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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  November 28, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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suspect is considered to be armed and dangerous, so here's what we know so far. this all started about noon, when police found a woman stabbed at a home in san mateo. detectives were able to track the suspect's car to the suter health urgent care center, this in carlos. that led to a search and even b.a.r.t. trains being delayed. right now that's where we check in with nbc bay area's christie smith who is live and following this story. christie, what is the latest? >> reporter: this is one of the locations that san mateo police have searched this afternoon, following up on what they're calling a domestic violence-related homicide. as you said, a woman called for help earlier, saying that she had been stabbed. she did die of her injuries. now, the man police are looking for is 22-year-old anthony corinchick who left that building in a car. tips have come into the sheriff's department and s.w.a.t. team. they did search that building
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and it was urgent care and it was evacuated earlier. it began around noon where that woman was stabbed in the 1500 block of south b. the suspect got into a hit-and-run, kept going, and the police have been searching ever since. >> the vehicle was located unoccupied by the sheriff's office conducting a search with us in coordination to look and see if the suspect is still in this area here. we're also conducting an investigation elsewhere, to see if the suspect has left this scene and is somewhere else. >> reporter: now, investigators also contacted police at sfo and b.a.r.t. police, who were checking in at daly city and coleman stations to see if perhaps he might have turned up there. meantime, police say, they can't go into a criminal history, but they can say they have had a number of responses to that address, related to domestic violence and we did just get an update. they're saying that this building and parking lot is clear, so their search continues. reporting live near san mateo, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thank you very
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much. we are, of course, following these details very closely. let's show you the suspect's photo once again. police are warning that anthony corinchick is armed and dangerous. if you have any information about this man, please call police. we're continuing to follow every detail about this breaking story. you can get the latest online or on our nbc bay area app. a woman's body found inside a burning car. now oakland police are investigating its 88th homicide of the year. emergency crews were called to marshal street last night. when they arrived, they found the body. they pronounced the victim dead at the scene. the "oakland tribune" says the woman was from san leandro. oakland had 86 homicides this year and has 88 so far this year. a north bay household terrorized this morning by an armed intruder. this morning, a man woke up to find a masked man pointing a gun at him and demanding money. it happened inside the house you see here. the thief took the cash and left. no one was injured, but the man and woman, very shaken. this took place at the end of a
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dead end street halfway up a mountain on shady lane. one neighbor we spoke to is on edge. >> and it's a frightening feeling to feel that your neighborhood isn't what you thought it was. >> police say the man was wearing khakis, a black waet shirt, and a ski mask. if you have any information about this, call mill valley pd. >> downtown campbell very festive and a few folks out there looking for dinner or a bit of small business shopping. they are bundled up, quite wisely. let's check in with meteorologist rob mayeda. >> a lot of people out there supporting the small businesses. >> a good time to do it. at least we don't have to worry about the rain right now. the temperatures cooling quickly and a freeze warning is expanded out for this evening. you can see up and down from the central valley, up to the sacramento valley, to the north and east of us and up to the bay area, freeze warnings and frost advisories down towards the coast and inner bay through 9:00
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tomorrow morning. freeze warning kicking in tomorrow night. temperatures in a range from 36 to 22 for a few hours' time. and livermore down to 44 degrees right now. 42 in danville. as we take you into the south bay, you can see los gatos and out near campbell, you're seeing temperatures in the 40s and 50s at the moment. up to stanford, you're at 42 in stanford right now. by 8:00 tonight, dropping through the 30s. mid-30s around midnight, and by tomorrow morning, coldest temperatures we've seen since the first few days of january. we're looking at lows in the upper 20s to low 30s for the north bay valleys, north bay san jose. then watch what happens for monday morning. this cold blast is lingering. and it looks like we'll see another round of freezing temperatures, as we head back to the workweek and finally a chance of seeing some rain back in the forecast. a look at that coming up in the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> rob, talk about weather-related here. icy roads being blamed for a crash in san mateo county this morning. chp officers say a truck flipped
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over on the doran bridge. another car couldn't stop and slammed right into the truck. all three victims walked away with only minor injuries. cal trans is going to put salt on the roads. officers say remember, please slow down and wear your seat belt. our app is just what you need to track the temperatures. it's free for android and iphone devices. click on weather on the dropdown menu for the very latest forecast. right now investigators are trying to determine what caused a man to snap and open fire in a planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs, colorado, yesterday, killing three people. authorities are holding robert lewis dear, the man seen here in this mug shot, without bail, in connection with the shooting. officials tell nbc news that a motive right now remains unclear. however, the gunman was finally taken into custody after a five-hour standoff with police. police say he was armed with an ak-47 type of rifle when he fired into the planned parenthood clinic, wounding nine people and killing three of
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them. a witness describes the frightening scene after coming face to face with the gunman. >> he was looking directly in my face and he was aiming for my head. i could see it in his eyes. >> planned parenthood officials say that all 15 employees at the clinic survived. we reached out to our local planned parenthood organizations here. they say they have not seen anymore protests after the shooting and that their number one priority is the safety of their patients and their staff. new at 6:00, a tragic loss for an east bay family. their home went up in flames this afternoon. danville firefighters were called to the 5600 block of johnston road off of camino tack hara about 12:30 today. the fire grew quickly to two alarms. flames shot through the roof of the 3,000-square-foot home. firefighters say the remote area made their work tougher because they had to truck in the water. >> most of the fire engines hold 600 kblgallons of water.
