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tv   Today  NBC  December 3, 2015 7:00am-10:01am PST

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continue to search the home of the suspect the shooter. good morning, breaking overnight, police identify a husband and wife as the two shooters who open fire at a holiday work party in san bernardino, california, killing 14, wounding 17 others. the suspect then killed in a gun battle with police. investigators not ruling out terrorism. >> based upon what we have seen and how they were equipped, there had to have been some degree of planning that went into this. >> this morning, new video of the first moments first responders led them to safety. >> i'll take a bullet for you,
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that's for damn sure. >> this is a special edition of "today," shooting from san bernardino with matt lauer live from san bernardino, california and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller. >> welcome to a special split edition of "today." i'm savannah guthrie in new york, matt is in san bernardino where the shooting happened. i can see the sun coming up behind you. the community must be in shock. >> i'm not sure if anybody got to sleep. if they did, they're waking up still in that shock. i got that glimpse of the rockefeller center christmas tree lit this morning. this is supposed to be of course the most festive and joyous time of the year. as a matter of fact, saf and, a you and i were supposed to be a part of the lighting ceremony
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for that tree last night. instead these events occurred and we wake up this morning talking about yet another mass shooting. let's get to the latest overnight developments. police now confirm there were two shooters involved, not the three we had thought yesterday. it's a married couple, 28-year-old syed farook and 27-year-old tashfeen malik. now, relatives tell nbc news they had a 6-month-old daughter who they actually dropped off with her grandmother just hours before they went on this shooting rampage. >> the central question what is the motive and it's still unclear. san bernardino police chief does say terrorism has not been ruled out. he added this is an assault that left 14 dead, 17 wounded and it took some planning. >> that's right. it certainly did. syed farook was a county employee attending an office party inside the regional center. that's just down the road behind me. according to police, he left
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that party, some say he left with his coat draped over his chair. some say he left in anger and a short time later he returned with his wife. he was heavily armed. they were wearing that military or s.w.a.t.-style clothing and that's when the couple opened fire. dressed in black and armed with assault rifles and handguns, the couple attacked a holiday event. they identified the suspects as syed farook and tashfeen malik. both were killed in a shoot-out with police. >> mr. farook work as an environmental speg -- specialist, he's worked there
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for five years. i think that based upon what we have seen and based upon how they were equipped, there had to have been some degree of planning that went thinto this. we have not ruled out terrorism. >> it started at the inland center, some 60 miles south of los angeles. the triage scene outside like the aftermath of the battle with some of the wounded being loaded into pickup trucks before being raced to local hospitals. with the gunman at large, lines of workers were escorted out with their hands in the air, family members who had rushed to the scene waited anxiously outside for word. >> reporter: what are you going to do when you see your wife? >> i'm just going to hug her. >> several tense hours later police located the suspects as
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they tried to flee in a black suv. >> they are shooting out at us. >> pd has shots fired. they are being shot at by unknown suspects. >> suspect down in the westbound lane, not conscious. >> both suspects were killed at the scene, both heavily armed. an officer was wounded but is okay. syed farook attended local schools. his brother-in-law apologized but gave no indication of a victim. >> on behalf of my family for the victims, it is unbelievable what happened. i am deeply saddened and shocked. >> families reunited tearfully with loved ones. this woman's sister survived being shot in the back. >> the doors open, gunman started shooting, everyone hit the floor.
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it lasted for she said probably roughly 30, 40 seconds, it paused for a moment, started again and then they were gone, didn't say anything. >> the investigation is really just beginning. the crime scenes are still very active. the one behind me at the inland regional center and the one about two miles from there where the shoot-out occurred with the suspects. miguel joins us now with dramatic images of the ordeal. good to see you. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. it started as a wednesday, many were going to a hall day party when the gun shots rang out, people ran for their lives, ducked into closets, some unsure if they would make it out alive. this was the terror, the fear inside, the panic huddled in a hallway. police ordering everyone keep their hands up and their heads down. >> i'll take the bullet before you do, that's for damn sure.
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>> reporter: outside family waiting anxiously for word. tension building with the shooters still inside. >> any other units have them respond, code 3. >> it took police four terrifying minutes to arrive. as officers poured into the building, word came out, many were dead and even more were wounded. >> we have several down in the conference room. several down. >> it's just a moment that makes you not want to take life for granted. it's just horrific. >> melinda witnessed the terror. >> people running and screaming all over the place. it was a bloody war path, it was crazy. >> reporter: and shelby was still hiding inside. >> i need to see you're alive, that you're okay, take a photo
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and text it to me. she did. thank god. >> reporter: 14 dead, 17 wounded. the lucky escaped the gunfire but not the memory of what happened inside. ten people are in critical condition but they are stable and improving. they have have to talk to investigators. is many of this many not only were victims of the gunfire but knew the suspect. >> let's bring in pete williams. he's been talking to law enforcement forces over the last 18 hours or so. what are they telling you? >> they're asking the same questions we are, what led to this. they don't know why he and his wife carried out such a deadly and brutal attack against people that at least one of them knew. authorities say it was clearly well planned. not only were the two heavily
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armed and protected, but they also brought and prepared homemade bombs. at least three were brought to the inland center but none of them went off. farook recently traveled to saudi arabia but at this point investigators believe it was a religious trip, the haj or the pilgrimage that devout muslims are required to make to the holy cities of mecca or medina. authorities will look at the computers left behind, they'll carefully go through their employment records and talk to the co-workers who are recovering. they say some of the people who knew farook said his personality began to change radically six months ago but they can't say what the attack was.
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was this a madly out whack workplace conflict? they just don't know. >> that workplace fight that spirals out of control seems less likely. doesn't it seem more likely or shouldn't we consider that this might be that nightmare scenario of someone coming to this country, living in our midst, blending in but carefully plotting something? >> yes. and of course farook was born in the united states. he was a u.s. citizen. apparently he told some co-workers he found her on his trip to saudi arabia and brought her back. the obvious yes because of the way it was carried out, so it's a natural thing to suspect. but they haven't found what it was, if anything, that inspired him to do this, matt. >> pete williams in washington this morning. as always, thank you very much. a little earlier this morning we talked to carrie davis, who is the mayor of this city.
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i started by asking mayor davis as residents begin to wake up this morning is it safe? >> you know, first priority has continued to be public safety. the police department responded aspe efficiently as they could. the city is on high alert. we will continue to follow the police department's lead. >> we heard there were three shooters actively involved in the massacre inside the inland regional center. are you confident now after talking with police and atf and police and fbi that everybody actively involved in that shooting has been killed? >> matt, as you know, this is an active investigation. we're not going to compromise any information that the police department is controlling so we're deferring all of that information. >> i was just talking to pete
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williams in washington, our justice correspondent. are you waking up today to the fear that there may have been a cell, albeit a small cell living in plain sight in your community? >> again, matt, this is an active investigation. we're leaving that up to the law enforcement to make sure they conduct it. when we find out more information from them, they will be releasing that information. >> i know you had a chance yesterday to stop and talk to some of the people who were inside that regional center at the time this happened, also talked to family members of people who were inside. what kind of stories are you hearing? >> our community is very saddened by this event. the crime has certainly impacted san bernardino. you can see the emotions that they were dealing with, the shock, the desperation that they must have felt during those moments of unknown and panic. but, again, our police
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department did the best that they could, surrounding neighboring agencies came to the aid of san bernardino, fbi was here as you know. it was a massive effort to make sure that they secured that facility as quickly and as well as they could. >> and as the mayor of a city of a couple of hundred thousand people, independe'm sure you've the coverage of other mass shootings in the country. did you watch with the thought in the back of your mind that it could happen just down the street? >> well, i think in the world today with the heightened level of violence that's taking place, i don't think any community is immune. certainly we don't anticipate that kind of thing happening here. it was a shock and certainly a shock to hear that informing when i was notified. >> i mentioned a colleague of ours on the bbc in reporting the story said just another violence in the united states, just another day of gun, violence and
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chaos, this time in the city of san bernardino. >> we have to be cautious, stay on a high level of alert. at the same time, we don't want to be paralyzed by these inde e incidences. we have to move on and realize that those victims will need support and we will do all we can to provide that support. >> ongoing investigation, active crime scene, mr. mayor, you have a lot on your plate. i thank you for your time this morning. our thoughts with you and your people. that was a little bit earlier, our conversation with the san bernardino mayor. >> there are some aspects you might think this was a disgruntled worker, went to the holiday party at work, got mad
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and left. there are other aspects that are disturbing and may be suggestive of this extremism, terrorism. what strikes you about this? >> that's right, savannah. right now there are a lot more questions than there are answers what we do know is it was a workplace violence issue certainly, but what caused that to happen? when you start to look at and assess is this terrorism or not, you look at what were the tactics, they used long gun, used bullet-proof vests, had improvised explosive devices. the intel for me is the travel to saudi arabia. if we're thinking this is going to be terror related, trying to determine what happened there when he traveled wl, when he me his wife there and what happened with his family. >> that jumps out. so does the fact that we have two shooters, one male, one female.
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>> in many shooters we've seen typically you've got one person involved. when you've got two people here in a coordinated effort, again, the type of weapons they're using, this was very well planned in advance, it didn't just happen walking in. >> and they leave a baby with his mother, the 6-month-old baby. and then apparently had no plan for escape. i mean, on the one hand they get away, but on the other hand they're still in the area hours later. what do you make of that? >> that's right. they had an opportunity to get away. in the past in some of these situations we've seen internationally the terrorists have stayed on fight to fight with police, to continue until what we saw in paris detonated suicide vests. in this case, law enforcement, the fbi, local police are going to be scouring through search warrants at the location and then the exploitation of media. there will be some trail. urls, web browsing, history,
7:17 am
e-mail communication, social media, et cetera, this will be a long-term investigation to piece this together. >> a lot of work to be done. shawn henry, thank you very much. matt, back to you. >> harrowing stories of survival are beginning to emerge this morning. this woman, she was seen being treated at the scene, was shot three times. her husband joined us earlier after spending a long night with his wife at the hospital. i started the conversation by asking how she was doing. >> she's doing remarkably well. >> she was shot three times? >> yes. she got shot on the right arm, went through this arm and went out and one here and one past the abdomen but just barely, didn't go inside. >> i know there was talk for a few hours yesterday that she might need surgery. is there a possibility she won't need that?
