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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  February 28, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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inmate to death months agowhy k tomorrow. ay be released ===terry/vo== plus -- the meless ld to get out of a busy partfan why some are being allowed to s ==take sot== oc: "it aboutime we tk about . i like th we're pushing the agen." runs : ==peggy/=== and -- the oscs caught in diversy scandal.that we're push3 peggy/vo=== and -- thescars cau diversy scandalwe'll show youowt the awar show haned it. good evening, i'm peggy bunker== and i'm terry mcsweeney. ==//ots== the deadlinto lee has comeand ge >> we're going to show you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> the deadline has come and gone.
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tonight, the homeless are camping out on a busy stretch in san francisco. last week, the city gave notice saying the encampment had to be cleared out calling it a health hazard. christy smith is finding people are refusing to go. christy? >> yeah, that's right. people who stay near the free y freeway, and that's when they might move onto a shelter. and they're saying they're just not sure what's next. >> helen is living in a tent by a show lace square near san francisco. he's solemnly packing. >> drag it to the next location. >> his neighbor, steech, is watching other people's belongings as they relow kat. >> it's on the move. i don't know where anybody's at. >> this comes after a notice friday along division street
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after the health department says the area was a public nuisance. hyperdeterminic needles, human waste and garbage. >> we went out there in solidarity. >> edward is district nine supervisor and spent the night on the street thursday in the area. he says more compassion is needed. gentrification, people getting pushed out. >> trying to connect people with shelters and services. alvin has been staying at the pier 80 helter. >> i could see advancement. now, it is sunday, but we haven't seen any city workers out here today. the public health department says they are reaching out, but much is handled on a case-by-case basis. >> christy, thank you very much. new at 11:00, we are expecting a
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first look at the evidence against three jail guards charged with killing an inmate tomorrow. the prosecution is hoping they have enough evidence. killing inmate michael tirete last august. all three have pleaded not guilty. as for the preliminary hearing, it's expected to last about three days. >> two men accused of killing a san jose mother are expected back in court tomorrow. investigators say he shot and killed the mother two weeks ago. the police say he can hide the body. the victim, 22-year-old stacey agular. today, dozens of people came out for this car wash to help raise money.
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a fender bender turned into a deadly hit and run overnight. about midnight, a man pulled over the shoulder to check out damage to his car. that's when he was speeding and swerving and kept going: charges inkwluding manslaughter. >> and, now, to decision 2016. all eyes are on supertuesday on the democratic side, bernie sanders says he has work to do. a win inside south carolina, especially among african americans. sanders is now vowing to fight on. >> well, we don't decimate. after what happened looking to the future, but not waiting.
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rivals have a lot of fire power over the weekend of trump failed to denounce a former ku klux klan leader. >> there is no place in the conservative movement for david duke, the ku klux klan or anybody in this conversation. he condemned white supreme sill. >> trump later tweeted that he did disavow david duke. so far, more than a dozen states 1500 delegates at stake. thu polls out today show that donald trump and kwlin ton have promising leads going into supertuesday. first, according to a new nbc news wall street poll, 30% of likely primary voters support trump in georgia.
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tied at 23%, in tennessee, trump is ahead by a bigger margin there. that's where he has 40% of the vote. cruz is a distant second. now, to texas, which is cruz's home state, cruz takes the lead at 39 pvnt trump is in second place to about 26. a new poll shows that hillary clinton is leading bernie sanders by a 2-1 margin. clinton's biggest lead is in georgia where she has 64% of the likely primary democratic voters. in texas, she was up to about 59%, where bernie sanders is pulling in about 98%. now, as we turn to california politics, we do want to show you the state's democratic convention. this is in san jose that rapped up in the city including vice president joe biden where the mayor took to the podium to
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replace senator barbara buck. >> tonight's academy award ceremony ended with the movie spotlight for best picture. for about the three and a half hour show with a lack of diversity in hollywood. whoopie gold berg says the oscars should be about all actors and not one group that's being left out. joining us live with a look at how the controversy played tomorrow night. >> some hollywood a listers felt so strongly about the issue, they boycotted torrent's academy awards. host chris rock spent no time tackling the issue devoting the need for more diversity in the issue. >> a no holds barred monologue taking on diversity issues. for the second year in a row, the academy failed to nominate a
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single actor of color to boycott tonight's awards ceremony. >> what i'm trying to say it's not about boycotting. it's just we want opportunity. want black actors to get the same opportunities and why not? that's it. >> even the president of the academy took a moment to outline the changes the academy is now making to become more inclusive. >> everyone in the hollywood community has a role to pray in bricking about the vital changes the industry needs so that we can accurately reflect the world today. >> from a black history month spoof to quips, chris rock kept the diversity issue at the forefront from start to finish. he says the big question the world wants to know is is hollywood racist. so is change on the way?
