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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 3, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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just released in the last half hour by the sheriff. this happened at about 3:00 this afternoon. it's tough to see but you can see. several people throwing punches, guards and inmates running. at the end of the video a guard uses pepper spray to take someone down. other inmates are lying on the ground. 30 inmates were in this common area at the time. and it looks like about half were involved in the fight. i'm told medical staff is here treating people for some minor injuries. sheriff lori smith installed these cameras just last night. she bought them with her own money after the county said it would take two years and $20 million to get it done. here's what she had to say just a short time ago. >> i'm really glad thought did. it will give us the opportunity to see what actually happened. we'll be able to see who was the aggressor, who was assaulted, who was involved in the fight. >> the sheriff says this shows the importance of surveillance cameras. and she does plan to roll them
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out throughout the jail. currently the cameras are only in this one particular area where the fight happened. now they are investigating the video trying to find out exactly who started it and how many inmates were involved. reporting live in san jose, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, michelle. some more breaking news regarding the santa clara jail. we just learned in the past 20 minutes that those three correctional deputies from that very facility will stand trial. that was the ruling today from a judge during a preliminary hearing that began on monday. the judge found there is enough evidence in the beating death of inmate michael tyree. he was found dead in his cell last summer. if convicted, the three deputies could face life in prison. they'll be back in court in about two weeks for their arraignment. we have new details about that nanny in the east bay. she's accused of attempting to smother a baby. the nanny cam was rolling. 20-year-old mariah gonzalez, seen here, faces felony child abuse charges. she advertised her services on
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the popular babysitting site nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us in livermore this evening with the very latest. jodi. >> raj, as you mentioned she did advertise on and police are trying to figure out if there are any more potential victims. tonight that young nanny from livermore who neighbors say always had a smile on her face faces serious allegations. >> no answer today at mariah gonzalez's livermore home. the 20-year-old nanny faces child abuse charges for allegedly trying to smother a 13-month-old baby. >> trying to smother him? that's scary. that's really scary. >> reporter: neighbors are shocked at the allegations. but in court documents, investigators say the baby's two mothers came to them with compelling evidence two weeks ago. footage from their hidden nanny camera. investigators say the footage shows gonzalez trying to calm the baby down. first by bouncing him up and
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down, then by placing her hands close to his face, muffling his cries. investigators say the baby quote began to squirm and kick. he then went limp unquote before gonzalez eventually put him down in his crib for a nap. >> she seemed like a kind of happy-go-lucky teenager. she definitely doesn't look the part. >> reporter: police say gonzalez advertised her services on the popular web site a web site that includes background checks if the provider pays extra for it. >> it's unfortunate that she's being tied to >> reporter: nanny rita burns has been advertising on the site for years. she says it's a great service, but parents need to do their home work. she's upset a fellow nanny is accused of abusing a child. >> i can't wrap my mind around ever hurting a child. any type of abuse or injustice to children is horrible to me. and i can't even imagine that.
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>> reporter: issued a statement today saying that they are troubled by the incident and their thoughts are with the family. gonzalez, meanwhile, is scheduled to appear in court tomorrow morning where she's expected to enter a plea. reporting live in livermore, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. you can read the charging documents on our web site. we've just posted it right to our front page at well, it is going to be a rainy and windy weekend. you can see it coming in on our radar. storms lining up in the pacific headed toward the bay area. but we're going to see some scattered rain first. chief meteorologist jeff rainieri has a look at what we can expect. really over the next 24 hours, jeff. >> and that scattered rainfall right now is beginning to get going because we had a storm system today that kind of stalled out around the noon hours. now with a little motion back behind it it is firing off some of the scattered more moderate and a few heavy pockets. very isolated here morgan hill to gilroy corridor on 101 as we take you down a little bit
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closer you can see in gilroy there are some brighter pockets here, some of that heavier rainfall. producing about .22 inches per hour. a decent area of wet weather getting 101 wet. we could see this continue over the next one to two hours. san jose likely could see some of these showers fill in as well. but that's about it. another chance at some scattered rainfall expected for tomorrow morning. we'll have more details on this and that heavier rain expected for the weekend coming up in about 15 minutes. >> we will see you then. thanks, jeff. you can track the radar on our nbc bay area app. you can download that for free. on edge of the cliff and now another apartment building will be torn down. pacifica is getting ready to demolish another complex that's been teetering on a cliff for years. the building seen here on the left side with we've spot shadowed it was red tagged six years ago because of erosion. last month demolition crews tore down the building right next to it which was also red tacked for the same reason.
