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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 8, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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right now. and a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. very smooth sailing yesterday and now we're smoothly moving into your monday, kari. >> a great way to start out the week. it is cool as you head oout the door, as usual. we do have mid-40s in the north bay, as well as the south bay. but mid-50s in san francisco in the east bay. the peninsula today will be topping out at 78 deit greedegr. near record highs for many spots in the tri-valley we're looking at 76 and 72 in the city. now, we'll talk more about that. i'll let you know how long it it lasts coming up in a few minutes. let's check in now with mike with a heads up for the tri-valley drivers. >> this week we have already a bigger build west 580 here and just outside our camera shot. a crash reported west 580 around isabel. that is blocking one lane and should be a smoother drive as
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you see right there. but we have all this traffic coming in oout of the altamnt pass and for pleasanton into sunol. we didn't see that most of last week either. notice there is a build over towards the san mateo bridge and a fender bender reported. i'm getting more details where that is in hayward and direction off of the carquinez bridge and jammed into hercules and two lanes reported by a crash. a lot of slowing here. meanwhile in the south bay, a slower drive and north bay, no problem. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. a developing story now. a gunman on the run after opening fire on a busy east bay freeway. last night's shooting is the sixth along a very popular stretch of state 80 in just the last few. "today in the bay" chuck coppola joining us live this morning where a victim was taken and, chuck, now an update on his status. >> that's right. his injuries are considered not life threatening. he was shot in the arm and
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chest, but we can also add that all lanes of interstate 80 were closed for about an hour as a result of this shooting. the gunshot victim in this most recent incident is recuperating here with injuries not life threatening. he was wounded when he stopped to help a woman with a flat tire. that's when people chp officers described two cars on interstate 80 in what is described as an altercation. >> they were stopped on the shoulder here trying to figure out their next course of action, itted like a suspect for unknown reasons came by here and fired at least two rounds, possibly more, striking both vehicles and a male victim who had a gunshot wound. it it looked like to the arm and possibly threw his arm into his chest. >> the chp needs your help now. officers are looking for the people in two cars that fired while passing the victim on the
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roadside. it it all happened on westbound interstate 80 at about 9:30 last night. chp does not believe thissing is related to earlier ones. reporting live in walnut creek, i'm chuck coppola. 6:03. after years, months, days and hours of anticipation, the super bowl has come and gone. so, what happens now? this is the live look from our nbc chopper hovering above levi stadium. quiet right now. but that certainly wasn't the >> live team coverage this morning and we start with kris sanchez who is live at sjc where the crowds that poured in are heading out p. >> i would expect that all of the flights are going to be pretty busy, especially as they head to denver and cities where panther fans live, as well. a lot of fans headed here directly after the super bowl
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was over. trying to beat the crowds here this morning. and we find some bronco fans as they were at the all smiles. panther fans were a different story. we did talk with one man who said he was always planning to leave right after the super bowl, but with the loss, it was really good timing. >> well, you know, they played it it anyways. but even better now. >> now super bowl travelers could impact your commute on b.a.r.t. today. b.a.r.t. had record ridership this weekend. vta trains were packed on super bowl sunday. might have felt the pinch as some trains flew without stopping without making stops in between. cal train ran extra trains and also had more than double the number of riders than usual and you could notice spillover today as fans continue to make their way out of town. we will repeat an air travel warning that we have been saying since friday. if you have a flight today, even
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into tomorrow, tuesday, arrive threes before your flight and make sure that you can get your gate on time. not only here at manetta but at sfo and oakland. >> thank you very much, kris. 6:05 right now. keeping fans safe at super bowl came at a hefty price. the department of homeland security labelled the super bowl a tier one event, which is the second highest national security rating. blockhawk helicopters hovered at levi stadium and there were snipers and on the ground armored vehicles and a lot of police, including canine units. fans took notice. >> some police cars i've seen cops but that's a level up. >> they won't let you win with your car or anything. and, you know what, it's a good thing. >> i feel pretty safe. if anything goes down, i think it's the safest place is the super bowl. >> santa clara police say in addition to all the visible
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presence, there were also plain clothed officers keeping an eye out. it was quite a night for bronco fans in the south bay. the celebrations spilling into to downtown san jose. hundreds gathered outside the marriott waiting to meet the new world champs. those parties sure to go well into the night. >> yeah. a lot of go broncos from the bay area to denver. fans were out in force celebrating their first super bowl win in 17 years. police are reporting only a handful of arrests, though. all for minor injuries. >> well, a lot of excitement there. certainly another side to the super bowl coin. fans of the panthers were left disappointed after a tough loss to the broncos. carolina who init erinentered t as the favorites has to wait.
