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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 6, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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owner opened his doors to news cameras after being closed for weeks while the shigella outbreak was investigated. he got the green light to reopen after voluntarily dumping all the food products and cleaning and sanitizing the facility. the workers were also trained in food safety and handling procedures. >> a sincere apology, of course. we just want you to give us another chance, you know, and be back on top. >> reporter: the owner's son says that social media comments have been hurtful. he says it's going to take time to regain the trust of customers. people have said bad things about you. >> oh, yeah. we have to brush all the negativity off. >> reporter: today was about damage control. half off everything on the menu. and for loyal customers juan and his co-worker, lunch today was on the house. the owner hopes that the open sign remains up for the fores
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foreseeable future and extended future. he owns two other restaurants. this is number three here. he says since the shigella outbreak, he's lost 70% of his clientele. >> hopefully they can recover. we are following developing news in richmond. this man arrested for child molestation. barry duggar arrested. he overwhelmed parents and presented himself as a mentor and invited boys to live with him. jodi hernandez is gathering more information and will bring us the latest at 6:00 including his criminal past. a vigil is being held at uc merced for the victims of this week's violent stabbing attack.
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investigators say fies fiesal mohammed stabbed the victims and left a hand-written manifesto detailing plans to steal an officer's gun and shoot his classmates. he was upset about being kicked out of a study group. a break in the case. a murder on the peninsula last year, but now an arrest has been made. one person was killed and three others hurt during a shooting in east palo alto. robert honda is there. one arrest and police are still searching for another suspect. what's the latest? >> reporter: we're at police headquarters. they have announced an arrest and one long-running homicide case as well as an arrest warrant in a more recent case. one young man was killed and two other people were wounded in a
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spray of gunfire at the intersection of purdue street and georgetown avenue august 17th last year. east palo alto police arrested one suspect. but the other one, 25-year-old antonio moreno escaped into mention quo. police worked with the marshal service to track him down. >> this is where the community stood up and said they weren't going to tolerate this kind of conduct. >> certainly, when they flee the area and flee justice, there's no closure to these cases, it just lingers on and on. >> reporter: the police are counting on the public's confidence as they search for mr. morrison. >> he is somewhere out in the bay area community.
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he's armed and dangerous. >> reporter: a $5 million warrant has been issued for morrison. the suspect in the city's fourth homicide of the year. coming up at 6:00 more on the city's turbulent history and how police are turning it around. robert honda, nbc bay area news. a followup now on that racist message at berkley high school that ignited this march and protest yesterday. the alameda county d.a. is considering charges. the school's principal says a 15-year-old student confessed to posting that message that had references to the kkk and called for a lynching. the teacher say it is was a teaching moment. investigations on the plane that went down in egypt new information reveals a bomb is likely the cause of that accident.
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an investigator told french media the sound of an explosion could be heard from the black boxes. until then there were no technical failures reported on the black boxes. intelligence intercepts captured isis fighters in egypt boasting to their leaders about taking down that plane. still ahead on nightly news, the united states is taking immediate action in the wake of this evidence. the enhanced security measures taking place at some airports now. sanctuary systems should protect victims and not felons. that message is being told to the department of homeland security. they launched a nationwide debate after kate steinle was shot and killed. >> what happened in san francisco is inexcusable.
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the sheriff's office should have notified immigration and made sure that this individual never walked the streets of san francisco. i want to make sure it never happens again. >> congressman swalwell is asking home land security to analyze gaps in immigration enforcement highlighted by stienle's death. billions of your tax dollars are spent on health care. our investigative unit looked at data and found ophthalmologists ranked number one in medicare reimbursements. they received about $6 billion in 2013. vick eie nguyen joins us. >> it makes sense if you see some of the highest numbers of medicare patients in the country, you receive a higher amount of reimbursement, but the
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unit received tips that some ophthalmologists were recommending what might be unnecessary treatment. we took one patient to three different doctors for a diagnosis of her eye health. we wanted to know what the doctors would recommend and whether she needed any treatment or surgeries. at the end, we also took our patient to ucsf for a final evaluation. a patient said the results of the experience were eye opening. >> i'm not saying that these doctors were liars or anything, but i think it's important to question and get second and third opinions. if there's something that involves a recommendation for surgery, or further cost. >> tonight at 11:00 we'll he show you what the doctors recommended to our patient and explain what you should do before agreeing to any treatment. we investigate tonight at 11:00. >> thanks, vickie. if you have a tip for our developmentive unit, give us a call, at 888-996-tips.
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tension at 49ers headquarters. late today colin kaepernick spoke for the first time after being benched. head coach tomsula said he needs to take a step back and breathe. >> i'm not out of breath. so i don't understand that reference. bad decision, out of my control and i respect the authorities. >> there's a good chance the 49ers will release kaepernick at the end of this season. they would save millions of dollars. blain gabor art will start. 585 quakes have struck the san ramon area since october 13th. that's more than five times the previous record during another earthquake swarm.
