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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  November 23, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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one...but many neighbors -- rushing to the scene of a hit i don't know how we did it. i don't know how we did it. >> right now at 11:00, not just one, but many neighbors rushing to the scene of a hit and run. they share with us how they saved a man's life and what they did when they confronted the driver. good evening and thanks for being with us. >> good samaritans are coming together tonight, hoping to make a dangerous stretch of roadway safer. the mission started over the weekend when a suspected drunk
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driver crashed just south of downtown san jose on vine and willo. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is there tonight. this was a horrific crash and the story is far from however. >> that's right, raj. you can tell by looking at this car. it's almost unrecognizable. and another car smash intoog this fence. it all happens saturday night and what happens next may restore your faith in humanity. >> and i just heard a loud crash. i knew something bad had happened. >> elizabeth navares was one of the first on the scene after she heard a loud bang. >> and the two guys that were running, fleeing from the scene. >> they didn't get far. >> no, not on my watch. it wasn't going to happen. >> we held him. if i had to tie him with hi hose, i was going to tie him with my hose. >> about a dozen neighbors rushing out to help after they realized an innocent bystander ended up trashed underneath the
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cars. >> i just started yelling at everybody, let's lift the car. let's lift the car. my daughter goes, grab ahold to whoever was around us. i don't know how we did it. >> they lifted the car and held three suspects at bay, one of them 31-year-old fidel gomez. >> if these guys have any history with duis and they're still out driving vehicles, you know, i would like to see that addressed. >> gomez was arrested for felony hit and run and driving under the influence. but neighbors say there's another major problem here, speeding cars. >> this street has gotten to be a death trap. they fly through here. >> they say something needs to be done about that. they're just happy the community was able to save a life. >> i think each and every one of my neighbors is going to last us for a lifetime. >> i spoke with san jose city councilman raul perez tonight and he says he took over this district a year ago. he says he knows about the speeding problem here and he says fixing it with a top
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priority. reporting live in san jose, cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. here comes the cold and the wet. big changes tomorrow as we kick off thanksgiving week. you can see the developing storm on the satellite radar to our north there. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri is tracking the timing of this storm and the impact possibly for our morning commute, jeff. >> and you can see the cold front associated with the rainfall and the cloud cover. the rainfall is just off to the north. that's going to bring in the dramatic changes as we head into tuesday. the initial rain drops arriving throughout the morning, i think early commuters will still be okay get to go and from work. but the early to him line on this does show the biggest problems if you are leaving later in the morning will be those slick roads and winds 20 to 40 miles per hour. also extremely low sierra snow, potentially down to 2,000 feet. we're tracking that snow, we're tracking the rain and i'll have details on that in about 20 minutes. >> thank you, jeff.
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terry mcsweeney is out live in the cold on treasure island. lots of people scrambling trying to get ahead of this wet and chilly stretch that's just ahead for us. >> including emergency crews and power crews. they have on stand by tonight. everybody is being asked to do their fair share as the storm moves into the bay area. >> the winds of change are beginning to blow. it will be rain first and then a cold snap just in time for thanksgiving. >> certainly our crews are on stand by ready to roll. if we need to, we can open up our emergency centers. >> even a small storm can bring big problems. >> you have those storm drains on -- near your house and at your corner. if you can go and clean that up, that would be great. . >> we're asked to check trees on our property to make sure branches are away from power lines. >> the more prepared we all are, the better off we will all be. >> and it's not just here in the bay area. the sierra will get hit again
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with another round of snow. pg&e reminding everybody tonight they offer a once a year natural gas check on your appliances and your residents. they're asking to place check your carbon monoxide and snow detectors, make sure they're working. >> can never be too safe. thank you, terry. we have complete coverage across our digital platforms. this could help you track the weather in your neighborhood. download our free nbc bay area app. . a deadly scene in pacifica. a student coming home from school was killed while crossing the street. police need witnesses to come forward. investigators say the teenager got off the bus and was walking home when that suv struck him. it happened on skyline boulevard and glenn court way around 3:30 this afternoon. the driver was 18 years old. police say the victim was in the crosswalk. a grewsome family crime in the north buy, a son is accused of killing his parents. tonight, that son is in custody.
