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tv   Late Night With Seth Meyers  NBC  February 24, 2016 12:37am-1:38am PST

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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> announcer: from 30 rockefeller plaza in new york, it's "late night with seth meyers." tonight -- bobby cannavale, editor of "the new yorker", david remnick, live "new yorker" cartoons, featuring the 8g band. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ladies and gentlemen, seth meyers! [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: good evening. i'm seth meyers. this is "late night." how is everybody doing tonight? [ cheers and applause ] fantastic to hear. in that case, let's get to the news. president obama today announced plans to close the prison at guantanamo bay. it's a pretty simple plan, really.
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he's going to put a radioshack sign on it. [ laughter ] out of business in a week. [ light laughter ] film director spike lee has endorsed bernie sanders and for bernie's sake i hope it's more effective than spike lee's other endorsements. [ laughter ] we're now a week away from the super tuesday primaries and ben carson is so excited he barely got 14 hours of sleep last night. [ laughter ] at a rally in las vegas last night, donald trump told supporters he'd like to punch protestors in the face. though he looks more like the kind of guy who would stroke a white cat while somebody else punched you in the face. [ laughter and applause ] officials at a super pac aimed at taking down donald trump said recently, "there is no silver
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bullet to get rid of trump." of course not. trump isn't a werewolf. he's more like a vampire. >> no, get those lights off! off! [ laughter ] [ applause ] according to a new gallup poll, 21% of americans think that hillary clinton is dishonest. well, what they actually said was, "she's honest, but she's dishonest." [ laughter and applause ] you guys like gaffes? hillary clinton recently visited the set of the hit abc show "scandal." is that really the show you should be visiting right now? [ laughter ] why not drop by the set of "i did nothing wrong" or maybe "there was nothing illegal in those e-mails"? that's a good show. lego has announced that to mirror the world we live in today, the company will be adding working mom, handicapped, and stay-at-home dad figurines.
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just a side note, the handicapped lego figurine became disabled after he stepped on a lego barefoot. [ laughter ] back story. kids love when their toys have back story. kim kardashian has released the first photos of her son, saint west. let's take a look at one. aw. [ laughter and applause ] we have a great show for you tonight. [ cheers and applause ] from hbo's "vinyl", bobby cannavale is here tonight. a fantastic actor. [ cheers and applause ] from a great new show. also, editor of "the new yorker", our friend david remnick is back. [ cheers and applause ] always a pleasure to talk to him. plus, very exciting, we have the return of the "late night" players who will be staging live "new yorker" cartoons. now, before we get to all of that fun stuff, the campaign of gop presidential candidate ted cruz has come under fire for allegedly spreading misinformation about marco rubio. it's just the latest in a series of similar accusations leveled
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against cruz that have taken a major toll on his campaign. for more on this, it's time for "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: so all in all, it's was a tough weekend for ted cruz. he came in third in south carolina, a state where he was supposed to do well. and even lost among evangelical voters, his core constituency, to donald trump, a man who once described his church going habits this way -- >> well i go as much as i can, always on christmas, always on easter. always when there's a major occasion and during -- during the sundays -- i'm a sunday church person. [ light laughter ] >> seth: i'm a sunday church person as opposed to, you know, thursday church people. still, so great watching him come up with that answer. he gets christmas, easter, but he knows there's something missing. there's a big one missing. [ light laughter ] the point is cruz lost evangelicals to that guy. so his campaign was already going through a rough patch and things only got worse on monday when this happened. >> the shake up in the ted cruz campaign, one of his top aids fired after spreading
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misinformation about marco rubio. >> ted cruz fired his communications director, rick tyler. that happened because mr. tyler inaccurately reported some comments marco rubio made about the bible. >> tyler tweeted a video of rubio speaking with a cruz staffer in the hotel lobby. subtitles claim that rubio said there were, quote, "not many answers in the bible," when rubio actually said "the bible had all the answers." >> seth: he thought he said not many answers? did rick tyler really think marco rubio just saw someone reading a bible and thought, "time to take this sucker down a peg!" [ laughter ] yesterday, tyler apologized for spreading the false report and tried to defend himself on "fox and friends" by citing the original source of the video. >> the "daily pennsylvanian" put up that video and they put the captions of what they said was the transcript on that video. i just checked it five minutes ago, the "daily pennsylvanian" is sticking by their transcript. >> seth: so what kind of source is the "daily pennsylvanian" you ask? it's the university of
