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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  December 17, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm PST

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nbc bay area news starts now. and good morning everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. thanks for joining us this morning. happening right now is a live look at the corner stone missionary baptist church in san francisco's bay view district where dozens of people are gathered for a public funeral for mario woods, the stabbing suspect killed by san francisco police officers earlier this mont month. now the focus of a federal civil rights lawsuit. activists in the district where woods lived claims the 26-year-old was used as target practice. the charge vehemently denied by police. they say he refused to drop his
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knife and failed to respond to pepper spray and a bean bag round. san francisco police officers throwing its weight behind tasers. union leadership says they're an important weapon against violent offenders, possibly preventing the police shootings like that of woods. now, critics have so far been successful in preventing san francisco officers from obtain ing tasers. critics say they can sometimes cause deaths and are used improperly. human bones have been discovered in a planter box in san francisco's alamo square. nbc bay area obtained the video from someone who lives nearby showing detectives sifting through the area where the remains were found. cadaver dogs later brought in from the marin county sheriff's department to help in that investigation. >> we know that they are human remains. as far as whether or not these are remains that are of a child or an adult that's going to be determined later on.
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>> now, that could take weeks or even months to find out. the homicide unit is handling that investigation. accused of the unthinkable. a nationwide search continues for a woman accused of killing her 90-year-old mother. police are looking for 50-year-old alicia asteban. she became the suspect two weeks ago when her mother's body was found hidden in a trash can in the house that they shared. while police are trying to pinpoint a motive, people in this quiet and close-knit neighborhood are stunned. >> there is no reason to suspect anything. we had heard lisa went to arizona to take a job there. we knew her mother was elderly so we assumed that the mother went with her. >> police say she's 5'8" and heavy set. she could be armed and dangerous. happening today, the next step in the trial against a teenager who has admitted to killing a discovery bay boy. a preliminary hearing is
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scheduled for william schultz. in april prosecutors say the discovery bay teenager stabbed jordan to death as he was sleeping. schultz was a friend of the algrin family staying in their home. he later confessed in a jailhouse interview. in september judge ruled him competent to stand trial. new this morning police looking for a man who shot another man in an apparent act of road rage. police say someone shot up a car in stony point road near an onramp to highway 12 last night. a bullet hit the driver in the left side. he's going to be okay but he and the passengers say there's some kind of verbal exchange with the driver of another car right before the shooting. anybody who's seen it is asked to call santa rosa police. from the swimming pool to the courtroom, a high school water polo player is accused of dirty play during a match. the 15-year-old high school student is facing felony assault and bab ttery charges for
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allegedly breaking an opponent's nose during a game. this happened in september. contra costa county prosecutors filed charges against that boy after video of the attack surfaced in which it allegedly shows the teenager kneeing the opponent in the face. prosecutors say he crossed the line between physical play and criminal behavior. a case is currently pending in juvenile court. firefighters are at the scene of a house fire that knocked out power in vallejo. this started around 1:00 this morning near georgia street at a home. firefighters say they arrived to find that home with the fire shooting in the garage through the roof. it eventually caused a nearby transformer to blow. power is now out for many homes on that block. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. protesters are venting their anger this morning over pg&e's plan to raise fees for some people who use solar panels. pg&e calls it the power charge indifference adjustment. opponents spoke out against the proposal today outside the cpuc
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offices in san francisco. they say it's basically an exit fee for customers that transfer to green power sources like solar. if that hike goes through, rates for many solar customers are expected to double even if they use little to no electricity. new battle is brewing over the safety of pg&e pipelines. the utility says the system is safe and meets all regulations five years after that deadly san bruno no explosion. but the chronicle cites a watchdog group that believes otherwise. the office of right payer advocates wants the cpuc to fine the utility on what it believes are misrepresentations provided to state regulators over the past three years. the group recently filed a grievance saying pg&e still lacks records usually required at the federal level including documented pressure tests. well, you've heard of schools having snow days, how about a cold day? no furnace, no school in east palo alto. classes are canceled for the rest of the week.
