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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 20, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PST

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from nbc bay area, this is "today in the bay." >> good sunday morning to you. let's give you a live look outside. it is sunday, december 20, 2015. can you believe it, christmas five days away. a live look outside. that's christmas in the park downtown. waking up to a chilly morning. thanks so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check on that forecast now with anthony slaughter. good morning to you. >> we were down at christmas in the park yesterday, had the hot chocolate. >> yeah. >> all the nice tasty treats the kids love. >> bundled up, i hope. it's such a fun event but it gets really cold out there. >> it does. hopefully you had a chance to get out there because we have main moving in. if you're making plans, if
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you're going to be outside, you'd better plan on being wet because we're talking about rain moving in right now. in fact, showers starting to develop across parts of the north bay, napa, santa rosa near mill valley starting to see those showers approaching sausalito and san francisco. even oakland in the next couple hours. so the rain is just getting going. and this is our next storm system moving back into the picture. it's going to be with us all day long. so the rain will develop by lunchtime, especially for the east bay and south bay and with us through the afternoon and evening hours. we have two more storm systems to get through this upcoming week. in fact, this storm system that's moving in right now, vicky, that's going to be with us the next couple of days. then we've got another one for christmas eve. we'll go over all of that coming up in the next report. >> good heads up for people who have travel plans. >> especially if you're headed to the sierra. we're talking more feet of snow. >> pack those chains. anthony, thank you. we begin with developing news on a fatal small plane crash. that flight took off from the south bay. air traffic control operators received a mayday call from the aircraft about 4:30 yesterday.
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shortly after the call the plane was reported missing from radar. investigators believe they found plane debris in bakersfield. they haven't said how many people were on board. it does not appear there were any survivors. the plane left from reed hillview airport in san jose and was headed to henderson, nevada. it usually takes about three hours. the faa reports the single-engine piper pa-32 plane similar to the one you see here on your screen disappeared off radar about ten miles south of bakersfield. according to the national weather service, it was rainy and cloudy in the area at that time. ntsb investigators are on their way to the scene this morning to continue the investigation. an air france flight from east africa to paris was forced to land due to a bomb scare. the flight made an emergency landing last night in the kenyan coastal city of mombasa. it was headed from the island of mauritius to paris when the device was discovered in the plane's lavatory. this is a picture of that plane on the runway after it was
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grounded. all 459 passengers and 14 crew members got off the plane safely. one passenger said he noticed something was wrong when the plane started to descend. >> went down slowly, slowly, so we realized probably something was wrong. but air france was great, was wonderful, so they kept everybody calm and real quiet. >> police are questioning six passengers in connection with the device. investigators have not yet said if the device was an explosive. this is before air france plane to be diverted due to threats within the past month. grave questions on the cal campus this morning after a 22-year-old man is found dead inside a fraternity house. the man's body was found inside the pi kappa phi fraternity house on channing way early yesterday morning. berkeley police say they don't know if there had been a party at the house. neighbors tell us they didn't see anything unusual other than hearing an alarm after midnight. >> we are investigating it as a
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suspicious death just because we're not sure of the complete circumstances of how he actually passed away. >> investigators have not released the man's name, and they are not saying if he was a student. there were two student deaths at cal last year. one student fell down a flight of stairs. another was found dead at a fraternity party. this latest incident happened just as students finished finals and were heading home for the holidays. a driver in alameda died when his suv plunged into the oakland estuary. witnesses say he was speeding when his vehicle jumped a sidewalk, crashed through a railing, and into the water. it all began around 7:00 a.m. yesterday in the parking lot of nob hill foods. the cashier ran out to help and immediately dove into the water. >> i go in, and i can't even see my hand. it's too dark to see anything. so i just go in there, tried to find something, and i'm finding absolutely nothing. >> emergency crews later pulled the victim out of the submerged suv. he was declared dead at highland hospital.
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his identity has not been released. a successful rescue in san francisco. this is video of a 55-year-old man after he was pulled from the water near ocean beach yesterday morning. he is in critical condition. firefighters found him face down in the water. witnesses say the man was walking on the rocks by the cliff house when a big wave knocked him into the ocean. rescue crews administered cpr, then rushed the man to the hospital. a tragic end to the search for a san jose woman missing since friday. investigators tell us she was killed after being struck by two cars. police say the driver of the first car that hit the woman pulled over to help, but then another driver struck the woman, and that person took off. police are still trying to find that second driver in the hit-and-run. this all happened just before 3:00 saturday morning on center road near tully. the victim is 76-year-old lee lynn yan. an environmental disaster being compared to the bp gulf oil spill now taking place in l.a.