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>> this is not a big deal. peyton manning i'm happy for him. no, it it makes me want to cry. so sad. >> the panthers have yet to win a super bowl in two chances while the bronco fans celebrate denver's third super bowl win in that team's history. the prospects still very good for the panthers next year. meantime, a lot of people when you say what are you looking forward to the most? the half-time show. last night's performance had some fans kind of unimpressed. ♪ >> they sounded pretty good. but there were some mixed reviews of coldplay's half-time perfo performance. beyonce and bruno mars later joined the stage and seemed to heat things up. ♪ up town funk you up >> that's right, the queen b mixing it it up. now, the half-time show also featured a montage of former performers and a colorful
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stadium disof the words, believe in love. another live look over levi stadium this morning for more behind the scenes images from super bowl 50 and there are a lot of them, head to our website, no doubt you'll have fun flipping through some of them. >> lot of great photos we got. weird to see a darkened stadium this morning because so much excitement andtricity and now so much warmth here heading into your monday to greet you. meteorologist kari hall. >> you can't please everyone and the same goes for the weather, too. we have some warm temperatures, but other people are saying, yeah, i'd like some rain. now it's 54 degrees in san francisco. and 44 degrees in the north bay and 44 in the east bay. 43 degrees to 42 in dublin and 53 in alameda and oakland is now at 63 degrees. so, a warm start for some, but look at how warm it it gets this afternoon. we're talking near 80 deit grgrn
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san jose. get there in half moon bay and the mission district today and oakland 75 and dublin today a high of 79 degrees. this weather will start to get a lilt bit cooler, but we keep the dry weather. i'll talk more about that coming up in a few minutes. but let's get an update on what's happening on the roads now from mike. >> start with the san mateo bridge where traffic starts to build a bit westbound. high rise there was slowing and earlier disabled vehicle reported there. look at your map, do see the speed sensors starting to dip towards the foster city side. the peninsula still light and 101 no problem past the dumbarton bridge and 101 at 680. southbound 880 slows more towards tennyson just past the san mateo bridge. one crash leaving vehicles in lanes and the big rig towards the center divide. a lot of slowing through hayward and a bigger build for the
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tri-valley for south 680 and that crash west 580 at isabel doesn't look like it's causing any problems. slow off of the maze for 580 west and top of your screen looking at carquinez bridge and westbound 80 jams from there all the way down to a crash also leaving a vehicle in lanes for the upper east shore freeway, guys. back to you. >> thanks. coming up next the race for the white house running now through new hampshire. we're there live as voters gettingy to hit the polls in just a matter of hours. one of the nicest people in silicon valley loses a billion dollars. not betting on the panthers, but betting on himself. i'm bob redell. why some of the traffic headaches will not end even though the super bowl is over. that story coming up. the super bowl is over, so look what is left of the field at levi stadium. that's a lot of confetti to
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everybody living the high from the super bowl. right now another look at what men are calling a show stopping rendition of "the national anthem." ♪ o can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming ♪
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one of silicon valley's most influential people lost a billion dollars on friday. >> when you're a multi-billionaire it's all r relative. but, scott mcgrew, that's a lot of money to lose. >> reed hoffman kept it in the company he created, linkedin. the value of hoffman's holdings fell more than $1 billion. he's going to be just fine. fun trivia, he co-owns the social networking patent that makes facebook possible. wall street had a rough day friday, well. today doesn't look good either. the old super bowl rule about how the markets do this year depending on who won said it
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will be a bad year because the team from the former afc won that rule works 80% of the time. but correlation is not causation. san francisco's based zirk will lay off workers as it it ends its plan to provide any time, anywhere parking to customers and consumers. a small number. zirks is not closing and just pivoting its business. i said in the past, out when these luxury services run into trouble. it could be a sign the economy is getting bumpy. and over the weekend, emoryville leapfrog was purchased by v-tech. this end an era in children's toys. it it was a hot stock years ago but the leap pad was eclipsed by the ipad. why would you pay $100 for a leappad and you have an ipad and an app is $1.99. >> this company more than any other was affected by the ipad in a negative way. >> that is a good point. interesting.
