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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 16, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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among the things we're covering this morning, a muni bus fire. in fact, muni had to pull hundreds of buses off the streets of san francisco after two buses caught fire. good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. any san francisco police officer from now on who points a gun at someone must now report it to superiors. we'll get to that story right now. according to the san francisco chronicle, pulling out the gun now officially considered a use of force. the change comes on the heels over the uproar over the deadly shooting of mario woods where nearly half dozen officers two
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weeks ago. experts say more and more departments are now making this type of change including oakland. the san francisco police officer's union is upset about what it calls a change in working conditions. but experts say the policy makes officers think more seriously about pulling a gun out on someone. san francisco supervisors are saying no to a new jail. last night they unanimously turned down $80 million to help build it. while the supervisors agree that the current main street jail is in bad shape and need a new jail, they say building a new one is not the answer. the supervisors would rather get a new facility that focuses on mental health and substance abuse treatment instead. just seconds ago literally breaking news, the federal open markets committee announced it would raise interest rates by a quarter percent or 25 basis points, fully expected. fed chief janet yellin will hold a press conference in less than half an hour. we will bring that to you live. this is the first time the fed has raised american rates in
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nearly ten years. it is a small increase. and economists say it will have a small effect on your pocketbook, but the fact that it's been nearly a decade has been attracting a lot of attention. let's take you out live. this is the camera on the floor of the new york stock exchange as they are just getting the word. again, this is about 30 seconds old on this news. we will continue to watch. and again, we will have live coverage as janet yellin explains the first interest rate hike in nearly a decade. other news, santa clara county agreed to spend a lot more money on its jail system. the county will spend beyond the original budget going to improve the training of guards and beefing up psychiatric care. the new plan comes in wake of last summer's beating death of a mentally ill inmate. three guards face murder charges. the mercury news reports santa clara county will end its longstanding policy of accepting inmates from other county jails
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by the year -- or since the year 2000 the county has had agreements to take in inmates from neighbors counties. santa clara county jail will instead focus solely on the inmates it already has. county leaders cite an increase in local inmates with mental health needs and the limited amount of space to house them. if you live in milpitas, get ready for some sticker shock. the water bills there are going up by a whopping 65% over the next six months. they will go up 30% in january, then another 35% in july. that means the average bill for a water customer could go up around $28 a month. city council members explained their decision to a packed room last night. they say the drought has made water more expensive. for example, milpitas gets some of its water from the san francisco c.u.p. which has raised its rates. they also need money to cover improvements in infrastructure. the council heard from one resident who said not buying it.
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>> you ought to give broad based numbers and speculate they are justified. many of us are unwilling to trust this slate of hand. >> others are concerned about the impact it will have on local businesses. firefighters say a space heater is to blame for starting a fire that engulfed two apartments in pittsburg. it started last night on pepper tree way at an apartment complex. it was plugged in using an extension cord and a lot of clothing and card boor boxes nearby. two families lost everything including their christmas gifts. no one hurt thanks to a quick thinking woman who grabbed her 18-month-old niece as soon as she heard the smoke alarm. >> this push me to go into the bedroom. i saw behind the bed down coming up. oh, my god, i didn't know what to do. >> the red cross is always helping families who do not have a place to stay.
