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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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replace barbara boxer this november. overnight, apple's strong rebuke to a judge's order to unlock a terrorist cell phone. coming up. stephanie live in berkeley while three teens are shot in a car in a residential area. the shooter or shooters still on the run. what we just learned from police. the return of the rain. looks beautiful outside now. wet weather and strong wind making its way toward the bay area as we speak. the full timeline right now on today in the bay. good morning. dust off the umbrellas and raincoats. thank you for joining us this wednesday. i'm sam brock. >> or let the rain do that for you. i'm laura garcia canon. >> we start out with mild temperatures stretching to the north bay. we see it looking at the radar,
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light spotty sprinkles that get heavier throughout the day. a close look shows showers just south of santa rosa and immediate coast on the north bay. we will have gusty winds when the advisory starts in about an hour and widespread rain for the entire bay area late this afternoon. tonight, the rain lingers and starts to calm down and we may have a few thunderstorms. i will detail all of that in the forecast. >> i know you said the winter advisory starts in about an hour. chp says a lot of gusts caught them on the bay's bridges and why we marked them here and east bay and diablo. keep that in mind as well. anywhere north the san mateo bridge and there's some slowing, traditional for 880 and the toll bridge plaza. and the camera moves a bit as
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the wind catches it. holding steady. don't make me a liar. >> ask and you shall receive. apple making a stand against the federal government in a debate that pits privacy against national security interests rejecting a court order to help unlock an iphone. >> the phone belonged to one of the terrorists in last year's shooting rampage in san bernardino. joe will join us in a moment. bob is live at headquarters in cupertino. tim cook posted a response on the company's website while most of us were sleeping. >> reporter: he did, laura. apple ceo, tim cook, writes his company has no sympathy for terrorists but states the fbi wanting to have his engineers unlock the data on the iphone could have an effect on security on all i phones. he writes this letter from ceo cook to his customers and in it
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why his company will fight the order to unlock the iphone of sayed farook. he is one of two terrorists to shoot 14 people. they are trying to access data on his phone for the month and a half leading up to the attacks but can't because farook might have disabled the i cloud feature. they want his engineers to set up a back door for the iphone what apple says would be a new iphone system and would be a master key tobey pass enkrimgs found on millions of other iphones and says there's no guarantee the government could keep the master key confined to just that terrorist iphone. here' an expert of that letter i'm quoting from tim cook. while we believe the fbi's intentions are good, it would be wrong for the government to force us to build a back door
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into our products and this would underman the very freedoms our government is to protect. he points out he has cooperated with the fbi in then san bernardino investigation when it comments comes to data already in the fbi's investigation and providing expert advice. bob redell, today in the bay. >> this fight just getting started. thank you. >> it has you saying tim cook is doing exactly what he said he was going to do. >> exactly. i want to take you back a couple months ago, not a surprise. stanford university, tim cook invited to a cybersecurity summit by president obama himself. he stands up there in front of the crowd and makes his first major statement the secrets on our iphone are our secrets and not the government. apple does not know what's on our phones and cannot figure out what's on our phones and will
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not build something to break into those phones. you have to think about how d e daring this was. he says, no, right in front of the president at the president's own event. it was such an important moment in silicon valley, we said it was the most important moment in tech in 2015. now, it's going from principle to practice. cook's stand will help protect the phone used by what every american thinks is an incredibly bad person did undeniably awful things. a lot of people won't understand why an all american company like apple is defending those people. so often when you stand on principle, you're standing behind a person rather kind of dre dreadful, even if the principle itself is honorable. >> saying "those people," it's overall. >> in this case, those people were so terrible, in this one case, changed the rules. >> once you let that one case go through, then it opens the door.
