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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  January 31, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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san francisco from san bruno good sunday morning to you. we're taking a live look at san francisco from san bruno, and it's foggy morning out there. cloudy skies. i encountered some rain on my drive in. we appreciate your joining us. anthony slaughter is here with a look at the forecast. i'm keira klapper. >> you'll notice a lot of heavy rain toward fresno. clouds are going to start to clear out as we get going this morning. the showers for the south and east bay will move out. we'll see sunshine as we get going. the peninsula still a little too
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dark on the cam. back to mid to upper 50s. grab the jackets it will be chilly. the rest of the sky cams are looking bright. sunshine for all of us. the rain will move out. we'll talk about super bowl 50 and lots of visitors coming to town this week. >> we'll stay tuned, anthony. speaking of super bowl. super bowl 50 celebrations are in full swing. hundreds of thousands of fans are coming to the bay area to enjoy the party. that includes the teams. the broncos and panthers will arrive at the private executive hangar in san jose. broncos expected to land at 2:30 and the panthers will arrive an hour later. the broncos home base is the marriott home base is marriott in santa clara practices at
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stanford. and panthers at the marriott in san jose. all practice are closed to the public. in ten minutes the look at the newly built executive terminal where the teams will arrive later this afternoon. in san francisco super bowl city is officially open. this morning this is a live look for you at the calm before the storm this morning. or the calm after the storm, too, because last night's kick off included fireworks and a free concert. it's only getting started. tens of thousands of fans flocked and gathered to enjoy all of the opening day events. big crowds watched the relightening of the bay lights on the bay bridge right before those fireworks lit up the sky. just spectacular. and chris sigh sack p isaac pla. security will continue to be high at the super bowl city van village. everyone can enjoy it. fans are here near and far. some visiting the bay area for
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the first time. >> everybody having a good time. we're getting football. we're so excited! it's a little different than north carolina. >> oh, yeah, a lot different. >> if you want to know what is happening each day at super bowl city download the road to 50 app. and you can't have a super bowl without the trophy, of course, the vince lombardi trophy was delivered for all to see yesterday. it's ready for the winning team a week from day. the delivery truck drove in for the trophy reveal. former 49 running back roger craig had the honor of showing the trophy to the crowd. if you want a picture, you can stop by the nfl experience. but be prepared to wait in line. we should mention that the nfl experience costs $35 for adults and $25 for kids to get in. head to nbc bay area for the
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complete coverage for the super bowl. click on the box on the top left. now to the capture of those two escaped prison inmates. an alerted citizens noticed the two men near golden gate park. and this morning the inmates are back from where they escaped. the orange county sheriff's department confirmed jonathan tieu and hossein nayeri have been taken back to the jail they broke out of a week ago friday. a they escaped along with bac duong who turned himself in this past friday. he told investigators he had last seen the other inmates in san jose which shifted the search to the bay area. san francisco police arrested after being tipped off by a man who saw the white van parked outside a whole foods. >> this is an excellent example. >> the entire state can breathe a sigh of relief because we have the other two dangerous
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individuals back in custody where they should be. >> police say they found 80 rounds of ammunition in the van but no weapons. as for the tip steer, he's likely to be give at least some of the $200,000 reward offered for the fugitives. and the investigation continues into exactly how the inmates escaped. hossein nayeri enrolled in an english class and befriended the teach per. she's being held on suspicious that she provided images of the rooftop. it has a detail that has neighbors shocked. >> somebody to innocent is helping criminals. >> the investigators don't yet have enough information to tell if the relationship between the teacher and prisoner was romantic. a developing story now on the peninsula. police -- searching for