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the academy voted to double the number of minorities in the academy by 2020 and the academy leaders. >> lots more coverage to come. we're going to take a look at the winners and losers in the live report. >> looking forward to that. >> well, coming up next, out of swral, released one day after this brawl in southern california. why police say they can't hold them behind bars. >> plus, it appears someone purposely killed actress salma hyatt's dog. >> seeing some high clouds over the bay area and some patchy fog for toerm morning. we don't think they're going to surprise, plus, finally return to some rainy weather ahead. when the rain will arrive coming up in our forecast when we come
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right back.
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v v police and the death of an officer killed in the line of duty killed on the first day of the job since being sworn in. she was killed yesterday after responding to a domestic call. as the officers approached the front door, they heard gunfire. >> i just want to be clear. do we have officers involved in a shooting? >> we have three officers that have been shot. >> the fellow officers were wounded. ronald hamilton, an army staff sergeant has been arrested. the officer was just sworn in on friday. she spent six years in the marine corps observe. it's a department that has only
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had three in-the-line of duty deaths in more than four years. >> new details between a brawl of kkk protesters. the violence broke out yesterday about three miles of sdiz knee land. three people were swrired, 12 people arrested. the five clan members have permission to stage an antiimmigration rally. but when they arrived, maybe 20 people were there ready to oppose them. fights began as soon as they were getting out of their cars. three clashed. officers say they had a right to defend themselves when attacked. as many as nine counter protesters may face charges. a san francisco man was one of the men arrested. >> actress selma hayek is demanding justice after her dog
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had been shot to death on her ranch. a n crop sill report showed that the dog was shot by a pellet gun. >> you know, something like that. >> hyake wrote in the post that she hopes washington state authorities do justice to this dog who never bit or attacked anyone. >> headed back to court early once again. a royal caribbean cruise ship is heading back to new jersey two days early because of looming bad weather. this is the second time this happened earlier this month. it was caught in monster waves and had to turn around. one passenger's lawsuit claims people had to hold onto their beds to keep from falling and injuring themselves.
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>> that's not what you want. >> not on the love boat. >> meteorologist is standing by with your microclimate forecast. >> no, we could slow down the commute in the bay area tomorrow morning. we're seeing that right now at 50 degrees. even dipping to the south bay, you'll see some high clouds now that we saw around sunset are beginning to clear out the skies in terms of mid and high level clouds moving off to the north. underneath the clearing skies, a look at the future cast here for some patchy, dense carri0
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another model that will look at the european model also agreeing it will often see both in agreement that next weekend will finally brings out of the dry pattern. saturday and sunday, plan on some breezy conditions. actually, some heavy rain bringing up the difference. it's been a very dry february, looks like the first weekend in march. in the meantime, tomorrow, spring-like temperatures in the mid 70s with the rainmaking a come bag. >> all right, rob.