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the demo will happen on monday. this is not the only problem for the area. in january you'll recall 40 people who lived down the street from these apartments were forced to move out of their apartments after the city yellow tagged their complexes. well helping out the crabbers. a new bill would provide more than $138 million in funding for commercial crab fishermen. in november, high levels of algae caused toxins in crab. the shell fish was deemed dangerous to eat. last month crab fishes was open for recreational use but for commercial fishermen whose livelihood depends on this the danger was still too high. the industry has take an major hit. >> there are no plans to cancel the upcoming state championship wrestling meet despite a young athlete's urgent plea to postpone it. we broke the story yesterday. this high school wrestler from sunnyvale believes he contracted a highly contagious virus known as mat herpes during a recent meet. now his family says even if precautions are taken other athletes could be at risk of
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getting the same virus. nbc bay area's laura malpert has the latest developments in this infirmary case. >> reporter: jessica, we first introduced you to blake yesterday. he ace senior here at midi high school. and wrestling has been a big part of his life. but he says after contracting herpes he will never compete in wrestling again. now his dad, a wrestling coach, is stepping in. he's trying to get the state to step in to keep others from being exposed to the same virus. >> it's horrific. it's terrible. we hope the kids don't get this because it's a lifelong, life-changing event. >> reporter: that's what rick logan this about the california intersco h interschool assic decision to go ahead with the state wrestling championships. he's the assistant wrestling coach at blake's high school. blake whose face is covered with
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severe rash and scabs said he started showing symptoms of herpes gladiatorum or mat herpes three days after competing at championships at independence high school. >> independence was pretty disgusting. the bathroom pretty close -- very close to the mat and kids -- the bathroom floor in there is just all wet and gross. and then kids would walk straight in there with their wrestling shoes, walk right off the bathroom onto the mats right where kids are wrestling. >> reporter: blake's dad says he put a protocol in place at midi high requiring wrestlers to dip their feet in a sanitized pan, clean their mats frequently and have a bleach spray readily available to combat the risk of infections like this. logan says not all those steps were taken at the ccf meet. >> i will say at ccf's level it is not. and at the local divisional level it is not part of the protocol. >> reporter: making matters worse, logan says even if the cif followed that protocol this weekend, he believes wrestlers could still be at risk because
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some might have contracted herpes and aren't yet showing symptoms. in a statement the cif says in part we are competent that our practices, along with an exhaustist medical review of this particular situation, ensure that there is no justification for a concern about the spread of a contagious disease at the event." i attempted to contact them but nobody has gotten back to me. logan says there are no other known cases of mat herpes among midi high school wrestler. laura malpert, nbc bay area news. no longer just in central and south america. two more cases of the zika virus here in the bay area. this time in san francisco and alameda county. health officials say two people tested positive for the disease last month. we're just now getting the details today, though. the san francisco patient contracted the virus after traveling to central america. that person has fully recovered. no details have been released
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about the patient in alameda county. the news comes one day after napa county confirmed its first zika patient. that case involved a pregnant woman infected while traveling to central america. okay. are you ready to go? the streak is still alive. we'll see what happens tonight. the warriors are gearing up for another showdown in oakland. the oracle lighting up for this national tv game. if they win, they'd tie the chicago bulls for the longest home win streak in nba history. the warriors face the oklahoma city thunder again. this is the team that they beat over the weekend after stephen curry made that dramatic and wild three-pointer the final second of overtime. game time tonight against oklahoma city is at 7:30. i'm damian trujillo live in san jose where the city is red tagging trees it deems dangerous. coming up, why that is upsetting some homeowners. and a driver going 140 miles per hour ends up crashing his car into a yoga studio.
