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tv   Today  NBC  November 9, 2015 10:00am-11:01am PST

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this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. hope you had a great weekend, and it is funday monday. it is always a funday when i am with my hody. >> this is a new song by blake shelton and we will have him on live. >> and we will see him tonight on "the voice" and all eyes will
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be on him since they interviewed that he is a hot new couple. >> and the interview with blake is revealing on a couple of level, but we did it when a couple of judges were here, and we grabbed them for a one-on-one or a two-on-one, and hoda has always wanted one of those, and so we had wit blake, and he was not as forth coming though. >> but he did have some things olk about that you are going to want to know. and yesterday "star wars" gave away a trailer that might have something to do with the past of hans solo. >> and also, we will go to a brand-new comedy with danny deutsche. and guess who is in it? us! and we will also meet dylan penn in a little while, the daughter of sean penn and robin wright, and she is in a new movie
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"condemned." >> and why not celebrate national champagne week with our favorite john cena. >> where is yours? >> i seem to have left it in the champagne cooler. >> should we toast to john, and now every time someone looks at him we will see "train wrecked." >> are you keeping busy with the movies? >> i am, but right now i am bringing you champagne. >> and you have a big wrestling match. last time i brought you guacamole and this time champagne and so next time, i will bring you shots glchlt and we we want to have shots with you and get weird. >> on that note, i am leaving. >> and now, these are gin, champagne and lemon juice and simple syrup. >> i wish i knew that before i
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had a sip. >> you don't like it? >> wow. this week when you order champagne, it comes with free caviar dip. and check out the cost of the champagne first. >> and the plaza is a fun experience. >> and how was your weekend? >> i went to dinner with a couple of friends, bromwin and her husband and we went to a place called the smith where you and i went to lunch, and we had a nice dinner with some martinis. >> and this time, you were indoors as opposed to sitting outside. >> we were inside. >> and i know that jacket that you had on. >> and i almost gave it to bromwin, but then i didn't. and we had fun in times square, and we are doing a special series on kindness. this is a sneak peek. a whole bunch of people came out to times square and we did a dance gl i have a quina iaa boks that i will be telling you about in a little bit. i went to dinner with regis and
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joy, and they have a great wine cellar downstairs, and i had never visited it, but it is one of those great fallish days. and can i say that he is here tomorrow? >> yes. >> and okay. hoda going to the take one of the rare days off, and he said to give his love to coda. >> and every time you tune in al roker is in a different state. today, he did four of them, he did the four corners today, and that is is a big deal, arizona, colorado, new mexico and utah and hopping around in all of those. and he is going to, and this is the biggest travel day of all, and i don't know if we have the shot of him, but -- that's it! look at this. with the sunrise. >> john wayne. >> and that is gorgeous.
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so, it is like a scene out of "dances with wolves." way to go, roke. he has an amazing attitude. >> this is all going to the feeding america and so it is a great cause. hat's off. all right. blake shelton and gwen stefani, and they need a name. when you are a couple and famous, you need a name. >> so the prean refer to you as brangelina. i always think it is a little bit insulting to people. okay. >> and all right. >> so who wants to do it? >> and jeanne buffington suggested gwake or sheltani. >> okay.
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i like that one better. >> well, let's ask them. >> and please go to facebook and vote for this one. we like sheltani. >> okay. what do you remember about your parents? i have lost my dad and you have lost your dad and both of our moms are doing well, thank the lord. but what memories stand out in your memory. >> and came up with the top five things that you remember about yourrs t times they made you feel safe. when they gave you their undivided attention flchlt how your parents interacted with each other this. >> words of affirmation, and words of criticism equally. that is interesting. >> and traditions. those are the five things. >> absolutely. >> and how to appear more confident. how to appear more confident. >> and how do you have a terrible day where you to see your boss and get your mojo up. >> two pairs of spanxes are not
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on the list. >> and first they say put on some perfume or good body wash. >> i do that. i could not make it without my perfume. >> if not, you don't feel as n confident, right? >> right. don't slouch. sit up. >> by the wa we both slouch. i sit like this. >> and as op poposed to sitting down straight. >> but then we don't look real, so let's not. and don't tight your face and show a lack of confidence. >> no scowling. smile is another one. >> but a forced smile is phony. smile when you feel like smiling. >> and this is what they say about tilting your head. they said that if you tilt your head to the left while talking, it makes you more attractive. but if you tilt your head to the right, it will make you appear more trustworthy. >> like that. >> your right, and what is that? my -- >> left, left. >> and that makes you look more,