7:18 am
>> possibility she won't need that. only the bullet fragments are inside her body. >> you were out of town. you flew back in to be by her side at the hospital. when you got there, what did she describe? >> we become very emotional and it's like thanks god that she survived with this kind of situation. and my kids, they are reunited with her. still we have a small baby. she hasn't reunited with her yet. in the morning, i'm going to bring her to the hospital. >> did she tell you what she saw? >> she could not see the shooter. everybody duck down. bullets were flying all over the place. she crawl herself into the bathroom and then she realized her hands were bleeding. >> is it true that some of your family members were watching the coverage of this tragedy on television and saw your wife being treated in the triage? >> yes. actually my son told me that his
7:19 am
friend told him that they saw her on television inside that triage, treating. >> you've heard what we heard about the two suspects who are now dead after carrying out this attack. what do you think inspired them? do you have a gut feeling? >> i think -- any killing, any human being should be an act of terrorism. i think we need to control our gun law in our country. >> whether this is political or ideological, you would call it an act of terrorism no matter what? >> any act of killing should be considered an act of terrorism. >> best of luck to your wife. our thoughts are with her. >> let go back to new york and >> let go back to new york and check in with al.
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isare also the hardeste peopleto shop for.est to but if you know where to look for inspiration, you can find the perfect gift for everyone on your list. low prices on everything you need to share wonder every day. walmart . good morning. i'm kerry hall, we're tracking rain moving into the north and this will be moving to santa rosa through the next couple of hours. the bay area getting in on wet weather through lunchtime. now mid-40s and low 50s. expect highs in 56 degrees. an francisco 60 degrees. north bay looking at a high of 59 degrees. >> that's your latest weather. savannah?
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>> al, thank you so much. and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> and oscar pistorius is heading back to prison. an appeals court convicted the olympian of murder. that overturns the lower court conviction of culpable suicide. that case will be isn't back to high court for sentencing. he could face at least 15 years in prison. coming up, we'll get exclusive reaction to this morning's decision from steencamp's mother
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for the one woman in your life who's both. ever us. new this holiday at kay, jared and zales. francisco police officers are on paid leave this morning after allegedly shooting and killing a stabbing suec good morning to you. this video appears to capture the moment officers shot the man holding a knife yesterday afternoon in the bay view district. also happening today, supervisors expected to take a proposal preventing gun theft. legislation would require weapons in cars to be locked in the trurng or a lock box. let's check that forecast. carrie is checking the rape for us. >> getting ready for a wet commute. it's still offshore and you'll start to see light showers into
7:27 am
santa rosa into the next hour. the rest of the bay area seeing the rain too. by 9:00 we are seeing heavy downpours for the north bay. 11:00 it movines to san francis. parts of the east bay and south bay looking at the rain around lunchtime. could be wet with gusty winds and gust up to 30 miles an hour. how's it looking on the roads? >> it looks great. we have a back up across the bridge westbound from the hayward side. two slowest spots for the day. as we look at the map, overall the bay looking like typical december. look at that. day bridge moving south of there. the biggest slow down other than those two spots is south 880 heading around the stevenson. we have a crash on the shoulder. looks like a second may be brewing. the north bound routes through
7:28 am
the south are good and we'll show you a smooth flowing traffic. >> another local news update coming up in half an hour. see you then.
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we're back now, 7:30 on the west coast on a thursday morning. it's the 3rd of december, 2015. it is a sad, a somber morning here in southern california where 14 people were killed, at least 17 others wounded in a mass shooting that took place inside a conference room that was holding a holiday work party. i'm matt lauer in san bernardino. savannah is back in studio 1a. good morning again. the investigation is moving forward here. but moments ago police searched a home in redlands linked to the shooter, identified overnight as
7:31 am
a married couple, 28-year-old syed farook and his wife tashfeen malik. >> with at least 14 people killed, this is now the deadliest mass shooting here in the united states since sandy hook. that was three years ago. but unfortunately it is far from the only incident like those that we have had to cover in recent months. >> church massacre, nine people killed when a man walked into a prayer meeting at a charleston, new york church. authorities searching for a motive in a rampage that ended with four marines dead. >> a gunman opens fire in a crowded movie theater in louisiana. >> and the shocking murder of
7:32 am
two colleagues during a live broadcast. >> and the face of a killer who killed nine at a colorado college. >> and a deadly shoot-out at a planned parenthood clinic. >> the numbers are staggering. they're nauseating. who take a closer look at them, here's tom costello. good morning to you. >> good morning. yesterday's shooting there was the second mass shooting scene of the day. there was an earlier one in georgia. four people shot, one of this many killed. consider this -- what we saw in san been in this was the sixth mass shooting in the u.s. in a week, including the man who killed three people and wounded nine others at that colorado springs planned parenthood. that same day, black friday, evidence that guns are still very big sellers. the fbi reporting more gun background checks as part of the sales process last friday than any other single day on record, 185,000, up 5% from black friday last year.
7:33 am
there are about 300 million firearms in the united states. that would mean one for every man, woman and child, although tens of millions of americans don't own a gun. and the vast majority of those guns are used legally but there 2015, the u.s. has already seen more mass shootings than days than we've had so far in the year and 20 days in which four victims or more were shot. 50 times more people have died from mass shooting than from terrorist attacks. and along with virginia
7:34 am
technical, columbine, fort hood, the navy yard, and on and on and on. it would take more than an hour to recite every mass shooting offer the past 50 years or so. >> a bbc reporter said just another typical day in the united states, another day of guns, panic and chaos. >> that's a sobering perspective. let's go over to al. >> for our friends in the west, we're looking at a lot of wet weather, seattle looking at wet weather as well. as you move to the east, the weather gets better, denver 46, sunshine, 75 in phoenix. 74 degrees las vegas sunshine and 63. if you're making your way to the east, the middle section of the country looking spectacular.
7:35 am
a nice big area of high pressure dominati dominating, though southern, central florida with very wet weather. parts of southern florida could see a winter's worth of wet weather in just three days. look for lake effect snow in parts rain moving in approaching the north. we'll all get in on rain, about a tenth of an inch for the south bay and higher amounts for the north bay. around napa you could see a half inch by the time this is said and done. we could get highs in the upper 50s to lower 60s. >> get that weather any time
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we're back now. 7:40. we have major news out of south african overnight. an appeals court found oscar pistorius guilty of murder. that overturns his original conviction on a lesser charge in the shooting death of reeva
7:41 am
steenkamp. we'll talk to her mother in a moment. jeff rossen, good morning. >> oscar pistorius is inside his uncle's mansion behind me, as he has been for months. he's here on house arrest. it's a big headline here. oscar pistorius, now a convicted murderer. the appeals court this morning blasting the original judge, saying pistorius should have been convicted of murder all along. what this means, the former olympian will be going back to prison for a long, long time. >> reporter: overnight, the appeals court judge delivering the bomb shell ruling. oscar pistorius had been convicted of manslaughter, not murder, for shooting and killing his model girlfriend reeva steenkamp in his bathroom. reeva's mother in court to hear it herself. >> the accused conviction has been replaced with the following. guilty of murder.
7:42 am
it's referred back to the trial court to consider an appropriate sentence. >> reporter: the appeals court saying the original judge made fundamental errors, ignored evidence. her ruling, confusing. >> i have no doubt that in firing the fatal shots, the accused must have foreseen and did foresee that whoever was behind the toilet door might die. >> reporter: the appeals judge declaring it was oscar's only version of events that brought him down. nbc news was granted access to pistorius' house, the crime scene, during the trial. >> he was standing in this spot in the bedroom when he heard a noise from down the hallway. around the corner is the master bathroom. thought there was an intruder. prosecutors say if it's true, why wouldn't he walk two reeva? it's not what he did. pistorius said he came to this side of the bed, took the gun out and drew his weapon, holding
7:43 am
it in his right hand. he was walking on his thumbs, no prosthetic legs at this point. he was using his arm to walk down the hallway of cabinets to the bathroom. that's when pistorius said he heard another noise. thought the door was opening, the intruder was coming at him, so he fired four shots. >> the appeal court judge slammed oscar pistorius, saying they couldn't believe a word he said and he was a terrible witness. >> he's been convicted of murder. how long has he got in prison? >> could be sentenced to 15 years in prison. >> the dpistorius family releasing a statement, saying their legal team will look at the ruling and decide where to go from here. they could appeal, guys, to the constitutional courts, south africa's version of the u.s. supreme court. unclear if that court would even take the case. all eyes now are on this house behind me. do police re-arrest him? does he have to surrender?
7:44 am
this is us prnprecedented here. his sentencing will likely happen in a month or two. pistorius himself could speak there, making a personal plea for a light sentence. >> jeff rossen, thank you very much. reeva steenkamp's mother is with us exclusively. mrs. steenkamp, good morning to you. >> good morning. good morning. >> you just received this news, that the conviction has now been upgraded to murder. that oscar pistorius is, in all likelihood, headed back to prison. what was your reaction when you heard that news? >> well, the anticipation was tremendous this morning because we didn't really know what was going to happen. i want respect for my daughter's life, and that's what i got today. the conviction of murder. this is the result now of investigation and the justice system. i feel so proud now that she's got some respect. she hasn't lost her life for
7:45 am
nothing. she'll be remembered. >> it looks like oscar pistorius will be headed back to jail. as i understand south african law, the typical minimum sentence is 15 years in prison. is that what he deserves, in your mind? >> it doesn't really matter the amount of time. it's got nothing to do with me. wouldn't make any difference to my life. reeva won't come back. she's gone now. i don't want revenge against him. but he can pay for his crime. that's all. that's all it amounts to. doesn't matter what the time is, how long it is. it's got nothing to do with the justice. >> i read that as part of his parole, he was required to reach out to you and your husband and offer a meeting, if you desired it. did that meeting ever happen? will it ever happen? would you want to meet with him?
7:46 am
>> i don't really think it's necessary now, but we don't know. he asked for the meeting. that meeting hasn't taken place yet. i can't really say whether it will happen or not. >> what would you want to say to him, if anything, or hear from him? >> i think all i would say is, to explain to him what he's taken away from her life, her career, her wedding, her child. that's what he's taken away. he's taken away all the joy in my husband and i's life. he's taken away from us, what he's taken away from her. that's all i would want to say. >> june steenkamp, thank you so much for being here on this momentum day. i hope that this decision gives you some measure of peace. our best wishes to you. thank you. >> thank you. thank you so much.
7:47 am
coming up, the unfolding investigation into the shooting cam ra rampage at an office holiday party in california. matt talks to a man who witnessed the shootout that ended the frantic searc you get used to sweaty odors in your car you think it smells fine, but your passengers smell this... eliminate odors you've gone noseblind to for up to 30 days with the febreze car vent clip break out the febreze, and [inhale/exhale mnemonic] breathe happy.
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answers in san bernardino. what we're learning about the shoote shooters, the possible motives and the victims of this tragedy. first your local news and weather.