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that is the main event after this weekend. we'll see you there. >> coming up next, we reported did the seats get smaller again? one lawmaker is saying enough is enough with the lack of leg room. >> the big being proposed that could change the way we feel while we're flying. >> that's crazy. another rough day for space-x.ft
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week... it had toancel a satellite launch from cape canaveral. ==take vo== this is vio of ace x's mt recent attempt to laun.. anthen last time in the past week they had to capture a satellite launch from cape canaveral. this is the most recent attempt to launch and then land its rocket. it looked like it was going to hold the landing and then this was tough. today's launch had to be put on
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hold to let a boat clear from the keep-out zone. the space x founder and teslaceo says a delay caused the rocket fuel to warm to an unacceptable level and that the mission was scrapped. the satellite they are hoping to launch would provide broad band internet to asia. there's a possibility another launch attempt tomorrow. >> anyone can tell you the leg room on many airlines is shrinking. peggy bunker agrees, and now he is proposing one. it would force the faa to set guidelines for how much room a pazen jer should have and the airlines have to follow this. leg room used to be 35 inches, now it's down to 31. seats are getting narrow, too. >> nothing bothers people more than the fact that there's almost no leg room. the average passenger feels like they're being treated as sardines.
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squeezed and squeezed and squeezed. as you pay more and more for tickets, at least you ought to get a place to sit where you're not treated like a sardine. >> well, the vote on the bill is k379ed next month. >> i would support that. >> that's right. well, it is that time again. a new apple iphone may be hittingings stores soon. rumors already circulating about this product. the new price is half the cost of the iphone 6 s. the possible price slash could be due to apple's declining stock. experts say apple most likely announced product updates such as a smaller iphone. time for an upgrade and then they announced. >> just got to love it. >> that's so true. >> oh, boy, well, disadvantaged children received a special treat today in oakland.
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>> take a look at this, free haircuts at a local barber shot. children all under the age of 12 got to sit in the barber's chair on jefferson street. the event called kids day at the shop was organized by two fathers. that is an oakland-based nonprofit center. the folks can come in and spend time doing a variety of learning activities. all of this based on children. >> the idea is really to engage with more ice lated families and get more men involved and young boys involved into our programs. >> lotus bloom has seven locations throughout omaha. >> great idea. >> well-behaved children. >> look it up. >> that is amazing, my kids did not do that during their first haircuts. well, a warning tonight about a med cat device that's being sold to women for years. coming up, i literally sat all
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night long sometimes. >> on a scale of 1-10, what was was the pain. >> calling it high risk. why it's still on the market and what women need to do. we asked a group of young people when they thought they should start saving for retirement. then we asked some older people when they actually did start saving. this gap between when we should start saving and when we actually do is one of the reasons
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why too many of us aren't prepared for retirement. just start as early as you can. it's going to pay off in the future. if we all start saving a little more today, we'll all be better prepared tomorrow. prudential. bring your challenges.
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complaints about severe health problems. specifically, one evice tt a warning about a medical device that was sold to women for years and sold to thousands of women with severe health problems. >> senior investigative reporter vicki wynne shows us this product is still available on the market. >> yeah, this product is still on the market and it's still being implanted in women right now. we look into consumers about this product that some say never should have.
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>>. think it's terrible. >> it feels like it's on fire. >> they don't know each other, but these three women share a common story. they all underwent a procedure to implant transadvantage nil mesh, called tvm, public mesh. surgical mess was introduced in the 50s. but in 2002, the fda cleared mesh for use and repairs a condition where weak muscles moves out of place. the repair doesn't require surgery because doctors go through the vagina. that's why kerry had it put in. >> it looked simple. it was quick. i went into the hospital the next day. i came home and i was back on my feet. >> but the women said within the first year, the mesh led to chronic pain and infections.