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the actual water tenders hold up to #00,000 gallons. so they're dumping, coming back, refill, dumping their tanks once again. >> two people were inside that home, but no injuries reported. well, the malls may be packed, but today many mom and pop stores are feeling some consumer love. it is small business saturday. so people all across the bay area are making an effort to shop local on this day. marianne favro joining us live in campbell where small businesses are getting a big boost. marianne? >> reporter: terry, even though it's very cold out here right now, business is bustling here in downtown campbell, and it's very lively. they even have some live music for this shop local saturday. and many people here went out of their way to give smaller stores their business. and it's not just here in campbell. in downtown palo alto today, hundreds of people shopped locally, avoiding big malls and big box stores. some say it's all about enjoying
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a relax buy while shopping for others, it's kind of like going to the barn, where everybody knows your name. >> some stores don't already know that. when we come, they smile to us. it's like visiting old friends. >> reporter: the retailers we talked to today say they definitely noticed a spike in business today and even compared it up since last holiday season. some shoppers admit they may pay a little more than what they would at a big chain store, but they say they're more likely to find one of a kind gifts by stopping at local boutiques. and they like that unique aspect about it. they also enjoy shopping outdoors. credit card company american express started small business saturday back in 2010 as a way to encourage shoppers to spend money at small businesses and that's exactly what president obama did today, with his daughters in washington, d.c. he went and bought a bunch of books at a small bookstore. reporting live in campbell, marianne favro, nbc bay area
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news. >> campbell is a good place to do it. speaking of, is black friday dead? the malls might not have been as packed as years before, but that's not the whole story. analysts say it has been a record holiday season so far, but she gets it, most people are shopping online. that is where they're spending their cash. so, analysts say that consumers have spent about 14% more than holiday season -- than previous years, but more than half of those sales are online. experts say it's possibly because of the bad weather that's keeping folks at home. and some people may be waiting to buy more gifts on cybermonday which is coming up here in about 48 hours. might be one special i'm waiting for. the waterways are becoming a troublesome fix. the hurdle crews are having to deal with now to fix this major water main break in the east bay. and an orphan in the waters off monterrey county. how this dolphin became stranded and the search for its mother.
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a of garbaged overturned on the . time for a little trash talk on this saturday evening. a pig rig carrying 22 tons of garbage overturned on the freeway going through fremont earlier today. lovely, isn't it? >> beautiful smell. >> it happened about 7:30 this morning on the auto mall parkway on-ramp to northbound 680. nobody injured, but it did take several hours to clean up this big mess, as you can imagine.
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the on-ramp is closed during that time. >> you've got that mess there and you've got this mess here. take a look at some tough weather problems here causing hurdles for crews trying to fix a water main break, this in the east bay. a pipe there burst at the top of the hill in lafayette. look at all of the water spilling out on to the road into the surrounding neighborhood if homeowners had to act quickly to prevent flooding into their homes. this was the scene today. crews have been working very hard to fix this pipe. the job was supposed to be finished around moon, but east bay mud says it likely will be wrapping up this evening. here's a look at the broken metal pipe that caused all of the problems. you can see right there, a big old hole there. the pipe, by the way, 66 years old. >> got some beautiful pictures to show you coming our way from the sierra. take a look at this. this is time lapse video from heavenly mountain ski resort at lake tahoe. i love this kind of stuff. it was taken from one of their live web cams. >> that's great. >> sun comes up, see the white
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frost over the trees, drivers heading up into the mountains. if you're heading that way tonight, be careful for black ice. and when you're looking for black ice, the reason it's so tough, it's black, the same color of the road. you've got to take it easy if there's any moisture or you're going over a bridge. >> excellent advice. meteorologist rob mayeda has been watching that as well,s with the dipping temperatures this evening. >> we've been seeing cold temperatures here, but truckee this morning, minus 2 degrees. very dry conditions in the sierra. and unfortunately, no fresh snow, at least for this weekend. so far, not too bad for the central and southern sierra. about 70 to 78% of average. it's the northern sierra or areas north of i-80 that really aren't doing so well so far this year. about half the average snowfall to date. and the state average right now running at about 61% of average. and our bay area rainfall averages, very interesting, a tail of two sides of the coin. about 90 to 100% of average in