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a child predator. he may be targeting teens from the car. three sketches supposedly of the same suspect. since mid january, there have been four instances of the man offering rides to teens walking alone to or from school. police say all of the teens who are approached are 14 or 15 years old. three of these incidents happened just in the past week alone. in each case, the man asked for directions, and then offered to give the teens a ride. he approached them at sequoia's high school parking lot after the soccer practice. school leaders have been alerted and asking police -- police are asking for help now. >> we would like to get a license plate or a partial license plate or a video or photograph of the car of the suspect. >> all of the teens gave slightly different descriptions of the man, but similar enough for police to issue these three sketches. in each instance the man was driving a blue or dark colored sedan. in campbell police are
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looking for two people along with a third person went on a spree of stealing cars, including a police cruiser. you're looking at the two who are still on the loose. christian hernandez and itsy. police received calls about stolen cars on sharmon palms lane and winchester boulevard. when they arrived, the driver of one of the stolen cars rammed into a police car. the stolen car then burst into flames. that's when the wanted woman stole the police car. >> the door to the patrol car was closed. he reached in through the open window to try to get the car stopped and the keys out of the ignition. it was at that point where the female suspect put the patrol car into reverse and accelerated at a high rate of speed. it threw the officer to the ground and she fled down winchester boulevard. >> the third suspect, anthony raise, is behind bars. >> we have more ahead on today
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in the bay. protesters trying to make their message heard during super bowl fest iftds. the new tactic that goes beyond protesting. the finally push before the iowa caucus tomorrow. we'll tell you who is leading in the polls, and the different messages they have for their supporters today. (adlib) san francisco - super
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bowl city welcome back on the sunday morning. it's 7:10. we're taking a live look at super bowl 50 in san fransisco. right it's free and open to the public. free concerts and a lot of things happening in the week leading to the super bowl a week from today. protesters brought their frustration to the streets of san francisco yesterday. they are demanding justice for mario woods who was shot and killed by san francisco police officers in december. they beamed pictures of the 26-year-old on to cities surrounding the city's super
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bowl festivities. yesterday's demonstration nearly disrupted the start of the super bowl party in the city. [ chanting ] protestersers march through downtown and approached super bowl city. police blocked them from going any further. the group is calling for the resignation of san francisco police chief greg sir as well as the prosecution of all officers involved in the shooting. online, however, a much different narrative is unfolding. thousands of people signed a petition against the decision of remembering mario woods day. to decision 2016. presidential candidate are out making their final push before tomorrow's iowa caucuses. the latest and last poll from the des moines register shows that gop frontrunner trump has widened his lead over rival ted cruz 28 to 23%. and democrat hillary clinton has maintained her margin over
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bernie sanders 45% to 42%. yesterday trump encouraged his supporters to vote no matter what while clinton appeared comfortable that her backers will show up. >> if your wife leaves you for another man. if you leave your wife because you don't like her. i don't care what it is. you have to get out. >> for those that already decided to support me on monday night, thank you so much! >> clinton's lead over bernie sanders slipped to three points in the final poll, but sanders will have to rely heavily on young first-time caucusers. experts say a big turn out tomorrow night will help trump and sanders. a small turn out will help cruz and clinton. we have much more ahead ad today in the bay. the executive treatment. we'll give you a look at the $82 million terminal in the south bay where the super bowl teams will land in style this afternoon. not a bad assignment.
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this morning we're waking up to clouds across the bay area. even showers across the south bay. we'll see sunshine not for today but the upcoming week. we'll talk about the extended forecast and take a look at the super bowl 50 forecast coming up after this. francisco - super bowl city
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good sunday morning to you. it's 7:15. a live look outside at san francisco at super bowl city! events kicked off there last night with a relightening of the bay lights on the bay bridge. fireworks. there will be events for free the entire week this week. you're being urged to walk, take b.a.r.t. or cal train to get there. a roads are closed. there is a new more luxurious option for people flying into the bay area, including the super bowl teams who are arriving this afternoon. today in the bay scott budman gives us a look inside the executive terminal.
