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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 5, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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"you must prepare me three ways... " "...then put it all on a burger..." "...and make a commercial about it." and that's the legend of the cheddar onion buttery jack. crispy, grilled and caramelized-onion aioli. the cheddar onion buttery jack. part of the buttery jack family. new information tonight about a right now at 11:00, who is he and why did he do it? new information about a student from the south bay at the center of a violent attack at uc merced. >> not terrorism or religion. police say this was a frustrated teenager from santa clara with a detailed plan to kill. >> peggy bunker joins us from
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the high school and there was a two-page letter on him that revealed a lot about what he was thinking. >> reporter: exactly. the merced county sheriff told us when this 18-year-old was booted out of a student study group by his peers it angered him so much he put together a 24-point plan to attack his fellow students, an attack he carried out on wednesday morning. >> joe: took his anger to the extreme level. >> reporter: anger over being asked to leave a student study group is all it took for him to snap. today authorities revealed he wrote out a detailed plan to kill a lot of people. >> we found a two-page handwritten manifesto detailing his projected activities. >> reporter: the sheriff said the two-page manifesto was in
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his pocket during the autopsy. the attack he carried out before 8:00 a.m. on wednesday morning when he stabbed four people at the college. >> there is nothing to indicate that this is anything other than a teenaged boy that was upset with fellow classmates. >> reporter: it explains items in the backpack including a knife, handcuffs, duct tape and bags of vaseline to slip up those trying to enter the room. a few people say they remember seeing the quiet teenager around. >> my son was commenting about something and he said, you know, the name sounds familiar but i can't place the guy. and a friend of his mentioned that he used to attend here. >> reporter: while a few here knew of him most of the crowds are so large it's hard to know
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everyone. >> we have 2,000, 3,000 people that pray on fridays. >> reporter: we're here at wilcox high school, this is where he graduated from last year. we were told that investigators were in santa clara today interviewing his parents. i'm peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. cleared to reopen but the doors are still shut. the san jose restaurant that prompted a recent outbreak received a green light to reopen but the restaurant is still closed. last month's outbreak sickened 200 people across the bay area. the cause is still a mystery. the restaurant has been sanitized and dumped all of its food. one of the most famous people in america had trouble with her cell phone in san francisco. serena williams swung into action and confronted the man who swiped her phone. jean ellie, this happened at a
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well-known restaurant and was caught on tape. >> reporter: it was. the owner of the restaurant says he just installed security cameras just in time to catch serena williams eating at his r restaurant on tuesday. >> mission chinese is a hot spot. there is always a line out the door. >> you're going to do a mission chinese burrito. >> reporter: and the chef was on the tonight show. >> reporter: serena williams stopped by tuesday night. that's her waiting for a table. on her facebook page, williams says the food was delicious but it was a crazy experience. a restaurant worker noticed something strange that night. >> there was a guy that was standing there in the pickup section for too long. >> reporter: the man standing next to her table triggered what she calls her superhero sense.
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she kept an eye on him and watched as servers delivered food. he bends down. williams says he snagged her phone off the chair next to her and left. she followed. >> she said he was polite about it. and she said i think you took my phone and he said i'm sorry. >> reporter: he returned the phone and she returned to dinner. >> we were apologetic. i comped her chicken wings and drinks. >> reporter: the restaurant owner in stalled cameras and now he has video of a star athlete catching a thief. williams calls herself a superhero urging women not to be a victim. >> it was serena williams. she was able to get it back. >> reporter: restaurant workers say no one called police. tonight the pd says it would encourage williams to file a police report.
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reporting live, jean elle, nbc bay area news. video of a smash and grab. a man shatters the window and steals several pairs of high-end sunglasses. the eye wear was worth about ten grand. santa clara police released the video now hoping you can identify the thief. pittsburg police say a mother caused a car crash that killed her own two-year-old son. the woman was fleeing from a today when she lost control of her car. she crashed into a light pole and the force of it caused her son to be ejected from his car seat. >> you saw the baby shoot out of the car and the car continued to crash and the woman started screaming. >> police found the woman still conscious in her seat.
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she was hurt but her consider is not known. the boy died there at the scene. investigators sell us the woman did not have a valid driver's license. a 30-year-old woman charged with four felonies after hitting two boys with her car among the charges felony dui. police say she hit two 12-years-old yesterday in san francisco. they were in the crosswalk on their way to middle school. the boys suffered life threatening injuries but are expected to survive. the city will add a stop sign at the intersection there and make safety improvements in that area. we showed you this video last night. things got worse after this for one of the two men arrested after a protest over affordable housing in alameda. charges include resisting arrest and battery. and tonight the other man has been released on bail.
