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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  November 19, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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bullets. >> reporter: five days later the same man led the raid at an apartment just outside of paris. we got confirmation today from the top prosecutor in paris that the alleged ringleader of friday's attacks abdelhamid abaaoud was killed in that apartment identified by fingerprint analysis. also killed a woman described as a suicide bomber. you can hear her exchange with police seconds before she detonated her suicide belt. and there is this chilling new video from daily caught moments after the shooting started outside a parisian cafe. a woman wounded comes through the front door. outside the cafe a terrorist in a t-shirt shooting, then spotting another target, a woman on the street. he aims at her, but, she says,
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his gun jams and he walks away. i'm scott budman, nbc bay area. >> scott, thank you. tonight on "nightly news," more from that mass s.w.a.t. commando who spoke exclusively with lester holt. the inside story of that raid. lester joins us from paris at 5:30. wasting no time, house lawmakers passed a controversial bill to suspend the syrian refugee program. dozens of democrats joined republicans in supporting the bill allowing it to pass 289-137, making it a veto-proof majority. the concern comes after one of the terrorists in last week's paris attacks was found with a syrian passport and may have snuck into europe with a group of syrian refugees. the house bill would halt the refugee program until added layers of screening can be figured out. senate lawmakers led by dianne feinstein are working on a bill of their own. it would target tourists and prevent come from visiting the u.s. coming up on nbc bay area at
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6:00, who senators are most concerned about. just into our newsroom, he checked out of the motel 6, the violent sex offender who was put in the vallejo motel after his release shab evicted. city leaders say managers did not know they had rented a room to this man yesterday, fraser smith. state contractors who picked up smith from a state hospital checked in him under their own names. officials believe the contractors were trying to hide smith's identity. it's unclear whether the convicted sex offender will stay tonight but we have calls out to local authorities and will continue to follow this story. new at 5:00, an arrest after a plane preparing to land in sacramento was hit by a strong green laser. it happened last night to the cockpit crew of a southwest airlines flight. a chp aircraft went looking for the suspect and was also hit by that same laser while flying over an unincorporated area. the chp pilot remained over the area while officers on the ground located and arrested the suspect.
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laser strikes with become all too frequent near bay area airports, especially in the south bay. san jose international has the most reported laser strikes among the bay area's biggest three airports. and the numbers are rising quickly. nbc bay area's damon trujillo is live near the runways with an exclusive interview with the one officer dedicated to trying to find these culprits. damian? >> you know, san jose police have made several arrests of people who have been pointing those lasers on pilots on the approach here to sjc. now those suspects face a stiff jail fine and also some time in prison. >> we've been seeing a lot of hits coming from this area, the skyline area. that's kind of where we've been seeing many of the strikes. >> reporter: the area around brannon lane in south san jose is notorious for laser strikes. it's also where this officer has concentrated his efforts to track down the suspects. >> last couple months we've been successful with several arrests.
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>> reporter: anyone convicted of pointing a laser at a pilot faces up to five years in prison and up to $11,000 in fines for each incident but more importantly, these suspects need to know they're putting hundreds of people in danger. >> depending upon how intense that flash is and how long it illuminates their cockpit, it can be xa debilitating. >> reporter: of the three major airports, sjc tops the list when it comes to reported laser strikes. the country is on track to double the number of laser strikes to 5100. a new york news chopper was hit just last week. the pilot helped police track down and arrest a suspect. one pilot said they are always on alert when approaching the runway. >> we take precautions so, no, there's no fear in it. >> reporter: and again the faa
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emphasizes we are already at 5,148 laser strikes nationwide. they expect it to rise to 7,100 by the end of the year. we're live outside sjc, nbc bay area. >> it's concerning for a lot of people. thank you, damian. not guilty, that's the plea from the three drifters accused of killing two people here in the bay area. the suspects, sean angold, lila alligood, and morrison lampley were in a marin county court. here the sketches. they're all charged with murder but lampley is specifically identified in the criminal complaint as the shooter. the trio you might recall is accused of gunning down a marin counsel at the hiker steve carter and canadian backpacker audrey carey last month. all three will be back in court in may for a preliminary hearing. they face life in prison without parole or the death penalty. well, they served in war zones but the real fight started when they returned home. members of the national guard tell the nbc bay area
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investigative unit they battled to get answers to simple benefit "after being injured in the line of duty. tony kovaleski broke the story last month. this problem affects service members beyond just our state. >> reporter: initially we discovered the problem here in california. our digging uncovered this fact, delays in critical line of duty investigations is a national issue, and that's why we took our questions and our investigation to washington, d.c., to get some answers. we first told you that the california national guard led the way in letting down members of the guard. government records and new testimony from service members reveal overdue requests in every state in the nation. we've also learned that the military has known about the problem for years but has yet to fix the backlog. is that acceptable from your perspective? >> this is something that needs careful oversight. they need an action plan of how to reduce the backlog, and they need to move quickly and put someone in charge.
