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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  February 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PST

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a very good friday morning to you, thanks so much for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. the radar now saying let it rain. let's get a check of your weekend forecast. kari hall joining us. >> unfortunately, the skies won't open up with heavy rain, but wae will have more cloud cover and some spotty showers for parts of the north bay, mainly later on this afternoon. you can see those clouds there as it approaches the coast and temperatures are fairly mild heading out the door. we're mostly in the low to mid-50s starting out the day and highs will reach 66 degrees in the east bay while the south bay is up to 70 degrees and a few showers for san francisco and the north bay and i'll have details on that and a look ahead to the weekend. that's coming up in a few minutes. how is it looking on the san mateo bridge, mike? >> it is looking great. the view of the bridge itself is great. we see this traffic westbound coming over to foster city off the decline. look at your map. the same thing on the speed sensors, not quite as pretty.
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a little slowing shows up getting out of east palo alto and i'll track that because there is nothing going on as far as chp is concerned. nothing going on around the bay and little build 580 out of the altamont, guys. back to you. the man police say killed a young san jose mother will face a judge for the first time. this as we learn more details about the suspect's past. >> "today in the bay" kris sanchez joining us live in hayward this morning. that suspect is an undocumented immigrant. >> right, sam. that is the big detail that wae have learned overnight that he was in this country illegally and that immigrations customs enforcement agents were in the process of deporting him for another crime. esmid pedraza will be charged with the death of his girlfriend 22-year-old stacey aguilar's body was found in fremont. she had been shot several times. she and pedraza were seen
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leaving a party the weekend before. stacey aguilar's mother said she believed he was in an abusive relationship. that he beat her. we confirmed with immigrations custom enforcement officials that even before pedraza was taken into custody related to aguilar's disappearance i.c.e. was trying to send him back to mexico for a dui charge. if the alameda county jail is going to release him that i.c.e. be notified so he could be turned over for immigration action. we found that alameda county does not consider itself a sanctuary city, but they will only notify federal officials before releasing suspects if they have serious convictions, if they have gang ties or terrorist affiliations. now, pedraza is due in court at 2:00 this afternoon here in hayward.
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of course, our crews will be here. >> kris, thank you very much. in the meantime, a teenage boy is recovering in the hospital this morning after being shot. that shooting happened just before 6:30 last night in san jose. not too far from interstate 280. police say three men may have taken off from the scene in a red car. no arrests so far have been made. you can help san jose police catch some burglars. take a look. surveillance video saw these men burglarizing in san jose. police say the suspects took two bikes and damaged a surveillance camera before taking off. hopefully they catch these folks wanted for sexual assault and attempted burglary. santa clara police looking for a man who they say may be targeting women in the same neighborhood. this comes after two terrifying incidents that happened in just two weeks at apartments on hope drive right near santa clara.
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not too far from the rivermark plaza. officers released that sketch you saw a second ago. a 30-year-old balding man and light skin and about 510 f'10". a woman was sexually assaulted back on february 13th. then a week later, another woman said she scared off an intruder in her home. police hope that people can also identify that suspect by his voice. >> when we get called, we want to know what they look like and if they said anything to you. >> at this point, police do believe the incidents are connected. in the meantime, they're stepping up their patrols around the area. 5:04 right now. students and staff at uc berkeley are on high alert this morning. four women might have been drugged on the cal campus. "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live on the cal campus. two fraternities may be on alert. >> warning students about these
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alleged incidents and both about the same night a week ago friday the 19th. the one involves the fraternity over here where two female students reported being drugged. now, this investigation also stands this block down a couple of houses to the corner there piedmont and channing at the delta fraternity, better known where the sexual assault allegedly happened. this is something that went out on a crime alert earlier this week. this is a fraternity not officially sanctions by uc berkeley. two women reported being drugged at the party same night. unclear if it is one of the two women reported that a sexual assault took place in one of those rooms between 12:00 and 12:45 in the morning. berkeley police, not university police are investigating both the possible sexual assault and drugging. other reported druggings at a fraternity this school year. this is a campus police alert from october 29th warning that one or more people may have been
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drugged at an unnamed fraternity. this was more of a warning to students ahead of halloween and parties taking place, but at that time police said they had little to investigate unless a specific victim or fraternity came forward. now, as for the friday night reported druggings and possible sexual assault, again, it is berkeley police investigating this not, not campus police. we also researched the latest crime stats available in terms of sexual assaults and crimes of that nature here with uc berkeley. we'll have more on that coming up in the next half hour. live in berkeley, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> very serious accusations. thank you very much, stephanie. the countdown is on for a homeless camp on san francisco's division street. those lives in the rows of tents have until today to move. the city threatened in a notice earlier this week police are going to forcibly move them and their belongings are going to be du dumped. encouraging the campers to come to a new homeless facility
