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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 13, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather ale alert. >> your time is 7:00. we want to give you a live look outside. it looks calm now, but a wind warning is in effect for most of the bay area this morning. gusty winds strong enough to bring down trees and power lines. those leaves will be moving soon enough. that's a live shot from our camera in san jose near the shark tank. thanks so much for waking up with us this sunday, december 13th. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter. we're talking about rain throughout the morning for some of our microclimates, right? >> yeah. we do have a wind advisory across the entire bay area this morning starting at 8:00 till 10:00 this evening. so prolonged hours of strong gusty winds. not only for just a few hours
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but really all day long. and this does not include the silicon valley or the tri-valley or napa valley. it does include san francisco, the inner bay and the coastline. that's where our winds will be the gustiest. anywhere from 35 to 55 miles per hour. the rain is already starting to push into the north bay. santa rosa, napa, you're starting to see those showers. even towards the golden gate bridge. you'll notice the light reds, the oranges, that denotes when we'll see the strongest rain and even the strongest wind at the same time. 9:30, it looks like it will be across most of the bay area from fairfield towards san francisco. even pushing down towards the peninsula and the tri-valley. by 11:00, most of it pushes through the bay area and will be done with the first band. the wind will continue to be an issue during this time. and even by this afternoon, we'll see a return of heavy rain, even by 2:00, we'll see that. and then by this afternoon by about 5:00, #:00, things do start to calm down. really, vicky, we're just getting going. if you're just joining us, expect this to be with us at least for the next 12 hours.
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that's why we have that microclimate alert in place. >> yeah, good to be on alert and to look out for those holiday decorations. >> patio furniture, clean out those leaves while you can. last-minute preparation. >> anthony, thank you. speaking of last-minute preps, officials at pg&e say they have crews and resources on standby for any power outages. here are safety tips. keep battery-operated flashlights and radios at the ready and also consider having a portable charging device handy for your cell phone. freeze plastic containers filled with water to make blocks of ice that can be place in your fridge or freezer during an outage to prevent fooed from spoiling. unplug or turn off any electrical appliances to avoid overleading circuits and fire hazards with that power is restored. and also, of course, stay away from any downed power lines. you can track the weather this morning and all the time with our nbc bay area app. you can watch the radar and also get a personalized forecast for your neighborhood. our app is free for iphones and android devices.
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the first loss of the season. the streak stopper. >> and so it ends. the warriors' record-breaking 24 consecutive wins without a loss to start the season has been snapped. the dubs lose in milwaukee to the bucks. while 24-1 is nothing stto be ashamed off, fans couldn't hide their disappointment. you could hear the collective groans from the fans when the final buzzer sounded at the old pro sports bar in palo alto. golden state was playing the final game of a long seven-game road trip that went through the east coast, midwest and canada. how the warriors won last night's game, they would have been the first team in league history to sweep a road trip of seven games or more. despite the loss, fans remained positive. >> i'm not too heartbroken about it. it was going to end. they're not going to go undefeated. >> they're tired at seven games
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on the road. they went 6-1. i don't have a problem with them losing at all. they're 24-1, right? they're going to be fine. >> the warriors' last regular-season loss came 248 days ago. happening now, the search for an elderly man in the east bay who has been missing for almost 28 hours now. police say the 86-year-old john cubit was reported missing in antioch 4:30 yesterday morning. he lives at an assisted living center. he's about 6'3", 180 pounds. he was last seen wearing a black hat and black jacket with red stripes on the sleeves. a gruesome discovery in the north bay. firefighters say a decomposed body was found floating in the ocean water in bodega bay. hikers spotted the corpse about noon yesterday. it was floating halfway out the jetty. the coast guard says it has limited information right now. the agency doesn't know how the body got there and have not