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three burglary suspects on the peninsula are in custody after an alert neighbor called police about suspicious activity. these are the suspects all of them just 18 years old. police in redwood city say yesterday afternoon a neighbor saw three men get out of a car, jump a fence and go into a home on foothill street. officers arrived to find the home ransacked and no one there. they did set up a perimeter and then found two men hiding nearby. officers also found a handgun. officers later found the third suspect in a car. now, all three are facing burglary charges. three men are in the hospital this morning following a wild shootout in fairfield. happened yesterday afternoon on santa barbara way east of north texas street. police arrived to find two men with gunshot wounds, one in critical condition. a third man then arrived at the hospital with multiple gunshot wounds as well, he's in critical condition. police say there was some kind
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of disputes between two groups and a gunfight broke out. one of the world's most damaging species is discovered here in the bay area. agricultural investigators recently discovered two live giant african snails along with a pile of dead snail eggs in a cargo shipment from american samoa. all of the cargo was properly treated before being unloaded, but this is the second time the snails were found in the port in the last two months. now, the species can cause structural damage to buildings because they eat paint and plaster in houses. now to decision 2016. republican candidates slugged it out one final time before the election year officially begins. >> and in case you missed the donald trump made a pretty big promise last night. nbc bay area's chris clackum has the recap. >> reporter: a highlight of tuesday night's debate was this between candidates trump and bush. >> this is a tough business. >> oh, yeah, you're a tough guy, jeb. i know. >> we need to have a leader --
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you're never going to be president of the united states by insulting your way -- >> reporter: the national security is where second tier of the gop field found common ground. >> there will be boots on the ground and they'll be over here and they'll be their boots if we don't get them out of there now. >> we need to have a coalition that will stand for nothing less than the total destruction of isis. >> reporter: all of which was just fine with republican leadership assessing the debate on the morning tv shows wednesday. >> i do think people are afraid. we're afraid. i'm afraid. i'm sure you're all concerned about where we're at in this country and fighting isis and terrorism. >> reporter: in his reaction wednesday morning, jeb bush was still debating strategy on security issues. >> the idea that you can just prey on people's fears is not who we are as a nation. it's not who we are as a party. >> reporter: while front-runner donald trump stuck to a more hardline approach. many of the candidates head to iowa for the holidays where the caucuses are now just 46 days
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away. chris clackum, nbc news. well, there were fires ignited on the top of two muni buses within two days of each other. now, fortunately nobody was hurt. this happened last week. >> nbc bay area's bob redell is live in san francisco with the latest on the investigation and the inspections that have followed, bob. >> reporter: kris and scott, those inspections are complete. retro fits are underway. and just moments ago within the past 30 minutes muni's head of transit showed to us and explained the problem. and you're looking at it right now. you're looking at in small part in question. it's a small piece. it looks like a bolt. what it does is it connects the pole that you see on top of the electric buses to the metal shoe that runs up against the 600 volt power lines that are suspended above the city streets. last tuesday and thursday mornings those connectors overheated on two separate buses and caught fire. now, this happened as the coaches were headed up steep
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hills at ocean avenue in front of city college and union just past mason. in both instances the driver stopped the buses, disconnected the power poles from the electrical lines. the fire never entered the coach, no passengers were hurt. but both buses have been taken out of service. muni as a result has inspected the remaining 300 coaches that they have, roughly. and they found that 50 need to be retrofitted and have that part replaced. muni blames what happened last week on the fact these buses are 15 years old and near the end of their service life. you found it was not a defect but rather wear and tear issue? >> well, i think that's a fair way to describe it. it is. these coaches on average have run 500,000 miles. >> reporter: what are they designed for? >> well, i would say if you coach like this probably you'd want to get them out at 300,000. >> reporter: which is maybe the
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amount of mileage you'd find in a city like dayton, but in san francisco where you have a lot more stops and of course the wear and tear of having it run up and down a hill, the 15-year life on these are a lot rougher on these coaches. so what muni's in the process of doing right now, this is before what happened last night -- or last weekend i should say rather, they are in a process of replacing these electric buses, the electric trolleys as they call them. they have 61 about to be replaced. they hope to have all of them replaced within the next couple of years. live in san francisco, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> i just learned that, bob. trolleys, not buses. thanks. new at 11:00, an annual tradition helping out those in need during the holiday. >> that's right. volunteers at glide church handed out more than 4,000 bags of food this morning. it is the second day of glide's memorial church's grocery bag giveaway. >> you know people are ready and willing to be open especially at
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christmas time to possibility. we try to bring hope to people. >> food was given out on a first come first serve basis. people started lining up at the church in san francisco around 7:30. up next at 11:00, jimmy fallon at it again. his rendition of the famed "star wars" theme song with the help of some very famous actors. and a positive change to a popular bay area hiking trail as hikers may have to find a new place to park. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we had very cold air to start out the day, but it's starting to warm up nicely. i'll show you the rest of the microclimate forecast including some rain coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. (scott ad libs markets)
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=tech= scott continues to and welcome back to you.