10:08 am
what? >> you see, i am going right, and pretty, pretty, trustworthy. >> this is trustworthy for me. >> it is a kcoupe. that the i don't agree with. i do agree with this, i think that cell phone, personal cell phones should be banned from weddings. >> one photographer went on a rant, because he was trying to take great pictures of someone's wedding and trying to get the shot when the bride and the groom are coming down the aisle, and the groom sees his bride-to-befor t-- be for the first time, and then all of the guests are blocking the aisle because they wanted a shot of the bride. this is the rant. he says he wants to start banning those kinds of phones from wedding ceremonies. >> he says that the guests ruin so many of the best shots and ruins the couple's experience because they turn to see their
10:09 am
guests and see phones and ipads. people are holding up the ipads. >> you are a witness of their marriage and watch them with your eyes and minds and not your phones. >> it sounds like he has a burr up his butt. >> yes, he sounds angry. >> and we are so happy today. >> and that includes seeing blake
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♪ and we are a couple of weeks ago hodie was giddier than usual because guess who stopped by our studio to hang out with us. >> look at this. this could be my wedng album. >> blake shelton. a new cd out what's it called? >> "country loaded." >> we got off that topic. >> can you believe he conveniently forgot to tell us about his steamy relationship with "the voice" coach gwen stefani. >> he had several opportunities. i ran into him in nashville and you know what i got? nothing. >> what was the deal in nashville? i want to ask you on tv. i was excited to see you, wanted to hug you, kiss you. >> i came to nashville. i came to the party. it was a party at a a place called losers. >> which is why i was there. >> i said hi and hugged you and
10:14 am
you had too many fans around so i bugged off. >> what? >> were you in hair and makeup? >> she was like don't, what are you doing? >> were you upset. >> i was like, this is our moment. we're away from lights, cameras, in a bar together hanging out. i was like, this is finally going to happen. she was like, get off me. >> i was embarrassed, kind of. i don't know why. my friend was like, we've got to go. let's go. >> is it true women who play hard to get become much more interesting immediately. >> no, i don't have for that crap. i want it now. >> like now? right now? >> right now? >> no, i don't -- >> warned you about that stuff. >> how are you doing? you've lost a lot of weight. went to hug you and there's like half of you. >> it will be back.
10:15 am
>> how did you drop it? lawn mowing season? >> what happened? give us the weight loss program. >> you know what, gosh, the first half of the year, the divorce happened. i don't know. i just stopped eating. i stopped eating a little bit. >> did you start exercising? >> no. >> did you stop drinking beer? >> what? literally like eating. eating. i kept on drinking. >> like a period of grief in a way. >> i don't know. i guess -- i didn't really think about it. so now i feel like that happened so long ago i lost some weight, now it's like, how did i do that? i couldn't do that again. >> is it foggy in your memory, the whole thing, like i was going to get through this? >> i guess so. >> do you feel better? >> yes. >> do you? >> yes. except the way you acted in nashville, like i didn't know you or something. >> i tiptoed up to you. i have video that we're going to show. i haven't shown the video yet.
10:16 am
i tiptoed up to you, jane was shooting it. your voice was like, hey. that's what it was. that's the reaction. >> come on. >> you want to watch it? >> i'm going to have to it to you after? >> there's no video proof, that's why it's not set up and ready right now. >> i'm embarrassed sitting in the middle of this. >> actually having that conversation privately i'm enjoying it. >> talking about the awards, why are you hosting it. >> role models for children hosting it. >> i'm the reality. here is what you're going to end up like, kids. this is probably the best you can hope for. >> what was your role model as a kid grog up. you were in oklahoma, right? >> i don't know. things like -- >> waylon jennings, a bad boy? >> when i got older it was country singers. >> the bad boys, chris christ
10:17 am
kristofferson. >> earl conly. >> there you go. >> my hero. >> he was in diapers. >> all right. we're excited for you. kids choice awards, do you know when they are? >> march the 12th. >> am i right? >> you are. >> your tour is in february, 11 days. >> yeah. it starts in february and goes to the end of march. i very rarely ever -- my agent called and was like, man, is there anything you can think of you would want to do, like done all these things. i actually had been thinking, i want to host those kids' choice awards. i want to do it. and she was like okay? >> what? >> and then we went -- i don't know. i want to do this thing with kids. it's fun. i want to get slimed. >> like you've never been slimed before. >> slimed a lot. >> got what was coming to him. >> here is the video. blake did get slimed for the kids choice award.