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that is where leaking natural gas has been seeping into the air for months. here's time lapse infrared video of the methane being released near the affluent neighborhood of porter ranch. it is enough gas to fill the empire state building every day. the noxious fumes have sparked hundreds of illness complaints, and socal gas is now paying to temporarily relocate thousands of residents. two schools are also moving their students. >> my throat is always irritated. >> i coughed out of control. >> you can see my eyes watering. >> socal gas insists there are no long-term health defects, but lawyers are suing the company on behalf of residents. it could take three to four months to fix that leak. now to decision 2016. democratic presidential candidates took center stage in new hampshire for the final debate of the year. senator bernie sanders started by apologizing to hillary clinton for a breach of her campaign's voter data.
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>> this is not the type of campaign that we run. and if i find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired. >> she accepted the apology and quickly moved on to other issues including gun control, national security, and terrorism. >> we must work more closely with muslim american communities. we need to work with them, not demonize them as the republicans have been doing. >> former maryland governor martin o'malley went on the offensive, slamming both candidates in hopes of closing the huge gap in the polls. the democratic presidential candidates fill face off again on january 17th in south carolina. and much more ahead on "today in the bay." coming up, why members of the muslim community brought their traditions into a local church on the peninsula. plus, a new beginning for a san francisco landmark. the plans for the old mint building right in the middle of soma. stay with us. ♪ you should shop at grocery outlet first ♪
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your time now is 7:09. take a look at this gorgeous live picture from our san jose cameras as the sun rises. those colors, i haven't seen those colors in the sky since the summer. it looks absolutely beautiful out there. well, to the latest now in the investigation of the terror attack in san bernardino. this weekend moving crews cleared out the home where the two terrorists hatched their murderous plot and assembled their bombs. syed farook and tashfeen malik opened fire at a holiday party on december 2nd. 14 people were killed. the couple lived in this redlands home, and they died after a shootout with police. after the attacks, the fbi found not only pipe bombs but thousands of rounds of ammunition in the residence. farook's family was at the home yesterday morning as items were being hauled away. the terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino have shown an unwelcome spotlight on muslims. in an effort to foster a better understanding of the muslim community, people came together on the peninsula to get to know their neighbors and to learn
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more about the muslim faith. about 150 people gathered at the first united methodist church in palo alto. the theme of the event was from fear to friendship. it was put on by the american muslim voice foundation. the yearly gathering was scheduled before the terror attacks in paris and san bernardino, but organizers say because of those attacks, this event was needed more than ever. >> i want them to see us as mothers, daughters, friends, grandparents, uncles and teachers. that is what is missing. >> to help people learn more about muslims, the foundation displayed wedding gowns, children's clothing and jewelry. organizers tell us because this event has grown so much, this is the first year they held it at a church. still ahead on "today in the bay," "star wars" made a splashy and historic debut this opening weekend as the force awakened, the move a full start-ups made that left their offices empty. anthony. we're waking up to sun in some parts but the clouds are
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moving on in, and we've got rain to talk about. we're going to get to your full forecast coming up after this. who coined the term "side bread?" because there's nothing "side" about this bread. it may look like the moon. but it's the star of the show. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend.