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happy fed day. this is our live camera literally on the floor of the nyse as it gets ready to get response and reaction from some of the various traders as they learn the fed will be raising interest rates for the first time in ten years. now let's take away from there and talk about janet yellin. janet yellin will be speaking to us live come about 11:30. the head of the fed has a press conference after the two-day fed meeting. again, the fed raising interest rates for the first time since 2006. we'll bring her to you live. the ceo of ford was in town tuesday to kickoff ford's new automated driving program. he's a real hands-on guy. look at that. even put the new california automated vehicle plate on the car. so start looking for ford robot cars on the roads of silicon valley. speaking of driverless cars, about an hour ago california regulators say those cars have to have a licensed driver behind the wheel at least until the
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technology is proven safe. the dmv unveiled precedent setting draft regulations this morning. they'll help frame how regulators elsewhere will give consumers access to robot cars. kris, i wanted to update you on my mixer. remember my mixer. this is one of amazon's big black friday sales. it was a kitchenaid mixer went on those super black friday don't miss out act now sale and it was $343. and i've taught you how to track these prices just in case it got cheaper. how does $249 sound? that's what amazon was selling that mixer for over the weekend. so there are two lessons here. track prices is the first one. secondly, weeks after black friday -- black friday remember is supposed to be the big sale, weeks after the mixer is selling for $100 less. now, kris, i'm not going to say black friday is just some sort of giant marketing fakeout designed to cause you to shop to think you're getting lowest price, but then again that is
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what i just said. >> and i want to say your mom watches every day, mrs. mcgrew, scott wants a mixer. >> yes, a red one. >> really badly. if you live on the peninsula or work there and smell something unusual, don't worry, it's not dangerous. it's gas release from pg&e. the company released the gas in two locations in san mateo county and the idea is to relieve pressure on pipelines running through the area. the two locations san carlos on old county road and redwood city at the intersection of redwood road and 280. people might have noticed a gas smell or might have heard the sound of the venting around 7:00 this morning. now you know what it was. while the smoke appears to be clearing when it comes to traditional cigarettes, teenagers are still drawn to the relatively new e-cigarette. the annual monitoring the future survey released just this morning shows cigarette use among teenagers is at an
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all-time low. but their fascination with e-cigarettes remains strong with more than half of the 45,000 teens surveyed saying they tried the device because they were curious. also, 40% of the teenagers say they use e-cigarettes because they taste good. a popular fremont hiking areaas become too popular if not for its own good then the good of the people living nearby. the problem at the mission peak regional reserve is that the parking lots fill up quickly, so visitors park in the surrounding neighborhood. and that does not make neighbors happy. the mercury reports this morning city council members have agreed to allow a petition drive. that could lead to permits for street parking. east bay regional parks already looking to expand that parking lot to 300 spaces. >> hopefully they'll find some way to do it. you don't want to discourage people from -- >> getting out and enjoying nature, sure. >> i want to do it. i think i need to practice for quite a hike. well, for some fans the force awakes is just the start of what will be a full emergence