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pennsylvania's college newspaper. [ light laughter ] he trusted a college newspaper. although to be fair, their op-ed on tinder etiquette was very persuasive. [ laughter ] the bigger problem for cruz is that this scandal is just the latest in a series of incidents that has given his campaign a reputation for having low ethical standards. as you may remember, cruz first got that reputation after his campaign spread false information about ben carson in iowa to steal some of carson's voters. >> dr. ben carson accusing the cruz campaign of playing dirty tricks to win the iowa caucus, after the cruz camp put out word that dr. carson was dropping out of the presidential race. >> dr. carson's campaign announced that he was not dropping out of the race, okay? he was not dropping out. that didn't stop senator cruz's national chairman, co-national chairman, congressman steve king, from sending out his own tweet. and that said "carson looks like
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he's out." >> seth: now to be fair, "carson looks like he is out" is just how most people would describe ben carson. [ laughter ] "did dr. carson just take an ambien?" "no, he just looks like he's out." [ light laughter ] i mean even his suits look like pajamas. [ laughter ] weeks after -- weeks after the iowa caucus, these allegations have continued to dog cruz. in fact, last week, cruz even requested a meeting with carson two days before the south carolina primary to try to smooth over the controversy. a meeting that attracted attention not for it's subject matter, but for its location. >> cbs news has confirmed candidates ted cruz and ben carson had a private meeting last night inside a storage closet. >> it's not so weird that they met, but where they met -- inside of a closet. >> i think they're calling this a closet summit. [ light laughter ] >> seth: that's right, cruz and carson met inside a storage closet. a moment i'm sure that both of them, as anti-gay rights advocates, immediately regretted when they realized they would eventually have to come out of the closet. [ laughter and applause ]
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together. so how did reporters find out that the two were in the closet in the first place? well, according to "the daily beast", quote, "secret service members were guarding the door and simply said to a republican operative in the hallway, 'yeah, they're in that closet.'" [ laughter ] because you know those secret service guys were like, "[ bleep ] this, i used to be a marine. [ laughter ] now i'm waiting for these two dummies to finish playing seven minutes in heaven?" [ light laughter ] so these latest allegations may be hurting cruz now, but they're not isolated incidents. in fact, this is a criticism that even cruz's fellow republicans have leveled at him. he'll do or say anything to get elected. take this for example. just before the iowa caucuses, cruz suddenly came out against iowa's ban on fireworks sales. why would a presidential candidate take such a position on a local issue? well as "bloomberg" reported earlier this month, cruz, quote, "had no public position on iowa's fireworks law until his analysts identified 60 votes that could potentially be swayed because of it."
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of course, the real headline here is that there are 60 people in iowa who voted based on their love of fireworks. [ light laughter ] because our forefathers fought for me to have my fireworks and i'll give you my bottle rocket when you can pry it from my cold, dead, three-fingered hand. [ laughter and applause ] also, seriously, if someone really loves fireworks, they're not gonna vote for ted cruz. they're gonna vote for this roman candle. [ laughter ] that guy is a human firework. this has been, "a closer look." ♪ [ cheers and applause ] we'll be right back with more "late night"! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ahh... yeah! ahh... you probably say it a million times a day. ahh... ahh! ahh... ahh! but at cigna, we want to help everyone say it once a year. say "ahh".
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back everybody. please give it up for the 8g band over there. [ cheers and applause ] also joining us this week, she's an accomplished drummer and composer from here in new york city allison miller. thank you so much. >> thank you. thank you. >> seth: for being with us allison. [ cheers and applause ] now we here at "late night" we love studies, we love polls but we've noticed that these polls don't always add up to exactly 100%. there's always that minority that falls into the mysterious "other" category. so we've sent our "late night" researchers to determine what the answers to that category are in the segment called "the last slice of the pie chart." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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>> seth: all right, our first poll question asks, "what is the most important problem facing the country today." 52% said economy, 42% said health care, 6% fell into that "other" category. let's see what they really said. they said our country's biggest problem is that "the plot of 'game of thrones' is diverging from the books." [ laughter ] up next, people were asked, "do you think president obama should nominate a replacement for justice scalia?" 55% said yes, 36% said no. leaves 9% other. let's see what they really said. "not until he nominates a replacement for zayn." [ laughter and applause ] but, i gotta be honest with you, even if he does, the senate's gonna block it. up next, people were asked, "how much health information do you get from the internet?" 41% said a lot. 44% said a little. and 15% other. let's see what they said. "oh my god, it's cancer, isn't it?" [ laughter ]
12:52 am
up next, people were asked, "are you proud to be an american?" 86% said yes, 4% said no. let's see what the other 10% said. they said, "si." [ laughter and applause ] up next, people were asked, "what is your favorite spectator sport?" 46% said football. 30% said baseball. 21% said basketball. 3% other. let's see what they really said. "watching people push doors, that say 'pull.'" [ laughter and applause ] america's game. up next, people were asked, "do you believe you'll be more successful than your parents were?" 74% said yes. 21% said no, 5% other. let's see what they really said. they said, "with all the money they send me every month, i better be." [ laughter and applause ] and finally, people were asked, "what had is your opinion on donald trump?" 26% favorable. 64% unfavorable.
