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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 1, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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states. these are the first states that we're hearing from. vermont, if we take a look there, that's where -- or virginia, hillary clinton, 65%, 36% for bernie sanders. the two big wins for clinton today, georgia and virginia. now, in the republican side also again trump winning there. let's take a look as we go back to vermont. that was the other state that brought in the early poll numbers there. that was an easy, easy win, of course, for bernie sanders. this, of course, was his home state. we did hear from him short a bit ago. he was happy to speak to his supporters in vermont. >> it is about dealing with some unpleasant truths that exist in america today and having the guts to confront those truths. >> so of course, many people there cheering him on. right now, though, all eyes are on texas. we're still waiting for those early poll numbers there. 155 delegates at stake.
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this is the home town for cruz. this is where he's expected to do very, very well. but some say that might not happen. trump started the day with 82 delegates. early polls indicate that trump will likely get enough votes to possibly secure that republican nomination. we're monitoring these numbers. we'll have more for you coming up. >> it is a key night. coming up a special one-hour edition of "nightly news." lester holt will track those results for you. he'll answer the question, is this the meanest campaign ever? that's coming up in 30 minutes right here on nbc bay area. hope is fading fast near half moon bay. more than 24 hours since someone was swept out to sea. there's still no sign. rescuers believe that this is the man, michael dwyer of brisbane who was swept out yesterday. his family called authorities last night to tell them that he had gone to dunes beach and never returned. the coast guard has been searching the coastline since yesterday afternoon.
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his jeep wrangler was found parked nearby at venice beach. another search, this time for a hit and run driver who police say told his victims he'd just been released from san quentin prison. he then ran them down. there's surveillance photos of that car. this happened at a rohnert park motel. chuck cope pola is there. >> reporter: we know that rohnert park police are continuing to work on this. they've not been able to verify with the state department of corrections whether or not the driver in this case was, in fact, just released from san quentin, and their description of him, frankly, is very limited. a white male in his late 20s to early 30s with brown curly hair clean shaven. beyond that they don't know much. but there are surveillance cameras at this motel. and as he took off, a fleeting image was captured. this photograph from a surveillance camera shows you the car police want to find.
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a white 2014, to 2015 import possibly a toyota or honda with front end damage. >> there should be visible damage, dents, et cetera. >> reporter: it happened at the best western inn in rohnert park short after 10:00 p.m. last saturday. the manager and her adult son were checking locks and they confronted a driver parked in a car in the fire lane for more than a half hour. >> the individual was agitated, told them that he'd just gotten out of san quentin and had nowhere to go. they explained to him, well, you can't stay here. you have to be on your way. >> reporter: police say the man started backing up. it was that point the manager and her son thought he'd be leaving. instead he pointed the car toward them and hit the accelerator. the manager was struck and suffered nurls broken bones, her son rolled over the hood. >> it's still an active investigation. we anticipate talking to the victims again and any additional witnesses. >> reporter: any sightings? >> not so far.
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>> reporter: sources say the motel manager, in her 60s, was transported to vacaville medical center for surgery today. she's still in the hospital. her son was treated and released. we learned that detectives spent two hours here today going over more of the surveillance vi videos, but so far they've not released any more of them nor mass a license plate of the vehicle been identified. i'm chuck coppola, rohnert park. grossly inhumane. that's how the d.a. is describing the behavior of two san francisco schiff deputies and a former deputy accused of running a jailhouse fight club. the three men face a number of criminal charges for their role in allegedly forcing inmates into gladiator-style combat. district attorney george gascon said scott neu forced two inmates to pummel each other as guards watched for fun. deputies eugene jones and clifford chiba are also charged. the case has been under investigation since march of
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last year. >> subjecting inmates, who are in our care and custody, to degrading and inhumane treatment makes a mockery of our justice system. >> we're pleased that the district attorney has taken these allegations seriously, that felony charges have been filed. >> now, if convicted former fut neu could serve ten years in prison, deputy jones faces five years or deputy chiba could serve almost two. a show of support at san francisco's federal courthouse for the family of alex nieto. he's a college student who police shot and killed two years ago. his parents are suing the four police officers who fired a total of 59 bullets at their son hitting him 14 times. >> translator: so important for me and my husband that everybody is here supporting us today. >> officers maintained that nieto pointed a weapon at them, then they fired in self-defense during a confrontation at a bernal heights park. the weapon nieto was holding turned out to be a stun gun.
