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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  December 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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fairfield where a grandmother is under arrest... for killing her grandson. =janelle/2-shot= gevenin breaking news in fairfield where a grandmother is under arrest for killing her own grandson. thanks for joining us. >> the 4-year-old boy was found unresponsive this morning. investigators now say he was drowned by his own grandmother. >> we are in fairfield tonight with the disturbing details and police are saying this is no accident.
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>> reporter: definitely, guys, i spoke with the fairfield police who are trying to determine what the motive was behind this. we do know the grandmother is booked currently at the county jail for the murder of her grandson and police believe she intentionally drowned him in a bathtub. police say she was babysitting this 4-year-old and his two siblings and when police and fire got a call about a drowning in fairfield at around 11:00 a.m. they saw the boy was unconscious and not breathing. after detectives had a chance to scope out the scene they came to the conclusion that the grandmother intentionally drowned her grandson in this bathtub. we have the police explaining what led to this conclusion and reaction from a neighbor. >> all the information gathered and statements that were provided, statements from the
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grandmother herself. >> this is very, very sad. i have kids and i -- and i know, you know -- i can't imagine someone do that to your grandson. you know, it's just horrible. >> reporter: this is still under investigation and police don't know the motive. but the two other siblings, the 1-year-old and 6-year-old girl were unharmed. >> thank you, pete. now to a developing story in the south bay, two people stabbed at a carl's jr. restaurant at white and quimby roads. cheryl hurd is live with more on what led to the attack tonight. cheryl? >> reporter: as far as we know, police have no suspects but we do know that the stabbings happened right here in front of this carl's jr. restaurant and one of the victims ran right over here to this gas station
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looking for help. >> pull up over there and the guy comes up bleeding. >> reporter: a witness to a stabbing in front of the carl's jr. restaurant on the east side just after 6:00. >> i went outside and he was on the ground. on the ground like he was, like, asking for help. >> reporter: when police arrived they quickly discovered they were dealing with two stabbings, a man and woman. >> the cops came and took them. and people running around going through cars. >> reporter: it appears that the victims were attacked by several men who got away in a car. investigators are look for them. >> it's scary. it's how things are going lately. it's been getting crazy lately. >> reporter: the department is throwing a lot of resources a it this investigation and it's making it difficult to respond to low priority calls, troubling for charlie lee who has been in business here for eight years. >> i want to go to the market
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there. >> scared to go to the market? >> yes. i used to go over there too. but i always look behind me see what is going on. >> reporter: police say the two victims are hospitalized tonight. both in critical condition. and police are saying that the stabbings could be gang related. reporting live, i'm cheryl hurd. nbc bay area news. new video of two men attacking a man on a muni bus. san francisco police want you to look at the suspects. they need your help finding them. it happened last month in the middle of the night. it started after a confrontation after the victim. words were exchanged and the situation escalated. the 55-year-old man managed to defend himself as the two suspects assaulted him. >> you are being watched and recorded. it's not cool to assault someone on a muni bus. . >> the victim was not seriously hurt.
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if you recognize the suspects call san francisco police. french tourists, one of them 81 years old were mugged in san francisco. it happened at twin peaks yesterday morning. two men robbed the tourists of their passports, cameras and money. there were three victims. the 81-year-old man suffered cuts to the head and lost consciousness. and the other two women suffered minor injuries. a night of cold temps in the bay area. a live look at the golden gate bridge. some rain is on the way. jeff ranieri is tracking the conditions for us. >> we are in for cold temperatures another four nights. it is just as cold as this time last night. 39 in oakland and 31 in livermore. the north bay with widespread
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coldest temperatures. 36 in san rafael. this site at 32. and contra costa, alameda counties in the 30s and 40s. lafayette with 31. and back in discovery bay where some people are still trying to get the heat back on, we are in for a bone-chillingly temperatures tomorrow morning, 31 degrees by 6:00 a.m. and 36 at 8:00 a.m. you add in the rain and we are talking about low rain/snow mix in the morning. turn, pregnant and nesting in her new home, an elephant seal was captured and moved today. she has been trying to cross highway 37, causing major traffic up there. the crews tried to redirect her into the bay but the mammal was
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relentless. >> we are not an 900 pound elephant seal. she is deciding to do whatever she wants. >> they trapped her, sedated her and loaded her up and released in chimney rock. the santa clara county sheriff says changes are coming to county jails after an attack on a deputy. it's a story that nbc bay area first broke. they are working on improving staffing and jail procedures. the attack happened in milpitas on christmas day. the deputy was trying to take contraband from an inmate when an dozen other inmates jumped in and beat him. >> i talked with him this morning at length. he is in good spirits and seeing a lot of specialists. >> investigators say the inmate is a suspected gang member and was under the influence. investigators found a knife at  the jail today during a sweep of