12:53 am
8% said they haven't heard enough about him to decide. 2% other. let's see what they really said. "who are these morons who still haven't heard enough about donald trump." [ laughter and applause ] that was "the last slice of the pie chart." we'll be right back with more "late night." [ cheers and applause ] ♪ 3d touch on iphone 6s responds to the pressure of your finger. so you can do a ton of stuff in a lot less time. like look at a site without going to it. or watch a video without opening it. you can do pretty much everything faster. shooting stuff. music stuff. couch shopping. shoe shopping. running. kind of. checking a flight from an email. i'm peeking my flight. i'm not peeking my flight. i'm peeking my...wait, i missed my flight. owl photos. desert photos. photos of... dolphins! a high-stepping man. pizza gifs. it's all faster with 3d touch on iphone 6s.
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back, everybody. our first guest tonight is a two time emmy award winning actor who you know from his work on the acclaimed series "boardwalk empire," and from films such as "blue jasmine," and "ant man." he's currently starring in the new hbo drama series, "vinyl," as 1970s record executive, richie finestra. let's take a look. >> we're trimming the fat. staying lean. the old roster had no coherence. >> there's a cornucopia of disparate sounds. >> okay, cornucopia sounds vaguely good. >> right, i'll come up with something else. >> in any case. part two. i'm starting a sub label. >> like atlantic has atco.
12:58 am
>> exactly. okay, american century stays intact but with a fresh imprint in house. i need you to come up with a new label. okay, a label that says tomorrow. the future. >> atomic records. >> the future starting today. not 1942. >> rocket. >> no. >> not rocket but rock it. do you get it? >> yeah, i do. still no. >> seth: please welcome to the show bobby cannavale. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome. >> thank you. >> seth: very happy you're here. >> thank you. nice to be here. >> seth: and congratulations are in order. we were talking backstage, you had a son three weeks ago. >> three weeks and a day, yeah. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: three weeks and a day. congratulations. >> thanks, man. >> seth: very exciting. i'm about to join your ranks. >> yeah. >> seth: i'm pretty close. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: any, any advice? anything i need to know? >> yeah, well, you should
12:59 am
learn -- just put it this way, you're going to know more about breast milk. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> than -- like i talk about breast milk like i talk about the yankees. [ laughter ] like all the time. i know how many ounces we should be getting and how many he should be drinking and do i smell like breast milk? >> seth: i don't know what it smells like yet. >> because, i'm pretty much just, in my life all the time. >> seth: yeah. that's exciting. so that's your new yankees. >> yeah, that's my new yanks, breast milk and i was telling you this before, but, i'm telling you, you gotta get some sleep. >> seth: yeah. >> you know, like, she's not going to get that much sleep, but if you can get sleep -- >> seth: uh-huh. >> it helps her. it really does. 'cause then the next day -- [ laughter ] no, it's the truth, it's the truth. because then, you know, you're awake. she can take naps. she can take the baby out. >> seth: yep. >> and it's really helpful. i think that's just what i'm saying. >> seth: i think, when i bring this up, she'll say a good place for you to get some sleep is at your friend's apartment. >> that's right. >> seth: or the couch. >> yeah. yeah. >> seth: this is your second son. your older son jake, who i saw on broadway, "fish in the dark," also an actor. >> yeah. >> seth: here's the three of you guys, walking, which is
1:00 am
fantastic. >> yeah. the little guy is in here. rocky's in here. >> seth: yeah. that's a good place for him when it's a little cold out. >> and that's jake, yeah. >> seth: that's fantastic. so, congratulations on your family. that's fantastic news. i remember a few years ago we were moving out of an apartment, my wife and i, you actually went and took a look at our apartment. >> we did. >> seth: yeah. which was a big deal. because i think more, my wife was more worried about what rose would think because we really had to clean up the apartment. but it was just you. just you came and checked it out, right? >> no, no, rose came. >> seth: okay good. >> you had that dog. >> seth: we had a dog, yeah. >> yeah, yeah. that dog was something. >> seth: what's wrong with the dog? >> just a lot, it's a lot, it was a lot. [ laughter ] >> seth: my dog is 7 pounds. >> i know, but it was intense, man. it was a loud dog. >> seth: what was it doing? >> a lot of yipping and yapping and like nipping. >> seth: it's a huge, my dog is a huge bobby cannavale fan. [ laughter ] >> yeah. >> seth: huge "boardwalk empire" fan. was so excited to meet you. >> yeah. it was cute, it was cute. yeah. >> seth: congratulations on "vinyl." it's fantastic. it's strange to me that there hasn't been a show about the 1970s rock scene, especially here in new york.