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in the "star wars" saga tomorrow. >> that's right. san jose century 20 oak ridge theater is among the legion of theaters offering an intense "star wars" marathon. movie goers will see the first six "star wars" movies in order and then finally the force awakens in 3d. >> that's a lot of popcorn. the marathon starts at 3:00 in the morning. the costs for that ticket $50 for about 19 hours of "star wars." but if you don't already have a ticket, tough luck because that oak ridge event is already sold out. >> those reviews are starting to come in, the people who've seen it early. and they like it. they say it's a good one. >> oh good. the next viral video jimmy fallon may have it on his hands after last night's show. >> he decided to use the force for a music video packing everything short of yoda yodelling. ♪ >> this is a walk down memory
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lane. fallon and "star wars" stars, old and new, performed acoustic renditions of "star wars" classic culminating with a very big finish. ♪ >> i like chewbacca. john williams doesn't often grant permission for his music but in this case he did. >> how could you not approve? that was outstanding. that was wonderful. let's check in with kari. it might be a good time to see a movie. little rain coming in. >> yeah, we did have some rain coming in, but i think now is the best time to enjoy the sunshine. let's take a look at those clear blue skies from outer sunset. and boy is it a beautiful day. but it's been chilly out there. as we start out now our temperatures are making it into the upper 40s. it's 48 in san francisco. 52 in the peninsula and south
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bay. the east bay is at 49. a closer look there we have some low 50s in dublin, walnut creek 49. alameda at 50 degrees and castro valley also at 50. and this morning in the north bay we did have a lot of freezing temperatures. and then going dn to san francisco a little bit milder. and it will be at 2:00 53 degrees. in the low 50s today, still cooler than average, but with that sunshine and not much of a wind, it will feel a little bit better today. and a look at all the microclimates. we are looking at 54 degrees in los gatos. mountain view 55 degrees. and 56 parkside. in the north bay and napa 56, oakland 57. and livermore looking at 56 degrees. so 50s today, dry, mostly sunny. but look what happens tomorrow. this shows what the radar could look like as we go into the next couple of days. and some spotty light showers start to work into the north baby tomorrow afternoon. the rest of the bay area doesn't see any rain until early saturday morning at 1:00.
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we're pretty much all covered with the downpour. and then we take a break as we go into saturday morning and into the afternoon. and one of the good days to head out to the union square ice rink will be tomorrow. i'll be there during the midday show. at 11:00 we'll be at 51 degrees and mostly sunny skies. and staying in the 50s all throughout the day. these weather systems in the pacific are just lining up. so once the rain starts, we'll have a hard time turning off the spigot because we'll have a lot of rain rolling in every day or so. and between saturday and into the week next week busy travel time. and we're looking at once again quite a bit of rain. the early estimates of the computer model show anywhere from an inch and a half to two and a half inches for south of san francisco and then over toward livermore. in the north bay we're looking at anywhere from half an inch to an inch and a half. so we'll see how this all plays out heading into next week. the weekend forecast, christmas
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in the park, you'll have to go in between those rain breaks. and by sunday more rain moves in. it will be slightly cooler, but our highs will stay in the upper 50s to lower 60s. i'll talk more about what to expect with that rain that's coming up a little bit later, but for now back to you, kris and scott. >> kari, thanks. up next at 11:00, meet murphy. how one man saved this tiny little kitten from what could have been a very sad ending. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m.
