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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 21, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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good sunday morning to you. it is sunday, february 120ist. we start off with a look outside from oakland looking toward san francisco. a really beautiful day. if you haven't been outside this weekend, you're in for another mild and gorgeous day. thank you for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen. let's get a check on the forecast with anthony slaughter. the weather has been beautiful. >> absolutely. it will get even nicer. a day will be an in between day. you can see we're starting off with the day with a few high, thin clouds over san francisco bay. overall a nice and gorgeous day here.
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temperatures a little cool this morning. grab a jacket if you're heading out later. back to 64 degrees in san francisco today. 68 to the north bay. same deal for the east and south bay. temperatures close to 70 today in some locations. tomorrow we get back into the 70s and we'll see if there's any rain in the forecast. of course, this is a big time of year where we get lots of rain. we haven't had much. we had a couple of storm systems this past week. we'll see what is on the horizon in a few minutes. a bay area family frustrated and upset after police urged them to stop searching for a missing loved one believed to be the victim of murder. stacy aguilar was last seen leaving a house party with her boyfriend sunday morning. police say she may have been killed. they not have found her body or made any arrests. aguilar's stepfather is upset that the officers asked the family not to search for her. police questioned stacy's boyfriend but he hasn't been deta detained. >> translator: he told us i
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don't know why they let him go. that's why we're mad. we want our daughter back. >> her stepfather said someone has been using stacy's credit card since she disappeared. police say they plan to ask for the publics' help in finding stacy at a later time. top a developing story a man in custody after a shooting spee in kalamazoo, michigan leaves six people dead. police arrested the suspected shooter 45-year-old jason dalton. he went on a rampage yesterday at three separate locations. a car dealership, an apartment, and outside a cracker barrel restaurant. law enforcement say the act appears to be random. >> it looks like where somebody is just driving around and finding people and shooting them dead in their tracks. we don't know why. there's no connection between any of them. this appears to be random. this is your worst case scenario that any community can have. >> a 14-year-old girl is among
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the victims in critical condition. police are searching dalton's home to find clues or answers what might have lead up to the mass shooting. a saturday show down with many twists and turns. the democrats in nevada and the gop in south carolina. the race for the white house intensifies with one candidate dropping out after a disappointing finish. >> let the people of iowa and new hampshire and south carolina have spoken and i respect their decision. so tonight i am suspending my campaign. >> jeb bush finished far down in fourth in the south carolina primary. the former florida governor was once seen as a top contender. he was emotional as he made that announcement with his family at his side. there was no compassion from donald trump who won south carolina. >> as people drop out, i'm going get at lot of those votes, also. you don't just add them together. so i think we're going to do very, very well.
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>> this is trump's second win after feeling a victory in new hampshire. it was a close race coming down to the top three candidates. her is how the poll shook out. trump took the win with 33% of the vote. marco rubio was in second barely edging out cruz with 23 percent of the vote. on the democratic side, hillary clinton gaining new confidence after a narrow win over bernie sanders in the critical state of nevada. >> i'm on my way to texas. the fight goes on! the future that we want is within our grasp! thank you all. god bless you. >> it came down to the finish. clinton with 53% of the vote, sanders with 47. clinton gave her victory speech in las vegas. the former secretary of state praised her support for union and casino workers. republicans will be in nevada for a caucus vote and the democrats will be in south carolina next week for their primary. happening today hillary clinton will be in the bay area
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for a series of fundraising events this afternoon. first, on the agenda a conversation with her and special guest senator barbara boxer. that's scheduled to take place from 1:00 to 3:00 p.m. in piedmont. clinton will discuss young leaders and women in the tech industry. another conversation with hillary event this evening from 5:00 to 7:00 happening in menlo park. tickets to attend the event and a picture with the presidential candidate costs $2700. fire in the hole! fire in the hole! >> very dramatic video you watched. the all clear given in have a lay hoe last night after the napa bomb squad detonated an explosive police. a woman called police after spotting a pipe bomb near where she worked. it was across the street from the county courthouse and next to the mayor's law office. police are now investigating who could have made and planted that bomb. in san francisco, a federal agent's gun is missing.