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34-year-old nathan wilson, seen here, had been on the run all day. tips from people helped detectives track him down where he was arrested. police say wilson stabbed his mom and dad at the family's home off the sexton road this morning. he's being held in a mend seeno county jail while awaiting extradition to sonoma county. santa clara police want to know who fired three shots at their main police building. you can see the three bullet holes on a window on the ground floor. just as the holiday travel season gets into full gear, there's a serious warning from the u.s. department of state. americans traveling abroad need to be alert. because terrorist groups may be planning more attacks. nbc bay area is live with more on the warning. really, jean, what should we all know as we make our plans?
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>> most of the travelers say they're aware of the alert. while it's something to consider, it will not keep them on the ground. >> i'm visiting my grandmother. she's 96. >> like thousands of other travels at sfo, heidi is flying to see family for thanksgiving. the international terminal is busy. the united states department of state has a warning for americans traveling abroad. after terrorist attack necessary france, nigeria, denmark, turkey and mali. the united states issued a worldwide travel alert, warning of possible additional attacks. >> i kind of figured after what happened in paris, we'll be on high alert. i guess i think bit, but at the end of the day, i have to enjoy my holidays, i have to see family.
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>> i'm still going, of course. you can't pass up that chance. intensifying attacks against isis. that's what president obama and his french counter part, francois hollande, will be discussing tomorrow in washington, d.c. the french president has been building an international cocollisic cocoalition to fight attacks. here is video of them together now. he's scheduled to meet with german chancellor angela merkel and russian president vladimir putin later this week. did you charge alcohol to the district credit card? >> i am not quite too sure. >> we are. the records that show the booze he bought with public money. i'm investigative reporter vicki wynn. up next, we investigate a bay area college chance lore breaking the rules. and he wasn't lost a game as the warriors interim coast, but
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luke watson recently lost something else. how he became a victim in a spree. the social media stunt now in the cross hairs of facebook. and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. king tides return the next few days so watch out if you're heading to the beaches. meanwhile, we're tracking the about a waves o way to the bay area. learned how one bay area college
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chancellor -- is spending some tax dollars .and it all started when a sports car showed up on campus. =jess/2shot= investigative reporter vicky nguyen is here now with details he doesn't play by the rules. it all started when a college chancellor showed up with unauthorized charges. >> this is ron galatano, chancellor of the san mateo college district. we received a tip after he was
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spotted driving this car and storing it in an abandon building on campus. when we started asking questions about the car, it led us to questionable expenses on the chancellor's credit card. she's a beauty, a replica of a 1950s porsche spider. these photos show the car parked in a building on the building of san mateo campus. it appears the temporary dmv registration was taped to the windshield. a closer look shows the car was sold to the san mateo community college district. >> the chancellor, he was the one driving the car. >> this person asked to be disguised out of fear of retaliation. he says the chancellor regularly drove the car, but no one knowsit was stored here. >> you have this porsche just sitting by itself in an abandon building. it's just -- something is up. the i mean, maybe this is just the tip of the iceberg. >> he was right. we requested a list of the cars
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owned by the college district. turns out, this car wasn't on that list. we weren't able to independently verify the photos, but we tracked the vin on the tag back to one of the district's leased cars, this hyundai sew national ta. we'll get to the car in a moment. but first, we went through three years of expenses charge to the district's credit cards and paid for by the public. we found chancellor galat will o, who makes $3040,000 a year, charged hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol during business meals and trips even though the district's policy says that's prohibited. >> difficult to explain. >> lisa keegan served as the state superintendent in arizona for several years examine she's the senior policy adviser on education. she says it's a common policy to ban the purchase of booze on a public credit card. that doesn't mean leaders can't purchase their own drink with dinner or pay for a client's drink. it just can't be with public funds. >> i think alcohol is restricted because the public is confliktd
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about it and i think that's fair. >> it was only after we dug up the original receipt that's we found more. two mojitos from the poolside bar in vegas, a $100 bottle of wine plus several glass of wine during a $400 dinner in san diego. in riverside, a $57 bottle of wine. and beers in the bay area and vietnam. but the biggest receipt we uncovered, a meal with 97 $978 tab where he charged 8 classes of wine at a staff dinner. galatolo didn't submit all detailed receipts. we found the chancellor regularly dimes on the district dime at pricey restaurants. compare that with expenses we reviewed for other bay area college leaders who have meetings at fast casual