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it was a weapon he carried for his job as a security guard. how bad is our drought? it's the first of the month and that means a check of our snowpack. today's survey revealed that el nino is not living up to expectations. it looked promising in january. but now the snow pack is starting to melt. it's 85% of normal. it needs to be 150% of normal by april to potentially end our record drought. let's bring in jeff ranieri who is in our weather center. >> raj, really as we also look ahead, we could reach that 150% of average with the way things are projecting the next seven to ten days snow outlook. that's something good to look ahead to. meanwhile right now in sierra snow you can see on this current graphic when we compare this to what we had just one year ago, there's a stark contrast.
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16.3 inch average depth right now. last year 4.9 inches. look at the water content. just 1.2 inches in 2015, right now at 5.3. these changes coming our way, it's all beginning to develop out here in the pacific. we're counting on a strong subtropical moisture boost. we'll have details on when the heaviest rainfall is set to arrive across the bay area and also that snowfall that's coming up in about ten minutes. >> we shall see you then. thank you, jeff. all clear at west valley college in saratoga. the campus was evacuated and all classes canceled after a bomb threat. campus police say they found a handwritten note saying there was an explosive device in a certain building. it was searched but none was found. you better check your surveillance systems, that's a request from el cerrito police as they investigate an alleged hate crime. they're looking for video of a home security camera on arlington boulevard or a nearby
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street that may have recorded some suspects last wednesday. officers say someone set two small fires outside a home between 12:30 and 1:00 a.m. the family and neighbors are surprised because the neighborhood is quiet and safe. >> that's ridiculous. you can go and talk to the person, but doing something crazy like that, that's unacceptable, i think. and whoever that person is, i hope the police will find it out and, you know, give the right justice to the victims. >> if you think you can help out, call el secerrito police. victimized children. we found examples of horrible living conditions in government-funded facilities. these facilities are supposed to be caring for some of the most vulnerable children here in california. investigative reporter bigad shaban joins us. >> reporter: the state is in the
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process of trying to overhaul california's child welfare system, but that could take years. we investigate what's being done right now to keep kids safe. >> continuing to improve the quality of care is something we're very vigilant at. >> reporter: if these kids are being hurt in the meantime, can you honestly say that's happening fast enough? >> the department has a process for dealing with that. >> reporter: tonight you'll hear about conditions firsthand from a teenager in the area who says she was treated, quote, like an animal. >> we'll see you then. if you have a tip for our investigative unit call us at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at apple goes to washington. it's the congressional hearing talked about from coast to coast. i'm scott budman. coming up, we'll have reaction from america's top cop. it's really a very little, tiny thing that we can do to,
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you know, help people out. just ahead, they give back literally. a san francisco couple helping police and crime victims after finding something unexpected while hiking. and we're live in san jose where the red carpet is rolled out for cinequest. all the exciting films over the next two weeks of this film festival.
