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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  November 3, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PST

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complain! today is "election day" -- and for san francisco voters, the question ow you don't vote, you can't complain. today is election day and for san francisco voters the question of how to deal with the affordable housing crisis is hanging in the balance. some other sexual assaults. the location of an assault continues to raise red flags for students. plus roads after mudslides muck up the roadways. but it's the potential of what might happen from future storms that has people taking notice. "today in the bay" starts right now. one day in the books. good tuesday morning, thank you for joining us, i'm sam prock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> dry morning and rain we got yesterday. let's check in with kari.
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>> many daily record rainfall records set and getting as much rain as we had and pretty much all year and as we dry out this morning, it is cool. check out the north bay, it is 38 degrees and it's 50 degrees in the east bay and peninsula. look for highs today comfortably cool day with a lot of sunshine and breezy winds and highs near 70 degrees in the north bay. let's check in now with mike with a dry commute for the bay bridge. >> look, there's no puddling or ponding or anything. completely dried out over here and bay bridge toll plaza and little backup and look at the map, the wet roadway that is gone today and much more pleasant commute. but it is also a tuesday. we'll track that. out of the altamont all lanes are clear for westbound 580. the polls are opening this morning, several big positions are hanging in the balance, like
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who will leave san francisco in sheriff's department. and also a county that is going all mail-in ballot. kris sanchez for a preview of what we need to know before you head out to the polling place or your post office. >> a historic election for san mateo county. they they're already cutting votes and going all mail in for this election for the first time in history. voters can drop off those ballots in person at their local city or town hall, if they don't feel comfortable mailing them in or registered voters can still vote, couple locations. one of them at the san mateo county elections office and the other location at the county clerk's office in redwood city. mayor ed lee will find out whether he will get another term, quite a number of other candidates running against him. but he is expected to win. san francisco sheriff will find
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out if his support for the city's sanctuary policy will cost him his job. also prop f the air b & b and the widely affordable housing measure, prop a which is a $310 million bond to help build low-income, and middle-income affordable housing. if you're in santa clara county and it's election day, it seems really quiet. this is a consolidated election and people only registered in los apltos and orchard school district have things to decide. we are watching all of our bay area counties, but have lots of information on our website, in particular, for the city where you live and you can go to we'll cover some of the bigger issues throughout the morning, laura. >> they will continue to check back with you. you can use all of our mobile
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applications, as well. we have our apps and on twitter this morning. nch . trying to be. all new this morning, a student at uc berkeley allegedly assaulted right outside of her berkeley dorm room or dormitory, i should say. police say this happened around 10:30 last night. according to campus security, a male suspect followed that student from a nearby street. beverly cleary hall. the suspect grabbed the student's arm and pushed her against the front door and tried to force her into letting him into the building. officer said the suspect made sexual nature to that student before another student walked out of the dorm and he fled the scene. still a lot of mystery this morning surrounding an apparent highway shooting that left a man injured. police first got a call a little after 4:30 p.m. yesterday near san pablo. officers found a man inside a bullet riddled car. traffic backed up as police and
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the chp investigated. >> it's hard to say what could have happened at this point. i mean, so many options that you just don't know what could have been out there. could there have been a break in traffic, a million witnesses? we just don't know at this point. >> investigators at this poin don't have a lot to go on. they're not sure if it was road rage, a targeted shooting, or just a random act of violence. with the rain comes the mud. castro road in livermore still closed this morning after a dangerous mudslide trapped cars yesterday. >> rain harder than we can handle. we had to close the roads for safety reasons. >> the problem is not just cars stuck in the mud right now. there are many hillsides just as unstable in many parts of the bay area, leaving many to wonder if this is a sneak preview of what el nino could bring in the coming months. take a look at this map from the california geological survey showing landslide risks in the bay area. the red in the area, the more
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susceptible and large patches of red all over our region. >> pretty much the entire bay area. i guess what's great is when you get the rain and it comes in smaller dodoses, which would be great for our situation. >> how much should we get, kari? >> quite a bit in many areas getting more rain than you're supposed to get during the month of november and los gatos 1.5 and livermore 1.3 and san jose 1.25 and lafayette an inch of rain. as we dry out, cool start to the day and highs reaching to the 60s all across the bay area. justopical degra couple degrees warmer than yesterday. 71 degrees in santa rosa. let's see if you're slowing down this early on the roads now with mike. >> that's good news. yesterday at this time, we had traffic jammed coming out of the
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altamont but 580 this morning all lanes are clear and a couple mudslides reported last night in this area and we'll talk more about that. so far traffic still light and 580 itself the traffic for the morning commute and 80 through livermore shows a little bit of slowing. approaching the bay bridge, highway 4 and even the north bay, no major delays. a quick look. san mateo bridge, nice drive over there. back to you. >> thanks, mike. the bay area, as kari mentioned, drawing out from a good dose of rain. she was looking at the record books but far from enough to end california's drought. could the solution begin halfway around the world. we explore and investigate, next.
