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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 26, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PST

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right now at 11. for some normbut now, the ate miight get. =jess/2-shot= good evening, i'm jessica aguie. =raj-shot= and i'm raj thai. right now at 11:00, sexting is the new norm. >> a racy text message that crosses the line.
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chuck coppola has the details that is linked to a tragedy. >> a bill was introduced just this month that has a lot of buzz on social media about social media. marjorie pott was sexually assaulted by three teen-age boys. it drove her to suicide. now lawmakers seek to give school administrators the power to suspend or expel students. they admit sexting to cause harm is a growing problem. >> it's critical that policy makers take a thoughtful approach to figuring out how to not only protect students from the dangers posed by technology, as well as help them understand the power of the technology but to educate them with the appropriate technology.
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>> but expulsion may not be the best answer. >> it takes them away from sometimes their only opportunity to get the help they need to either realize the behaviors they're engaging in are completely inappropriate and to stop. >> the bill was just introduced this month. hearings to change what some call vague language. >> it's definitely a problem that needs to be dealt with but i think that threatening expulsion is not the best way to go. i think that talking, educating and having students can't with each other about how harmful and even life threatening this kind of behavior is. that's more likely to have a powerful effect. >> the american civil liberties union does not see any immediate red flags with the bill pu it wants more time to analyze it more fully before deciding whether or not to endorse it.
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ab-2536 heanext month. >> and two cars crashed into each other around 8:45 tonight. all lanes are blocked and police are not saying when the roads will reopen. no word yet on how that crash unfolded. >> the deadline has come and gone and tonight some tents remain. these are homeless residents of a tent city in san francisco that were told to vacate by 5 p.m. it's now just after 11 p.m. city workers were told to clear out the 150 tents that have become an eyesore along division street. tonight about 30 tents are still standing. >> we've been here this whole time, six months almost in the same location. and the police and dpw use scare tack tex to scare everyone away pup see there's a lot of people here. they're scared, a lot of people
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have warrants, they're fearful of the police. they don't want to go to jail. >> tension has been running high, especially with shortage of affordable housing. and there are new concerns about the sfpd. one man after a man was killed by officers, the autopsy has been released and with it some bad blood. jean elle is in san francisco with details. >> reporter: protesters came demanding accountability. the new autopsy roeport shows that the officer shot the victim from behind. >> six bullets to his back, one to the back of his head. >> the medical examiner's newly
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released autopsy report reveals the police shot the 20-year-old from behind. the report is released one year after the deadly shooting on  folsom near 24th. police say they fired when he threatened them with a knife. protesters led a march demanding justice. >> these officers have to be prosecuted. we hope they're going to did the right thing. the family wants them to do the right thing. >> the family in guatemala will is a rosary for nine nights in perez low paeplopez's honor. >> i have a son and if he was stopped for possibly having
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committed a crime by being shot 20 times in the back, i can't even imagine what i would do. seems like there has to be a different way to approach that problem. >> reporter: the family has filed a lawsuit against the city of san francisco, but the family attorney says that lawsuit is stalled because the district attorney's office is still investigating that shooting. the d.a. has not decided whether that shooting was justified. >> investigators say he shot and killed his girl friend after leaving a party in hayward, last weekend. also this man helped pedrosa hide the body. >> the school wasn't hiding
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anything, that's what the administrators are saying after the arrest of a teacher for having sex with a student. when investigators contacted the charter school, the school said it had concluded its investigation. the school now says, quote, once law enforcement became involved and interrogated the student, new evidence came to light and we acted on it immediately. the school says it will place the teacher on unpaid leave pending the outcome of the case. the 29-year-old teacher is now out on bail. >> a fire across the treat from a fire station in downtown san jose. that wasn't enough to stop the fast moving flames. that's because the station doesn't have a water tanker due to budget cuts. the fire spread from one house to another, ultimately damaging three homes. 12 people are now displaced. it started in a become yard that was full of clutter.
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still no word on the cause. >> vice president joe biden among the many heavy hitters in town tonight. the democrats' state convention is in san jose. vice president biden will give the key note address to more than 3,000 people tomorrow night. this is at the convention center. it's a chance for democratic candidates to woo the delegates. that i am also discuss key issues within the party. >> it's really poimportant for . it's time to share ideas, bond, get excited. >> among the notable politicians attending this evening, attorney general harris, leader nance pelosi and senator barbara boxer. >> we suffer with this overelaborate justice system that pile on extremely excessive sentences. >> doing the time for the crime and then some. we investigate california's sentencing enhancement system.