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there's concern it could fall into the wrong hands. officials tell us an i.c.e. agent left his weapon on top of his car friday morning and drove off. it happened in the engel side of san francisco. last month three handguns were stolen from an fbi area. a bay investigation uncovered in the bay area six local law enforcement agencies have a total of 379 firearms that cannot be accounted for. handguns stolen from federal agencies were used in the case with kate steinle. a bill in the state senate requiring all gun owners to store handguns left in a vehicle in a locked container out of sight. a deadly car crash in san jose. last night two cars collided killing a woman at the scene sending a man to the hospital where he later died. it happened about 9:30 on camden
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and hicks road. it's the city's eighth traffic fatality of the year. police are not releasing any other information at this time. much more ahead on today in the bay. coming up major changes could be coming to santa clara county jails after an inmate's death. more alleged abuses coming to life. also, san francisco renters will never be able to go home. fire gutted this building last year. next, the problem that is keeping people from returning.
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good morning. your time is 7:09. a live look outside at san jose from communications hill. anthony said things are going to warm up a little bit today. a little bit of a mixed bag but clear outside and not really any drops of rain in sight. a major overhaul that is what two independent groups are recommending after looking at problems inside santa clara county jail.
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a story we've been following for months. after the death of inmate michael tyree. three deputies are facing murder charges after beating tyree to death. the commission said it heard stories of inmates being locked up in solitary confinement for long periods of time including up to three years. beating of inmates in elevators and withholding medicine or medical attention for inmates in need. the group said problems exist across the entire santa clara county system. here are the changes they're recommending. first, a revamping of leadership for the county's jails. they would like to see changes in how the jails operate, including how inmates report problems. the group would like to see a creation of an independent oversight monitor. lawy laurie smith is open to the idea
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but no decision is made yet. our investigative group is looking into it. they have uncovered issues dating back to 2010. watch wednesday night at 11:00. hope is fading for dozens of san francisco tenants. it's been over a year since a massive fire gutted their apartment complex. they may never be able to move in. building inspectors ordered the complex to be demolished. in the heart of the mission district on 22nd and mission street. in the past year repair has been and the building is taking lot of wear and tear. inspectors say the only option now is demolition to make it earthquake safe. according to law rebuilt buildings are not subject to rent control and tenants are not guaranteed a right to return. this is following a pattern of kicking out long-term residents. >> after the fire, there was no steps by the property owner to protect the buildings from the
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elements. we had an incredibly rainy winter. that building was just out there in the elements and so, of course, now there are structure issues and no way to repair the unit. >> more than 65 people were displaced by the fire. many have been getting help with temporary housing. city supervisors are working on a solution so the former tenants can return. still to come we'll take you to the streets of san francisco where thousands celebrated a tradition that dates back more than a hundred years. waking up to high, thin clouds this morning. lots of sunshine on tap for your sunday. we're going to break down the numbers and let you know how warm it will get. plus, if there's any rain on the horizon. stay with us. francisco from san bruno
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mountain a live look at san francisco from our cameras. just a little bit of haze.
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a few high clouds out there. plus, the rest of the weekend looking very mild. a great day to be outside. maybe take a hike today. hundreds of thousands of people lined the streets for the annual chinese new year parade. a tradition that has been around for more than a century. it looks like this year's party was the biggest yet. kristy smith was among the many ringing in the year of the monkey. >> reporter: the sidewalks were lined several people deep early for the colorful parade. >> it's really cool. >> reporter: what was your favorite thing? >> the dragons. >> reporter: they came from reno for san francisco's annual chinese new year parade. >> i've been here once before. it was raining that time, though. but my trip with my grandson is a lifetime trip. we're enjoying it tremendously here in san francisco. tremendously! >> reporter: the fireworks in the background, the parade moved
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around union square, and finally near columbus and kern any. it's a tradition that dates back more than a hundred years. >> we'it was an annual traditio with my daughter. >> reporter: from dancers to drummers, politicians, there was huge crowds. lunar year of the monkey and a night to celebrate. >> all these people and it was wonderful. >> reporter: kristy smith nbc bay area news. looked like a lot of fun out there. they had great weather, obviously. today, we have the duck festival in san jose at 10:00 at evergreen valley high school. everyone ringing in the new year. what is the weather going to be like? >> perfect. yeah. it's going to be picture perfect. look at this in san francisco you can see the flag blowing around a little bit. not all that bad. it's going to be a nice day