1:01 am
>> yeah, i agree. i know. well, we've finally got one and it's a pretty good pedigree i think. you know, martin scorcese and mick jagger, and terry winter, and so, the audience should feel like they're in good hands. i mean, i know i did. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: it seems incredibly authentic, with them behind it. >> yeah. >> seth: i have to imagine also intimidating working with people like, martin and mick. you worked with martin before, obviously on "boardwalk empire." >> yeah. >> seth: what's the first -- as an actor, what's it like the first time you meet someone like martin scorsese. >> well, i had a unique situation, you know, with marty because, on "boardwalk" i -- yeah, i'd never met him before, and we did this table read and i was the new guy in the cast and they had like, a big table set up with all the executives from hbo and all the actors and they had my name on a little place card next to martin scorsese. so i was like freaking out. and i had the first scene in the show. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> and in the scene i kill this old man with a pipe wrench and after he insults me, even though it's not really an insult and so, i was like, nervous to begin with and i never said this guy's words out loud before and first time i had ever spoken the words and as soon as i started speaking, you know, i think my first line was like, what do you
1:02 am
mean by that. and this, and marty just started laughing. cackling hysterically. like, he knows what's coming up. and then the guy is reading the thing, reading the stage directions and the guy goes, "gyp rosetti picks up a pipe wrench and chases after the guy and raises it above his head." and marty's just losing it, laughing and he's like, "and then the gyp beats him to death over the head with the pipe wrench." and marty's just gone. he's just laughing hysterically and hitting me under the table and i was like, "i'm good. i'm with this guy." [ light laughter ] >> seth: yeah. he got a very unique sense of humor. >> he's got a very unique sense of humor but, if see his, if you watch his movies, you know, you get that sense of, you know, it's a sort of macabre sense of humor. it's very realistic, and it's very tense. and so, it's sort of the same situation with "vinyl." i just feel like it's a perfect marriage, really, working with him. >> seth: in the first episode you talk about that sort of dark comedy. and there's the perfect example of that with andrew dice clay. >> yeah. >> seth: that plays a guy that owns radio stations. >> yeah. >> seth: were you a fan of andrew dice clay? >> i was, man. you know, so dice and i, we weirdly connected now over the
1:03 am
last few years. he's in "blue jasmine." i'm in "blue jasmine." >> seth: of course, right, i forgot. >> and now this. and, when i was 19 or 20 years old i went to that concert at the garden. you know, dice was the first comedian to sell out madison square garden. he was the biggest thing in like, 1990. >> seth: it was a -- he was a huge hit >> huge! and so, it was like, cool for me to work with him. and, the guys on the camera crew, they all, they're like, they were huge fans and they had been asking, you know, do you think he'd ever do like some jokes for us? so, one day we're driving to set and andrew is, all he has to do the whole day is lay in a pool of blood. he doesn't have to speak or anything. and he's like, i'm going to just lay here because my back hurts so i'm just going to lay here all day. just give me a pillow. so they give him a pillow and he's laying in the blood and he did all of his jokes from like the 90s. he did like, all the dirty -- >> seth: dirty nursery rhymes? >> the dirty nursery rhymes. >> seth: lying in a pool of blood. >> he did them all lying in a pool of blood like this -- hickory dickory dock. [ laughter ] and he would do all of them. >> seth: for those who don't know those dirty nursery rhymes, you can probably guess what the rhyme with dock was.
1:04 am
>> yeah. [ light laughter ] he told me, i asked him, i said, do you have any in the file that you never did? >> seth: any dirty nursery rhyme that didn't make the cut? >> any rejects. yeah, and he told me one. >> seth: will you tell us? >> it's dirty, though. >> seth: go for it. if it's too dirty we'll just beep it. >> i didn't write it, remember, it was dice. [ laughter ] so it goes, doe a deer a female deer, ray, the deer that [ bleep ] doe in the ass. [ laughter ] that was it. [ applause ] what does that mean? it's andrew dice clay, you know? >> seth: i can't believe that didn't make the cut. >> i can't either. i was like, why wouldn't that make the cut? what's the -- yeah. >> seth: what was the high bar you had? >> yeah, yeah. it's like -- >> seth: then at the end of the day he's like -- >> doesn't fit. yeah. >> seth: this isn't quite dice clay. i feel like this has a bad aftertaste. >> yeah. oh, he's terrific. >> seth: so you, now the show is very authentic to the time. you must have to garbage up neighborhoods because, of course, new york doesn't look anything like it did in the 70s. >> that's exactly right. >> seth: is it true that when you went to times square, 'cause
1:05 am