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released any identifying information. the body is now in the care of the coroner. san francisco's naacp president is calling for change. this comes on the heels of a deadly officer-involved shooting in the bay view district. reverend amos brown says on the list of reforms, better sensitivity from officers toward community members. earlier this month, san francisco police shot and killed mario woods. they say he had a knife and refused to drop it, and he was the prime suspect in a stabbing an hour before they stopped him. graphic video shows woods surrounded by officers. they say they tried to use a bean bag gun to get woods to drop the knife, but eventually five officers opened fire, killing him. >> we don't need tasers. we need trust and truth-telling. we don't, per se, need shields. we need common sense. >> the police chief says he wants to equip officers with tasers. the woods family has filed a federal civil rights lawsuit. the national head of the naacp
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is expected to be in town next week in part to discuss the shooting. to a developing story now out of southern california. a los angeles suburb is on edge after a police shooting there that killed a man. protesters took to the streets last night across from a gas station in lynwood where police shot and killed a man identified as 28-year-old nicholas robertson. the l.a. county sheriff's department told our sister station in l.a. robertson fired shots into the air before deputies opened fire yesterday afternoon. that shooting is now under investigation. for a third day in a row, divers scoured a lake searching for new evidence in the san bernardino shootings. the fbi sent dive teams to look for electronic evidence that may have been destroyed by the husband and wife shooters. the fbi says so far no important evidence has been found. meanwhile, there is a new focus on the woman shooter in the massacre. fbi investigators say tashfeen
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malik talked about her quest for violent jihad on social media, but they say her online posts may have been overlooked when they are visa was processed. so authorities were never alerted. less than 100 miles away from san bernardino, an arrest in a mosque fire in coachella. police say 23-year-old carl james dial jr. is facing charges of arson, burglary and hate crimes. around noon on friday, flames brek out at the islamic center. firefighters were able to quickly put out the fire. the mosque leader says he knew what the motive was right after the fire erupted. >> as far as we're concerned, it is an act of terrorism. you know, the individual targeted us. we believe that it was targeted. >> no one was injured by the flames. world history being made this weekend for the first time a global agreement has been made to limit greenhouse gas emissions. yesterday at the climate talks in paris, leaders from 190 nations adopted a 31-page pact.
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the most ambitious part of the agreement, the goal to have net zero greenhouse emissions by the year 2100. john kerry spoke with the historic significance of this deal. >> on behalf of the united states, i can say creaategorica that while we think that yes, this is in our interest as i think every nation here does, much more importantly, this is in the interest of every nation on earth. >> as part of the agreement, the world leaders will meet every five years to evaluate how things stand and to set new goals. there is one catch. as part of the international law, the pact is voluntary and the pledges the countries have made could be ended at any time. much more ahead. coming up, a tuberculosis scare at a major bay area hospital. the reason doctors say there is no danger to patients. and the alleged most-hated ceo in pharmaceuticals once again facing criticism. his new plan to change a life-saving cancer drug.
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fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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===vicky/cu=== new details now on a 7:11. let's give you a live look outside right now from our sky camera network. that is a wet golden gate bridge. not too foggy -- you can certainly see the top of the bridge, but it is slick out there. as anthony said, we are on a microclimate weather alert with regards to the winds. watch out if you are on the roads today. new details now on a tuberculosis scare at the santa clara valley medical center. we are hearing from the doctor who worked with the infected employee. dr. steven harris says the nurse tested negative for the virus in september but then two months later during an unrelated doctor visit, she tested positive. dr. harris says she still wasn't showing common symptoms of tb. >> she was not coughing, so we would consider her to be a very low risk for actually spreading tuberculosis to most individuals.