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across the bay all in all no rain today. that's how we like it on the weekend. get out and enjoy. you can get the outdoor activities in. we have a cold front passing through bringing a few high thin clouds to the area this morning. it will move to the north. not giving us any rain, unfortunately, for today. hour by hour in san francisco you can see the live cam. lit up this morning in pink. temperatures by noon up to 60 degrees. 62 by 1:00. as we round out the day no fog. it will be clear all the way through the evening sunset around 5:30 this evening. it's going a nice. get out enjoy. temperatures in the 30s and 40s. no problems here across the bay area. this is really what we like. this is why we live here. 67 for the peninsula today. today in san francisco 64. downtown 68 north bay. comfortable conditions. it you're doing any traveling from the north to the south toward redding 69 today. tahoe up to 53 degrees. palm springs close to 90 degrees
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if you're heading that way. let's talk about what is happening on the surface map. we have a cold front that is moving toward the north. high pressure will stay in control. for us that will mean significant warming over the next couple of days. today 60s across most of the bay. tomorrow looking wide spread 70s for the south bay. same deal for the peninsula. look at part of the north and east bay will see 70s and 60s up the coastline. we'll stay those temperatures warming through the 70s. a warming trend lasting all week. unfortunately for us, each and every cold front will get blocked by the area of high pressure. here comes the first low front moving to the north. tonight another one starts to develop on tuesday. watch what happens with this one. same deal its out and by wednesday a few clouds. maybe cooling then for friday here comes another storm system. again, watch what happens. it rolls in and dries right up. unfortunately no rain in the
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forecast. high pressure will be the story and that's going to be warm temperatures. of course, we like warm temperatures but we could use the rain. this is an an el nino year. a whole week of dry weather. 69 in san jose. 71 tomorrow and then with that cold front on wednesday a few clouds but no rain. and same deal for the east bay valley. unfortunately, vicky, the three storm systems that would be moving this way kind of dry out and high pressure stays in control. enjoy the nice weather! we'll keep tabs and see if there's anymore rain. we're getting into marge and this is still a rainy part of the year. we'll keep our fingers crossed. >> there is still hope. anthony, thank you. today in the bay is back after this break. the idea i should be thankful for the fact i'm safe in my house is foreign to me. when he realized the struggles of others the teen took action.
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the unusual skill he's using to help. part of the bay area proud series and you don't want to miss it. stock market so far ... but, if
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it has been a rough year for the stock market far, but if history repeats itself the market will recover. it's good news for investors and it's good news for a domestic violence shelter on the peninsula. today in the bay shows us in this morning's bay area proud. >> what they have in common is 17-year-old nick jagger. he's taken two of his different passions finance and helping those struggling with domestic violence and brought them together in a very generous way. >> like many a young man nick has fond memories of bonding with his grandfather while poring over the small print on the newspaper. for nick and his grandfather, it
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wasn't the sports pages they were looking at but ticker symbols in the business section. >> i thought it was fascinating for one could go from a ticker beeping across the screen on any major news network to a living breathing company. >> nick's curiosity in all things financial has only grown since then. it wasn't a few years later as freshman at wood side that nick's curiosity met its compassionate match. that's when nick began volunteering at a nonprofit helping domestic violence sufferers. it was an eye opener. >> the idea i can be thankful for the fact i'm safe in my household is foreign to me. >> nick started doing not much more than moving boxes and painting walls, but wanted to contribute more substantially. >> there were many different types of domestic violence. >> he began givings to his peers and teaching a few violence
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prevention classes. it's his latest idea combining his earliest passion that has gotten a lot of. >> i have this background in finance and i love to be able to leverage it and do something out of the ordinary. >> he decided to raise money. 85,000 at last count and put the money in a fund manage it. hopefully turning it into even more money. nick has already been recognized for his unique approach reaping rewards and attention. but for, though, what he really wants is simply to spark a conversation. >> throughout my advocacy it's been important to emphasize any talents or interests i have can be translated. >> nick's plan for the money in a fund he calls another door opens fund is to keep it in the market until he is done with high school and then give all of