7:53 am
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could be made today about whether or not to open good thursday morning. 7:56. a decision could be made today about whether or not to open the crab season. a meeting will be held in santa rosa where the latest test results are expected to be released. crab season was delayed after toxins were found in the crustaceans along our coast. the toxins are caused due to high ocean temperatures. eating toxic crab may make people very sick and even lead to death. how much longer will -- after an nfl meeting oakland has until the end of the month to come up with a plan to finances the stadium. otherwise, the team may move the los angeles. nfl owners are expected to vote on relocating the teams in early january. let's get a look at the forecast. >> we're tracking rain moving into the north bay. mainly scattered light showers approaching santa rosa and 101.
7:57 am
that may make things wet for a while and we'll see this all tracking to the south. the rest of the bay area getting rain by lunchtime. highs today upper 50s to low 60s. gusty winds too. expect those gust to kick up to 30 miles an hour. how's the commute looking, mike? >> overall, pretty good. you have your slow spots. watching the golden gate bridge those clouds talking about coming in just off the bridge in san francisco, let's look at your map. there's the fire activity. that intersection is blocked and also effecting the lines. there's a slow drive along that stretch heading into the marina district. we still have the lights on but look at the colors. we're in orange instead of red. that includes oakland and south again towards fremont out of hayward. the north route typical pattern but lighter than typical back ups. we're able to make your way to sunnyville. >> all right.
7:58 am
we'll be back in about half an hour. have a great morning.
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, the shooting rampage in california. >> male in black clothing, he's still firing rounds. >> the suspect, a young married couple, unleashing gunfire at an office holiday party, killing at least 14 people and wounding 17 others. >> it's just a moment that makes you not want to take life for granted. it was horrific. >> that couple later killed in a dramatic shootout with police. [ gunshots ] a stunned community searching for answers. >> is this terrorism? i am still not willing to say that we know that for sure. >> as the nation comes to grips with another mass shooting, matt is live in san bernardino with the latest.
8:01 am
today, thursday, december 3rd, 2015. good morning again, everybody. welcome back to this special split edition of "today." matt is in california this morning. he has the latest developments on this shooting. matt, i guess so many of us are waking up and saying, here we go again. >> you know, and you just heard that that law enforcement official said, is this terrorism? i'm not willing to say that yet. we talked to the husband of one of the shooting victims, a woman shot three times but survived. he says, i don't care whether it's ideology or politics, you walk into a room and take that many lives with assault weapons, it's terrorism to him. police say there were two shooters, not three, as we thought for much of the day yesterday. a young married couple, both killed in the gun battle with police. today, national correspondent craig melvin is here in san bernardino. he's got the latest on the investigation. hi, craig. good morning. >> matt, good morning to you. police are learning more about that couple who had a 6 month old daughter.
8:02 am
she was left with her grandmother hours before the shooting. the suspects later killed in a shootout with police. >> reporter: this morning, shock and disbelief after gunfire range out in this residential neighborhood. >> they are shooting at us, out of the suv. watch your crossfire. >> reporter: heavily armed suspects paralyze the city of san bernardino wednesday, turning quiet streets into war zones. >> we have two suspects that are dead at the scene. one of them, male. one of them, female. they are both armed with assault rifles. they are both armed with handguns. >> reporter: police say the suspects are 28-year-old syed farook, a u.s. citizen, and his wife, 27-year-old tashfeen malik. >> why would we do that? why would he do something like this? i have absolutely no idea. i am in shock myself. >> reporter: the shootout coming hours after the couple opened fire at the inland regional
8:03 am
center, killing 14 people and injuring 17 others. officials confirm that farook, a county employee, was at an event being held inside the building before leaving reportedly in an angry state and returning later, opening fire. overnight, police were trying to secure the facility after suspicious devices were discovered inside. six miles away, investigators searched farook's home, and robots were used to deal with any potential explosives. authorities caught up with farook and malik in redlands, a short distance from where the shooting took place. the two were ultimately killed by gunfire. after a day marred by violence, police are beginning to put the pieces together. trying to figure out just why this happened. >> i know one of the big questions that will come up repeatedly is, is this terrorism? i am still not willing to say that we know that for sure.
8:04 am
>> now, federal authorities have determined that at least two of the four weapons used by the suspects were legally purchased. there's a news conference that will start 9:00 local. perhaps we'll have more of an answer to the why question. this is the third mass shooting i've covered in seven months. >> i know. >> there's never, so far at least, there's yet to be a simple answer to the why question. >> no way to explain it. craig, thank you very much. savannah, coming up, we're going to talk to a young man who found himself in his home a couple of doors down from where that suv was stopped and that shootout occurred that killed the suspects. he'll tell us his story when we come back here. first, back to you. >> let's see the policy angle of this. in the wake of the mass shooting, the president is reiterating his call for more gun control reform. many of the candidates running for president are adding their voices to the issue, as well. andrea mitchell is on that part of the story this morning. andrea, good morning to you. >> good morning, savannah. once again, president obama reacting to a mass shooting and
8:05 am
the failure of congress to pass his gun controls. >> reporter: as the shooting was still unfolding, the president, visibly frustrated. >> we should come together in a bipartisan basis at every level of government to make these rare, as opposed to normal. >> reporter: coming less than a week after the attack on planned parenthood. >> this just doesn't happen in other countries. >> reporter: time after time, the world's most powerful leader, feeling powerless to stop the killing. >> somehow, this has become routine. the reporting is routine. my response here at this podium ends up being routine. >> reporter: all presidential candidates, except marco rubio, responded with comments or tweets. republicans opposed to new gun laws offered prayers and praise for police. >> they do one hell of a job. when you see these shootouts.
8:06 am
>> hatred and evil. we need to be able to combat these things. >> reporter: only hours after the shooting, ted cruz invited supporters to a second amendment event at an iowa shooting range, tomorrow. all the talk of prayer prompted an angry tabloid headline in the daily news. god isn't fixing this. frustration echoed by hillary clinton, who made gun control a central campaign issue. tweeting, i refuse to accept this as normal. we must take action to stop gun violence now. now voiced by a gun supporter, bernie sanders. >> we have to move aggressively in terms of gun legislation. >> the president said on october 1st, somehow, we've become numb to all of this. he's also said that his failure to enact what he calls common sense gun laws is the biggest frustration of his presidency. savannah? >> andrea mitchell in washington, thank you. we'll send it back to matt in california. >> savannah, thank you. as we said, the suspects were
8:07 am
eventually located and chased to a residential area before being killed in a shootout with police. several witnesses capturing that dramatic scene on their cell phones. brian lives nearby and saw police give
8:08 am
>> they believe for the muslim hajj, she came back to the united states on what's called a k-1 visa. when she married him, she became a u.s. citizen by virtue of the marriage. he was born in illinois, so he's an american citizen. they believe that travel at this point, they believe the travel was -- had a religious motivation. that's where he met his wife. they're also tracing the guns. a question here is, how were they able to obtain at least two and possibly more which were commonly known as assault weapons. despite california's relatively
8:09 am
strict ban. did they have compliant weapons manufactured to conform to the ban or was it different? >> let's role the statement from president obama moments ago. >> everybody ready? yesterday, a tragedy took place in san bernardino. as i said, in the immediate aftermath, our first order of business is to send our thoughts and prayers to the families of those who have been killed and to pray for a speedy recovery for those who were injured during this terrible attack. i had a chance to speak with mayor davis of san bernardino, and i thanked law enforcement in that city for their timely and professional response. i indicated to mayor davis that the entire country is thinking
8:10 am
about that community and thanked him and his office for the way that they've been able to manage an extraordinarily difficult situation, with calm and clarity. very much appreciated the coordination that has been taking place between local law enforcement and the fbi investigators. at this stage, we do not yet know why this terrible event occurred. we do know that the two individuals who were kill ed wee equipped with weapons and appeared to have access to additional weaponry at their homes. but we don't know why they did it. we don't know, at this point, the extent of their plans.
8:11 am
we do not know their motivations. i just received a briefing from fbi director, as well as attorney general lynch, indicating the course of their investigation. at this point, this is now an fbi investigation. that's been done in cooperation and consultation with local law enforcement. it is possible that this was terrorist related, but we don't know. it's also possible that this was workplace related. until the fbi has been able to conduct what are going to be a large number of interviews, until we understand the nature of the workplace relationship between the individual and his superiors, because he worked
8:12 am
with the organization where this terrible shooting took place, until all the social media and electronic information has been exploited, we're just not going to be able to answer those questions. but what i can assure the american people is we're going to get to the bottom of this. we are going to be vigilant, as we always are, in getting the facts before we issue any decisive judgments, in terms of how this occurred. more broadly, as i said yesterday, you know, we see the prevalence of these mass shootings in this country. i think so many americans sometimes feel as if there's nothing we can do about it. we are fortunate to have an extraordinary combination of law
8:13 am
enforcement and intelligence and military that work every single day to keep us safe. but we can't just leave it to our professionals to deal with the problem of these guns committing horrible killings. as the investigation moves forward, it's going to be important for all of us, including our legislatures, to see what we can do to make sure that when individuals decide that they want to do somebody harm, we'll make it harder for them to do it. right now, it's just too easy. you know, we're going to have to, i think, search ourselves as a society, to make sure that we can take basic steps that would
8:14 am
make it harder, not um possibim but harder, for individuals to get access to weapons. so there will be, i think, a press conference later today, led by the attorney general, director colome me direct to belief not only the press but members of congress on the course of the investigation. this may take some time before we're able to sort it through. there may be mixed motives involved in this, which makes the investigation more complicated. rest assured, we will get to the bottom of this. in the meantime, once again, i want to offer our deepest condolences to those who have been affected by this terrible tragedy. for those who have been injured, we hope that they get well quickly. and they're able to be back
8:15 am
together with their families. thank you very much, everybody. >> that was president obama moments ago, flanked by his national security team, in the oval office of the white house, talking about the shootings in california, and saying it is not yet clear what motivated those shooters and that this is an investigation that took take a while, indeed. he said perhaps the shootings had what he called mixed motives. i want to go to san bernardino. our correspondent miguel almaguer is on the ground. what are you hearing in terms of this investigation? >> savannah, as the president said, we now know the fbi is taking over the investigation. federal officials will be scouring at least three different crime scenes across the area. the one behind me where the shooting began and two miles away from here, where the shootout with the suspects and the suv took place. then at the home, about six miles away from here. we know federal authorities will join local authorities here, bryning togeth in
8:16 am
bringing together their intelligence, and work the case from here. >> miguel, thank you so much. as you said, we are expecting to hear from officials in california within the hour. we plan to have live coverage on many of these nbc stations. once again, we have these two shooters accused of killing 14 people, injuring 17 others. an investigation that is very much underway at this hour, as authorities explore whether this is a case of workplace violence or, perhaps, a case of terrorism. we're going to have a lot more on this nbc station. this is an nbc news special report. [phone ringing} when you've got a house full
8:17 am
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we ar .e we are back now. it's 8:19. we have alarming news from mothers when it comes tear weight gain during pregnancy a. few study finds weight gain between pregnancies could raise the risks of stillbirth and infant deaths if subsequent pregnancies. dr. natalie is here. good morning. how do we end up in this study? it's saying weight gait in between pregnancies is the issue? >> yeah. that's kind of what sets this study apart from many other studies. we know from a wealth of leicester, maternal overweight in obesity complicates pregnancies period. some studies having looed at whether gaining 28 between the first and second pregnancies increase cans risks and stillbirth. some studies have found that in the past. not that many studies have looked at infant mortality. that's what separates this study from ones previously done. >> are we talking weighing gain like you can't lose the last ten
8:21 am
pounds? are we talking more weight gain than that? >> that's exactly the question we want to talk about. it's actually a small amount t. number they found significant was 4 bmi units, which roughly translates to 2.8 kilograms which is around 6 pounds. for example hello, i think every woman pregnant says i'm six pounds more than the first one. >> the medical stories this week a all important in terms of interpreting them in the context of how they were done statistically. meaning that if you look at the actual number the absolute risks for the mom, the number was two in a thousand pregnancies resulted in still birth. if you gained weighing between pregnancies. and that increased only to one extra one per thousand pregnancies. >> so what you are saying is yes, there is an increased risk. yet, it is exceedingly rare? in there the risk went up 50% t.