you shoot there, did you have to bring garbage with you? >> yeah. we had to bring garbage, yeah. and then you gotta take it away. [ light laughter ] >> seth: right, you can't just leave the garbage. >> so, we're shooting down on 46th street, down in hell's kitchen, and they don't call it hell's kitchen anymore right? they call it like, clinton or something. and we're shooting in this playground which is now a playground for children but it used to be like a playground for like junkies you know. >> seth: yeah. [ laughter ] >> and so, we made it look like that again, and there were like junkies and prostitutes and things, and garbage everywhere. and you'd see people from the neighborhood go like, "yeah, 70s are back!" [ laughter ] and then you see like new people, like yuppies or whatever, like go like, "what's happening here," you know? be really nervous. so, it's a real sign of the times. >> seth: it is funny how there are new yorkers who do miss that time, that looked so awful. >> i know. >> seth: i mean, it looks fun but also, you know, the fact that they, there's people who are like, "oh, that are like oh back in the day junkies used to hang out here. it was the best." >> yeah. but that's a thing, right? that's sort of a new york thing anyway. >> seth: that is a new york thing. they just want -- >> not the same anymore. >> seth: yeah. and then everything they tell you about why it's not the same,
1:06 am
is so much worse. >> yeah, seems way worse. >> seth: yeah. the place we live now, i remember there used to be a night club around the corner. before i lived in the neighborhood i used to go all the time, and it's closed. and i remember saying, to my doorman once, 'cause i loved going there. >> yeah. >> seth: and i was like, "do you remember that place?" and he was like, "oh, it was the worst. people used to throw up in the front of the lobby of our building all the time." and i just remember being like, "yeah, that was the best man." [ laughter ] >> there used to be a place on 42nd street. when i was a kid i remember like, it was like, i don't remember what it was called but it had like a blinking eye. >> seth: uh-huh. >> right on the deuce. like, right there. and like you knew it was dirty. something was happening in there and it was just an eye that would open and close. and i never got to it. like, they got rid of it. like, giuliani came in and got rid of it. but i knew it was -- >> seth: before you were of age to go in the -- >> yeah. yeah. >> seth: yeah. >> seth: so you gotta spend the rest of your life not knowing what's in the blinking eye place. >> i know, man. >> seth: that's heartbreaking. >> yeah, yeah, i knew it was dirty for sure. >> seth: yeah. it wasn't good. [ laughter ] >> no. >> seth: so in the 70s, obviously, you didn't get to experience that the way your character does. what were you like back when you were growing up in the 70s. >> in the 70s i was a catholic school kid.
1:07 am
you know, i went to catholic school. >> seth: so you were a good kid? >> no, i just went to catholic school. [ laughter ] >> seth: okay, gotcha. >> i went to catholic school. it was all nuns. i got kicked out of catholic school. you know, i -- i got kicked out of catholic school in the 7th grade. >> seth: so you made it pretty far. >> i made it pretty far. [ laughter ] actually i loved being a part of the catholic church because i liked, like, i liked being an alter boy and i was like, in the theater group and i was in the choir and i was, i did all of this extracurricular stuff. i just didn't like -- the nuns used to teach us. >> seth: okay. >> they just weren't very nice to me, and i got -- >> seth: so what happened? like, what did you do to get kicked out? >> i hung sister joanna up on a hook in the coat closet in the 7th grade. [ laughter ] she was the principal but she used to be the kindergarten teacher. and then, i got skipped in kindergarten. >> seth: nothing you're going to tell me makes this okay. [ laughter ] >> yeah, right. >> seth: no, but keep going. what else did you do? >> let me tell you what happened. like, yeah, yeah, no, you're right, actually. >> seth: so wait, you picked up a nun and put her on a hook. >> yeah, well, she used to hit me all the time. >> seth: okay.
1:08 am
>> and she was little and, you know, i was like, i had like a growth spurt in the 7th grade and she picked me up by the thing, you know, by the ear, and we had these coat closets. like i'm dating myself. you know, you know. like these closets you 'd would walk through and hang up your coat and you have a cubby in there and you could, she'd pull you out of the chair and into there so that the kids couldn't see you. and i'd had it already. she pulled me out of my seat and it clicked, that's it. and picked her up and put her up on the hook and i was gone. [ laughter and applause ] >> seth: is she still there? >> i don't think so. >> seth: she still on the hook? >> i don't think so. yeah. >> seth: thank you so much for being here. congrats on the show. it's fantastic. >> thanks, seth. thank you, man. and got season two, right? >> thanks, yeah. thank you. [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: bobby cannavale everybody. new episodes of "vinyl" air sunday nights on hbo. we'll be right back with david remnick. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ bring it.
1:09 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] seth: welcome back everybody. our next guest is the pultizer prize winning author and the editor of "the new yorker." new episodes of the magazines new series "the new yorker presents" are available every tuesday on amazon prime. let's take a look. >> first cowboy coming to you all the way from oklahoma. [ cheers ] >> we started mutton busting 4 to 6 they ride sheep cause you want the kids to learn and they learn their fundamentals are riding as they get older. then they graduate into calves, then junior steers, then they go to our senior steers, then our junior bulls and then they're in the big bulls. >> that's it! keep moving! move! move! move! >> move! >> move! >> move! >> get a hold! get a hold! get over there!