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it straight to cora. gar thomas. >> remarkable. if you know someone of doing something nice, garvin would love to hear from you. search bay area proud. still come a police demonstration. why hundreds of people in the bay area and thousands across the country took to the streets. plus, six months away from the 2016 summers in rio. we'll give you an early look at olympics park and explain why the city that is known for its parties is hoping this celebration isn't dampened by a looming threat. 50 take a live look outside......s
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. time now 7:27. a live look outside at the south bay from our cameras in south
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communications hill. what a difference a few minutes make. earlier it was clear skies now we're looking at clouds and a little bit of haze there. thanks so much for joining us this sunday morning. i'm vicky nguyen along with anthony slaughter with a look at the changing forecast. >> that's the beauty of the bay area. the fog moves around. i remember when i first moved here people taunt i love the fog. i was like how can you love fog? when you see it like that. >> it's beautiful. >> yeah. all right. i'm done. let's talk about your forecast. another shot waking up to sunshine. downtown it's 44 degrees and san francisco 48 now. in the north bay it's chilly up there at 35 degrees. later on this afternoon we'll get into the 50s. we'll get rate of the fog and hang on to the clouds. high thin clouds today. 68 degrees in the north bay. 64 in san francisco. same deal for the south bay. get out and enjoy it. warmer temperatures for tomorrow and the next couple of days. we'll talk about the warming trend in about 15 minutes. >> thank you.
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a bay area family frustrated after police urged them to stop searching for a missing loved one believed to be a murder victim. stacy aguilar was last seen leaving a house party with her boyfriend sunday morning. she may have been killed but they haven't found her body. aguilar's stepfather is upset that the officers asked the family not to look for her. police questioned stacy's boyfriend but hasn't been det n detained. >> he told us i don't know why they let him go. that's why we're mad. he told us we just want our daughter back. >> her stepfather also said someone had been using stacy's credit card since she disappeared. police plan to ask for the publics' help at a later time in finding stacy. protesters blocked the streets demanding justice for a former nypd officer. [ chanting ] >> demonstrators chanted anded
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signs in support of peter liang. he accidentally opened fire. the bullet bounced off the wall and killed a one man one floor below. he was found guilty of second degree manslaughter. yesterday's protests in san francisco was one of dozens across the country, including a massive march in new york. to a developing story a man in custody after a shooting spree in kalamazoo, michigan leaves six people dead and several others hurt. police arrested 35-year-old jason dalton. he went on a rampage yesterday in three separate locations. an apartment complex, a car dealership, and outside a cracker barrel. officers say the act appears random. >> it looks like someone driving
7:31 am
around and shooting people dead in their tracks. we don't know why. there's no connection between any of them. it appears to be random. it's the worst case scenario any community can have. >> a 14-year-old girl is among the victims in critical condition. police are searching dalton's homes to find clues to find out what might have lead to the mass shooting. remember a judicial giant. several thousand people attended anton antonin scalia. the mass was celebrated by his son paul, a catholic priest. he has five sons and four daughters. >> sure, he forgot our names at times or mixed them up, but there are nine of us. >> justiceless scalia's fellows
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read. the president and first lady paid their respects on friday. scalia died last saturday in texas. now the debate continues into whether or not president obama should appoint his successor or whether it should fall to the next commander in chief. decision 2016 white house winner hillary clinton in nevada and donald trump in south carolina. one moved up while another dropped out. nbc has the latest from columbia, south carolina. it's the second victory in a row for the national republican frontrunner donald trump's first in the south. >> when you win, it's beautiful. we're going to start. we're going to start winning for our country. let's go. let's have a big win in nevada. let's have a big win. let's put this thing away. >> as they cast their ballots, main stream republicans flocked to marco rubio powering the
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44-year-old's comeback in new hampshire. >> tonight in south carolina the message is pretty clear. this country is now ready for a new generation of conservatives to guide us into the 21st century. >> ted cruz kept his spot at the top. >> we are the only campaign that has beat and can beat donald trump. >> jeb bush finished far down in fif fourth and quit the race. >> we put forward details, innovative conservative plans to address the mounting challenge we face, because despite what you might have heard, ideas matter, policy matters. >> in nevada hillary clinton lost her once big lead in the polls but still won. >> i am so, so thrilled and so grateful to all of my supporters out there. some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other!
