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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  February 22, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: raj, it is a rare look inside the area but we got a chance to see inside the unit because possible solutions to the public criticism are also taking place there. >> where we headed to? >> reporter: there is very little of the jail operation the public gets to see, especially in the maximum security wing but that limited scrutiny led to public accusations some guards abuse inmates and inmates can't report the abuse without being subject to retaliation. the sheriff's office changed prospeed daughter. more than 100 lock boxes with complaint forms were installed throughout the jail starting saturday allowing officers to drop in the complaints. all inmates were supported to not only request the complaint forms from the so-call the officers on duty but turn them into the officers even if that correctional deputy was the focus of the complaint. >> well, the sergeants will have
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it to the person that perhaps they are complaining about will not have the grievance, won't be the person that collects the grievance. >> the sheriff insists the move is not a response to the blue ribbon commission hearing. the attorneys reported after interviewing 7 700 inmates the complaint is formal and informal grievance procedures are broken. >> many are talking to us before the results in retaliation. >> sheriff smiths points out drop boxes were placed they were installed and complaints. >> you find that most grievances really have to do with an issue internally in the jail, but they also do complain about staff on that and so that's why we've implemented this. >> the sheriff emphasized inmates can report emergencies to the internal affairs unit and to the jail on serze observer p. groups testifying before the commission are calling for major changes including indepersonden
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oversight and so many critics will watch the procedure to see if it generates complaints and responses. robert honda, bay area news. >> thank you, robert. community outrage over the appointment of a san jose police officer and that hit a boiling point tonight. leaders of the naacp gathered to denounce a decision to give phillip white his job back. he was fired last year for sending two inflammatory tweets that were said to be threats to the black lives matter movement. it overturned the firing. officers white is back on the force doing administrative work. the leader of the local naacp is vowing to take the matter to court. >> an attempt to overturn the arbitrator's decision and look at files and books and how it was made and why. >> my understanding is the grounds were challenging and arbitrator's decision are very,
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very narrow, not impossible but really difficult to do. >> san jose's acting chef was there and disagrees with the decision, as well. today the chief asked the community to take their anger out on him and not the more than 900 officers that did not send out controversial tweets. a sad ending from a family searching for their loved one. police say a young mother was murdered in hayward and her body dumped in a rural area of fremont. this woman, stacey aguilar was reported missing more than a week ago. police have a person of interest in custody. marianne favro joins us live with details. what are police revealing at this point, marianne? >> reporter: they have a person of interest in custody but are not releasing the name of the person. ji jessica, this is where hayward police tell us they found the body of stacey aguilar on saturday in a rural area off of
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this road. >> she -- the body was found with gunshot wounds. >> reporter: today the police chief revealed details about the death of 22-year-old stacey aguilar. the san jose mother was last seen leaving a party in hayward with her boyfriend early sunday morning. police later arrested him. >> the boyfriend was arrested for domestic violence and he is one of the persons that was questioned. >> reporter: chief urban says a person of interest in the homicide is now in custody but she would not say if that person is stacestacey's boyfriend. >> the people of this community can sleep at night not being worried there is a murderer out on the loose. we're confident moving forward this person of interest is the right person. >> reporter: during a phone interview from mexico, stacey ease distraught mother told us. [speaking foreign language]. >> reporter: i want all of this to end. i want my daughter's ashes to be
