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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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clark county jails after an nbc bay area news starts now. >> major changes could be coming to clark county jails after an inmate's death. the new recommendation unveiled today. plus more alleged abuses are now coming to light. in danger of coming down in an earthquake. the reason dozens of people who used to live in this building won't be given priority to move back in even though the law seems to be on their side. then -- >> the night goes on, the future -- >> a narrow win for hillary clinton in nevada. also nbc projecting a win for donald trump in south carolina. we are tracking the latest poll results. and a missing persons case turns into a murder investigation in hayward. good evening, everyone, i'm
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terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunker. thank you for joining us. a developing story to tell you about in hayward. the search for a missing woman has now turned into a homicide investigation. 22-year-old stacey aguilar was last seen leaving a party in hayward.covered new details about the investigation from one of aguilar's family members. we're joined live now. mary ann, i understand you just talked to the victim's family. >> reporter: yes, we just spoke with stacey aguilar's stepfather. he said he's frustrated because hayward police have asked the family not to search for spacesy. the 22-year-old san jose woman was last seen leaving a party on silva and jackson streets in hayward with her boyfriend. her family reported her missing monday. now police believe she was murdered. >> through the week we've been working the investigation. as a result of our investigation, we developed information and evidence that she's possibly the victim of a
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homicide. >> reporter: sergeant cantrell says what makes this case so complex is right now there is no body and no one in custody. investigators say they definitely think stacey was killed in hayward. stacey's family told us someone has been using her credit cards. they want to search for her, but are frustrated police are telling them not to. police say at a later time, they plan to reach out to the media and public with specific locations to search for stacey, but right now they are not revealing on why they believe that this case is a homicide. reporting life in hayward, mary ann favro, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, marianne. a major overahaul, after looking inside santa clara county jails. reported problems and abuse in light after the death of inmate michael tyree. three deputies are facing murder charges accused of beating tyree
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to death. two different investigative groups presented their findings to the blue ribbon commission tasked with looking into the jail and recommending changes. among their findings, tales of inmates being locked up in solitary confinement for long periods of time including up to three years. beatings of inmates in elevators with no cameras to record the incidents. withholding of medicine and medical attention for inmates in need. groups also said problems exist across the santa clara county system. here are the changes they're recommending. first, the jails could use a revamping of leadership. they would also like to see a change in how the jails operate including how inmates are able to report problems and would like to see the creation of an independent oversight monitor not associated with the jail or -- she's open to these ideas. our investigative unit is also looking into the reported problems at santa clara county jails. they've uncovered issues dating back to 2010. you can watch the investigation wednesday night at 11:00.
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well, it's happened again. federal officials are searching for now the gun of an immigration agent who lost it. officials tell us the agent lost it after he left it on top of his car and drove away. this happened yesterday morning around 7:00 in the ingleside neighborhood of san francisco. last month three handguns were stolen from an fbi vehicle parked at a residential neighborhood in venetia. a total of 379 firearms that can't be accounted for. in the last eight months handguns stolen from federal agents were used in the high-profile -- it's been more than a year since the fire burned through a three-story building in the mission district in san francisco. residents hoping to move back in once it was repaired. that's no longer an option. the fire on mission and 22nd street killed one person, left
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more than 60 homeless. see the flames shooting out of that building. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in front of the building with bad news for former tenants. >> reporter: yeah, tha that's right. i spoke to one of the former tenants by phone. like many others he hoped to return here to live but that hope seems to be fading fast. now that building inspectors have issued demolition orders for the fire damaged building at 22nd and mission. there are a number of concerns with that including even the moderate earthquake could cause it to collapse. the fire was very intense. it tore through the building last january. one person died. if it is torn down, dozens of den na tenants might lose the right to return even if new buildings are built here. one supervisor says his office is trying to get a clearer understanding and to help tenants. >> we're trying to understand that and we're trying to understand how the order of demolition is issued.