8:22 am
absolute rick was one more pregnancy in a thousand. that's really important. a few other take home points was if you lost weight between pregnancies, it decreased your risk. >> so what's the take home? it's something we have been saying a lot, okay, is that maintaining a healthy weight between pregnancies is important and losing your pregnancy weighing after the first pregnancy is very important in terms of the health of the sec pregnancy and the second baby. but i think most experts who interpret it or looked at these results feel it's very important that that number is communicated very carefully. >> that this is not an astronomical or spectacular risk to women. it's still small. but at a population level that does amount to, you know, quite a few pregnancies. it's still very important. >> another reason to try to keep a healthy weight between pregnancies? >> exactly. it's not shocking. still. >> natalie, thank you so much. we will send it over to our other natalie. >> thanks, savannah. on wednesday, which reveal that oscar winner sandra boll lock is a mom of two, adopting a
8:23 am
daughter. her "people" magazine cover getting a light shed on a foster system latest overlooked. >> reporter: the latest celebrity face behind adoption. >> one of the things shy said to me is, love is something we all have and we have endless supplies of it and we shouldn't hoard it. we should really give it out. >> reporter: sandra bullock announcing there is a new mem member of her family adopted from the louisiana foster system. putting foster adoptions into the spotlight. hoping to inspire others like angela jolie pitt has done with international adoptions. >> the idea that somebody with her celebrity can bring this personal decision she has chosen public we owe a great deal of gratitude. >> reporter: bullock who adopted her five-year-old son louie wanted to find him a sibling the same way. >> i think the top line is
8:24 am
sandra bullock thought it was an important article to do. there are thousands of children in the united states who need homes. her point was you don't have to be a big intricate you don't have to be rich anna mus. >> reporter: she also said part of the reason she is going public is the hope that others will follow in her footsteps. last year, some end up going to their biological parents or living with a relative a. quarter of them waiting to be adopted. 7-year-old shay was one of the lucky ones. she's adopted from foster care in february t. dill l. the gillardos. it was made official. >> it is the most amazing feeling in the world in my lifetime. >> reporter: there are so many kid out there who so badly want to have family, says bullock. she says the process can be long
8:25 am
and life changing. >> she said at one point she felt like she grew another heart. >> they say this is my home. it's a home i'm going to stay in. >> that just the sigh of relief. >> well, when asked about the challenges of adopting a child not an infant. bullock told "people" magazine you have to be prepared to psychologically educate yourself to the steps you need to repair any damage that may have taken place before your arrival and adding it is our journey, not just theirs. >> she means her family's journey. such an important voice she is adding and sharing. there are so, so many kids stuck in the system. >> so many continue in a loving home. thank you. coming up, how'd you like a million bucks in the bank? or maybe to be able to retire much earlier than you thought. coming up, what we can all learn from super savers, jean is here to share the secrets after your local news.
8:26 am
.i'm ... ==take vo== five san francisco poli good thursday morning. it's 8:26. five san francisco police officers on paid leave this morning after allegedly shooting and killing a stabbing suspect. you are looking at video that appears to capture it and the moments officers shot that man holding a knife. that was yesterday afternoon in the bayview district. it was shot by someone riding a bus. san francisco's supervisors are expecting to take up a proposal aimed at preventing gun thefts after a spring of high-profile thefts from cars around the bay area. that legislation would require weapons in cars to be locked in the trunk or put into a lockbox. staying in san francisco, mike is tracking a closure. >> the fire department closed lombard. still fire activity.
8:27 am
we are gathering details. they are trying to open a couple of lanes. that affects the 23 and 48 and muni lines. the golden gate moves well, so does the bay bridge. same thing around the bay. we zoom out toward the east bay and south toward the south bay, a smooth flow of traffic. the slowest sensors are in palo alto. back to you. >> thank you very much. back in 25 minutes with another local news update.
8:28 am
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8:30 am
last night on "fallon" a throwdown with brett favre. tonight with "star wars" and . ♪ ring in the bells ♪ ring in the bells ♪ ring the bells ♪ hands all around ♪ you hear the sound ♪ hear how they ring ♪ ding, ding-a-ling ♪ hey ♪ ho
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♪ it's all around ♪ you can't stop ♪ thinking about ♪ thinking about carrolling ♪ ring ring [ cheers [ cheers ] >> this holiday music from the talented show choir from uniondale. they are rippinging in the holiday spirit along with our newly lit tree across the street, which looks so great. coming up, john cusac focuses on his hometown chicago. we are not worthy, the barefoot contessa cooking up a storm. coming up her no-brainer recipe for classic roast chicken. it smells like heaven. >> tonight is the big event live on nbc, "the wiz."
8:32 am
you can catch that live at 8:00, 7:00 central right here on nbc. >> looking forward to that. now, let's get a check of the weather. >> drive for good on the plaza is broughtlet brought to you by a mazda. >> let's show you what we got happening as far as your weather is concerned. for today, a lot of wet weather in the pacific northwest. mountain conditions, heavy rain, icy mix. look for heavy rain down through southern florida. tomorrow that will continue. snow through the cascades the bitter root and the inner mountain region, look for sunshine through the gulf coast into florida. looking for more heavy we're getting ready for some rain to move into the bay area. it's raining in parts of the north bay. in santa rosa we see showers moving in. that will move elsewhere, father
8:33 am
to the east as we go into the rest of the morning and early afternoon. now temperatures are in the upper 40s to lower 50s. a lot of clouds. the wind starting to pick up. when the rain falls we may have gusts up to 30 miles an hour and highs today will only be in the upper 50s to lower 60s. wood and that is your latest weather. during last night's christmas tree lateing. i got to meet stephanie fraser brim. she won thousands of dollars from her charity the confetti campaign, stephanie joins you us. good morning. >> good morning, thank you for having me. >> tell us about the confetti foundation. >> it's a non-profit i started for children to celebrate their birthdays. >> that's awfully sweet. where are you based out of? >> newport, rhode island. we give a birthday in the box, all the supplies are available for them to throw a sweet birthday party in their hospital
8:34 am
room. >> people want to help at home, how do k you do that? >> you can be a birthday fairy or girl and drop it off at the local hospital and make birthday cards and we always need birthday supplies. can you go to confetti and learn more about it. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. >> let's go back pence to savannah. [cheers and applause ] >> all right, al, thank you so much. now to our hassle-free holiday. we have been covering bad spending habitens and credit card debts. how does having a million in savings by 35 find? meet people the "new york times" calls super savers. >> my name is darlene orlov. >> i am anne houston, i live in stillwater, oklahoma. >> i was able to retire at 52. i started a business at 30. i had the help of a brilliant
8:35 am
strategist accountant. together, we set a plan, that made all the difference. >> even though i have not had a raise in ten years, i have no debt. a financial adviser i totally trust and a life plan to help me manage finances. >> i was able to save seven figures by the time i was 35. i was able to decrease my spending by over $10,000 a year simply cutting out everything that wasn't important to me. now i have the goal to retire well before the age of 40. >> here to break down tear secrets to savings is jean chatski. le. >> good morning. >> i love the supersavers, they are not living the lifestyle of a monk? >> they are not. they line their spending up with their values. >> that means they want people to travel. but they'll cut back on eating out. it's all about what's important to you. if you don't know what that is, keep a spending diary, where you write down what you bought, how
8:36 am
much you paid for it. how you feel about it. go back a week later, find out how you feel again. eventually, you will see how they line up. first, cut out the big thing, which seems like duh. >> except we are always talking about coffee. how we cut out coffee. how much of a difference that can make? let's look at the big stuff. we spend 80% of our money on 20% of the stuff, rent or your mortgage and transportation. so if you downsize where you are living a little bit. you not only shrink the size of your mortgage, but insurance, taxes, utilities. it all reverb brights. same thing you get rid of one car. maybe you live with one instead of two. >> did you explain the 80-20 rule? >> you spend 80% and focus on that. >> set goal. >> not just set goals, but make sure that those goals are really specific, make sure that there are steps that you can fulfill to achieve those goals and write
8:37 am
them down. research says we are 42% more likely to achieve our goals if we write them down. make sure you know what you want. you got steps to go for it. >> and you are accountable oyourself. >> yes. >> the next one doesn't involve too much. automate everything. >> once you have your goals, you have to make it happen. you don't have to think about it all the time. when you know how much you want to save every single time you gaiv save, funnel it into a planned savings account so when you go to the atm, you don't see that number and think, oh, there is money for me to spend. >> your next one i think is a good one. leave your investments alone, once you save that money, don't touch it. >> the ting that can really kill you along the way is the market tumbles. you think, oh my gosh, i got to get my money out of the stockmarket. big mistake. you will never be able get it back into the stock market at the same time. >> even if you are older and close to retirement? >> you got different asset
8:38 am
allocation if you are older and close to retirement. you still want to stick with your plan. >> that means not moving it out. retirement is a really long time. so when the markets tumble, focus, instead, on accumulating more shares in your investment, instead of the price. the markets are down. you can buy more shares and a keeper price. can you feel good about that. >> one thing, you get a fire sale. focus on your income. what do you mean? >> a lot of people haven't got an raise in a very long time. if you are not being paid what you are worth. can you go to websites like to figure out what you should be making, now is the time to ask for a raise, if you don't, the answer is always. >> nothing ventured, nothing campaigned. >> thampg so much, for more, let's go to coming up next, johnsack live in studio. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
e a bow and arrow ♪ ♪ a broken guitar ♪ while the rainwater washes away ♪ ♪ who you are ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars ♪ we go over the mountains ♪ and under the stars [♪]
8:41 am
we are back at >> we are back at 8:41. john cusack has been appearing in movies for more than three dates. he stars in spike lee's new movie about gun violence in chicago. he plays a pastor and activist deeply involved in the community. >> first of all when a murderer walks free we're all in danger. the there is no one target. what makes somebody a target is not the shooter. what makes somebody a target is the community. that surrenders to fear. >> john cusack good morning to you. this seems timely in terms of what's been happening in chicago, what's been happening in our larger world and this movie really takes on this issue of gun violence and violence in communities and in a pretty
8:42 am
interesting way. >> it's a retelling of mr. strada, remember what we read in english class? >> what i claimed to be read but didn't read. remind everybody. >> it's a satire. basically is about the culture wants to go to war and the women start a sex strike. it's happened in liberia. it's about very serious things. sort of like network and these other satires, a way to put a lens on these things that are so tragic and becomes so numb. >> it's an. interesting rhetorical device because the women of this community band together and say, you know what? here's how we'll get the attention of the men we love. we'll withhold sex. now your character is a minister based on a real person.