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after nearly being gobbeled up in a northerl well, a kitten is safe this morning after nearly being gobbled up in a northern california garbage processing plant. >> nearly. this is just north of lodi. little girl seems to be just a few days old. a worker sorting out recyclea e recycleables saw her on the conveyer belt. >> i heard them say they found a live cat. i was curious because, i mean, that's just amazing. >> whatever the case the kitten is okay now. one worker immediately adopted the kitten. been given the name murphy, that's the acronym for the machine which helps sort the garbage. it's a good thing murphy did not meet murphy. >> no kidding. i wonder how often that happens though. >> never. it never happens. >> never. never. we have children in studio. whenever you need a little
11:26 am
luck on your side, never count out mom. that might be the lesson in minnesota this morning. >> here's the background. so grace and her mother angela had a chance to win free tuition from her bloomington private school after coming in first place in a school fundraiser. >> the only catch, she had to do that, make a basketball shot from half-court to win. the first shot didn't look so hot. final shot didn't start off much better either. [ laughter ] >> it counts. it counts, right? >> now she has to pay back the tuition. tuition for next semester for grace will be on the house. what a burden for that poor mother. free tuition, sign me up. >> holy cow. up next at 11:00, rowdy and unruly passengers disrupt
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flights. >> right now too many times on international flight a passenger is disruptive, a passenger walks away. >> it's a growing problem, but law enforcement is not keeping up. we investigate disruption in the skies putting your safety at risk but with little consequence. a rowdy passenger on your
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flight? it's a nightre well, has this ever happened to you? you're on a flight and you are delayed by a rowdy passenger? it's a nightmare scenario that's unfortunately becoming more common. >> so there's got to be a punishment, right? wlo who's in charge of that? here's our senior investigative reporter stephen stock. >> causing chaos on a flight is actually a federal crime. we've combed through thousands of unruly passenger complaints over the years ranging from everything from smoking in the restroom to charging the cockpit. we discovered that the numbers of these complaints have actually gone up over the years, but enforcement of the rules
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remains stagnant, allowing some rowdy passengers to actually walk free. >> redwood 218 declaring ground emergency. >> reporter: airline passengers out of control. >> stop touching me! stop it! >> reporter: according to the airline industry, it's a growing problem nationwide. >> help! >> reporter: including here in the bay area. >> you could smell the alcohol kind of wafting up. very strong. >> reporter: she still remembers the fear last october when her pilot diverted a flight from san jose to dallas after a drunken passenger threatened their safety. >> it was kind of pointing his finger pretending it was a gun at people. he had to be restrained the whole way. >> reporter: the crew restrained the rowdy man with the help of another passenger before landing in phoenix where the pilot addressed the cabin. >> he said someone on the plane is being unruly, they would rather spend the night in the
11:31 am
phoenix jail than continue onto dallas. >> reporter: but instead of a jail cell that unruly passenger spent the night in a hotel. all because american airlines declined to press charges. that passenger was then free to fly the next day. we ask american airlines why they released the passenger. a spokesperson for the airline told us they do not comment on legal matters. >> i was surprised. i was really surprised that -- it kind of sends out this message he's going to tell his friends, hey, i did this and nothing happened. >> we had a passenger becoming violent -- >> going to kill himself and everybody on board -- >> reporter: turns out stories like these are more common than you might expect. federal bans interfering with the crew that airlines are not required to report rowdy customers to the faa. while it's unknown how many of these incidents go unreported, nasa does maintain a database where noncrew members can
11:32 am
record. that's where we found complaints of passengers smoking cigarettes, assaulting flight attendants and having sex in the restroom. nasa received a sharp increase of complaints while the numbers of the faa show a decrease by more than half in enforcement. >> it's a rare occurrence in the context of the number of flights, but it's a growing problem. >> reporter: harry flint says his organization has seen an increase in unruly passenger complaints around the world. he says often incidents happen but no reperrepercussions. >> right now on too many flights a passenger is disruptive, passenger walks away. >> reporter: he blames a loophole that allows passengers to walk free. the would like to adopt new authorities. >> just to make sure passengers understand that unruly behavior will basically be brought before
11:33 am
a court. >> reporter: federal court records show from 2001 to 2014 only 11% of the cases referred to the faa rise to the level of criminal prosecution. those odds apparently don't discourage some passengers from bad behavior. >> it's kind of an exciting, you know, experience. >> reporter: phil kesler owns the mile high club allowing browser to talk about in-flight sexual exploits. we want to know why a growing number of passengers choose to disregard. >> it's not legal. i think that probably adds to the mystique, you know, because of the potential for being arrested. >> reporter: if prosecuted, unruly passengers can face up to $25,000 in fines and potential jail time. a penalty rowena would like to see more widely enforced. >> i think an airline, you don't mess around. it's not a place to mess around. >> we also talked to some commercial pilots and flight
11:34 am
attendants about all of this. and while they did not want to go on camera because of their jobs, they did say that these disturbances have increased exponentially over the last few years as more and more people fly commercial airlines and as airlines try to cram more and more passengers into planes to increase the income from each flight. i'm stephen stock, nbc bay area news. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to >> happening live let's go to washington. this is the fed chief janet yellen. she is speaking shortly after the federal open markets committee announced it was going to raise interest rates by a quarter percentage point, the first time the fed has raised rates in nearly a decade. a short time ago she said progress was being made in jobs, in earnings and the economic hardships of millions of
11:35 am
americans was getting better. let's listen in for just a minute. >> -- these risks appear to have lessened since last summer. overall the committee sees the risk to the outlook for both economic activity in the labor market as balanced. the anticipation of ongoing economic growth and additional improvement in labor market conditions is an important factor underpinning the committee's confidence that inflation will return to our 2% objective over the medium term. >> that's berkeley's janet yellen, the head of the fed talking about the decision to raise interest rates. we'll have so much more at 5:00 and 6:00 this evening. now, wall street is reacting to this news. they're also just watching her very carefully. this is a live look at new york city's big board on the nyse. the dow industrials gaining 86 points. of course, kris, much of this was already baked in. they saw this rate hike coming.