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time now 7:14. a live look out at the ice wink there. absolutely the right weather because it is chilly. if you haven't stepped outside yet this morning, it is cold. and we are going to see some showers later in the day according to anthony slaughter. stick around and he'll tell you when and where. well, a san francisco landmark is being revived. the old mint on fifth and mission is finding new life as an events location. the classical revival building was built back in 1874. it survived the 1906 and 1989 earthquakes. the city will waive the $25,000 monthly rent if the event company pays for upkeep. the city estimates the old mint needs about $60 million worth of repairs. some silicon valley
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companies look more like ghost towns than offices on friday. "star wars" is to blame. many offices renting out theaters so their employees could see the film. business and tech reporter scott budman reports. ♪ >> reporter: it will probably be the biggest movie of all time. ♪ but one of the few things that can shut down the tech industry. tech companies like google, accela and paypal buying out theaters to show their employees a good time. >> a lot of folks in the i.t. world and tech world is what we grew up with. >> there's a very high correlation if you get a bunch of engineers and technologists together with people who love "star wars." it's almost one for one. >> reporter: and of all the people lining up to see "star wars," trent adams is the big man on his campus. >> one of the hardest secrets i've kept. >> reporter: trent who works for san jose-based paypal is an
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extra in the movie. you'll actually see him if you look close enough. >> and they had a full-sized set of the millennium falcon, looking at this being stunned, and then being asked, well, would you like to go inside? and it was physically hard to walk up the ramp into the millennium falcon because it just catapulted you back to your childhood. >> reporter: a childhood movie that inspired a lot of techies to get into the business in the first place. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> "the force awakens" is smashing all the box office records. it opened to $125 million on friday. it makes it the highest grossing movie in a single day. a lot of them presale tickets. it is on track for $250 million. if you are headed to the sierra today, pack your chains.
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this is from scott walker, and it shows the snowy roads he had to deal with on the way to tahoe. this was about 4:00 yesterday afternoon. this is on interstate 80 near blue canyon. ski resorts are getting a blanket of fresh snow. this has been one of the best starts in years for northern california ski resorts. wow! just look at that amazing amount of snow on the ground. i do not miss driving in the snow, anthony. i used to work in reno. >> you and me both. >> going across 80 to get back to the bay area. it was scary. slippery. >> if you want the snow, it's close enough to go to. if you don't -- >> exactly. >> -- stay right here. >> that's right. >> we are looking at more rain today moving into the bay area. we've got the rain, we've got the snow. it's all headed our way once again. and here's a shot from oakland. a beautiful sunrise, vicky was commenting on this earlier. yeah, it makes it all worthwhile being up this early this morning. let's talk about the weather. we can show you the radar because it is raining across parts of northern california. eureka dealing with heavy rain right now. this cold front going to
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continue to sag south as we head through the day. more showers will arrive if you haven't seen any of these just yet, we will be talking about them at least across the south bay momentarily. right now the rains across parts of the north bay, that's where you see the green from napa towards fairfield, even across the coastal mountains. as we move through the day, sunshine is going to go away. we're talking about more cloud cover today and those showers starting to develop. north bay, san francisco, then across parts of the east bay peninsula and the south bay later on this afternoon. temperatures going to be cool, though, as we head towards the next couple of days. here's what you can expect this upcoming week. we've got lots of rain to talk about. tomorrow, the storm system lingers. so we're going to see another day of rain, not only for today but tomorrow as well. tuesday, another storm catches up with this one. we'll see rain pretty much likely all day long. wednesday will be the day to dry out. and we'll see more rain by thursday. if you want to get outside, maybe do last-minute ice skating, wednesday is the day to do so because once this rain starts today, it's going to be with us on and off through the next couple of days. so let's time this out and i'll
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show you what i'm talking about. this is lunchtime. widespread rain down to the south bay. it continues to rain through about 7:00 this evening. then it becomes more scattered in nature. tomorrow morning when you wake up, there will still be a few pockets of rain in the area especially for that morning commute across parts of the east bay through the peninsula and even across parts of the south bay as well. as we move through the day tomorrow, another band of heavy rain pushes back in by the afternoon. and we do it all over again for tuesday. we'll dry out a little bit in the morning and then more heavy rain approaches by the afternoon and evening hours. so as you get ready for winter, yes, christmas in winter starting this upcoming week. oh, more snow into the sierra. winter weather advisories there. we're talking 32 inches of snow between now and wednesday in some spots. so that means about two to three feet of additional snow expected for the sierra in just in time for christmas. all right. as we move towards the next couple days, san jose will stay wet through tuesday. wednesday will be that dry day. same deal for the east bay valley. temperatures staying cool. then as we head towards