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to see if there's way it could be issued so that it's not -- so the rights to the tenant are protected and including is it a complete demolition, partial demolition, the rights of the tenants. we are trying to export whole options. >> reporter: some tenants rights groups have expressed frustration the building was allowed to sit and be left in this shape. with mold and water damage. we reached out to the owner but didn't hear back. now, this was issued on friday. and it is a 72-hour order which means that that demolition could begin as early as next week. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you very much. well, a win for donald trump in south carolina, in fact, just 30 minutes ago nbc news proje projected a win for trump in the primaries right now with 32% of the votes. they just closed at 4:00.
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this is within the last hour. marco rubio came in second with 22% of voters backing him. the polls closed like i said just around 4:00 our time. nbc's steve handelsman has been watching every detail here and has a closer look at the race. >> reporter: south carolina republicans cast their ballots -- >> voting for trump. >> reporter: -- the gop front-runner looked poised for a win despite his conflict with the pope. the dispute over whether he opposed the iraq war and trump last night finally relating an unproven 100-year-old tough guy legend about a u.s. general killing 49 muslim extremists in the philippines with bullets dipped in pigs blood. >> and the 50th person he said, you go back to your people and you tell them what happened. and for 25 years, there wasn't a problem. >> reporter: jeb bush said today his party's problem is its front-runner. >> trump can't win. plain and simple. this is -- this isn't about appealing to people, deep
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anxiety. >> reporter: ted cruz on fox news's "hannity" last night. >> peek of south carolina want a conservative. >> reporter: he was five polling points behind trump. >> marco. >> reporter: it's marco rubio appealing to many anti-trump voters. >> i did vote for marco rubio. as did my wife. and for that -- >> reporter: after you looked at kasich, after you looked at bush. >> correct. >> reporter: rubio is dreaming of his mainstream rivals dropping out. >> i think once you get this race down to two, three or four people you're going to have a much clearer, traditional campaign. >> that was steve handelsman reporting. also a close win for south carolina today in nevada. clinton narrowly won against bernie sanders in the race for that democratic nomination. the silver state held its democratic caucus today. voters packed casinos, schools, community centers to cast their vote and give support to their candidate. heavy turnout in some precincts. some headlines all around the building. preliminary projections give clinton 51% of the nevada vote. it was close enough for clinton to give her victory speech.
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>> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us but we never doubted each other. >> bernie sanders also gave a speech in nevada this afternoon thanking everyone for their support. the deck of cards decided that the winner at least at a presink today was a deck of cards, came down to this, after a tweet by a "wall street journal" reporter. take a look at this. the precinct chairwoman used a deck of cards to break a die between bernie sanders and hillary clinton. that's very nevada-esque, right? >> very. >> the candidate with the highest card won. >> did they roll the dice? >> also would have been good. that did end up being clinton. she had the ace of clubs. now this could seem weird, but according to the nevada democratic party's rules, this is exactly what happens in the state if there is a tie. they even provide the deck of cards. so they were ready, terry. >> all right, peggy, thanks a
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lot. a bar turned crime scene. san jose detectives are now investigating their seventh homicide of the year. it happened early this morning outside the pub on south white road. two men were stabbed. both went to the hospital. and one died. the other expected to be okay. bar's located in the evergreen section of san jose not far from capital expressway and 101. right now it's not clear what led to that stabbing. no arrests have been made. four people shot, one dead in vallejo. coming up, the latest on the search to catch the person responsible. and also coming up, hundreds of thousands of people celebrating the chinese new year in san francisco. beautiful sights here. what you can expect from tonight's festivities. what you can expect as you head toward tomorrow morning is patchy fog and chilly temperatures. 30s and 40s for tomorrow morning as we track perhaps the last chance of seeing anymore rain for the month of february. storms lining up in the pacific. but the records we break in the week ahead may not be tied to rain. we'll explain that when we come right back. police in vallejo are looking
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for the shooter o killed e man including a 9-year-old boy. a family of 4 was hit by bullets police in vallejo are looking for the shooter who killed one man, injured three others including a 9-year-old boy. a family of four was hit by bullets when shots rang out before 4:00 yesterday afternoon. two men were outside the vallejo home working on a car. one died. a young boy and older woman were
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inside the car. home is on porter street. neighbors say the area is usually a quiet place. police say they believe the two victims in the driveway with the ones being targeted. hundreds of people answered san jose mayor's for public input on the budget today. they packed into parkside hall for the meeting. the goal was to wipe the slate clean with no money preallocated to anything. instead, the community would decide what programs and services to fund. still happening now, this is the year of the monkey. it is already under way. today, though, and tonight, the big parade. the annual chinese new year parade kicks off in just minutes. it is a sight to see. this is video from last year's parade. organizers expect up to a million people to take part in the festivities. now, this started back in the 1860s. it's rated as one of the world's top parades. 20 floats, 100 marches bands, also over 600,000 fireworks.