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>> which is pandora's box. it starts with the u.s. magistrate, kind of the low end of the to temp pole you were describe k and could go all the way up. >> i think it has to go all the way to the supreme court. this is not a nuance stand. apple stayed, no. we have to see where it goes. i can't imagine it going anywhere but the supreme court. >> a long haul. thank you. developing story, three teenagers shot while sitting in a car near berkeley. stephanie is there near parker street and san pablo avenue. one of those shot just 16 years old. >> reporter: he is the youngest. we just learned from berkeley police all three survived this shooting but still no arrests made. >> we do know this triple sho
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shooting happened around 7:30 last night. and several markers in view s w showing multiple shots were fired. police say it's unclear if all three young men were the intended targets and what exactly led up to the shooting that put two of the victims in the hospital in very serious condition. >> we don't believe it was a random act but not specific if it was a drive-by or if somebody walked up and shot into the vehicle. >> reporter: the berkeley police department spent several hours canvassing the area and talking to see if there were any more witnesses to help with this. it is dark like it is now so unclear how much information they were able to get. we also know police were unsure if there was one shooter or more than one shooter. checking the database with the berkeley police department on what crimes have happened here and does happen here.
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stephanie, today in the bay. at a high school campus a video of a fight has suddenly become an issue because it has gone viral. it happened last week. the video show as girl from creekside high punching and k k kicking a boy from sonoma high. it has gone viral and seen millions of times. that has parents upset. they believe high school fights should remain a private matter. >> i think the parents of the children should definitely be involved. as far as everyone else, once again, i think it's blown out of proportion. >> the incident is bringing up issues about privacy in the digital age. the schoolbook asked facebook to remove the video but it refused and asked parents about what happened reiterating school safety remains a top priority.
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child molestation charges back in court later today. following an investigation, police arrested jose gonzalez two weeks ago for an inappropriate relationship with a 17-year-old female student. he was the vice principal at james lick high school. the 35-year-old also coaches baseball and girl's volleyball and currently on administrative leave as this case plays out. let's take a peek outside. it's nice outside. you see the camera shake a little bit. it is windy right now and the rain is on its way. >> the evidence is on the satellite radar and kari hall tracking it. good morning. >> good morning. we take a look at some showers just offshore and starting to make it to the inland area. as we go through the next couple of hours, we see this rain working in to parts of the peninsula and north bay and a few sprinkles through the east bay.
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as we take it hour by hour the measurable rain doesn't arrive until this afternoon. we will have a round of some thunderstorms possible for this evening, around 7:00, 8:00 for parts of the peninsula moving to the south bay and east bay, along with gusty winds. into the start of the day tomorrow, he rain tapering off but temperatures way down. looking at temperatures in the highs of low to mid-60s. that's coming up in 10 minutes and now let's look at what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> coming into the north bay, the live cameras shows the shake for the camera getting blown away in emoryville but catching across this span. the lighter flow of traffic we said to expect this week but there ae's the air craround san francisco and watch the dunb
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dunbarton and san mateo bridge and east bay bridge, diablo and sunol. we will give you a live look at san jose shows you the build for traffic starting again this morning. slower at 101 and i will give you a look at silicon valley. back to you. coming up, something we don't see that often, at all, is the pope, losing his cool. the reason he told the crowd, quote, don't be selfish. >> this man will be in court formally charged with killing his son's grandfather, a richmond police officer. we will show you what we expect today. happening today: ==sam/vo== the
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maaccused of kiing an officer will make his first appearance before a judge. ==laura/boxes== today in the bay's kris sanch j ris - this will be an emotional day for the officer's happening later today, the man accused of killing an off-duty police officer. >> the officer's family, his community trying to make sense of his death and today's court hearing for the suspected killer will likely do little to bring them answers they need. robert vega expected to be formally charged at the courthouse. at that arraignment, the judge will ask vega for a plea and set bail. robert vega is accused of killing this man, richmond police officer, gus vegas, he was in his home responding