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the school was forced to turn off the furnace earlier this month because of a gas leak. it's safe now, but crews need the next few weeks to fix it. teachers did their best to keep the classrooms warm, but space heaters have overwhelmed the school's aging electrical system. >> it worked out perfectly fine last week. we were warm and cozy. but with inclement weather outside we weren't able to get the temperatures up to make classrooms conducive for learning. >> if you want kids to be warm and comfort in the class, you have to fix this problem. >> school is expected to resume after the winter break. up next at 11:00, a wildly popular san francisco marathon crossing the finish line. the race known for its popular tiffany necklaces for finishers is now over. people have called for that man's arrest and the fbi just did. why this so-called most hated man in america is in custody. you know, scott and kris, we started the day off nice and bright. but we are watching those clouds
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increase. in fact, gray skies now across parts of the north bay. and temperatures are still chilly some spots in the 40s. back to detail a big system that will bring rain this system and another one to start off next week. i'm meteorologist kari hall live in san francisco at the union square ice rink. the weather here beautiful for ice skating. i'll take you here live and maybe show you some of my moves coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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happy thursday to you. markets rallied yesterday even after they heard that the fed would be raising interest rates, not so much today down about 100 points on the dow. oil prices very low.
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those are continuing to weigh on the market. martin shkreli, the hedge fund manager turned drug company ceo has been arrested in new york. new video this morning as fbi agents marched shkreli and one of his associates out of a court building in manhattan this morning. shkreli there in the hoodie in the back. he's accused of siphoning money from a drug company he bought while running a previous hedge fund. the u.s. attorney called the whole thing a ponzi scheme. shkreli probably caught your attention when his new hedge fund bought a farm sue kal company and raised one of the pills by over $100. now, one interesting thing in the indictment is the fbi says when shkreli was telling an investor his hedge fund was worth $35 million, it was indeed the indictment says worth $700
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total. we'll continue to follow the arrest and the arraignment, bring you the latest. shkreli recently bought a controlling interest in the bay area drug company called kale bios. he lost millions of dollars out of his own pocket. we've been trying to get ahold of the company. we've been unable to do so. somebody keeps hanging up the investor relations telephone line. and its list of managers on its website ends in page not found. well, i mentioned the fed did do as expected on wednesday raise that interest rate by 25 basis points, a quarter percent, e endien ending seven years of the easiest easy money america's ever seen. according to the fed the worst of the economic woes are behind us. we first reported this to you on our 11:00 a.m. news yesterday, but i wanted to kind of circle back around. the state of california issuing draft regulations for driverless cars. the bottom line is they have to have a qualified driver to take
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over when necessary. and that might sound like common sense, but it's a defeat really for the new industry because not having a driver, kris, is kind of the whole point of having a driverless car. they're envisioning a day where you can tell your car to take you home when you've had too much to drink or a kid could hop in the car and go to school. so the rules they were looking for were not you also have to have a driver in the car because that's kind of not the point. >> right. and a licensed driver at that. >> right. happening today, angry flight attendants promise to protest around the world including here in the bay area. the union representing 29,000 united airlines flight attendants is calling for a new contract. the union cites united's merger with continental five years ago and still lack of a joint contract. flight attendants will picket at 14 international airports including san francisco. bayrefineries will operate under new rules designed to help curb pollution and
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reduce greenhouse gas emissions. the contra costa times reports that the bay area air quality management district yesterday adopted three new rules that will make refineries run cleaner. one of the rules tightens controls on refinery leaks and the units that process crude. regulators say it will cut refinery emissions by 14%, but the times reports that still amounts to less than 1% of total air pollution across the bay area. an event that draws thousands of runners to san francisco is moving out. >> wildly popular nike women's half marathon will be running away. >> for ten years we all come. we socialize outside of here. we learn how to run. >> reporter: sandy says she learned to run with the nike plus running club in san francisco. she joined ten years ago to train for the nike womens half