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>> reporter: coming up tonight at 11:00, we take you inside the issue. you'll hear from members of the guard, some have waited more than four years. we also asked the government what it's doing to fix the problem. i'm tony kovaleski. >> thank you, tony. if you have a tip for tony or investigative unit, just give us a call at 888-996-tips. also send us on e-mail to the ewe >> fredrick woods is the only one still behind bars. back in 1976 woods and two other men kidnapped a bus load of central valley school children and the bus driver intending to demand a ransom. the kidnappers buried those kids in an underground bunker near living room but t livermore. the group did escape. he can reapply in three years. the other two men have been paroled.
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and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff for neary. a mild day today. my full microclimate forecast. and that's where it comes from. this is about a promise to one little boy. >> how one promise has touched hundreds of lives in the valley fire and the victims. it's part of our bay area proud series.
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this story is getting the attention of gun owners -- and the n-r-a. this stems o the story is getting the attention of gun owners and the nra. this stems from our exclusive investigation on stolen guns. a san francisco supervisor is now calling for strict new rules on how guns are transported. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco. we exposed this problem earlier this week and today a first of its kind proposal. >> reporter: that's right. supervisor campos in san francisco says this happens too often. guns being stolen from cars in the city and then being used in shootings. he says his expanded legislation aims to prevent that with a wider net. the legislation now much broader was originally aimed at preventing kuns from being stolen from off-duty law enforcement officers in the wake of the deadly shooting of kate
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steinle. the gun used in that case belonged to a federal agency. it would be stolen from a car parked near fishermen's wharf. >> we are expanding the original piece of legislation we introduced to now apply to anyone who leaves a gun in a vehicle in san francisco. >> reporter: when adding the new amendment, supervisor campos also referenced our recent investigative unit story which found hundreds of guns have been lost or stolen from baya area lw enforcement agencies over the past five years. >> if the trunk is secured and it's a separate space, you can lock it in the trunk. but if it's not, we want you to put it in a lock box. >> i'm coming to you as a parent who has lost a child. >> reporter: today a public safety committee heard comment. sean richards with brothers against guns supports the change. >> stolen guns have been killing our kids for a very long time. the gun that was used in my brother's homicide, they were stolen guns that killed both of
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my brothers. >> are police chief greg suhr is also a supporter. he issued a bulletin on his department's policy on transporting police weapons. campos expects resistance from the gun lobby. another reason he says this is so critical is because the jump in car break-ins here in san francisco. by the way, this did pass committee today and will go before the full board in december. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area. >> christie, thank you. well, because of all the phone calls, we now know her name. police are trying to track down tasja dowel. she's the one who assaulted a student and stole her iphone. hours later she couldn't resist and took these selfies on that stolen phone. the photos as you might know automatically upload to the victim's icloud account. police released these photos yesterday and the phone calls started pouring in but they're still trying to track her down.
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two earthquakes rattling the bay area this afternoon. one was just north of wag nut creek and earlier one struck near gilroy. no damages or injuries reported from either quake. the devastating valley fire has been out of the headlines for a while but the people of lake county are still struggling with the disaster. >> a woman in the east bay made a promise to a young boy and she has delivered. garvin? >> candy alcott doesn't have a long hit of great humanitarian efforts. as a full-time school teacher and mother of six she didn't have a lot of time to throw herself into causes until this one cause. one which burned very close to her heart. >> reporter: to live in lake county these days is to be reminded every single day of the devastating power of nature. >> i need all volunteers down here. >> reporter: how nice it must be
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then to meet a force of nature. >> all the chairs go behind the tables down there. >> reporter: working to build them back up. >> reporter: kids helmets right here. adults' helmets on that table. >> reporter: candy is not a trained relief worker. she's a preschool teacher from livermore. e sh she used to live in lake county though which is why she was so moved by what she saw on her tv screens in september. >> i saw my town on fire. >> reporter: feeling she had to do something, candy packed her minivan with supplies and started making trips to the disaster zone. when the bike repair class at deval high school heard what she was doing, they donated 18 bicycles. candy handed those out one day in september, but one little boy got there too late. >> and i didn't have any more bikes. >> reporter: she promised to come back. >> and that's where the promise comes in. this is about a promise to one little boy.