1:14 am
get over there! >> hey. [ crying ] get up. what are you crying about? what are you sniffling about? give me some. are you champ or chump? >> champ. >> champ or chump? >> champ. >> champ or chump? >> champ. >> seth: please welcome back to this show david remnick. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: i like that we showed a bull riding clip to introduce you because that seems like the farthest away from the david remnick i know. >> yeah. it's like my childhood. >> seth: that's right those are your home videos. >> in north jersey. yeah absolutely. champ or chump? >> seth: we were actually laughing -- >> chump all the way. >> seth: i don't know if you know this because we were laughing today. obliviously we have to write your name a lot when you're on the show with just -- in our memos and what not and david remnick. >> redneck. >> seth: redneck. it auto corrects to david redneck. >> yeah, it's very flattering. [ laughter ] >> seth: yeah. >> very flattering. >> seth: because again that seems like that's the sliding doors of your life. [ laughter ] in another life you're david redneck and you're the guy yelling at the kid for riding the steer. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: i wanted to ask you
1:15 am
about something you wrote recently in "the new yorker," for "the new yorker." about -- you compared the trump campaign to the brutality of nfl football. >> yeah. >> seth: with this sort of amount of anger and vitriol that has been sort of prevalent throughout the course of his campaign. >> yeah. >> seth: explain exactly what you mean. >> well, i wish these guys would wear helmets. then we wouldn't see them quite as often. >> seth: yeah. >> it is -- it's horrifying. it's horrifying. there you know, in the 60s, philip roth, great novelist, wrote that that american craziness is so crazy that it's becoming impossible to write fiction anymore. but he had no idea. he was dealing with a character like richard nixon. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> who by today's standards would be a kind of raving lefty in the republican party and we now have the spectacle of political candidates screaming and yelling at the pope. at the pope. >> seth: and it having no effect. >> no it -- his ratings went up. trump's ratings went up as a result. so, you know, so when you see a moment in politics like you did yesterday when 106-year-old woman visits the white house, african american woman coming
1:16 am
for black history month and is greeted by the obama's and it's just a rare moment of sanity and decency and then we're back to, you know, yet another town hall where -- where it looks like a clown car. >> seth: we -- we actually have a clip of that. i don't know if anyone has seen this or if everyone's seen it. >> it's amazing. >> seth: here's the 106-year-old woman that met the obama's. >> hey! >> how are you? >> i'm fine. >> oh, it's so nice to see you. >> i'm just 106 and i -- do you want to say hi to michelle? >> yes! >> come on. >> slow down. >> 106. she's 106. >> she's 106? >> no you are not. >> i thought i would never live to get in the white house. >> well, you are right here. >> you are here. >> and i -- bless you. >> you are here. >> i am so happy. >> we are happy to have you.
1:17 am
>> a black president. >> look at him. >> yay! >> right there. that's me. >> yeah. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: something -- i think that's an important thing for us to remember. >> you know and so what's next? what's next? >> seth: well, do you think, speaking of what's next, is there anything trump at this point can do or say that will cause these numbers to go down or do you think he's proven over the course last few months -- >> i think it's possible that if he came out and gave a rational policy speech about immigration or gun control or anything that's actually, you know, important, his numbers might go down. >> seth: there you go. ll >> but as long -- but as long as it's pure, raw, hatred married to entertainment value, zoom. >> seth: yeah. >> and that's -- that's tragic. >> seth: and i will say i think there's no reason to think that'll change because he does have a better understanding i would say of entertainment value than most candidates in the past. he seems very plugged in.