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marathon. >> it's given me a lot of opportunities to stay healthy over the years. and, you know, develop a relationship even with the employees that are here too. they're a wonderful group of people. >> reporter: it's a wildly popular event. thousands of women have taken over union square in october for more than a decade. so many people wanted to pay $200 to register last year, there was a lottery for official entries. not to mention the tiffany necklaces that went to finishers. it's also a spectator sport. >> i enjoy like cheering on the women and stuff like that, and yeah, you can do it. >> reporter: but 25,000 runners won't do it in san francisco next year. sara ballard says nike told city officials in november they're moving the 2016 half marathon out of san francisco. telling city officials thaifr they're looking for a new location. it's news that stopped runners in their tracks. >> i feel really bad because this was something i enjoyed doing. and it really gave me an
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opportunity to run. >> reporter: nike will be running off with thousands of dollars in fees it usually pays the city to put the event on. the change of venue will also run business away from hotels and restaurants who say they rely on the october event. >> that's business right there that's going to be leaving. like i said, a lot of people from other areas come down. >> reporter: next year thousands of runners will be spending money somewhere else. jean ellie, nbc bay area news. >> we know a lot of ladies who have done the run, not just for the tiffany necklace, but -- >> yeah. too bad. 'tis the season to stay outdoors. it may not be cold enough to actually have ice on the streets, but it's close. >> there's ice in union square. kari hall is out there. kari have you got ice skates? >> reporter: i am. and i'm a little unsteady here. i took one trip around the ice rink and i had to hold on to the rail the entire time. i was thinking about those -- you see that penguin thing over
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there. i may need one of those. but you see that we have all types of experienced skaters. and we have some of the pros out here. we have little children. and everyone's just really having a good time. and it really feels like christmas here with all of the decorations and the lights and the stores all nearby. joining me now is brian. what did you do to help get this ready? >> well, we bring in a large refrigeration unit that's capable of doing two big hockey rinks just to make this rather small sample of ice here in the union square in all types of weather. >> reporter: and what are the hours that people can come out and enjoy? >> we're open every day until january 18th from 10:00 a.m. last session starts at 10:00 p.m. goes to 11:30. >> reporter: they're kind of like time slots, right? >> there is. it's like hour and a half and skating every two hours. 10:00, 12:00, 2:00, 4:00, every
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two hours. i can't stress book it online or come early. we saw 50% online, 50% at the door on the day. >> reporter: brian, do you get to drive the zamboni? >> i do. i'm part of that secret club. >> reporter: that's the coolest part of it. you can come out here and enjoy time on the ice. and i'll take a spin coming up here in a little bit. you see how unsteady my feet are. so maybe a blooper moment coming up here soon. i'll send it back to you for now. >> we'll be rolling on it. >> awesome. >> well, kari, we were talking earlier about the chance of rain in the forecast. i want to pick it up and give you that forecast that we've been talking about. we have rain moving into the picture as soon as tomorrow. so if you've got weekend plans, definitely make sure you're paying attention because saturday even will be some showers in the picture at least for the first half of the day. and then by sunday evening we'll be tracking another storm that's going to bring rain back into the bay. right now we're looking alt clouds increasing across the entire bay area. still some sunshine across the south bay and peninsula. you head into san francisco and the north bay and it's generally
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cloudy there already. temperatures not going to be that warm back into the 50s across the entire bay including the tri-valley. temperatures right in the upper 50s. here's the storm system we've been telling you about that is expected to bring the rain as soon as, well, tomorrow morning for the north bay. and then the rest of us through the day tomorrow afternoon. you'll see what i'm talking about, again, light showers through the day tomorrow at least for the first half of the day across the north bay. by 11:00 around lunchtime we'll see showers start to push into san francisco. and then by dinner time san francisco, oakland, even near parts of the east bay we'll start to see those showers. it won't arrive in the south bay until the sun goes down tomorrow. so most of the day tomorrow will be a dry day for south bay and the tri-valley. but tomorrow night the rain moves through. and then it will push out of here by saturday. so your microclimate forecast for today pushes cupertino back up to 60. san mateo 59. san francisco staying cool mid-50s. santa rosa up to 55. tri-valley temperatures there reflecting more sun.