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showdown over your smartphone. tech giant apple faced off with the feds during a congressional hearing today on the issue of privacy versus security. an issue the u.s. attorney general visiting the bay area was happy to weigh in on. our tech reporter scott budman joins us to break down those hearings for us. >> reporter: good evening, jessica. no rulings were made today but we got a better idea of what the two sides are coming from and what america's top cop thinks of apple. >> also we have quick action. >> reporter: apple is known for selling iphones, but it's also defending its product in front of a congressional hearing. >> they're asking for a back door into the iphone. >> reporter: arguing against the fbi's request to give it access to the iphone of san bernardino
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shooter syed farook saying strong encryption is necessary for our privacy. >> the fbi has asked the court to order us to give them something that we don't have, to create an operating system that does not exist. >> reporter: meanwhile, san francisco's rsa security conference, the u.s. attorney general said apple should not have the final say but also sounded a note of compromise. >> i know, from my conversations, that neither our technology companies nor their leaders have any sympathy for the terrorists and criminals who target americans. >> and now we're all learning about cyber security and encryption and a little bit about the law and how the government can pursue certain things. >> reporter: now, south bay congresswoman zoe lofgren who has come out in favor of apple, said that even if they were able to get into the iphone, users would be able to communicate with new encrypted apps outside
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of the government's control. back to you. >> scott, thank you. here's a question, are you on the list? the richest of the rich. a bay area billionaire has a reason to smile. facebook boss mark zuckerberg had the most profitable year of all billionaires. the 31-year-old palo alto resident added more than $11 billion to his fortune. that moves him from 16th to 6th on that forbes list. take a look. for the third year in a row. bill gates tops the list with a net worth of $75 billion. others on the list larry ellison is number seven, google's larry page and sergey brin and you see there at 325 donald trump with an estimated worth of $4.5 billion. it's official, the bay area's biggest city has a new police chief. there he is. the interim tag has been lifted and eddie garcia was sworn in today as san jose's new top cop. he was appointed following larry
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esquivel's retirement in january. he grew up in the south bay and has been with sjpd since 1992. >> excitement doesn't even begin to kind of explain what i'm going through. it's kind of surreal right now. 24 years ago, i started my academy 24 years ago. a month in at this time same. as a 21-year-old sitting in there, i just dreamed of, you know, protecting the city. >> started at 21. mayor sam liccardo says chief garcia is a dynamic leader. car break-ins have hit epidemic levels in san francisco. you see all over the city, shattered glass on the streets and sidewalks and pretty much everywhere. >> but when that crime wave hit a popular tourist spot, one local couple decided to jump into action. garvin thomas joins us. >> reporter: when someone does something nice for others, we
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often call that giving back. in the case of michael hoffman and janet maurer, they are giving back, literally. the view from twin peaks is one of the nicest things about san francisco. it's why thousands come here every single day, but should these folks ever want a glimpse of something even better, all they have to do is look down and see who is coming up the hill. >> boy, what a beautiful day. >> reporter: michael hoffman and janet maurer have lived in the shadow of twin peaks for years. about a decade ago, in search of exercise, they began weekly hikes to the top. they soon discovered something along the way. a lot of litter. so they started picking it up. >> if you live in a place that you love, you want to make sure it always looks good. we can tell how much fun everyone had by how much garbage, you know?
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>> reporter: turns out the pair could also tell how little fun someone had. >> this is new. >> reporter: a few years ago they say they saw evidence of a spike in car break-ins. not just glass on the ground, but purses, wallets and backpacks in the bushes nearby. >> the scenario is someone smash and grabs, drives away, drives down here, somewhere along here and then throws everything but the money out. >> reporter: emptied of money, but not of value. inside michael and janet discovered many driver's licenses, credit cards, passports, even medicine. things people would certainly want back. so they did what they could to make that happen. >> a little bit of forensic analysis. >> reporter: over the years janet and michael estimate they've reunited dozens of tourists and locals with their belongings. >> a lot of them are in tears. >> reporter: michael and janet says like the litter cleanup, it's an expression of their love for the city and their hope that when visitors leave, they rave
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about more than just the views. >> if we can, especially for the tourists, give them the feeling that there are people who care about them, then it's just going to make a much bigger difference. >> they tell great stories of finding a taiwanese passport, calling the consulate on a sunday, getting somebody on the phone going down to there and the person missing the pass port was there and handed it to them. >> what a life saver that is. >> can you imagine. >> what a way to change the impression. you get robbed and someone comes and saves you. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. he's smiling because the rain is coming. >> we still have that active weather pattern coming our way. you can see from the scroll on the bottom of the screen. right now no storms, blue sky and limited visibility in san jose, currently 68 degrees. tomorrow morning we'll start off on the cool side. but 50 in the south bay, east bay at 45.
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you can see dry weather for san francisco and also the north bay, but in terms of that rainfall, that's where i want to take you to next on our futurecast. you'll be able to see here as we head throughout wednesday, we'll have that rainfall beginning to approach and moving into marin, napa and sonoma counties. also rainfall returning for early thursday morning's commute. beyond that we're still pressing ahead towards that heavier chance of rainfall, once we hit saturday afternoon and saturday evening, and this will continue, it looks like, into sunday morning. in fact, some of the heaviest rainfall when we're sleeping in the early overnight hours of sunday. so no doubt we're going to see some of the most accumulations from our rainfall map you'll see here happening as we head into saturday and sunday. so let's go ahead and get a look. you can see on average we're looking at 1 1/2 to 2 1/2 inches from contra cast ta, allahedalad san francisco counties.
