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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 4, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PST

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wall street as a result with scott mcgrew. once again, the calm between the storms. a powerful system making its towards the bay area as we speak and it could put a damper on your weekend plans. kari hall has the full forecast right now on "today in the bay." and good morning. it feels like a friday. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. good morning, kari. >> good morning, sam and kris. we are getting ready for what will a soggy weekend. only a quick passing shower or two as we go into this afternoon. we do start out with some fog and in san francisco and parts of the north bay. the rest of the bay area, mostly clear and temperatures right at about 60 degrees. highs today reaching 69 with a spot shower in the south bay and a little bit of some rain, otherwise a mix of sun and clouds today and a high of 63 degrees in the north bay. i'll detail the soggy weekend ahead and what to expect with some heavy rain.
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that's coming up. let's head to the north bay now with mike. >> kari, looking towards san rafael and shows the glowing lights and northbound has damp, slick roadways at time and you see that on the surface streets. look at your map, no major slowing but there's that orange we see popping up from time to time this morning. the weather data translated to your driving conditions showing you slicker conditions. the bay bridge metering lights are on and little slowing south for hayward. typical area but it's lighter. lighter flow there as well as the tri-valley and light build out of the altamont and south bay where we're still following the city streets. a daring overnight rescue in the east bay where a car drove into the antioch marina and then a nearby security guard jumped into action to save the driver. >> stephanie chuamg is live at the antioch marina and the security guard appeared to be at
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the right place at the right time and he saw erratic behavior from the driver before the car went into the water. >> he described it all, sam and kris. he started his overnight shift and see strange activities and he saw a woman driving recklessly around the lot and then head straight here crushing into the san joaquin and told her to take off her seat belt and able to pull her out and calm her down. this is minutes before contra costa firefighters and antioch police were called in. divers went in to search the water to make sure nobody was there and that the case. the guard credited to save this woman's life and he's shrugging off getting call adhero. >> kind of first instinct. i see somebody in need of help and reactions come up and i'm able to make fast moves. >> and it paid off last night. he said he hopes to do more good
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as he pursues law enforcement. by the way, we learned from antioch police, meantime, that the woman is 41 years old and lives in oakland and they smelled alcohol on her breath and gave her a field sobriety test and she failed. there is an investigation into that now. live in antioch, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> at least she's okay, thank you very much, steph. a lock down at the santa clara after a brawl is caught on camera that the sheriff just installed days ago. it captured the melee that started yesterday afternoon and the reaction of the guards. according to the sheriff, loraue smith. the inmates seemed to take sidesed on race. >> looks like one inmate brushed up against another and then the fight was on. you could see a lot of fist fighting going on in the videos. and the inmates are spread pretty much throughout the pod.
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but that's where we installed the cameras. we don't have cameras in any of the other housing areas and only went in last night. >> that is the same thing a watch dog group is saying. they say they're questioning why the guards group the inmates and in the same area where the cameras were installed. as for injuries, the nursing staff treated several inmates for bumps and bruises. the timing of the brawl only adds to the questions surrounding it. it happened just hours before a judge ruled that three correctional deputies must stand trial for last summer's beating death of this man, michael tyree who died in his cell in the same facility where yesterday's brawl went down. if convicted those guards could face life in prison. 97-year-old woman who was fighting an eviction notice on the peninsula passed away last night. marie hatch was being forced out of her cottage in burlingame at
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the same time she was also battling cancer. that came after a landlord and friend passed away and the new landlord decided to sell that property. the lawyers plan to continue fighting the eviction now on behalf of hatch's roommate who is also being forced out. follow up now and it looks like the problem of elevated lead levels in the drinking water at a healdsburg school is growing. they shut down the drinking fountain over contamination concerns. this followed last week's move at healdsburg elementary school. they say the lead levels are lower than initial tests suggested. water tests that junior high, though, are still being conducted. school leaders are calling the shut off an added precaution. decision 2016. if you caught last night's debate you may have had a few
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observations about etiquette. miss manners would have had a field day. >> the insults were flying and a lot of interruptions, as well. >> gentlemen, gentlemen. >> you want to -- >> gentlemen, you have to do better than that. >> how the remaining four debated in michigan ahead of several weekend primaries. in between the insults, though, there was actually a few moments of political discussion so that voters could make up their minds. moderators joined donald trump challengers in questioning him on his health care plan. >> $300 billion a year. >> numbers don't add up. >> so, trump also seemed to offer some leeway on some of his hardline stances that includes positions regarding syrian refugees, saying that flexibility is a necessity when it comes to negotiations. our coverage of the debate is going to continue at 6:30. "today in the bay" tracie potts will bring us a live report and reaction from washington. another morning and another piece of sports history for the
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golden state warriors. looking live at oracle arena right now where it's quiet, though still very flashy. last night the crowd was elec o electroi electroified, fueled by an unexpected appearance from the one and only prince. he was in the house to witness the ws beating the thunder 121-106 and that win makes it 44 straight at home. now, the ws are tied with the chicago bulls. their record set 22 years ago. a warriors win on monday puts the ws alone at the top of the record book. >> i'm more excited about on monday when we can actually break it because that will be 45. >> it's a remarkable streak. probably a couple games in there that we should have lost. so, it does take some luck. but it's been very important for us the last couple years to establish the home court and really dominate it and we're proud of oour guys for that. >> the warriors next game is on
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the road against the l.a. lakers, but, again, they will have the chance to break the record for most consecutive home wins monday night when the magic comes to town. >> that is the best suggestion we've seen all morning. curry for president. you know he'd play nice. prince was there. purple raining on their parade. real rain on our parade this weekend, but it's a good thing. meteorologist kari hall, we need it. >> we do need it. so warm and dry in february. we thought was it but now el nino and the influences of that system will be back as we head into the next, at least next several days. a look at the timeline. today don't expect a whole lot. we will just see some clouds and some fog and drizzle and then as we go into this afternoon, a couple of brief showers passing by. otherwise, some mild temperatures tomorrow will be the day to watch with some heavy rain and some strong winds and also the potential of some flooding that will also continue into sunday. i'll detail that and what to expect as you fry to make those weekend plans.