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the north bay. as we go through this very strong el nino, it was january and february, where we had the very heavy rains come down. we hope that's the case, right now the way things are going, we'll be running slightly below average, as we now run through and into the wettest months of the year, in terms of a climatological standpoint, december into january, should be our big home run month in terms of rain and sierra snow. let's hope that pattern change develops later this week into next week. right now the chill is on. 51 degrees, not too bad for the moment in san jose, but already down to 43 degrees in livermore. and oakland, looking off to the west, 46 degrees. san francisco, 52. by tomorrow morning, san francisco, closer to 40 degrees. low 40s around san francisco, the one exception to the rule where you don't have a frost advisory or a freeze warning. but every place else you do, you've got numbers in the upper 20s to low 0s for our interior valleys is for tomorrow morning and for the afternoon temperatures tomorrow, mid- to upper 50s in san jose. you can see san francisco, mid- to upper 50s as well, and for
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the tri-valley, highs tomorrow in the mid-50s. and 59 in santa rosa and santa clara tomorrow, for the 49ers game, a little chilly, numbers mostly in the mid-50s, winds out of the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour, and as soon as the sun sets, things turning quite chilly. tomorrow, late in the day into monday, we'll see increasing clouds, a weakening weather s system here that's going to fall apart on arrival. it may have enough left with it to give us a sprinkle or two for your monday. the better chance for seeing substantial rains come in late wednesday into thursday as you see a system make a run at the bay area. notice our temperatures finally coming on up. even the overnight temperatures now into the 40s, by the time we get towards tuesday and wednesday. east bay and tri-valley, similar temperature trend next week. still some cold temperatures for the morning monday. then the numbers start to come up, mid-60s towards the middle part of the week. as we watch that thursday system, the biggest impact.
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as you can see, wednesday, first, the winds will begin to shift, coming back off the ocean. that will help to bring our temperatures up finally and by thursday, midday, you're seeing rain showers crossing through the bay area and the highest totals again should be off to the north. as things stand right now, during the day, thursday, we're looking at perhaps as much as a half inch of rain with more than an inch of rain to the north up towards ukiah. we hope we get these numbers, because the long range forecast for the next several days pinpoints this one system for thursday, being the only significant rain producer for the bay area. once that system clears out for friday, if you have plans for next weekend, temperatures not quite as cold as what we're seeing now. 50s and 60s for highs, and late next weekend, maybe another chance of showers for the north bay, but, usually, as we get into december, we should see storms every three days or so, and fortunately, as we're starting to fall behind in the rainfall and snowpack totals, looks like we're only going to see one major system to come in thursday of next week. back to you.
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>> all right. gear up with the raincoat. thank you so much, rob. a pig found sleeping on the side of the road. coming up next, how social media may have played a role in reuniting june with gino. >> they're back together. >> we'll explain. it's good news. looking to do the same thing here for this young dolphin stranded now for about a day in waters off of our coast hoar. the work it took to finally get this little infant dolphin free, when we come back. creek. today, we're learn
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a disturbing discovery. a body found near a san jose creek. today, we are learning detectives are investigating this as a possible homicide. a homeless man found the body yesterday along the banks of pentensia creek. police say the body was lying in thick brush. police are now trying to find surveillance video from homes
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around the crime scene to see who may have dumped the body. the hunt is on for a mother dolphin who seems to be missing its calf. a rescue team freed a young dolphin just a few hours ago. take a look. it was discovered yesterday in the waters of the elk horn reserve in monterrey county. the dolphin became beached when the tide went out. rescuers got ahold of the dolphin and now teams are scouring the waters to see if they can identify a mother dolphin in the area who might be looking for this calf. >> how do they do that? >> i don't know. mystery solve d! the chp says they have found the owner of this big pig found sleeping on the shoulder of the road. they rawrangled the pig on the side of the highway. >> it appears the pig's owner saw the listing. his name is gino, the owner. the pig's name is june. here's an exchange from the comment section of the facebook
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post. the owner says, oh, i'm so sorry, she's a sweetheart, by the way, her name is june. i believe she got out. when can i come get her? no word if june and gino have been reunited. and when you're in a stressful situation, stuck on the freeway, taking a nap in the sun, that's a good idea. >> that's like a former hitchhiker. gerard, i don't think you can top the story we just had, but give it a shot. >> well, i can tell you the warriors have not been sleeping on the job at all. we know that. stanford setting an appointment and jim harbaugh got embarrassed at the big house. but the dubs remain the hottest ticket in town. and tonight they look to continue that historic run to start the year against the sacramento kings. we'll have a preview, coming up next in sports. warriors have won 9-straight