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>> union leaders had pushed a big democratic caucus turn out. which helped nullify bernie sanders late surge. nbc news columbia, south carolina. happening today after her victory in nevada hillary clinton will be in the bay area for a series of fundraising events this afternoon. first, on the agenda a conversation with her and special guest senator barbara boxer. as scheduled to take place from 1:003:00 p.m. in piedmont. clinton will discuss young leaders and women in the tech industry. another conversation with hillary event this evening from 5:00 to 7:00 in menlo park. tickets for the event and a picture costs $2700. apple is gaining support in the fight against the fbi. the tech giant is being ordered by a judge to help federal agents hack into a terror suspect's iphone. on thursday the internet rights group fights for the future held a rally outside the flagship apple store in san francisco.
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the group is now planning similar rallies in more than 30 cities including palo alto and another in downtown san francisco. demonstrators say they demand blind apple's refusal to create a back door into the iphone of one of the bernardino killers. apple said it sets a dangerous security precedent. the fbi is taking apple to court arguing the company is blocking its investigation into a known terrorist. a well known actor, singer, and australian promoted his new movie "eddie the eagle." hugh jackman spent time coaching a group of disadvantaged high schoolers as part of a promotion. eddy the eagle is based on a true story who made it to the will olympics in 1988. he teamed up with marshawn lynch and lead students in football drills. it was great to inspire the boys, especially alongside lynch. >> i'm a fan of his, and it was
7:36 am
great. you know, it's great seeing him give back at this point in his career. i'm a big sports fan. i love being in a movie like this. eddy is played so well. he no support, no money, no one backing him until my character later in the movie gets on board. he followed his dreams. >> eddy the eagle opens next friday. the summer game the in rio are still five and a half months away. preparations are fast and furious. organizers say olympics park is almost complete and ready to support the hundreds of thousands of spectators and athletes from around the world. however, as our own jessica tells us, the threat of a zika virus outbreak continues to loom over the games. >> called the march louse city. in six months it'll be teeming, literally, as 10,000 athletes and 2 million spectators
7:37 am
celebrate the summer games. in anticipation of the greatest athletic endeavor in the world, rio is getting ready to samba like never before. ♪ >> start swaying your hips, because rio is not about standing still. since anointed the 2016 summer games seven years ago, it's been in motion preparing. >> it's going to be a real party. it's going to be an amazing atmosphere. >> the olympics park will sparkle when completed and embody the theme that allows the venues to live beyond the summer games. it's called pneumatic architecture. it's designed to move on. the opening and closing smoens will be at the stadium which hosted the 2014 world cup. beach volleyball will kick up the share along the shores of cope pa cabana. and the stadium of samba that rocks during carnival will be the start and finish line for the marathon. 150 kilometers of new
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transportation being built to ferry the 2 million spectators around outstretching city. but not all of rio is camera ready. the city has been in massive clean up mode. the bay which sits on the western shore has islands of garbage and raw sewage running down from the hillside above. olympics sailing teams are running into it during practice. throwing grand parties like the biggest carnival every year, rio vows to earn a gold at the ultimate tourist attraction. and christ the redeem's outstretched arms blessing all, rio ensues a confident rhythm that tells you the games will be good. >> that one issue threatens to dampen the games is the zika virus outbreak. it is spread via kmosquitos.
7:39 am
the ioc has it has no intention to pull out of the rio games. and says it is confident that conditions will be safe. the games open august 5th. i'll be traveling to brazil and bringing you live reports. >> looking forward to that. more ahead on today in the bay. heading to mesa, arizona and check in with the a's as they arrive for spring training and the warriors look to bounce back from the worst performance of the year.
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your time is 7:1450i. the fog is still hanging around as we take you outside and give you a live look at san jose from our camera on top of communications hill. as anthony said, the bay area, the fog comes and goes whenever it pleases.
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yeah, it looks a little haze city now. less than 24 hours after the worse loss of the season for the warriors. they were playing on national tv against their southern california river -- in l.a. they took on the clippers. as they had five times before the ware yors resporiors respon. a wild comeback by 115-112. they improved their record to 49-5. the giants pitchers and catchers arrived at spring training in arizona on wednesday. now it is the a's turn. the green and gold checked into their mesa, arizona headquarters yesterday morning. comcast sports net caught up with the star pitcher sunny gray. >> we've been tracking the giants here in arizona for the first few days, but finally on saturday, the a's reported bright early. sunny gray one of the first to show up at 8:00 in the morning.