1:18 am
>> no i -- i hate to ascribe i don't want to use the word genius to it but he does have some fingertip sense of populism even though he's a billionaire. >> seth: yeah. >> and he's been in show business, his been in the marketing business, his been in essentially advertising, the self-advertising business for decades. i mean any new yorker remembered him the since the late 70s. >> seth: have you had any -- i know people who write about things like politics or the many things that his life has crossed with. he will interact with, he will write angry letters to. have you had any personal history with trump? >> you know he -- years ago mark singer wrote a brilliant profile of him and you could basically publish it today and it would be just as apt. but -- and mark singer got a lot of furious, with big -- he had a huge signature and he writes these screeds. but the most recent i think is that he had golf courses all over the country and he's very pissed off that the golf
1:19 am
magazines and the company that i work at, conde nast, not happy with "golf digest." as he gets -- writes really angry letters about how come my golf course, you know, with the statue of julius caesar, whatever it is, is not getting the play that augusta has got. >> seth: that -- those are that's things a president needs to worry about. >> yeah. absolutely. [ laughter ] >> seth: that is very much at the top of the list. >> yeah. yeah. >> seth: so the clip at the beginning of the show this is a new television venture. >> yeah. >> seth: for "the new yorker." called "the new yorker presents" it's on amazon prime. >> that's right. >> seth: so explain the format of the show for us. >> well it's a magazine show in the sense that there's different pieces there. it's meant to reflect the magazine in the sense that there's comedy in it. there is deep reporting in it. there are interviews in it and -- but it's television. so it can't do the same thing. it can't, you know, mayor la guardia of this city, years and years ago when the newspapers went on strike in new york city, he went on the radio because there was no television at that time, he went on the radio and he read comics to them on the air. that's not what we're going to do. we're not going to read the
1:20 am
cartoons on television. because it's not innate to television. what you need is great filmmaking. that film clip that you saw is by the guy that did the great documentary "hoop dreams" and alex gibney who's a terrific documentarian is the guy who is running the show along with kahane cooperman who ran "the daily show" for 15 years. >> seth: and now are -- >> but these things are real tv pros i can't pretend to do it myself. >> seth: are they new stories or are they going back to sort of the archive of "the new yorker" to find stories to -- like for -- that bull riding, kids running bulls. is that -- >> that was based on a piece that was done by a writer named burk bilger. >> seth: okay. >> and -- but -- and it's an interesting experience because for a writer you think, "okay, now it's done. i wrote that story. that's finished," in a way you're handing over that story to somebody else's sensibility. you're giving it to a filmmaker who's gonna to have their own take on it his or her own take on it. you have to reconcile yourself to that. it's no longer yours. it's a new thing. >> seth: i would imagine most writers must be happy so far with how things have turned out. >> i think they're okay with it so far. >> seth: okay good.
1:21 am
now the other thing that you're doing is you are hosting a radio show, a podcast. what would you call it? what are you calling it? >> it's both. it's both on terrestrial radio on national public radio stations all over the country and also available as a podcast. >> seth: and so you are doing radio for the first time how --how would you grade yourself as a radio host so far. >> well, since i'd grade myself as a writer as about a "b" i guess i'm a gentlemen's "c" so far. >> seth: okay, there you go. >> no. you should be tough on yourself and -- it's hard. it's different. because if i'm interviewing for a print piece i can ask you the same dumb question 15 times and it doesn't matter. >> seth: right. >> just as long as i get the information that i need. apparently it doesn't work that way in like what we're doing here. >> seth: yeah, if i kept asking you it'd be super boring. [ light laughter ] >> yeah, for both of us. >> seth: yeah. >> and especially for you guys. >> seth: well let's try. >> go ahead. >> seth: how would you grade yourself as a radio host? [ laughter ] >> you know maybe a "b," maybe a "c plus." >> seth: okay. >> is this working for you yet?
1:22 am
>> seth: how would you grade yourself though as a radio -- i don't buy the "c plus." before it was a gentlemen's "c." now it's a "c plus." >> yeah. i'm going up all the time. >> seth: why can't you keep your story straight. >> i'm going up. >> seth: now, i have to ask you this, have you listened to yourself host radio. >> it's horrifying. >> seth: yeah, isn't it. >> it's horrifying. >> seth: yeah. >> do you watch yourself on television? >> seth: no but if my wife is watching. >> she turns you off. >> seth: no she'll be watching like on her iphone in the morning and i have to like leave the room. cause hearing my voice just puts me in a bad mood. >> i can't tell how many film -- >> seth: i love as it comes out. i just don't hear it. like right now i'm like, oh it's beautiful. this is -- >> we all love it. [ laughter ] >> seth: everything about this. >> we all love it as it comes out. >> seth: yeah. >> but i think that there's a lot of filmmakers who won't watch their movies after they're done. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> cause they're sick of it. i think there are very few writers when they finally finish the book then go back and read their own books for pleasure. you just don't. >> seth: yeah. >> you're done with it. and so even this, i don't want to hear my voice, except to see how to get better at it. >> seth: mm-hmm. >> how to get better at it. >> seth: well that is the thing. you have to force yourself to do something that ultimately makes you uncomfortable because you
1:23 am