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promoted by mayor ed lee. >> they take all of our stuff and they put it into a container and they won't let us have access to their stuff. that's basically like being in jail. >> public health inspectors list several reasons the encampment is public nuisance citing needles and human waste. right now you may be starting your day. let's get a look at the current temperatures with kari. >> good morning. some mid-50s as you head out the door in oakland and san carlos as well as san francisco while we do have 40s in livermore and little bit milder and temperatures today coming down and it won't be as warm. we're looking at 70 today in saratoga and the financial district up to 61 degrees compared to some low 70s yesterday. we're bringing it way down in the north bay, too, with a couple of spotty showers that will be happening later on this afternoon. and the tri-valley today a high
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of 69 degrees. feeling better and feeling more comfortable for the end of february. let's head to oakland now and get a look at traffic now with mike. >> feeling groovy, as well. over here oakland looks great. this is high street at the top of your screen and no surprises on either side of the freeway. the nimitz looks great. we had your typical overnight slowing that often shows up 24 just off of 13 and we often see it at this time and either maybe a slower driver or a crew does travel to the area about this team each day. meantime in the south bay a smooth drive 101 and the earlier car and activity off of the roadway but no slowing for the last half hour. 280 south at wolf, there is construction there and that is clearing by 6:00. back to you. >> thank you, mike. from the pleasant guidance of mike to explosiveness last night. coming up -- >> this guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar. >> sparks were flying in last night's gop debate with the stakes higher than ever, who came out swinging and did they
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land any punches, next. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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5:11 am wouldn't know anything ag >> you don't anything about it. >> i don't anything about bank representing. a political brawl last night. marco rubio and ted cruz taking swings at donald trump in last night's debate. all five of the republican presidential hopefuls squaring off in houston with super
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tuesday now just days away. let's turn to "today in the bay" edward lawrence live in washington, d.c., with more on how everything played out. good morning, edward. >> good morning, sam and laura. that slugfest is continuing today. just moments ago, marco rubio told "today" show that called donald trump on "today" show a conartist. donald trump tweeting this morning mr. meltdown. this slugfest has turned into name calling today. all the candidates were trying at the debate to get in the limelight, get the attention before super tuesday. >> you get along with nobody. >> reporter: the debate contentious. >> this guy is a liar. >> reporter: donald trump was attacked from the left and the right from ted cruz and marco rubio to knock trump out of favor with voters. >> anyone who really cared about illegal immigration wouldn't hire illegal immigrants.
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>> you are the only person on the stage and you hired from -- >> i just hired people. you haven't hired anybody. >> reporter: rubio went out on an all-out offensive against trump attacking his health care plan among other issues. >> that is the only part of the plan. the competition. >> you have many different plans. you'll have competition. you'll have so many different plans. >> now he's repeating himself. >> no, i'm not repeating. >> talking about repeating. i watched him repeat himself five times four weeks ago. >> i watched you repeat yourself five minutes ago. >> reporter: the fighting led to ben carson who felt he could not get air time. last night's debate set the stage for voters to decide on super tuesday. and donald trump is winning all
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of the polls in the super tuesday states, except for one state, that's texas. senator ted cruz is winning in texas. he represents the state in the u.s. congress. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, now back to you, sam, laura. >> even if you don't like politics, it's still fascinating to watch. >> entertainment gold. ben carson just wants a little air time, come on. 5:14 right now. ford making a big investment to make its engines more eco friendly. >> for that and the rest of the news before the bell we turn to the for very friendly in general landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters this morning. good morning, landon. >> wall street could end the week in the green. futures are higher this morning. stocks closing at the highs of the session on thursday as oil prices rebound late in the day. crude is up $33 a barrel this morning and look for data on personal income and spending and consumer sentiment and fourth quarter gdp that is likely to show that the economy slowed
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more than thought. the nasdaq up 4582. ubs will pay $33 million to settle a lawsuit claiming that it sold toxic mortgages to credit unions before the financial crisis that later failed. the suit alleges that swiss bank provided documents that they met underlining guidelines. the credit association has recovered nearly $2.5 billion from banks from lawsuits stemming from the financial crisis. and ford wants more drivers to get a little pep in their step. the automaker is investing $150 million to upgrade its plant in cleveland so it can expand the number of cars and trucks that come with its eco-boost charged engine. offers the same capability regular gas engines but with better fuel economy and proven to be reliable and pretty popular despite that they cost more. eco boost is currently an option on the ford f-150, expedition, explorer and taurus. sam and laura, back over to you.