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>> count me in. >> there you go. >> i love those things. >> parade starts at second and market streets, up post, sutter, across chinatown and kerney, ends at columbus avenue at 8:00. again, expect traffic there if you're in that area. >> a lot of fireworks. that sounds like fun to me. >> it does. big party. still to come, the fight between apple and the fbi becomes intense. protests being planned across the country. the strongest storm to hit fiji is over the country. we're getting our first look at the damage. a family won't be able to stayae
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a family won't be able to stay at their home tonight because a fire tore right through it. it broke out at 11:30 this morning an bryant avenue and firefighters got there, they saw smoke coming from inside the home. flames had already burned into the attic and through the walls but the good news there, no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. thousands of people paid their respects today at the funeral for supreme court justice antonin scalia. the mass took place in washington, d.c., at the nation's largest roman catholic church. among the attendees, family, friends, politicians, vice president joe biden, and supreme court justices as well. scalia's son, a catholic priest, led the service. and he was able to add some humor to the otherwise somber ceremony by telling a story of his father coming to church for confession. his son was the only priest on
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duty. >> as he put it later, lake heck if i'm confessing to you. the feeling of mutual. >> justice scalia died last weekend while visiting a texas ranch. he spent nearly three decades on the supreme court. hunker downs what people in fiji are told to do tonight as a ferocious cyclone moves over the island nation. look at the damage. video showing the winds starting to pick up and rain starting to fall. flights to fiji are canceled and a nationwide curfew is in effect. see the wind pushing those people right off the sidewalk. the cyclone is expected to pack winds up to 200 miles an hour. here's a look at just how massive this cyclone is. nasa released the satellite image of the storm. can't even see the fijian islands, considered the most powerful storm on record to ever hit that country. >> boy, such a beautiful country, too, you hate to see that and see how powerful the storm is.
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here's meteorologist rob mayeda with the microclimate forecast. >> would be an equivalent of a strong category 5 hurricane on our side of the pacific. the winds rotating around areas of low pressure in a clockwise fashion in the southern hemisphere. see fiji, the eye of the storm crossing over the main island with gusts up to 200 miles per hour. 180 mile per hour sustained winds. now the storm starting to clear fiji and head off to vanu atu and solomon islands to the west. sustained winds of 180 miles per hour. what they could have used is obviously a ridge of high pressure. that's what we have here off our coast right now providing these dry and calm conditions. 58 degrees currently in livermore into san jose, 59 degrees and our temperatures out toward san francisco, gorgeous evening under way. 57 with just a few high clouds passing by and the view from tiburon looking south. 59 degrees. by the way, today probably one of the kecoolest days we'll see
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over the next seven. as temperatures begin it climb. before we talk about the warmup tomorrow morning, watching for patchy fog setting up toward the tri valvalley, toward the delta san jose and parts of the south bay tomorrow morning. patchy fog. main concern for the morning, chilly temperatures to start the day. upper 30s to low 40s around the north bay and tri valley locations for the morning then by around noon, we should see 60s close to the high temperatures we saw today, but adding a couple more degrees as our highs tomorrow make a run at the upper 60s in san jose. watch this five-day outlook for san jose. nearing records possibly by tuesday. we're going to get out of the weekend, back to the workweek with mostly 70s across the board. even san francisco. tomorrow you're looking at mid 60s but then those temperatures climb monday into tuesday, some low 70s in reach as we start the work week and finish out february. unfortunately as you're about to see on a very dry note. north bay temperatures tomorrow, upper 60s close to 70. tri valley tomorrow in the 60s.