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and we uncover how tens of thousands of inmates are now doing more time than the crime originally calls for. we'll show you how coming up. >> and yoko ono rushed to the hospital tonight. we'll tell you more about her condition. >> and we'll talk about the possibility of rain to start off march. we'll have details in about 8 minutes. california's "three strikes"law
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years-to-life prison sentence for many offenders who g you've likely heard of california's three strikes law, a mandatory 25 years to life prison sentence for many offenders who get a third fel hi conviction. >> it's just one of the dozens of sentence enhancements in the criminal code. sounds like a simple solution to reduce violent crime but it's not always that simple. stephen, it is a complicated
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issue. >> very much so, jessica. we analyzed years worth of corrections data and also uncovered research that shows california's senate enhancement system has not always worked as once promised to reduce violent crime. in fact, some critics of the current system say senate enhancements work in the reverse, serving as an injustice. >> so i started carrying a gun around 16 years old, right? >> i shot and killed someone in a gang dispute. >> 50 years gun enhancement. >> i committed murder. 49 years was a gang enhancement. >> if you want to witness the impact that california's sentence enhancement system has on those convicted of violent crime, look no further than antoine. he was just 19 years old when he got into a heated argument with
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his stepfather through a locked screen door. antoine told me he saw his stepfather go for what he thought was a gun. antoine pulled his own gun first and shot. >> i committed the act of killing my stepfather and he abused my mother and my little brother. >> reporter: a jury found him guilty of manslaughter. he was sentenced to 7 years of prison but 17 years later, he still is in san quentin. >> shooting through the screen door allows my sentence to be enhanced. >> reporter: a prosecutor added a sentencing enhancement of shooting into an occupied dwelling during trial, meaning much more prison time than his seven-year manslaughter sentence. >> we can't grow to a point of success when we're being crippled by our environment.
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>> reporter: antwaun is just one of many inmates serving enhancements. >> 3/8 of an inch gave me a life sentence. >> at least 40,000 inmates currently serving time under the three strike sentencing enhancement lenhance ment law alone. we were granted rare access to talk with dozens of inmates currently serving time. >> i was given a sentence of 20 to life for that. >> inmates like rashon thomas. he killed two people in a drug deal go wrong. >> i can't say i deserve anything less but does this make sense? >> without the sentencing enhancement, he'd be eligible for parole soon. >> you have to live past life
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expectancy to make parole board. >> and this man got 15 years for attempted murder after he shot a man in the leg but he got 94 more years, or six times the sentence, for four more gun enhancements. >> here we are in california, we're stuck in the mud. >> professor mike patello says it adds up to injustice. >> we all suffer with these obscenely excessive sentences. >> vi we're spending an enormou amount of money on very old felons. other states have for years been
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releasing older felons. >> enough is enough. >> lonnie hancock agrees. >> back in the end of the 1980s, we had thee state prisons in california. we now have 33 prisons. our population has about doubled but our prison population has grown by over 400%. >> she wants to see less attention spent on punishment and more on rehabilitation and drug and alcohol treatment. how did it get this way? >> reporter: advocates say the current sentencing gives prosecutors too much power because they can stack enhancements on to criminal charges, often forcing criminal dedefendants to plead out. >> what we did in the 80s and
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90s in locking people up, i don't care what anybody else says. i believe we it the right thing. had. >> reporter: steve wagstaffe is the vice president of the california district attorney's association. he says the system is working as designed. is reform needed? do we have too many enhancements? is there inconsistent in the system? >> i don't think so. i think each county works within its own way. we have contents prnss where we talk about our use and application. and there are differences. i speak with dncht a.s who decide to apply things a lot harsher than i do. >> while the debate for sentencing reform continues outside the walls, antoine can't help but think how things might have been if he just served time for the crime, rather than the enhancements. >> i know god will open these durs. senator hancock authored legislation that would require
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parole hearings before they were the age of 23. hancock says she will continue pushing for even more prison sensing itting reform, to catch up with states hike texas, mibs and care behind a. we had much more, including. >> fascinating. >> well spoken. >> thank you for your time as well. >> if you have a tip store steven or anyone in our investigative unit, you can send us an e-mail. >> we've got some great weather on saturday and sunday. eventually as you'll see in the scrolling seven-day forecast, the possibility of some decent, respectable amounts of rainfall by next thursday.