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60 for pleasanton. the futurecast shows a dry day expected for saturday afternoon. here comes our next storm though by sunday afternoon showers across the north bay and by sunday night into monday morning tracking another storm system. so your weekend forecast, well, we've got lots of rain drops to try and dodge. saturday looks like your best chance if you want to get outside and do some outdoor activities. that rain pushes back into the bay area not only for tomorrow but also for sunday and for monday. you know that long range forecast keeps the rain in place. you got plans for christmas eve, more rain by then. back to you. >> you know, the rain is one thing, but the wind blows over all those inflatables in peoples yards. >> snow man goes tumbling. up next at 11:00, one of the highlights and traditions of new year's day across the nation. a big bay area influence this year. everything turning up roses. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first ♪
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excitement is building -- we are happening now, and i'd say for the last, you know, six months or so, "star wars" mania has been a excitement building and now we're hours away from the release of the new force movie. >> nbc's bob redell is live with some fans who will have first crack at seeing this thing in what i think is, bob, the most anticipated movie in history. >> reporter: i think that is certainly fair to say there,
11:23 am
scott and kris. we're outside tech museum here in san jose where in just about eight hours from now the imax version of "star wars" force awakens will start. you have about a dozen fans out here. these are people who bought their tickets on october 19th. it sold out that day for the 250 seats here in the theater. i've been out here a few hours waiting to get the best seat within the theater which by the way we were able to get inside. and we got an advanced look at the force awakens. sorry, but this is the best sneak peek we can give you of the new "star wars" film. all nine miles, 1200 pounds of it. the tech museum in san jose is the only venue on the west coast to show force awakens and a 70 millimeter film i-max format. the manager screened the film for herself and employees last night. >> it's tremendous. all i could have hoped for and more. it goes back to the old school writing, the old school
11:24 am
shooting, on film with real explosions. a tremendous story. >> reporter: early this morning outside the metrian in san francisco fans lined up for the start of a "star wars" marathon of episodes one through six that began at 1:00 this morning running with short breaks throughout the day. >> a lot of die-hard fans, a lot of cheering every time a character presents themselves for the first time. >> it's cool being around people who know what the movie's about, what the culture's about. laughing at all the funny parts. they get just the uniqueness of the movie. that's what i really like about it. >> reporter: see, i'm able to wait, scott and kris, until tomorrow at 3:45 when i'm going to see the show a little more. but you guys got to see it today. why was it important to see on the preview day? >> it's a rumor mill. everybody telling you everybody how the plot ends and this is
11:25 am
and that. >> reporter: that's smart. what about you? >> i want to say i saw it at 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: what's that? >> just wanted to say i saw it at 7:00 p.m. >> reporter: i've seen three positives and one negative. >> i read the reviews but try to stay away from the spoilers. >> reporter: especially with what happens at the -- >> yeah, yeah. >> reporter: you heard about darth vader obviously. >> really? >> reporter: this is huge news. all right. what are you going to do for the rest of the day? you still got eight hours? >> height go to starbucks again for the third time. plug in starbucks. maybe get a burrito. >> reporter: this one is sold out here in san jose, by the way i think i mentioned this, this is the only venue on the west coast showing the 70 millimeter version of the imax film of
11:26 am
force awakens. it's pretty interesting. i think des moines is the next one if you keep heading east or somewhere, so, yeah. >> bob, you said you can wait until 3:00 tomorrow. i'm thinking you had to wait to be at work and whatnot. >> reporter: well, that's another factor. employment and w-2 forms and everything that, that does come into play. 3:45 tomorrow i'll be there with my children and my wife. i'll be dragging my wife. >> bob will be standing by. all right. thanks, bob. >> reporter: bob redell going in. >> yeah. >> don't ruin anything for anybody. >> good point. there to protect him. by the way bob has no idea what happens to hans solo, we think, we don't know. representing the bay area on the national stage, the saratoga high school band will march to the 2016 tournament of roses parade on january 1st. >> they will perform a song born right here in the bay area. here's nbc bay area's rian with
11:27 am
the story. >> reporter: behind that red banner is where you'll find a band these days practicing and practicing and practicing. how has practice been particularly during finals? they put in long hours preparing for the couple minutes they'll be on the live broadcast. some of them have been on the tv screen before. >> we're seniors, so our freshman year we went to the macy's parade. so for us and the entire graduating class it's like really like full circle. >> reporter: they'll be the only high school band from the bay area. in a nod to their hometown they'll be playing journey's "don't stop believing." ♪
11:28 am
>> what a great bay area band. and i think everybody loves that music. we wanted something that was really going to identify the bay area and hopefully get the crowd excited and hopefully get our television audience excited. >> reporter: the band was selected after a two-year application process. each high school student raised $1,200 to travel to the rose bowl. >> i think we couldn't be prouder of what our students are doing. >> reporter: in saratoga, ryann blacksheer var gas, nbc bay area news. >> can i brag for a second? i have a little cousin who will also be marching in the rose parade with his high school marching band. >> oh, the fighting war -- >> i don't know. >> well, up next we're having a new development in a san bernardino terror investigation.