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>> tuberculosis mostly affects the lungs and it is spread through the air. the hospital is taking all precautions, especially since babies are the most at risk. hundreds of patients who visited the hospital with their young children are now being told to start their kids on a preventative tb medication. the self-proclaimed most-hated ceo in the world is at it again. you might remember in september martin shrelly's company hiked prices for a cancer pill from $13 to $750 each. now in his new position at calo bios in south san francisco, he announced plans to buy a federal voucher for a life-saving drug that his company can sell for hundreds of millions of dollars. critics say that could mean the life-saving drug costs a lot more or never gets developed. still ahead on "today in the bay," a swarm of bad santas causing a nightmare before christmas. the pushback against santa-con in the bay area. anthony. >> they were everywhere
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yesterday. did you see them? waking up to cloud says, even rain falling across parts of the north bay. we are expecting to see heavy rain and very gusty winds in the next couple hours. we're back with that full microclimate weather alert. (adlib)
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your time now is 7:15. let's get you back outside. this is a live look from our cameras in emeryville. you can see the bay bridge, but yeah, the clouds are coming down. it's going to be windy and pretty cold across the bay area today. if you're heading out or if you've got some things outside, make sure to lock them down. anthony says we could be seeing wind gusts of 40 to 50 miles an hour in some spots. more details on that in just a moment. for now, let's talk about palo alto police. they are looking for a suspected holiday grinch. take a look at this video. they released it showing a man taking packages from a front porch. police say this happened last saturday. the guy took five packages and took off in a red sedan. if you recognize him, call palo alto pd. a popular holiday event in
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san francisco is turning into a nightmare before christmas for some business owners. every year santa-con brings thousands of people dressed as santa to the city. anthony said he saw a bunch of them yesterday. they go on a pub crawl. you see all the cheersing with the beers there. the event has been taking place for 21 years. recently some business owners have been complaining some of the santas are getting too drunk and acting out. so this year some bars and restaurants are actually banning anyone dressed up as st. nick. others are just banning the drunk ones. of course, there are many good santas. every year they drop off thousands of gifts for the san francisco fire department toy drive. >> santas are finding their way up here. they're very generous. a lot of quality toys coming in. a lot of monetary donations that we need to purchase toys. >> the fire department says the toys go to more than 40,000 families in the bay area. the, quote, perfect storm of events causing flooding in the small town of jenner on the sonoma county coast. high tides and the recent rainfall flooding the russian
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river visitors center. executive director there says there are two to three feet of water inside the center. it started flooding on friday. she says the water is higher than she has seen in 20 years. let's check in now with anthony slaughter to get a look at that weekend forecast. we've got a microclimate weather alert and gusty winds. you said maybe a little rain out of this? >> we're going to get some rain. the big thing is the wind. we're talking about a prolonged wind event. not only just a couple hours but the ground is going to get saturated. you know the story. we haven't had much rain so some of those trees that maybe didn't make it through the summer, they could be a little weak. i do want to show you shots of the flag this morning. gusts in fremont. you can see the flag blowing there. that's 25-mile-per-hour gusts. over to the coast, that's a 35-mile-per-hour gusts. you see that flag in san francisco is blowing across golden gate bridge where we have some of our strongest gusts coming right along the coastline. as you get going this morning, just a heads up, we do want to give you that alert. we are talking about very strong winds as this storm system is
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moving in. so as we move through the day, the strongest part of the storm is actually going to move through by 10:00, 11:00. the rain, that is. now, the wind's going to be with us all day long. you can see we're starting to see yellows and oranges across parts of santa rosa. even just north of there, just south of ya kaya. this band will stretch through the bay over the next couple hours. it should be areawide by 10:00, 11:00. and then we'll have to deal with that wind all day long. once we get the rain, the ground will become saturated. if we get any strong gusts, know we could be talking about downed trees, even power outages. even this last storm system produced quite a bit of power outages across parts of san francisco, even across parts of the north bay. here's where we're expecting the gustiest parts. oakland, own palo alto, even in san francisco, you're included in this as well. the places that will not see the gusty winds, silicon valley, tri-valley, even across napa valley. it will be very isolated for
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this wind event. everybody is going to see this rain. this is 8:30. by 10:00, it will be bay areawide. 11:30, we'll get a break. it will push through the south bay. we'll see a little sunshine towards the middle part of the day before more dark clouds roll back in. by about 12:00, 1:00, 2:00, we'll see more storms push back in. then by 5 bei:00, 6:00, we'll finally be done with this rain. the wind as i mentioned will kick up. this is about 8:00. you'll notice the north bay, 41-mile-per-hour gusts. look what happens as we head towards 10:00. winds start to subside in the north bay, start to rev up across the south bay and the tri-valley. they'ring go to be gusting at the coastline all day long. san francisco, even half moon bay by 10:00. you're going to still be looking at gusts anywhere from 35 to 45 miles per hour. we could see a decent three quarters of an inch across the south bay. even a half inch in san francisco. really as we step outside, you'll notice clouds in place all day long. temperatures are going to be cool today.
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only mid-50s. that's your forecast from the north bay all the way down to the south bay. now, as we move towards the next couple days, we are going to see dry days ahead of us. tonight the system pushes on through. monday we'll see another system dive south. not going to have a lot of moisture to work with but it's going to reinforce very cold air. it's going to get really chilly tonight and tomorrow night. ahead this week we'll see our next storm system dive south by thursday. so friday, we could be looking at more showers into saturday of this upcoming week. that will be our next chance of rain. so we will have time to dry out monday, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, we'll stay dry. the next couple days will be dry. today, vicky, make sure you've got those umbrellas handy and hold on to them especially if you'll be outside in some of those inner bay locations. san francisco, rains with us today and return by the time we get into thursday. back to you. "today in the bay" is back in a moment. coming up -- >> you see the joy on their faces and see the energy that shows up and be in that energy with them.