8:43 am
>> he's been the pastor at a church for 40 years. he like a lot of other people at church, synagogues and mosques do this incredible work day in and day out trying to keep their neighborhood safe. even as we speak right now from father mike gave me this site called it keeps track of all this stuff. there's been 198 people shot in november so far. there's been since the video was released of the young man that got killed, there's been 45 shot and wounded, total shot, 12 homicides and how many people do you think have been shot and wounded in chicago this year-to-date? what would your guess be? >> i don't know that i could ventura guess. >> 2762.
8:44 am
>> this is your home town. >> almost 565 homicides. it's sobering numbers and the communities are living with this every day and desperately asking for help and attention and for some sane reform. >> yeah. the movie really brings to light those issues. you have another project called "love and mercy." tell me about that. are your playing brian wilson >> i play brian wilson. there's two portraits of brian that we hope harmonize together. >> were you a fan of brian wilson? >> oh, yeah. when i made the movie "high fidelity" it was about these record owner stores. everybody could finally agree brian wilson was in the top five. he was a real -- he's a true genius and a pioneer. it was an honor to play him. >> great to have you here.
8:45 am
you have two interesting projects. i still want to see you in a romantic comedy one of these days. >> i would love to do one. you got to get offered. >> john cusack congratulations. coming up next we'll do some cooking, the barefoot contessa is here with one pan
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> announcer: today's food is brought to you by walmart. stop by a store or visit us at to share wonder every day. >> we're back. it's 8:47. today's food and more of our week of no-brainer recipes. i like the sound of that. >> ina garten, the barefoot contessa, is here, and her new cookbook, "make it ahead."
8:48 am
>> it's the holidays and everyone wants something easy. i love things you can make ahead. >> what are we making? >> a chicken with arugula salad. it's all in one platter. chicken, obviously, and roasted on a bed of bread. with a mustard vinaigrette. it has arugula and the whole thing in one. the bread you roast it with is chopped up with croutons. >> everyone can make this but when you make it, it's magical and special. >> thank you. >> i want to get all the details. >> i take a raw chicken. to give it flavor, i separate the skin from the breast and put chopped garlic underneath. >> you have the spoon trick. >> there is a wooden spoon trick. sometimes i use my fingers. you can do it with a wooden spoon so you don't break the skin. what i do is put thyme underneath. take the stem, not the leaves off, and put it right underneath. under the legs and then all you have to do is -- people trust
8:49 am
these chickens like it's in bondage. you don't have to. tie up the legs, simple. i tuck the wings under. that's it. no big deal. first, you have to be able to tie. that's a critical detail. tie them up like that. >> great. >> the key thing is, what i do is salt it. it's really important. you salt it in advance, just like that. let it sit in the refrigerator for about 24, 48 hours. >> okay. >> then you clean your hands. these wonderful sanitizing wipes. very important. >> so viewers don't write? >> what i do, too, is put thyme in the cavity so it flavors it. >> great. >> the next day when you're ready to cook -- are you in charge? >> i am. >> bread on the bottom of the chick chicken. >> sure. >> bottom of the pan. >> any oil or anything or straight? >> just like that. then we put the chicken on top. my hands have been in the chicken. >> you like thick, crusty bread.
8:50 am
>> i do. >> you do this the nigh befort , pull it out and put it right on. >> doesn't have to be room temperature. add olive oil so it gets brown. >> what's the oven preheated to? >> 500 degrees. surprisingly hot. when you roast it, what happens is, all the juices in the chicken get into the -- this is what it looks like after. >> yum. isn't that gorgeous? >> looks beautiful. what y >> what you end up with, the chicken is perfectly done. that goes here. >> aren't you impressed with carson? he seems to know what he's doing. >> no one uses tongs on television better than me. >> everybody says, the croutons are burnt. that's the point. you cut these into squares, just like this. >> they have to taste delicious. >> they're so -- really. these are incredible. >> how long does the chicken cook? >> let me check in with the people downstairs. >> i love the burnt croutons.
8:51 am
>> who is in charge of the vinaigret vinaigrette? >> savannah knows how to ard or >> i'll put in the scallions. >> what's in the vinaigrette? >> champagne vinaigrette with mustard. that goes over the salad. >> all of it then. >> watch this. carve the chicken, cut up the croutons and which is what you end up with. isn't that gorgeous? >> it's a plate of love. >> my wouldn't look like that. >> exactly like that. >> if ina garten burns something, it tastes delicious. the rest of us, not so much. >> everyone remembers their mother burning things. they know what it tastes like. >> how is the chicken, guys? >> oh, my gosh, heaven on a plate. >> perfect. >> yummy. >> eat, have a bite. >> i have to get a bite. i have to get a crouton. >> you first. >> okay. i'm not going to argue. >> i love that you put it -- >> are you kidding me? >> the chicken melts in your mouth. the lemon zest is fantastic.
8:52 am
the crouton is ridiculously crunc crunchy. >> put it in the middle of the table and everyone helps themselves. >> i fell in love with your croutons. >> we have family coming into our house. put this in the middle of the table and say, go for it. >> roast chicken with the volume turned up. are you coming back to make cocktails? >> we are making cocktails. >> my better half -- siri is in love with this lady. i'll have a hug for her. bingo! gotcha. >> bingo, one for you, too. all these recipes are at back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
8:53 am
8:54 am
carson has made his way to the orange room to get us ready for what is a yearly tradition around here. >> i could have sat up there with ina for a long time. i made it down here. "time" magazine will reveal their pick for person of the year next wednesday on "today." we'll give you a short list. there's speculation about who it might be. here's the reveal, who is it going to be on wednesday? more recently, last year in 2014, the ebola fighters were the person of the year. let's go back in history here. the first ever on the magazine
8:55 am
cover. charles lindenberg for the sole flight across the atlantic. then many people had the cover two years, but one has been on it three years. fdr fdr. going back to 1962, non-traditional, the computer. endangered earth in '88. the digital user in 2006. again, on monday, we're going to give you the short list. you can start your guessing using #orange room. we'll give you the first look at the short list and the reveal will be here on wednesday. any guesses? >> i know leading in their reader poll was bernie sanders and malala. >> i would like to nominate the crouton by ina garten we just ate. >> you have a little crouton. >> do i? we wanted to bury our heads in it. >> wouldn't you feel bad if you lost to a crouton? >> that would be a bummer. >> what do you think, carson? >> maybe the pope. how about the pope? >> oh, yeah.
8:56 am
>> pope's journey this year, coming to the states. >> could be a non-traditional choice again, the isis terrorists. certain >> person of the year isn't always a good thing. >> in the past, they've done many. >> what's next hour? >> we'll be talking more about the shooting. wayne brady. jason schwartzman all stopping by to good thursday morning. 8:56. happening today, more accusations against pg & e following the pipeline explosion. leaders are expected to release thousands of e-mails which reveal conspiracies they say between public utilities commissioner and the now fired pg & e executives. how much longer will oakland be
8:57 am
the home for the raiders? they have a plan to finance the stadium, otherwise the team may move to los angeles. nfl owners are expected to vote on relocating team in early january. the rain is tarting to make its way through the bay area. a weather update coming up in 25 minutes.
8:58 am
8:59 am
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9:00 am
♪ scenes from san bernardino, california, as we welcome you to "today" on a thursday morning. it's december 3rd, 2015. i'm willie with tamron, al and natalie. we begin with new developments after the mass shooting in california yesterday. let's go right to san bernardino for the latest. matt, good morning. >> good morning to you. i'm looking at you guys sitting
9:01 am
around there, and i said this earlier in the morning, we were all supposed to be lighting the christmas tree last night in rockefeller. it started at 11:00 yesterday morning, a married couple attending a holiday party, one of them, left for a while, came back with his wife. they were heavily armed wearing assault style shooting and they started shooting. dressed in black and armed with assault rifles and handguns, the suspects attacked a holiday event for san bernardino county health workers. overnight, authorities identified the suspects as syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik. a family member tells nbc news the couple were married and had a 6-month-old daughter. both were later killed in a shootout with police. >> mr. farook is a county employee. he works with his title as an environmental specialist in the public health department. has been employed there five years. >> police say farook left the event after a disagreement, before coming back with malik.
9:02 am
both armed with assault rifles and handguns. explosive devices were also used in the attack. >> i think based upon what we have seen and based upon how they were equipped, there had to have been some degree of planning that went into this. we have not ruled out terrorism. >> we have at least 20 victims. >> reporter: it all started shortly after 11:00 wednesday morning, at the inland regional center in san bernardino. some 60 miles east of los angeles. >> male in black clothing. he's still firing rounds. >> reporter: chaos quickly followed. the triage scene outside like the aftermath of a battle. with some of the wounded being loaded into pickup trucks before being raced to local hospitals. with the gunmen at large, lines of workers were escorted out with their hands in the air. family members who had rushed to the scene waited anxiously outside for word. >> what are you going to do when you see your wife? >> i'm going to hug her. >> reporter: several tense hours later, police located the suspects as they tried to flee
9:03 am
in a black suv. [ gunshots ] >> they're shooting at us. shooting at us out of the suv. eastbound on richardson. watch your crossfire. >> pd has shot fires. they're been shot at by unknown suspects. all units copy. >> suspect down in the westbound lane, not conscious. >> reporter: both suspects were killed at the scene. each heavily armed. an officer was wounded in the shootout, but is expected to be okay. syed farook was a native-born american citizen who attended local schools. overnight, his brother-in-law apologized to the victims but gave no indication of a motive. >> on behalf of my family for the victims, it's unbelievable what happened. i am very sad, deeply sad and shocked. >> reporter: as investigators comb both crime scenes for leads, some families reunited tearfully with loved ones. this woman's sister survived
9:04 am
being shot in the back. >> doors opened, gunmen started shooting, everyone hit the floor. it lasted for, she said, probably, roughly, 30, 40 seconds. it paused for a moment, then started again. then they were gone. didn't say anything. >> down the road is still a very active crime scene. the investigators are still there. we're going to talk to a guy in a second whose wife was inside that building, shot three times, and she is extremely lucky to be alive. we'll hear her story coming up. right now back to you in new york. >> you'll hear many more of the stories over the next few days. we're also seeing chilling cell phone video from police as they evacuated that building in san bernardino. >> walk to that deputy. keep your hands where i can see them. all the way to the deputy. make a left where the deputy is at. thank you. thank you. try to relax, everyone.