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brought to me. hayward police are confident they have the right suspect but will not release the name of the person until they are formally charged by the alameda county district attorney's office. hayward police tell us that they did receive some noise complaints from the party that stacey aguilar was last seen alive at. but they said they did not receive any reports about violence at that party. reporting live in free month, marianne favro. a racially charged case with a mixed victim. today three white students charged with torturing their black roommate were found guilty. here is the key, guilty of misdemeanor battery, no hate crime charges. nbc's scott budman joins us from the courthouse in san jose. a lot of people reacting to this. what are the details? >> reporter: raj, the district attorney says he's disappointed. he says the three students took their actions against the
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african american roommate because of his skin. just hours ago, form er san jos student warren and two of his fellow students were found guilty of battery but not hate crimes. the santa clara county district attorney says he wanted the hate crime designation because in 2013 d.j. williams was tormented by his roommates including being locked in his room, choked with a bike lock and called derogatory names. >> the act of clamping a bike lock around someone's neck is a violent act. >> reporter: warren, joseph and the other were expelled from scho then. today found guilty of misdemeanor battery. >> i'm rather hesitant to say anything because as you know, there is a $5 million lawsuit that is pending against my client, the others and the university. >> reporter: joseph bomb
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gardener was found not guilty and the jer could not reach a victim on hate crime charges for the other two. the d.a. may seek a retrial on those charges. >> the atmosphere of fear and intimidation in the college dorm room leads into our entire community as the defendant sought to diminish the dignity of their african american roommate. >> reporter: they had trouble with the hate crime charges. sentencing for the three former students is set for march 14th. they face up to six months in jail. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> from the courtroom, the campus, san jose state issuing this statement. we continue moving forward, there are plans to openly discuss results of the most recent campus climate survey and the search for a chief diversity officer is moving forward. the university says all four students involved in the case
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are no longer enrolled at san jose state. police are on the lookout for a man accused of behaving badly among a trail. i want to show you a look at his photograph. this man acted inappropriately and down right weird towards women. the man allegedly trieded to start a conversation with a woman on the trail. the woman felt uncomfortable and started to jog away and the man ran after her but eventually, she was able to outrun him. >> she's 97 years old and getting the boot out of a home she's lived in for more than 60 years. a home she was promised for life but tonight that promise has been broken new at 6:00 tonight, michelle roberts is live where there is a housing meeting about to get underway in just about an hour, michelle. >> reporter: yeah, more than 220 people are expected. in the crowd is an elderly woman fighting to stay in her home after decades.
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>> we have had a good time in this house. >> reporter: marie hatch isn't much for change. >> i love this old house. look at all this nice stuff. >> reporter: she's a cancer survivor and at 97 she tells it like it is. >> so don't get old. >> reporter: marie called this her home for 63 years. her former landlord vivian cruz was a close friend and promised she could stay for the rest of her life. now the new landlord a distant relative of vivian served her with an eviction notice. the landlord's lawyer said he was not aware of the lifetime tenant agreement. marie has 60 days to move out. >> she would turnover in her grave if she knew. >> reporter: marie isn't alone. >> this is my favorite place. >> reporter: for the last 30 years, georgia rented the front room and says she can't find any affordable housing on such short notice. >> i'd go out to the bus stop bench surrounded by boxes of
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books and sit there. >> reporter: tonight georgia plans to speak out on marie's behalf at a town hall meeting in san mateo and hoping politicians or a neighbor can maybe help. >> we're staying optimistic some accommodation can be reached. >> reporter: marie is losing sleep over the thought of moving out but her humor seems to be getting her through the stressful days. >> full of quarters. >> reporter: the lawyer representing the landlord says they have offered ms. hatch a relocation package and hoping she takes advantage of that. ms. hatch hired a lawyer and they are considering taking legal action. reporting live in san mateo, i'm michelle roberts. sweeping changes to the san francisco police department's use of force policies. announced today here at city hall by the mayor, why the president of the police officer's association says he isn't buying it. we got the story coming up.