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>> reporter: welcome to the high-end way to fly. the gar where nfl teams will store their jets, then decamp to a quiet terminal with no security lines. this is the new 10,000 square foot executive terminal. recently built for $82 million around the back of san jose international airport where the broncos and panthers will arrive in the bay area ahead of the super bowl. >> it sounds like so far we're going to have some excitement. >> maria, president of signature flight support, showed us around. this is much different than the way most of us fly. >> the entire focus of the team has been driven around the schedule for the super bowl to make sure that we open in time operationally. that we were doing our best with service. >> the super bowl teams will fly into and out of here. of the at game the hangars will largely be used by high-flying
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silicon valley techies. >> there are many companies here in silicon valley that own their own private corporate jets, and their executives want to fly, at times, around the clock. they want to fly to certain destinations that may not be on an airline schedule. >> reporter: it's not how we usually get around. thanks to the super bowl, it's about to get a lot of attention. scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> and your super bowl party might be more expensive this year. the average person is expected to spend $82 on things like food, jerseys, and more. according to the national retail federation, that's a record high. last year's super bowl spending was at $78. a record number of people are supposed to be watching the super bowl this year. the estimate is nearly 189 million viewers. i'll be watching it from work. it's moments like this i'm
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grateful i'm work soggy i i'm n spending that much. >> interest nowadays. i could spend that much on snacks having folks over. we're looking at a beautiful week this week. coming up getting ready for super bowl. we had clouds in the area this morning. no fog and that's really what you want to see when you come to frisk. the golden gate. if you got the fog you can't really see it. makes for a great story. let's head to the south bay. we have slick roads in san jose this morning. we have showers falling in parts of san jose. in the south bay you'll run into rain. here is a long at the radar. from 101 and 85 points toward the south and east. that's with the rain is falling. and, really, it's been slight showers but it's enough to give us about a tenth of an inch across the south. it's going to clear out over the next couple of hours. the cloud cover across parts of
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the north bay clearing out. we see sunshine this morning and the sunshine will be with us all afternoon. it's going to be a chilly day. temperatures now in the 40s. 49 in the east bay. 42 for the north bay. mild in san francisco at 50 right now. later on this afternoon, again, the cold front will swing through. we're not going to see a lot of warming temperatures back into the mid 50s today. 56 for frisan francisco. sunshine later on this afternoon. 55 for the north bay and 57 for the south bay. there is the storm system sitting off the coastline. it will continue to swing through kicking up the rain and the snow falling this morning. they're going to see another 4 to 8 inches. the rain will clear out. sunshine by about 1:00 this afternoon, then the cold front swings through. it'll kick up the winds a little bit. skies will clear out and take look at how cold it's going to be tonight. we're talking near freezing near our inland valley. here we go again. we're talking about that bitter
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chill across the bay area. 36 tonight in santa rosa. 36 in san jose, and 34 tonight for livermore. it's going to be a chilly start to the day tomorrow. keep in mind. if you're heading to the sierras or you have folks coming in town keep in mind another 4 to 8 inches of snow is expected between now and monday afternoon. our storm system is going to continue to scoot off toward the south today. we clear out tomorrow. just as soon as we clear out tuesday morning another storm system is going to dive in. this will give us a few showers from the north bay and maybe showers for the east bay valley. it's not going to hold together even by the afternoon. you'll notice the seven-day forecast the bottom of the screen paints a drier picture. thursday another storm system that falls apart as it heads into the north bay. friday, saturday, and sunday. skies clear out and wouldn't you know it. just in time for super bowl we're talking about beautiful
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cons turning to the bay area. the rain looks to be with us at least the first half of the day today. tuesday another storm system moves in. wednesday and thursday pretty good. let's get into the super bowl forecast friday, saturday, sunday. sunshine for the entire sbay area. super bowl 50 on sunday looks delightful. 60 degrees for kick off. beautiful! you couldn't ask for anything better. i'll take all the credit, though. >> thankfully anthony and the other weather god got the message that it needs to be clear for the big day. still ahead on today in the bay. ♪ >> it's music to the ears of those who have difficulty talking. up next a program that will make bay area proud. suffered a stroke or brain
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injury... gtting aew words ou welcome back. for many people who have suffered a stroke or a brain injury, getting a few words out can be a monument tal challenge.