10:18 am
that's the promo. >> if they ever reveal what is chemically in that? >> i love it. >> he loves it. >> just keeps coming. >> and by the way, i did have video proof. >> i know you did. >> after the show you did show it. >> here it is. check it out. i tiptoed up like i said i did. i was hiding behind that guy, skinny guy in the red. >> look at his reaction, he was happy to see you. >> that was not happy enough for me. no. >> can't get enough. >> no, that was it. that was it. >> no. i see a little glimmer, now that we know what we know. >> by the way, you can catch "the voice" tonight 8:00, 7:00 central nbc. one of robin wright and sean penn's producedest productions. >> we're going to meet her right after this. proudest productions.
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her famous parents kept her out of the spotlight when she was younger, but not anymore. >> and she is a model and daughter of sean penn and robin wright is now starring in a new horror flick called "condemned." >> and so beautiful. the moment i saw her, i said, she is the daughter of robin wright no doubt. >> and so, it is not easy to look at some of the beginning stuff, but what did you think of the script? >> i had met eli, the director right before i read the script, and he is a very bright cover guy, so i was not surprised that, you know, the great script. although, horror is not my favorite genre, it kept me interested. >> and in is your first movie, and so you were making a comment
10:23 am
to me that a lot of young women start out that way. so when you told your mom and d dad, that i am going to be doing a movie and it is a horror movie tpi dedis realcpynd bd an lot of body fluids, what was the reaction? >> i think they were excited for me. as long as i am working, they are happy for me. >> do they give you advice when it comes to acting and like you have to be in the business and encouraging discouraging? >> very encouraging. i have always said that i wanted to be mer behind t scenes or in front of the camera. i think that they have always been supportive no matter what. >> and you have been doing the modeling thing with great success for the last several years. >> yes, the last several years, so it is a natural progression. >> yes, yes. it is a cliche transition.
10:24 am
>> and what do you like behind the camera? because it said that acting is f, and the passion is behind the camera. >> yeah. i i mean, writing is always something that i feel i am best at, and i always thought that if i write my own screen play i would have to direct it, and that is something that i definitely want to pursue. >> and should we play a little game? >> yes. >> this is called bull or pen. bull means a factoid -- >> and she made up the questions, so only she knows the answers. and hoda if it is true, and penn if it is not true. >> i hate spicy food. >> bull. >> penn? >> bull. >> all right. 1 for 1. >> i still sleep with a stuffed animal. >> penn. >> no, you do. you do. >> okay. >> wa. >> what is the stuffed animal? >> pig.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
next few minutes as it continues to move into the east bay. so still tracking lightning and maybe staying in the cloud s, but not the clouds to ground lightning we were seeing. san francisco, a lot of heavy rain earlier this morning. you're now taking a break from that. as the next round of rain moves in, you're looking at the possibility of another soaker, but not seeing the intense lightning and heavy downpours as that moves into daly city in the next few minutes. clearing that out, getting a look at the storms moving through the south bay, we are still looking at some heavy rain, some flash flooding, and that will be a possibility as we go through the morning. a look at the future cast, that shows that rain that will continue for the next several hours. later on today, it becomes very scattered, but still the possibility of rain as we go through the day. we'll have a look at traffic coming up after the break.
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information you probably know off the top of your head. enroll by december 15th to be covered by january 1st good morning. welcome back. wet roads in san jose. let's look at your maps. we still have all this activity on the south bay. we showed you the live look, the orange and yellow, the blue, that's ponding and puddling throughout silicon valley. lighter flow of traffic, lightly because some folks have days off for veterans day. san jose has a couple of spots, more toward san francisco and oakland getting closer to the bay bridge. freeways are open and moving
10:30 am
well. we'll show you 880 past the coliseum and still jammed up. a little bit of sun peeking out. more of that in the 11:00 nows. we are back on the funday monday and if your ears are ring, you know that we are talking about today the's buzz. this is the juicy hollywood gossip with tim stack. who is on the cover? >> eddie redmayne. >> what is that? the new prequel of the harry potter. >> and matt saw that the of a danish girl, and said it was unbelievable performances there. >> and this is the trailer, and the "star wars" trailer that was released. >> yes, the new trailer. let's look at this. >> i have lived long enough to see the same mind in different people. i see your eyes.
10:31 am
i know your eyes. >> what was that? what is go snong -- going on? >> well, that is lupita luongo's character, and she has on a bodysuit, and not recognizable. and because some people say that i see your eyes in other people, and that maybe -- >> no. >> and that maybe people are thinking that they are referring to ray which is the character of the female that is perhaps hans solo and princess leia's daughter. and it is luke who is missing. and you not seen luke skywalker at all. >> and so the theory is that e shba -- that he is bad. >> and do you think that yoda died? >> that is bad. not everybody dies in the movie.