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thursday as a dad, not policeman when he showed up in his daughter's room hearing her fighting with the father of her child and vega killed vegas instantly on the spot. there will be a public memorial and the family asked for privacy at the burial and reception to follow. we did put a site online if you'd like know your respect that way. and as for the hearing, we will be in the courtroom although our cameras will not be. we asked the judge to put it on video and the judge denied that request. sam and laura. winter storms yet so far to cause major damage this season. one ripple effect is more homeowners have more flood insurance. across california, fema says more than 300,000 people killed by flood damage, some related to
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el nino. the weather pattern is still active and fema plans to address the issues tied to it today in oakland. we have lovely lovely weather. spring like temperatures lately, but we're holding hope. >> we will take a break from those temperatures and make way for showers. as we start out the day, it is breezy with mostly cloudy skies and very mild temperatures. look at that bridge with winds starting to pick up. across our microclimates we're now in the 60s and gusty winds picking up in all areas pretty much and holding steady in the mid to upper 60s. looking now at that rain as it begins to move a little bit closer but expect a possibility of sprinkles moving in the next
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several hours and heavier rain arriving this evening and we have a wind advisory across the hilltops and areas shaded in brown where we could have wind gust s up to 50 miles an hour and the valley a little more protected from higher wind gu gusts. here's the timeline by 1:00 where we have measurable rain moving in for the north bay and becomes heavier this evening. we start to see bright yellows that show intense downpours and san francisco by 6:00 and peninsula and the east bay and south bay later on this evening. the rain become as little more spotty. we can still see that going into early tomorrow for that morning commute and rainfall totals look like a half-inch where we get heavier rain. as far as snow in the sierra, the possibility of 20-inches as
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snow, 22 inches in king vevale inches of snow and that will be good because we lost some from what we had recently and temperatures in the lower 60s and 70s and temperatures start to rebound we will be in the low 70s by sunday. we'll talk more about this and look ahead to the forecast for the next several days. what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> the rain coming in at some pat patches, swroeanta rosa. you see it is impacting the speeds, coming down a tad bit. the north bay not showing disturbance, 60 miles an hour. we marked the bay bridges, and it's moving a little bit so be careful.
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and san jose, a new incident reported. i will check the live camera and i want to talk about in general the tri-valley and there was an incident involving gusty winds. so watch that sunol grade. the united states is ready to launch a cyber attack against iran if it did not agree to end its nuclear program. >> involving thousands of people and millions of dollars. >> this according to a well-known documentary filmmaker who says the plan involves software back doors and viruses already planted in iran's power grid, air defenses and the nuclear program itself. america would have used it if iran had refused to shut down the program or if israel had attacked iran by conducting a cyber war, it was hoped, we could stay out of a shooting war.
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the plan will be revealed in an documentary entitled "upcoming days" and they said they verified the film independently. the national security agency might not be as powerful as we first thought. the reports show the nsa is r d reading far fewer american e-mails than early reports said and potentially could have effect on lawsuits filed by americans who think their privacy was violated. >> the dow jones jumped more than 222 points as the swimsuit models from the "sports illustrated" issue opened the bell -- [ laughter ]. >> i think we have about 45 seconds. >> take your choice. there's flavor for everyone there. >> tall, petite, blonde, brunette. >> she's setting the field for you. >> thank you for our business news, scott. >> you're welcome. >> the new york stock exchange tweeted a picture of that
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yesterday no selfie sticks on the floor allowed unless you're a supermodel, in that case, take as many as you want. proof even the pope can get fed up with a pushy crowd. the video everyone is talking about. >> speaking of pope francis, getting ready to wrap up his visit in mexico, live near the border where thousands are gathering to watch the final mass before he goes back to the vatican.