9:05 am
try to relax. i'll take a bullet before you do. that's for damn sure. be cool, okay? >> that's the level of professionalism, first of all, in a terribly tense moment, where you don't know what's around the corner. the courage to remind the people and keep them calm, i will take that bullet. just incredible. earlier on this morning, matt spoke with the husband of one of the victims inside the building. she was wounded but did survive. >> she could not see who was the shooter because everybody ducked down. the bullet was flying all over the place. she was -- she crawled into the bathroom and realized her hands were bleeding. >> the gentleman also said his wife likely will not need surgery, so good news, at least,that case. >> he also made an interesting point in matt's interview. when he said -- when matt said, do you think this could be terrorism? he said, it doesn't matter. any time someone is murdered, it's a terrorist act.
9:06 am
>> absolutely. >> it doesn't really matter to the people who lost loved ones. this is -- >> it's an act of terroris >> we're hearing also from other family members of those who were caught up in the shooting. >> she was not wanting to be heard. they were out in the hall. didn't want them to open the door. someone turned off the lights. they locked the door. >> i need to see you are alive, that you're okay. nothing is wrong with you. take a photo and text it to me. she did. thank god. >> her co-workers were all like screaming. i told her, stay calm. everything is going to be okay. i didn't know what to say because i was trying to drive. >> we want to turn now to find out more on the investigation side of this. nbc news justice correspondent pete williams has been following all the details. pete, what can you tell us about the shooters, a husband and wife team? they had just gotten married six
9:07 am
months ago. tell us more about what perhaps we're learning about them. >> couple of things. first of all, going back to the cell phone video of the people being led out by authorities, they didn't know it at the time, we now know at that point, the two people who fired the shots were already gone. at first, the witnesses at the inland regional center said that they thought three people came in firing guns. overnight, investigators said, no, the number was two. farook and his wife. police say each carried an assault-style rifle and a handgun. authorities believe farook bought the handguns legally. they're working to trace the assault rifles, which were initially sold three or four years ago. the couple, authorities say, threw three homemade explosive devices. none of those went off. police say farook knew the people at the center holding the holiday party. he'd worked for the county, was a health inspector. witnesses say when he arrived alone at first yesterday, he got
9:08 am
into an argument. then he came back 10 to 30 minutes later with his wife. both dressed in black and heavily armed. based on the witness description of farook's odd behavior that morning, police staked out the couple's house in redlands, ten miles from san bernardino. when this suv was seen leaving the house, police followed it and the couple began shooting out from the back of the vehicle. when the shooting was over, the two were found dead inside. farook's brother-in-law says the couple had a 6-month-old daughter, which they left with farook's mother wednesday. claimed that they had a doctor's appointment. now, investigators are delving into farook's life. they're looking for a motive. they've discovered he recently went to saudi arabia last year, it appears. based on the timing, their initial assumption was he was
9:09 am
there for the hajj, the pilgrimage for devout muslims. for the motive, that's a mystery still. authorities say this was clearly well planned. not only were the two heavily armed, they also had prepared and brought the homemade bombs. at least three of them were found. none went off. investigators are now going to search through the couple's computers, their phones, any other electronic devices, looking for clues. they'll be carefully examining farook's employment records, talking to co-workers to see if it can shed any light. this morning they say they still cannot say what this attack was. was it a workplace dispute that spun out of control and led to some sort of grudge that caused this planning? was it jihadist inspired terrorism? was it some combination of the two? natalie? >> pete williams, thanks so much. so many questions but the pieces will start to unfold and this mystery will, in the next couple hours, we'll learn more. >> you think about the mentality of two people who are able to
9:10 am
drop off their 6-month-old child, under the guise of a lie with their mother, knowing they'd never come back to see that child again. they'd either die or go back to prison for the rest of their lives. that's something about their phycology, their commitment to whatever the plan was. >> too many times we have been on this program, the morning after one of these shootings, and expressing grief, sorrow, outrage. norah o'donnell from cbs news spoke with president obama yesterday after this. you could see that same frustration and hear it in his voice. >> may be aware of the fact that we have a no fly list, where people can't get on planes, but those same people who we don't allow to fly could go into a store right now in the united states and buy a firearm. there's nothing that we can do to stop them. >> the president went on to say, thoughts and prayers aren't enough. here's the headline of the daily news. a lot of people talking about
9:11 am
this. #thoughts and prayers. people saying, god isn't fixing this. a lot of politicians tweeted out last night, our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in san bernardino. while the good intentions thoughts and prayers, this isn't fixing the problem. we need to do more to do that. that's the intent of that editorial in the daily news. and other people are echoing that. >> we're watching "morning joe," the program that willie does on msnbc, and you watch people go to their political corners. gop candidate carly fiorina was on, as well as the speaker of the house paul ryan, both republicans. both said, there are laws on the books right now that aren't being enforced. they believe that the country should focus more on mental health issues. then you see some of the progressive bloggers, democrats on capitol hill, cite similar things they've said in the past
9:12 am
on common sense gun safety, as they describe it. there's a clear political divide. you talk about mass shootings by the numbers. it's almost three years that we sat here with the children and families of new town, sandy hook, and said, everything will change. i vividly remember watching "nightly news" that evening. brian williams was on and said, will anything change now that we watched children be massacred? here are the numbers. mass shootings happen almo each day of the year. 355 shootings versus 336 days of this year. this is the sixth mass shooting in the u.s. in a week, including yesterday in savannah, georgia, four people were shot. one woman died and we were saying in our meeting, had it not been for the massacre in san bernardino, many people would never have heard aut the shooting in savannah. it came up as part of the conversation by the numbers. that's how, outside of the local market, people even knew that there was another mass shooting in this country.
9:13 am
bbc, the headline from the british broadcast, said, just another day, another shooting in the united states. it was after the last mass shooting, the president said, we've all become almost like rote memorization. we have the same reaction. whether it's the thoughts and prayers line. whether it's, how did we get here? we're all journalists, we know that and know our responsibility and every person here takes that role seriously. we're also human beings and we also live in this country. and are a part of the conversation on what can happen next that is reasonable. that doesn't make people -- i live in texas. my dad -- i'll tell you this, when i turned 21 and got my first apartment, my dad gave me a gun. i grew up in a home where guns exist. the home that is my family home, there is a shooting range that's packed on any given day. my family members, they hunt. many of them see an assault weapon and say, how can someone
9:14 am
own multiple assault weapons? but they are also people who want to own their gun. what is the reasonable conversation here? >> you know though, that this conversation that we continue to have day in and day out, with six shootings this week alone, sadly, doesn't seem like it's going to change the course of this country either. what is engrained now is a sickness. what's happening around us is a sickness. that said though, i understand people talking about thoughts and prayers not being enough. i do think though at a time where we are all feeling somewhat lost and need something, perhaps faith is what people need. >> the point of that, and i remember there was an interesting -- some years ago, there was a tornado. the reporter said to the woman, my prayers are with you. she said, i don't believe in god. not everyone pivots to that. i am a person of faith. we are.
9:15 am
that's our choice. is faith legislation? there is a separation. should there be, yes, a faithful conversation with prayer, but what is the legislative -- if there is a legislative conversation, that makes us all uncomfortable. my hands are shaking because you know you're likely to say something that results in an onslaught of attacks. >> we live in a free country where people choose to believe. there are freedoms and the freedoms are preserved by our constitution. given all of this, there were some peaceful moments last night to mark the events of the day. during the pregame of the pacers-clippers game, there was a moment of silence there. as you see, they darkened the court and people just sent their thoughts. obviously, it is the holiday season. speaker paul ryan pausing during the annual ceremony to light the capital christmas tree in washington, d.c.
9:16 am
here in rockefeller center, our tree is now beautifully lit. last night at the rockefeller center christmas tree lighting in new york, there was a beautiful rendition from the new york kids choir, singing "let there be peace on earth." it struck us all to the core. take a listen. ♪ let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me ♪ >> the new york youth choir. that wasn't supposed to be the way the show would open. given the events of the day, they felt hearing children's voices and the innocence was such an important reminder to all of us, that the peace and the innocence of this holiday needs to be preserved. >> i thought it was a moving way to open the program last night. to give people, at least for an hour or so, something to
9:17 am
celebrate before they got back into the news. >> the voice of children, that's the beauty. >> we'll stay on top of this story all morning long. for now, i want to pause and get the weather. >> that's what's going on around the country. here's what's ha we have some rain and clouds moving into the north bay. sunny in the south bay and east bay. closer look at this rain as it approaches san francisco, starting out with moderate town powers. we have seen it in the north bay for about an hour and expect it to continue to spread elsewhere into the bay area heading into the next few hours. highs today in the upper 50s to lower 60s. some gusty winds when the rain moves in. and it all will be clearing out as we led into tonight and drying out by tomorrow. >> that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much, al. we're back with much more right after this. [barks] are those... you there... stormtroopers!
9:18 am
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9:19 am
that song, "the boy is mine," the duet from brandy and monica, off the album, "never say never." you can hear the multi-platinum recording artist on a new album,
9:20 am
"a classic holiday." brandy, welcome back. always love when you visit us. >> i love it here. thank you for having me. >> thank you. "one voice" is a song you have a good relationship with. >> it was a song i recorded when i was about 17. it's on the "never say never" album. i felt it was one of those sole judge -- songs that gets lost in the shuffle on an album. i felt the holiday album was the perfect place to put it and for people to hear. >> what else is on the cd? >> alicia keys. really great artists on there. i think it's inspirational, and people can really get into the holiday spirit. >> especially this holiday, we need it. >> do you have a classic you love to sing every year? >> i love "santa baby." "silent night," as well. >> there's a span. >> hitting all the right notes there. you've had an incredible year. broadway, film. the show. how do you keep this going, and
9:21 am
how do you describe your year? >> i think my year has been magical, honestly. all my dreams are coming true with broadway and the new show "zoe ever after," which premieres in january. i'm excited about it. i love sitcoms and it's a sitcom. it's exciting. it's been a phenomenal time for me. >> we want more brandy all the time. visit us again real soon. >> definitely. still ahead, act ♪ ♪ just head around the corner to walgreens when you're searching for that perfect little something. walgreens has great gifts like toys, beauty gift sets and photo gifts, and it's all just a hop, skip and a bark away. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. this week, save 30 percent on photo gifts.