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the facility. 19 seconds, in that time, palo alto police officers confronted and shot and killed a man in the city's first fay tool officer involved shooting in 13 years. someone was threatening people at a treatment center for the mentally ill. the police say when they arrived the man was armed with a 9-inch metal knife and he ignored commands to drop the knife and charged at them. one officer fired a taser and two others fired guns. representatives of the house say they screen residents and those with violent backgrounds are not allowed to live there. video of the incident will be turned over to the santa clara d.a. stay away is the order handed down to this woman. she was caught on camera throwing coffee at a muslim man who was praying at the park. a judge signed that restraining
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order today. she must stay 200 yards from the man and the park. she has been charged with misdemeanor battery and a hate crime. meanwhile she is on administrative leave from her job at the california department of corrections. ethan couch and his mother are in custody in mexico after fleeing the u.s. police believe ethan dyed his black as a disguise and they are looking into whether they had help. ethan faces up to four months in jail and his mother up to 10 years for hindering his arrest. >> they had a going-away party. >> couch killed four people while driving drunk four years ago. his attorney says he didn't understand the difference between right and wrong because
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of his affluent upbringing. this month there was video of him playing beer pong. authorities believe that prompted couch to run. historic and dangerous. that's what missouri governor jay nixon is saying about the state's recent floods. the national guard was called in. downpours have been pounding the midwestern state for four days now. swollen mississippi and missouri rivers have closed highways and roads. 13 people have died and 200 families evacuated. the flooding is among the most destructive in missouri history. many of us use our driver's license to get through security at the airport. but that could change soon. what you might have to bring with you the next time you fly. you never know what is lurking outside your home in the middle of the night. one camera captures a close encounter. a baby and bacon. the viral video taking the
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internet by storm.
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new year a major security change could be coming to u.s. airports in the new year. if you are planning to travel the most common form of i.d., the driver's license may not be good enough. for many american travellers a driver's license is their id of choice when taking a domestic flight. but next year that may not be enough to clear security in some states. instead you might need a passport. >> i think that is a little extreme, needing a passport to go through, no. >> reporter: in 2005 congress passed the real i.d. act. the law requires states to issue more secure driver's license that are tougher to counterfeit. the law is gaining attention in
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the wake of terrorist attacks in paris and san bernardino. >> by ensuring consistency in the type of identification they are looking to mitigate the star standard. a few states including new mexico and washington are running out of time with the january deadlines. residents from those states could face more security measures at the airports. but the department of homeland security says it will ensure that the traveling public has ample notice, at least 120 days before any changes are made that might affect their travel. the law faces tough opposition from some states. a new passport can cost 150 dollars and there are concerns about privacy. >> the federal government has not done a good job of protecting the information. >> the tsa will continue to accept all state driver's
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license as the federal government decides when it will enforce the real i.d. law. voting records for more than 190 million americans are out in the cyberworld for anyone to find. no one is taking responsible for the hack attack and it's not clear who owns the data bay that was hacked. they found voter names and dates of birthday that mostly from california and texas voters. the california secretary of state is investigating. a bizarre attempt at a break in. he tried to grab guns from the u.s. firearms company on mary affeldt in sunnyvale. he rammed a stolen car into a dumpster that broke open the back entrance. but the security alarm went off and he took off in a second stolen car. the police used spike strips to
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flatten his tire and arrest him. it is the end of the road for side car. the company announced it is shutting down. it will cease operations as of 2:00 p.m. this thursday. but the founders say there may be a future for the company. it did not release details on those plans. this quarter-mile long mega ship one of the largest in the world is coming to oakland. the benjamin frankly was launched last month and arrived at the port of los angeles this weekend. it will sail into oakland on thursday and we will be there. the port of oakland is one of the few american ports that can handle a ship this size. wash your hands often. there is a spike of winter vomiting disease. it is a strain of the norovirus which is highly contagious. 32 outbreaks have been reported in california since october 1st.
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state health officials say we have outpaced the number of cases this time last year. symptoms include extreme vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea. an unexpected creature has been prowling in a santa cruz neighborhood. a home surveillance camera caught these images. the first is a human prowler checking car doors. but a few minutes later there was a mountain lion walking by. the photos hope that it will remind people to lock car doors and keep pets inside where they are safe from mountain lions. let's get a look at the forecast now with jeff ranieri. >> the showers are a few hours out here and more on the cold temperatures in a couple of minutes. but right now video into the nbc bay area newsroom. this is a few small patches of ice on the sidewalks in campbell. those of us in the bay area, it may throw us off.