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>> you talked about cars a second ago. parking cars, scott. super bowl 50 now in the rear view mirror and things switching now to clean-up mode. here is a live look from above levi stadium. take a lot of crews to gather up all that confetti which, as you can see, still sitting on the field. >> bob red it ell live in san francisco. the road clochers and the cleanup there around super bowl city also re, bob. >> well, laura and sam, it will take workers a little while. i'm talking a little while, several days. at least throughout this week to take down super bowl city which you are well aware at the foot of market and justin herman plaza behind me. the road closures we have been talking about in the week leading up to super bowl sunday, still going to be in effect at least through next sunday. that's what we're being told because they have to take down the city, that includes the large tents and the large structures and a lot of large
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items in there and the concert venue and if you look at the map, see the specific area that we are talking about. justin herman plaza at the northeast end of market. these are the roads being affected in the area until they get this reopened, again. the point, the time they're shooting for is next sunday. talking about another seven days. even though the game it itself is finished, the super bowl committee has unfinished business. later this morning at 8:00, the leaders of the committee will officially hand over responsibilities to the city of houston, which will be hosting super bowl li next year and then at 8:30 brockoes head coach gary kubiak and came mvp von miller will hold one last news conference to discuss yesterday's win at the super bowl. this before they head back to denver. reporting here live in san francisco, bob redell "today in the bay." the sweet smell of victory for a lot of people this morning and the bitter taste of defeat for many others to put it poetically. the temperatures still climbing
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here on monday, especially if you're still stuck in town and i use the term stuck very loosely. >> lucky to stay in town because our weather has been absolutely gorgeous. we're going to keep the warm and the sunshine today. taking a live look now at the bay bridge. the beautiful lights just flowing on across the. well, as you enjoy that. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen and our temperatures now anywhere from 59 degrees in concord to 44 in livermore and it's 54 in oakland and san francisco. let's take it hour by hour in san francisco because temperatures here will be warming up quickly. we'll already be at 59 degrees at 10:00 this morning. and also in the financial district, as we continue to see those temperatures surge right around lunchtime, it will be beautiful. a lot of sunshine. reaching the low 70s in some spots. while ocean beach stays in the 60s all throughout the day. we do have this dry pattern in place and this is the reason why
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we have high pressure and around high pressure we always have a clockwise flow of winds. it's pushing the winds off shore and allowing our temperatures to warm up. you know, the ocean breeze will be very cool. it it was coming in the other direction. we also have a change in the jet stream. that's the flow of the upper level winds. carrying the low pressure north of the bay area. we will stay dry and we will keep at least a few more days of the record warm temperature in the bay area. into the day tomorrow, we're still in the mid-70s in the south bay. but you'll notice the trend will be slightly cooler each day. and the peninsula 73 degrees tomorrow. but 66 degrees on thursday. san francisco we see those temperatures holding steady in the upper 60s and then else where we also will see the highs coming down from the 70s into the 60s and just to give you an idea of where we should be in livermore, 59 degrees. this is just about the case everywhere. we should be right in the lower
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60s. we are up to 76 degrees in livermore and even as it cools down, it it stays well above average into the end of the week. we'll be talking more about that. but let's check in now with mike to get an update on the morning commute. >> we are seeing more of a commute than we did last week. more folks oon the road and remind folks as we travel southbound away from the coliseum that there will be congestion right around the san mateo bridge. look at the map, a crash at tennyson just past the 92 interchange. it sounds like your fast lane is still blocked by a pretty big box truck there and this is a big jam and maybe have more folks take the san mateo bridge and to get out of the jam, they'll head to 84. showing a slower drive, as well. the east shore freeway we have the metering lights on as you would expect. jamming up west 80 across the span and down towards sunol
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valley road where we have one lane blocked, again, by a crash here, as well. those are two tough sfaupots. the south bay, for example, 101 jamming up and things have calmed down now. we do have that closure right by levi stadium, as well. it will take a few days for all these things to recover from the earlier commotion from the super bowl. back to you. >> a lot of commotion. thanks, mike. coming up next, a pivotal moment in the race for the white house. we're live in new hampshire as candidates from both sides of the aisle vying for votes just hours ahead of tomorrow's primary. everybody talking about the golden super bowl. the morning after live look overlooking levi stadium this morning. that fuzz on the field there, that's a lot of confetti from a lot of celebrating. a lot of eanup. the news continues coming up. got a tich fp for nbc bay a investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
6:22 am nbc bay area, we investigate.