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that's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's get an update on what is happening with inmorning commute now with mike. >> thank you very much. a look towards frewhere we're picking up the volume a little bit. on the freeways themselves the morning commute as you would expect on a friday pretty calm. fog is a major factor anywhere north of the bay bridge or even oakland. let's look at your maps and mild build for 101. again, not unexpected and the city streets we just got this confirmed reports of a deadly crash that happened overnight. camden closed all amorning as you approach lee. camden sound like it is open but you can't travel through the area and local traffic control. as we said, a deadly crash as i hear one person is in custody after this crash happened, as well. we're getting more details, of course. pete is over there at the scene getting more details from the local area and looking at 85 and 75. access to and from these freeways is all right as far as the on and off ramps go and freeways are ununobstructed. we'll talk about no major
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issues. the bay bridge metering lights are on and the fog, mist and drizzle and low visibility may be a factor anywhere north of there. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. coming up, the san jose athlete behind an iconic sports moment is making history, again. a major announcement from soccer super star. turns out lots of people are leaving the bay area, high house prices no doubt part of the problem. we'll take a look coming up in "business and tech." easy to get connected to the weather outside by going inside the nbc bay area app on your sma smartphone. click on radaron the weather page. zero in to your own neighborhood to see if it's raining there. that gives you what you need to know when you need to know it. i'm peggy bunker and that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area aapp. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate.
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we're following breaking news this morning a deadly crash has a major south bay intersection shut down right now. >> pete is at the scene near camden avenue and lee in san jose. pete, what can you tell us? >> yeah, guys, we're just getting to camden and spoke with san jose police and look at this scene. we're talking about a big-time crash here. we're being told it was this truck that you're looking at right now got into a crash with a durango at this intersection
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around 2:47 a.m. the driver inside of that truck has passed away. police are telling us that the person associated with the durango that got involved in this crash has been taken into custody. still under investigation. i want to to show you more of this video. the debris as investigators are on the scene. they have the markers out as they continue to investigate this. we'll talk some more with san jose police and give you guys more details as they come in. we're in san jose, "today in the bay." >> pete, thank you very much. we'll be continuing to follow that story. >> mike will have the traffic reroute for you, if that's part of your commute in the morning. also, californians are leaving inbay area. >> scott mcgrew, you have been talking about this and first net loss of american born residents ever. >> the silicon valley competitiveness and innovation project says 7,500 bay area residents left last year. the cost of oliving, obviously, an issue. the median home price in the bay area is $870,000.
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about one quarter of the jobs in the bay area are high tech in some way in either engineering or software or maybe supporting that industry. people are finding those same jobs else where, particularly seattle. now, our population here in the bay area is actually increasing but that's from forn born workers. joint venture says 14,388 foreign born people move to the bay area this year. speaking of a big surprise out of last night's debate showed donald trump changing his position on h1b visas. didn't support the visa that allowed highly skilled workers to come to the u.s. on a temporary basis. he now says the u.s. industry needs those workers. dozens of high-tech firms are firmly standing behind apple this morning in its fight with the fbi. companies like intel twitter and google filed friend of the court briefs or amicas briefs and
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yesterday we discussed how amicas briefs work and i pointed out some people say and some say amicus and i was talking to several lawyers in preparation and i figured i'd get their opinion on this very important legal question. and i would like a lawyer's opinion to which i am supposed to say. >> i say amicus. or friend of the court. >> which is it? >> i agree. i vote for as. >> two votes for amicus. >> we'd promise we'd get to more important things this week, but amicus or as one of the supreme court justices and let's not say amicus. >> who says it? >> and nobody has the guts to tell him he is wrong. >> i think he handled enough cases at this point.