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we'll have that when we come back. four out of five people may not agree
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another 'hoax' threat ... this time directed at schools in the bay area. ==vo== the san francisco unified school district tells us it received a threat ... similar to those received ei another threat directed at schools here in the san francisco bay area. unified schools say it received a threat similar to those received earlier in los angeles and new york. authorities inspected schools and found nothing suspicious. they do not believe the threat is credible but have increased police presence around campuses as a precautionary measure. all schools in the district are open today. federal prosecutors are bringing charges against a friend of one of the san bernardino shooters. they say enrique marquez bought the two assault rifles used in the massacre. he purchased those weapons as a favor. this was so syed rizwan farook would not have a background check or be shown to be the person who bought the guns chlgt investigators have not found social media postings by his
11:32 am
wife tashfeen malik in the weeks before she came to the united states. new this morning, president obama once again reassured americans who are fearful of another attack on u.s. soil. the president met with his national security team this morning at the national counterterrorism center outside washington. he says there is currently no specific and credible information about an attack here in the u.s. the president also confirmed his administration is reviewing the so-called fiancee visa program that allowed tashfeen malik, one of the san bernardino shooters, to enter the u.s. now to exclusive details to about a suspected terrorist right here in the bay area. the suspect was actually jailed in santa clara county, kept secret until now. the man was on the run caught in the south bay. he is one of six people accused of supplying money and equipment to fighters of organizations deemed terrorist organizations. sources say he fled the midwest right before his indictment there but was traced to santa
11:33 am
clara county and captured. now county board president pointed out state law does allow the county to keep terrorist interaction private for the community's safety. and now to an investigative unit exclusive. under arrest and in custody, action prompted by the investigative unit and a report that they did. a man accused of stealing his brother's medical identity is now in santa clara county facing felony charges. we first brought you the story of san jose resident ronny boval, he's a victim of medical identity theft. it's a crime effected 2.3 million americans just last year. he turned to nbc bay area for help because for years another person was using his identity to get free medical treatment. now authorities believe they have found that his long-lost brother was the imposter. >> it's been over 20 years since i've saw him.
11:34 am
and it was just enormous amount of relief that he's actually somewhere where he can't do this to me any longer. >> gary bogel declined to comment. that is the brother. tonight at 11:00, how our investigation helped detectives find gary bogel in washington state. and we'll show you how to protect yourself from medical identity theft. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call or send us an e-mail to a kindergarten class trip called off because of a concerned mom. >> a visit from santa is becoming a controversy. nbc bay area's michelle roberts spoke with some parent who is are upset. >> reporter: ernesto says he looks forward to hosting the christmas party at his san jose coffee shop every year. >> the children can actually put their toys underneath the tree. >> reporter: dozens of kids meet santa and write letters to the north pole. this year he's expecting a
11:35 am
smaller crowd after the sartorette kindergarten class field trip was canceled. the school district superintendents sent out this letter canceling the event, adding she is taking step ls to address the issue after a parent of a jewish student raised concerns. >> that this was not a war on christmas. this is not about taking away anything. it was about adding. >> reporter: talis who asked we not use her last name for fear of harassment calls the allegations she's waging a war on christmas misguided. >> this is not a jewish issue. this is not an anti-christmas issue. this is an inclusion issue. >> reporter: she's asking district officials to include a variety of faiths in the curriculum. >> yeah, i totally get her point. and i think that everyone should be included, but you're not including everybody. >> reporter: a handful of parents are upset by the cancellation. >> if our kids want to celebrate santa, they should be able to. >> reporter: and plan to pull their children out of school on friday to send school
11:36 am
administrators a message and to enjoy the christmas event. >> we have now been ripped apart from each other and that's not what we're trying to do. >> reporter: michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. up next at 11:00, after contentious gop debate, front runners are emerging. who's topping the polls this time as candidates continue to battle it out off stage? and may the force be with you. "star wars" finally here as bob redell showed us, but will the force awakens re-write the record books? what those in the know are saying about that coming up. and our clouds konlt to thicken here on this thursday as we're watching our next storm system that's going to bring rain to the bay area as soon as friday. we're back to detail that forecast and get you into the weekend after this. have you ever dreamed of ice skating in your bikini? i'll show you how you can do that coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips, or e-mail
11:37 am nbc bay area, we investigate. three republicans are now
11:38 am
11:39 am
emerging as top can decision 2016 following the last debate three republicans emerging as top candidates in the polls tworks a, two are hit campaign trail today.