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a huge chunk of concrete falls down on a woman's car and now an internal caltrans investigation reveals more trouble spots for the area. details coming up. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at it's meant to change the waypol
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a major policy shift meant to change the way police handle some of the most violent people that confront. it came from the mayor and police chief. mark matthews is at city hall where the changes aren't going over well with the head of the police officer's association, though. >> reporter: they are not, jessica. police are trained to contain violent suspects, to prevent those suspects from harming anyone else. i guess the changes today could be summed up as extending protections to include the suspects. it was the december shooting of mario woods that accelerated the shift in prison policy, that today from the mayor and the chief of police who announced the changes. >> we are fund mentally reengineering the way police officers use force. >> reporter: the chief detailed some changes designed to
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deescalate confrontations. >> the vast majorities of shootings that have happened in san francisco by a recent study show they happen inside of five minutes and inside of 15 yards. so if we can create time, five minutes and distance 15 yards, we can avoid almost all the officer-involved shooting, especially those that involve a weapon short of a firearm. >> reporter: also included, any time an officer points a gun at a suspect, it must be reported and supervisors respond to the scene involving a weapon and aid officers in dealing with knife-welding suspects and supplies of less lethal bean bags will be doubled. police officer association president was not present at today's announcement. he told me later that the mayor's pronouncements are not a done deal. >> the poa is not consulted in regards to this press conference, nor were we invited to this press conference
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considering eventually we will be sitting at the negotiation table with dhr to hash out everything in this draft proposal. >> reporter: the poa president said officers are particularly upset with the board of supervisors recommending a memorial day for woods. he called it a slap in the face. when i asked the mayor about that, the mayor respects the poa and they is a role to play in restoring trust. reporting from city hall, mark mathews. robbers are targeting shoppers the a mall. they released a sketch of one of the attackers. the latest robbery was sunday afternoon when a 63-year-old woman was robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot. she then got kicked as she fell down. officers said three men raced away from the scene in the cream-colored mercedes suv. think think it's the same group that robbed a 17-year-old girl
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in the mall parking lot saturday evening. that attack the suspects were driving an older silva hver pil tunnels on the bridge, cracks and corrosion, we've obtained a new internal document that puts drivers in danger possibly. one engineer actually is calling out caltrans inspectors. let's bring in peggy bunker who joins us from the bridge and a lot of finger pointing here. who is to blame? >> that is the question, of course. caltrans inspected the tunnel about twice a year still that did not prevent that huge chunk of cement from pfalling on one woman's car. documents are revealing even more corrosion. >> it would be unethical for me to not stand up and point this out. >> reporter: it time for caltrans to take action after a chunk of concrete fell off and hit a motorist car on the bay
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bridge. fulton a metal engineer and material scientist says there is obvious corrosion in the tunnel that is at a minute yum years old. >> this is long term. this is not super official corrosion. the rebarb with the concrete is as corroded. >> this should be caught by inspections. >> reporter: she's studying pictures from an internal report dated february 11th, 2016 recently obtained by nbc bay area news. it shows detailed photographs of cracks, corrosion and crumbling concrete inside the tunnel. >> i haven't seen that entire report yet. >> reporter: the spokesperson said he had not seen the report and told me caltrans recently repaired problem areas inside the tunnel. >> bad concrete and so we're going to keep a very close eye on it. >> reporter: despite the internal documents showing problem areas, the tunnel passed inspection this summer.
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>> we did an inspection last july and there were no obvious problems then. >> reporter: fulton says for public's safety's sake she wants to see caltrans take action. >> my duty to bring this to the attention of cale trans and if they don't do anything about it, i would have a huge problem with that. >> reporter: now many have been wondering why some sort of netting or some sort of barrier for feature potential probables with concrete has not been installed. caltrans would consider that option after they are done doing the inspections. when we drove through the tunnel, the eastbound was blocked off with traffic cones. i'm peggy bunker. the 580 express lane is open tonight. a live look from the camera. the two eastbound lanes opened on friday. lanes are free to use for carpoolers, cleaner vehicles, buses and cyclists but solo drivers have to pay to use the
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lanes during the workweek. >> that should help. >> it should. >> i hope so. >> anything could help there. >> that's always such a backed up corridor. >> let's bring in jeff ranieri and looking at the background behind us, beautiful. >> it is. mainly clear skies and warm weather will return through the next three to four days. you can get a preview of that and the main reason we got the heat coming back is high pressure building offshore. so for tomorrow morning's forecast, no big problems coming our way on your compute. 34 for the south bay, east bay at 42, san francisco coming in at 51. through the day tomorrow, we'll go up to 73 in the south bay, partly cloudy skies, try valley 74 and back to san francisco a mild 70. i don't really see any problems for tuesday's forecast except the fact that the pollen will be increasing going up to the high category for alder, juniper, birch and cypress.