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9:25 am
can't wait. plus, jason schwartzman is here with the season's finalest swe -- finest sweater. is tha grilled chicken and bush's baked beans. >>they're totally eating their vegetables. i know. it's awesome. >>boo-yah. blow it up. bush's baked beans. the veggie kids love. no worries. to age faster than other skin. now, there's new chapstick® total hydration. its 100% natural, age defying formula
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is clinically proven to provide healthier, more youthful looking lips. chapstick® put your lips first® san francisco police officers are on paid leave this good thursday morning. right now five san francisco police officers are on paid leave this morning after allegedly shooting and killing a stabbing suspect. you're looking at video of it. this happened yesterday in the city's bayview district. it was all captured on cellphone by a muni rider who happened to be passing by. the video appears to show the moment that officers shot the man after ordering him to drop his knife. an investigation is currently under way. also happening today, san francisco supervisors are expected to take up a proposal aimed at preventing gun thefts. this on the heels of a stripping of high profile gun thefts from cars in the area.
9:27 am
it would require cars to be in the trunk or put in a lockbox. a decision could be made today about whether to open crab season at all. the latest test results could be released. you may remember that crab season was delayed after toxins were found in the krus takesians.
9:28 am
good morning. i'm kari hall. still tracking the rain moving across the north bay and approaching san francisco at this point. and it will continue to move closer to parts of the peninsula, east bay and the south bay. meantime it's sunny there while we have a lot of rain and wind going on as you head over toward san rafael as well as santa rose. this will be rolling off to the east as we go into the next couple of hours and expect to make it into the east bay within the next hour. and then parts of the south bay in about an hour and a half. we'll keep you up to date on that. how is it looking on the roads? looking like we can see the
9:29 am
effects of that wind. about an hour until it gets in toward the danville area. northbound 880, a pleasant drive. we have a smooth drive around most of the approaches to the bay bridge. lumbard still closed getting away from the golden gate bridge because of fire activity. westbound direction is still moving smoothly, though. two lanes open. there is that radar and the rain coming in off the coast, but lighter flow of traffic, slowing through palo alto south 101 and by the airport. >> thank you so much. we'll be back in 25 minutes with another local news segment here.
9:30 am
officials are trying to find a motive for the shooting rampage in california. officials say they are not ruling out terrorism in the attack that killed 14 people and wounded 17 others. the two suspects, a husband and wife, were killed in a gun battle with police. they left a 6-month-old daughter with her grandmother . president obama spoke from the white house this morning saying he sends thoughts and prayers to the families of those killed in the shooting. >> what i can assure the american people we are going to get to the bottom of this and we'll be vigilant as we always are.
9:31 am
>> the president says the country needs to take basic steps to make it harder for certain individuals to get access to weapons. >> a new study suggesting that when it comes to medical procedures your mood matters. researchers at emory university studied the emotions of hund of patients before they underwent a procedure, such as angioplasty. they found patients who were nervous or irritable had almost twice the risk of complication, such as high blood pressure or bleeding after the procedure, compared to those who had a positive outlook about their procedures. orlando, florida, will be home to the world's tallest roller coasters. county leaders had granted zoning approval for the $500 million sky plex orlando project. the developer can begin construction on the 570 foot skyscraper coaster and surrounding entertaining complex, scheduled to open in 2018. it'll be a lot of fun. let's get a check of the weather from mr. roker. hey, al. >> you and i have a different idea of fun. >> it's fun, al.
9:32 am
sign me up. >> we'll see. we're looking at snow making its way through northern new england today. a lot of wet weather beginning in south and central florida. icy, snowy conditions in the pacific northwest. windy and wet in northern california it a lot of rain coming. the good news is, mountain snow in the sierra. in the middle, looking nice. that's what's going on around the country. the rain is almost to san francisco right now, so you'll begin to see that rain moving in within the next 30 minutes or so. and you're feeling the winds picking up, too. sunny in the east bay and south bay, but the rain will be there by lunchtime. gusts up to 30 miles per hour and a hive 61 degrees in santa rose while oakland tops out at 62. all of the rain out of here by this evening. >> that's your latest weather. willie? >> al, thank you very much.
9:33 am
j jason schwartzman's resume reads as a list of the coolest television shows and movies. "ru "rushmore" and "the grand budapest hotel." >> next, "a very murray christmas." good to see you. i love that you brought a gift for us. >> thanks for having me. >> you came bearing gifts. >> yeah. >> tell me about this sweater. >> i'm in this christmas special called "a very murray christmas," starring bill murray. to celebrate it, we got some sweaters made with bill on them. i mean -- >> this is a collector's edition. only four in the world. >> there are only four, yeah. bill has the other one. >> ebay. >> i mean, i don't know about you, but i would wear a sweater with bill's face on it. >> absolutely. >> every season. doesn't need to be the winter. >> light summer sweat even.
9:34 am
>> yeah. >> subtlety of the branding on the back. >> netflix. >> football jersey on the back. >> tell us about the show. the cast is incredible. you're there, bill murray. what can we expect when we download it? >> it's a christmas special. basically, bill is supposed to give a christmas special in the show. because of a weather storm, all his guests have to cancel. he's alone in this hotel and stuck in it. that's when our show kind of unfolds. a bunch of guests come in to join him. chris rock is -- gets stuck in the hotel and ends up singing a song. there's a bunch of people. >> rashida jones. >> maya rudolph. michael cera. there's a few i can't say. miley s miley cyrus, george clooney. >> i love how you dropped george clooney. >> he was like tenth on your list. >> i can't go three, it'll seem
9:35 am
obvious. thank you for catching that. it's a musical. it's full of musical numbers. bill, he can sing beautifulfuly. what can't he do? >> the bill murray the guy that say, i'm doing a project and you say, what time should i be there? you have a good relationship with him. >> we've worked together many times. i mean, the truth be told, i'm still blown away every time i see him. >> are you nervous when you see him? >> yeah, kind of. he's the nicest guy in the world. it's just me being -- he's a legend to me. even when he says my name, he'll say, oh, this is jason. if he introduces me. i just -- he just said my name. he knows me. he remembered. he remembered me. it's amazing. >> he remember ms me. >> the effect he has on probably everybody is the effect that, you know -- it doesn't ever wear off, the bill murray power. >> before you go, what's your definition of an awesome holiday
9:36 am
party, including, of course, bill murray being the guest? outside of that. >> definitiafinition of an awes holiday party? yeah. >> we said there'd be trick questions. >> if family and friends can be together, that's the ultimate thing that makes a party good. when you don't have to feel like the pressure to -- you can just be yourself. the holidays are really about bringing people close. this show, for instance, it's about making people come together and, hopefully, you can sing along and get into it. that's what a christmas special should do. that's what the holidays should do. >> you can come any time here and be yourself. >> really? >> yes. >> we don't lie, jason. >> i don't think you do. >> we love gifts. >> we love the christmas gift. >> truly is yours. >> thank you. >> happy birthday to your sweet daughter tomorrow. >> thank you very much.
9:37 am
i appreciate that. >> "a very murray christmas streams on netflix tomorrow. up next, wayne brady kicks up his heels in these boots. what ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go,♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go,♪ for every step, every stride, every start, begin strong with the lasting energy of 100% whole grain quaker oats... and off you go. you want i fix this mess? a mess? i don't think -- what's that? snapshot from progressive. plug it in, and you can save on car insurance based on your good driving. you sell to me? no, it's free. you want to try? i try this if you try... not this.
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take 25% off nike apparel, shoes and accessories for the whole family! but hurry - kohl's 25% off nike sale is this week only! kohl's. ♪ ♪ good day, everyone. officials in san bernardino, california, about to hold a news conference there to give us the
9:41 am
latest on the shooting massacre yesterday killing at least 14 people, injuring at least 17 others. a short time ago president obama spoke from the oval office about the search for a motive. >> it is possible this was terrorist related. but we don't know. it's also possible this was work place related. >> the president added the fbi is taking over the investigation. he's ordered flags across the nation to fly at half-staff in honor of the victims including at the white house. overnight authorities identified two suspected shooters as a married couple syed rizwan farook and tashfeen malik, his wife. they were killed in a gun battle with police in san bernardino hours after investigators say they carried out their shooting rampage at a christmas party for county employees held in a building that houses facilities for people with developmental disabilities. farook was an american citizen who worked as an inspector for the county health department for
9:42 am
several years. police say farook was at the party before the shooting but according to at least one witness left angrily returning 10 to 30 minutes later with his wife armed with long guns and dre dressed in tactical gear and that is when the shooting began. let's bring in nbc jis correspondent pete williams in our washington bureau. what do we know this hour about the suspects? >> well, we know that syed farook went to saudi arabia two years ago where he met his wife. she is a pakistani-american. but there are so many aspects of this investigation that point in two directions. well, here come the authorities now, kate. i'll have more to say in a moment. >> all right. we'll go first to the chief of police jarod burguan. >> good morning. i'm jarod burguan, chief of police here in san bernardino. i have sheriff mcmahon with me
9:43 am
and congressman pete aguilar and james ramos joining us this morning as well. i want to reiterate how incredibly tragic this is and we have a lot of families that are clearly devastated by what happened here and we need to be sensitive to that and i want it put out to those families that our prayers are with them and that we're here to support them any way that we can. some updated numbers the same as yesterday. we have 14 people that are confirmed dead in this incident. the number of wounded has risen from 17 to 21. they are being treated at various local hospitals. we were asked yesterday about the number of officers that responded. we are still compiling the total number of officers that responded here at 11:00 when the initial call of the shooting went out. our rough count right now is about 300 officers from local, county, state and federal
9:44 am
agencies that responded for the initial active shooter component of this and helped deal with the crime scene here. many of those assets also moved and were part of the investigation in the officer involved shooting that followed. here at the scene at the inland regional center what we have total we believe the suspects when they entered fired somewhere between 65 and 75 rounds from their rifles it at the scene. we did locate the one pipe bomb -- there were three pipe bombs combined into one that had a remote control car type of remote control device that appears to not have worked in this case. there were also four high-capacity 223 rifle magazines that were dropped by the suspects and left in there as evidence it had been recovered. i can confirm that the suspects were wearing the black style tactical gear that we talked about yesterday. they were not wearing ballistic vests, bulletproof vests.