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it is -- i can't tell you how amazing it is. >> the former silicon valley exec drumming his way into the hearts of children with autism. it is a story that will make you "bay area proud." stay with us. why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard,
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never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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7:23. let's give you a live look again from our san jose camera being operated by photographer mike early this morning. you see the wind rustling the leaves just a little bit there. this shot being taken right there by the shark tank in downtown san jose. nothing major yet. but be on alert because we are expecting some very gusty winds throughout the bay area today. and a little bit of rain as well. well, our next story is about the power of music to help heal the soul. a los gatos man believes it worked for him. garr vib tvin thomas. >> as an african-american who started his career in silicon valley three decades ago, mark
7:24 am
farley says he's overcome more than a few challenges in his life. still, even he is in awe of what a challenge life for people with autism can be. but just maybe, mark thought, what helped him could help them. ♪ >> shake it! shake it! >> reporter: it's called a drum circle first and foremost for the shake the participants at least tried to put themselves in. ♪ but when mark farley holds his weekly drum circle at san jose's morgan autism center, the name has a much deeper meaning. >> wow! listen to that! you guys sound great! >> reporter: for mark has learned whatever magic he creates when his skin hits the drum skins, well, that always circles right back to him. >> it is -- i can't tell you how amazing it is. and i am so blessed to be a part of that, be able to do that. >> reporter: mark says music has always been a part of his life. one of the ways he mentally escapes to cope with the troubles and at times abusive
7:25 am
upbringing in compton. >> the fantasy world is what allowed many he to do that. i could spend hours fantasizing about something, creating something else. >> reporter: what mark ended up creating was quite a life. a father of two with a successful, though demanding, career in silicon valley. a career he admits that burned him out. ♪ it was picking up the drum just a few years ago that breathed life back into him. >> this is one of those things that will allow some magic to happen in the brain of a person. whether they're just, you know, dealing with autism or some other thing or just me, a guy who's burnt out from silicon valley. >> oh, man. look at you. you are so good! >> reporter: the first few times mark showed up at morgan, he says, just one or two students were brave enough to join him. now, it is clearly one of the highlights of their week. >> i'm just overwhelmed by some
7:26 am
of the stuff that i see kids could do. >> reporter: mark says if it were drumming that lit a spark in him, what he sees and feels here every week is fanning the flames even higher. so much so he cannot imagine ever stopping the beautiful music they are creating together. >> i'm awesome! all right! >> and mark is genuine. he says about sticking with this for the long haul. he says if he ends up being 90 years old, he's still going to be out there with the drums trying to help other people. i'm garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know of someone doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you. just go to our website, and search "bay area proud." still to come on "today in the day," working to stop gun violence in many different ways. how people here in the bay area made their voices heard this weekend in the wake of recent
7:27 am
mass shootings. and hold on to your hat. our satellite/radar showing off another storm taking aim at the bay area. anthony slaughter will map it all out for you. that's next. take a live look outside......
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it looks calm now. your time now, 7:29. lea let's give you a live look outside. our camera in san jose showing a little breeze near the shark ta tank. on the right, a wind warning is in effect for most of the bay area this morning. gusty winds strong enough to bring down trees and power lines. and take a look at that radar. anthony is here with me. i'm vicky ewye nguyen. thanks for waking up with us. little pockets of rain as well. >> yeah, the wind advisory doesn't start till 8:00 this morning. along with that we'll see the rain pick up. and there you can see our radar does show the rain puzzling into the north bay.
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that's where most of the heavy rain is at right now. actually even still north of santa rosa. once we get going in the next couple hours, the rain will spread across the south bay and eventually the rest of the tri-valley and san francisco as well. we do have that wind advisory in place. it goes into effect from 8:00 to 10:00. it does not include the silicon valley, tri-valley or napa valley. it just includes the inner bay, coastline and higher elevations and hilltops. you'll notice by 8:30 it will be across the north bay. the rest of the area by 10:00. it will be out of here by about noon. that will be the first round of heavy rain. then eventually that wind will be with us all day long. temperatures will be cool today. mid-50s. more rain not only for today but this upcoming week. we'll time out our next system in my next report. >> looking forward to it. maybe just in time for the holidays, more snow in tahoe.