11:40 am
here's tracie potts. >> reporter: donald trump on late-night taking another jab at jeb bush. >> do you think he would kill baby hitler? >> no, he's too nice. >> would you have killed baby hitler? >> no comment. >> reporter: after promising not to leave the party now, trump calling for unity. >> i would like to see the republican party come together. >> reporter: trump's leading most polls just ahead of ted cruz who's in minnesota today. and again, not going negative on trump. >> i'm glad donald is running. i don't believe he's going to be the nominee. but i do think donald has energized and excited a whole lot of people. >> this is not a game. >> reporter: cruz is defending against attacks from marco rubio on immigration and military cuts. >> it's easy to stand up and say i will destroy isis. i will make the sands in the middle east glow in the dark. well, that's fine. but you have to have something to do that with. >> reporter: rubio has two events in iowa today. tracie potts, nbc news,
11:41 am
washington. >> tuesday night the bold claims, this morning the fact. national security was the hot topic during that republican debate. >> so we asked sam brock to do a reality check. >> the last republican debate of 2015 zeroed in squarely on national security. from attacks on our buildings to breaches of our borders. >> we can't afford to be so nice, folks. >> reporter: the candidates fired a flurry of claims. >> i was asked as a ceo. >> reporter: carly fiorina turned a spotlight on silicon valley, pumping up the tech world's role in rooting out extremism. >> should the silicon valley companies be forced to cooperate with the fbi? >> they do not need to be forced. they need to be asked to bring the best and brightest, the most recent technology to the table. >> reporter: the reality is the question has been asked and answered. ceos like apple's tim cook have rejected so-called backdoor
11:42 am
access to precious data, data that might be of interest to more than just the nsa. >> when you open a door, it can swing both ways such that, yes, the government or law enforcement agencies might have access to that data, but so also might malicious actors have access to that data. >> what is the most sophisticated terror threat we have ever faced -- >> reporter: other candidates like florida's marco rubio fret the u.s. government's hands are tied when it comes to scouring social media, e-mails and phone calls after lawmakers scaled back the patriot act. >> the metadata program was a valuable tool we no longer have at our disposal. >> it's true, the patriot act is gone. but we have this in it place. that's the usa freedom act signed into law by president obama last june. that does end the nsa's bulk collection of phone records. now it's not like the government can't still look at those records. it can. it just needs to prove, quote, a reasonable suspicion of terrorism and go through the courts. and those courts aren't always closed off to the public
11:43 am
anymore. lastly, claims crept up about keeping our border safe. >> and marco has opposed at every point increased security -- border security for those who come to our country. >> reporter: that accusation about marco rubio simply fails the truth test. rubio helped lead the so-called gang of eight, a bipartisan group of senators who passed immigration legislation in 2013. that bill set aside $40 billion to beef up border security, that includes the addition of tens of thousands of border patrol agents. for reality check, i'm sam brock. well, happening today, the house approved a controversial tax plan. it is the first step toward passage of a $1.1 trillion spending bill. that spending bill will avoid a government shutdown. the measure is controversial because it extends dozens of tax breaks and those breaks are worth hundreds of billions of dollars to both corporations and individuals. once the house approves both the tax plan and the spending
11:44 am
package, the senate gets its turn. well, there's been a chill in the air. people putting on extra layers of clothes and buying christmas gifts. and maybe even taking a break to skate. >> kari hall is at the union square ice rink in san francisco with the answer to the question, have you ever thought about skiing -- or rather skating in a bikini? >> reporter: you will have the opportunity to do that on new year's day. so i'll talk about that in just a second. unfortunately, i had to take a break. and the zamboni just came out and they were cleaning up the ice and i just finished my triple axle and double loop and come over here and take a break. but joining me now is brian. tell me about this ice skating in a bikini. >> well, we started the tradition about five years ago with the polar bear skate borrowed from my native country canada. and on new year's day 2:00 p.m. session people come out in their