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the usgs is not concerned about the swarm. it would be more concerned if they were larger. and these quakes were small. can you see all the earthquakes that have happened in the past 24 hours in the bay area on our website. we have this interactive map there. go to there's new video to show you from yosemite. the national park just got more beautiful. water falls that have been dry for months are suddenly picture perfect. take a look at that. this week's rain did the trick. >> we had record rainfall for one day. it brought yosemite falls back to life. we've seen some of the smaller falls going. and almost a week later, they're still going. >> so nice to see that. the water falls often dry up in the summer, but it happened earlier than usual this year. >> i'm jeff ranieri. we continue to track the possibility of weekend rain across california. we'll let you know exactly when
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this rainfall is set to arrive in my micro climate forecast. this building behind me at fisherman's wharf could soon be a medical marijuana dispensary. new buildings and new jobs. we'll compare silicon valley's jobless rate with the rest of the country. then at 6:00 giant trees dead and dying. fears they could topple onto tourists. we learn how big this threat is at 6:00. robbing multiple banks in san
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jose. the woman you see here is now in custody, accused of robbing multiple banks in san jose. we first showed you her picture yesterday after the santa clara sheriff's department asked for help in finding her. she was arrested around 1:00 today. new at 5:00, a push for a medical marijuana dispensary in a popular san francisco tourist spot. near fisherman's wharf. no surprise it's being met with resistance from businesses who say that's not family friendly. we are live from fisherman's wharf where the store would be located and where they say there's nothing to be worried about. >> reporter: i want to show you where this building is.
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it's empty right now, but it's next to stores that appeal to tourists and that's why they feel it's not a good fit. bray connolly is one step away from accomplishing a life-time goal. he's of leasing this 3,000 square foot store. and wants to turn it into a medical marijuana dispensary. he showed my a binder of signatures in support of this ventu venture. he was inspired after his dad died from cancer. >> if only we had recognized the medical benefits of cannabis, 10, 20, 30, 40 years ago, maybe some of those individuals would have been with us longer. >> reporter: but cracking into the family friendly confines of fisherman's wharf won't be easy. >> it doesn't meet the vision
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we've been working toward. >> reporter: troy campbell works for the benefit district. his group works on behalf of businesses on the wharf and say they fear a dispensary will bring the wrong type of crowd. >> it brought in a large transient crowd and young kids moving across the country. >> the individuals are patients. they're individuals that are suffering from all types of different illnesses. >> reporter: now the planning commission hearing to decide the fate of this business is set for december 17th. reporting from fisherman's wharf, nbc bay area news. you don't need to see the report, you need to look outside. all the construction across the bay area. business is booming. let's bring in our business and tech reporter, scott budman. you're in north san jose, i believe, which is quickly becoming the hot spot for jobs and growth. >> you're right, here in north san jose there is a lot of growth. companies buying up land, building new building, preparing to hire lots of new workers.
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our country's jobless rate is down to 5%. here in silicon valley, it's even lower. there's a steady hum of construction running through silicon valley these days as companies are building, planning to hire even more people in the near future. that's good news if you're looking for a job. >> san jose is growing as a city. and there's a lot more jobs coming in. >> growth is major. there's a lot of opportunity the everywhere. jobs are just massive. >> reporter: but with the jobless rate of about 3.5% here, it's a challenge if you're a company trying to hire. >> i thought that working with toyota was actually the best choice. >> reporter: that's robotic's expert gill pratt announcing toyota's plan to invest $1 billion in a new research facility in silicon valley, competing for talent with the likes of tesla, google and apple. >> there's huge competition for talent right now. companies are always looking for
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the best people and the best people have a lot of options. >> reporter: and if all this building is any indication, there are more jobs coming soon. and coming up tonight at 6:00, we'll take a look at how this job growth has created a housing crunch and led to lots of long commutes. reporting live in north san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. let's go out of this world. nasa astronaut scott kelly ventured outside of the international space station. he is more than halfway through a record-breaking flight for a u.s. astronaut. 224 days in orbit in one year. he's expected to return to earth in march. he's just up there by himself. >> i know, just cruising around. much cooler there, warmer here, but too chilly for me. >> we're almost to the weekend. and the forecast is going to