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in fact, all of february has been lacking. this was the month with el nino we were supposed to see things stack up and it did not materialize. .74 in santa rosa. we should have on average, .98. livermore 1.30 and we should have 2.47 and comparing it to 1998 and that other very strong el nino event, there is no way we're going to catch up to these incredible totals we had then with 19 inches and better in 1998. again, 19.42 in 1998 and .74 this february. now despite the lack of rainfall so far this month, we'll have details on our sierra snow pack and how well that is doing despite the lack of rainfall in about 25 minutes. >> sobering numbers, thank you. coming up at 6:00. apple against the fbi. what the ceo is telling employees about this controversy
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in a new letter. >> plus, filling barbara boxer's seat. the best chance at becoming california's next senator. =reveal= uber is responding to
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by an uber driver.the company s check and doesn't plan to alter happening now, uber is responding to the mass shooter. the suspect passed the background check and doesn't plan to alter the hiring processes. an iconic restaurant reopened.
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joes of west lake is a classic. we have photos of the impressive interior right now on we're back in a moment. not just the presidential race
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-- there's another hot race -and its unfdng in our own who's gonna replace longtime senator barbara >> not just the presidential race but another hot race unfolding in our backyard. who is going to replace barbara boxer? larry is with us, 18 official candidates but only two or three viable candidates. >> 18. can you believe it? why aren't you running? you're about the only one missing. for the moment, it's a battle between two democrats in a state-wide field poll taken just last month, what did we see? a state attorney general harris clearly leading the pack followed by loretta sanchez of southern california. as you can see, look, harris leads fellow democrat sanchez nearly 2-1. two republicans and tom are in
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third and fourth place. but very, very far from the lead. so what does this mean? it means that with california's top two primary systems, yeah, the two democrats would face-off in november if the current poll results stay true. >> what can happen with sanchez here? so much hype and exposure for harris. what's the difference? >> i should remind you half the people haven't made up their mind. there is a great big variable there. once you get to these guys, harris and sanchez, they are both at the liberal end of the democratic party. there is no question about that. their differences are minor in a lot of cases. although, although, the question of for profit education, they split there. harris advocated more regulation in the wake of recent scandals while sanchez says that government should stay out of the issue all together. so that's the way it goes.
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in some respects, the main difference then really is style. now look, harris is well scripted, tightly wound. sanchez on the other hand, shoots from the hip for example a few months ago, she estimated that between 5 and 20% of all muslims deport the caliphate or radical islamic state. that remark didn't exactly endear her to civil liberties advocates. >> what do you expect between now and june? >> couple things. for starters, watch for the democratic party endorsement when the state convention meets in san jose. a candidate must receive 60% of the delegate votes to be endorsed. harris expects to get that endorsement but sanchez hopes to block her. in this kind of race with so many undecideds, the party endorsement could be critical. long-term another thing, watch for the battle from minority
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voters. sanchez should do well with latinos and california particularly southern california but harris will go a long way with liberals, particularly whites and non-whites alike. those at the far left of the party. pay attention to fundraising. at the last report a couple weeks ago, harris had $4 million in the bank. sanchez had $2 million in the bank. many people in northern california, raj, expect harris to walk away with this, to defeat sanchez. we know harris. voters in southern california may have the last word at least in june. >> yeah, the senate seats don't open up often in california. nevada revving up, next up for the republican race for the white house. donald trump has a strong lead in the poll ahead of tomorrow's caucus with marco rubio and ted cruz battling it out for second place. the fights are getting more personal after cruz' campaign aired an ad questioning rubio's
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religious believes. >> every single day something comes out of the cruz campaign that's deceptive and untrue. >> a graver r error of judgemen >> cruz asked rick tyler to resign and the two campaigns are fighting to win over jeb bush supporters. the pressure is on before super tuesday when 12 states will hold their primary. up next at 6:00 a meant eloquent health issue. behind the scenes of people that live with gun violence in oakland nearly every day. >> no town in america should have to go through this, not america the most wealthy nation on the earth. >> the toughest and most violent neighborhoods in the country and see the mental health crisis spawned by living with violence on a daily basis. about gun violence in oakland.
