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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 3, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PST

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deadly virus on a south bay campus. first a warning now confirm cases of a deadly virus on the south bay campus. the immediate steps officials are taking to protect more students from meningitis. and caught a little too close to a prostitution sting just days ahead of the super bowl. the action the denver broncos are taking this morning with a practice squad player what has not been charged with anything. a chp officer stabbed while trying to keep the area safe. today in the bay starts right now. a very good morning to you. i'm laura garcia cannon. >> and i'm sam brock. and the day starts on a cold note. i can already see 40s in your forecast this morning. >> good morning. it's very cold out there as you
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head out the door. mostly cloer skies and our temperatures will get milder this afternoon but we'll also have some rain by the evening commute. as we start out, right at 40 degrees in the south bay. we may have frosty conditions, especially in the wind sheltered valleys. through the day, highs reaching 58 degrees, the south bay up to 56 degrees and you'll see showers moving through. we'll talk more about that. but let's head to the tri-valley now with mike. >> so far the view from this camera looks great. this is doubly westbound 580. we'll look at the map. westbound is all green. it's also green eastbound coming off of san ramon road. but there is a crash reported there, possibly on the right shoulder. we'll get more details in the next couple of minutes. no problems around the bay. there's your approach in toward san francisco and we'll track the crowd as more folks come to
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the city toward the end of the week. police are searching for an elderly woman citizening since yesterday afternoon. 61-year-old marlene hayes was last seen yesterday. as you head out to work you'll see silver alert signs including this one on 880 in fremont. blond hair, blue eyes, 5'2". she may be driving a beige 2010 toyota camera. she suffers from medical conditions and may become disoriented. a little too close to the action. one denver broncos football player is not going to be anywhere near the super bowl this sunday, this after insiders say he was too close to a prostitution sting. santa clara deputies descended on a motel 6 in san jose. our sources say that ryan murphy was detained along with his brother and a woman. deputies did cite and release
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his brother and the woman but murphy was not charged. that was still enough to send murphy back to denver. although practice safety squad murphy was noticed by police, we decided that it was best for the team if we continued our preparations for sfrbl 50 without him. ryan is returning to denver but his status as a practice squad player has not charged at this time. >> 4:33. happening today. department of homeland security will be in san francisco to discuss the safety efforts for super bowl 50. jeh johnson will lead the session which includes officials from nfl as well as bay area law enforcement. there have been no credible threats to any of the events leading up to the game. there are roughly 30 law enforcement agencies taking part in protection for super bowl week. a chp officer recovering this morning after suffer serious injuries in a san
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francisco stabbing attack. i all unfolded yesterday after a near homeless encampment not far from justin home plaza. a person attacked the officer. he suffered a slashed trachea and was stabbed multiple times. the chp does expect the officer to survive. a short time later san francisco police arrested a 44-year-old man and officers say that he had a large kitchen knife on his person. some believe this latest incident raises the stakes in an ongoing debate about plice use of force in san francisco. the city's police commission is meeting later tonight to discuss that very topic. a spokesman for the police officer's association points out that yesterday's attack highlights the danger when someone is armed with a knife. critics are less understanding. >> this just goes to show you how quickly an attack can happen. >> we have come to a common ground where we have to understand what is enough and
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what is left. >> of course you'll remember san francisco police shot and killed mario woods in december when they say he refused to drop his knife. that prompted the police department to review its use of force policies. new in morning, meningitis scare on a south bay university campus has leaders racing to avoid any further spread of the disease. officials at santa clara university will hold a news conference this morning about two students with confirmed cases of meningitis. the santa clara county public health department will be working to vaccinate students who recently had close contact with the sick student. meningitis is a rare infection which causes inflammation of the brain and spinal cord. it can be contracted by saliva or having close contact with an infected person. yesterday kari tells us that the weather for the super bowl weekend was looking quote awesome. i hope that's still the case. >> it is still the case. we have a little bit of rain to get out of the way today.
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as we see the system moving in, the swath of clouds roll off to the west, that will be here later on this afternoon. we're getting ready for some wet weather. scattered showers approaching the north bay. spotty rain moving through the evening commute and then we'll see the rain tapering off late tonight and into the start of the day tomorrow. our temperatures today will still be on the cool side. we'll talk about all of that and a look ahead to the super bowl coming up. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roadways. >> not a lot. we're looking toward oakland. we'll show you the map for the same area approaching the bay bridge. no wind advisories for this morning. it's a smooth drive. chp let us know that the incident at east 580, everything is off to the shoulder and it sounds like one vehicle remaining there, not a crash or no injuries and no lanes blocked. the south bay moves well.
