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tv   Early Today  NBC  December 3, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PST

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understand people are scared and we understand there is concern there may be more folks out there. rest i assured we are doing everything we can. we have brought every asset to the table we have available and with the help of the federal government to do everything we can to make people feel safe here. >> i'm very sad people lost their leitife here. i wish people a swift recovery. and i am in shock that something like this could happen. >> breaking developments in the mass murder shooting. right now 14 are dead and 17
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injured after a man and woman armed with assault rifles and semi automatic handguns stormed the regional center. during a christmas party type event. three explosive devices were later recovered at the center, which authorities rendered safe and destroyed. sources tell nbc news two of the weapons were legally purchased. police made contact at a nearby town and a car chase ensued. police identified the suspects as 28-year-old say yesterday fa rook and 27-year-old tasfeef malik. they were married. the couple had a six month old daughter who they dropped off before the shooting. he was an environmental specialist and at employee for
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five years. he was at the party before leaving under quote, angry circumstances. the attack was well planned out and the pair were dressed in tactical gear and had several magazines of ammunition. officials have not ruled out terrorism at this time. are late last night they addressed the media. >> we have 14 people that are confirmed dead. we have 17 people that are wounded. one of the tips we were following up on took us to a house in redland where is we made contact with the suspect vehicle that we were looking for. that resulted in a pursuit, which ultimately came back into the city of san derbernardino. there was an officer-involved shooting. we had 20 or 21 officers last count involved with the suspects. the two suspects are both
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disead deceased. it really looks like we have two shooters right now. we have not ruled out terrorism. the officers involved for the most part are doing okay. they did their job frankly. >> earlier we hard from farhad kahn. here is some of what he had to say? >> i just cannot express how sad i am that the people lost their life. victims out there, i wish a speedy recovery. again, i am shock something like this could happen. i had no idea why would we do that. i am in shock myself. the reason i'm here, you know, is to talk to the victims and to
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express my family how sad they are of what happened. >> our nbc team is spread out to cover the story this morning and in washington d.c. let's start with nbc east jay gray. what is the latest out there? >> good morning dara. initially police thought there may be three suspects involved here. overnight they have determined it was likely just two. possibly a husband and wife responsible for the murders here. >> we are over the apartment in redlands. >> as is investigation continued. police shared new information about the killing spree. >> there a had to have been some degree of planning that went into this. i don't think they just ran home and came back on a spur of the moment thing. >> there are three active scenes right now. the regional center, where at least 14 were killed, 17
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injured. the roadway where suspects were killed during a shootout with police. and farouk's home in nearby redlands where investigators search for anything to help them understand how and why. >> we doempbt have the motive. until we know the motive or have something clear evidentiary based on that motive i just don't want to weigh in on that right now. we soo not ruled out terrorism. >> here is what investigators do know. farouk an environmental specialist with san bernardino for five years kwuz at a holiday gathering when he left suddenly. then returned with rifles and semi automatic pistols and opened fire. now like police, family members are searching for answers in the tragedy. i have no idea. why would he do that? why would he do something like this. i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself.
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>> shock and grief. it continues this morning to grip the shattered community. >> and more from the scene. we know three explosive dwielss described as pipe bombs were discovered by investigators. they were detonated using robotic. that is the latest. we'll continue to follow to story. back to you. >> nbc's richard louie is outside the medical center. what do we know now? >> dara a as you heard from the chief of police, 17 individuals were injured. here at loma university medical center there are five. five people here. and today, as the sun rises soon, the question will be what is the state of those victims? what do they know? and what can investigators learn
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from them? because they are pushing towards the question of motive. two scenarios, was this workplace violence? was this terrorism? and the chief of police not being able to say which one he is looking into but think both are possibilities. the information regarding this being workplace violence, the suspect going to the irc. reportedly getting into a bit of an argument, leaving and then coming back. on the flipside in terms of terrorism and being related, there is the organization, the planning that happened. and then the suspects, instead of not leaving the scene or leaving the general vicinity even though they were later engaged four hours after the initial report, they could have left the state into nevada. they could have gone to the airport and left the state altogether via plane. so those two scenarios here very much important to discuss and something that the chief is
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going to be looking into the kays to come. >> thank you so much for that report. well the u.k. is joining the fight against isis in syria. eyes around the world were fixed on the british parliament ahead of one of their bigger votes in recent history. cameron's plea lasted more than an hour. >> o if we won't act now when our friend and ally france has been struck in this way. then our friends and allies around the world can be forgiven for asking if not now, when? and just five hours later britain carried out air strikes in syria. four war planes took off soon after the vote. u.s. secretary defense of defense ash carter released a statement applauding the united kingdom. now time for a look at the weather. >> stormy weather.
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mountain snow and rain throughout the day today. and another storm this upcoming week md the active weather in the west. a lot in the northwest. especially from eureka northward. not too much will make it inland. just snow at higher elevations. all the action earl this morning. definitely the freezing rain we have and the snow in areas of central washington and steady rains in the kas saccades. and here how it plays out in the day today. next storm moving on shore. heavy rain for the coast. mountain winds could be up to 60 miles per hour. the rain moves inland. not expecteding a lot of rain south of san francisco. the white on the map here. that is some pretty good snow. the drive near lake ota hoe to reno, keep that in mind.