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it is time to stock up on sandbags. and today many volunteers and palo alto city workers will be handing out free sandbags to protect homes from potential flooding. passenger vehicles can pick up to ten sandbags per trip. commercial vehicles can pick up 20. there's no limit, toe, on how many trips you can take back. this will all be happening at the municipal service center on east bay shore road starting at 9:00 this morning. the event, though, is only open to palo alto residents. so you will need to bring some form of i.d. track the weather this morning with our nbc bay area app today and any day. you can watch the radar and get personalized forecasts for your neighborhood. our app is free for iphones and android devices. a march to end gun violence. more than 100 people gathered in the east bay to mark the upcoming third anniversary of the sandy hook elementary school shooting. many showed up near broadway plaza in walnut creek where they paid respects to all survivors and victims of gun violence including those in the recent san bernardino shooting. they walked and talked about
7:32 am
taking action to prevent such tragedies from happening again. >> the way that the organizations are fighting against us, we just need to swell up and everybody needs to do their part to come out and speak against gun violence. >> there were similar events in the north bay on the peninsula and across the country. exchanging guns for cash, a no-questions-asked gun buyback event was held by a local community group and the san francisco police department. this is the picture of just some of yesterday's haul. the buyback happened in front of an advocacy group's office on howard street. just halfway through the event we were told there were already 150 weapons turned in. no questions asked, come in with machine guns and semiautomatics, $200 in handguns is $100. no questions asked, by law. we can't ask no questions. come get you a little check before christmas.
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>> according to san francisco police more than 950 guns have been turned in since they sta started this event in 2011. new developments in the investigation of the terror attacks that killed 14 in san bernardino. authorities are looking at a potential oversight. nbc's gadi schwartz reports. >> reporter: she wasn't shy about her quest for violent jihad on social media. law enforcement officials told "the new york times" tashfeen malik supported it and said she wanted to be a part of it. nbc news has learned that fbi investigators now believe malik and syed farook were independently radicalized as early as 2010. malik's public social media posts may have been overlooked when her visa was processed. immigration officials ran her name against several databases but don't routinely check social media as part of their immigration review. fbi divers in san bernardino are searching a lake more the third day for electronic evidence that the terrorist couple may have tried to destroy.
7:34 am
authorities said no important evidence has been found in the lake so far. investigators also keeping a close eye on farook's friend enrique marquez who is not a suspect, but sources say he has been providing information on the guns he bought for farook who discussed a possible plot for another planned attack scuttled in 2012. while less than 100 miles away, a new investigation and an arrest for a firebombing of a mosque in what many fear is another crime of hate. >> as far as we're concerned, it is an act of terrorism. you know, the individual targ targeted us. we believe that it was targeted. ♪ >> reporter: a region on edge around san bernardino, the scars are still very real. a memorial wall where the family of gonzalez killed in the paris attack met those mourning the 14 killed here at home. >> we're going to stand together and we're going to show the world that we are one. >> reporter: and in restaurants and businesses across town, the county replacing health inspection certificates that once bore the signature of syed
7:35 am
farook, trying to remove the stain of his name. >> that was gadi schwartz reporting. family and friends gathered yesterday to remember one of the victims killed in that massacre. they say 60-year-old isaac amianos came to the u.s. from africa with his wife and three kids 15 years ago. he moved to southern california because he thought it was safe. he worked as an environmental health specialist with syed farook. the white powder in the suspicious envelope sent to a bay area islamic advocacy group has been confirmed as not dangerous. hazmat crews responded to santa clara's terror office on thursday after a letter from someone calling themselves infidel prompted an evacuation. the council on american islamic relations is the nation's largest muslim civil liberties group. members are on edge and taking precautions since they have seen a rise in anti-muslim sentiment in the wake of the recent terror-related attacks. the community is very shocked about the events that have taken
7:36 am
place, not just the acts of terrorism themselves, but the backlash against the muslim community. so this is a time when we are regrouping. we're addressing the concerns that people have. especially the youth that are most affected by this. >> terrorist offices in washington, d.c., also saefed a suspicious letter. contents were tested and also confirmed not dangerous. part of the embarcardero was shout down for hours yesterday. our camera caught this video of the closure on embarcardero and bryant. viewers tell us they saw the bomb squad respond. it turned out to be a backpack. the road was reopened about 2:45. to "decision 2016" now, a new poll shows a big surge in iowa state for senator ted cruz in "the des moines register" poll of likely caucusgoers, cruz is at the top with 31%. trump at 21%.