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but not much is said about the mental he o there are plenty of reports about gun violence in oakland but not much is said about mental health of people living in the inner city. >> the shootings year in and out have experts considering it a health crisis. steven spent six months uncovering some of the root causes of the crisis and joins us now, steven? >> when we spend time on the streets, we discovered two oaklands, the booming home to high-tech companies and neighborhoods in the shadows that still struggle with record
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violence where residents deal with a problem that experts say is similar to veterans returning home from war. oakland is really a beautiful city in the shadow of the homes of high-tech tenants such as uber, ask and pandora, this is where it starts at. we walk the streets of east oakland. >> absolutely. >> reporter: where residents say they have been left behind. >> there was money here. it moved out. >> reporter: we met john jones here. he grew up in this neighborhood where he said there is little hope and lots of drugs and violence. >> the further from downtown, the further east, the deeper east you'll see the transition in the neighborhoods. >> reporter: right. this according to more than a dozen people we talked to is ground zero for the problem of gun violence in america. on streets like this one, where
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guns are a way of life. >> i'm not talking about one set of gunfire. it could be three or four or five different sets of shootings. >> reporter: we walked past the spot last september two people were gunned down. >> every night all kind of guns. >> reporter: and in a six-block radius around where we walked, another half dozen people have been murdered since october with guns. >> you get to a point you can identify them. that's a .12 or an ak or tech nine. >> reporter: in the same time period in this thneighborhood oakland police made 37 arrests. >> you start hearing such and such got killed last night. >> reporter: this is the reality for john jones and his neighbors. jones himself got caught up in the gun violence cycle. he served time for his involvement in a gun murder as a teenager. >> it got close to home when it start being your friends. >> reporter: our investigative
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unit mapped the numbers of the 30 murders in oakland since last august, all but five happened in west or east oakland, mostly along or near the boulevard. similar clustering can be found. >> no town in america should have to go through this, not in america. >> reporter: as jones showed us around his old stomping ground we met up with tim smith and his 8-year-old son. >> he's seen five dead bodies now. >> reporter: that's right, tim smith's 8-year-old son seen five people shot dead. >> the body is on the ground and you're telling your guy look over here and -- >> reporter: that's more than most of us see in a lifetime. the data shows this violence can almost be a daily presence in the lives of people that live here looking at oakland shot spotter numbers, we discover in
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the first nine months of last year, nearly ten shots a day were fired on average. >> there is this saying i share with people, hurt people, hurt people. >> reporter: in fact, medical experts see clear evidence of mental trama among residents in neighborhoods of cities such as oakland. posttraumatic stress disorder or ptsd. >> it's absolutely true. >> reporter: mark serves as director. >> not the same as a soldier. a soldier goes to war and they come home. marks is especially trained psychological counselor that deals with the results of the violence while trying to break the psychole. >> we work with young people that get shot, go to the hospital. get their treatment, come back to the same community. maybe the same home where they were shot in front of. >> reporter: youth alive visits every family victimized by gun violence in oakland. their crisis response team is often at the home of the family
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before police are finished investigating. >> there is no post to the traumatic stress. it's continuing traumatic stress disorder and that the unique. >> posttraumatic stress is very real. >> reporter: ask lorraine taylor. >> when i read the scripture. >> reporter: taylor lost both her twin boys in shootings in oakland. >> i sat on my bed the other day and i just broke down. because i miss them so much. >> reporter: taylor turned her grief into energy and passion to found the group 1,000 mothers. >> are you march leilene. >> i am. >> i had a hard week but other than that, we're doing okay, yeah. >> every day i get a call. last night i was on the phone with a father who just can't handle it. >>traumatic stress
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disorder. >> reporter: as the investigative unit reported in 2014 in partner, chicago found more than half of its gunshot wound victims had signs of ptsd and a study of 8,000 atlanta residents found 30% had symptoms consistent with ptsd, a rate as high or higher than veterans returning from war. >> do you think you have ptsd? >> absolutely. absolutely. without a doubt. i -- like i say, if i go into a restaurant, store, business, i cannot sit with my back to the door. i don't like to sit with my back to the window. on the streets, i'm looking around, i don't like having my back to traffic, just too much. >> experts are only now beginning to talk about treating these residents for ptsd saying the cycle of violence created a little publicized mental health crisis that many cities are only now starting to address.