11:36 am
>> well, scott, a lot of folks always wonder what does this mean for me. when this is the rate that banks charge each other to borrow money, correct? >> correct, yes. >> so there's a trickledown effect for the rest of us. >> there will be. this rate increase is so small and rates are so low, some people pay 0% on their car and they're getting about 0% on their savings. both of those are going to tick upwards. but tick upwards from 0%. >> because we've had good economic news. >> thank goodness. >> finally. so now to a story you will see only here on nbc bay area. a south bay man who dodged death by inches sharing his story of survival. this steel beam that crashed through his windshield on a local freeway could have killed him, but only did that. nbc bay area's maryann favro talked with that driver. >> reporter: don lee says he still can't believe he survived this last friday as he was driving south on highway 280 in san jose. a huge beam flew off a truck
11:37 am
ahead of him and headed straight for lee's car. he says that's when he felt a surprising sense of calm. >> i saw clearly everything coming through the window. that moment maybe one millisecond, entire picture miss hitting me. >> reporter: the beam missed him by a hair, leaving only a few scratches on his arm. >> i kept looking at the picture. hard to believe. just one moment. life and death right there. >> reporter: don used to build and drive race cars and credits his experience with keeping calm behind the wheel. he says he never closed his eyes even when the beam hit his bmw so hard it cut the engine. >> i think i have a second life. >> reporter: he says he's convinced last friday god was his co-pilot. nbc bay area news.
11:38 am
>> wow. well, up next at 11:00, no more tee times, no more weddings. why a popular east bay golf course is closing. our weather is cool and dry for now, but there's some major changes coming in time for the weekend. i'll update you on that and a look at the sierra and what's happening there coming up in a few minutes. and that's where i'm going, oh, my gosh, i could do this for life. >> the group that's helping low income kids discover just how powerful their voices can be. it is a story that makes us bay area proud. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. useful skill. just ask any of
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the republican presidential candidates -- who well, being a good debater is a useful skill, just ask any of the presidential candidates. the republicans debated last night in las vegas. >> but one silicon valley group thinks it's a skill that's not reserved just for high powered politicians. garvin thomas is here with today's bay area proud. >> the national urban debate league has 20 or so leagues around the country. one of their newest set up shop in silicon valley just last year. and already they say it's seeing great success, the number of schools they work with is growing as is the confidence of their students.