10:32 am
>> and i will direct you to the "empire strikes back" to when he dies. he dies. >> and i find these movie s s te so unbelievable. >> let's move on to other breaking news. donald trump was on "saturday night live" and the ratings were through the roof? >> yes, the biggest in four years since 2012 the charles barkley episode. it was bad. it was real bad. ittç was no bu wayeno. and so darrell hammond showed up because of the equal time on the camera, and larry david showed up to heckle him. >> and he should look like bernie sanders. >> and when he did that rachel maddow skit, he did have the weird mannerisms which is strange. >> and the best part is that they recreated drake's hotline
10:33 am
video and if you have seen it, and trump danced to it, and he has the whole video of the drake video -- >> this is the real one? >> no, this is trump dancing and like bad dance moves. >> oh! >> i don't want to make fun of it, because drake the's dance moves were odd and sort of boring. but, yeah, it was great. >> i want to see trump again, and that is a little --? it is a little like -- what is that called? >> and evivan a ka sho-- evan k up. >> yes y, and nobody clapped. >> and she tryed on her dad's wig backstage. >> and nobody recognized her. >> i think that maybe something thought it was somebody playing somebody, but it was a big hit for nbc. >> and we nee >> oh, no.
10:34 am
>> my god, is that new? >> no. [ laughter ] >> i thought that wow were referring to me. >> and not the dress i picked out for her this morning. >> and she does pick. >> and now, there is a new crime drama coming out with jennifer lopez. >> yes, she releesased the new movie trailer "blue." >> and she is a cop. >> a dirty cop that straddles the line, but she has a lovely perm, as you can see, and wearing like lovely blazers, and she has to the rat on the other cops, and dra di matteo is in it. she is going back to "idol" in j january and launching the residency in vegas as well in january. >> and so this is so much fun. >> i am glad i cou be here for
10:35 am
the spanx alert. >> and donnie deutsche is going to share his newest big idea which turns him into the king of comedy. >> and she play s
10:36 am
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xeljanz can reduce the symptoms of ra, even without methotrexate. ask your rheumatologist about xeljanz. there is nothing more juicy than royals involved in somis ex scandals. >> and they never disappoint, and nobody more scandalous than this tv princess that we love to hate. a alexandra park. >> and she is princess eleanor of the queen played by elizabeth hurley. >> and behind the palace gates, life is not a fairytale. check it out. >> your father would be endlessly disappointed in you. >> yes, well, why don't you tell me who my father is, and we will see about that. try not to let the horse fall on you. >> oh, yes! ? it is just all fairy dust, ri t
10:40 am
right? you need some controversy. >> you do. theres >> and we are never disappointed on that. >> are you still partying your brains out in the second season? is that still happening? >> yes, a little bit of it, and she is trying to get it together the at times. >> but if you look at the scan of season one of what happened to this girl, you wouldn't be partying like she was? >> tell everybody what. >> she doesn't know who she is, and who her dad is, and she is illegitimate to her mother and father and her lover or boyfriend that she liked slept with her mom. >> how did that happen? >> and the fa s d. anh what doou expect? >> it has to be more fun to play the bad girl than if you were some virginal thing. >> yes, for me, it is a dream character to play, and i always hope that people would say, do you hope that she would get it together. maybe a little bit, but she would lose her fun and what is interesting and the qualities of
10:41 am
her. >> and you are australian and playing a brit, and do you have to change the accent that we are hearing here or do you keep pit same? >> at times after a long day, it sounds quite the same, but no, i have to put on a british accent, so, yeah. >> is it tough for you? >> well, it is easier to do the british accent is easier than the american accent. for american, i had to train it for about a year to get it good, but the british one, it is not so hard. yeah. >> and we talk about how elizabeth has been a mentor to you, and maybe the public image of elizabeth hurley is different than the woman who works long hours and almost motherly of you. >> yes, i was terrified to be hearing that i will be playing elizabeth's daughter, because i have grown up watching her movies, and she is a beautiful,
10:42 am
kp chair, elizabeth is like your best bud. she is wanting to know literally evynh is going on, and looking at you. >> and kath says, you look so much like her. and showing the split screen. >> it is crazy when you look at the two of you. and not in that picture, and anyway. >> that is the bestie. >> and what about the picture of your brother and you call him the b-a-e, which is what? >> it can mean anything, and lit keep you guessing, and we use that term. >> best friends. >> we are like best friends, and he does not play my bro ether, and liam. >> did we give it away? >> he plays a sexy body guard and we are not dating everyone. >> oh, we wondered.