7:43 am
appropriate for the face of the franchise. yes, he finished second runner up in the young. so how does he plan to improve and build on the expectations from last year? he's going to gain a little bit more weight and also might become more a leader. >> more with the younger guys and stuff. just to have any questions or anything. but as far as, you know, for myself there's going to be up-and-downs. there always is. every season. it's able to manage the downs and get them turned around as quick as possible. >> sony's profile rising with the love he got on the baseball field and during the super bowl starring in his first ever super bowl ad. that'll do it from here in arizona. the a's get on the field a little bit later today. we'll have it for you coming up tomorrow. ahmed farook. the race for the president heats up on both sides of the aisle. can hillary clinton and donald trump be derailed in their
7:44 am
respective bids for their party's nomination. political analyst larry gersen joins us live in studio. that's next. the results from yesterday'svot
7:45 am
7:46 am
and south carola are . as we told you at the top of the the results from yesterday's votes in nevada and south carolina are in. as we you at the top of the news. hillary clinton won a 6 point victory. in south carolina six gop candidates vie for the prize. donald trump won another convinci convincing victory with ted cruz and marco rubio in second and third. larry is here to join us with his thoughts. first, nevada. what do we make of the outcome there, larry? >> look, in the near term both hillary clinton and bernie sanders really claimed victories. clinton pulled away from a dead heat. that gives her some momentum for next saturday in south carolina. but bernie sanders don't knock him out yet. he has bragging rights.
7:47 am
he came from 25 points behind to get within six points eating away some of clinton's traditional base. one observation here and clinton prevailed so far. the ground game is particularly important. that speaks to her superior organization. it may offer insight of what is to come. >> let's turn to south carolina where donald trump scored his second straight solid victory. is it enough? is this enough to convince the gop now? >> if we learned anything, we have learned thatdonald trump has a solid base. a solid base of true believers no matter how outrage his remarks may be to some. nothing he says shakes his base. that said while trump is beginning to accumulate delicates, he can't seem to get more than about 30%, maybe a third of the vote, you know. no matter how many people are in that field. so the departure of jeb bush
7:48 am
will support that theory. where will the bush supporters go? probably rubio and kasich. >> why is it too early to say that clinton and trump would be the solid front runners? >> in this election year, which is the most bizarre election year i have ever witnessed, i might add, you know, there's nothing solid for anybody. you know, while these first three races tell us something, very few delicates have been selected. for the republicans only 3.6% of all delicates have been selected. for the democrats even less. 2.1% of the delegates have been selected. put this in perspective for a second. okay. it's a long way to go. really, for both. >> it's a long race. for to say this is one of the most bizarre election processes you witnessed that's really saying something, larry. >> i have never seen so unpredictable this election year. >> we'll talk about take aways
7:49 am
over the last 24s map would you say on the democratic side? >> are if the democrats, well, here is the story. the race my may be over sooner than a lot of people think. we have the so called sec primary. the series of 11 primaries in the south over the two week period in early mavrch. that should clear the air. there are sizable numbers of african-americans in states. they're democrats but likely to be clinton democrats. clinton won't have enough delegates by march 15th. her lead may be so substantial just too hard to overcome. especially since she has virtually all of the 712 super delegates that people don't talk about. these folks almost all committed to her. >> wow. that's a huge number. what about on the republican side? >> well, donald trump -- we keep talking about donald trump proven to be amazingly resilient. he's not about to go away. that said, the field is about to
7:50 am
narrow. narrow to three serious candidates. trump, ted cruz, most likely with marco rubio with john kasich and ben carson in the background. two months ago we spoke about the possibility of an open convention because of the inability of any candidate to garner the majority of delegates. as bizarre as that seemed, that possibility is more real today than yesterday. especially since the 437th super republican delegates are most likely to get behind rubio. it may allow him to pass cruz on the way to challenge trump, it could get tight. bottom line people may be ready to declare the nomination or maybe they're sick of him for all i know. the fact is, the biggest battles are more foeder for us to cover. thank you for joining us.