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thursday, this storm system moving in for thursday, this is going to be very cold and drop our temperatures back into the low 50s. morning lows, christmas morning, right near freezing. so it's really going to feel like christmas as we head towards the next couple of days. yep, the rain stays with us all the way through thursday. even for friday, vicky, it looks like we'll have a few morning showers right on christmas day. so 'tis the season. happy holidays. back over to you. >> yeah, just time to get those rain boots out and get a workout in them. we're back in two minutes. coming up -- >> it won't be over until we find justice. >> a widow who won the fight to change 911 rules at the postal service is now fighting something else. why the government is denying her benefits afterer had husband suffered a grave injury at work. fifty thousand dollars and
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counting: that's how much an east bay widow is still figg $50,000 and counting. that's how much an east bay widow is still fighting for in death benefits after her husband
7:23 am
died following an injury at work. we first told you about the postal worker whose tragic death and delayed 911 call spurred a national policy change at the usps. this morning we investigate how the government is responding. >> one day he was here and then now he's gone. >> reporter: more than a year after losing her husband, widow larnie still grieves. pain made worse for workers' compensation to support her family. >> we have to survive on our own, and it's been a struggle. every day we miss him so much. >> reporter: the government denied her petition for death benefits twice. even though her husband, sam, was severely injured during his shift at the postal processing center in west oakland. in august 2014, coworkers found sam lying on the ground next to a letter sorting machine. no one witnessed what happened, but sam was barely conscious, bleeding from his mouth and ears. the investigative unit uncovered a national postal service policy
7:24 am
that advised employees to call managers and security instead of 911. they didn't call an ambulance for at least 20 minutes. sam later died of his injuries. >> it seems like a wall at every turn. >> reporter: attorneys george and corey burnburg represent larnie. they say sam was hurt at work and the postal service has the burden of proving sam's injuries were not work related. but in a denial letter, the office of workers' comp says there's no evidence showing how sam ended up on the floor, writing it's possible he was not feeling well and decided to lie down. >> he sustained a hinge fracture, which is also called a motorcyclist fracture. it's caused by a very high-intensity head trauma which could have only come from a significant fall. >> reporter: larnie appealed. but a year later, the government again found no evidence to prove sam's injuries arose from his work activity. >> we think that the judgment's
7:25 am
wrong on that. >> reporter: we obtained this report from the alameda county coroner's investigator, saying a fall, along with landing on concrete, could have caused the injury. larnie and her attorneys say sam's job often involved climbing machinery to clear paper jams. they speculate sam was on top of his machine before he fell, a distance of more than eight feet. is it true that earlier in the evening he was also found on his hands and knees from clearing another jam? >> right. he was. and he may have suffered a fall earlier while doing that. >> reporter: did the postal service confirm to you that as part of sam's job, he was supposed to climb to these heights and clear the machine? >> they confirmed that. that's part of his job is to do that. it's just they say that we didn't see it happen. >> reporter: the workers' comp denials argue no one knows for sure what happened to sam, but larnie's attorneys say the postal service is to blame for that. the coroner's investigator says a manager would not allow him into the work area and became
7:26 am
belligerent, saying he didn't have to explain. it was just postal police policy. employees told nbc bay area custodians cleaned up the scene right away, even the postal service admitted in an internal report, quote, there are no pictures until the next morning. >> we had the client doc which we believe was obstructed by the postal service, not allowing the coroner into the scene or the police. it's really unheard of. >> reporter: the post office declined an interview request but they say the allegations are completely false. the usps would not comment on larnie's workers' comp denial. we found in the past ten years the postal service received more workers' comp cases and paid more claims than any other federal agency, nearly $11 billion in the past decade. that's $8.6 billion more than the next closest agency. it shows in the same time period, the office of workers' comp denied just 13% of all federal employee compensation claims. larnie's attorneys are baffled that sam's death is not among the majority of cases approved.
7:27 am
>> it seems to me in some ways that the judge is looking for a means to deny the case rather than considering the common-sense facts of what happened. >> reporter: she won the fight to change the 911 policy after her husband died. not expecting this new battle over benefits. >> the fight isn't over until we find justice for his death. >> we have some good news to report this morning. a new development following our investigation that airs monday night. the department of labor appears to be changing its stance in larnie's case. we plan to have a follow-up story for you this week. give us a call the 888-996-tips or you can send us an e-mail to the still to come on "today in the bay," a record-breaking year for college applications in california. how many students are applying to state schools and the changing demographics. plus, we are seeing beauty queens in a different light. the movement behind their au naturel selfies.