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cooperate. we have nice weather and the good news is we're tracking rainfall as well. let's take you outside to the sky camera network, and can you see clear skies as the sun sets. mostly dry in the south bay. humidity in the 20% range making it comfortable. east bay at 63. san francisco down to 59 and to the north bay, checking in at 61 degrees. you now the drill. the past several nights we have relatively clear skies. that will enable temperatures to drop for tomorrow morning. nice, crisp fall start as we head throughout your saturday. you can see in the north bay, our coldest average of 37 degrees. possibly patchy frost near napa and sonoma. and right on down to the peninsula 44 and a shade cooler for the south bay. high pressure stays in effect on saturday. so no rainfall expected tomorrow. that's the good news. if you have anything to do outside, that's going to be the day to do it. but as we head throughout sunday, that's the next biggest
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change. cold front drops down from the north. it does not look as strong as the front we had on monday. but it will give everybody some rainfall. let's take you to the timeline. and all of the forecast models continue to line up with just about the same scenario. and that is 11:00 on saturday, storms off to the north of california and oregon. then as we advance this, you see by 5:00 and 6:00 sunday morning, rain begins to enter napa county. we think by 9:00 in the morning they'll move into san francisco, half moon bay, also walnut creek and eventually down to san jose by 10:00 and 11:00 in the morning. now all of sunday is not expected to be wet. we'll get drying by the evening hours as the cool front pushes to the south. but we'll get another shot of rainfall as the upper area of low pressure drops down from the
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south. looks like maybe some embedded showers by monday at 5:00 in the morning. as you get back to work on monday, definitely could be a sloppy commute. in terms of overall totals. monday morning, isolated thunderstorms, 2-7 is that best zone and we think down to about san francisco has the best chance of a high total at abouts is .10 inch. sun and clouds coming back. 68 degrees right up towards the south bay, 72 in morgan hill, back to san jose, 71. north bay, east bay and tri valley, low to mid-70s today. same thing for tomorrow and pleasanton, also danville,
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lafayette, a nice day in oakland at 70. saturday stays dry, as we head throughout sunday, the possibility of rain comes our way, and check out the drop in temperatures, again going down to jacket weather by monday. 63 in the south bay, 60 in the east bay and 62 for the north bay. and janel and raj, looks like some snow by monday morning as well. we have breaking news we want to tell you about. a california fish and wildlife department takes more emergency measures on crab season. it is now delaying the commercial crab season for du dunge dungeoness crab. an of algae bloom has made crustaceans dangerous to eat
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you're looking at the woman police say hit two boys with her suv in san francisco. this is 30 year old kerr sten andere. the driver is expected in court next week. no bail for the man accused of stabbing spencer stone in sacramento. stone is the man who helped stop an attack on a paris-bound train over the summer. james tranwas charged this morning on attempted murder but he did not enter a plea. prosecutors say tranrepeatedly stabbed spencer stone during a fight outside a nightclub. a grim reminder of the flu season. minutes ago we got word the flu has claimed the life of a
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stanislaus infant. the first death was of a patient this week. both cases are grim reminders that everyone should get a flu shot. >> this year, my message is get your flu shot. it can't be as bad as last year. got to be better. i'm sure we're going to have a better match this year. and they did change the strain in the vaccine to a better match what was circulating late last year. >> health experts expect the same strain of flu as last year, so they expect this year's vaccine with that little tweaking to be exceptionally successful at warding off the virus. you want to do some shopping? just go to bart. pop-up shops opened today in san francisco right now. the embarcadero and montgomery bart stations. they're small, as you can see. this is just the beginning of what will eventually be rolled out at all 45 bart locations.
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you can drop off your dry cleaning and shop dor dinner fo. this is based on shops at hong kong transit shops we're back with an unexpected surprise for "star wars" fans. pictures... this is a vigil at
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u-c merced for the victims of that violent attack earlier this week. before we leave you, we want to show you live pictures of a vigil just getting started on the campus of uc merced for the victims of that attack earlier this week. classes did resume today. two days after a freshman student, originally from santa clara stabbed and wounded four people. now stay with us for more coming up at our 6:00 newscast. the force has awakened more than a month before its release. >> i don't know your name. >> finch. >> that four-second clip is from the upcoming star war mos movie. so why does japan get this exclusive trailer? apparently they are big movie watchers behind the u.s. and china. it opens in the u.s. on december
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18th. >> just a little clip is what we got. >> i got to catch up on all of them. >> thanks a lot. developing news tonight. explosion on board. new reports about what investigators are hearing on the cockpit voice recorder of the doomed jetliner right at moment of disaster. stepping up security as concerns mount it was a bomb. changes for flights tonight headed to the u.s. carson's past. a new fire storm today over claims the republican front-runner has made about his life story. the price you pay if you have a mortgage, credit cards or a car loan. why today's news of a job surge could mean you'll soon be paying more to borrow money. what experts say you should be doing right now. and targeting cancer. how doctors saved a dying toddler's life with something never tried before in humans. an exciting new hope in the fight. "nightly news" begins right now.


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