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==laura/vo== of pope francis - perhaps showing he's human after all. during his trito mexico .. he had to show his stern side when a rush of people tugged on his 6:24, new video to show you of pope francis to show he's human after all. during his trip to mexico he had to show his sterner side when a rush of people tugged on his robe. it nearly toppled the pontiff all above a young person in a wheelchair. that might have triggered his frustration. he told the crowd, don't be selfish but also stayed a few more minutes before moving along. today, the pontiff, speaking of him is wrapping up his visit to mexico in about 10 minutes to celebrate mass with about 1200 gue guests, that city known for gang violence. jay, you're just across the border and tens of thousands of
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people set to watch the mass on a two-way video screen. >> reporter: you're absolutely right. finishing touches under way for that presentation. let's take a live look at mexico city, easy for me to say, pope francis on his way to the airport preparing to make the brief flight from mexico city to w where he will go down to the river there and those who have passed through and died passing through at this region, then will be the mass, his final mass, as he winds up the tour of mexico, five days he spent in mexico. you talked earlier about the violence, 10,000 police officers both state and federal have been added to the security detail. no specific threats against the pope at this point but they are going to make sure things go
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smoothly and as planned. as for this side of things, 50,000 expected to fill this stadium. really, later this morning they will gather and join in song and prayers celebrating the pope's visit long before this afternoon's mass. that's the latest for now in el paso. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> a life changing moment for a lot of people. >> doing more healing than hollering. coming up next, we hope you enjoy the sunshine. the rain and wind to return. we check the forecast with kari and mike on the morning commute in less than three minutes. >> reporter: live outside apple headquarters in cupertino how and why the tech giant is fighting a federal request to unlock a terrorist's iphone. i'm stephanie. police still searching for the gunman who shot three teens in a neighborhood.
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>> the rain is coming if you've been enjoying the green hills, let's keep it that way. let's get right to the forecast with kari. >> it is indeed. we will have a good soaker in the bay area. this may be just enough to have you turning on the windshield wipers and then it will just stop. we have seen the light rain moving across the north bay and now east bay and we will be seeing if it's making it to the ground. what to expect? the measurable rain and in the north bay and then afternoon winds kicking up and tonight, winds will relax. we head to the next several days with cooler temperatures coming up in a few minutes. we check out the south bay with mike. >> the live camera doesn't show the crash, i did find effects of
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the crash. just outside our camera range, the stretch shows slowing, and the volume building on 887, crash reported on the shoulder. the rest of the day, nothing unusual. fremont in addition to the brid bridges, this illustrates that here. now, back to you. a strong message from apple. the company is rejecting a court order to help unlock an iphone belonging to a gunman involved in the shooting last year in san bernardino. >> we start with bob and a very pointed letter from apple ceo tim cook just released a few hours ago. >> reporter: good morning. in this letter, apple ceo, tim
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cook, calls the fbi's request to have his engineers unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters a dangerous precedent. apple postedton its website a letter from ceo cook to his customers explaining why his company will fight a federal magistrate's order to unlock the iphone of sayed farook, one of two terrorists who shot 14 people in san bernardino. investigators indicate they are trying to access data on the phone for the month and a half leading up to the attacks because farook might have disabled the i cloud feature. he wants his engineer to create a back door to the iphone apple says is too dangerous to create and would be the equivalent of a master key that could unlock and
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bypass security and enkremgs found on millions of other iphones and says there's no way to know they could keep it confined to just the terrorist iphone. i'm quoting from tim cook. we are challenging the fbi's demands with the deepest respect for our american democracy and love of our country. we believe it would be in the best interest of everyone to consider the implications end quote and writes it has no sympathy for terrorists and has cooperated in the san bernardino investigation when it comes to providing data in the company's possession and expert advice. live outside, bob retell today in the bay. >> thank you. scott mcgrew join us now. >> you were walking us through what tim cook and t-- was thin thinking, what's the fbi thi thinking? >> the county had given them the