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at one east bay college, there is help for those with it in an unlikely and beautiful way. we have this morning's bay area proud. >> a phrase you hear and see in cal state east bay. afascia is loss of language. apparently it's not a loss of rhythm or melody, either. ♪ >> the songs they sing are nothing short of beautiful. thanks not just to the music in front of them but the stories behind them. ♪ stories like carmen presston's who lost the ability to talk after a stroke, and has spent hard years working to get it back. you would think singing in front
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of others, no less, would be a daunting task. it is. but that wasn't going to stop them. >> like we say, never give up. you can do it if you're patient. >> carmen is part of the afasha tone. a singing group conceived in 2009 by ellen burn seen, director of the afascia treatment program at california state. her research told her that people who had difficulty communicating due to stroke or brain injury could often still sing. but would they want to? >> i had 12 brain members who started out president . after our first performance or two, the other members started to see we were having a lot of fun. >> ellen spent her career working with and listening to people with afascia and they have never sounded so good to
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her. >> that sense of identity of being involved in the real life adult activity that has value and they get such pleasure from. >> it's on your front page. >> rehearsals have become the favorite part of the week for many of the singers. ♪ the performances, a chance to show themselves and perhaps more importantly others what they are capable of. ro she often has difficulty saying a single word, you should hear her roll. >> i'm speechless to try to describe just what an incredible experience it is to see people shine through music, through the power of being an advocate. >> shining because after losing their words, these singers have finally found a voice. ellen burnstein said after
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starting their own program she was curious if there were others out there. she did research and uncovered more than a half dozen other afascia corhoruses all over. if you know someone doing something nice for others, please go to our bay area website and search "bay area proud." more ahead on today in the bay. the super bowl 50 celebrations are under way. the party is getting started in the south bay. we have your invite. , the water crisis in flint, michigan is pushing celebrities into action. we have the latest big names dropping by the small midwest town. take a live look outside......
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at super bowl city in san good sunday morning to you. it's just shy of 7:30. a live look outside in at super
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bowl city a lot going on today. free events if you want to check them out. let's check in on the weather for that. thank you so much forring us. i'm cure are a klapper. >> what will the weather be? anthony slaughter has a look. if you're ready to get into the festivities in san francisco don't worry about the umbrella. you'll need the shades. later on we'll see sunshine. you can see we don't have any fog or rain. in fact, the sun is starting to come out. showers are still in some parts of the east and south bay. later on this in the south bay 11:00 you'll see the sun toward the afternoon. it will be a chilly day temperatures in the mid 50s. we'll talk more about the super bowl forecast as we get going into the upcoming week. lots of events. we'll check on the forecast for you. >> yeah. a lot going on. hopefully the rain will stay
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away. >> yeah. fingers crossed. super bowl 50 is taking over the bay area, like anthony said. one week away. fans are pumped and players will soon be on their way this afternoon. the denver broncos and carolina panthers are set to land in the south bay in a few hours from now. but fans strong to wait that long to get the football festivities started. summer bowl city, which we showed you in front of the ferry building has lined up all day and it's free. the fun continues from yesterday with interactive activities in the sand zone, djs, live concerts. it starts at 11:00 a.m. and runs all week long. down in santa clara where the game will take place, roads are already shutting down. starting at 4:00 this afternoon tasman drive will be closed by lee i have stadium. be prepared for the traffic sure to build up in the area. especially if you're planning to
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enjoy the super bowl fun at mission college today. it's a free community celebration with fireworks, a special performance by heart. it all starts at 1:00 this afternoon. so you to make sure to claim your free ticket online before you head over. head to for complete coverage of the super bowl. you can see slide shows and photos from super bowl city. click on the top left box. we're counting down to the super bowl kick off at levi stadium just seven days away! in other news protesters took advantage of the large crowds at super bowl city to get their message out. they are demanding justice for mario woods who was shot and killed by san francisco police officers in december. hours later demonstrators returned and beamed pictures of the 26-year-old on to buildings
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above super bowl city. protesters want san francisco's police chief to resign and the officers involved to be prosecuted. but online it's a much different story. thousands of people have signed a petition against the decision by san francisco supervisors to declare july 22nd as remembering mario woods day. the search for these two fugitives spread from southern california to san jose and fresno. it's the san francisco police who got the escaped inmate the near golden park. thanks to an alert citizens w tipped off investigators yesterdays. police arrested jonathan tieu and hossein nayeri. this is an excellent example how the sister can help the police.
