take the candy and i don't eat it until i get home so my dad and mom can check it. >> reporter: and if they come home with something that looks like this and you're in doubt, your best bet is to throw it out. >> it is tough. and that's a great picture to say exactly that. >> so the tainted candy is generally an urban legend but you were saying in the cases where the candy has been tainted it usually is -- >> tainted by the parents. so that whole pin it's the parents doing it to children in
11:36 am
those very limited cases. >> still, empty it out, make sure it's safe, take the best stuff for yourself and give them the rest. >> good advice. spent three generations talking about their service. >> now they're being honored as this year's recipients of la familia award, or family of the year. ♪ >> reporter: it began with the family business in tijuantijuan. a hard working dapper businessman who believed family came first, but community was a close second. >> never a day off. he was self-employed. if he didn't work, we didn't eat. >> reporter: he and his wife picked up the entire family and moved to a foreign land, learned a new language. they landed in san jose, rolled up their sleeves and got to work. together they formed a legacy in the south bay helping at church
11:37 am
functions, feeding the hungry, always volunteering and making sure none of the kids got out of line. remembers coming home late one night and mom was waiting. >> she gave me a hug, she kissed my hands and mi hijo glad you're home safely. i didn't realize she was smelling my clothes if i was smoking or my hands if i was smoking other things. she was on it. they were awake. they were involved parents. >> reporter: but tragedy struck the family 20 years ago. his mother died of natural causes and his dad followed the next year. >> i think about them every day. one thing they didn't get a chance to meet my two children or my wife. >> reporter: before they left jose and his wife already planted the seed. professional success and community service would guide
11:38 am
their children. >> i think we were already set up to succeed. so, yeah, it's a wonderful thing that my brother jose has done, juan carlos, but we wouldn't be here if it weren't for my mom and dad. look got me already emotional. i'm the principal. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to meet you. welcome. >> reporter: martha today walks the quad of her school campus every morning addressing her students. martha is principal at san jose's mt. pleasant high school. >> i want them to have -- i want them to leave mt. pleasant high school able to make a choice for themselves. to say i've been accepted here, or i could go there, or i could work here. but it's my choice. >> reporter: hard work and dedication has led to improving grades at mt. pleasant. >> help people. that's a common denominator. >> reporter: jose luiz knows about helping people. he retired as a battalion chief,
11:39 am
part for diversifying the department and giving firefighters the tools they need to serve. >> i tell this to my children, you're not just you, you're part of me. and everything that we do effects others. >> reporter: she works with the home school community where hard work and determination ring loud. juan carlos is a bay area journalist covering some of the region's biggest stories over the last 25 years. >> when i started seeing anniversary of the berlin wall going down started to take me down these memories of stuff i've done. >> the work that we're doing is making a meaningful impact in the lives of children. >> reporter: the director of santa clara county child support services making sure children are not forgotten. >> they depend on their child support as a way to keep themselves out of poverty. >> reporter: after work they participate in extensive community service at church or on the sports field. it's what mom and dad would have expected. >> they've been gone over 20 years and we're still here
11:40 am
keeping in touch with each other and hanging out with each other and have created our own family routines, trying to keep their memory alive. >> reporter: for their work and dedication for being a beacon in this community, the hispanic foundation of silicon valley is humble in honoring the guerreros as la familia, family of the year. >> very nice family. up next at 11:00, a story proves you are never too old for baseball. how a father and son made their love of the game a lifelong passion. plus, the holiday shopping season apparently already under way and new numbers prove it. and not much of a temperature spread. and skies are clearing from coastal valleys. and we're getting ready for some rain by the middle of the week. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail
11:41 am nbc bay area, we investigate.
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the beginning of the holiday halloween is a week away, thanksgiving is a month away and traditionally that signals the beginning of the holiday shopping. >> yeah, except in our modern times people are holiday shopping a lot earlier, nearly year round often from their cell phones. details from nbc's chris
11:44 am
clackum. >> reporter: fact is holiday shopping has already begun with many retailers making it tough not to. >> right now october's a great time to pick up things like fashion, macy's has a great 25% off coupon. >> reporter: even online shoppers are getting an early jump with a new survey indicating almost half of holiday browsing and buying this year will be done on the web. >> probably about 99% of my holiday shopping online. >> reporter: so much online shopping is expected amazon's going on a hiring binge. >> we're hiring more than 100,000 seasonal employees across the country in order to meet an increase in customer demand. >> reporter: with the national retail federation projecting shoppers will spend $463 on family gifts, a consumer survey by has much of that spending occurring before thanksgiving. >> 85% are actually expecting retailers to have deals in the
11:45 am
stores before black friday. >> reporter: all of which explains why some brick and mortar stores are even thinking about remaining closed on black friday this year. chris clackum, nbc news. i already got your present. >> oh, got to work on that. as we gear for the world series, we wanted to share with you another story from the field of dreams. >> it is a tale of a father and son whose love of the game is as constant as their love for each other. nbc's harry smith has this lovely story. >> reporter: matt and mo englander go over the lineups for tonight's softball double header, kind of cool because mo is matt's dad and mo is 81. >> who doesn't want to play ball with their dad? that's a dream. >> reporter: the game has always been a family passion. baseball, softball, a diamond and a bat were all that mattered. so when mo's old team folded ten years ago, it was matt who came to the rescue. matt knew that for his father the game was something he
11:46 am
couldn't live without. seriously. the camaraderie, the competition, it's what makes mo mo. >> come on, guys. >> reporter: what did it mean to you when your own kid comes along and says, hey, dad, i got a team. you can play. >> well, i walked out that first time i was like, right here. right here. it was great. >> reporter: and since this is a team based on nepotism, guess who's the starting pitcher? >> the mo man. >> reporter: for safety sake matt insists mo wear a mask on the mound. a small concession says mo, for winning is all he cares about. >> it's important to me to win. but i'll -- maybe i'll start to mature in a few years. perhaps. >> reporter: and the rest of the team is all in. >> mo's pitching we play as hard as we can because we know how competitive mo is. >> reporter: it's beer league
11:47 am
softball with a family ethos. >> there's nothing better. >> reporter: nope. nothing better. harry smith, nbc news, boston. >> sure feels like baseball weather out there. you know, we're in late october now, kari. >> finally it's coming back to average today. as we are feeling the highs today that will be in the low to mid-70s in the north bay. up to 80 degrees. we do still have the low clouds and fog for san francisco in the north bay. while it clears out elsewhere. it's 61 degrees north bay now. and san francisco at 59 degrees. the south bay at 64 degrees. as we get a closer look there some spots warming up into the low 70s. like morgan hill it's already 71 degrees. and gilroy you're at the mid-70s. while you head up to the north in sunnyvale it's 65 degrees. so with our temperatures starting to warm up out there let's go hour by hour in oakland. it will be 71 degrees at 1:00.