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iphone c and it would erase itself after more than 10 attem attempts. the fbi would like more than 10. they want to hook up a computer and try thousands of combinat n combinations at once and this can be done by putting a new operating system on the phone, a special one time system that apple said it will not do that. they won't build a back door, not for all iphones or one iphone or this particular phone. if it created this special ios, the ability to enter infinite number of pass words it wouldn't be used just this once. legal doesn't work that kay, just this one time. it doesn't work that way in the law. >> what will they do? >> they are hoping for more
6:35 am
information. s syed had a personal phone he destr destroyed. the one in question is the county's phone. >> there may not be anything on it. >> immaterial as far as the legal principle. you're absolutely right, we suspect there's nothing on it because he didn't try to destroy it. >> as they go through the appeal process the government's not getting into that phone until this plays out. >> apple said no, simply said no. >> taking a stand. >>. at 6:35, three teenagers recovering after they were shot sitting in a car near berkeley. stephanie is there live. police saying anything yet about a motive? >> reporter: no word yet about an actual motive but say the three victims have been targeted. the officer confirming no
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arrests have been made in this triple shooting at 7:30 last night. officers focusesing around the evidence marker of several casings around the car the teens were sitting in when the shooter or shooters opened fire. a 16 and 18-year-old and hitting a 19-year-old who suffered less critical injuries and survived this morning. investigators still working on what led up to the triple sho shooting. >> we will look to see what type of ties there are to this, to see whether any victims or suspects may be related to that. >> reporter: the berkeley p.d. crime scene unit spent several hours canvassing the area and looking for them. in the last couple of months, just 20 of the crimes here in this radius, mostly theft, two violent in nature, one in
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december and one last week. we checked all the data in the last six months, it showed just four assaults in the area confirming what one neighbor said to us, this event happening very unexpected and unusual. >> unusual but certainly dist b disturbing. thank you. it now looks like santa clara will appoint a replacement today. the mayor, jamie matthews stepped down before the super bowl could be cleaned up. there are two years to his term and they will have a meeting tonight to appoint a repla replacement. if they can't do it by the 10th, there will be an election in november. the california dungeness
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crab force put on a ban. they are looking for options for commercial crab fishing including opening each region one by one as they improve. recreational crab fishing was opened last week. >> you can finally say baseball is officially back. giants and as reporting for spring training. >> as have to wait a few days, giant reporting today. new faces to look for. johnny cueto and jeff sa marjah. they will continue what's been basically a tradition the last five or six years, winning a world series in even years. no pressure. >> they look pretty good in those uniforms. >> no pressure and no coincidence. we're wearing giants colors. >> we are and the warm weather
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that feels like spring outside, we're getting ready to head back to winter and welcoming rain and light spotty showers this morning. we may see measurable rain heading through the rest of the day and wind advisory that will begin fin about 20 minutes, winds gusting up to 50 miles an hour in areas shaded in brown, mainly the hilltop in the wind protected valleys and we will have rains 30 to 45 miles an hour. some may not see it until this evening. here's the time clock for san jose and i will have more on that and this weekend coming up in a few minutes. now to mike. >> the higher profile vehicles, we've marked these areas with explanation marks. keep that in find if you have a truck or larger van and a
6:40 am
spinout around the oakland zoo. no major concerns as far as injuries go. a technical build for most spots. the tri-valley and 880 near h hayward city. and on the shoulder here, possibly clearing. fremont shows the wind when the flag moves around just off the screen. we will show you palo alto, but you're getting company. i don't know if mike is a ga gamer. some advice to keep your ears perked up to play video games according to one doctor. >> i get his kids will be running to him. a doctor sits down with the "today" show mcfadden to show how virtual reality games w s c
6:41 am
ward off dementia and aging. >> do you think a doctor might write out a subscription for playing video games? >> i think in the next couple of years. >> the next couple of years? >> he thinks it may be more powerful than any drug to help aging brains to help prevent the disease. >> and it showed him moving around, too, not being a couch potato. the reason angry parents are blaming facebook for a video going viral. and the injured baby horse that stole all of our hearts yesterday morning. the rain coming down in the bay area, numbers here on wall street going up. dow jones industrial opened 11 minutes so far in good positive territory. we'll keep monitoring. good morning coming up