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i'm stephen stock. >> if you have a tip for the unit or stephen call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail. >> a growing concern linked to wood flooring, what you need to know about products from a california retailer and the risk they could pose to anyone who owns them. >> plus, too close for comfort. the fly buy that is asking how close is too close when it comes to astroids? apple against the fbi: the
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letter to emplees, apple e-on a tim cook...again... defended his decision not to unlock aip apple versus the fbi. today in a letter to employees, apple ceo tim cook defended his
6:42 pm
decision not to unlock a phone belonging to one of the san bernardino shooters. he has no sympathy for terrorists. a judge ordered the company to unlock the iphone but apple says that would put its customer's privacy at risk. they won't to break extradition or set a master key loose on the land. they will respond this week. how safe is the floor of your home? a health risk coming to light from the retailer lumber liquidators. some people with a certain type are at a higher risk for cancer than previously thought, three times higher. the cdc says chemicals found in select versions could cause six to 30 cancer cases per 100,000 people. these floors were made in china. lumber liquidatros stopped selling the floors. >> the bay area and wine world
6:43 pm
lost a legend. he was 101 and credited a daily glass of wine for his longevity. the pioneer ran the charles crude winery for over half a century. he died at his home over the weekend. when he and his late brother disagreed, he built his own winery. the two reconciled in their later years. peter was known for experimenting with improved wayne-making practices that continue today. >> what a pioneer. >> legendary wine family. >> exactly. >> jeff, when is the rain going to show up? >> maybe this weekend. still in large storm system we need for february on tap. we'll talk more about how the snow pac is doing despite the lack of major february rain coming up in a few minutes. that's what some scientists ared
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it's coming at us at more and than 30-thousand miles p h too close for comfort. scientists are saying that about
6:46 pm
an astroid barrelling towards earth. >> it was supposed to go by in exactly two weeks. what are the odds it can hit us? janelle wang joins us with more. >> they are confident it won't crash on earth but not unheard of. three years ago an astroid exploded over russia injuring hundreds. this latest astroid is bigger. astronomers have their eyes on the sky watching for an astroid set to fly by on march 7th. >> it looks like a star in space. >> reporter: it's called 2013 tx 68 named after the year it was discovered. gerald confirmed the discovery in 2013. he says the astroid is 80 to 175 feet long about the size of a warehouse. since it was knocked off an astroid belt it's been passing earth every couple years this time scientists say it's coming much closer, just not sure by
6:47 pm
how much. >> i could be as close as 20 thousand miles or as far as 10 million miles. so it's a pretty big window. >> reporter: in case an astro does change course, researchers at a national lab come up with a new technique called straightforward. >> that is just slamming a spacecraft into the as stretroa >> reporter: for tx 68, this won't be necessary. >> the astroid is not going to hit us. there is no concern about that. it will miss us. it's just a matter of how much it will miss us by. >> reporter: but it's nice to have the option. >> 100% sooner or later we'll get hit. >> reporter: researchers say you might be able to catch a glimpse of the astroid the weekend of march 5th but likely to be extremely faint if we are able to see it at all. raj, jess? >> i don't think i want to see it. i don't want to know. just in case.
6:48 pm
>> here is the astroid forecast. >> i'll make sure, jess, you have crowds moving on by. if it's faint, not going to happen. i got your back. a live look outside. we have high clouds moving in. north bay at 62. san francisco 64 for the south bay a beautiful shot tonight of that full moon. you can see it right now currently 63. this is our view from downtown san jose. as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, we're expecting a mix of sun and clouds but good news for comm e commuters new york city rainfall to slicken the roads. it should be dry on the compute and we'll get again, some cold weather to begin, some crisp air to get you going in the morning. 44 in the south bay, east bay at 42 and for the north bay starting as cold as 41. you need the jacket to begin and sunglasses as you travel around the bay area roads. by the afternoon, cloud cover increasing that will bring it to a partly cloudy sky and unfort
6:49 pm
fl -- unfortunately, any storm system stays offshore. steers the storm track off to the north. with our most recent on again, off again dry mild warm pattern, we wanted to give you an update on the snow pack and you'll be able to see we're doing okay right now. you'll see on this current map a lot of snowfall here throughout the sierra especially when you compare to a year ago when there was so much less in terms of snow pack and in fact, when you get a look last year at this time, just 3.1 inches of an average depth of snowfall. currently right now 18.1 inch that puts the sierra 46.4% covered with snow and water content of 5.3 inches. we made headway because in 2015 we were at .9. despite the lack of any kind of major february rain for the bay area, the sierra picked up two feet of snow and helped with recent snow melt.