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the same goes for middletown, santa rosa and st. helena. we'll continue to monitor this closely because we do expect variations in the timing and intensity as we continue to get closer to this weekend storm system. so let's take you to the micro climate forecast as we head throughout tomorrow more mild temperatures expected across san jose and 72. but you'll notice numbers are going down a few degrees tomorrow as high clouds increase. that will put san mateo at 67, palo alto 70 and san francisco instead of low 70s you'll drop down to 67 across the mission. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, a slight chance of showers. we're holding out for the heavier chance for rainfall in the late evening hours. this will put the tri-valley in the mid-70s for tomorrow. that outlook has rain returning on thursday and friday. but the heavier possibility of that rain moving in saturday evening and also on sunday. so specifically for this storm
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system, what we want you to start thinking about is the possibility of some small creeks and rivers rising. by sunday morning. and also winds that could hit 20 to 40 miles per hour. we'll have more coming up at 6:30 tonight, you guys. >> we'll see you then. thank you, jeff. next at 5:00, high heels lead to an airport security scare. these shoes, the unusual fashion statement, that held up passengers trying to get through security. super tuesday-
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tracking every race one're our twitter feed and all of oure trump wins 4 more states. ld happening now, super tuesday, results are pouring in. the latest projections donald trump wins four more states. san francisco supervisors voted to increase the minimum age to
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buy tobacco to 21. tobacco advocates are promising a legal fight.
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i call the movie, you call them films. >> either way. >> this is a big deal. it's happening in san jose. our annual slice of hollywood kicks off tonight. >> nbc bay area is on the red
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carpet looking very glamorous for us this evening. hi. >> reporter: why, thank you. hi, thank you for the compliment. i wore my special earrings for tonight. it's the premiere night of cinequest. the red carpet is rolled out. we have a film being premiered tonight. it's a huge deal. we have ceo and co-founder halton hassy with us. this is the 26th year of what is being called the best film festival in the world, by the way. that's a big deal. what can you expect this year? >> reporter: we're excited. we got that vote from the readers. 50% directed by women, which is wonderful. we have our maverick spirit award recipients, james franco, rita moreno coming with the world premiere of a new film "remember me." it's so exciting, over 105,000 people are expected. all cultures and ways of life. what an exciting festival. all around the theme of unite.
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come together and unite with us. >> reporter: come together and bring hollywood right here to the bay area. if you'd like to find out more about the 129 films, 50% directed by women, go to we have a lineup. just search for cinequest. coming up at 6:00, we have an interview with the director of the film that's premiering tonight that stars dame helen mirren and the late alan rickman. >> i wish i was there. >> she got the best assignment of the day. >> i know. >> thanks. coming up, we'll show a pair of stiletto heels that prompted a tsa warning.
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tonight at 6:30, super tuesday results are coming in by the minute. hillary clinton and donald trump are already chalking up victoriesp these are live pictures from florida at clinton headquarters. she's expected to take the stage very soon. up next, the special one-hour edition from 5:30 to 6:30 of "nightly news with lester holt." talk about killer heels. tsa agents found these in a carry-on bag. they're platform stiletto shoes in the shape of guns. the tsa told the woman to check them in her luggage, but she left them behind so she could catch her flight. >> pretty aggressive shoes. >> where would you wear those?
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>> good question. >> thanks for joining us here. breaking news tonight. super tuesday. 12 states up for grabs. a dramatic night in the race for president. "nbc nightly news" begins right now. >> announcer: decision 2016. super tuesday. this is "nbc nightly news" with lester holt. and good evening. as we come on live in the pacific time zone, we're at our election headquarters in new york on this super tuesday, a night that could be the tipping point in both the republican and democratic races for the presidential nomination. 12 states are in play tonight. polls have now closed in several of those states. let's go right to the boards. first to arkansas where they just closed a few seconds ago. and right now donald trump is leading but too close t


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