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"today" as the republican candidates make their filing in push we will talk with republican front-runner, donald trump live, about his war of words with ted cruz and jeb bush and the sudden vacancy on the supreme court. and federal marshals and y paying back student loans and his warning to other borrowers and how they could find theirselves behind bars. what would you do if a stranger helped you cheat on your diet. a social experiment on today. campus - and the video of it
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we're about show you is suddenly it's gone viral.r issue because
6:45 am
==vo== sonoma valley high a brief fight on a high school campus and video of it, suddenly a bigger issue because it's gone viral. it happened last week showing girl kicking and kneeing a boy from creekside high. the girl is from sonoma valley high. it's been seen millions of times and that has some parents very upset and believe high school fights should remain a private matter. >> the parents of the children should definitely be involved. as far as everyone else, once again, it's blown out of proportion. >> it is bringing up privacy in the digital age. the school asked facebook to remove the video and facebook refused. the district notified parents what happened noting school safety does remain a top priority. as expected, danville leaders agreed to ban short term
6:46 am
housing rentals. the town council last night voted 4-1 to ban all short term rentals of less than 30 days. a string of complaints last year forced leaders to take action. most at last night's meeting supported the ban but others said it will infringe on private property rights. helping us understand what's going on with the fight between apple and the fbi. >> we'd like you to check the numbers on wall street, positive moments ago. >> any time they're positive, we want to check it out. the dow industrials are 1$110 - 1 $110, 1 ten10 points to the positive. this is the veterans artillery. why do we only talk about what happened today, laura? why not talk about what happened yesterday? that's important, too. >> wow, really? you don't want the guys in the hats. >> yesterday was important.
6:47 am
i like looking at the overall trends what's happening on the market. we'll talk about tuesday and perhaps again tomorrow as well. remember that intoxicated woman who periscoped her drunk drive home pleaded no contest when you don't want to admit guilt but acknowledge the prosecution had the evidence to convict you, boy, did they have the evidence to convict her. >> i am going beyond belief, people, i cannot read this. i feel like i'm going to be drunk all the way home. >> a judge has agreed. as long as we're enjoying silly news this morning, fans set up a go fund me page to help the singer, kanye west, i'll show it to you. says he's $53 million in debt. when last we checked, he had raised 2$289. he has a ways to go as far as go fund me goes. i know you have better story than that on go fund me.
6:48 am
>> we do. >> it was responded by so many people in the bay area. we told you about the baby horse capturing hearts here. they were donating rapidly because he needed emergency surgery. >> it is the best thing possible for valentine, the horse found in a ravine sunday. that little guy is recovering at the usc veterinary school by some of the burst doctors in the country and found he has a fracture near the hip for 4-6 months of therapy. >> this is about him. the fact he doesn't have to have surgery. >> as was just mentioned, this foal, valentine doesn't need surgery but money for recovery. thousands was raised when that was thought what was needed. animal services asking for public input what to do with those funds. more than likely used to help
6:49 am
valentine recover from those injuries. >> i love that story. heart warming. >> it is. >> from a foal to a veterinarian. >> this video shows dr. andy mathis inside the crate of a dog, gracie, abandoned in terrible shape two weeks ago. the georgia doctor made her feel more comfortable by eating out of a doggy bowl just like hers. dr. mathis said gracie already made progress after being treated for multiple physical issues. more than 6 million people have watched the video online in the past few days. i imagine he's not eating dog food? >> not kibbles & bits. >> things you do for your animals. >> that's why he got in that profession. >> things you do for those you love. it's not cats and dogs ra
6:50 am
raining, a substantial amount of rain. >> we are looking forward to that this afternoon and this evening. we started out with light sprinkles and cloudy skies in the bay area. we are starting out with the dry morning commute but this evening may be more tricky as we start to see heavy rain rolling through and temperatures much cooler starting out now in the mid-60s, where we start all day long as the 7-day forecast comes up the bottom of the screen and the 80s yesterday and past few days, we won't see record high temperatures. as this rain starts to move in, we see returns on the radar s w showing very light sprinkles. i don't think much of this is making to it the ground. we will see rain with highs reaching to the low to mid-60s. this is closer to the average for low to middle february, up to 65 degrees in fremont.