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outside the sky cameras, you'll wake up with more of a partly sunny sky. the north day, and so as we get a lock at the microclimate forecast for saturday, you'll notice it stays on the cooler side. that's all due to the westerly wind no day of 70 in san jose. 72 for cupertino. fantastic day if for the east bay oakland coming in at 68 and a few degrees warmer in fremont.
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a little warmer expected in pleasantton at 730 degrees. i know the only problem to speak of when can we get some rainfall to wash some of this pollen away. next thursday, at least a quarter of an inch, the way we see it at the current moment. i know it's been so frustrating. we keep talking about this potential of rainfall. right now there should be at least moderate. and then here's a look at the next at the-day outfit. so franted it's not the major, major storms we need over the next ten days but we get to this bottom line number because after
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that thursday. >> thanks, jeff. still ahead, a serious health scare for yoko ono, plus a security breach at a local university. >> and we have jimmy. >> nathan lain is here and thank up notes. it's a great show. do not chang the channel. >> and happening now, dozens of homeless standing their ground. we continue also to follow our developing story in the east bay. two people are dead after a crash involving several vehicles. let's go to nbc bay for the latest updates. which is safer, an uber or a taxi? we posted that story on our facebook page examining both options. back in two minutes.
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when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges. suffering from flu-like
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at this hour, yoko ono is in a new york city hospital. nbc news is confirming she is suffering from flu-like symptoms. initially there were reports that she had a stroke. she called her doctor, who recommended she admit herself. she is in stable condition and is expected to be released tomorrow. an artist and activists, she mayor ood from john lennon from 1969 until his death in 1980. >> the zika virus has infected 9 pregnant women in the u.s. so far and that number is likely to rise. two of the pregnancies ended in a miscarriage, two were aborted
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and one baby was born with severe brain abnormalities. the others are apparently healthy. the cdc said all women had traveled to countries where zika is spreading. >> a data breach at urchlts c. berkeley includes social security and bank account numbers for student and stuff. they are offering free credit protection services for all those affected. money this off-season? a millioe
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down in arizona.each other -- how did the giants spend their money this off season? a million dollar makeover on pitching. everyone getting to know each other in california. >> held lo to everyone in the b area. the giants continue to get ready for the 2016 season. one of the main focuses for the team was pitching. irwin, pleasure to have you on tonight. >> great to see you again. seems like it was yesterday when you were here. >> i know, time flies. so the pitching, pitching,
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pitching, they got matt cain be, cueto, peavy and madison bum garner. is this enough to make that push to the playoffs in. >> of course. it's a great rotation. we have to keep remembering that injuries was what prevented the giants from going to the playoffs again last year. let's hope that no injuries get in the way this year. but the team looks very strong. >> let's hope the bug doesn't hit the san francisco giants. that's all from scottsdale tonight. back to you. >> the sabres are lowly but not against the sharks. buffalo can't lose. they've won 9 out of theirs last
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10 games against san diego. the sabres beat the sharks 3-1. >> you read that really well, almost like you knew about that before. >> i think i used to do something like that. the road to denver goes to vallejo. he played a big role in helping the broncos win the super bowl. tonight his hometown honored him. >> he talked about why it means so much to him to be a hero in his hometown. >> it just means a lot. we all get so much bad negatively, i'm just trying to be the offensive light. next up, he'll be feting sized.
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welcomed their fourth child okay. he's here. lieutenant governor gaffen newsome and his wife, jennifer welcomed their fourth time
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today. dutch was born weighing 8 pounds, 12 ounces. the couple have two daughters, 6 and 2 and a son who is 4. so dutch added to montana, brooklyn, hunter and now dutch. >> you know who is going to have a picture similar to this soon is our own jean elle wang. i thought she was eight months pregnant but she's actually nine. >> there's a baby boom around here. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- nathan lane. keri russell. comedian mary lynn rajskub.


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