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>> last night officers drove the two men back down to the jail, which they had escaped from. from how to who the investigation is delving into who helped them escape. police say that hossein nayeri enrolled in a second language class. the teacher is now being held on suspicious that she provided image wi images of the jail's rooftop. they don't have enough information to tell if their relationship was romantic. a woman steals a cop car and gets away from police. this morning police are on the look out for her and accomplice. we have the wanted suspect identity si -- itse murillo. when they arrived they found two cars and three people. two men took off running while a woman rammed her stolen car into
7:35 am
a police car. her stolen car burst into frames. that's when she jumped into another patrol car and started driving away as the officer tried to hang on. >> the door to the patrol car was closed. he reached in through the open window to get the car stopped and the keys out of the ignition. a that the point the female suspect put the car into reverse and accelerated at the high rate of speed. she fled down winchester boulevard. >> the officer is okay and we know the woman was murillo and one of the other suspects was hernandez. police found and arrested anthony reyes. a break in a case gone cold. san jose police arrested this man in connection with a killing that happened back in january of 2014. investigators identified 20-year-old gino pastori.
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the victim was 26-year-old anthony thompson. two years have passed and thursday he was arrested and booked into jail on a charge of murder. likely heard by now there's a water sis in flint, michigan. the has spurred surrounding communities to help deliver bottled water and raise money for neighbors in need. celebrities are joining the cause, including snoop dogg. >> reporter: flint's lives matter to snoop dogg. >> i choice to be here today. >> reporter: he stopped in flint stoord meet the mayor to find out how he can get involved. snoop is one of the celebrities to learn more about the city's problems with lead in the water supply. jesse, star of the hit show "empire toured three flint
7:37 am
locations and spoke with residents about their struggles did. >> to see the people and be with the people and hear their stories firsthand. it intfurther apals me and ib spires me. >> the mayor continues to push for more action from the government, she said she appreciates the help from celebrities. >> for such a long time we felt like we were ain this. but people are stepping up and praying for us and thinking about us and sending things here and coming. >> john connor who signed to dr. d dre's record label is amazed by the outpouring. >> before they were entertainers they were human. >> reporter: now they have gathered information the two plan to be a part of the solution. >> i have a lot of information to take back to my celebrity friends and people who want to help. mainly would like the governor to sp up and do what is
7:38 am
necessary to make sure that flint is taken care of. >> that was kelly taylor reporting. with only one day away from the iowa caucus, presidential candidates aren't mincing words. the message to iowans for the next 24 hours is simple. get to a voting booth. >> we'll win the caucus on monday night if there is a large voter turn out. >> i don't care what it is. it you're sick. you got to get out. >> we're going to bombard you with e-mails for like two days. >> those who already decided to support me on monday night, thank you so much. latest nbc news polling has donald trump leading the republican race and hillary clinton narrowly ahead of bernie sanders on the democratic side. political experts predict a big turn out will help trump and sanders. but a small turn out will end up helping cruz and clinton. the first in the nation caucus starts tomorrow night at 5:00 p.m. our time. and still up in the air is whether the democratic national convention will okay their
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candidates to add four more debates. clintons and sanders agreed to hold another debate in new hampshire before the state's primary earlier this week. but three more debates come this spring. a majority of the details in the agreement seem to be okayed by all last night, but still up in the air is whether the rest of the debates would take place and where. that could be crucial as each candidate works to get more exposure to undecided voters. and here in the bay area, make sure to grab some extra change before you park in b.a.r.t.'s parking lot tomorrow morning. fees are going up. only affecting threes. high ward, richmond, and west oakland. parking fees increased by 50 cents. including those who buy airport and long-term parking permits in oakland. take a look at the screen. we show how much using b.a.r.t.'s parking lot will cost you now. the money will go toward maintenance and improving b.a.r.t. stations. and an elite team of stanford students took on elon
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musk's challenge. we told you about spacex's competition to have students design pods to safely transport people from san francisco to l.a. and 700 miles per hour! a team from m.i.t. got the top prize for the design challenge. u.k. berkeley's team earned a runners up spot and will move on in the competition. up to ten teams get the chance to build and test their pod in hawthorne south of los angeles. and at 7:40 more ahead on today in the bay. coming up the best team in the nba goes down to the wire against the league's worst team. how the warriors got bailed out from an embarrassing loss. (singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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(adlib) welcome back at 7:42 on the sunday morning. taking a live look at the ferry building from super bowl city in san francisco. free events happening there
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beginning at 11:00 this morning. all day long. and for the next week until super bowl sunday. the warriors entered last's game in philadelphia with a league best 42-4 76ers came in s on the year. a complete mismatch on paper turned out to be a thriller. golden state up by less than two. the sixers get the steal and the dunk tieing the game. they win on a harrison barnes three from the corner. they survive a scare and win 108-105. >> we were disappointed with how we played but we got a win. it's going to be a lot of different situations we have to go through to keep winning. we kept our composure. i'm happy we got a win. we have to learn the lessons and continue to win.