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this is about this little boy right here. >> reporter: candy did cot back in october but not just with one bike. she brought 300 more. and this past weekend the bike angels united returned once again, this time 500 bikes in tow. >> we have approximately 220 new bikes and 300 used bikes. >> reporter: plane many of thes families are in the process of having to replace absolutely everything they own. while a bicycle might not seem high on that list, candy disagrees. she has seen firsthand what a lift a little ride can give. >> if the kids are happy, then mom and dad can deal with the everyday issues we're speaking about. >> reporter: but even now with 800 bikes rolling around lake county, candy's not done. she said someone is going to need to repair them all and she's promised to come back and do that. and as the people of lake county have already learned, when candy
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makes a promise, you can be sure she will deliver. >> i want to clap like a little girl. >> i know. >> lots and lots of happy kids and adults. most of these bikes are going to kids and are used for fun, there are people though who lost their cars or always relied on bikes for transportation to get to school and work. for those people this isn't just a little frivolous gift. this is something really -- >> it's their livelihood. >> it's really meaningful. she said the connection she has made with the folks are ones that will last forever and she's going to keep going back and helping these folks. >> such a great story. thanks, garvin. well, if you're going to host thanksgiving dinner this year, get ready to pay up. the american farm bureau just released new numbers this morning. it says the average cost for a thanksgiving dinner for ten people is just over $50. that's up 70 cents from last year. what's driving up the price? apparently a bit of everything. turkey, pumpkin pie mix, the rolls, and the stuffing. they're all a bit more expensive. >> it does get expensive and
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that actually gives us a good reminder for all of us here. we're helping to donate to needy families in the bay area this satisfy, rig saturday, right, jeff rainier rye. >> over 150 different safeways, helps out seven different food banks and we'll have more in the forecast this upcoming weekend if you want to head out and meet us on saturday but we'll take you outside to the sky camera network right now. relatively light winds and also a mild day throughout the bay but we're starting to drop off pretty typical at 5:17 with the sun setting. 64 in the south bay. east bay at 65 and back towards san francisco currently 63. 68 in the north bay after some 70s for today. now, as we head through tomorrow morning we'll start off mainly clear and the other thing we'll note, even with the clear skies we have warmer air aloft so that's going to keep temperatures from dropping down into the 30s for the north bay. we'll begin at 43 in marin, napa and sonoma counties. 51 in san francisco and start with 46 for the south bay. the largest change as we head
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through friday is not only the north bay going to experience these drier offshore winds but it's also going to happen across contra costa, santa clara and san mateo countiecounties. 10 to 15 miles per hour on average from the east bay to the south bay will not only help to increase the fire danger on friday, but again warm up our temperatures. so you combine that in with high pressure offshore and we're definitely locked in for isolated 70s for tomorrow. we stay dry on saturday and also on sunday and a nice weekend coming our way, although i'd personally like to see the rainfall. it's just not in the forecast for the. >> up coming weekend. you can see right here, here are those temperatures that are going to be going up 3 to 5 degrees past our averages to 73 in cupertino and sunny skies. beautiful day in san jose at 71 and for the peninsula we'll go up to 66 in pacifica and palo alto at 71. if you're in the financial
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district with that 68 the sun is out it will feel like the low 70s. north bay, east bay, and also for the tri-valley we want you to zone in right here across the north bay. if you're here visiting heading up to wine country, it is going to get close to 80 degrees tomorrow in santa rosa. also napa up to 74. beautiful day back here across the east bay. walnut creek at 75 and oakland at 70 and the tri-valley also warming up to the low and mid-70s. we keep with this trend right into this upcoming saturday and sunday. that will put the south bay at 73 on saturday. 75 on sunday, and for the east bay we'll have 71 on saturday and down to 69 on sunday. so if you are looking for something to do this weekend, saturday is the day to come out and meet nbc bay area employees at the local safeways. $10 makes a big difference. your donations will help seven different bay area food banks and this is going to be happening right through christmas. you have to go out and do that donation. and as we head throughout next week, we've been talking about the possibility of rainfall. the forecast models are backing
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off on the storm system. tuesday isolated showers. for wednesday the scattered chance of rainfall and for thanksgiving mainly dry but definitely colder with widespread 50s across the bay area. raj and janelle, a lot of people were there out there yesterday. it will be another bausy day fo donations. >> specifically saturday we'll all be there as well. thanks, jeff. still ahead, back to the border. the new research that shows more mexicans are leaving the united states and heading back home into mexico. we'll tell you why. and what a mess. how livermore police hope you can help them track down the drivers who crashed into a fire hydrant today.