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we'll show you live shots from around the bay coming up. >> thank you, mike. coming up next, not good to go. the olympics in rio a no go for certain travelers. why one brazilian government is saying one particular group should stay away. got a fip for nbc bay area's investigative unit, call 1-888-96 tips or e-mail the unit at nbc bay area, we investigate.
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their sights on new . right now decision 2016 and presidential candidates now setting their sights on new hampshire, one of the smallest states in the nation about to become magnified under the microscope of national politics. political experts are still raing about senator ted cruz's ground game. cruz says he's continue with the strategy in new hampshire. meantime, marco rubio hoping to build off of his strong third place finish in iowa. and donald trump just trying to regain his top spot. trump predicting a win on tuesday. >> got the biggest vote ever in the history of a primary in iowa by like 60,000 people came out extra. i'm not going to say it was me but believe me, it was me. >> humbly stated. on the democratic side, hillary clinton fresh off of her tight
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victory over bernie sanders hoping to close the gap in new hampshire by next tuesday. sanders holds a double digit lead over clinton in recent polls. now to a developing story. the summer olympics are now concerned about the happen i.d. straed of the zika virus. the government is recommending pregnant women avoid going to rio this summer. the zika virus is linked to birth defects. this week the world health organization declared it an international health emergency. an alarming development in the ongoing zika cries has doctors all over the world on alert. health officials in dallas identified a case of zika virus they say that was sexually transmitted. the super bowl bringing out the best in advertising year of year. for many of you, the reason you tune n to watch the super bowl. coming up next, a glimpse of what everyone is going to be talking about on monday morning.
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frost out there on the window. it is very cold out >> it is cold. >> what are you laughing at? >> i'm laughing at the fact that everyone is complaining that it's so stinkin' cold outside. it's february. some people got to come prepared. >> it is february, yes, it does get cold this time of the year. but i'm so looking forward to the warmth that's in the forecast. and you have to see this to believe it. let's check out what's happening out there now as we take a live
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look now at san jose. we start out with clear skies and yes you can see your breath as you head out the door. but later on we'll have rain moving in. if you'll be goon pretty much all day, grab the umbrella before you head out. as we take a look at the next system approaching, a large swath of clouds moving in spreading rain our way in the next couple of hours. our temperatures now, it's 38 in livermore, 39 in concord and napa and 43 in san francisco and oakland. so this is yet again another cold front moving in. so as that approaches, we will start to see the scattered showers moving into the north baby this afternoon and into the evening. it won't be a heavy rain. it will be pretty much hit or miss throughout tonight and into the start of the day tomorrow before this moves on. and rainfall totals really don't look that significant. in u kaia you may get a quarter
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of an inch. highs today in the upper 50s. this is the same weather we had yesterday except we had the rain during the morning, this time it comes during the afternoon. we have a high surf advisory that starts today continuing into friday as we're looking at high waves out there with the winds kick up as the storm system approaches. the winds picking up to 20 miles an hour creating some high waves. check out the forecast for this weekend. highs in the low 60s on friday, upper 60s for saturday in the south bay and hitting 70 degrees on sunday and all of that sunshine to go along with it. let's check in with mike to see how the roads are moving. looking great. no problems for the wet roads over the course of the day but right now a problem. the san mateo bridge is calm as far as the winds go. we're looking up on southbound 101, haven't started the morning
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commute here. a nice drive. across the golden gate bridge and in the south bay we look at 101, this is northbound 101. see north 280? a smooth drive throughout silicon valley. we'll watch as the traffic starts to build and we'll monitor the city carefully as more folks come into the city for the weekend. what we feared for weeks now is official. yahoo! is laying off more than 1,000 people rnl for more on that, let's turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc headquarters. >> good morning to you both. the markets will look to reverse tuesday's losses. stocks fell sharply yesterday with oil once again the culprit. falling 5% below $30 a barrel. oil as lost 10% this week, the biggest two-day decline since the financial crisis. look for data on hiring and
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earnings from comcast and gm. the dow dropping 295 points. the nasdaq losing 104. yahoo! is trimming down cut 15% of its workforce or 1600 jobs and close offices in five locations and will also pair down its web products and sell some noncore assets such as real estate. they will continue to pursue a sale of its internet core business. amazon may be heading to the mall. a ceo of a mall operator says the online retailer is planning to open up to 400 physical book stores. amazon opened a store in seattle last year. it would be a reversal for the company that is credited with putting several bik and mortar chains out of business. amazon isn't commenting. >> getting back to their roots. they started out selling books. >> there's something about holding a book.