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cheryl hurd is live at city hall. i know you spoke to the mayor. what is he saying about the level of force or nonforce they saw on that video? >> reporter: she told me she didn't think it was a problem last night but she thinks that rent control is a very real problem in her city. she also says, look it's amazing that anything was accomplished last night with all the pushing and shoving and the assistant city manager being rushed to the hospital. this video shown on youtube shows a violent takedown of protesters by alameda police wednesday night. renters felt their voices weren't being heard. tonight, alameda's mayor is reacting. >> the people that came and demanded to speak right then, that is not protocol. and does it cross the line of civil disobedience?
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i don't know what that is. >> reporter: the mayor doesn't feel that the police used excessive force. she feels it is an unfortunate incident for a problem in alameda. there is a problem with skyrocketing rent in this city. >> rent has risen over 50% in four years. an 8% rent increase may not sound like much but an extra $100 a month you are choosing between heat and food in order to keep a roof over your head. >> reporter: alameda has been dealing with rent increases for several years. >> i see the elderly and the weak. it's a war on the weak. >> reporter: this landlord says the violence is taking away from the issue. >> not every landlord is rich. >> reporter: last night the
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council voting unanimously to have a 65-day moratorium on rent increases over 8%. during that time they will be working on a permanent solution. reporting live in alameda, i'm cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. the student who sparked this protest confessed today. the student admitted to posting a message on the school community. the message referred to the kkk and public lynching. hundreds of students walked out of the school and marched to the cal campus. >> i feel unsafe and targeted. i said a public lynching on december 9th. i'm liable to get lynched because i'm black. >> the student could be expelled. millions of americans are
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driving automobiles that have a deadly safety defect and they don't know it. >> next the common convenience in many cars that could be a silent killer. a small shack with a big price tag. the unbelievable cost to own an unlivable home on the peninsula. and as simple as taking a pill. the high-tech weight loss option. and i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, clear skies across oakland. we're tracking the cold temperatures for tomorrow and the details on the possibility of rain in just a few minutes. a significant delay for a
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seafood delight. the recreational crab fishing season is now on a significant delay for a seafood delight. the recreational crab fishing season is on hold because of a health threat. tests detected unsafe levels of a toxin from a massive algae
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bloom. the crab fishing season is postponed for the next six months. pets can now swim in the russian river once again. a dog died in august because of toxins in the river. but the algae has stopped growing and the river has now been deemed safe. you could be part of a class action lawsuit potentially impacting millions of drivers. >> keyless enters are supposed to be making driving easier but families are demanding change. >> reporter: joel misses his father especially on game day. >> if i'm sitting in the stands -- just not having him there. >> reporter: he aches for the time his daughter won't have with her grandfather. >> she is excelling in school in
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a phenomenal way that he would have appreciated and -- >> reporter: dr. harry pitt died four years ago. 80 years old he was still entering weight lifting competitions, golfing and traveling. his sons insist he had a lot of life left to live. >> he is saying don't let this happen to anyone else. >> reporter: december 2011, dr. pitt came home parked in a garage and accidentally left the car running all night long. >> went up to bed and didn't wake up. >> reporter: he died from accidental carbon monoxide poisoning. the fumes rose to the bedroom two floors above. dr. pitt drove a car with a keyless ignition. >> millions of americans are driving automobiles that have a deadly safety defect and they
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don't know it. >> reporter: this attorney filed a class action lawsuit against ten auto makers of keyless ignition vehicles accusing them of false advertising and deceptive practices. >> they represented that the cars were safe. they are not safe. >> reporter: long term safety advocate consulted on the lawsuit. >> it is a design flaw. >> reporter: manufacturers failed to take human behavior into consideration. drivers expect if they exit the car with their key the engine is off. but keyless ignition vehicles generally keep running even if the key walks away. and further complicating the problem is quiet engines. >> they have made it easy for you to leave the car running and not know it. >> reporter: the lawsuit demands an auto off feature, to kill the engine if the car idles for an
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extended period. >> if they can put auto off on your interior lights to safe your inconvenience why not on the engine to save your life? it is a simple software fix. >> reporter: she compares it to the servy volt recall from earlier this year. >> it took 30 minutes per car to install the auto off and dealers were reimbursed less than $5 a fix. >> reporter: some say car makers are not to blame. if you are responsible enough to drive you should be responsible enough to turn off your car. >> the driver has a responsibility. when you look at a design and you see people continuing to make an error you have a problem with the design. anecdotally, virtually every owner we have had contact with has indicated they length of time their car running. >> reporter: there have been 13
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deaths nationwide but alex has learned of another fatality. nbc 4 reached out to all of the car makers named in the lawsuit. most declined comment. but ford says the keyless ignition system has proven to be a safe and reliable innovation. the pitts have found their own work arounds in order to feel safe. jeff keeps his radio on all the time. it's his way of knowing if the engine is running. and because mercedes offers the option, joe swapped out the keyless feature for a key. all of it has motivated dr. pitt's granddaughter lindsay to study engineering. >> now the immediate safety take
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away is get carbon monoxide alarms. har harry pitt did not have one. but the carbon monoxide was so strong his neighbor's alarm went off. we test three doctors, why three different diagnosis for the same patient? the 180-square-foot shack in palo alto can be yours for about $2 million. that's smaller than a hotel room. according to the site estately, this one bedroom, one bathroom shack is in the baron park neighborhood close to stanford. even for palo alto, neighbors are shocked at the price tag. >> i cannot believe it. it's crazy. we moved here in 2011. house prices have almost doubled since that. >> did i say $2 million? >> you did.