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welcome back, everyone. 6:24. super bowl monday, perhaps. kind of the morning after. taking a live outside our nbc bay area chopper flying high over levi stadium. certainly dark right now. but boy was that place lit up
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with the works yesterday with, you know, so much excitement. with a big super bowl game here in the bay area. >> just a smashing success from start to finish, too. we saw bob redell about five minutes ago reporting from super bowl city which now they're starting to take down piece by piece but just an amazing celebration. millions of people coming out and getting a piece of the super bowl experience. we'll continue to follow reaction from the big game. in the meantime, another field now. the political one. the polls in new hampshire open in than 24 hours. today candidates are hitting the ground running, trying to win over some undecided voters. tracie potts joining us live this morning in manchester, new hampshi hampshire. the frontrunners bernie sanders and donald trump. >> front runners by double digits and just got confirmation a couple hours ago in the university of massachusetts daily tracking pole that they are leading here by double
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digits. but here's the thing, there are some democrats and a much bigger chunk of republicans who say they're not necessarily going to vote for the candidate tomorrow. that they are supporting today. in other words, they could still change their mind. that's keeping things fluid here and that's why we're watching these candidates make their final pitches on this last full day of campaigning before the polls open tomorrow. we have hillary clinton and ted cruz and donald trump and a couple of others, john kasich here in manchester today. others spread out around the state trying to make their case. the other big thing that we're watching, who will be the number two, assuming trump wins with that double-digit lead. who is going to be the number two here in new hampshire? kind of up for grabs. marco rubio had quite a bit of momentum. his numbers had been surging and he took had hit from chris christie over the weekend. ted cruz still competitive within one percentage point and john kasich also seeing his
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numbers rise. actually number two in one of the polls that just popped up here. and, so, that's going to be a big question. also, if hillary clinton is not going to win new hampshire, is she going to be able to lose it by single digits going into south carolina? >> absolutely. we'll see how she bounces back if she does lose. thank you. one winner peyton manning. everyone talking about him and his future and also his counterparts and league mvpcam newton. >> they just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say. >> how do you do in the face of losing? coming up next, more reaction from newton visibly upset over last night's super bowl loss. i'm chuck coppola in walnut creek where the highway parole needs your help after another highway shooting. that story coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail
6:28 am nbc bay area, we investigate.
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super bowl 50 now one for the history books. this as we take a live look right now the nbc chopper hovering above a confetti fill levi stadium. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. much more super bowl coverage in a few minutes and let's check in with the super bowl coverage with kari. >> we could set some records in some spots. we'll be watching the temperature as it it climbs each degree all day long. now, it it is cool to start. we have mostly clear skies and
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upper 40s in parts of the bay area, like the south bay, mid-50s in san francisco and the east bay. but the highs today reaching into the upper 70s today. and, once again, we could be setting some records. but it does cool off as we go through the week. i'll talk about that in a few minutes, but mike has a heads up about the san mateo bridge. >> a couple slow spots. three we'll talk about. first westbound we saw slowly moving tow truck going to the center deit vd area. that earlier crash we talked about looks like they tried to remove cars. look at the map. slow across the span approaching the rise because of the tow trucks and south 880 jams through hayward towards tennyson where we have one lane blocked. -long box truck that has to be removed from an earlier crash there. slowing from the tri-valley, but that's more than we had last week. the traffic is back, folks, as we look towards the upper east shore freeway, as well.