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that just happened to be in the area credited with saving those lives. and bart is looking at new ways to ease overcrowding on its trains by offering rewards to commuters. but those commuters might have to make a big switch. i'm christie smith. we'll have the reaction coming up. area -- gearing up for thsilate.
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plenty of cities around the bay area gearing up for this latest batch of storms. the focus in san jose are the trees. crews are looking for trees at risk of falling. they're issuing red tags, meaning it must be removed. but it's up to the homeowners to get rid of the tree, a process that could cost them thousands of dollars. nbc bay area's damian trujillo is in san jose this evening. and damian, homeowners are on the hook as we mentioned. do they have any options here? >> reporter: they might but limited options. here's what the red tag looks like right now. there are questions as to why this particular home on has to pay to knock this tree down when it's not even dead. >> 74. 1974. when i moved in. >> reporter: that's about the time his father planted the street trees. he prunes them every year and they come to life in the spring. so the family was shocked when the city inspector red tagged the mulberries saying they have to come down. >> first of all, i don't think the tree's dead.
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you can clearly see it's growing. >> reporter: but the tag says the trees are dead or dying. city inspectors have been driving through san jose red tagging what they feel are dangerous trees. >> we always have our hands full. in san jose, we are blessed to have over 260,000 street trees. >> reporter: the former city arborist says his crews try to get to as many questionable trees as possible, especially before big storms. you might remember one tree fell on an elderly man last month at bettery etha creek park killing him. he concedes the trees in front of irma's house are not dead yet they still have to come down because of the way irma's father pruned them. >> topping is an unacceptable pruning method. it's where indiscriminate cuts are put into the tree that leave the tree in a very unstable and
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very ratty appearance looking. >> reporter: so now irma has to pay thousands of dollars to knock down the mulberries and repair the sidewalk damage caused by the roots. >> the trees are fine. as former member of the group our city forest, irma says she's likely appeal the red tag and challenge the city to keep her mull berries. >> and ironically, irma's father used to be a pruner back when san jose was full of orchard. the 90-year-old told me no one is going to show him how to prune a tree. live in san jose, i'm damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> there you have it. a nonconfrontation overnight for police in the east bay. officers in livermore found a saidal man with a shotgun in the police station parking lot. investigators say shot through the back window of his car. an officer fearing for his life returned fire. police found the man dead in the car but investigators say it appears he took his own life. by the way, no officers were hurt in that confrontation. we need to show you this. would you believe it two people inside that car actually are
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alive tonight? they were racing away from police at more than 100 miles per hour when their bmw flew off of of 680 and landed in a yoga studio around midnight. two paramedics happened to be on their break in the yoga studio parking lot. >> and the black bmw came through the barricade, down the embankment, splits on the curb here through the bushes and slid on its roof into the bottom of the building here. >> paramedics say the driver and a female passenger were unconscious and suffered serious head injuries. police don't know why the driver initially ran from police officers but say he will face numerous charges. as the bay area booms, so does bart. that's the problem. crowded trains. now a new program could help ease the congestion. nbc bay area's christie smith is in san francisco this evening. and christie, money talks. how do i sign up? >> reporter: yeah, that's right. the idea here really is to ease
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congestion on bart trains, specifically those coming from the east bay into san francisco downtown in the morning by offering rewards program to commuters to make a change. the commuters we spoke with this morning said they aren't opposed to it but aren't sure how they could make it work. >> by the time i get to west oakland it's packed. >> reporter: greg rides bart from the east bay to san francisco. he thinks changing commute hours might be tough. >> now we're set. we have this hour to this hour. we've got to get to san francisco. >> reporter: as the train agency waits for new trains it's trying to ease crowding into downtown. embarcadero is among the busiest station. the hope is bart starts can be an incentive. >> instead of saying we're going to make you pay more because you're traveling during the busiest hours we'd rather give something back to you as a reward for moving your commute hours. it's also great for research.