11:45 am
finest swimming attire, polar bear attire, whatever they interpret that to be. it's a great session. it's great fun to start off the new year 2:00 p.m. on january 1st. >> reporter: now, tell me, what are the craziest things you have seen in the past? >> oh, i don't think i can say that on television. this is san francisco. we run everything from drag queens on ice to polar bears skating and everything in between. >> reporter: so where can you find more information about it? >> our website has all the information from session times, private parties, everything you want. and again, during the month of december please buy it online to avoid the disappointment of coming all the way downtown parking and then finding out you can't get on the ice for three hours. >> reporter: absolutely. so thank you so much. and we are having a good time out here, but once again we have to take a break. but we'll be back on the ice in a little while unfortunately you won't be able to see that. darn. i'll send it over to you, anthony. right now the weather is great. so how is it looking there?
11:46 am
>> well, maybe you could do a video snapchat. >> reporter: oh, yeah. >> we'll be watching. come on, kari, deliver. we were watching the storm system as she was mentioning. that's going to deliver some showers to the bay area as soon as tomorrow. keep that in mind especially for you evening commute. right now to date it's all about cloud cover. clouds really starting to increase especially from san francisco and points north. that's where we're looking at gray skies. really lots of cloud cover there. down to the east bay, peninsula and south bay good mix of sun and clouds, temperatures today going to be cool staying in the 50s. today as i mentioned all about the cloud cover. we're not going to see any showers today, but if you live north bay you might see a few light showers. tomorrow morning we'll start with gray skies and then the rain arrives around lunchtime for the north bay. it pulls into san francisco around 3:00 or 4:00 and that includes oakland as well. and it pushes down into the south bay through the peninsula and east baby the evening commute tomorrow evening. and then the rain pushes out of here as we head towards saturday morning. so your microclimate forecast for today san jose back up to 58. 56 for pacifica. cool in san francisco mid-50s
11:47 am
there. same deal for the north bay. mid-50s from napa towards mill valley. little warmer for the tri-valley, just a couple degrees temperatures near 60 for pleasanton. through saturday skies will clear out, we'll see sunshine by the afternoon. here comes our next system sunday afternoon into monday morning. and this could be with us for the monday morning commute. so just keep that in mind. we are talking about rain on and off as we head into the weekend. temperatures staying cool, guys, 50s across the entire bay friday, saturday and sunday. back to you. >> all right. thanks. >> melt that ice over at union square. >> you will. up next at 11:00, we've seen live, you can feel the anticipation, bob showed us all the guys in san jose, and ladies, lined up for "star wars." but will it live up to the hype? will it break the records? what experts are saying next. coming up after nbc bay area news at 11:00, access hollywood live followed by days of our lives at 1:00 p.m. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first ♪
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rush begins... new numbers show u-s airlines are headed for their best year ever... wi this morning just as the holiday travel rush begins, new numbers show us u.s. airlines are headed for their best year ever. sky high profits, but what does that mean for you when you fly? >> i'm thinking no elbow room. if you're a last-minute shopper, even for your christmas travels it's not too late to get a deal to be home in time for the holidays or some place warm. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: profits are taking off for airlines that once flew for peanuts, up 75% in just one year totaling more than $20 billion. per passenger profit soaring almost 60%. airlines now make more than $20 for each person on the plane, that's up from $13 last year. add in $56 million more in bag and change fees this summer over summer 2014 and for profits it seems the sky's the limit. >> it seems like it's excessive. hundreds and hundreds of dollars
11:51 am