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4:40 right now. we may be facing record rain storms and wash outs predicted with el nino but no matter how much rain we'll still be in a water crisis. experts are calling on california to change the entire approach on water. steven stock traveled halfway around the globe to investigate solutions to california's water crisis. >> well, good morning, guys. we discovered that the problem with our drought isn't so much a lack of rain, but our own water policies. so, we went to where they already solved the water crisis. the country of israel halfway around the world where about ten years ago they faced a situation similar to the crisis that california faces now.
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israel's government changed its entire approach to water and worked with citizens to change their attitudes towards water, as well. israel leaders started thinking it was a national emergency, kind of like fighting the war on terrorism. now about a decade later, israel has more water than it can use. the country even sells the extra water to its former enemies, jordan and the palestinians. we spent the last three months learning what israel can teach california about overcoming our drought using technology. technology we have right here in silicon valley. you can see examples of that technology and learn what we learned all on our website, just go to that's the latest. i'm steven stock, nbcbay area news. back to you. >> please give us a call if you have a tip or you can send us an e-mail to
4:42 am frustration is growing across america this morning. new poll numbers show it. who is on top in the latest survey, coming up in just minutes. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative uniisn't call 1-88 8-996-tips or e-mail t
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rain did officially fall. >> you walk outside of your door and all of a sudden someone flicked a light, kari. >> i had to flip on the heat this morning because 63 degrees inside the house this morning. >> oh, wow. >> icy tundra. >> it feels like fall. >> went into a deep sleep, but it was time to get up. as you head out, it is chilly this morning. as we are coming down from that great way to start out the week with or quite a bit of rain, a good soaking all across the bay area, as you head out this morning, you see mostly clear skies, but look at these temperatures now. 48 degrees in livermore and 50 in sunnyvale and oakland is 53 degrees in san francisco and napa 38 degrees. cool start to the day and the winds will continue to pick up as we go into the afternoon. and the winds coming in from the northwest still behind that cold front that is bringing in a chilly breeze. and look at these sustained
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winds at 1:00 it will be still coming in at about 30 miles an hour. as i take you hour-by-hour in livermore. 48 degrees at 5:00. we keep those temperatures steady and then slowly warm up as we go through the day at 1:00. 65 degrees. a lot of sun and some still cool temperatures for this time of year. so, when we get some rain, everyone asks, so, when will it rain again. we do have another chance heading into sunday late in the evening that may linger into early monday. so, there you go. we may dry out for a few days and then we'll be looking to sunday for another cold front to move through. because the temperature trend in san jose will be cool to start. we only see those temperatures inching up a degree or two each day. so, it stays nice and pleasant and a nice weekend ahead with mostly sunny skies. friday we're at 66 degrees in san francisco and then 63 degrees on sunday. make some plans to get outside. but you may need a light jacket,
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especially early in the day. yes, finally feels like fall. mike, how does it look out there on the roads? >> looks pretty good, kari. much better than yesterday. roadways drying out. traffic not really a problem yet. hard hit for the south bay and probably start just before 7:00 and we see this roadway start to slow down. a smooth drive across the dumbarton and a smooth flow of traffic up towards the bay bridge on the approach. behind me, 580 starting a little bit of slowing coming out of livermore into the altamont and the north bay. let's get a look at the golden gate bridge. the live shot covered with water, soupy conditions today and a nice clear view and a nice, easy drive and roadways are just fine. novato all the way down to the city. >> sounds good. by care, by air, the drone wars are heating up and google is about to swoop in. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters.
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good morning. >> sam and laura, good morning to you both. the stocks start out november with a decent rally, but markets could pull back today. future are lower. the dow closing back in the black for the year as investors react to several corporate deals. visa buying european operations and economic data and earnings. the factory orders and dow rising 165 points to 17 points and the nasdaq up 73 to 5127. amazon is extending maternity leave for up to 20 weeks for new moms and adding paternity leave for the first time. the changes take effect in january and applies to babies born or adopted since october 1st. amazon is also allowing employees to give all or part of their paid-leave. and their next story will have you saying look up in the sky, it's a bird, a plane, no, a google drone. it sames to start using drones to deliver packages some time in
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2017. google is in talks with the faa to create an air traffic control system with four drones that would use internet and cellular technology to coordinate unmanned flights at low atitudes below 500 feet. video of a google drone dropping off a small package in arizona went viral last month. >> seems like everyone has drones, right? >> all these drones delivering christmas presents at the last minute, what could go wrong? volkswagen wondering what went wrong and the company denying the allegations it installed emissions cheating software on another of its diesel powered engines. the epa says they installed the cheating software on 2016 cars with 6 cylinder diesel engines. volkswagen admitted to cheating with 4 diesel models. involved 10,000 cars sold in the u.s. the original scandal included 11 million cars sold worldwide.