7:44 am
>> goodness for that. more ahead in today in the bay coming up. all eyes on the midwest ahead of night's iowa caucuses. political analyst joins us next to give us a better idea how the caucus process works and what it means to the overall race for the white house. that sound. like nails on a chalkboard. but listen to this: (family talking) that's a different kind of sound. the sound of the weekend. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop. it's always worth remembering... that icing the cinnamon rolls is a privilege not a right. unleash the power of dough. give it a pop.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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campaigning and hundreds of millions of dollars in dv welcome back. after more than a year of campaigning and hundreds of millions of dollars in advertising, the iowa caucus finally takes place tomorrow. can we glean very much from the sparsely popped state? i surmise yes. nbc bay area political analyst joins us. what can we expect tomorrow night. every four years it's hard to remember how it works. >> this is the first set of play from my super bowl, by the way. it lasts all year. i'm kind of excited. for most people they have a lot of confusion more than anything else. here is why. unlike a primary, where the
7:47 am
voters decide who gets what, in a given day just like that, the iowa caucus has four, yes, four steps. first, voters will meet in a more than a thousand precincts to choose their candidates that sounds easy enough. second smaller numbers of the portion to support for the candidates will meet at the county level in a few weeks and it goes on. third, a few weeks later smaller numbers still will meet at the congressional district level, and fourth, yes, reduce numbers again in proportion to candidates strength will meet at the state level where they will choose national delegates. and here is the kicker. if a candidate drops out during the process, delegates loyal to him or her have to scramble to choose another candidate still in the race. so that the votes could change downstream at any point. the simple fact is, it's a very long process.
7:48 am
the snap mapress makes a snapsh of it. >> how much is at stake, really. it's the first nominating meeting before so many more. >> you would think it's only a small sliver. a small sliver of the national convention. tomorrow night republicans will choose 27 out of the 2,472 delegates at the national conventions. democrats not much different. they'll choose of the 4,443 delegates at their national convention in august. so, in other words, for each political party, about one percent of the delegates, 1% will be chosen tomorrow night. >> what kind of predictability comes from it. a lot of people look at the iowa caucus. >> i'm raining on a lot of parades. it's more myth than reality. here is some numbers to explain
7:49 am
it. of the seven republican nomin e nominating candidates with no incumbent between 1972 and 2012 -- only two, only two winners of iowa went on to win their party's presidential nomination. for the democrats, a bit better. of the eight nominating contests with no incumbent between 1972 and 2012, four iowa winners went on to win their party's presidential nomination. combine it. combine it with both parties. we know that only 40% of the time, six times out of the possible 15 have the iowa winners gone on to their party's nomination. it may be a great average in baseball, but isn't saying much for presidential politics. >> as you were going over the numbers. i worked in the midwest in 2008, and i was trying to remember was it hillary who won the iowa caucus and it went on to become president obama. i was wondering for i should veer and ad lib this much
7:50 am
because i didn't know if it was correct. >> obama won it. >> obama did win it. >> one of the exceptions. hillary went on to win new hampshire. >> right. >> right. so why do people put so much emphasis on iowa, then? >> okay. here is the deal. historically two reasons. all though now only one remains. the first is the bragging rights. giving people the sense that the winner is so near to the nomination that it's over. it's a psych call victory more than anything. the second is that after iowa historically candidates who finished fourth or below drop out. why do they drop out? because they run out of money. but that may not be true this time because just about everyone has a super pac with millions, sometimes tens of millions to spend on the campaign. whiches that the republican race, for example, may go on for several, several months. democratic race may be a bit longer, too.