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>> that term eco boost. little pep in your step. thank you, landon. three members of one oakland family right now getting special recognition this morning. that's because of their dedication to boosting the lives of young people generationally. >> it's amazing. students ofland clairmont middle school honored the doubly family. for a combined 92 years. every sport from football to basketball to track to volleyball. the school is honoring them as part of black history month. >> very nice to see there. all their kids are going to be named coach, no doubt. adding some color to campbell crosswalks to improve student safety. >> three fourth grade girls wanted to make crossing the nearby streets a little safer after a fell student was hit last year. they came up with this plan. have probably seen it in other areas, as well. students grab a bright flag in the air and then they place it back in another bin on the other
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side of the for the next student to use. >> if you can't see somebody, how do you know they're there? the pedestrian flag is a bright color that you can actually see it and its. >> all five krautcrosswalks aro the school have more than 20 flags thanks to donations. the girls will be honored next month for their great idea. that's nice. >> just to have the presence of mind, not just that we saw something tragic happen there, but 8 years old and we're going to do something about it. >> never too young to help. >> make a difference. the flags be billowing in the wind this weekend? >> not really. the weather system we've seen moving in have been fairly weak and only bring in spotty, light showers. will do much to cool down these temperatures over the next few days. take live look now at the golden gate bridge. a little bit of fog and a look at the seven-day forecast as it comes up at the bottom of the screen. you see that we're not talking about 70s and 80s here like we
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had for the past couple of days. this is the reason why it will be cooling down. we're seeing more clouds moving inland and some scattered showers just off shore that will be moving into the north bay later on this afternoon. so, as we start out the day, now 47 degrees in the north bay and 48 degrees in the east bay and 51 degrees in the south bay betting a closer look there. upper 40s in some spots. taking it hour by hour in san francisco a lot of clouds to start out. we're at 59 degrees at 10:00. many people out and about and by 11:00 the sun starts to peek out and we'll be in the lower 60s and coming way down from those 70s we had yesterday with the mix of sun and clouds throughout the afternoon. so, the pollen forecast, yes, it's been high. but it comes down just a little bit today, but there's still a lot of tree pollen in the air and it's ash, alder and juniper and into the next several days this weekend as you make outdoor plans, we'll continue to see moderate to high amounts of pollen in the air. if you're going to the beach
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today, a high surf advisory will be in effect and it's because of this storm system approaching, once again, not doing much inland, but it will bring in choppy conditions and swells today up to 14 feet and long period waves also some rip currents and sneaker waves will be possible. watch out for that. scattered showers start to move in by 6:30 around santa rosa. san francisco may be a little bit later, but a lot of this rain just falls apart later on tonight. you may have a couple of sprinkles in parts the south and the south and east bays and not expecting a washout by any stretch of the imagination. so, today temperatures saturday in the upper 60s to low 70s and sunday another slight chance of rain. we start with the golden gate bridge. how it looking for the commute, mike? >> it is looking great. i didn't want to copy you. a little farther to innorthe no and all the way down to the golden gate bridge and we're watching for that little glow to turn into fog possibly for drivers. as we look at your map, that entire stretch shows you on the
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speed sensors and look along the coast, we do have some fog register. that is the orange highlighting we see on our road weather index. no problems and not any orange for the east shore freeway and a slower speed right there just off of the roadway and city streets in berkeley and west 580 moves well towards the dublin interchange. the slowing way out at the altamont pass. as we move the map out, the rest of the bay and the peninsula a smooth drive through palo alto, guys. back to you. coming up next, a local taxi company accused of spiking prices. a federal investigation right now that is under way. and i'm bob redell and tell you why there could be a hiccup in the honeymoon we're experiencing at the gas pumps. that story coming up.