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restaurants, one at mcdonald's, and we found no other records showing those leaders bought boosz with public money. hi. vickdy with nbc bay area news. >> how are you doing? >> good. did you charge alcohol to the district credit card? >> i am not quite too sure. >> we asked the chancellor for an interview to discuss his expenses. he said he would only talk with it through a live unedited news cast so we agreed. after two business days and no response, we caught up with the chancellor before a public board meeting and showed him the receipts we uncovered. >> i didn't buy mojitos in las vegas, i'm sorry. >> but here they are, clearly bought and submitted for payment. if i bought those, i guarantee you they were reim bused. >> the chancellor has not given any -- >> and listen closely, in the span of less than a minute,
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first, he understands district rules. >> when your policy says prohibited use, an employee is not authorized to use the procurement card for personal purchases. down here it says alcohol. >> absolute my. and that is true. >> then web didn't know what the rules were. >> and i don't know if this is our current policy with regard to that, as well. >> this policy that was in effect of march 2014? >> well over two years ago. >> that is when your purchases were made. >> i'm just saying, i don't know the timing. i'll look at the timing and look and see. >> and finally, no, he didn't know the policy. >> were you aware of this policy before we showed it to you? >> no, i was not aware of that policy before you showed it to me. >> confusing? not for these students. >> top of the food chain, he feels he can do what he wants. sometimes untouchable. i don't know. >> i feel like people in power abuse their power, like they don't have to adhere to the rules sometimes. >> he should get fired. >> that's up to the board of trustees. the rules say the card may be revoked if used to buy alcohol
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and board president patricia malin refused to answer our questions, e-mailing, instead, to say, quote, all the sxents expenditures made by the chancellor are within the general parameters of what the board expects of the chancellor. i also believe that my colleagues on the board would agree. >> that's a tough sell. that's a tough sell. so you have to ask yourself, if we ask it in a public meeting, would everybody go, sure, you make $300,000? sure, charge us for your bottle or wine during dinner. that's not what most people have the means to do. >> these things are absolutely petty. >> he says the meal at the mon ami was a celebration for staff and he insists he did not drink. >> i don't know if they bought drinks or not. but our staff as a whole do not drirpg. that's what i'm telling you. >> as for that porsche replica, he says it belongs to a friend. >> do you know why there was a regular administration taped in a windshield that belonged to a district window? >> no, i don't know anything about that, either. i'm sorry.
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>> does that make any sense to you? >> makes no sense to me whatsoever. i allowed a friend to use the vehicle here while they were getting it registered. >> i have to pay $52 for my sticker outside. i have to pay for my parking. >> how important is it for public leader, especially of public institutions, for them to be careful and cautious about how they spend public dollars? >> nothing is more important, probably, because at the end of the day, we kind of use the way you use money as proxy for your character in the position. >> the chancellor says he is proud of his work at the district. we should note, this is the same district that just got a $388 million bond approved by voters to upgrade facilities at the schools. all that money under the stewardship of this chancellor and his board. >> okay. thank you, vicki. if you have a tip for vicki wynn on this story or any other story, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail directly to the unit. let's switch goers and talk about the next couple of hours. we're going to start to see that
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rain coming in in the north bay, je. the cloud cover is definitely increasing right now. for tomorrow's forecast, the first stop for the storm system will be the north bay and getting chilly. no doubt one need the jacket and the umbrella for tomorrow morning. but it's not going to be an early morning rain event for that commute. so let's go ahead and take you through the timeline. you can see as we head through tomorrow morning, we'll likely g begin to see this rainfall arriving by 9:00 up into marin, na napa, sonoma counties. then eventually starting here in san francisco, down towards contra costa county. as we continue through the morning hours, around 11:30 in the morning, that clt drops counsel into san jose. so it will be later to get to you down here in santa clara county. we'll see showers linger until about 2:30 in the afternoon for morgan hill and gillroy. across the bay area, it will mean snow for the sierra.
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check it out around the afternoon hours. heading across interstate 80, highway 50, we will have some heavier pockets of snow. what with the rainfall totals? how much are we going to get? forecast models have ramped this up just a little bit. but at least a tenth of an inch higher than what we had earlier today. maybe 2900 in napa. 3200 in orenda. possibly .42 in los gatos. it may help to squeeze out a little more moisture. definitely good news across the higher elevations here in the bay area. in terms of snowfall, it's going to happen as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday. 9 to 13 inches for the highest elevations. but the big news on your way up there will be how soon you hit that snow. check it out. pollock pines may get in on 2 inches of snow, but it may begin with just a rain/snow mix.
