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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 5, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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the raiders make it official - they want to leave oakland again. the very latest reaction from the raiders make it official, they want to leave oakla oakland, again. the very latest reaction from the city. president obama takes action on gun control when congress won't. but is he overreaching his presidential power? we're tracking more rain. a live look at the golden gate bridge. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. that rain is coming down, kari, just as you protected. streams across the bay area with this second storm system of the week. and at times we will have some
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very heavy rain and some gusty winds and, as you see, the bright reds and yellows there shows the most intense rain as it moves into san jose, as well as san francisco and up and down the peninsula and now approaching the east bay. so, this may make things very treacherous as you head out this morning. windshield wipers all the way up on high as we see the heaviest rain from san mateo and stretching across the bay over towards hayward. now, temperatures very mild in the lower 50s and we will see those temperatures staying there as we go low the day. i'll detail that and what else to expect with the next storm system moving in tonight and that is coming up in the full microclimate forecast. what is it looking as you head towards the bridges, mike. >> getting out of san francisco, a little bit of flooding. i'll talking about that in one second. a wind advisory for the bay bridge and for the dumbarton bridge watch the span across the bay and watch the flashing
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lights eastbound towards the tunnel and oakland side a crash. it looks like some clearing, though. fewer flashing lights than we saw a second ago. flooding around seventh getting around the lower deck of the bay bridge and a couple other spots like downtown oakland and san mateo off 101. we'll track all of this, back to you. these storms hitting the bay area, you can track it right on your phone any time. just download our free nbc bay area app. weather tab and live radar and extended forecast. you can download the app from the apple app store and google play. two people accused of killing a palo alto man in las vegas will be in court today. killing the bay area man a week ago. las vegas police say neil gandler was found shot to death in his car outside a gym. investigators say it appears the suspect shot and killed gandler while trying to rob him. gandler, a software engineer, was in las vegas ahead of this week's consumer electronics
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show. and a new clue in the murder of a popular san francisco artist. authorities released this video showing a man investigators would like to talk to in connection with last month's beating of 74-year-old stewart jackson. police say someone attacked jackson at venice and market and as he waited for a bus. families put up his picture and one of his famous sketches hoping police can find out who did this to him. >> very scary. but you know what, it could happen to anybody. >> the last time i saw him, i told him his work is brilliant and it is. >> the cafe will hold a memorial for jackson. a date hasn't been set just yet. the raiders officially have one foot out the door. in a late-night move the team took a major step towards leaving the bay area. the team filed paperwork to relocate to southern california. the raiders along with the jram and chargers. the league to review the proposals followed by an owner's
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meeting slated for next week. the move would be this upcoming 2016 season. the raiders released a statement saying they submitted a relocation package and now in the hands of the nfl owners. the latest action from the team is still expected. >> i don't think it's fair because how are you going to take somebody's favorite team and try to move them to like l.a. >> i am really disappointed because, you know, it's just a wonderful, fun team to watch. and i've had season tickets for seven years for the lady friend of mine and it was like the most fun i ever had. >> should know the relocation of a team requires approval from three-quarters of nfl owners. the woman of the hour no doubt is kari hall. she's tracking all kinds of storms. >> yes. and it's pretty much covering the entire bay area. look at how expansive this rain
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is as it pretty much covers the entire state and some of the heavier downpours are now starting to roll into the bay area right now. as you will be heading out the door, allow some extra time to get to where you are going as this rain will continue and produce the possibility of some flooding especially on those roadways. and the interstates are not looking good at this point. if you're heading up the peninsula. also if you're going up 880 you may have some water just standing on the road and that could cause hydroplaning. so, as you go through the morning, some urban flooding possible and that means street flooding and gusty winds may bring down some of those small trees and some wind damage with those branches covering the road. if you're going over to the sierra, hazardous snow and ice and chain controls are up for now. let's see how it looks out on those roadways now with mike. >> folks just take a look at how it does look right here. you can see the puddles on the bottom of your screen and the screen itself, the rain is actively coming down.
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but there is also an advisory from chp just watch the gusts of wind crossing the bay, as well. let's look at the map, you see the very wet roadways and also see the blue on our map. the highlighting there means puddling and ponding like you saw the on the live camera. what you will encounter all around the bay and really hitting that peninsula hard over the last bit of time. the south bay no major issues and we will show you the live camera down in san jose and wet roadways and flooded now reported highway 87 at 280. watch that little urban flooding there on the roadways. lower parts of the roadways. back to you. >> all right, mike, thanks. it's 4:36. coming up next, executive action on gun control. president obama taking his own control of a controversial issue today at the white house. a complete report coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
4:37 am nbc bay area, we investigate. gun
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4:39 on tuesday morning. using the oval office to change gun laws. in just a few hours president obama will announce executive action. >> the first change more background checks and who is considered a gun seller. "today in the bay" terry mcsweeney explains.