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happening today. the largest container ship ever to dock in the u.s. is going to be leaving us just a few hours from now. the benjamin franklin mega ship is heading to seattle before ultimately returning to asia. our crew was there yesterday as it arrived at the port of oakland. it was about 7:00 in the morning. the 1,300 foot long cargo vessel made its maiden voyage to the bay area on new year's eve. gas prices are expected to make a big jump this weekend. >> "today in the bay" bob redell live in san jose with the reasons behind the spike. as you mentioned, a honeymoon that is now over. >> or at least could be a hiccup in that honeymoon. still have relatively cheap gas compared to a number of years ago when we were paying well over $3, $4 a gallon.
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the main reason we see the price goes up, refineries will not only be switching to the summer blend but refineries produce a different blend of fuel, a blend that evaporates slower in the heat but the summer blend is more expensive than the winter blend. the associated press is reporting that the wholesale price of gas in los angeles has already skyrocketed in response to this annual switch. the advocacy group tells the ap that to translate into a jump in the pump of 0 cents a gallon, which would keep us below $3 a gallon of gas. these are the latest numbers from aaa. you're basically looking at the price of gas verse as month ago. in san jose and oakland we're averaging around $2.33 and they're averaging $2.50 and that
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is about a 16 cent drop from a month ago. those are average prices. back out here in san jose and you can see you're paying close to $2.60 a gallon. it's quite possible if these people are right, we could approach $2.90 in and some places i said we would be under $3. compared to, boy, what was it five years ago? i remember we down to gourda and they were paying $5.40 and $4 was the norm. so, i think for relative point of view, even though the price of gas would go up, we're still in what we consider here in california to be relatively inexpensive. still expensive, but for us -- reporting live in san jose, bob redell "today in the bay." >> the voice of perspective. thanks. advocates for the disabled in the peninsula area right now are accusing a taxi cab company of hiking up prices for people
5:26 am
they're serving in wheelchairs. the center for independents of individuals with disabilities file a discrimination lawsuit and it claims that it did test rides for fares with people in wheelchairs and rides for those not in wheelchairs. we spoke with an attorney for the cab company who says he hopes to meet with the plaintiffs. >> my client is very upset and they would like nothing more than to resolve this with the plaintiff and renew their commitment to the disability community. >> the suit demands sarah start overstaffing and all customers are treated equally. daylight savings time doesn't begin for another two weeks, but one bay area lawmaker would like to get rid of it altogether. san jose will talk about his
5:27 am
proposal to end california daylight-saving time. it wreaks havoc on people's body clocks and the elderly have a particularly hard time with it. bill calls for california remaining on standard time over the entire year. >> but the rest of the country would still be going back and forth. >> california we do our own thing. >> we stand alone. coming up next, apple's legal battle with the fbi expected to come to a head later today with a deadline for a final decision looming in. the reason it might soon be out of the company's hands and in the hands of lawmakers. i'm kris sanchez in hayward. we have learned that the man suspected of killing his and dumping her body wasn't supposed to be in this country. lowe's presents:
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how to put your foot in your mouth. man, wish my yard looked like yours. hey, the grass is always greener on the other side of the... sorry. now get 20% off sta-greenĀ® fertilizer, at lowe's.
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m and you made it. it's friday morning. we're happy you're with us right now, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get a look at that forecast because we have some changes today. big cool down and some big clouds and wet weather, too, especially in the north bay today. we're seeing a very weak system moving in now that will bring in those changes and increase in cloud cover we're artlready starting to see that now. a look at the temperatures. feeling milder in the low to mid-50s with highs today reaching 67 degrees in the peninsula. a slight chance of rain later on today in san francisco and a few showers and more significant chance of rain for the north bay. i'll talk more about all of that and what to expect this weekend, but let's see how it looks this morning as you head out across
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the tri-valley with mike. >> kari, the first live look over here for 580 westbound and a smooth flow of traffic this half hour. no problems right now as we look at our sensors through the area, as well. dublin interchange down here and all green all over the bay, including the bay bridge toll plaza and the metering lights likely turned on in a few minutes and check on that in the next few as we monitor the entire bay. i just bought word that there may be a crash around the belmont area and i'll check for details on that, guys. back to you. >> thank you, mike. a tragic homicide case taking a step forward later today. the man suspected offing and killing stacey aguilar is expected to face a judge. >> kris sanchez live at the hayward hall of justice this morning with new details we're justing about the suspect. good morning, kris. >> good morning, laura. we know that suspected killer was in this country illegally and he was in the process of being deported for a prior crime when he allegedly killed his girlfriend. we're talking about esmid
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pedraza. he will face a judge today to be formally charged with the death of his girlfriend, 22-year-old stacey aguilar. her body was found in fremont and she had been shot several times. aguilar and pedraza were seen leaving a party together the week before. she believed that pedraza beat her and we agree with custom enforcement officials that even before pedraza was taken into custody related to aguilar's disappearance, i.c.e. was trying to send him back to mexico because of a dui charge. put a formal request into alameda county that they be notified so that he can be turned over to i.c.e. for immigration action. in our previous reporting on sanctuary city reporting we found that alameda county will only notify immigration officials before releasing suspects, if they have serious convictions, if they have gang ties or if they have terrorist affiliation. they will not notify to i.c.e. in the case of civil cases.