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good sunday morning to you. it is december 20th, just five days away from christmas. and we want to start you off this morning with a live look out at san jose. that is our camera in san jose. christmas in the park still happening. and a little bit cold and chilly out there. it is a rainy morning in the north bay. and we want to give you a look at what is in store for the rest of the bay area. thanks a bunch for waking up with us today. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter. anthony, saw a lot of green on your earlier weather radar. meaning rain. so when do you think it's going to reach us? >> i think probably around lunchtime for most of the bay area. we are starting to see light showers across the north bay. they want to show the golden gate bridge shot this morning because sometimes you can see drivers coming in from the north bay with their windshield wipers. today not the case. it's not raining at least widespread yet, but we are starting to see that green
7:31 am
develop. and that does show that light rain is starting to fall at least may not be reaching the ground. but at least it's starting to moisten up the atmosphere. we will start to see showers develop. then that's going to move sl through the rest of the bay area. headed to the mid-50s later on this afternoon. as i mentioned, it's going to be a gray day. one of those days to stay inside, maybe do last-minute online shopping. and maybe grab hot cocoa. chilly all day long. then this rain stays with us tomorrow and tuesday. >> okay. >> so hopefully you've got all your last-minute outdoor stuff done because it's going to rain for a while. >> i am definitely on your wavelength. or just grin and bear it. >> sing in the rain, right? >> shop in the rain. anthony, thank you. >> yeah. now to our top stories that we are following this morning. ntsb investigators are heading to the site of what could be a plane crash after a small aircraft like the one you see on your screen disappeared from radar in san jose yesterday. it was headed to henderson, nevada, that is near las vegas. authorities say the pilot issued
7:32 am
a mayday call right before the single-engine plane disappeared. investigators found plane debris in bakersfield but it's not clear if it belongs to the missing plane. no information has been released about the pilot or the possible passengers on board. a young man is found dead at a uc berkeley fraternity. this morning investigators are trying to figure out if the 22-year-old's connection to the house and college was as a student. police have not revealed if the man was a student or a member of the frat. his body was found early yesterday morning at the pi kappa phi house. police say until they figure out how he died, they are calling his death suspicious. a driver is dead after he plowed his suv into the waters of the oakland alameda estuary yesterday morning. witnesses say the vehicle was speeding when it went onto a sidewalk, through a railing and into the water. one man jumped in to try and save the driver. rescue crews finally arrived to get him out but he eventually died at the hospital. police say no one else was in the suv. they have not identified the man.
7:33 am
and on to a developing story we first brought you as breaking news last night. at least six passengers are now being interviewed after a bomb squa scare forced an air france flight to make an emergency landing. it landed safely but officials wouldn't give any more details about the investigation. there were nearly 500 people on board when someone spotted a suspicious device in the plane's bathroom. that device is now being inspected by bomb experts. this is the fourth air france plane to be diverted with threats within just the past month. bernie sanders hillary clinton and martin o'malley took the stage for the third democratic presidential debate. it was moderated by abc news last night in new hampshire. clinton and sanders got straight to business addressing the data voter snooping scandal that p y played out just hours before. clinton took jabs at the entire republican party. nbc's chris pollone breaks down the debate.
7:34 am
>> reporter: a day after a data breach controversy led to a war of words between the bernie sanders and hillary clinton campaigns, both sides moved quickly to stifle the bad blood. sanders apologized at the beginning of the third democratic debate, admitting a member of his staff accessed clinton's private voter data files after a software glitch gave his team unauthorized access. >> yes, i apologize. this is not the type of campaign that we run. and if i find anybody else involved in this, they will also be fired. >> reporter: just as sanders dismissed concerns over clinton's views of a private e-mail server in the first democratic debate clinton chose not to hammer sanders over this weak's breach. >> we should move on because i don't think the american people are all that interested in this. i think they're more interested in what we have to say about all the big issues. >> reporter: what issues? weeks after the san bernardino and paris attacks, terrorism, the gun control and national security dominated much of the
7:35 am
discussion. democrats taking aim at republicans as much as each other. >> we must work more closely with muslim american communities. we need to work with them, not commonize them as the republicans have been doing. >> reporter: former maryland governor martin o'malley went on the offensive, slamming both, trying to land some punches that might give his campaign new life heading into iowa and new hampshire. >> senator sanders voted to give immunity to gun dealers. and senator sanders voted against research dollars to look into this public health issue. secretary clinton changes her position on this every election year, it seems. >> reporter: for now it remains clinton's nomination to lose, but with sanders leading the polls in new hampshire, there's still a lot to be decided between now and november. chris pollone, nbc news. >> bernie sanders made good on his promise. this morning we are learning his campaign just suspended two more staffers accused of looking into clinton's voters data. the campaign staff allegedly gained access accidentally when