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>> it's a night mary. mare. i had it put in in 2012. and since then, i've had 5-6 utis a year. >> on a scale of 1-10, what was the pain. >> it was close to a 10. >> rita says she separated from her husband for two years in part because of her declining health. >> finally, i got back with my husband. we were watching tv. he was like what the heck, that's what you had. that's what's making you sick. >> rhonda says she had to leave her job saying the mesh was soezed to fix her prolapse. >> it feels just like a screen ffr a window that's on my insides. >> it's a pain felt by women across the country. records from the fda's product monitoring data base revealed more than 3,000 complaints against a dozen different makers of mesh products. some of the wiggest factors
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including johnson&johnson, bard attending these devices have been vigorously tested. they argue their products are fda approved and their agency has suggested that they pull them from the market. >> at this call center, dispatchers take calls from women around the clock. >> if this was a bunch of men who couldn't use their reproductive organs, believe me, there would be more noise about it. >> jennifer runs the law firm that connects women with attorneys who are taking on the lawmakers. >> this mesh that you can buy for $25, they're selling them from 800 to $3,000. >> she estimates roughly 2 billion women have implanted with mesh and it's still on the market. but thousands are turning to surgeons in st. louis, he's
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performed more than 1,000 mesh removal surgeries and says he's seen a rapid increase in patients over the past five years, some who have traveled as far as australia. a process some doctors describe as taking rebar out of concrete. >> the doctor says mesh was marketed to doctors as safe and less evasive than traditional surgery. >> the doctors have lost the trust of the patients. and we have to regain that trust. >> he urge women to seek treatment if they're suffering. >> i don't want them to live in a hopelessness. >> the bay area surgeon is testified before the fda in 2011, urging the agency to take action, saying mesh produces an unacceptably high and clearly avoidable plet ra of life-ruining complications in women. there are numerous safer alternatives with spreer i don't recall success rates. the fda has issued two safety
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warns. last month, ordered to be reclassified to a class 3 device. makers who want to use the mesh now have 30 mornts to submit new data showing the product is safe and effective. the warnings and actions are simply not enough. >> we can't trust them. >> has been hired as a paid witness for the plaintiffs in the on going litigation. dozens of lawsuits under the fda's current rules. it's listed as a high-risk medical device for the treatment of prolapse. >> 1-888-996-tips. you can give an e-mail to the unit. >> few details are being
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released tonight after a toddler is found dead in a san jose home. it happened about 1:30 this morning. this happened east of 87 and 85 connectors. they say the girl, the 2-year-old, was rushed to the hospital before doctors could see her. >> and, now, to the controversial shooting death of a guatemala man last year. the san francisco examiner reports it obtained from the medical examiner. it shows that 21-year-old perez lopez was shot four times in the back, once through the arm and once in the back of the head. an independent autopsy done in april shows the same thing. we'll say after that shooting, perez lopez was lunging at the officers with a knife. >> two people have been arrested from stealing from a science
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building on the uc berkeley campus. they were arrested while prowling around the physics and astronomy building afterhour thursday night. employees spotted them and called police. they found the two with burglary tools. things that were stolen from the uc irvine campus. still in the lane when thirdn car >> a fender bender that turned into a five-car accident earlier today. it happened on 87 in san jose and the two cars were involved where a third car didn't stop, ran into one of them. that car spun around, hit two other cars on the highway. police say the drivers of the first fender bender expected to recover. >> breaking down barriers, different back grounds are standing together in solidarity with the islamic society. the event was held today at the islamic society in fremont.
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across the parking lot from the mosque is the united methodist church. both the mosque and the church organized an event. their goal, understand each other better and move from "fear to friendship." >> coming up next, wendy buck with sports. >> coming up with sports, a pantsless man appears on the courts of the pga honda classic and he's allowed to play through. we'll explain that, as well as these hard-to-believe shots. they're just part of his game. still craze sid fun. we'll explain it all next at the xfinity sports desk.
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proved it's poised to take a second straight championship. stefan curry straight ap title. the final seconds of ot against a tough team. cury switched from 38 feet out for the win. curry is a 50% shooter now from 30 feet or more. >> i got the ball and coaches said we've got to stop. you know, and a clean rebound push. i looked up when i got the ball and there's about five or six seconds left. and, you know, we're shuffling around a transition. i was able to kind of just go at my own pace and just rise up. and i got my feet set, you know, watched it go in. >> to be able to pull it out, it
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was awesome, the effort in the second half was incredible. i know we got out rebounded and we were battling and, obviously, you know, what steph did was, you know, what's the expression from the ridiculous to the sublime? that's where we are at this point. >> the sharks in vancouver from the first of three games against the canucks this week. we go to the third period. san jose dumps it in. and joe pavelski tracks it down with scores on the back hand to tie this one up at a goal a piece. two minutes later, justin is going to put the puck on the net and it's going to be hurdled to bring it in. san jose takes the lead. the sharks tack on two more and they go onto win, 4-1, the final. >> the golen bears looking to complete a perfect regular season. taking on usc, tyra wallace finds a freshman.