9:45 am
what they did have and people may have confused, they had tactical style vests that held equipment and magazines and ammunition and that sort of stuff. on the officer involved shooting that took place a couple of hours after the incident we talked yesterday about how that came to be, how we ended up at that point in the investigation and what we were following up on. on the officer involved shooting that occurred we have seven police agencies that were involved in that shooting including our department, the sheriff's department. i think we had 14 of our police officers involved and then there were various other agencies that were all part of some of the local task force that had come to assist in the initial response. we had 23 officers that were actually fired their weapons at the suspects. law enforcement fired 183 rounds at the suspects, both killed here at the scene. the suspects are believed to
9:46 am
have fired about 76 rifle rounds at the officers at the determines of the pursuit. >> how many? >> 76 is the number we have right now. however, on them, on their person, on their body and in the vehicle we have over 1,400 223 caliber rounds that were available to them. they had over 2009 millimeter rounds on their person as well. we talked about yesterday they had the 223 assault style weapons and they had 9 millimeter pistols. >> 1,400 on the 223? >> 1,400 223 rounds. 200 9 millimeter rounds on their person, yes. on their person or immediately and available to them. let me get to a few others. we had two officers that were injured in that incident. one of them was a police officer who sustained a gunshot wound to his left leg. he was taken to a local hospital last night. he is probably going to be released this morning if he has
9:47 am
not already been released. his injuries are not life threatening. i did visit with him in the hospital. he's in good spirits. we also, as of this morning, learned there was a second deputy that was also injured in the incident, sustained cuts to his leg that we believe came from broken glass or shrapnel. two were injured in that exchange. the house in red lands became part of the focus of this investigation yesterday. i will confirm the search that took place revealed that there were 12 pipe bomb type devices found in that house or in the garage to that house. there were also hundreds of tools, many of which could be used to construct ieds or pipe bombs and in addition to that, they had other materiel to produce additional bombs as well. another 2,000 9 millimeter rounds found at that house along
9:48 am
with 223 rounds found at that house and there were an additional several hundred 22 long rifle rounds found there. so with that, i'm here to talk about the specifics of the investigation and what we discovered evidence wise. i think the fbi has some comments to make a little bit later. do you have any questions for me? >> do you believe they were planning another attack? >> we don't know. clearly they were equipped and could have continued to do another attack. we intercepted them before that happened obviously. [ inaudible ] >> so the investigation is still going on and i don't think we're prepared to talk about other people that we might be looking for. we are confident the two people involved in the shooting here are the two dead suspects that we have at the scene, and we do not have any credible information to indicate that there is an immediate threat to anybody in the area or anybody in the region. >> i can't hear everybody. brian?
9:49 am
>> the remote control car, can you elaborate what that was? >> i'm not an expert on it. it's my understanding three pipe bombs were attached together, somehow attached to this remote control car and it was designed that the remote control device would somehow trigger or set that device off. we don't know if they attempted to do that and it failed or what the story is. [ inaudible ] >> the car was driving, it was moving? >> it was found in a bag that was there at the scene. [ inaudible ] >> i'm going to let the fbi address those particular issues. >> sir -- >> the go pro is not confirmed. we don't have any information the suspects had go pros on them or any cameras of any sort that was on them. >> based on your interviews with all the eyewitnesses can you tell us exactly what happened in the room and do you still believe there was some dispute and they left and came back? this seems very much preplanned. >> we have people in the room that have indicated that the suspect was in the room during the early part of this meeting
9:50 am
or party type event. it was a county public health christmas holiday type gathering luncheon is what it was. he was part of that. he was there early on and he left. we did have some initial information that he left under some kind of duress or as if he was angry. we also had somebody else say that, you know, he disappeared. we don't know where he went from there. i don't know that we know enough about that yet. we will confirm that he was there early on. >> do you have any motive for the shooting, sir? >> we still don't have the motive. >> how they got in the building, were they targeting anybody in particular? >> the building this too place in, i'm sure you have aerial views of irc and what it is. it took place in the southern most building on the property. the doors that they entered were located on the east side so they entered from that parking lot into those east doors which went directly into the room which is where the shooting took place. those doors were unlocked. it was an open party to those folks. >> do you know how much time
9:51 am
elapsed from when you left the party? >> they sprayed the room with bullets. i don't know there was any one person they ultimately targeted. they killed 14 people there. >> was there any indication -- any idea how long time elapsed when he got in the argument and left? any idea where his wife snfs. >> i meant to follow up on that question and i failed at that today. yesterday we had information anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes. i'll try to tie that up by later on today. >> it seems hard to believe all of this was spontaneous. >> we said yesterday that there appears to be a degree of planning that went into this. nobody just gets upset at a party, goes home and puts together that kind of elaborate scheme or plan to come back and do that. there was some planning that went into this. [ inaudible ] >> is there any indication how long [ inaudible ]? >> i don't think we are far enough to be able to say what
9:52 am
that pattern has been or every place they have been or what they've been doing the last several months or several years. that's the part we're still working on, though. >> did he have a grudge against his co-workers? >> not that i'm personally aware of, but i think at some point later today we'll probably have a comment from his employer and the county to talk about some of those issues. [ inaudible ]. >> an employee at the center, why was he invited to the party? >> it was my understanding he was still an employee of the county. >> where did he buy the guns from, do you know? >> the guns were legally purchased. the two handguns were purchased by him. the rifles were not, but those are components that we're still following up on. all four guns were legally purchased. >> can you talk about -- >> i'm sorry? >> was he known to police or did he have a record? >> there's no criminal record that he had that we're aware of. >> what's in the house?
9:53 am
[ inaudible ] >> any idea on how it was acquired? >> it was a black ford excursion. the big expedition or explorer. expedition, i'm sorry. a black ford expedition, it was a rental car. he rented it three or four days ago. it was due to be returned yesterday. and that's why it had utah plates but it was rented locally. >> is there any connection that something was planned? >> i'll let the fbi discuss that. those are things they're working on. >> have you been able to identify all the victims and notify next of kin? >> so our plan today, we'll do a morning press conference. throughout the course of the day sheriff mcmahon and the coroner's office will start releasing the names of the victims. we've been working throughout the night to get the identity of those folks and then make notifications so we will start to put those names out here fairly soon. we're going to probably try to get some pictures out for you as well and try to move the media a little closer to the scene for
9:54 am
you and then we'll come back and do a press conference later on. throughout the course of the day we'll anticipate we'll start releasing the names of the victims. >> were they county employees? >> i don't know if they all were. several we believe are. >> you talk about the resolve of your officers and about this community and how you see them being able to move on in the coming days? >> you know, i read an article by one of the reporters in the press -- i'm sorry "the sun" this morning and she talked about the resiliency of this community and the fact everybody knows san bernardino has been beaten up with the bankruptcy and some of the things that hit this community and economically this community has been hit hard but this is a resilient community. we will survive this. we've had an enormous groundswell of support from our neighboring communities and well wishes that have come in from all over the place. i do know there is a candlelight vigil planned tonight. i believe it's at the stadium on e street and you'll see evidence of tremendous support and people will come together and support.
9:55 am
as far as the officers, everything that i've seen and all the officers from my department that i've contacted, they're doing extraordinarily well. as chief of this agency i'm proud of the way our folks responded not only the initial response here and the help that we got here from our local and regional partners but the way they also engaged in that officer involved shooting, that was nothing short of heroic. extremely proud of the way they handled that. >> were your officers wearing body cams? >> is it legal to have those guns here in california? >> i think there is some question whether they were california legal or not. we have not gotten to the bottom of that. i'll let atf address that later on. we do know at this point the four guns were purchased, appeared to be a legal purchase and were registered. none of our officers had body cams. i don't know about the other agencies. [ inaudible ] >> is the child in custody? >> i'm not sure where the child is.
9:56 am
i know they had a 6-month-old child. i don't know where she is. >> can you possess that much ammunition legally? >> i don't think we have restrictions on the volume but i'm not aware of any law. >> anything on the ammunition that's illegal other than -- >> off hand i'm not specifically aware of anything that was against the law there. >> chief, can you tell us more about the search, what you're lo looking for, what else besides the ammunition that helped you in seeking a motive and who lived there? >> so the suspect -- both suspects were listed on the rental agreement for the property. as i said yesterday i don't know that we can definitively say they were living there or living elsewhere and what exactly that house was used for. the house became a focus of the investigation based upon information that we had from witnesses that identified him as an employee that was there that they thought was potentially involved, and it was follow-up that we had done connected to that person that took us to that house, led us to that vehicle, what's resulted in us following
9:57 am
the pursuit of the shooting that happened. obviously once we were involved in that, the house became a primary focus. so we took our time in securing it, making sure we went in the house, cleared it safely. that's where we discovered the other pipe bombs and i think some other evidence, computer evidence, cell phones, things like that have been recovered from there and various other places. [ inaudible ] >> i think there's a lot of helpful information we've gotten from a number of areas. >> those people who gave you help, have they been able to provide you with any kind of accounting, how many people are going in and out of the house, the pattern of people coming and going? >> we're still working. we've heard the rumors you have heard. we have some information. but i think we're still trying to verify. i'm careful when i come up here, as i said yesterday, information that went out yesterday is likely to change today and tomorrow and so on. already the wounded number has changed. i want to be as ak ras as we possibly can. a lot of that type of stuff is speculation or hearsay. i'd like to confirm it before we say it.
9:58 am
[ inaudible ] >> so there's been a number of electronic items from thumb drives to computers and cell phones that have been taken. i don't think we've completed the analysis yet. i don't know how many, if any, they've completed. dave from the fbi is here. he has a few comments. we'll come up and finish a few more questions. >> chief, was there any surveillance at the building? >> it's my understanding there was no specific surveillance inside the room where the shooting took place. we are, 40u6r, in possession of surveillance cameras in the area and are going through the evidence. [ inaudible ] >> good morning. i'm david bowdich head of the fbi in los angeles. i want to focus on two points. first off, again, our hearts and our prayers are with the families of all these victims of this very heinous act. secondly, i ask you to be
9:59 am
patient. we are trying to give you little bits as we can as we ascertain more and more facts. as you can tell by this investigation and even the media response here today, this is not your average investigation. we have multiple scenes. we have many victims. and it will take time. there are a tremendous number of assets and resources being applied to this investigation. my focus as a fact-finder who works for an organization that is really fixated on facts is i would much rather be slower and correct with the information that comes out to you than fast and incorrect. it's incredibly important for us because the integrity of this investigation is absolutely paramount as far as our concern absent other than taking care of the victims. so we are applying a number of federal resources. we are continuing to work very, very carefully with our partners here in san bernardino county sheriff's department, san bernardino city police department.
10:00 am
>> you're watching live coverage of a news conference in progress by officials in san bernardino, california. some of you will return to regular programming now. asked about earlier. the digital media is incredibly important because we are trying to determine the motive. we do not yet know the motive. we cannot rule anything out at this point. we're hoping that some of the digital media exploitation will help and assist in obtaining some of that. it would be irresponsible of me and way too early for us to speculate on motive of why this occurred. any questions for the fbi?


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