11:42 am
>> this incredible raft -- >> reporter: debate the way most of us think of it is a tool used to change minds. this story though is about how debate is being used to change lives. >> you'll hear young people talking about impacts -- >> reporter: just like it did for dmitri and chantrice martin although in very different ways. for dmitri it happened during an interview for his very first teaching job. >> the principal called me into his office at the end of the interview day and he's like, hey, you're teaching these four classes and you're the debate coach. so that was my introduction to debate. >> reporter: for chauntrice it happened when she realized she could win fights with her words and not her fists. >> that's the point where i was like, oh, my gosh, like i could do this for life. this is really great. >> reporter: for very different beginnings though, they have now
11:43 am
found themselves in the same place, running the newly formed silicon valley urban debate league. debate classes and competitions for low income schools that usually have no tradition of debate. they've signed up five schools in the peninsula and south bay in just two years with a waiting list to join. >> one of the things we're really trying to do is enable young people who are kind of at the bottom of the social ladder to have the skills and the encouragements not only to climb up for themselves but to heal the whole system as they do. >> reporter: the first step they say is convincing the students they not only have a voice but one that matters. not something many of them are used to hearing. >> take on their power and realize, oh, my gosh, i'm brilliant. now i can change something. >> reporter: it is something she says she has seen so many times. >> they gave no real information -- >> reporter: most recently with east palo alto phoenix academy
11:44 am
sophomore vanka valencia. >> it gives me the voice to advocate for my people and for myself. >> reporter: she walked away with multiple awards from the most recent debate championships. and a newfound confident that words can make a difference. especially hers. they say when you look at much of the news of the day a lot of what's behind it is people not feeling that their voices are heard. so they feel what they are doing with the urban debate league is more important now than ever. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know someone who is doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you and tell their story. go to our website,, search bay area proud. the sunol valley golf course is no ordinary fancy country club. it's a place for golf and weddings and lifelong memories. >> but now the weddings have been canceled, there are no more
11:45 am
tee times and 80 people are out of a job. nbc bay area's raj mathai shows us why it shut down. >> reporter: armed with clubs and memories, they're making the most of their final days at the sunol valley golf course. >> it's really sad. a lot of good memories. good golf. great people. >> reporter: today no green fees for the members, just the final thank you. next month the venerable 36-hole course will shut down. the fairways once filled will be left empty. and the greens will brown. but it's more than just golf. it's family. tim learned to play here with his father 30 years ago. he's afraid to break the news. >> i have not texted him yet to let him know. he'll be very bummed i'm sure. >> so today would be our last tuesday at sunol concourse. >> reporter: he and his golfing buddies met here 11 years ago. they've been teeing up and making friendly wagers -- >> we play a dollar hole. >> reporter: -- ever since.
11:46 am
but here's the reality, sunol valley has its issues. >> the number of golfers over the years have dropped significantly. >> reporter: the director of golf perry lee says they couldn't keep up with the water bills during our record drought. >> gone up over 500% over the last couple years. >> reporter: he says even heavy rains can't save it. >> el nino will make it worse actually because we would have to close a lot of days with the rain we'd lose a lot of revenue, it's almost a double edge sword. >> reporter: for the players golfing elsewhere is an option, just not the one they wanted to make. >> the size of course is probably the one where we really had some battles. you can't take away those kind of memories. >> awe. >> raj mathai reporting. so what now? no word on what the san francisco puc plans to do. we know the final rounds of golf are december 31st. meteorologist kari hall is here. we need a good day to play golf today if you have the wind at your back. >> yeah. one last day to get that in especially for most of the bay
11:47 am
area and see showers moving in tomorrow. i'll detail that. right now our temperatures are feeling a little bit more comfortable. it's still chilly outside, but at least it's not freezing. and our highs today will top out in the mid to upper 50s once again. our winds are calm. it's not as windy as yesterday. and at times those gusts were kicking up to about 20 miles an hour. well, today, look at the map. we're only seeing about 5 to 10 miles an hour. and it's coming in from more of a north-northeasterly direction. it stays calm as we go into tonight even with a weak weather system that we'll be moving into the north bay. a look at the forecast hour by hour in san jose. at lunchtime it's 54 degrees. and then up to about 56 degrees throughout the afternoon. and later on tonight with those clear skies and a calm wind it will be cold and frosty once again. now, the futurecast shows that as we go into the day tomorrow mostly cloudy skies for the north bay and then some spotty light rain. but it doesn't make it into san francisco and farther to the