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>> reporter: riders who can shift their trips outside the 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. rush receive points redeem them for cash. >> that would be nice. the job would change my hours if i was to leave a little bit earlier. >> reporter: david smith works at a bank. bart is doing outreach to downtown employers about the program. one estimate is 5% of participants could free up the space of a ten-car train. they're looking for about 25,000 participants. travel will be monitored. but commuters may be the hard part. >> for myself i need my rest. >> reporter: the 6-month program is covered by a grant and starts this spring. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> okay. thank you, christie. there's warning for boaters this spring. watch out for migrating whales. the mammals will soon start making their way to the arctic. marine biologists say gray wails are the most common along the
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california coast. you might see some swim right outside the golden gate where a collision with a boat could be likely. and a whale could easily tip a small boat. federal guidelines require that voters stay back at least 300 feet from any whales. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri. we are talking rain coming our way. i see that green lighting up your radar behind you. >> a little bit continuing here tonight which is great news. we have some spotty drizzle in san francisco across the bridges. so watch out for that. but it's down here from morgan hill to gilroy where we're still seeing consistent activity. pockets of heavier rainfall. moving here from the west off towards the north and the east. still about an hour left of this rainfall to continue. so watch out for some drastically different conditions if you're in san jose traveling down to gilroy for tonight. as you push ahead toward tomorrow morning's forecast, we'll still find the chances of scattered rainfall. start off with 55 in the south bay. east bay at 52. and san francisco beginning at 56. through tomorrow's forecast cloud cover stays in a few drops
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here and there. that will put the north bay at 63 degrees for a high. trivalley 69. and the south bay also in the upper 60s. so why the sudden change from the extremely dry february into this wetter weather pattern? well, during our el nino phase it's all about where the subtropical moisture is aimed. the past several weeks it's been right up towards seattle. record-setting rainfall for them. but now we're seeing the subtropical moisture tap lower right across the bay area. as these storm systems move in it interacts with this and it helps to boost up our rainfall totals. this will be key this weekend in terms of getting us some extra and add rainfall. that's why our saturday storm system looks this strong. we'll have details on how much rainfall we get out of this as we head throughout your saturday evening forecast. and how high those wind gust. that's coming up in my full microclimate forecast in about 20 minutes. >> jeff, we'll see you shortly. up next, posters of dying unicorns popping up in palo
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alto. an ominous message about the tech industry. we'll explain. and cracking down on tobacco. reason why anyone under 21 may not be able to buy cigarettes in california soon. ==reveal==
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news. thsanta claraountying jail because of a brawl . now, happening now on, we're updating our breaking news. the santa clara jail remains on lockdown at this hour because of a brawl between inmates. that fight caught on cameras installed last night. also just posted to our app,
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donald trump's seven-point plan for health care. trump is no fan or obama care. under his plan no one will be required to buy insurance. we're back in a moment. pictures of dead unicorns aroung
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a bizarre sight popping up around palo alto. someone has been posting pictures of dead unicorns all around the heart of the city. some say it's a prank. others believe it's a warning of the next tech bust. >> it's on trees and lamp posts in downtown palo alto could be a bad omen. graphic of a dying unicorn and message for company's start-up workers. your common shares are worth less. we tracked down the person responsible who goes by the the name palantir watcher. he wouldn't give his name but says the unicornice about to bust again. it refers to private companies
6:26 pm