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westbound 80 and we do have a crash which leaves two of your left lanes blocked. your two fast lanes and causing slowing off the carquinez bridge. talking about slowing and a crash near. >> that is a developing story we're following this morning. a man shot on a busy east bay freeway and now the search is on for the person who pulled the trigger. last night's shooting is the sixth along a popular stretch of interstate 80 in the past few months. "today in the bay" chuck coppola live where the victim was taken. chuck? >> we're told that the injuries are not life threatening, laura. the bullet shattered a window near where he was standing when he had stopped to help a woman with car trouble. all happened in pinole. chp believe that the man and woman were innocent bystanders.
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>> a vehicle ended up with a flat tire so she pulled over to the right shoulder to go ahead and figure oout what she was going to do next. call a tow or change the tire out. she also had somebody that she knew pull over with her. so, while they were stopped on the shoulder here trying to figure out their next course of action, it looks like a suspect for unknown reasons came by here and fired at least two rounds, possibly more. >> this happened at approximately 9:30 last night. as a result, all lanes of i-80 were closed for about an hour while officers investigated. officers do not think this shooting is connected with other shootings on that same stretch of highway in the east bay recently. chp wants anyone with information about the shooting, the cars or the people involved to contact them. >> chuck, thank you very much. shifting back now to our super bowl 50 coverage and the
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bay area has quite a good deal of cleanup on its plate this morning after hosting the biggest sporting event of the year. a live look right now from above levi stadium. what a difference a few hours makes as that place was rocking, filled with nearly 75,000 people last night. >> a lot of amazing performers. we have live team coverage on all things super bowl this morning. we start with "today in the bay" kris sanchez live at sjc where the crowds that poured in are heading out. kris? >> the sunrise is blue and oronge, is that a coincidence? i'm not sure. we have seen a steady flow of travelers arriving here at maneta san jose this morning and that three-hour advice before your flight. we found folks arriving here night heading straight to the airport after the super bowl. bronco fans were all smiles, of course. panther fans didn't have a lot of time to talk. this morning we found quite a
6:35 am
few passengers including people who booked so far back they didn't even realize they would be mingling with the fans. >> we didn't even think about it. we're sorry we -- >> we did it a year ago, that's why. >> we stopped off and spent the weekend with family here in california and wauchd the super bowl. but we're headed to maui. we're not missing that plane. >> you're not here three hours ahead? >> no. >> you bettery. >> thank you. >> all right. let that be your cautionary tale so you don't have to run down the airport sidewalks. some fans may take b.a.r.t. to sfo today. give yourself a little extra time if that's part of oyour commute. and be patient on mass transit. like vta which should be getting back to normal today. cal train ran extra trains oover the weekend, but also had more than double the number of riders than usual. you may notice some spillover this morning as fans make their way out of town or perhaps stick around for this gorgeous weather. back here at the airport, that advice arrive three hours ahead
6:36 am
of your flight, not just relevant today but advice for tomorrow, as well as many folks may be delaying and trying to get out of town a day later and things should be getting back to normal maybe by the end of the week. that's what mike inouye has been saying all morning, as well. >> proper send off there. thank you very much. let's turn things over to "today" show dillon who is live at levi stadium where it is the calm after that big storm. the exciting storm. >> so exciting to be on the field after the game last night. you mentioned the confetti. i had to get a little confetti myself for a souvenir. i know i can hear your chopper above the stadium and i'm being told you can still see all the confetti on the field. so, i think you need very big vacuum to soup all that up. it will take a while and i think they'll find it it into next year. the excitement at levi stadium was so palpable and i got to go out on the field at half-time
6:37 am
and then everything went crazy when beyonce and bruno mars came out. they had this dance off. i was too short on the sidelines and i got on my producers' shoulders to see what was going on. everybody loved the half-time show and the finale of the game was peyton manning winning his second super bowl ring and the first time the broncos have won the super bowl since 1998 when john elway did it it. of course, john elway is now the general manager of the team. must have been very nostalgic for him to be a part of another super bowl win. matt and savannah, got the chance to talk to him earlier this morning. >> walking oout of that field in pregame warm up just a beautiful setting. a 3:30 kickoff and great weather and i was just honored to be a part of it. for our team to come through and get that victory for the denveroes, i just can't tell you how thankful i am to be part of
6:38 am
it. >> i will tell you guys, this area knows how to put on a super bowl. this whole week i have been having so much fun. my first time in the bay area and my first time at a super bowl and this has just been the experience of a lifetime. we'll go through more of it it on "today" show coming up. >> always an open invitation to come on back and get the handfuls of gold there. >> feel free to grab a couple for us, too. >> good to see you. thanks so much. you can watch dylan's full report coming up at 7:00 on "today" show. >> so cool to see people's experiences coming out here for the first time. the weekend was a mixed bag of emotions on the other side of the field. now we're talking about cam newton. on saturday named the league's most valuable player. on sunday newton was not able too that up with the ultimate prize. >> just played better than us. i don't know what you want me to say.