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going to a book stores. super bowl fever is taking over the bay area in case yaw haven't noticed. last night city hall was the place to be if you wanted super bowl tickets. ♪ all right. so what's going on here? city leaders gave away two tickets to sunday's game. the tickets were the grand prize in a contest to promote local shopping during the super bowl week. the winner, longtime mill milpitas resident. >> thank you jesus. i've been a resident for 45 years. this is just one of those most exciting things i've see it do so far. >> delores says she's a 49ers fan but she's excited about the super bowl being played here.
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super bowl of course has become more than a championship game. a lot of people may be surprising to know but a lot of people watch just to see the commercials. and we're getting an early peek at a theme of the adds that will run on super sunday. >> i'm going to text you during the game so you know what the score is. each 30-second ad costs upwards of $5 million to run. last year featured several ads that tugged at your heartstrings, like dogs in hot dogs, this year is more of a trend toward the humor rouse ad. >> a safe haven for beer companies and car companies. and when it works it can be really effective. but when it falls flat, not so much. there are some risks but in general funny is a crowd pleaser for sure. >> hard to go wrong with stephen tyler.
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experts say more celebrities are appearing in super bowl ads this year than they did at this time last year. we now know the super bowl is really getting close. doesn't this happen every year when the zoo animals start to make their predictions and we follow it closely. including ozzy the grizzly bear and he picked the denver broncos. what do you think about that? he made his prediction after sniffing with two cakes, going with the horse, not the panther. don't bet the house on the broncos though. ozzy is often right but he did pick the broncos last time they were in the super bowl and as seahawks fans will tell you, the broncos were crushed. coming up next, homeless with 100,000. the reason a san francisco could end up getting a nice fat check following the arrest of the southern california escaped inmate.
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okay. it's a cold, very cold start. it's all relative here. but i think we would both agree -- >> it's very cold. >> -- it's cold enough to warrant a jacket to keep you warm this morning. >> make sure you're bundled out as you head out the door this morning. we'll be enjoying warmth and unshine this weekend in time for the super bowl.
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pregame 67 degrees, when the game kicks off, 71 degrees, halftime 68 degrees. we'll have nice weather this sunday. he's check in with mike. we're in palo alto, i'm look farg crash. there was one reported at willow. i don't see anything and no slowing shows up on our speed sensor. there may be some activity when embarcadero and willow. watch for that. further north there's a disabled vehicle approaching 280. that's the original report. chp is going to check it out. they're able to take care of things very quickly right knew. not all bank robbers hide their faces with masks and carry guns. we're learning new way about the thieves are stealing money. in some cases the victims are elderly or deceased. san francisco's district attorney is dealing with a case involving a bank teller and his
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coconspirator, they're facing charges including grand theft. according to court records within bank teller david gee guard vich used his position as a bank teller to allow his friend to access accounts belonging to elderly or recently deceased customers. the bank transfers and withdrawals equaled more than $800,000. >> we've seen this is a growing problem here in san francisco and across the country. we're worried that we're going to begin to see a increase in the number of cases. >> the d.a.'s office is not revealing how many victims they targeted. his tip led to the arrest of two escaped inmates and now he could get an award for his good deed. a san francisco homeless man may get $100,000 in reward money. matthew chapman alerted the police to the van stoeting by the jail escapees.
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the sight led to their arrest. it's 4:56 right now, springing into action and right now. stop the spread of meningitis at a south bay campus. two confirmed cases at santa clara university have health officials right now on high alert. picked up by deputies in the thick of a prostitution sting. a denver broncos player isn't being charged with anything but that hasn't stop the team from taking punitive action. happening right now, a woman accused 0 stealing a south bay police car blames it on a meth infused bender. we link to her jailhouse interview. and. hall lie berry waiving into the oscar diversity debate. put the link under this just in section. trending at, a serious super bowl sighting at a south bay to korea.
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find out who took diners by surprise. bay motel-- sends a broncos
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player home before the big a prostitution sting at a south bay motel sends a broncos player home before the big game. plus, super bowl fever spanning the bay area this morning. four more days to go, weer ooh live in san francisco with all of the excitement. and a health scare at a bay area university. two students confirmed having cases of meningitis. the fight to contain it now. "today in the bay" starts right
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now. good morning. i'm sam brock. >> and i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's look at the cold start to our morning. here's kari. >> bundle up. the temperatures are warming up throughout the day. south bay, 39 degrees. we're looking at highs today in the mid to upper 50s with some rain moving in by the evening commute. we'll see the scattered showers through tonight and tapering off early in the morning. i'll detail that coming up. let's check in with mike to see what's happening on the roads. zooming in toward the traffic heading in toward san francisco you see a light easy drive, no backup at the toll plaza and no shake to the camera. we'll look over toward the maps and show you the traffic flow calm as well. 101 northbound at 280, that might be blockinghe


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