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pedraza is due in court this afternoon at 2:00. wae will ha we will have a crew here covering that. another case we have beenoing very closely. investigators will continue digging for more body parts in the area of the dumbarton bridge. all of this linked to a tragic case from brisbane. the torsi found near the dumbarton bridge most likely belonged to shellie titchener. her husband committed suicide by jumping off the bay bridge on tuesday night. a small memorial outside of that couple's brisbane home is growing. students and staff at uc berkeley on alert this morning. four female students may have been drugged at the cal campus at two different fraternity parties. stephanie also a sexual assault report oed at one of those parties. >> that's right, laura. now the city of berkeley police are investigating these cases.
5:34 am
again, these are just reports at this point. but one involved a party. two female students reported and they were drugged there on the friday, february 19th, a week ago friday night. and down this street here on piedmont avenue this is fraternity row. the corner and two other female students reported. they have been drugged at a party the same night. again, the 19th. now, this is also where a person, unclear if this is one of the two women reported to university police that a sexual assault happened in one of the rooms between 12:00 and 12:45 in the morning. by the way, this fraternity is not officially sanctions by cal. other reported druggings at a fraternity this school year. you'll look at a campus police alert from october 29th. a warning that one or more people may have been drugged at an unnamed fraternity at the time police said they had little to investigate because no specific victim fraternity came forward. now, according to the most recent crime data available from the university, there was a big
5:35 am
uptick in what's known as a forcible sex offense at off-campus sites from seven in 2012 to 17 in 2013. and then a new reporting category for 2014 and we discovered there were 15 reported rapes on camps and 13 happening in student housing and 14 reported rapes off campus. cal has made a very big effort to try and highlight how they understand this is a very sensitive nature of crime and everything is confidential reporting and university police encouraging any more victims or witnesses to step forward. >> steph, thank you very much. a san jose teacher is behind bars accused of having sex with a student. paolo reyes tracking the very latest on this investigation. paolo investigators got a tip from a concerned parent, that's how they found out. >> that's right. took a call from a concerned parent to find out at the school
5:36 am
already knew that one of their teachers was having a sexual relationship with a student and 29-year-old zachary drew was booked yesterday into the main count jail. he is facing three counts of sexual intercourse with a minor and three counts of lewd and lascivious acts with a minor. passports was alerted to the situation when a concerned parent called police to report that there was a rumor speculating about a teacher having a sexual relationship with student. turns out school administrators had knew of the situation and concluded their own internal investigation. sent by the principal yesterday saying only that a teacher had been arrested for inappropriate activity with a student and cooperating with police and a third party investigator has been hired to look into the matter but it's not clear how long drew had been looking at the school or what his exact assignment was.