valued at $1 billion or more. one of the posters showed up outside the officers of palantier that makes super secret software for government agencies. it's valued at 20 billion. what's it really worth in long time entrepreneur charlie moore says it's impossible to know without being on theed inside. >> to think that they're worth his when analysts are valuing the company in billions of dollars it's unlikely. >> even though he says the slain unicorn may be a sign of the times. going public is more difficult. and venture capitalists are getting stingy. >> it may be bust 4.0. >> chris says he's seen it all before. >> my very first big start-up was necessary scape. >> he encourages employees to fight for what they're worth. he can't imagine the next potential tech bust could be as big as in 2000, but believes the dead unicorn posters aren't off the mark. >> you're going to see far fewer people leaving the face books
6:27 pm
and the googles to chase the start-up dream because they're hearing all the horror stories of things going bad and people not finding any gold at the end of the rainbow. >> reached out to palantier asking them how much the employee stock was really worth but haven't heard back. the signs have been taken down. so which tech companies will survive the downturn? we'll have more with charlie this weekend. he joins scott mcgrew on silicon valley tech and business show. that starts here sunday at 9:00 in the morning right here on nbc bay area. i'm scott budman. tech companies lining up to support apple. coming up, one company tells us why it filed papers in favor of the silicon valley tech giant. what do you say to reassure taxpayers that other mistakes like this didn't happen along the rest of the project? >> sure. i mean, that's a valid concern that one would raise. >> reporter: new concerns tonight about the bart extension to san jose. i'm vickie nguyen. the underground mistake we
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a whistleblower reveals to u -- m there are new questions tonight about the bart extension to san jose. >> a whistle blower reveals to us a major construction mistake that won't be fixed. senior investigative reporter vickie nguyen has the details. >> reporter: jess and raj, there are no question construction crews made a mistake, one that stopped work for 70 days on part
6:31 pm
of the project. plans called for the installation of this, pvc pipe. it's flexible and durable. but instead, the contractor installed this, cast iron. there are key differences between how long these two materials last and how they respond in an earthquake. crews broke ground on the bart extension from the east bay to san jose in april of 2012. the 16-mile, six-station project is scheduled to open next fall at a cost of more than $2 billion. but a source close to the project's construction contacted the investigative unit, saying he's concerned about a major mistake at the new bart station. he asked not to be identified for fear of losing his job. >> this is without a doubt the most error-prone job that i've ever been on. >> reporter: he says crews mistakenly installed the wrong type of sewage pipe under the terminal, cast iron instead of pvc. soon after we spoke with him we saw red tape blocking the work area from the rest of the construction site. work stopped in this area for 70
6:32 pm
days as bpa and subcontractors decided what to do about the error. after the work stoppage we learned project leaders decided to remove cast iron where possible. but in some places crews had already installed other utilities around it, making the pipe more difficult to replace. now, 1400 feet of cast iron remains under this portion of the terminal. >> even though it's going to take quite a long time to fail, it will fail. at that point in time it's going to be exponentially more expensive than it is now to repair it. >> probably high likelihood that there will be an earthquake sometime within the next 100 years. >> reporter: this doctor is the chair of the construction engineering program at arizona state university. he specializes in underground infrastructure. he went to new zooep zealand after a 6.3 earthquake devastated the city of christchurch in 2011 and he worked with a team that rebuilt the water lines. he says cast iron plumbing failed across the city because it's too brittle. >> being in the bay area, which
6:33 pm
is a seismic -- a known seismic asia -- using a flexible pipe like a pvc or some sort of other plastic pipe is a prudent engineering practice as opposed to brittle pipe which can't withstand earthquake damages. >> reporter: in this article published by the american water association, researchers said the loma prieta earthquake demonstrated the superior performance of pvc pipe over cast iron pipe. adding the scarcity of breaks in pvc piping systems can be attributed to their inherent flexibility. what's more, bart's standards for its stations call for plastic pipes because they won't corrode when exposed to different types of soil, water or electricity, unlike cast iron. the investigative unit obtained more than 10,000 pages of bpa's project specs, stop work orders and e-mails concerning the station. >> it should be fixed. >> reporter: we reviewed them with this can head of construction engineering at