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>> not keep every gun out of the hands of criminals. it will essentially save lives. >> reporter: the president's executive order clarifies which gun sellers are required to conduct background checks. closing loopholes currently used by sellers at gun shows and on the internet. at jackson's armed shooting range and gun shop in south san francisco, one customer told us when it comes to gun control, there must be a balance. >> what we all don't want, but, you know, the balance would be great. >> reporter: republicans don't see a balance in the president's plan. >> we don't beat the bad guys by taking away our guns. we beat the bad guys by using our guns. >> the president has not even attempted to point to a single mass shooting. these actions he proposes would have been prevented because there isn't one. >> reporter: kevin mccarthy of bakersfield tweets americans
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have a constitutional right to own firearms. the president of the united states doesn't have a constitutional right to legislate from the executive branch. but east bay congressman mike thompson, who chairs the house/gun prevention task force says inaction by republicans forced the president to ask. >> we don't have any problems select committees to try and tarnish the record of secretary of state clinton and on gun violence they won't touch it and congress won't act. i think the president needs to. coming up, why is that baby crying? there's an app for that. but does the new technology really work? you know they could just be wet, hungry, tired. we'll check it out, coming up.
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the rain certainly coming down this morning. >> is it raining? >> yeah. the windshield wipers are going. >> and i could hear that hitting the windows this morning, so, if you're still at home, you may be hearing that, too. yes, it is pouring and then this afternoon we'll get some sunshine. so, it's all about this morning and then again tomorrow morning. let's get a look at how it looks as you head out the door in san jose. it is cloudy. you can see the cars rolling by on the interstate in the background. just slow it down. we do have some puddles and some spots on the roads where it dips down. it's just filled in with water. that may cause you to spin out, if you head out and you're
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driving too fast. so, once again, slow it down and turn on the windshield wipers and be careful. we have the rain and the heaviest of it moving into the bay area now. when you see the bright reds and the yellows that shows the most intense rainfall and that is streaming in as we see more of that, it's been coming down for at least an hour now in some spots like san jose and it's moving towards the peninsula, as well as san mateo and into the rest of the morning we will see the bulk of this moving to the east. still some spotty light showers left over as we go through late morning early afternoon. and this afternoon look at 2:00, we only have a slight chance of rain. and where we don't see that, the sun will be coming out. so that will help warm up those temperatures and then as we go into tonight, getting ready for the next round. so, hit us pretty much at the same time between 4:00 and 5:00 in the morning. it will be pouring, once again. so, the rain forecast brings us, look at this, over 2 inches of
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rain in san jose. over 2 inches in napa and santa rosa also 2 inches. san francisco about an 1.5. and we know that on average january is the wettest month of the year, but take a look at the past few years and how much rain we've gotten. now, in the next week in san francisco, we may get over two inches of rain, but 2015 we measured absolutely nothing and even the past couple of years half of an inch is theost we got. so, today, looking pretty good as we try to rack up some more of those rainfall totals and highs today will be topping out in the mid up toer 50s. we'll talk about that next system moving in and the one after that is coming up in just a few minutes. let's check in now with mike to see if there is any problems yet. >> kari, a matter of the reports not yet coming in as many that are out there. roadway flooding out there, for sure. 880 past the coliseum and lights are glowing and 880 itself just cover with water and big rig over on the side of the road and
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nothing reported to chp at that site. we have things happening out there and just the volume of commuters and get the pooling and the puddling and right around that transition and also other patches throughout downtown oakland and getting out of san francisco over here eastbound 80 right around seventh street and that is the usual suspect. in fact, east bay suspects and sausalito areas and watch the peninsula and down through san mateo and flooding for 87 at 280 reported and we'll get a look at san rafael itself with the live camera. live roadways continue to watch them as the commute just starting, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. boy, what a day on the markets yesterday. the worst start to our year since 1932. >> certainly a rough start to the new year. want to check in with landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> hey, scott and laura, what a rough start to 2016.