7:51 am
certainly until the southern primaries in march. all of this takes us back to the meaning of iowa. it may have held some significance in the past, if you will, but the fusion of dollars and candidates who suggest it may mean a lot less today than ever before. don't tell the networks that. >> right. >> don't tell cable television that. >> right. >> but, you know, that's the reality. >> what you're saying is don't get too stressed out once we see the results tomorrow night. don't let it boil our blood in one direction or another. wait and see. >> don't get too up. don't get too down. it's the first set of plays in the super bowl. let me tell you, it's a long game and so is this. >> long game, indeed. thank you so much. we'll be right back. the world economic forum warns robots are here to take our jobs. we'll have expert commentary from the former cto of california. do we deserve the super bowl? at k59.
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they aren't the only teams with championship -- pardon me. >> thank you. >> i was excited to talk about the next story. >> wait, it's a good one! >> i mean, it's super bowl. i'll hurry up then you can talk. >> i would love that. >> we'll talk about the weather now. >> sorry. >> it's sunday! 7:54. a live look over the golden gate bridge. lovely. live tv. it just rolls. here in san jose we have showers falling.
7:55 am
south bay commuters as you get going out this morning looking at pretty heavy rain. we're looking at showers. all of this stuff is making the way out of the region. we is sunshine coming. the clouds are starting to move out of here. we'll eventually see the sun. even as soon as 11:00 for the south bay. you can see now in san francisco already seeing the sunshine and 42 in the north bay. 50 in sf and showers in the east and south bay. chilly this afternoon 56. 57 for the east bay. keep the jackets handy. now the rain is moving out of here. the cold front will continue to swing through. it has been snowing overnight as well. they picked up another foot of snow. another half foot is expected over the next day or so. future cast in motion by 11:00. snowing across the sierras. sunshine for us. by the evening it will be a chilly tonight.
7:56 am
temperatures near freezing in the inland locations. places like san jose and palo alto looking at mid 30s tonight. even concord. the inner bay not so bad. 35 in na and 36 for santa rosa. the se we're talking about another 4 to 8 inches by the time the thing winds down tomorrow morning. let's put the futurecast in motion. the system tonight will push through. skies clear for tomorrow. by tuesday another storm system dives south. you'll notice the seven-day forecast will bring a few showers to the bay area for tuesday. it clears out by tuesday night. wednesday a start to see more sunshine before another system pushes in for thursday. it falls apart. we're not expecting a lot out of that. a ridge builds in and pushes the storm toward the north. by the upcoming weekend it looks like things start to dry out. it looks like the extended forecast dry out after tuesday. temperatures start to rebound
7:57 am
here and we're talking about 60s by the time we get toward super bowl thursday, friday, saturday even sunday looking delightful with no rain in the forecast! at least right now by 3:30 kick off 60 degrees in san jose. >> i'm sorry, my dear friend. i'm so embarrassed. thank you. i want to tell you about the santa clara about the synchronized swimming club that advanced. the young swimmers are heading to the national championship in mesa, arizona in april. it's 16 local swimmers there ranging in age from 10 to 15. they'll compete against synchronized swimmers from across the country. the santa clara aqua mates club trained since 1964. we talk about the panthers and the broncos aren't the only teams up for a championship win right now santa clara. >> very cool. that's hard to do. i swam for years. synchronized swimming -- >> oh, yeah. i can't imagine.
7:58 am
>> it's tough. >> we wish them the best of luck. thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00. >> sia!
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday, the iowa caucuses. the candidates have had their say, now it's time for iowa voters to have theirs. can donald trump win here and just simply start to roll? >> i don't even think i have to campaign anymore. why am i even wasting my time? >> can ted cruz beat trump and turn is into a two-man race? >> the time for all that media noise is past. this is your time. >> what about marco rubio? does he finish second and become the chief challenger to trump? >> you see some deceitful things going on in the last minute. >> ted cruz, marco rubio and rand paul are all with me here live. plus, what will the latest e-mail story do to hillary clinton's chances? >> i never sent or received any


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