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the fate of the controversial keystone pipeline suddenly in limbo this morning after a surprise shift in strategy. transcanada the company that wants to build the pipeline from canada to texas has asked the u.s. government to temporarily suspend its application. the company made that request in part to buy some time to sort out a dispute, but the state of nebraska over the planned pipeline rally. it's believed transcanada will wait out the results of next year's election before forging ahead. at 4:50 this morning. now on to decision 2016. new poll this morning indicates just how frustrated the american public is with washington insiders. our nbc/"wall street journal" poll has ben carson jumping to the largest lead so far. he received 29% of the vote. carson is followed by fellow washington outsider, donald trump at 23%. as you can see, the candidates with years of political eexperience continue to fall further behind. >> what you're seeing right now
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is the conservative and the outsider wing has really taken charge of the energy of the party. >> on the democratic side, poll shows hillary clinton has solidified her lead over bernie sanders up from 25% earlier this month to 31% this morning. a different kind of decision that has been hotly debated and anticipated for weeks and now learned that the struggling 49ers qb has been benched. colin cappernic is going to be put on the bench. 49ers insider confirmed that they'll start playing galbert. steady decline in performance for kaepernick. the team also traded fan favorite vernen davis to denver broncos. >> a lot of people surprised about that one. the city is expected to certify the recent environmental impact report. in just a few hours from now, public hearing will be held at city hall where city officials
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will decide if the report complies with state laws. opponents of the project are concerned about potential traffic issues leading to patients not getting the urgent care they might need at the adjacent hospital xhnchthsi. coming up next, chemicals where your kids play. possible cancer-causing turf and how the epa is stepping in. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 888-966-tips or e-mail bay area, we investigate.
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we made it, by and large, safely through our first rain storm of the season. >> although i do need new
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windshield wipers. i disacovered that. >> a lot of people didn't check that out. but rain totals and, kari, how are your windshield wipers working? >> mine are fine. i'm sure a lot of people got out there and thought these things aren't working. over an inch in san jose. the daily record was 0.03 and during the month of november we get about 1.5 on average. so, we pretty much got the monthly average and there's more rain in the forecast. in san francisco, we had about 0.4. did not set a new record, but livermore, you had an 1.5 almost and the daily rainfall record was about 0.75. the monthly average close to 2 inches. a lot of rain all in one day. we are drying out now, mike? >> yes, definitely. the roadways benefiting from the drier commute, as well. still early. so, actually, thank goodness this rain didn't hit today because we expect traffic and we do have overnight road work 237 and it's not a big deal.
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we move up the maps and see green all over the bay. no major problems. we have road crew on the bay bridge, typical there blocking one end and two ends west and eastbound directions respectfully and a live look out to the bay area toll plaza where we're starting to stack up for the cash lanes. we'll track it, guys, back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 4:56. bay area first responders are going to prepare for el nino but not months from now, they're going to start this morning. an emergency preparedness forum in fremont that is projected on the winter storm. first responders will go through drills and emergency exercises, including with how to deal with live down power lines. suggest that california could experience higher amount of rainfall this winter. it is 4:56 and mounting worry for parents over artificial turf made of recycled tires. question whether it's safe for children or causes disease. state scientists are now wading into that turf war. concerns about a link to cancer
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mounting. state scientists are wading into the turf war. so important, i thought i'd tell you again. health assessment holding steady sessions and a third study on the material. the first study session was just done in berkeley. since then parents are eager for answers. >> the kids from her club, a goalie has leukemia. and a club she used to play on two years ago just died in august. >> more than 250 chemicals in chrome rubber, artificial turf. there have already been three dozen studies and to date we have not identified serious health risks. >> the state is spending $3 million on the study and it will be complete in 2018. >> nbc "nightly news" leading the way on that story. coming up next, polls open on election day. more than just your elected representative. the impact of several housing measures on the affordable housing crisis in san francisco. and a local campus college
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struggling with sexual assaults reports another possible attack. why concerns are heightened this morning. are opening.. and voters will
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soon decide the fate of several controversial measures in san frsc in just a few hours polls are opening and voters will soon desicide the fate. plus, assaulted on campus. the warning from uc berkeley police as a scary situation unfolds for students.
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a sneak peek at what el nino could bring to the bay area. the aftermath still plaguing communities after yesterday's storm. "today in the bay" starts now. and a very good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. referring to the mudslides. we'll get to that in a second. what were rain totals like yesterday and what does today hold? >> we had men meiny daily rainfall records set and today it is much cooler behind that front and clear skies. 40 degrees in the north bay and 49 degrees in the east bay and the peninsula. look for highs today mainly in the upper 60s, but hitting 70 degrees in the north bay and in the tri-valley a high of 70 degrees, as well. i'll detail what to expect through the rest of the week and the next chance of rain in the forecast. let's check in with mike to see how it looks for the morning commute. >> the dry roadways helping folks out. no longer


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