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some of the sidewalks are already very slick out there. you want to take it slow. let's look at how low it's going to go tomorrow morning. down to an average of 31. we will have isolated 20s in the interior valleys where the winds drop below 5 miles an hour. 41 in san francisco. the east bay an average of 33 and the south bay, 34. clouds on the increase with a storm system to the north and we are a few hours away of missing a rain/snow mix potential for the bay area. there is no chance of any snow for the bay area, some of the higher elevations may get something. but you can see the storm system is producing a rain/snow mix near redding. if you are headed that way, watch out for slick roads. let's look at the futurecast tomorrow morning. like to see snow on here. but it is not the way the models are playing it. by 8:00 in the morning you can see why. the bulk of the moisture is off
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to the north and we are dry in san francisco. here's how it looks for the micro climate forecast on wednesday, the biggest thing is the increase in cloud cover. san jose, 56 degrees. in the peninsula, 56, cloudy in pacifica. and for san francisco the highest chance of showers is in the marina. mainly dry in the financial district. in the trivalley and east bay, santa rosa and mill valley, and for the east bay cloudy in oakland with 56 and fremont expecting 55. where do we go into new year's eve? it will clear out for us. cold temperatures and 30s for us as we ring in 2016 with sunny days ahead. and something else to pay attention to is off to the north. that's right, the northern
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lights are going to be getting very close to the bay area. a solar storm is going to be happening and it is going to push the northern lights to oregon. the bay area has a slight chance of this wednesday night into early thursday morning. for all of you space geeks out there, get the telescopes out and see something you haven't seen in quite some time. the first day of 2016, sunny skies, temps in the 50s. we keep that sunshine into saturday and check this out on sunday. cloud cover increases and temperatures in the 50s ahead of the next storm system. but next monday, tuesday, wednesday, looks like we are locked in for at least an inch of rainfall. north bay may get 1 1/2 inches. tuesday is the big storm day. cold temperatures tomorrow. a chance of scattered showers, northern lights coming our way and more rain next week. a busy day.
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still ahead, bacon never tasted so good and we have the viral video. >> it's so cute. mike tyson hops on a hover board and it doesn't end well. mark wahlberg is here and we have sheryl crow and an acapella medley with the cast of star wars. it's a joy to watch a baby's
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first step and to hear his first word. but it's a riot to see him eating it is a joy to watch a baby's first steps and hear the first word but it's a riot to see this baby eating bacon for the first time. >> bacon! >> we got to pull out the video.
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he is so cute. you can't see it but his eyes are closed the whole time. that's a 1 1/2-year-old easton beach on christmas day. he loves bacon. he keeps loving it and the public loves him. so far more than a million people are clicking on this video. check out this viral video. >> yeah, that's mike tyson coming down off the hover board. doesn't have very good balance there. that is the former heavyweight champ who lost his balance. he posted this on instagram. it is getting laughs. he is confident, he can laugh at himself and get back on and post the video on social media. people are shooting video with their cameras vertically.
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>> shoot horizontally, folks. the raiders facing a deadline to keep the team in oakland. novato's own jared goff may have
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just played his final game at cal... helping the bears winth hi there, i'm kelli johnson.
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jared goff helped the bears when their first bowl game in seven years. if goff leaves for the draft he could be a top five pick. goff and the golden bears taking on air force in the armed forces bowl. goff floats one to the end zone. and he connects. a 30-yard touchdown. cal takes the lead. in the second, goff throwing deep this time down the sideline. harris reels it in with one arm. terrific one-handed grab. that is a 40-yard heave and a great finish. the drive would end in a touchdown. after an air force fumble. cal taking a shot on fourth dir, a 20-yard touchdown strike. cal up 14. third quarter, goff impressing
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again. this time the quick screen pass to lawler who does the rest, taking it 25 yards for the score. goff finishes with 467 yards and six touchdown passes. that ties him for the most td passes in ncaa bowl game history. cal wins 55-36. he came in as a true freshman and took his lumps and we took our lumps and he has really matured and we've grown up together. now the warriors are hobbling in without harrison barnes and leandro barbosa and steph curry is questionable. he was kicked in his left leg last night. not related to his other calf strain. curry could sit for both games in texas. an update on the raiders potential relocation. the nfl asked oakland, st. louis
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and san diego to present a financing statement before tomorrow before the league decides which teams if any get to move. >> we are really hopeful that the raiders know that oakland is part of the raiders and the raiders are part of oakland and while the constraints that the city has are not ideal for the raiders, we believe that continued discussion could yield something that works for all the stake holders. look who took part in the warriors basketball camp, that is former gm gary st. james. he talked about the success of the season and diagrammed plays used by the reigning nba champs. he makes me want to lace them up.
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he is a great ambassador for the game.
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every morning this week i have been waking up to frost,
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jeff. >> three or four more mornings of that. 34 degrees in the south bay, 33 in the east bay, north bay at 31. clouds also on the increase. showers off to the north by 8:00 a.m. and showers in the north bay by 11:00 a.m. and showers in san francisco as well. we gradually clear out tomorrow evening. if you missed the earlier forecast. you want to watch out wednesday evening, thursday morning, northern lights going down to oregon. slight chance we could see them. ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests, mark wahlberg, bill burr, musical guest, sheryl cr


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