6:34 pm
santa clara university. >> every pipe underground should be a pvc pipe. we mentioned the specific name of that pipe in the specifications. >> reporter: so what happened and why isn't it being fixed? the valley transportation authority is overseeing the bart construction in san jose. so we sat down with the project manager john engstrom. he blamed the subcontractor. >> did the contractor just misinterpret the specs? >> we felt that in this case it was a misinterpretation, correct. >> does the contractor agree with bpa that it's the contractor's fault? >> i think that they would say they've agreed to disagree and that they have agreed with the solutions and have moved on. >> reporter: engstrom admits the bpa inspectors could have caught the mistake sooner before the wrong pipes were installed. >> there were a couch weeks that this wept by that this could have been caught but wasn't. >> that's fair to say. >> engstrom says the system is okay. he says the contractor paid for a study that concluded corrosion won't be an issue this this
6:35 pm
case. he's confident that replacing the pipes is not necessary. >> is this pipe as good as what you originally called for? >> yes, in this particular condition it is as good. >> no concerns about corrosion? >> no. >> do you trust the results of the study the contractor paid for and performed? >> yes, we do. >> engstrom says construction is six months ahead of schedule and under budget. >> what do you say to reassure taxpayers that other mistakes like this didn't happen along the rest of the project? >> sure. that's a valid concern that one would raise. what i would say is there's a rebust oversight program. >> the post construction failures are the costliest. if there's a collapse or any type of failure of that system you've got a cascading effect. >> they should have discovered it when it was materials in the parking lot. >> reporter: our source disagrees with the decision to keep piping in place, worried about what will happen in the event of a future disaster. >> i think they should do the right thing. acknowledge their error and operate like sponge people and repair it now as opposed to
6:36 pm
pawning it off on the future taxpayers. >> according to bpa, the company believes they have the discretion to install cast iron pipvc. the contractor also asked to be paid for that work stoppage. the bpa declined saying that's not what they agreed to in the contract. we also reached out to bart in a statement they said bart is confident in vta's decision making process and we look forward to our continued partnership with vta in bringing bart service to ville con valley. seat plans for yourself on our web site right now at if you have a tip for vickie nguyen regarding this story or any other story give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail directly to the unit at raising california's smoking age from 18 to 21. the state assembly today voted to move forward that. decision end months of stalling on legislation that the senate approved last year.
6:37 pm
the raise in the smoking age inhibits teenagers getting cigarettes from their nonsmoking friends. >> this same body just passed a law this week to outlaw fantasy sports betting for people under 21. that doesn't kill you. cigarettes kill you. >> lawmakers also voted to regulate e. cigarettes like other tobacco product. the bills now return to the senate for a final vote before the bills go to governor jerry brown. by the way, san francisco just passed a measure raising the minimum age to buy tobacco to 21 there. and that goes into effect in june. this story is not going away. a little help from their friends. dozens of companies filing court briefs today to support apple in its fight against the fbi over access to an iphone. business and tech reporter scott budman has been tracking this case since day one and joins us from our news room. scott, just symbolic here? or today's moves can they make a
6:38 pm
difference? >> not necessarily, raj. but it might sway a judge to know that other tech companies along with groups like aclu are backing apple. companies filing amicus briefs in support of apple. twitter, intel, linked, in e-bay and air b and b were among the first to file, trying to convince the court that apple's claim of privacy is more important than the fbi's claim to need information inside that phone. today makes it official but since the beginning of this case most tech companies have come out in support of apple. >> what this is about is about ensuring that we as technology companies can provide the best security out there. that's our role. the government's role is to provide public safety. we help in that goal by providing public security for all the users. >> both the tech companies and groups outside the industry say they're supporting apple because they agree with the company that if the fbi is allowed to open one phone it will cause a dangerous precedent.