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let's take you to that microclimate forecast as we head throughout tuesday. again, we'll have the rainfall. but look at these cooler temperatures. after the 70s this past weekend, it will feel down right chilly. 55 in san jose. morgan hill, 54. repeat performance of those 50s across the peninsula and we'll see the same thing for san francisco, as well. north bay, east bay and also for the tri valley. what you want to notice here is up into the north bay, not only the rainfall in mill valley, but notice this icon here. that rain is slanted. that marines gusty winds in the north bay. watch out for that. for the east bay, coming in at 58. danville, temperatures in the mid 50s. once we get over tuesday, what's going to be happening in the forecast? maybe an early morning showers on wednesday. thursday morning, on thanksgiving, all about these cold temperatures. down with isolated 20s and 30s and for thanksgiving in the evening hours, you'll still need that jacket. daytime highs may have a hard time getting out of the 40s. so we'll feel like thanksgiving
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on thanksgiving this year. i don't know, i like it. >> it's very comprehensive. i'm taking notes the whole time. >> it's fall. that's the way it should be. still ahead, the two worst traffic bottlenecks in the bay area. trust me, you've done them. >> and we have jimmy. >> adele is my guest tonight. she is performing. plus we have kelly rippa right there. it's a great show. do not change the channel. this is about the only thing
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he's lost this seasoin. warriors interim head coach luke walton has been riding high lately... leading the team to a 15-0 record. but off the court -- he lost his car. his mercedes was stolen from his oakland hills home. today, an oakland man was arrested for not only warriors interim head coach
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has been winning this season, but off the court, he lost his car. today, an oakland man was arrested for not only stealing coach walton's car, but for car jacking a 74-year-old woman in her driveway. the series of crimes in oakland'smo oakland's montclaire neighborhood. college campuses in the bay area and beyond are seeing facebook pages for white student unions. no one knows who is doing it. the creator claims that these pages are for white students around the country. this one set up at uc berkeley. another one created at stanford. the pages don't stay up for very long. facebook took them down after university administrator complained, but not because of the rate racist nature, but instead, because facebook discovered the creator used fake names to create the pages. this probably will not come as a shoeshg to you. two of the most congested roads in the entire country are right here in the bay area.
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study by the american highway users alliance ranks i-80 in san francisco as the 12th worst gridlock spot in the nation. i-80 in the east bay comes in at number 16. now, the time loss sitting in traffic in those two trouble spots adds up to over $100 million in lost productivity a year. and at least you're not driving in chicago. take heart in this. interstate 90 there takes the top spot as the worst congested roadway in the country. the next six spots on the top of the ten list of the most clogged roadways are all in los angeles. they include parts of the 405, the 101, 110 and the 10, all of them making that list. >> we've done them all. up next, the warriors on the eve of an nba report. stay with us. ♪
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(vo) some call it giving back. we call it share the love. during our share the love event, get a new subaru, and we'll donate $250 to those in need. bringing our total donations to over sixty-five million dollars. and bringing love where it's needed most. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. 15-0. they're in the anals of nba history. the winning streak and the perfect season live on. >> since we're at 15, might as well get service. that's the next step. i'm excited about that challenge on tuesday. >> with the visiting lakers, a 17 1/2 point underdog tomorrow night, a record setting 16th
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consecutive victory to start the year seems to be a formality. good evening. geraud moncure. steph curry and company hope to push their come nag nance into the following month. leading to four more victories, curry was named nba western conference player mvp once again. cal houston state, shot clock winding down. he will assist to himself off the backboard for the dunk. playground move coming to you. pac-12 style. cal wins big, 89-63. they are 4-0. finally, 49ers players and their families spreading thanksgiving kindness tonight at the bicardo reception center in san jose. a thanksgiving feast for 175 community guests in need was provided by famous dave's pit barbecue and dished out by
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members of the red and gold. that's it for sports. more news coming to you after the break.
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okay. so before you go to bed tonight, lay out the coats, the rain boots, the scarfs and the gloves. you'll need them all. >> exactly. and take notes. >> 9:00 a.m. tomorrow, the storm begins to arrive up in the north bay. but, again, it will not be an early morning storm. it's going to take a while to get down to san jose. we think by around the noon owl hour, we'll start to see some of the pockets and likely rain to linger into the pocket, as well. what about wednesday and thanksgiving? a few possible showers early wednesday. it will be dry and sunny on thanksgiving, but a cold start, maybe some isolated 20s and 30s and only 40s for daytime high owes thursday. >> thanks for joining us. have a good night. >> bye-bye. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kelly ripa, adele, and featuring the legendar


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