6:39 am
>> i felt bad for the guy. it's tough. the panther star stopped his post-game press conference short. obviously, very frustrated and emotional after that big loss. >> he's known as one of the players who wears his heart on his sleeve. you work so hard to get to that point. he'll be back. >> but will peyton manning? we see. certainly gorgeous weather across the bay area yesterday and that trend continues today. you think we'll get warm today, kari? >> warm today than yesterday. if you loved it it, you'll love this afternoon. cool to start, as usual. now 48 degrees in san carlos and in san jose 46 degrees anda rosa now wakes up to 44 degrees. now, as we go through the day, look at these highs. up to 79 degrees in san jose now. we could be setting some records here half moon bay up to 82 degrees and mission district at 72 in the north bay, napa and santa rosa, 78 degrees.
6:40 am
oakland 75 and dublin today up to 79 degrees. it will be getting cooler as we go through the week. i'll talk about that and let you know if there is any rain in the forecast. let's see what's happening on the roadways now with mike. >> take folks to the toll plaza. we have flashing lights blocking your left lanes on your approach. it shifts them into the main stream traffic slowing things even further. the flashing lights are a concern. we'll look at your map and adding to some slow down coming off of the maze. the commute back in force than it was last week, which was very light. over here looking towards the carquinez bridge where you're jamming for west 80 and an earlier crash there. still leaves two lanes blocked and that is causing quite the tie up. slowing folks but clearing by the time. we'll move your map now and show you that the southbound direction of 880 also jams tennyson where there is a box truck still blocking your fast lane and continue with that
6:41 am
slowing from san leandro towards hayward. a live look. you see the slowing sensors and show you the traffic starting to move a little bit better. we have two tow trucks that travel across the flat section and reports of front end damage and on the flat section. the high rise moves well, but look at the jam coming off the hayward toll plaza. dumbarton bridge a good alternate. animals were a big winner for super bowl advertisers which ones really resonated with viewers. an old rule that says if a team from the old wins, a lousy year on wall street. dow industrials down another 1.3%. even though the super bowl is over, some of the traffic headaches that come along with it aren't quite yet done. i'll explain. that story coming up. that field isn't quite done yet in terms of the cleanup. thank you, bob. a live look right now above levi
6:42 am
stadium. that was a heck of a party and now the even harder cleanup. you see confetti covering the field. pretty much head to toe there. much more on the post-game celebrations and enjoying the golden moments of super bowl 50. we'll be right back. a
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bayrea business decimat . 6:44. happening today, bay area businesses decimated by crab season will have the chance to apply for financial help. representatives from small business administration will be in santa cruz this morning. they're helping anyone who may have taken a huge financial hit
6:45 am
from fishermen to supply companies to sea food d distributers. kept dungeness crab and shell fish off limits. so, up fortunately, nobody was eating dungeness crab after the game but now with super bowl 50 behind us cleaning up, plenty. in cleanup mode as a live look from above levi stadium shows confetti strewn all over the field. a lot of folks working taget o t off. >> the hype winding down and road closures even in san francisco there around super bowl city and some cleanup there, as well, remains. >> going to be several days, laura and sam. around super bowl city here at justin herman plaza. if you're familiar with the complex they set up, you can understand why it's just going
6:46 am
to take a long time to tear it down. they did start tearing down 3:00 yesterday afternoon which was the time around kickoff for the super bowl. but you have the large tents and the tempbuildings in there and a lot of them and along with the concert stage that the estimated it's not going to be taken down and the roads reopened until next sunday. you can take a look at the map and you get an idea of the road closures we're talking about. again, this is the area surrounding justin plaza and the embarcadero center and the northeast end of market. you're still going to have those traffic headaches and the good thing not have security issues that you had when super bowl city was and running. there is still some unfinished business with regards to the super bowl and the super bowl committee it itself. taking place in just over an hour from now. the mosconi center. the host committee will hand over responsibilities to the city of houston, which will be hosting super bowl li. again, that's taking place at 8:00 and just behind that, after
6:47 am
that at 8:30 the denver broncos head coach gary kubiak and mvp von miller. they're speaking at a news conference about yesterday's win before heading back to denver. reporting live, bob redell, "today in the bay." a lot of people posted their reaction to the half-time show on twitter. >> we know that twitter is not always the most accurate source of information. scott mcgrew, one of the funniest tweets came from someone on the field. >> that's right. one of the people who ran on the crowd to be coldplay fans. you probably noticed it it seemed like had their cell phones, right? this particular person tweeted, yes, maroon 5 is life to me. #superbowl50. was she there? did she know it wasplay and not maroon 5? it fired oplot of people on