6:51 am
this will start to bring in showers well in advance of that and winds increasing and gusts at 50 miles an hour. some showers start to move into the north bay by 2:00. 7:00, we see higher downpours and possibly thunderstorms by 7:00 this evening and south bay later and spotty light showers in the overnight hours and start of the day tomorrow. looking at rainfall totals a half of an inch and possibility of snow and by tomorrow, highs in the upper 30s. looking pretty good as we have lost a lot of snow with warm weather. we will get some back and 22 inches of snow in kingvale. let's see what's happening on the roadways with mike. >> the roadways are lighter because of the week of vacation from the schools.
6:52 am
there's gusty winds across the brid bridges, the other thing we can tell, in oakland, where the camera shake as lot but 880 not moving much. we have a lighter flow and pleasant news for most speed centers but the south bay kicked in and 880 also slowing. coming up next, the search for a gunman on the run in berkeley, where three teenagers were shot near a busy intersection. i'm bob, and the story of apple and opening an iphone coming up. stay live with rain on the coming story on the nbc app. the pope and his return to mexico.
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every dog has his response. the day belonged to c.j., the german shorthaired pointer. we tweeted images of the top dog. to the today show in just a few
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minutes... at 6:55, welcome back. one last check of today's top
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stories before we send you to the "today" show. >> we go live to bob redell where ceo tim cook says apple will fight in a letter to the federal government. >> reporter: apple ceo tim cook says his company has no sympathy for terrorists but to have one of his engineers unlock the iphone would jeopardize encryption for all i phones. he released it from cook to his customers explaining why they wouldn't unlock the iphone of syed farook, one of two terrorists that killed 14 people last december. they want them to create what he said would be a master key that would unlock enkremgs found on millions of iphones and said
6:57 am
there was no way they could be sure they could keep it confined to that one iphone and said his company has been providing help providing engineers with expert advice. bob redell in the bay area. i'm stephanie chuang, live in berkeley, still looking for who shot three teens sitting in their car last night in a residential neighborhood. it happened last night on parker street by san pablo avenue where for several hours they focused on bullet casings around the car saying it wasn't random as the men were intended targets putting a 16 and 18-year-old and 19-year-old in the hospital. it's unclear whether they lived in this neighborhood statie ing there may have been more than one shooter.
6:58 am
what could be a difficult day for the family of a rimmchmd police officer shot in his own home by someone once part of his family. he will be charged in the courtroom today and the judge will ask vega for a plea and set bail, accused of killing and shooting richmond police officer rich vegas after an argument with his daughter who is the mother of his child. we will be in the courtroom for robert vega without a camera as the judge denied our request to record it. today in the bay. >> thank you. we've been enjoying spring-like temperatures but reminder we are still in winter. >> we are. we will feel the difference today coming off record highs with the return of rain looking at spotty light showers as we start out, maybe enough to feel a few sprinkles missed this
6:59 am
morning but a lot not making it to the ground. we will have measurable rain this morning and by the afternoon, it moves in widespread for the entire bay area and gusty winds and tonight the rain lingers and winds start to calm down. >> we are going to see increase in winds. how does that affect the bay area? >> we got caught with gusts of winds on the bay bridges. 101 shows it bogged down, technical spots for the south bay, no surprises. the camera shows you what we're talking about. the wind will shake your car as you travel across some bridges. the 16 rafael center and no problems reported. >> which is good. we will keep an update for you at 7:45. >> the bay area bridges doing a
7:00 am
little shaking this morning and hopefully shake you out of bed. we'll see you in 25 minutes. good mornings. the government versus the tech giant. apple's ceo vows to fight a judge's order forcing it to hack into the iphone of one of the san bernardino killers. is the company taking a strong stand for customers or making it harder for law enforcement to keep usafe. southern discomfort. the republican presidential candidates brawl in south carolina ahead of saturday's primary. even the president gets in on the action. >> i continue to believe mr. trump will not be president. it's not hosting a talk show or a reality show. >> and donald trump quick to respond. >> you're lucky i didn't run last time when romney ran because you would have been a one-term president. >> new this morning, fresh polls


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