6:50 pm
let's get you not micro climate forecast. mild in san francisco and mission at 71 and back towards the marina 68 and san mateo 70 and san jose 73 and looking good across morgan hill at 75. north bay, east bay and try valley, nice day up towards napa and 73 and back into mill valley looking good at 71 and above average temperatures continue in oakland 74 tomorrow and a degree cooler in walnut creek at 73 and tri-valley with 70s continuing. the rain chances next 15 days, no big storm systems as we mentioned this saturday and sunday, two weaker systems move on by for the potential of scattered showers, overall march has a 40% chance of above average rain but raj and jess, everyone at home the way we see it now, eight solid weeks left of el nino potential rain systems coming in. el nino needs to get its act in gear if we want to get more storms in here. >> good update. >> coming up, colin kaepernick,
6:51 pm
remember him and his future? we have an update and steph curry is nipping on the heels of another nba record. jim kozimor joins us next. oncam a bit of a choppy weekend
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for the what do you want to ask coz? >> jim kozimor is here. let's talk about the warrior, jim. >> we can. i got a lot going on. warriors, sharks, moving parts we can put together. >> go away. >> a loss in portland on friday and close win in l.a. against the clippers. on a six-game road trip and continues tonight in atlanta.
6:54 pm
the dubs going for win number 50 on the season and they do so with a new teammate. meet anderson that signed with the warriors in uniform against the hawks. first quarter steph curry with a three. 126 straight games he's done this one shy of the nba record. later, curry distributing on the cross over and spin. harrison barns got into a three spot and buries the three and the crowd no, the bench goes crazy. that's right, the bench. final seconds of the frame. warriors with ball movement and barbosa with target practice. final takes of the half. steph curry doing things warrior fans are used to. he lost the dribble and was able to pick it up and fires the long jumper. we're in the fourth now and the dubs 23-point lead is down 84-82 warriors in the fourth. to the gridiron. the 49ers will meet with quarterback colin kaepernick's
6:55 pm
representatives. he is owed millions. he's currently recovering from injuries. that's a lot of surgeries. over on the nbc sports network, sharks taking on the blues. joe thornton steps in front and home. sharks lead 1-0. later in the first, watch the cheap shot. this is ryan reid hits from behind and reeves is going to get ejected for that hit. helped off the ice and then on the ensuing power play, that's hurdle again knocking one in the 14th of the season. sharks now lead it 4-2 entering the third period. that does it. the busy night in sports and warriors winning and sharks. things are going well on the sports side. >> delivered as promised. he said he had everything for us. >> thanks, jim. >> thanks. let's wrap up with jeff ranieri. >> a little bit of cloud cover
6:56 pm
tonight and mild outside. not the rain i would love to have towards the end of february but we'll go ahead and go with it. tomorrow morning's forecast, 44 to start in the south bay and chilly for the east bay at 42 and san francisco at 51 and the north bay also low 40s. take your jacket tomorrow morning and the sunglasses for the afternoon and no umbrella needed, dry weather, partly cloudy skies as high clouds filter across will bring us to 73 in the south bay and san francisco and near the coastline upper 60s to low 70s and so, about what about the chance of rainfall for the next seven days? a scattered chance on saturday and sunday as far as the rest of march goes, about a 40% chance of above average rain. we'll have to see the long-term outlooks different perform well for february so we'll take it week by week. >> let's keep our fingers crossed for march. >> like spring already. >> thanks for joining us. >> hope to see you at 1 1:00 s. . .
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new photos, taylor swift walks down the aisle. >> maid of honor at her best friend's wedding, but where was taylor's man? now on "extra." taylor swift's wedding weekend. new pics of the superstar as her best friend ties the knot. and why taylor just wrote a check for $250,000 to kesha. the first photo of baby saint west. >> he looks like north's twin. like a little tiny north. >> why kim released it today with a bittersweet message. and shocking video. kris jenner booed. >> i was right


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