11:48 am
south. and a live look now at lake tahoe. we see those clear blue skies. and the heavy snow weighing down those tree branches. and we've had a lot of snow around sierra recently. and for the next couple of days it will be dry but chilly with highs reaching into the low 40s. by friday we'll have another system moving in. that will dump some more snow. but at squaw valley we have a base of 46 inches right now. and then we see these weather systems lining up. and as we go into next week it's going to get active not only here but in the sierra bringing more snow there and rain to the bay area. it really gets going on saturday. and then it continues off and on throughout the day on wednesday. so look at the rainfall potential and to give you a better idea when we'll see that rain moving in as we go into saturday morning we'll have round one. round two comes on sunday afternoon. and then on monday it looks like we could see some showers for the north bay. and then as we get closer to the holiday travel for christmas it still looks pretty soggy with
11:49 am
some scattered showers moving through. and the rainfall potential for most of us anywhere from san francisco and farther to the south. in oakland over toward livermore and san jose. anywhere from 1.5 to 2.5 inches of rain. once again this falls over a period of several days. and then for the north bay anywhere from 0.5 inch to 1.5 inch so pretty significant rainfall expected between several systems that will continue. at least we will get some breaks in between. and late friday night the rain starts to move into the north bay. it will be 58 degrees for a high this weekend. we will have some breaks if you're going to christmas in the park. it looks like saturday afternoon looks good at this time. and then on sunday we'll have some more showers moving in during the afternoon. so last minute shopping, decorating, getting ready for family, get it in while the rain is taking a break. scott and kris. >> all good advice. thanks. >> we'll be right back. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood
11:50 am
live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m.
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11:52 am
revealed on last night's live season finale... scott/2shot and as stephanie stanton winner of "the voice" was revealed on last night's season finale. >> very few people were surprised as reports. >> the winner of "the voice" is -- >> reporter: for fans who watched all season -- >> jordan smith! >> reporter: the result was hardly a surprise. beat out 17-year-old country singer emily ann roberts for the season 9 crown. >> it was incredible. i never in my wildest dreams expected to be here experiencing this and having this moment. so, yeah, i was overwhelmed. >> reporter: stunned all four coaches in the blind audition. he made his mark throughout the competition. several performances topped the itunes top.
11:53 am
>> it was strangely effortless and harmonious the whole time. we really just had a good time. >> reporter: the team runner-up had nothing but praise for the winner. >> it was an honor to be up there with him. jordan deserves it more than anyone else here. >> reporter: -- >> i knew right away the moment jordan sang his first note on the show that he was something special. >> he is one of the most insane -- every performance he gave was a show stopper. there's no denying that. >> reporter: on the night packed with superstar performances. "the voice" may have launched a new star of its own. >> there are other dreams that i have that i never thought were possib just like this one. but i know can come true. it's an amazing feeling. >> reporter: a season that truly ends on a high note. nbc news, los angeles. >> we should get confetti.
11:54 am
>> that would make everything better. we'll be right back. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first ♪ ♪ because their prices are up to 60% less ♪ ♪ than what you'll find at regular stores ♪ ♪ but wait, there's more shop here first, and you'll always find more bargains!
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scotto it is a 20 in 1 million
11:57 am
chance identical triplet girls. >> well, meet charlotte, sidney and savannah, they are a rare triplet trio born in nebraska to amber morgan and dwayne wright. all natural, no fertility medication. each weighed more than two pounds when they were born. amber says they plan to -- so when she's running on zero hours of sleep there will be no guess work. but surprise -- >> yeah, i wonder little surprise because they had no idea they were having triplets. >> they didn't know they were having triplets and didn't know they would be identical. >> one in 20 million chance. >> yeah. our buddy laura garcia-canon has triplets, they're not identical because one's a boy. lots more about to change in interest rates coming at 5:00 and 6:00 tonight. meanwhile, we will see you tomorrow morning. >> have a great day. have a great day.
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