11:48 am
and the clouds rolling out of here. we'll be in the low 70s for a few hours with a very light wind. into tonight our temperatures dropping back into the low 60s and clouds moving in once again. we have the clouds this morning and we'll see an increase in clouds because of this. this is a large storm system over the pacific. and it will begin to spread some clouds into the bay area by tomorrow. here we are at 11:00 and we see clouds all over california for the most part. and then as this system approaches we'll start to see some snow showers possible for the sierra. that's where we're picking up here with those shades of the blue and pink there. wintry mix in the mountains. and then some rain also for areas just off to the east of here. and then we'll also see some showers moving into the north bay. by 5:00 in the morning. and then it starts to spread into the rest of the bay area by late morning, early afternoon. this all on wednesday and then by wednesday night it clears out. so at least we're looking at a good shot of rain here.
11:49 am
now, originally we were thinking that this could also tap into some moisture from the remnants of olaf. it's now a tropical storm. and it will continue to weaken over the next couple of days. doesn't look like it will make it anywhere close to california so that we can get some of that rain moving in. but at least we do have some rain in the forecast. maybe a quarter of an inch for the north bay. and then a tenth of an inch elsewhere across the bay area approaching 0.20 for the east bay and tri-valley. the other story making big headlines across the southeast, this is the remnants of tropical storm patricia. and it has been dumping lots of rain for the southeast. they're still expecting at least six inches of rain across parts of mississippi and alabama today. so we'll be watching that. of course we'll have more updates on how the weather is faring the southeast. into the weekend, halloween weekend if you can believe it, it's already here. and we'll have highs in the 70s
11:50 am
and low 80s, slightly above average for this time of year. so a little warm for those costumes. by sunday we'll also be feeling highs in the 70s and low 80s for the south bay, tri-valley and north bay. now back to you, kris and scott. >> all right, kari, thanks. >> we'll be right back. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, "access hollywood live" followed by "days of our lives "at 1:00 p.m. one of the splash brothers -
11:51 am
11:52 am
oh, yeah, watch this. wait for it. splash. >> we bring you back from commercial to show you another commercial, but this one's really cool. the splash brothers making a splash on madison avenue, one of them any way. you can add star warrior steph curry to one of the growing list of celebrities.
11:53 am
this one came out yesterday showing curry's skills and demonstrating slow motion playback abilities of the iphone 6s. the warriors season opener tips off tomorrow night against the new orleans pelicans. good for him. well, the force is strong at san jose international airport. r2-d2 inspired dreamliner made its first trip to the u.s. landed yesterday at sjc. cups and napkins on board also resemble r2-d2. plans to turn two other jets into "star wars" characters in the future. that flies through san jose almost daily. that particular plane won't be back until sunday. but you can see it sunday at the airport. >> that is cool. and cool you know the schedule too. so talk about bad luck. jimmy fallon is recovering from another hand injury. four months ago the "tonight show" host had to have emergency surgery to save his ring finger.
11:54 am
he's been wearing a bandage ever since. saturday night fallon fell and hurt his other hand at a party in his honor. he was in boston to receive the humor award at the harvard lampo lampoon. yesterday he posted a picture on instagram along with the caption nothing that a few band-aids couldn't fix. >> wow. he needs to be careful. we'll be right back. begins ... 8-thousand feet above
11:55 am
11:56 am
sea leve
11:57 am
scott/vo competitors jumped out it is a race course that begins 8,000 feet above sea level. >> and competitors jumped out of a plane this weekend to take in part of red bull's ace's wing suit race. fall back to earth make it through a slalom course if you can imagine. a mile long, five large gates suspended thousands of feet in the air. for the second year in a row american an di ferington outflew the competition to be crowned champion. that is just absolutely amazing that that's even possible. >> do you drink a red bull and it helps power you through? >> gives you wings, right? >> thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> always get information on c world health
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
. >> today on "access hollywood" live, we are starting off motivation monday with the best in the biz. >> the new show that is a shark tank meets "american idol." they have great judges. >> how is that doing? from abc's new show, twisted city. it's here. "access hollywood" live starts now. >> "access hollywood" live. >> motivation monday and halloween comes early with the stars getting in on


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