5:37 am
houses about 300 students, we are waiting to speak to the administrator this morning and find out why they didn't alert police as soon as they found out about the situation. reporting live, paola reyes, "today in the bay." 5:. public comment turned into a fiery debate last night. a proposal for a new mosque in santa clara county drew a packed house. more than 150 people were at a meeting in morgan hill. the islamic communitiy said it needs a place to worship and wants to build in san martin along monterey highway. the mosque will serve over 100 families but many people are against it. >> the size of the project far exceeds anything that we've ever had. >> they are not all going to be in the mosque all the time at the same time. >> some people voice fears over muslims in their community. no action was taken. the county will next conduct an environmental impact review. 5:37. the dispute between apple and the fbi reaching another
5:38 am
critical juncture later today. today marks the deadline for apple to respond officially to the justice department's order to unlock the iphone belonging to one of the san bernardino terrorists. apple will likely file a form a objection. if the federal order stands up to all the legal challenges and that could take a while, apple would be forced to create technology that it doesn't even have at this point to remove the passcode lock out on that phone. experts the legal ramifications in this case are huge. >> if they lose this, then you could that the government would always want a back door. they have to keep this in consideration in developing new hardware and software. >> during a hearing yesterday, apple accused the government of trampling on its first amendment rights by creating. they'll address it likely later today at the shareholder meeting and that will be a packed house, too. >> one we will watch. let's check forecast and take a break from the day's news and check in with kari hall.
5:39 am
>> we're taking a break from the heat, too. we start out with milder temperatures this morning. we're in the low 50s and we have some 40s in the north bay and then livermore right now. highs today coming down several degrees from some very warm temperatures and near record highs we had yesterday. we're up to 67 today in palo alto and richmond district 58 and petta luma at 69 and scattered showers later on this afternoon. dry in oakland with a high of 66 and 69 today in pleasanton. i'll detail that rain and how it looks as we head into the weekend. let's get an update to get you out the door and into work on time. >> no big issues, but i will focus on the peninsula. we talked about something reported over here in belmont. southbound 101. reports of a crash there. all the activity from what i understand is off the roadway. car went down into a ditch on the side of the road. as a tow crew arrives, there may be a slow lane closed. we'll track that. 92 down into palo alto moves
5:40 am
well. no real slowing and the sensors changed right at the toll plaza and we'll show you why as we take our look from the emoryville camera. not an interesting shot, but a reliable meter at the toll plaza. back to you. >> thanks a lot. adding color to campbell crosswalks to improve student safety. >> really nice story here. three fourth grade girls at payne elementary school wanted to make crossing the nearby streets safer. this in honor of a fellow student who was hit last year. they came up with this plan. probably seen it in other areas, too. students grab a bright orange flag from a bin and hold it up in the air as they cross in front of the cars on the crosswalk and then place it back in another bin for the next student to use. >> if you can't see somebody, how do you know they're there? the pedestrian flag is a bright color but you can actually see it and it just shows. >> all five crosswalks around the school now have more than 20 different flags, thanks to
5:41 am
donations. the girls will be honored by the campbell city council next month for this idea. 5:40 right now. coming up the search is on for a missing bald eagle on the peninsula. how it slipped away from its inner. laura, tragedy unfolds in kansas. three people are dead and 14 others injured in a shooting spree. what we're learning about the gunman this morning in a live report. taking a look outside before the sun's arrival. people out and about and downtown san jose. little change in the works and we'll keep monitoring that forecast with kari. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-99-tips. or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. ==sam/take vo==
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on afire in shern calornia we first broughtyou as breakingy new details on a fire in southern california we first brought you as breaking news yesterday morning. an inmate firefighter is in critical condition after a falling rock hit her in the head. this happened while she was battling yesterday's brush fire in malibu. scorched ten achers and led to nearby evacuations and no homes wered and no injuries other than that reported. a developing story. three dead and dozens hurt after a gunman went on a rampage in the midwest. a police officer who shot and killed the suspect is now being hailed as a hero. "today in the bay" sarah is live in newton, kansas, with the very latest. sarah, what are we learning about the suspect? >> well, we've got new
5:45 am
information here and nbc we are reporting that the shooter, the person that witnesses and police say is responsible for this shooting was served with protection from abuse orders by his girlfriend at 3:30 in the afternoon yesterday and that was towards the end of the work day. police are thinking that this may have played a part in his motive for doing this and going through with the shooting. so, we're also hearing that the second time he's been served with a protection from abuse orders and that he failed to show up in court the first time and police are still working to put more information together. a massive police presence outside of the excel industry plant in kansas. after a gunman entered the complex and opened fire. ers inside the building described a chaotic scene. >> everybody was running. people were screaming. people were crying. we just didn't know to do. >> more people running. pop, pop, pop, pop, i started to run, too. > >> reporter: when it was over