7:36 am
the company in charge of the data ran a software update. new this morning, breaking records. california state university received a record number of student applications for the start of the 2016 school year. more than 830,000 prospective students. that's a 5% increase from last year. plus the number of black and latino students applying jumps 25%. the csu system is the nation's largest public university system, but it does continue to deal with ongoing budget issues due to a lack of state funding according to school officials. let's give you a live look now at san francisco international airport. sfo just launched new international nonstop flights. over the weekend, qantas restarted its nonstop flights to sydney, australia. this comes after the airline took a four-year hiatus from that route. it only flies a few days a week, but it will stand in the new year. and another addition is air india. we first heard of the rumor of a nonstop fly to new delhi from san francisco in september, but
7:37 am
it just launched earlier thi month. it is the first-ever nonstop flight between the two airports. well, you made your list and checked it twice, but those christmas gifts you sent out might not make it in time. yesterday afternoon, a usps truck overturned on the 101 freeway in san francisco by the cesar chavez exit. the driver wasn't seriously hurt but mail and packages i will anded all over. that forced police to close the area for two hours. workers tried to clear up the mess. as for the packages, you might want to check to make sure your gifts arrive safely. this morning a swimmer is in critical condition after this dramatic rescue at san francisco's ocean beach. emergency crews say the 55-year-old man was trapped on rocks right below the cliff house yesterday morning when a wave knocked him unconscious and pulled him into the water. rescue swimmers were able to pull him to shore to perform cpr. home for the holidays, it is a simple luxury thousands of families don't have this year because of a gas leak being called an environmental disaster. this is happening in porter
7:38 am
ranch. it is a small affluent los angeles community. people there say natural gas has been seeping into the air for months. and take a look at this time lapse video. it's infrared video showing the methane leaking from a well that's owned by socal gas. socal gas is paying for the temporary relocation of thousands of residents. two schools are also moving their students. the company says the natural gas is not toxic, but neighbors report coughing, nausea and trouble breathing. and miss world 2015 is spain! >> miss spain was crowned miss world at the pageant in china yesterday. she was crowned by the 2014 winner, miss south africa. the pageant took place without the canadian contestant, though. lynn who was born in china was denied a chinese visa after she criticized china's human rights record when she appeared before the u.s. congress. now that miss world is crowned, the miss universe k
7:39 am
counties are stealing the spotlight. the beauty queens g got #confidentlybeautiful trending on twitter after posting these selfies without makeup on instagram. the goal is to prove that the contestants aren't just a pretty face but that they are empowered women. still ahead on "today in the bay," emotions ran high after the warriors' comeback win against the bucks. find out what happened during a scuffle involving draymond green after the game. after a tough battle --the
7:40 am
7:41 am
warriors were able to avenge their only loss of the season after a tough battle, the warriors were able to avenge their only loss of the season by beating the milwaukee bucks at oracle arena friday night. but all anyone can talk about is the end of the game confrontation between draymond green and o.j. mayo. draymond gave his perspective on the confrontation. he said, quote, i'm not really going to talk about what guys say. what you think he said, he may not have said, or he may have
7:42 am
said. just ain't no man going to touch my head. i'm a grown man. end quote. sorry, draymond. i didn't mean to butch you are your voice there. the warriors' next game is wednesday against utah at oracle. here's what steph curry had to say. >> draymond and o.j. have had been talking all game, just common trash talk that happens is and then they were settling up. it wasn't anything feisty or anything. they were kind of just talking about what was happening. and just everybody comes together, and obviously at that point, nobody knows what really is going on. you just kind of get all hyped up for nothing. so nothing happened. >> okay. to a little holiday cheer now. harrison barnes played santa yesterday. the warriors' forward hosted a shopping spree at an adidas sports performance store for 20 kids from the oakland boys and girls club. this is the fourth year barnes has hosted the holidays with harrison shopping spree. looks like a lot of fun. still to come on "today in the bay," the results of the republican nomination in the june primary election is usually
7:43 am
well decided by the time california's votes get counted. but not this year. our political analyst, larry gerston, joins us live in studio to explain why the golden state may get to decide who gets the gop's golden ticket. that's next.