will see things. >> yeah. it is a different -- a completely different sport. >> seth: the last thing i want to ask you because i think a lot of people read "the new yorker" and obviously it's a prestige magazine and they're proud. people will read it on the subway to show off to everybody look how good i'm doing. i'm a smart person. so as the editor, do you what are your guilty pleasures? do you have any? >> oh, yeah. you mean the kind i can talk about even on late night television. >> seth: yeah. >> there's a great gossip website. "the daily mail." >> seth: yeah. there's a lot of people that don't think it's great. [ laughter ] >> yeah, you maybe. >> seth: yeah. >> but here's the -- [ laughter ] >> seth: no, look i'm only saying that i -- >> here's what i like about it. because it's british it has tons of celebrities i've never heard of. >> seth: that's true, right. >> and so there are these people on like bad television shows in great britain and here they either look bad or good in a bathing suit and they've had an affair with somebody else that i never heard of in my life and it kind of shows the absolute
1:24 am
stupidity of gossip even about the people we know. whether it's kim kardashian or whoever it is. but in this case it's somebody i never heard of. there's a special delight in that. but the second i ever appear on that website. >> seth: yeah. >> then i hate it's guts. >> seth: we my wife's pregnant. we went out for a walk. just a short walk. we got daily mailed and we were not dressed for it. >> yeah, what were you wearing? >> seth: just like wearing like jeans and t-shirts but both of us, we'd just eaten, and both of us were like working food out of our teeth. [ laughter ] all like this. >> big spinach gobs. >> seth: yeah. we did not -- so we -- we're a little, we're still a little sore from that one. >> i think it gets worse than that on "the daily mail" website. >> seth: that's true, the worst thing we can have is like look at these couples. >> in fact "the new yorker" just published a great piece on tmz. >> seth: a fantastic piece. >> and how they get their stories which is let's just say different from the way "the new yorker" does. >> seth: "the new yorker" goes about it. >> yeah, yeah. >> seth: well, try to not shift into the tmz world. stay in your lane. >> bit by bit. >> seth: okay bit by bit. so, you're going to stick around right? >> you bet. >> seth: we gotta do "live new yorker cartoons." >> can't wait. can't wait. >> seth: david remnick everybody. [ cheers and applause ] new episodes of "the new yorker presents" are available every
1:25 am
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> seth: welcome back to "late night." now, david one of the most popular features in "the new yorker" are the cartoons. they make us laugh. they make us think. they make us go, "honey, do you get this one?" >> that's what we're going for seth. >> yeah, great. >> absolutely. >> seth: and in what has become a tradition here on late night every time you appear on the show we present "live new yorker cartoons." >> seth, in the world filled with madness and chaos this piece is the one thing that's a beacon of consistency in my life. >> seth: i'm so happy to hear that. >> yeah, me too. >> seth: so without further ado, our theater troupe in residence the "late night" players are happy today debut their newest piece "live new yorker cartoons part 4: the dark side of the toon." ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
1:31 am
let's see our first cartoon. originally drawn by emily flake. >> it's a magic potion that makes everything you say interesting. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: david, care to explain the cartoon for us. >> seth, are you familiar with drudgeries of motherhood? >> seth: i am not. >> well, i am and how are these drudgeries escaped? with alcohol. in this case, wine. >> seth: excellent piece distillation of the piece, david. [ light laughter ] our next cartoon is by alex gregory. >> but when a woman has someone's head cutoff, she's a bitch. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: david, what did we just see? >> seth, have you ever seen a
1:32 am
cartoon that's so deafly and humorously exposes the complexities of female leadership in the work place? >> seth: i have not. >> well, buckle up buttercup because you just did. >> seth: shouldn't you have told me to buckle up before the cartoon? >> semantics, seth. >> seth: all right. our next cartoon is by j.c. duffy. >> please, steve, not the duck face. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: david. >> seth are you aware of the duck face selfie phenomenon. >> seth: i believe i am but please explain. >> i'm happy to. well, when people take selfies they tend to make duck faces to accentuate the pout of their lips. >> seth: uh-huh. >> and this makes them appear, in a sense, sexier. >> seth: okay. >> in this cartoon our character steve takes the expression literally and for one beautiful moment he becomes a duck-faced man.
1:33 am
>> seth: and did you think he looked sexy? >> exquisitely. >> seth: all right. [ laughter ] our next care toon -- cartoon. sometimes i call them care toons, is by farley katz. >> yeah. >> you'll come here but you won't go to brooklyn? [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: now i think i get that one but david explain just in case. >> yeah. seth, cab drivers they hate and i repeat hate going to brooklyn. >> seth: yes. >> do you know how inconvenient it is for them? >> seth: i do not. >> so inconvenient they would prefer to drive through outer space all the way to the surface of the moon. >> seth: and now david, where do you live? >> i live on the upper west side? >> seth: okay, and do you ever go to brooklyn? >> god know. >> seth: okay, yeah. [ laughter ] >> just getting here -- just getting here was a pain in the ass. >> seth: okay great. our final cartoon is by one of our favorites zach kanin. david, anything you'd like to say to set up this cartoon. >> yes, this cartoon is a
1:34 am
celebration of an american masterpiece the movie "the wizard of oz" and i think it astutely captures why the film endures the test of time. >> seth: excellent. let's take a look. >> a heart would be great, sure, but what i'd really like is a working human penis. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> seth: i get that one. i don't need any explanation. >> i get that one too. >> seth: the late night players, everyone. we'll be right back. [ cheers and applause ] ♪
1:35 am
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[ cheers and applause ] >> seth: our thanks to bobby cannavale, david remnick, allison miller and of course the 8g band. [ cheers and applause ] stay tuned for carson daly. we'll see you tomorrow. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ ♪ >> carson: and


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