6:39 pm
i should also naengs a group of law enforcement officials in california have recently come out in support of the fbi. they call apple's concerns misplaced. jessica? >> all right. thank you very much, scott. a victory for parents across california. the state will no longer release their children's personal information to an activist group. the fight behind that decision. plus -- it's a big story, bullying. it's not any good anymore. >> some remarkable progress in a great message. giants fan brian stowe who was beaten outside of dodger stadium sharing his story with local high school students. the pledge he's asking them to make. it's a victory for concernedpar
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backtracked on a ruling to it's a victory for concerned parents across california. a federal judge has now backtracked on a ruling to release the personal records of about 10 million public school student. for now, those record will remain sealed. the department of education have previously been ordered to release the database as part of a special education lawsuit. but so many parents filed objections there was no way for the judge to review them all before a court imposed deadline. a struggling sports retailer is closing two bay area stores. we told you yesterday the sports authority announced its bankruptcisy and filed yesterday. closing more than 100 stores nation-wide. but today we found out which ones here. corta cortamadera and in the wall net creek. they're $1 billion in debt. double the footprint and double the height. a high-rise condo project in
6:43 pm
milpedis started out with one tower. then the developer decided to make it two towers. now the mercury news reports architects want to make them nearly twice as tall as any other building in town. the city's planning commission already approved changing the america ilpdmilpitas to two hou >> jeff we're starting to see some scattered rain. >> we definitely are. with some of that rainfall across the bay area tonight check out this photo coming into us from one of my viewers. those rain drops creating that reflection to allow this great-looking rainbow across south san jose. you can send your photos to i see san jose. it's easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your smartphone. just click on radar on the weather page. there you can zero into your own
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neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm peggy bunker. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. giants fan who's devastatinginjr
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mob violence, is final a brian stowe the san francisco giants fan whose devastating injuries made him a symbol for mob violence is finally able to tell his story. but his audience is very special. nbc bay area's pete cerotta has the story. >> reporter: brian stowe addressed the topic of bullying to students here in san mateo. this is a very personal topic for him. eventually he hopes to share his anti-bullying message nation-wide. there was a time not too long ago when brian stowe was unable to do this. an assault by two men in 2011,
6:47 pm
following a giants-dodgers game in l.a., left the former paramedic in a coma and eventually bound to a wheelchair. >> i was hurt by adult bullies. >> reporter: speaking to students at hillsdale high today, shtoday stowe called on them to make a pledge. >> i will treat others with kindness, compassion and respec respect. >> reporter: over the past year, stowe has traveled around the bay area, speaking to audiences about the impact of bullying. he views his story as an example of what it can do. >> bullies destroyed my life. bullies hurt my family. >> how would they do this? why would they do that? >> reporter: anthony is a sophomore at the school and feels a personal connection to stowe, not only as a fellow giants fan but also as someone who's been targeting before. after hearing stowe's speech, he plans to follow his advice. >> into my words kill them with kindness or treat people the way you want to be treated.
6:48 pm
>> reporter: through it all stowe is keeping a positive outlook. >> yeah, go giants! right? >> reporter: and now he has a team of people rooting for his recovery one speech at a time. >> it's a big story. bullying. it's not any good anymore. >> reporter: in san mateo, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> it's impressive to see him engaging with people and seeing how far he's come. >> the progress has been remarkable in just these last one or two years of what brian stowe has done. >> you can see how much he's enjoying it. let's turn things over to jeff. scattered rain coming in and then a deluge on saturday, right? >> yeah. everything is still pointing towards that heavier rainfall as we head throughout saturday afternoon and evening. in the seven-day forecast for sunday the possibility here of some rainfall as well. right now a live look outside. we know it's going to be busy out here at oracle tonight, 62 and overcast skies. you can seat traffic out in front. don't expect any rainfall there this evening but it will be cool if you're headed that way soon.