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rav finished with 18 points in this one. then check out jaylon brown. he's going to go coast-to-coast. just take 3.8 seconds to do it and beat the buzzer. that puts cal up 22 at the half. all right, the second half, tyrone wallace. he's going to take this one himself just beautifully. the senior could not display upon senior night. guess who else was in attendance there? steve curr watching his son. oh, yeah, probably the best three-pointer he's ever seen. the bears, a perfect 18-0 at home this season. the final round of the honda classic in tampa, it kind of got a little interesting. especially on the par 4 six. tee shot went into the water. so he just took his pants off,
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pilled out his iron from the water. to the sand. this was a shot of the day. over the trees. look where it lands. it's his 12th career. and the sharks are in san jose. they will face the canadians on monday. and the cactus league finally gets underway this week. a double dose of the angels. the giants will play them on wednesday and then the as on thursday.
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it's great. yeah. >> well, i just saved our lives. >> yeah. >> such a good movie. pixar's inside out go for the best animated feature film. the emoryville animation film tells the story of a girl named riley who moves from the midwest to san francisco inside her five emotions who help guide her through her life in the big city. not all agree with her. this is pixar's eighth oscar win. well, it's certainly known as the entertainment industry's biggest night with the academy awards. there's controversy and glamour
11:44 pm
with the whole thing. extra attention joining us now live from hollywood. and chris rock came out. everybody was wondering what he was going to do and he took it on head on. amazing. >> that's right. he did not dress the issue. but, honestly, a lot of people are thinking that this con tro ser sill ended up being very good for the academy awards. a ltd. of promises were made tonight that something like this will not happen again where you have all 20 of the top acting nominees caucasian, nobody of color in any of those categories. so a lot of promises were made that hopefully, turns things around. but, yes, that contributed to hollywood's biggest night having more than enough drama having to win its own awards starting to a
11:45 pm
major upset in the last category award handed out in the evening. >> spotlight. >> the tidal described the moment. the center of attention. a surprise oscar win for best picture. >> this film gave a voice to survivors. and this oscar amplifies that voice. >> the best picture favorite, the remnants, still want big. best for the second year in a row. >> i can't believe this is happening. >> and a first career oscar for leonardo dicaprio as best actor. >> let us not take this planet for granted. i do not take tonight for granted. >> the best actor went two rooms completing domination of a season. >> thank you to the fans. thank you to the movie goers. thank you for the theaters. >> best supporting actress for the danish girl. >> while bridge of spies upset
11:46 pm
for supporting actor beating out heavy favorite slyveste slyvester stallone. mad max took both oscars, six, all of them in technical categories. >> we're not saying who wins when. >> demonstrators protested the academy's lack of diversity. >> otherwise known as the white people's choice awards. >> a night with a spotlight was on the movie industries best. >> now, let's talk about the evening's top nonwinners. top innovations in major categories came away with none and the highest grossing film, "star wars" was nominated in five categories. >> as we're talking about the nonwinners, we talked about a
11:47 pm
slice alone. feels like his last chance to get in there and get an oscar. that was kind of tough to see him not taking a role. >> it really was. i interviewed him on the red carpet and he was just so overwhelming into tonight. the crowds were, like, rocky, rocky, as he was walking by. his name wasn't announced because he was nominated for it 40 years ago. this was really his only chance and he didn't get it tonight. >> there might be another word. >> you know, he's hoping he's in there. >> thanks for the details. that was fun. >> thanks a lot. >> well, riding cal tran as we move on now will cost you a little bit more. cal tran fairs went up 50 cents today. discount fairs will stay at about 50% of adult ticket prices. but for a car, it will still get you a 15% discount.