7:37 am
here's nbc's kristen welker. >> reporter: donald trump now trailing ted cruz by a whopping ten points in iowa, in the wake of the controversial call to ban all muslims from entering the u.s. trump defended himself in south carolina. >> we don't want people coming in and knocking down world trade centers and having what happened last week in california with these two people. >> reporter: with protesters interrupting multiple times, some shouting "stop islamophobia!" still trump's base unwavering. >> love him because he's calling them all out. it's about time. i want my country back. >> reporter: though praise from ted cruz now on shaky ground as trump's once steadfast supporter, now questioning his judgment at a private fund-raiser earlier this week. >> that's a question of strength but it's also a question of judgment. >> reporter: trump was done holding back, hurling insults at cruz, questioning his evangelical credentials by making a vague reference to his cuban heritage. >> i do like ted cruz. but not a lot of evangelicals
7:38 am
come out of cuba, in all fairness. it's true. not a lot come out. but i like him, nevertheless. >> reporter: cruz downplaying the dissolving bromance, tweeting "the establishment's only hope, trump & me in a cage match. sorry to disappoint @realdonald did trump is terrific. deal with it." chris christie in new hampshire where he surged to second place in a recent hnew hampshire poll refused to taunt the former reality star. >> i can disagree with him and i have. i don't believe he's hateful and i don't believe he's a bigot. >> reporter: and in an interview that will air on "meet the press," chuck pressed marco rubio on trump. >> you called his comments offensive and outlandish. that's a lot different than the tone you just took with me right now. >> well, it's offensive and outlandish in the sense that, frac for example, it's not going to happen, number one. i think it violates a lot of things that we think about our country, and also the practical reality. >> that was kristen welker reporting. as you just heard, senator marco rubio sits down with chuck todd
7:39 am
on the campaign trail in south carolina. that is coming up this morning on "meet the press" right after this newscast at 8:00 a.m. still ahead on "today in the bay," all good things come to an end. and the warriors drop their first game of the season in milwaukee. we will show you how it happens, and we'll hear from draymond green next. (adlib)
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===vicky/cu=== the warriors have already 7:41. san jose. the flags whipping in the wind. we are starting to see the winds pick up. rain headed this way as well. and anthony will have all the details for you in just a moment. well, the warriors have already broken several nba records this season. they were trying to add another notch to their belt last night in milwaukee to become the first team in nba history to go undefeated on a seven-game road trip. the warriors trailed the bucks for most of the game, though. third quarter, down ten. steph curry tried to rally the
7:42 am
dubs with a nice drive and then the foul. then a short time later brandon rush cuts the lead to one with this drive and slam. golden state ran out of gas in the fourth. the bucks played relentlessly. the warriors lose 108-95. >> what we did was cool. and it is what it is. we lost a regular-season game. so like -- it kind of feels like a weight, in a sense, of like i said, thousand we can just focus and play basketball. stanford's christian mccaffrey broke several records this year as well but that wasn't enough to win him a heisman. >> the winner of this year's heisman trophy is derrick henry. >> alabama running back derrick henry wins the heisman. henry received 80 more first place votes than the cardinal
7:43 am
star. we talked to alum who think he'll get it next year. >> mccaffrey will get it next year. he was only 200 and some points away. and he's got competition from clemson, but you're not going t be able to stop him next year. >> mccaffrey may have a chance for the heisman next season. reports say he will return to stanford. mccaffrey led the country in all-purpose yards and he will lead the cardinal when they take on iowa at the rose bowl on january 1st. "today in the bay" is back in two minutes. coming up, the debate over muslim extremism continues across the thagnation. and now a state is that the candidate from california is taking center stage in the conversation. our political analyst larry gerston joins us live next.