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over the sacramento kings..... and took all four well, the warriors have won
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nine straight over the sacramento kings and took all four meetings last season by an average of 22 points. who could forget clay thompson's monumental third quarter performance, finishing the night with a career-high of 52. dubs will be without the services of harrison barnes against the kings tonight. he sprained his left ankle on this play last night and the warriors win at phoenix. x-rays were negative, revealing no fracture. but there was no timetable for his return. brandon rush gets the start in his place. sacramento will be missing their big man, demarcus cousins, due to the lower back strain he's been dealing with all season long. that's 28 points and 11 boards out of the king's lineup tonight. sac town, just 1-6. the warriors have been overwhelming at home. >> our guys are pretty good about being consistent. and they have fun, whether, you know, we're home or we're on the road. but they -- you know, i know
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they take a lot of pride in playing here at oracle. and there's nights like, you know, probably tonight on the back end of a back to back, getting ready to go on a long road trip, that, you know, having this oracle crowd behind us will definitely be helpful. >> of course, we'll have the story tonight at 11:00 as cal prepares to host arizona state at memorial stadium in about 35 minutes. the bears announced today they'll hope next season 4,726 miles away. cal will play the university of hawaii in sydney, australia. it will be the second time in school history the bears have ever played outside the u.s. all right, stanford hosting their annual battle with notre dame as we speak. right now, cardinal lead it 21-20 at the break. we'll have that story at 11:00. david shaw's squad has already locked up a spot in the championship game. now, earlier today in l.a., their opponent was determined. we go to the coliseum.
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22nd ranked ucla taking on usc. third quarter, usc trailing, bruins' qb josh rosen looses the football. it's picked up and he's hustling 31 yards to the house. trojans move in front, 26-21. after another bruins' turnover, cody kessler hooking up with darius rogers and watch the extra effort get him into the end zone. usc upsets ucla, 40-21. moving to ann arbor, number eight ohio state facing jim harbaugh and tenth ranked michigan. third quarter, buckeyes up four. j.t. barrett on the money, spotting jalia marshal in the end zone. great grab between two wolverines, 25-yard td and the lead grows to 21-10. later in the quarter, barrett doing the deed. he'll fly into the end zone. 13-yard touchdown, ohio state wins 42-13. the 29-point win, by the way, their largest in ann arbor,
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stands at 19-61 and they let harbaugh know about it. they'll face iowa in the upcoming big ten championship. sharks on the ice tonight hosting calgary, skating for their seventh win in eight games. we'll have that for you tonight at 11:00, as well. more news coming up after the break. we continue to follow that
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breaking news from the top of our show. police in an all out search for a homicide susct we continue to follow breaking news from the top of the show. police in an all-out search for a homicide suspect on the peninsula, looking for this manhattan, anthony corinchick,
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suspected of stabbing his girlfriend. about noon, police found a man stabbed at a home in san mateo. she died from her injuries. detectives were able to track the suspect's car in san carlos. that led to a search, even b.a.r.t. trains delayed. they were wondering if maybe he'd tried to escape or had escaped using b.a.r.t. the suspect considered armed and dangerous and still out there tonight. real quick, let's get a lot of check on these temperatures for this evening. >> freeze warning again tonight. temperatures dropping into the 20s and 30s. this is from 11:00 tonight to 9:00 tomorrow morning. you'll be waking up to areas of frost in the valleys. closer to 40 in san francisco. >> bob, thank you so much. thank you for choosing nbc bay area news. we'll see you tonight at 11:00. tonight, "class action." female: we've had an enormous drop over the last dozen years. announcer: the pipeline for new teachers plummets. linda darling-hammond: it's been a 70% drop. announcer: an acute teacher shortage grips the bay area. jenna landry: i've fought it for a long time. announcer: but is the teaching profession finally seeing a turnaround?
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jenna: when i was like, okay, stop fighting it, apply to the credential program. announcer: a rally in the capital hopes to spark a movement. ryan smith: these students start not ahead, they start from behind. announcer: a new report shines a spotlight on unequal education. ryan: we want the governor to know there needs to be more laws supporting the needs of black students. announcer: the call for action from black minds matter; plus. female: we are ecstatic. announcer: reaction from one of the 11 bay area schools that won a national award for academic excellence. now, here's nbc bay area's jessica aguirre. jessica aguirre: hello, and welcome to this news special in "class action." we cover one of our most important institutions, our schools. and tonight, we begin with the issue affecting students all over the bay area, the teacher shortage. now, we have been telling you about this for the last few months, lots of classrooms, but not enough teachers, school districts struggling to fill teacher openings, and the problem is the pipeline. fewer and fewer people are actually going into teaching.


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