10:43 am
>> okay. >> we loved to have you here. you come back here any time. >> and season two starts when? >> sunday, november 15th at 10/9 central on our sister station e! he plays a narcissistic reality series, but somehow it reality series, but somehow it is not why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. the challenges facing so neither does the u.s. army. we train. adapt. and get smarter.
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who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread.
10:48 am
it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. all righty. before don draper, there was donnie deutsche. >> donnie, donnie deutscheman. he is an ad executive who is back on primetime. >> you heard us talking about the new usa network called "donnie" where he play ss a sem fictional version of himself. >> semi. >> let me see it. let me see it. >> it is good. what is the big deal?
10:49 am
>> remember a few days ago when we did a show about no sexting. >> yes. >> you just sexted the universe. >> in is a suggestive pic. >> that is not a thing, donnie. that is not a thing. >> that is not a thing! hello, donny. >> and we saw three episodes and the one we were in was obviously the best, and christy blin ck - brinkley was there, and miikka was there. >> and we laughed all of the way home. >> and you were guys were great and on the show i play a talk show host like dr. phil who gives great advice and after the show, i am a complete hypocrite idiot who does nothing what i tell other people the do. and so i come on kathie lee and
10:50 am
hoda. and your old friend regis shows up, and he is hysterical, and russell simmons and christie brinkley. >> and you basically called all of your friends. >> and i play an idiotic version of the character. >> and that is your real closet? >> yes, in my show, women rule. i have been surrounded by a strong mother. strong sister, and strong business partners, and so in the show, i am the butt of the joke, and these powerful women prop me up, and really keep me from it. >> and you need it. >> yes, it is true, i need it. >> and the thing that surprised kath and it is a compliment at how good you are when it comes to the acting, because we have seen you in the situations where where you are doing the interviews and doing this. and this is loosely scripted. >> and loose si scripted and a lot of improve. but what you do is harder, and
10:51 am
you are improving for an hour everyday and so even when we did the scene, i came on and said, this is the premise of the thing and you rock and rolled, so if you have spent, and i have done thousands of hours of live television like this, it primes you to do this. and it is not necessarily line-line, but you are working on the line, and you know how to move and react to somebody, and what you do and matt does and savannah does, you are improving hours everyday. >> uh-huh. >> and would you say this is a heightened exaggerated version of the narcissistic jerk that you actually are. >> and now, you have interviewed so many people on camera and they are wonderful and loving, and off camera they are jerks. on camera, i am playing a roguish and i happy to think that i am very nice. >> yes, a wund of the most generous people in the world. and you are, donny. >> and i was walking rite into
10:52 am
that image and embracing it. >> and the clip we we showed made it seem lik whole thing is racy, but it is not. it is a lot of humor and heart. >> yes. >> and i would never expose and i have three children in real life and to make sure it is real, i have a 3-year-old tap dancing son and 10-year-old daughter. so i become a little league dad and get into a fistfight at his tap dancing show. and whether it is parenting or race or sexuality issues through the lenses of the tas and it is interen at it is a lot of fun, and i promise that everybody is going to laugh. >> i do, too. i think it is going to be a hit. >> we are happy for you. >> and you guys don't know at home, but they are cute and funny, but they are two of of the most giving people. >> yes, true. >> and not so much kathie lee. >> donny, we are so happy for you and it premiers tomorrow night at 10:30/9:30 central. >> don't forget. >> on the sister network usa. >> good job.
10:53 am
that was awesome.
10:54 am
10:55 am
10:56 am
time for our favorite things. i think that i found the cure for hot flashes, at least for me. somebody told me to get sotgl tt iuto help with joint pain, but they say it helps with hot flashes, and you should consult a doctor, because certain people are not supposed to take them, but for others it is to help with allergies and flushes the toxins and it has been working so far for hot flashes. >> and ten minutes. >> and mine is a movie coming out this weekend called "my all american o"starring eric winlock, and it is a true story of freddie wineark, and it is a
10:57 am
story by the same writers of "hoosiers" but it is really believable, and great performances, and take your kids to see it. it is a wonderful story. >> i we need another "rudy." >> and i wish that frank could have seen this movie. it but it wasn't a bomb. it was
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
lightning that blew up this homeowner's backyard. scott/vo the rain returning with a vengance in t blew up this homeowner's backyard. the rain returning with a ive eance in the bay area bringing along lightning and thunder for the second straight monday. we're getting a good soaking. ng ue's our live radar right there. d i'm n see it. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. here's a live look outside in san jose where the roadways still feeling the brunt of the storm. hallave team coverage of this t/2shoer rain. pete is tracking the rain on the peninsula, but we begin


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