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same thing about california's june primary -- that somehow the gol every four years we hear the same thing about california's june primary that somehow the golden state's late election will make the difference in a presidential nomination battle. of course, it never seems to happen. but this time california may well be a kingmaker in the republican nomination. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston is here. why this time, larry, after so many other potential kingmaker roles have fizzled for us? >> it reminds us of charlie brown and the football routine. don't worry, charlie brown. >> i got you. >> every four years, this time, this time, this time, guess
7:46 am
what? this time it actually might be different. it might be different. two factors set this primary election season apart from any we've seen in recent decades. first, the unprecedented number of viable candidates. last week we saw 13 appearing on the undercard and the main event. that number really hasn't changed much over the past few months. and second, the incredible amount of funding because of that citizens united case, vicky, by the supreme court. there are no limits now on funding. virtually every candidate has his or her own super pac committee raising millions of dollars on his or her behalf. on candidates, look, they drop out for one reason. because money dries up. that's not happening now. >> and a few weeks back, you talked about how there was more funding for republicans coming from california, too. that's all adding to their coffers. what about the idea the first four nominating contests, iowa,
7:47 am
new hampshire, south carolina, nevada, they all narrow the field, too. so we won't be looking at 13 gop candidates, right? >> you would think that, but historically these four carve-out states, as they are called, were set up to do just that, as the first contests to reduce the number of candidates. the thinking was that these states are more or less representative of the rest of the country. and that if a candidate couldn't score first or second, there would be little reason and money to go on. but remember, with deep pockets, that's our refrain, can they go beyond those first four carve-out states and capture enough delegates along the way to remain relevant? so regardless of what happens early on, maybe lindsey graham wins south carolina. maybe jeb bush and marco rubio share the big batch of delegates in florida. maybe rand paul captures kentucky and tennessee. enough delegates in all of these states and so on. so will the current front-runner, donald trump, get his share? yeah, he sure will.
7:48 am
but perhaps not enough to close out the others as long as so many remain in the hunt. >> so they're spreading out the wealth, quite possibly. okay, bring us back to california. how is it that our delegates can make a difference so late in this nomination game, what makes this state so important this time around? >> yeah, here's why. california has 18% of the delegates heading to that convention. that means, by the way, in a 50% plus one decision, 36% of the number needed for that nomination, that's a huge number so late in the game. now, the june primary will be a winner-take-all in each of the 53 congressional districts. so republican candidates with the best ground game on site, they will be the ones to be able to capitalize. and several, several may be around, again, given those deep pockets. >> okay. and democrats, let's talk about their role in all of this. >> yes. well, hillary clinton, of course, has a huge lead, we know that, has a huge lead over bernie sanders and martin o'malley. her job now is to simply solidify her support.
7:49 am
more important, democrats are in, geez, the enviable position of watching the republicans continue to fight it out. along the way, hundreds of millions of campaign dollars may be spent by the various republican campaigns to secure the nomination and therefore make it difficult for the eventual winner to pull out the party in a very condensed coalitional way. the bottom line, vicky, it's different here. a lot can happen between now and june. that we've never really seen here. you know, in a political environment like this, it's different than we've ever had. and that's why california, for the first time in a long time, may be something more than just an atm. >> right. money remains important, but the fact that there are so many gop candidates in the running and this race could last so much longer tan they typically do could make california relevant. >> they're not run ago way very fast. >> larry, as always, thank you. much more ahead. coming up, elon musk's spacex
7:50 am
rocket will attempt to make history in florida. how the ceo is trying to cut down costs for future launches. this morning we're watching showers spread across the bay area. expect for a rainy day today, even more tomorrow and tuesday. details on that full forecast coming up after this.
7:51 am
7:52 am
welcome back here on this sunday. 7:52. want to start you off with this shot from san francisco because we're always watching whenever we have rain to see what the ground's looking like coming here across the golden gate.