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we mentioned the possibility of snow in the today. especially northern coastal california. active weather continues in the west. it is good. we wanted it. and now we're getting some of it. >> coming up. heated language in washington following the mass shooting in california. and then a controversial reaction from across the political spectrum on mass shootings in the u.s.
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>> and there's nothing we can do to stop them. >> the near of the gun lobby in this place is unbelievable. >> and i would like to have a brief moment of silence. >> congress has tried and failed to pass gun legislation despite consensus that some people, kids, criminals and the mentally ill should not have weapons. >> i think the american public is finally coming together to say enough. >> several presidential candidates are in washington today. some tweeting condolences. others shocked by this latest massacre. >> this just hatred and evil. and we need to be able to combat these things. >> questioning what happened. >> one, a mentally unstable person, two, a gun-free zone.
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and those seem to be the common denominators. >> but still no new laws to prevent it. >> and with an election coming up little chance that will happen. >> tracy potts. thank you. just ahead, other big head looip, including shocking develops in the appeal for blade runner oscar pistorius.
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this morning on today, matt lawy lauer reports live on the shooting in california, where 14 are dead and police are learning more. that's coming up on today. and breaking news overnight. south africa's top appeals court found oscar mipistorius guilty murder. aft pistorius says he mistakingly shot her thinking she was an intruder. the court has to decide what sentence the athlete should receive for the murder conviction, including the possibility of up 15 years in president. and hillary clinton is calling into an investigation in a fatal shooting of a black man
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by a white police officer. officer jason van dyke is charged with first-degree murder and is currently free on bond. in the meantime chicago mayor rahm emanuel says he will not resign despite calls from protesters. he fired the police superintendent on tuesday and announced the creation of a task force for police accountability. in tennessee, pilots in an apache helicopter died during a training exercise. investigators are trying to determine what caused the helicopter to go down. the names of to two pilots have not yet been released. and the state of texas is suing the federal government, trying to block six syrian refugees from resettling in dallas. the non profit group has denied orders. the obama administration says states do not have the authority to block refugees. you are watchi ining early todd.
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aerld today tab
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the mass shooting in san bernardino, california was actually the second of the day. another shooting on wednesday morning in georgia killed one and wounded three others. tom costello reported this year the alone the number of mass shootings as grown dramatically. over 350 so far.
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>> it is a never-ending list of shootings. june 17th, church in charleston south carolina. nine killed during a prayer meeting. october 1st, a community college in oregon, nine dead. and just last week as the planned parenthood clinic in colorado springs, three more americans lost their lives, including a police officer. >> in the united states we have the power to do more to prevent what ist . regular process of gun homicides. >> there's been more mass shootings this year than days. according to mass shooting, 355 in just 336 days in 2015. that is defined as four or more victims shot, including gang members and domestic violence. nearly 400 americans have lost their live this is year in a mass shooting. this map shows the stark reality it is a problem across the country. at the same time gun sales in the country continue to spike. we learned the sales of guns on
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black friday alone rose. the fbi running a record. amount of back-checks on friday. but since 40% are through unlicensed dealers it's only an estimation how many are really sold. >> there is an estimated 300 million guns in provide hands in the united states. that means not law enforcement. not the military. just civilians. that is essentially one gun for every man, woman and child in the united states. >> i'm dara brown at nbc world news headquarters in new york. and this is "early today."
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we're following the breaking news from san bernardino. we'll take you back to the moment a holiday garti igatheri a horrific turn. >> shooting at us a. suv. watch for cross-fire. >> deadly gun battle with police in the wake of a massacre and man hunt terrorizing san bernardino, california, a community 60 miles east of los angeles. the first calls came in just after 11:00 a.m. with gunshots still tearing through the air. >> shots heard in the area.
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male in black clothing. he's still firing rounds. >> we have at least 20 victims. >> caution who's coming to you. make sure their hands are up. >> they are at the social services center for the disabled. police say two shooters sprayed bullets into the conference center being used for a holiday party. the shooters ran out of bullets, reloaded and fired again. it is the deadliest massacre since an elementary school in new town, connecticut and the first since columbine to be carried out by multi million attackers. >> just said there was a shooting. she's scared. she's hiding in the closet with two other people. they. >> they turned off the lights and tried to block the door and lock it. so they couldn't get in if shooters were around that area. >> officers went room to room hunting for killers. the shooters had fled leaving
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behind an explosive device. hours past, after police followed a lead a street battle erupted just two miles away with police engaging gunfire with a bla suv matching the get away car. suspects hurled what officials feared might be homemade bombs. >> abundance of caution. the atf officer responded. and determined that it was just a very thick pipe with a piece of cloth that was made to look like a fuse. b it did not contain any explosives. >> in the end the two were dead. at this time police believe thr the only suspects. farouk attended the party, left angry and returned to open fire. so far no motive has been determined. we'll keep it right here for the latest on this deadly shooting in san bernardino california.
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i'm dara brown. thanks f
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overnight, details from the worst u.s. mass shooting since sandy hook. what we're learning about the couple accused of opening fire while investigators search for a motive. on capitol hill, demands for meaningful change. exasperated lawmakers want to know what, if any tragedy can help change the controversial gun laws. oscar pistorius now guilty of murder after the court finds a fundamental error in his last trial. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a very


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