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we'll tell you why. we'll tell you why. not what we want to see in a
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drought... wasted water in livermore today, afer a car hi well, not what you want to see during a brought. wasted water in livermore today after a car hit this fire hydrant. now, this is at the corner of 5th and south p street in livermore. police say the car hit the
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hydrant and then took off. there's a tragic development to a story we first reported this morning. authorities are now confirming a body found in the napa river is that of a missing jet skier, kelly may. she vanished last night while moving that vet ski from her home into a trailer. search crews found her body this morning in the water near the brazos drawbridge. an autopsy will determine the exact cause of death. a stunning reversal is under way in the traditional immigration pattern between the u.s. and mexico. more mexican nationals are now leaving the u.s. than migrating here. the pew research center found several reasons more than 1 million mexican nationals moved south in recent years. border jumping has grown too dangerous they say. the aging population has made jobs easier to find for the younger folks and there are now more high paying jobs in northern mexico. how does a fish make history? salmon became the first food animal the fda is allowing to be genetically modified calling it
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safe to eat. the fda already allows modified corn, soybeans and potatoes. biologically the new salmon is like the ordinary variety, but it grows much faster. critics call it a franken fish and worry it will escape and mate with wild salmon. the company though says that won't happen since it farms the fish in tanks on land in canada and panama. well, speeding things up, big donation from mark zuckerberg. we'll tell but it next.
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we're digging into the safety record of the tour bus involved in last weeks crash at tonight at 6:00, we're digging into the safety record of that tour boss involved in last week's crash at union square. what the bus company didn't do with the bus that could land them in a lot of trouble. that's coming up on the 6:00 newscast. some students may soon see faster internet speeds thanks to a donation from facebook founder mark zuckerberg. he announced he's donating $20 million to the education super highway. that's a nonprofit organization committed to increasing access to high-speed internet in schools. zuckerberg says most schools in the u.s. are connected but less than half have high-speed broadband. that puts both students and teachers at a disadvantage when it comes to accessing learning tools online. this is not the first time he's donated millions to education
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causes. five years ago he donated $100 million to the public school system in newark, new jersey, and $120 million last year to bay area schools. his wife priscilla chang will head a new private school for under served children in east palo alto. that's scheduled to open next year. >> and they're expecting their first child i believe very soon. >> congratulations to them. >> before we leave, jeff, do you want to take us outside and tell us what we'll see tonight and tomorrow morning? >> let's get a look. you can see as we head through tomorrow's forecast, it will be mild, all the way to 75 in the north bay. san francisco 67. we'll average 74 in the tri-valley and the south bay at 72. drier offshore winds with us not only for tomorrow but right through the weekend. for thanksgiving we have had some changes in the storm system next week. it does not look as strong as it did earlier this week. that's expected this far out so for tuesday, isolated showers right now on tap. wednesday a scattered rain chance. thanksgiving looks mainly dry and those colder 50s and in case you didn't hear it, icy am i on
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twitter. you know that hash tag. food drive is happening now so head out this saturday, we'll be there. >> in case you missed it. >> yeah! breaking news tonight from paris as the terror attack ring leader is confirmed dead. our exclusive interview with the masked s.w.a.t. commando who led the heroic raid on the concert hall, what he calls hell on earth. hundreds of hostages cowered on the floor in fear. police facing down a ferocious assault by the attackers. only a bullet-riddled shield between them. also tonight, richard engel inside the massive intelligence failure. the ring leader hiding in plain sight under their noses and europe's first female suicide bomber. new video in her final moments before blowing herself up as police closed in. >> at home, how safe are we? what the fbi director is now saying is his biggest fear. "nightly news" begins right now. >


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