6:48 am
twitter. you expect to see people tweeting about the halftime show. but a number of reports saying twitter is considering changing that into something more like facebook. where, instead of as it happens, twitter would reorder tweets, according toan algorithm. what ad did you not see? think about it. you've seen one on every super bowl for more than a decade. you did not see a go daddy ad. the company said in the past it it wants to grow up and change with the times. so no more sexy ads like this one. last year it it ran a fairly straight forward ad. this year, absolutely nothing. there were tech commercials. san francisco so-fi ran this one where this person is great, this person is not. reports say they spent 20% of its marketing budget on the ad. i'm not sure they necessarily got their money's worth. i don't think it is on anybody's
6:49 am
favorite. >> that's a big gamble. >> which is probably a million dollars or more. >> $5 million for some of them. you didn't put it on your list of favorite commercials. >> but some memorable ones. let's check out these. ♪ >> fall in love with the outside. marmot. >> advertising spins say that outdoor clothing maker marmot nailed it with their first super bowl ad. features a friendship between an unlikely pair. >> puppy, monkey, baby. >> creepy. >> puppy, monkey, baby. puppy, monkey baby also a hit. you loved it or hated it. a strange one of a baby and a puppy and a monkey.
6:50 am
♪ >> super bowl champions past and also super bowl babies past. people featured in this ad were born nine months after the super bowl. that ad also featured the singer seal coming back from the '90s. >> very interesting one. certainly gorgeous day for super bowl 50. and that great weather continues. >> it was so nice yesterday. and i'm sure everyone enjoyed all of the sunshine. you still need those sunglasses today. and even as the excitement winds down, we'll keep this beautiful weather as we take a live look now from our chopper at levi stadium. absolutely great way to start out the new workweek. and our temperatures now, we're still chilly. you know, it's the usual. it's 44 degrees in the north bay and east bay and in the south bay at 46 degrees. so, let's drop in on the south bay and get a closer look there.
6:51 am
silver creek valley and 45 degrees in campbell and gilroy starts out the morning at 39 degrees. so, already a spread into those temperatures. we'll start to close that gap later on today. after starting out in the 40s, well, we will have some 60s today. quickly warming temperatures will be what you can expect as we go through the day under all sunshine. in oakland by 2:00 and we're at 71 degrees. so, a nice, warm one. what is happening here this dry weather pattern settling in and we had that for most of the week last week. with this high pressure, it is blowing the winds off shore and allowing those temperatures to warm up. we have a change in the jet stream. so, we had a wet january now as we head into february, the jet stream is well to the north. taking with it of the rain that we should be seeing at this time of year. into the next three days, no rain in the forecast. our it temperatures, though, coming down a few more deglrees. still above average in many
6:52 am
spots with highs in the upper 60s and like in spots like livermore. we should be at 59 degrees. we are soaring well above that and maybe setting some records today. we'll keep an eye on that and now keeping an eye on the roads now is mike. >> kari, a flurry of incidents going on and now a lot of them have cleared. the bay bridge toll plaza that blocked the ho v lanes has cleared. back to your normal flow and the fastrak lanes are looking pretty good. bigger volume of traffic on the roadways and now slowing towards the maze because of the earlier crash and recovery and in towards san francisco. the street closures in san francisco still going on for super bowl city all week. bob redell continues to talk about that. meanwhile, recovery for the upper east shore and slow across the carquinez bridge and that crash has cleared both of those left lanes and we have a nice, smoother drive now off that bridge. benicia bridge no problem towards the walnut creek interchange. slower drive and the flat
6:53 am
section tied up by crashes getting cleared from the area. the high rise is just fine. again, the crash and the backup the hayward side. quick look at palo alto. just want to show you no problems for the peninsula or south bay. >> looking very good. thank you, mike. coming up, shots fired along a busy bay area freeway for the sixth time in recent months. how an innocent person on the side of the road nearly became a victim. happening right now, safety ruled the day during super bowl 50. but new information on our web page about air space violations. look for that link under this just in. levi can't seem to get that turf situation right. we tweeted out about the players adjusted to their tough footing and might be to blame. what amounts to a super size cleanup. that's still going on at levi's and it will for several days. that link can be found on our facebook page.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
at 6:56. a developing story out of the east bay where officers are looking for a gunman involved in another shooting on interstate 80 in pinole. >> chuck coppola joining us now. good morning, chuck. >> good morning, sam and laura. we are learning more as dawn breaks here in the bay area.