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look at the temperatures rise. around dublin, temperatures climbing into the mid 7 0s come tuesday. sunday temperatures begin to climb on up and will warm up more thanks to this ridge of high pressure which is going to hold its ground for the better part of the week. by saturday, maybe a slight chance of showers. that will be the last chance of any rain we think for the minon of february. next weekend could see a few showers. very dry finish to the month of february. perhaps the better news as we move forward, the long-range forecast for march, still looks food for above average rainfall especially toward the middle part of the month. ending february on a mostly dry note. march still looks good. fourth quarter of the rainfall season we hope brings a change of fortune around here and the rest of california. thanks to you. >> february let us down. >> that's right, it did. still to come at 5:00, one is amazing on broadway, the other on the football field. hugh jackman and marshawn lynch joining forces in oakland. >> what could bring them together? we'll tell you about the cause that did just that. new details tonight in the figh
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and the fbi. protesters are new details tonight in the fight brewing between apple and the fbi. protesters are now planning on rallies in more than 30 cities to support the tech giant. the fbi is taking apple to court over the iphone used by the san bernardino shooter, one of them. the feds want apple's help breaking into the phone since it's encrypted. apple so far is refusing to so saying it sets a dangerous precedent about security. earlier this week the internet rights group fight for the future held a rally in front of
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the apple store in san francisco. group now planning more support rallies for this coming tuesday including one in palo alto and another one in downtown san francisco. yahoo! is officially for sale. the company launched the sale of its core business yesterday. frustrated shareholders have been pushing for the auction process for months. and one activist hedge fund founder wants the company do go even further. jeffrey smith says he won't back down from his push to nominate a group of directors for the yahoo! board. yahoo!'s core business includes search, mail, and news sites. the sale comes after ceo marissa myer tried for three years to turn around declining revenue. hugh jackman's latest role he plays coach and today the movie star played coach to a group of oakland high schoolers as part of a promotion for the film. eddie the eagle is based on the true story of an underdog british ski jumper who made it to the olympics in 1988. jackman teamed up with local
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sports stars, marshawn lynch, anyone, and did football drills this morning. >> there's marshawn. believe me, you can't identify him but that's him. >> once you look close enough, you know that's him. he said it's great to inspire local boys especially alongside lynch. >> i'm a fan of his and it was great. you know, it's great seeing him give back at this point in his career, you know, big sports fan. i love being in a movie like this. he plays eddie so well. he's a different line of hero. you know, he had no support really, had no money, had no one really backing him or believing him until my character later in the movie gets on board and yet he just followed his dreams and he did it his way. similar to marshawn. >> eddie the eagle open next friday. see the days that i report, how come i don't get that assignment when hugh jackman is in town and they send you to oakland -- >> volunteer your time. >> if i had only known. >> a quick break here, everyone. we'll be right back. announcer: through sunday
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breaking news in south carolina. you're looking live at the rally at his headquarters in spartanburg, south carolina. he's expected to give his victory speech here in just a few minutes. he's been taking his time. polls close around 4:00 our time. very clearly after they closed, his lead was very apparent. now the projected winner is trump in south carolina primaries. he has 33% of the votes. 30% reporting. ted cruz, marco rubio, they've been neck and neck all afternoon. cruz, though, currently sitting at 22%. rubio only slightly behind him. all right. let's check in with rob mayeda right now, february such a disappointment. we need to get out of this drought. >> the weather is nice, it's a guilty pleasure to go outside and enjoy the sunshine. chilly temperatures tomorrow morning. 30s and 40s to start. upper 60s in warmer spots for tomorrow. mid 70s in reach. when we get back to the
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workweek. no real signs of rain over the next five days. >> wow. >> "nbc nightly news" is next. more local news at 6:00. phone t the republican showdown in south carolina. with some on this night fighting for survival. final farewell. the funeral of supreme court justice antonin scalia. ripple effect. thousands of students at public universities worried about their futures, caught in the middle of one state's politics. race for equality. he won olympic gold in nazi germany. now a new film about jesse owens reminds us of the enduring struggle. "nightly news" begins right now.


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