7:51 am
still ahead one of the bay area's top chefs is calling it quits. why it's good for local foodies. this morning waking up to bright sunshine. enjoy. temperatures will be warm. 60s and 70s today. that's to kick off the week. we're going to talk about warmer temperatures for the upcoming week. stay tuned for the full forecast.
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welcome back open the sunday. 7:53 the time. we start off with the hour-by-hour forecast.
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san jose is waking up to sunshine. by lunchtime topping out in the low 60s. 2:00 in 65 in san jose. temperatures falling back into the 50s as we head toward sunset. right now waking up to lots of sunshine. that's going to be with us all day long. not as much fog as yesterday. 48 in san francisco now. 42 in the east bay. the north bay is up to 35. temperatures are chilly across parts of the north bay. elsewhere looking good. later on this afternoon warming up nicely. 68 for the north bay. 64 for san francisco. 68 for the east bay. the trivalley seeing 68. a nice day not only here in the bay area but check out the forecast across the entire state. doing any traveling today the travel forecast is pretty good from tahoe toward l.a. 53 in tahoe today. 71 in los angeles and 68 in san diego. high pressure is in control now. that's making for a dry pattern
7:55 am
that will develop today and that will warm up for the next couple of days. highs mostly in the 60s. a few isolated 70s. but then for tomorrow the warmer air pushes into the bay area. so the peninsula, the south bay, even parts of the east and north bay will see wide spread 70s. we'll get rid of the 60s heading toward wednesday and tuesday. the beach will be up to 64. it will be breezy along the coastline with gusts up to 25 miles per hour. half-moon bay 66 degrees. and santa cruz will see sunshine and 67. gusts 15 to 25 miles per hour later on. otherwise it's going to be a nice bright day. the high thin clouds passing through because we have a storm system that is moving toward our north. not going to bring any rain for us, unfortunately. high pressure will be the story of the week. that's going to keep us dry over the next couple of days. the storm system that moves through today passes to the north and washes away. no rain for us. as we move toward tuesday and
7:56 am
wednesday, another storm will move this way. unfortunately it washes out as well. a few clouds and maybe cooling on wednesday. thursday and friday another storm moves in. wouldn't you now it? it drives up. as we move toward the upcoming week the rain we would be getting we're not getting it because of high pressure will keep things dry and leading us into next weekend. the warm weather is here to say for the next can suppcouple of . san francisco today, tomorrow, and the next few days no rain in sight. it looks like we'll continue with 60s and 70s. above average temperatures for this time of year. we're used to being in the low to mid 60s like we saw yesterday. we need the rain. we had plenty of it over the past couple of months. we're still looking our average for the state close to 100%. we're not getting huge storms but definitely near average this time of year. continue to see it as we move
7:57 am
toward march. >> we'll count on you to keep your eye on it. a bay area celebrity chef is giving up corner officer. giving up his duties as ceo. he is best known for the popular michael mina and bourbon steak as well as the restaurant in lee i have stadium. he runs ten restaurants here in the bay area. a couple of giants players took time away from the diamond in scottsdale, arizona to show love for their pets. yesterday was national love your pet day. san fransisco giants outfielder posted this photo on twitter. with piglet fired up, you know it's baseball time. matt duffy got in on the fun. he posted a photo with his cat skeeter. the cat has been a hit on social media due to the rather large size. >> he looks like garfield. >> thank you so much for making us a part of your morning. we'll have more local news for you tonight at 4:30, 6:00, and 11:00. all day at nbcbay
7:58 am
have a great sunday! >> see ya!
7:59 am
8:00 am
this sunday morning, another big win for donald trump, now the undisputed republican front-run sgler it's tough. it's nasty. it's mean. it's vicious. it's beautiful. >> but republicans believe it's a three-man race as marco rubio and ted cruz vie to become the chief trump challenger. >> and t 21st century conservative movement is the son of a bar tender and a maid from cuba. meanwhile, the bush dynasty comes to an official end. >> tonight, i am suspending my campaign. >> trump, rubio and cruz all join me this morning. plus, hillary clinton gets the win she so desperately needed in nevada. >> some may have doubted us, but we never doubted each other. >> while bernie sanders loses i


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