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why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard,
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never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. took a california twist last week when u.s. senat well, the debate over muslim extremism took a california twist last week when u.s. senate candidate loretta sanchez claimed as many as 20% of the
7:46 am
world's 1.6 billion muslims support a caliphate and would use terrorism to achieve it. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston joins us now. larry, sanchez is a democrat, right? >> yep. >> certainly not a new viewpoint but it seems to be completely out of line with her party. >> yeah. that's what makes it so interesting. as you said, sanchez is a democrat, okay. and she's a member of the house of representatives. but she may be closer, in fact, to republican values here on this issue than democratic values. state data is hard to find on this kind of question. how many muslims are terrorist and whatnot. but there are recent national surveys on whether all muslims should be banned from entering the united states. that's the proposal you may remember that's been put forward by donald trump. according to a new nbc/"wall street journal" poll, americans reject that proposal by a more than 2-1 margin. >> what do the numbers show about where democrats and republicans stand on this issue, and how can sanchez capitalize on the differences? >> it gets interesting.
7:47 am
according to the poll that we're talking about, there are stark differences between democrats and republicans. take a look at this data here. pretty interesting. as we can see, three-fourths of all the democrats oppose this issue, okay? oppose trump's idea. but a plurality of republicans support it. now, sanchez hasn't said that she endorses trump's proposal, per se, but it would seem that supporters of that would be a lot closer to her than harris, particularly given the comment she's made between 5% and 20% being terrorists. >> as we know, sanchez is running against carmela harris. this sounds like it's going to be a major differentiator between the two. >> i think so. although there are republican candidates for the u.s. senate, most observers, they view this race as a contest between democr democrats. and harris is the more liberal and has the backing of most elected democrats. although in the bay area congresswoman anna esche and sam
7:48 am
farr, they back sanchez. given that a democrat is most likely to win the race for the reasons we've talked about, it may well be that many republicans have got to go somewhere. so they may vote for sanchez. now, the more conservative of the two in this case. so clearly, on the issue of muslim extremism, sanchez's ideas, yeah, they seem to be closer to most republicans than democrats. >> it sounds very strategic. >> yeah. >> right. okay. well, how realistic is her claim that somewhere between 5% and 20% of muslims would resort to terrorism and violence? where does she even get those numbers, and are they legit? >> that's a good question. in some respects, this is the most important question of all. why? because as we try to keep perspective on this terrorism issue, we've all gone crazy jumping at every piece of data. here's the fact. a study of muslims estimates that less than 1% of all muslims
7:49 am
are there and at risk for becoming radicals, muslim radicals. now, that's considerably less than the figures cited by congresswoman sanchez who admits her numbers come from anecdotal things from talking with people. and it's a reminder, vicky, it's such an important reminder for us all that it's very important to understand the reliability of data in an argument. we just can't be tossing it around. whether it's about politics or anything else, always understand the source of information before we start to make certain claims. >> well, that's good. as you said, sanchez are saying her numbers of 5 to 20% come from anecdotal numbers of just talking to people. that's not quite as reliable as you're citing, which is european intelligence. >> and they're closer to muslim extremism than we are. that also gives gravitas to what they're saying. >> we don't want to understate the problem or overstate the problem. >> it's so easy to run away with emotions on these things. and that's why we have to remain grounded, whatever side you're
7:50 am
on. just remain grounded and speak to what you're seeing always from facts. >> larry gerston, that's why we love you and have you on the show. thank you so much for your insight. stay with us. much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming, why hit the gym when you can simply sip red wine? a new study suggests exactly that. we will explain next. anthony. >> i'm all in. we're looking at some rain this morning. coming across the parts of the north bay stretching into the south bay now. we will see some gusty winds through the day as well. we're back with that full microclimate weather forecast alert. ==vicky/take vo== a special
7:51 am
7:52 am
7:53 am
welcome back. here on this sunday. we start you off with a shot of our radaradar. we do have heavy rain pushing in. a lot of it across parts of the north bay where we start to see it pick up in intensity. especially north of santa rosa now. in fact, we have one little cell making its way toward san francisco right over mill valley now. that will be pushing into the city with the next couple of minutes. eventually in the south bay, we'll see heavy rain as well. but the thing we won't see, the gusty winds. we have a wind advisory in effect until 10:00 this evening starting at 8:00 this morning. it does include san francisco, the peninsula, the inner bay, and does not include the silicon valley, does not include the tri-valley or napa valley. but it does include the inner bay and some of the higher hilltops along the coastline. as this rain moves in winds start to pick up as well. and we're expecting our winds to gust really all day long till about 10:00. the thing we'll see first is the