11:48 pm
in july, it will cost you about 50 cents more to park in the parking lot. >> that's all going up. because later this week, it's all going to be coming now. >> yes, rain. we're watching your commute tomorrow morning which may get slowed down due to what we're seeing right now. look at that. 53 degrees and the future cast here does look pretty foggy. you can see from midnight through 7:00 a.m. across the bay out towards the delta and around the trivalley, patches of fog and some patchy, densz fog could set up for the santa clara valley, as well. you may encounter this as an issue across the bridges there for tomorrow morning with some misty skies at 11. . once the skies begin to clear, temperatures upper 60 to low to mid 70s. san francisco, closer to the upper 60s and probably near 70 degrees here. and for the north bay this trivalley, highs in the low to mid 70s.
11:49 pm
so high pressure for just about a two-three day stretch here. progressively trending weaker, the first system coming in on thursday should be good enough to get us a chance of showers. there's one weak system on tuesday that could bring a sprinkle to the north bay. but the best bay area chance for rain begins on thursday. though, most of that could be from the peninsula northward. probably not seeing a whole lot there thursday. but our attention is turning to the bigger changes arriving for the weekend. this is great news because so far, february rainfall totals get it pretty awful. we normally get 2-5 inches of rain. nowhere near thatted.
11:50 pm
seeing that too often to make an agreement. so we shift back to a much wetter pattern for the week spring like is here. the next weekend, saturday evening into sunday. tempature cooling down and snow levels should be close to 6,000 feet. this should be a pretty good snow-producer. you'll notice the long-range forecast. once that pattern gets underway for the next weekend may stick around for a while. here's also the good news. central and southern california was missing out on the rain, gets into that wetter-than-average pattern for the better part of the month. in the meantime tomorrow morning, some patchy fog for the morning and spring-like temperatures for the end of the week. back to you. >> coming up next, the campaign
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to get those kids processed once and for never happened. about to make it a reality. an ohio community is mourning ts
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shot and kled... as serceswas were derway inside his dayton shot to dead at a church in an ohio community and mourning the death of his pastor shot and killed as services were underway. killed inside the church. parishioners say they heard the shots while the choir was singing. everyone left running at the time of the shooting. and holding police accountable, two more accountability. she was offered and ripped kids
11:54 pm
to be attracted by police so kids can have a belter understanding of how many are being tested. another ablt to track their own rate kids. there's also a push that kids take wide instead of various versions. >> before, to a degree. typical dieting. >> found that almost 1 in 3 americans consume sugary drinks at least once a day. contain nearly 8 teaspoons of sugar per serving. men, african americans, unemployed adults and people with less education also consume more sugary sodas and juices. >> tomorrow, retailers are hoping to make the most of this day that only comes around once every four years. everyone knows about the madss
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of black friday sales. but the latest iretl is-- leap day sales. ==peggy/2 shot== four years. es around once every everyone knows about the madness of black friday sales. but the latest is leap day sales. >> who knew. i had no idea. tomorrow comes around once every four years. in honor of leap day, many companies are offering special deals tomorrow such as peet sa hut giving a free personal pizza. >> you can get a dozen original glazed donuts for $2.29. >> very greative. >> a 29% discount through the mobile app. you can drop through this hoop to get this and this. >> and keep your eyes open with those select hotels. >> hopefully, someone will do the donut deal. >> tomorrow morning, we're going to see a little bit of patchy fog.
11:58 pm
watch out for community tomorrow morning. abc sunshine with light temperatures in an increasing chance on thursday. light rain to start, but next weekend, should get a quite a bit of rain with snow back in the pictures. got the extra day in february, really not going to add the rain gauges tomorrow. but things are looking very promising for next week. >> yeah, that's good. >> you're talking about a couple inches. >> yes, and around the bay area hills we hope next week. >> thanks everyone, for joining us. have a good night and a great week. blank blaeng
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