5:46 am
four people were killed, including the gunman. more than a dozen wounded and many critically. the suspect who was an employee of the plant was armed with an assault-style weapon and a handgun. police say the man also shot and wounded three people here encountered all on the way to the plant before went inside and opened fire. >> it didn't matter who it was. he had no specific target. just shooting anyone that got in his way. >> reporter: the first officer to arrive immediately engaged the gunman and single handedly took him down. >> even though he took fire, he went inside of that place and saved multiple, multiple lives. a hero, as far as i'm concerned. >> reporter: about 150 people were inside at the time of the shooting. police would not discuss the motive but say they do have leads on what may triggered the attacker. and just about 45 minutes we're expected to hear more information and hopefully get more answers to our questions here at the harvey county
5:47 am
sheriff often. in newton, i'm sarah plake. >> thank you for that report. now to an investigative unit exclusive. you have probably heard of california's three strikes law. but did you know that that research shows the tough on crime approach may not actually be working to reduce crime. our investigative unit spent the last couple of months digging into the reality behind california sentence enhancement for convicted criminals. a system that started in the 1980s during a tough on crime political era. but now researchers say the numbers show enhancements are contributing to overing, injustices and have little to no effect on actually reducing crime. >> we all suffer with elaborate criminal justice system that just piles on obscenely excessive sentences. >> we discovered tens of thousands of inmates locked up behind bars under sentencing enhancement which are often longer than the sentence they got for their annul crime.
5:48 am
tonight we investigate prison sentencing reform and we take you inside the walls of san quentin prison to talk to some of those inmates and what is being done to address the issue of inequity. that is tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area new. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call 1-8888-996-tips or send ussen an e-mail. a follow up to the whole idea of requiring permits for bonfire for san jose ocean beach is officially up in smoke. that's according to the chronicle that it is extinguishing the idea. plan calls for a new $35 mitt. critics argue it would undermine the very idea of spontaneous bonfires, not to mention the legal questions. in another win for beach burners the park service agreed to create more space dedicated to areas allowing bonfires. the search for a missing bald eageg eagle continuing thi morning. the sequoia eagle flew away when
5:49 am
they took her out for a flight demonstration on monday. they say she was in hot pursuit of a red tailed hawk. this is not the first time she's done this. but the longest time that the eagle has not returned. sequoia is partially paralyzed, also missing part of a foot. that was the result of being shot out of the sky. >> let's hope that they locate. so, have you ever seen a unicorn? a real live one? >> i think i've seen a version. >> where do you begin with this next story? >> a pink unicorn. >> not a unicorn. but disgruntled. >> you can read it on the unicorn's face. that is what to a not so magical trace. juliet the pony conjured up her inner mythical beast when she bolted wednesday afternoon. that turn under to an hour's long perinvolving, yep, a pony and the chp as she darted in and
5:50 am
out of traffic. >> so where is a wizard when you need one? officers called in their chopper tahelp and then wednesday night they safely corralled her into an orchard ending all those calls from residents reporting. there is a unicorn on the way. and look. a little girl with her pony. even better, the little girl with the unicorn. >> must have been a conversation with the pink elephant in the room. i'm sorry, officers, we are in hot pursuit of a missing unicorn. >> facebook, got the next add disgruntled unicorn. 5:50 right now. the numbers we're watching at the current moment are your temperatures. >> much lower today. so warm and it felt like spring outside and the trees are blooming and everything is just going crazy out there. we'll bring it back down and even get a little bit of some light rain across parts of the north bay. today as we take a look now and getting the day started, san bruno mountain looking towards
5:51 am
san francisco and all clear and at the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen. you see we're not dealing with some 70s and 80s all across the board. we are going tahave some temperatures about average for the end of february. we're getting ready to head into march and now it's 53 degrees in san francisco. while we're at 51 grees in the south b south bay and 46 in petaluma and napa 45. and going hour by hour in oakland, we see a mix of sun and clouds all throughout the day and highs reaching into the mid-60s. and we'll have some scattered, light showers moving in. won't be a washout and we won't, for the most part, see the rain until later on this evening. here's the timeline. 7:30. it starts to move into santa rosa san rafael. some of the spots in the north bay and approaching san francisco later on this evening. it looks like a lot of that rain just kind of fizzles apart and if it moves into the south bay and the east bay, we're not going taso see much more than