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we could see more red arrows after yesterday's selloff. the dow falling as much as 470 points on monday before trimming those losses. this comes amid a fresh sign china's economy, the second largest may be slowing. asian markets were lower again today and europe is giving back early gains. the dow ending down 276 points to 17149. its worst start to a year since 2008. meanwhile, automakers are reporting their december sales numbers today. the pace of sales is expected to top $18 million for the fourth straight month. for all of 2015, sales have forecast to write 6%, which would make it the best year on record. sales continue to be driven by strong demand for trucks and suvs, thanks to lower gas prices which are now below $2 a gallon. and more armed cars. ford is exploring ways with its
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in-car entertainment system. the automakers is working with companies such as amazon and ford owners would be able to open their garage doors, turn on lights or heat from their car with their voice and also use amazon device to turn your car on from your living room. >> open the garage door. landon, thank you much. lawmakers in sacramento proposing a $2 million bond measure to help homelessness. it could be used to build more than 14,000 permanent housing uni units. the idea would be to find places for chronically homeless californians with mental health problems. members of the state legislature say the problem is too big to ignore. 4,500 people in silicon valley alone are believed to be homeless. it is 4:49 right now. happening today, people suing over the actions of police and cal administrators during contentious protests four years ago over how the suit is being handled. the lawsuit involves 21 cal
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students and community activists who claim they were victims of police brutality in cal in november of 2011. a summary judgment hearing is scheduled for today but plaintiffs have been pushing for a jury trial. the plaintiffs plan to hold a news conference prior to today's hearing. the world authority on chemistry is recognizing four new elements. scientists had a part in the discovery of three of them. the elements have yet to be officially named, but they are numbers 115, 116, 117 and 118. they only last for an incredibly short time. they are not found in nature. can't figure out why your newborn is crying, believe it or not, there is an app for that. called the baby cries translator. its creators claim the app is designed from a database of 200,000 baby cries and can apparently identify for parents. one of four reasons why their baby is crying. that's hungry, tired, pain or wet diaper. but some doctors cry foul saying
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parents should not take this app too seriously. >> you have to listen to the response of your kid. that cry is a communication. it's just talking. that babbling is their discussion. to take your movement away from learning about what they are and being sensitized to their needs, i don't like it. >> before you head to the app store, it's going to cost you, as well. the other catch is your baby has to cry for 15 seconds before the app renders its verdict. i think that's one of the joys of being a parent, trying to figure it out. >> what can you do? you check here and then you try the bottle and if that doesn't work you do this. that's all there is. don't drop it and those are the rules of parenting. >> there you go. you got the book. coming up, murls in the south bay being painted over with thick, white paint. the act of vandalism or defiance either way. a reward for the culprit. find out why.
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welcome back. we are watching the weather ever so carefully. sounds like our commute is much worse than your commute will be. start off a little later in the morning. here's kari hall. >> still coming down. by the time we hit the 8:00, 9:00 hour, things are starting to look a little bit better. temperature wise for the next few days, we keep the same kind of weather. off and on rain and friday is looking dry with highs reaching into the mid to upper 50s. that was around 2:00 that we were dealing with and now on thursday, we'll have more scattered showers and thunderstorms during the afternoon. saturday morning another one and then on sunday morning as we head into the start of next week, it looks like, again, monday night we'll have some more showers moving through. so, it stays wet all across the bay area for at least the next several days. let's check in now with mike. >> kari, i just saw this happen
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a couple seconds ago or what i think happened a couple seconds ago. this car pulled over in our shot. another car sideways right there. northbound 101 just north of 680. we're calling it into chp right now and let them know what is going on. this person ran back to see if everything is okay. looks like someone is getting out there. be careful. i wanted to show you how wet and soupy this rain is but this is the situation we'll help out with chp as best we can. that's san jose. dublin. the reason you want to watch, you saw that crash and as you're getting off the off ramps we'll show you the slick conditions. a lot of slip outs and they'll continue this morning. just slow it down, folks, because it's tough to drive out there right now. back to you. mike, we want to remind everyone, stay in the car. you're safer with the seat belt on. drivers may soon have to dig deeper to cover parking meter costs in san francisco. because the city has to cover a $6 million hole.
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san francisco's mta last year approved a small debit and credit card transaction fee for smart readers. but credit card companies argued it violated merchant rules. to uncover the budget considering a 25 cent per hour increase for anybody who parks with a meter. that vote will happen today. a warning this morning for people in danville. police are telling them to watch out for burglars. they say the burglars knock on people's doors. when no one answers, they kick them in and grab a few things and run. five reported burglaries over the last weekend and yet another attempted break-in. officers want residents to register their home surveillance systems with police so they can help them catch the burglars. an act of vandalism is leaving san jose neighborhood on edge this morning. painting over several utility boxes that were hand painted with mini murals. the previously covered boxes
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were funded by donations. seven boxes handpainted by local artists have now been painted over in white. >> hours of time wasted. sure, it's disappointing i can't get it back. all i can say is stop doing it. let the art be. >> a $5,000 reward has been offered by city council member for any information that leads to an arrest. it is 4:57 right now. police get a lead in the murder on market street. they're asking for your help this morning. we continue to track the storms that blew through over night. team coverage throughout theern moing. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theun nbc bay area, we investigate.
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>> not going to keep every gun out of the hands of a criminal. it will potentially save lives. tightening the reigns on gun control. president obama will lay out new rules on guns. the gray area that might stop him from making it a reality. new clues in the murder of a popular san francisco artist. and a series of storms whipping through the bay area bringing with it both wind and rain. team coverage on how it's impacting your tuesday morning. "today in the bay" starts right
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now. and a very good morning to you. a wet one out there. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm scott mcgrew in for sam brock. out to the golden gate bridge. midst of round one of a lot of rain or round two now that i think about it. roadways very click this morning as the storms barrel through the area. very active, a lot of green there. >> that's right. we do have team coverage from the south bay to the north bay as the brunt of the sequence of storms is moving through. but, first, let's check in with meteorologist kari hall. she is tracking what is next. kari? >> we'll see the rain for a few more hours and then a break as we go into the afternoon. you can see how widespread this rain is as the strongest of the two systems we have moves on through this morning and this could also still cause some problems as we go through the morning commute. even though the bulk of the rain is moving through now, we may still have some deep puddles in


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