just to move from a 4:00 flight to a 1:00 flight. >> we didn't have any baggage fees. >> we buy a ticket and whep you get ready to take your seat it's additional fees. >> reporter: but it turns out airlines are passing the buck back to consumers. found last-minute deals for christmas. chicago to new orleans for only $187 round trip. $257 for dc to dallas. miami to vegas just $241. but you don't have to wing it. want a deal? book now. air fares for the last three weeks in january and most of february are at five-year lows. just avoid warm weather destinations and those three-day weekends. >> fly on the cheapest days, tuesday, wednesday and saturday. and you'll always find a decent deal. >> reporter: giving airlines a lift, all those extra fees and falling fuel prices. this year they paid $45 billion less to gas up those planes. and the airlines argue they're reinventing their profits just like other big companies, apple or starbucks. >> airlines are doing the same
11:52 am
thing. new planes, new seats, new apps for your phone making the travel experience better. >> airlines say this is the first time since the great recession that their profitability has fallen in line with the average u.s. company. well, the countdown is on tonight for "star wars" force awakens. theaters across the country. >> what? i had no idea. >> "star wars"? >> the film will open big is a given, the question is how big. nbc's mark barger reports. >> reporter: "star wars" the force awakens arrives with more than $100 million in advanced ticket sales. >> this is the movie with an anticipation level unlike anything we've ever seen. >> reporter: it's expected to rake in between $150 million to $250 million in the u.s. alone by monday. >> something about this mythology, something about these characters that a vast audience just loves. and when it's done right, it's a very powerful thing. >> reporter: a force that disney bet $4 billion onto power
11:53 am
numerous sequels, spin-offs and merchandise sales in the years ahead. >> the stakes could not be higher for this first "star wars" film. >> reporter: that means pressure for director j.j. abrams who grew up with the franchise. >> our goal along the way was always to embrace this feeling that we had from that original trilogy. >> reporter: one of the saga's newest heroes thinks they have. >> me promoting this is not just a job. i'm genuinely in love with this movie. >> reporter: but it will take a lot of love for ticket sales to approach all-time box office records. >> the only way you can make avatar or titanic money is if you have a film that people will go back and see three, even four times. >> reporter: positive early reviews indicate the force awakens could indeed be a new hope for "star wars" fans. mark barger, nbc news. >> if you were wondering avatar
11:54 am
is currently the all-time box office champ at $2.8 billion. that record though could be in jeopardy. well, tonight the president's going to get a little wild. we'll have a sneak peek of his alaskan adventure along survivalist grils when we return. if a denture were to be
11:55 am
put under a microscope,
11:56 am
we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. ==kris/2shot== tonight - we'll get our first look at president well, the president is running wild. tonight we'll get a first look at president obama's adventure in the alaskan wilderness with survivalist bear grylls. >> you know, as president i'm in
11:57 am
what's called the bubble. and secret service makes sure that i'm always out of danger, which i very much appreciate but can be a little confining. every once in a while if i do something a little unexpected, the phrase we use is the bear is loose. so to be with a bear in the woods, it doesn't get any better than that. >> and nothing is as awesome as president obama and bear grylls track through the great outdoors talking about everything from climate change to how the president balances time between running the country and being a father. the episode was filmed back in september, but you can watch it all right here at 10:00 on nbc bay area followed by nbc bay area news at 11:00. >> that's really cool. cool way of talking about environmentalism and still being entertaining. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> we'll see you tomorrow morning. >> bye. >> see ya.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
>> today on "access hollywood" live, when he sings, people listen. he is the new king of itunes. he is throning adele, jordan smith is in the house. >> i'm excited he won. lacey has been taking directions from mariah carey. we have to hear about the two of them. they are household things. >> i wonder if she was a diva director. i have known her. >> i don't know. >> look at this stud. he is kingdom frank grillo. we will get to the bottom of that very, very delicious body. can i say that? if barbara walters can tell bradley cooper. >> "access hollywood" live starts right now.


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