5:52 am
sprinkles. this system is enough to churn up some waves off shore. we have a high surf advisory with swells up to 14 feet today and long periods between those waves. we will have a period of 18 to 19 seconds. keep that in mind as get an eye on everyone around you and the pets. there may be some sneaker waves and some rip currents, too. just be mindful of that as you head to the beach this weekend. into the next several days, we will have cold fronts passing and well to the north and we will continue on with the dry pattern and looks like we won't see another significant chance of rain until next thursday. in the meantime, we're enjoying nice little cool down and highs to the mid to upper 60s and a slight chance of showers again on sunday. i'll keep an eye out on that and an update for something happening in the south bay, mike. >> that's right, kari. talked about the crash in the south bay and north 101 showing some slowing and now recovery. cars are spacing out a little better over the next two
5:53 am
minutes. look at your map. again, they changed in the last couple of minutes. there was a crash over here at oakland road involving a passenger vehicle, as well as a big rig. sounds like all lanes are cleared. if that rig is on the shoulder, that will be a distraction. that is as we get our first burst starting some slowing through the south bay. 880 slows through hayward typical through 238 to the san mateo bridge. first of all we mention the metering lights are on and now take a look at the coliseum. pretty smooth northbound drive and reports of some debris in the area. i'm still scanning this with the camera and let you know if we find anything, guys. coming up next, we investigate. >> i'm just in cruciating pain. it is a chronic what they have done. >> our investigative unit looks into a high-risk medical device that is having devastating health consequences for three bay area women. happening right a south bay teacher accused of an improper
5:54 am
relationship now facing felony charges. paolo reyes is talking with police about that investigation. it all start would a call from a concerned parent linked to our details at our twitter page. is this the moment the gop was waiting for? everyone was buzzing about last night's republican debate. suspense comes super tuesday look for the story under our national headlines on our home page. now to an investigative unitexc
5:55 am
5:56 am
5:57 am
well now to an investigative unit exclusive. a device some say never should have been put into women and now as a resulted in thousands of complaints. >> vicky nguyen now shows thus fda warning about that device. the device is tvm and also called pelvic mess or a bladder sling. in 2002 the fda approved it to fix prolapse where your organs shift out of place and also marketed to fix incontinence in women without surgery. now the fda is reclassifying as a high-risk medical device. we reviewed fda data that shows more than 3,000 complaints from women involving serious health problems, including chronic pain, infection and painful sex. some of the biggest manufacturers including johnson & johnson, bard and boston scientific have defended their products in court intending
5:58 am
these devices have been rigilously tested and proven tahelp women. the fda hasn't tested they remove them from the market. others are joining lawsuits against the makers. they have a lot more on oour website about the risks associated with mesh and the effort right here in the bay area to get it banned in the u.s. just go to and click on the investigates tab. guys? >> thank you, vicky. if you have a tip for our investigative unit rb give us a call. or send us an e-mail to advocate accusing a taxi cab company of hiking up prices for people in wheelchairs. the center for independence of individuals with disabilities filed a discrimination suit against sarah. the dprup claims it did test rides for fares, one with people in wheelchairs and one with people not in wheelchairs. they say the fares for people in wheelchairs were more than three times as high for the exact same
5:59 am
ride. we spoke with an attorney for the cab company who says that she hopes to meet with the plaintiff. >> my client is very upset and they would like nothing more than to resolve this with the plaintiff and renew their commitment to the disability community. >> the suit demands that stop overcharging and establish a monitoring system to make sure that all customers are being treated equally. three members of one oakland family getting special recognition for their dedication to boosting the lives of young people. >> students at oakland clairmont middle school last night honored the dub dubly family. all three of them have coached student athletics in oakland for a combined 92 years. every sport from football to track to volleyball. the school is honoring them as part of black history month. >> they look so young for 92
6:00 am
combin combined years. facing a judge. a man accused of killing a young san jose mother scheduled to make his first court appearance today. he wasn't supposed to be in this country in the first place. i'm stephanie chuang live in berkeley where police are reporting frat parties on the same night. the details we're learning this morning coming up in a live report. a live look at the glistening bay bridge this morning after record-breaking heat. some changes are coming our way and they could impact your weekend plans. your full forecast, right now on "today in the bay." a very good friday morning to you. thank you so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. that is what we like to call a tease there. check in with meteorologist kari hall. >> good morning. felt like spring the past few days and we're getting ready to head back to winter. as we go into the next couple of


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