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>> the shack -- this is the deal. it is on a 6600 square foot lot. it is primed for a tear down. at last check tonight, it is in escrow. someone is close to a deal. >> the shack is in escrow? >> 2 million bucks and you tear it down and build a beautiful house for $3 million. >> okay. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri, it must be raining money somewhere. >> check out this beautiful view of san francisco looking back at downtown sf, light winds and clear skies. 52 in the south bay. temperatures are the coldest where there is the lightest wind. clear skies in effect through tomorrow morning. it will have the temperatures down to 42 degrees. check out the average low in the east bay, 39 and 37 for the
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north bay. increased sunshine and high pressure builds offshore with a short stint of warming. by saturday the area of high pressure will kick off to the east and start to weaken. that will be gradually cooling temperatures on saturday and once we hit sunday, the cold front drops down from the north. it does not look as strong as the storm system on monday. it breaks apart as it hits california. everyone should get some sort of rainfall. we detail this out for you. we haven't seen too many changes in the last 18 hours. sunday, spotty showers, and monday at 2:00 a.m., moderate rainfall. the higher total expected in marin, napa and sonoma counties. let's get a look at the micro climate forecast. and you can see in san francisco
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the 60s return. in san matteo, 69 degrees. and back toward palo alto with that pricey real estate. 71 degrees, sun and clouds and great in the south bay. north bay, east bay and trivalley take note, you should go up to 74 degrees tomorrow and in the east bay some of the best weather in walnut creek. as we let into the weekend forecast, dry weather through saturday and on sunday a possibility of showers coming our way. and the temperatures dropping down to 68 again in the south bay. 65 in the east bay and 67 for the north bay. looks like fall has decided to stay for a few more days. >> spectacular. thanks, jeff. still ahead, a balloon and a pill. how it could help you lose weight. harry connick jr. is here.
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and we have martin short. it's a great show tonight. it's great.
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but flights are getting cheaper. air travel is expected to be the busiest in eight years because fares keep falling because of lower fuel prices. 26 million americans are expected to flight this thanksgiving. the busiest airports, l.a.x., atlanta and o'hare. >> just stay home. up next, a big night for the sharks and an explanation from the 49ers offensive coordinator. oc: got the win
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geraud on cam "w"s.... haven't been coming easy for the play good to win but at the same time, it makes a difference every night. >> "w"s have not been coming easy for the sharks. here in the comcast sports net studios. the sharks have not bean the panthers at the tank in ten years. sharks up 2-1. marlowe on the move, holds the edge and scores the gold. that effort a thing of beauty. late second period, 3-on-one odd-man rush. montoya, no shot in between the
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pipes. sharks roll 5-2. even though blaine gabbert gets the start over colin kaepernick he is still dealing with the same offensive issues. they look different with the ball than the squad that reached super bowl xlvii. >> we are willing to try anything including a new quarterback. the giants surprised many by declining the 2016 options of marlon bird and aoki yesterday. but there is an idea why they might be saving some cash. >> if you are making a run at greinke, you want to have a pile of cash ready and available to use. that would be a coup to get him and take him saw way from your rival. >> would be a big deal. the warriors back on the
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hardwood tomorrow against denver. more news after the break.
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♪ great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health.
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mission impossible movie... this is real. two men wi really? this is not a trailer for a
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movie. this is real. two men with jet packs are flying alongside that emirates airlines over dubai. the stunt is a promotion for emirates airlines. that is real. happening over dubai. >> is that tom cruise? >> exactly. >> that's very crazy to look at. >> friday morning is here almost. >> cold tomorrow morning. >> thanks for joining us. >> make sure you grab a sweater. bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- martin short -- saorise ronin --


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