7:54 am
rain. in fact, this is about 10:30 in the morning right across parts of the south bay and tri-valley. afternoon, we do start to clear out. we'll see another band of some showers push through, but it won't be as widespread. more isolated thunderstorms this afternoon. and we'll actually see a good mix of sunshine in there as well. once we get towards 8:00, 9:00 this evening, showers move out. along that time frame as well, we'll start to see winds move out as well. but about 9:00 this morning, still gusty up towards napa. winds up to 40 miles per hour there. as we head towards 11:00, half moon bay, san francisco, gusts from 35 to 45 miles per hour as well. and even in the south bay today, we'll see a few gusts up to 30 miles per hour. aga again, that doesn't really warrant an advisory. we do have that rain. expecting three-quarters of an inch across parts of the south bay. about a half inch for san francisco. half inch for the tri-valley and a half inch to three-quart eers across the north bay. overall a gray day for the first
7:55 am
half. that's going to mean for temperatures that will stay cool today. we're only talking mid-50s. 56 degrees, 57 anywhere from that we'll see from the north bay, even into the south bay today. so it's going to be a cool day. once this system pulls through, tonight, temperatures actually fall back into the 30s for our inland valley. near freezing tonight to start the day tomorrow. definitely want to make sure you've got the little ones bundled up. as we head towards wednesday and thursday, another system starts to move this way. it won't actually arrive until friday and saturday. of this upcoming week. we will have a few days to dry out. tomorrow will be a dry day. same for tuesday and wednesday. even in san francisco, once we get rid of this rain today, we'll see some sunshine as we head towards monday, tuesday and wednesday. thursday, our next system starts to pull back in. that could be with us until friday or saturday depending on how fast it moves through. overall, though, the system today, it's going to pull through pretty fast. we'll be clear by about this afternoon and we'll see some sunshine. but the wind is really going to be strong, really all day long.
7:56 am
that's why we have that advisory because it's going to be windy all the way till 10:00 this evening. once the ground gets wet, that's when we'll be at risk for seeing downed trees, even some downed power lines as well, vicky. >> yeah, i'm thinking of the small dogs. when we walk our dog and it's windy. also leaves. >> yeah. >> think of those pets, too. >> another good point, too, the leaves, may want to clean out your storm drains while you have the time now. >> anthony, thank you so much. useful information. a special honor for uber. a woman in india named her newborn after the bay area company when an uber driver came to her rescue. she went into labor thursday. she was unable to get an ambulance. so she called uber. they didn't make it on time. she ended up delivering the baby in the car. the uber driver rushed the mother and newborn son to the hospital. everybody's doing great. the family is holding an official naming ceremony today with the driver on hand. for the big day. i wonder what the driver's name was. maybe that would have been a better name than uber. but hey. this could be good news for wineries and wine lovers. a new study suggests drinking
7:57 am
one glass of red wine may have the same effect on your body as a one-hour workout at the gym. i don't know how this could be possible, but university of alberta scientists say it works. a substance in red wine is thought to improve physical performance and muscle strength so much that it is similar to exercise. scientists say their breakthrough could also help people who are physically unable to exercise by helping them build muscle mass. that being said, to be safe, probably still a good idea to hit the gym every once in a while, if you can. >> yeah. >> but, i mean, as if anybody needed another reason for a glass of red wine. >> hey, sign me up. >> thanks so much for making us a part of your morning. no 5:00 or 6:00 newscast tonight. instead, ts "sunday night, football night in america." and a special edition of nbc bay area news follows that game at 8:30. and of course, we'll be back on at 11:00 tonight. until then, stay up to date on of course, our app, too, to tell you what the weather's going to do for you today. have a great morning. >> all right. see you.
7:58 am
why let someone else have all the fun? the sometimes haphazard, never boring fun. the why can't it smell like this all the time fun. the learning the virtue of sharing fun. why let someone else have all the fun? that's no fun. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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this sunday morning, donald trump's call to temporarily ban muslims from entering the country may have thrilled his supporters but it's disgust it had establishment. >> you really have no choice. it's so out of control. it's so terrible. >> why republicans fear a ticket headed by trump is a ticket headed for disaster. plus, could we be looking at a contested convention? our new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll on the republican race shows a serious three-way contest developing with new signs that ted cruz and marco rubio are on the move. rubio joins me exclusively. also, a global deal on climate change. i'll talk to secretary of state john kerry about the agreement in paris a


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