6:49 pm
need the jack emt. tomorrow morning's forecast will keep the scattered rain in the forecast with 50 here for the north bay. san francisco 56. for the peninsula also mid 50s and the same for the south bay. let's take you through a timeline to have of of this wet weather coming our way. tomorrow morning very hit and miss here. moderate and also some slightly heavier pockets, likely popping up here throughout the south bay and also for the peninsula. once we pass over the morning hours we'll see still the chance here for some spotty activity through the evening. then by saturday morning another wave of some wet weather. but what you really should know is we're not looking at the heavier rain for begin to arrive until saturday around 3:00. that's when our cold front starts to move in against the coast. and as that provides a lot of uplift there'll be a tremendous amount of energy at least in the upper-levels. that's going to provide the gusty winds and also some of these heavy downpours as it mets up with subtropical moisture. that's really why we think from about 7:00 to 10:00 on saturday evening we'll find some of the heaviest rainfall here across
6:50 pm
the bay area. in terms of rainfall totals we haven't really seen waver too much toward the weekend totals. contra costa, alameda, santa clara, san mateo, san francisco counties good for 1.5 inches of rainfall, likely a better bet of heavier rainfall into the north bay and those higher elevations. so again be ready for the wet weather as we head throughout saturday's forecast. as we take you three your microclimates for friday chance of rainfall. temperatures in the 60s with 66 expected in the financial district peninsula. across the south bay 69 for san jose. really very similar temperatures all around microclimates all being impacted by the same larger air mass up above. that's why we have 66 in napa. also 60s here from oakland back towards fremont. as you go ahead and sum up our rain chances as we head through the next few days, once again some scattered rain on friday's forecast. that heavier rain by saturday evening. specifically for this storm says
6:51 pm
system as we've been mentioning wind expected with it. gusts will be about 20 to 50 miles per hour coming out of the south. some of the highest gusts likely at the santa cruz mountains and coastline. you'll also want to watch those small creeks, rivers and streams back behind your house. on saturday evening we could see them rise quickly. so it's not going to be the time this weekend to be out exploring in the wilderness and thinking you're going to get a great rush out of getting in a canoe and one of these rivers. stay out of the water this weekend. and we'll get through the storm just fine. >> thank you, jeff. you mentioned it the big event in oakland tonight at the oracle arena. just a few minutes ago we got word is stephen curry return together lineup? ahmed faried joins us next.
6:52 pm
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6:54 pm
thunder -- steph curry had ahmed faried from our csn news room. the last time the warriors played the thunder steph curry has another steph curry moment. a 40-foot game winning shot in the final second of overtime. he hurt his ankle in that game. was a game-time decision for tonight but he will play along with andre iguodala. for the warriors that's good news. the warriors with a win would tie the record of consecutive home wins in nba history with 40 or more. >> everyone's still talk about last saturday's overtime thrilled in okc, specifically steph curry's ridiculous 40-foot shot that handed okc a heart-breaking loss at home. now, there's no doubt the thunder they want revenge tonight. but they've struggled lately. they've they've lost five of their last seven games including a demoralizing loss last night to the clippers in l.a.
6:55 pm
>> them winning by 20 and resting their starters and coming fresh. them losing that lead, they're going to be more motivated to win tonight. >> they might have a chip on their shoulderer tonight. an they're a hungry team. they play well together. i see the two-headed monster in durant and westbrook. we got to limit them on offensive glass. >> reporter: last saturday in okc the dubs got pounded on the glass. they were outrebounded by 35 boards. that's not very good. andrew bogut didn't grab a single rebound. that's also not very good. the dubs big man knows he's got to be more aggressive on the glass tonight. he jokes i definitely need to get more than zero that's for sure. he said it was an interesting game. when you look on the stat sheet there's no way we should have won that game. but we did. we're going to have our work cut out for us tonight. at oracle arena, fallon smith, nbc bay area. >> thank you, fallon, when you're winning like the warriors already everyone takes notice even pro football hall of
6:56 pm
famers. former 49ers owner eddie de-bart low has taken notice and is predicting another title. >> it's a great organization. they seem to play like they really like each other and they seem to play very cohesive. and i think they're going to -- i think they'll win it again. >> reporter: all right. that will do it for sports. i'm ahmed faried, nbc bay area news. >> ahmed, thanks a lot. we'll look forward to the big game at 7:30. >> so excited. >> jeff, you want to give a final forecast? >> yes. i'm predicting excellent conditions across oracle tonight. >> no leaks in the roof? >> no. some great weather out there. all right. tomorrow some scattered rainfall in the forecast but the heavier rain again saturday evening winds 22 to 50 miles per hour and possibly more wet weather as we head throughout next week. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. have a great evening. >> hope to see you at 11 k. bye bye.
6:57 pm
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tonight, the gop rematch. >> and what romney told me about taking another run at the white house, now, on "extra." target, donald trump. >> donald trump is a phony. he is very, very not smart. >> mitt unloads today. >> i'll just address it quickly, because it's irrelevant. >> what romney revealed to mario before the race turned into american gladiators. >> would you ever consider running? what are hillary's chances? >> and what donald once told "extra" about a romney-trump ticket. >> romney-trump? >> then,


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