6:57 am
the ch says this began as some sort of argument between two drivers in two cars at about 9:30 last night on interstate 80. that's when a third car was hit with crossfire. that car had a window shattered as bullets tore across it wounding a man who had stopped to help a woman who had been pulled over with a flat tire. both cars on the side of the road have been pulled over were hit with bullets. the man was struck in his arm and chest. he was brought to hospital with injuries that were described as not life threatening. officers do not think the victim knew the person who fired the gun but asking anyone who knew more about this shooting westbound interstate 80 near pinole to come forward. the investigation closed interstate 80 near pinole for about an hour. i'm chuck coppola, "today in the bay." 6:57. moving on to super 50 as it it moves out. and the cleanup here left behind. this is a live look over levi stadium this morning where you
6:58 am
can see plenty of confetti left over and the people who came to the bay area for that celebration will soon be headed back home which means the airports will be packed. >> they thought it was hard getting out of levi stadium. now get to fly. today in the bay kris sanchez joining us live at sjc. looks like some crowding going on behind this morning. >> yeah, we've been seeing a steady flow of travelers arriving here at maneta san jose. the advice get here three hours before your flight if you are a fan or traveling for business and you're just stuck in the regular hustle bustle of monday morning. we did find travelers who headed straight to the airport after the super bowl last night. bronco fans all smiles and panther fans didn't really want to talk about it. you can expect that some of those travelers heading out of sfo might take b.a.r.t., as well, today. if you commute on b.a.t. give yourself extra wiggle room there, as well. b.a.r.t. had a record ridership this morning. vta after packed trains all
6:59 am
weekend long. cal train ran extra trains and still had more than double the number of riders than usual and you can still see some spillover on your morning commute as fans to make their way out of town and maybe stick around and enjoy some of the gorgeous weather kari is talking about. the advice to arrive three hours early relevant today and into, as well. >> all right, if you're leaving, you're leaving some great weather behind here in the bay area. >> i know you will miss it. as we take a look at the sunrise across all our microclimates. today highs in the upper 70s. >> meantime mike watching a motorcycle accident in dublin right now. >> we got our camera on the flashing lights and in the center divide. the motorcycle is and they're already starting to clear. the backup through livermore should start to recover after they get this completely cleared in the next few minutes. san mateo bridge westbound. we'll end with this shot. trying to clear a crash across that flat section and the
7:00 am
dumbarton bridge is a much better drive. >> that's what's happening "today in the bay." we're back at 7:25 with a live local update. >> meanwhile, grab that confetti why you can. we'll see you in 25 minutes. > good morning. rocky mountain high. >> and the ball is out, in the end zone! >> the denver broncos win the super bowl, upsetting the carolina panthers 24-10. peyton manning now the oldest winning quarterback in super bowl history. was it his last game? we'll ask him this morning. plus, all the highlights from the game. >> von miller did it again! >> the star-studded halftime show. and, of course, the commercials. >> puppy monkey baby. fighting back. >> you said the same thing three or four times. i'll say it again. >> marco rubio forced to defend why he repeated the same message


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