7:53 am
even the cars this morning not having to use their windshield wipers. so that's a good sign that this green that we see here on the map is not reaching the ground just yet. at least widespread. it looks a little more ominous than it actually is. i think most of the activity is north of the golden gate. and all this stuff you see here south is just starting to at least show up at midlevel moisture. again, not reaching the ground. as we step outside for you, you can definitely tell clouds are in place. the sunshine we had earlier starting to go away as well. so we are starting to lose the sun. that's going to mean for a gray day as we head through the rest of the day. mid-50s for the entire dbay. raining all day long. that's going to leave the storm door open for this week. in fact, tomorrow, we're talking more showers. they'll be on and off and the heaviest of rain will come did urg that commute. keep that in mind. tuesday, more rain stays with us. another gray day there. wednesday we'll see more sunshine. but then more rain returns as we head towards thursday. and it's going to get cold as we head towards friday. our cold system -- cold front
7:54 am
right now making its way toward the north bay. that's why we have those showers starting to spread into the region. as we move towards lunchtime, expect widespread rain from the north bay to south bay. tonight we'll see scattered showers. again, still going to be areas of rain. not all of us will be dealing with the rain tonight. more isolated in its nature. tomorrow morning we start off the day with a few areas of dry locations. some cities won't be seeing the rain but some will. so it's going to be very scattered tonight, tomorrow morning. then the widespread rain pushes back into the region tomorrow afternoon. and that's going to be with us through the evening hours all the way through monday into the morning hours on tuesday. so we're talking about a couple days of rain once we get going here today. and a couple days of snow as well. we have winter weather advisories across the sierra. look at this. we're talking 20 additional inches for squaw, even trwin bridges expecting 32 inches. kirkwood could see another two feet of snow by wednesday. here we are, 'tis the season. let it rain let it snow. we're talking about rain, at
7:55 am
least today. again, for tomorrow. and then for tuesday. but wednesday will be our dry day. if you're trying to do last-minute shopping, get out and enjoy some of those ice rinks, you can cently do that wednesday without having to dodge those drops. by thursday, her comes more showers. it looks like thursday's system could be a cold one. that's going to leave temperatures at least in our inland locations near freezing by christmas morning. you know the interesting thing, vicky? we had a system come through on thanksgiving, did the exact same thing. thanksgiving morning, temperatures near freezing. here we are on christmas, christmas morning, temperatures right near freezing. we're on an interesting trend. >> yeah, holiday freeze we like to call it. you know, and this morning you said we were waking up in the 30s and 40s across the bay. definitely felt it. we're not really getting that much warmer. >> no. it's going to stay like this through the next couple weeks. great news, we had such a long fire season this last year. it's a nice change to actually get rain, snow and cold temperatures. >> absolutely. yeah. and we showed that video earlier of our photographer i have drooing up to tahoe.
7:56 am
definitely want toes chains if you're heading up there. anthony, thanks. after a six-month layoff, spacex is attempting to pull off a double feature tonight. flying for the first time since a failed launch seen here in june, an upgraded falcon 9 expects to lift off at 11:30 our time from cape canaveral air force station in florida. that's not all, though. ten minutes after liftoff, an historic attempt to land the rocket's boosters back on shore fully intact. it's all part of elon musk's vision to lower launch costs by recovering and reusing rockets. speaking of musk, he tweeted this out yesterday. "currently looking for a good sunday night attempt orbital launch and rocket landing at cape canaveral." how's that for a tweet? the raider fashion had a mission this weekend, how to feed people in need. mob stands for make oakland better. for more than a decade, the group has been throwing tailgate party as cross the street from the oakland coliseum to benefit
7:57 am
local nonprofits. yesterday the m.o.b. handed out food, water and blanks to the homeless and dropped off supplies to several charities throughout oakland. it is not just a countdown to christmas. the bay area is also counting down to super bowl 50. the scoreboard at levi's stadium was lit up yesterday with the message "50 days until super bowl 50." as you might know, the big game will be held in santa clara next year. a gold 5-0 lit up the ferry building. millions of people are expected to come to the bay area for the super bowl and all of the festivities leading up to it. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we have no newscasts tonight. instead it is sunday night football night in america and a new installment of our documentary series "bay area revelations" will follow the game. of course, we'll be back on at 11:00 tonight. until then, stay up to date on and we hope you have a great morning. >> see you.
7:58 am
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this sunday morning, donald trump dominating the national polls now more than ever. >> something is going on and it's beautiful to see. >> but no one has ever won without paying more attention to early states like iowa. trump is rewriting the rules. can he rewrite history? donald trump joins live. plus, last night's democratic debate. >> secretary clinton is too much into regime change and a little bit too aggressive without knowing what the unintended consequences might be. >> did bernie sanders pass the commander in chief test? he joins me this morning. and speaker of the house paul ryan says he and president obama don't agree on much. >> we're going to have one heck of a contrast in 2016. >> so why is r


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