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>> we're going with amicus. >> amicus. friend. take the very popular movie "school of rock" and bring it to life on stage. >> a bunch of students from oakland's school of the arts are getting a chance to do. >> after seven weeks of rehearsing these students put on a show at san francisco's current theand for the first time last night they are the first amateur group in the world to perform the musical off broadway. >> it's like a reality check like, wait, this is what i'm doing. this is so cool. this is what i want to be doing. >> special guests in the audience governor brown helped start that school. the show goes on until march 12th but we do know this weekend's shows are sold out. what's interesting is the school of rock hasn't been on broadway that long either. they're already doing it these amazingly talented students here. >> andrew lloyd webber said i will let a school do it, but
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they must be 18 or under. they must be students. >> outstanding opportunity. >> pete is out at the scene of that deadly crash in san jose, but you're watching the reroutes and the traffic. >> i'll show that to folks on the map in case they need a reference point. >> we're also watching incoming storms and light sprinkles so far today and that will ratchet up. >> we'll start to see the rain moving in mainly tomorrow but you may get a little bit of a taste today. expecting mostly a dry day for the bay area. the seven-day forecast now coming up at the bottle of the screen and you can see that for the next few days we will have some rain in the forecast. we start out this morning, a live at the bay bridge and a beautiful start and a lot of clouds overhead. we've also had patchy, dense fog and mist and drizzle out there. we've been tracking some of the rain moving across parts of the north bay and we will see some of those showers starting to move on through. once again, not expecting anything really heavy, but we're looking at some changes here in the atmous and the atmospheric
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river setting up and what this is, the flow of the upper level winds will be streaming right over the bay area and allowing for several areas of low pressure to move through over the next few days. we start out with a couple of them moving through yesterday and today. really didn't bring much rain and it's been mainly farther to the north. but as we go into this afternoon a chance of a quick-moving shower across parts of the east bay and san jose and then don't expect much of that to linger into the afternoon. i thistill think you could make plans to get outside and light showers moving through. and then let's bring the timeline to tomorrow morning at 7:00. some light showers starting to move into parts of the bay area and it gets heavier as we go through the day and by the afternoon, i think it will be pretty much be raining everywhere as the winds increase, we'll have strong winds and then the possibility of some thunderstorms as well with that heavy rain coming down. we'll see it tapering off saturday night and early sunday morning a chance of rain and we may have push of some heavy downpours late sunday evening.
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that will push our rainfall totals anywhere from 1.5 to over 2.5 inches in some spots in the south bay. so, what to expect. the potential of some flash flooding, some debris slides and some mudslides a concern. also, the winds gusting at 35 to 50 miles an hour. could bring down some trees and cause some power outages. if you're planning to go to the sierra this weekend, make sure you take the tire chains. we may not see that snow cranking up until about saturday evening, but one to three feet of snow ahead of it in the forecast and just this weekend, the computer models are putting down at least two feet of snow around squall valley. we'll keep an eye on that and also have an update on the forecast but an update on that crash now, here's mike. >> this is our live camera out there. pete our reporter just had given us a live report at the scene of a deadly crash that happened overnight as the sun comes up and we could see all the debris in the area and they have the evidence. this is a deadly crash and an
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extensive investigation and expect camden to be closed for quite some time this morning. looks like the whole intersection is closed. i don't know about lee beyond this view but hillsdale is open and that's just east of here. as we look at our map, we'll step in and give you that reference. we're talking about the area of camden and lee and hillsdale just east of there and the freeways south and west. 17 and 8 the access is just fine. there's union and give you reference points. again, this is the area to avoid. now, as we look at the map, where all the freeways are moving well. because this is friday and we see a later and lighter commute overall and have this slowing for 101 in san jose and right behind it 237 we do have a little incident going on and maybe a fender bender and that just came into the system. meanwhile, you see the green sensors around the east bay and oak oland and slowing and nimitz down towards union city and we're getting fog and low clouds across the bay bridge and we
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can't really see berkeley from our emoryville camera and the golden gate bridge. mist and drizzle and slicker roadways and keep that in mind as you travel north of the bay bridge this morning because that will be a factor and, as kari showed, much more coming up. >> thank you very much, mike. the driver speeding off a bay area freeway and into a building and we brought you that story all morning long. yesterday as breaking news and now we're looking at the dash cam video of the moments just that dramatic crash. good morning, coming up on "today." the republican presidential race reaches a new level of nastiness. trading jabs at the debate just hours after mitt romney's speech slamming the frontrunner. this morning governor romney will be here for an exclusive live interview and senator rubio joins us live, as well. also ahead, one of the key players in the o.j. simpson trial. her pain over the verdict and what she thinks about the new mini series about the case.
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those stories and plus oscar winner gwyneth paltrow visit to studio 1a in more nan a decade when we see you on "today." new details now.
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am/= on aigh speedhase in theeast ba suspe'sase ended with the new details now on a high-speed chase in the east bay that ended with the spect's car flying into walnut creek yoga studio. the story is one we brought to you yesterday as breaking news. now we have new video here revealing more about how the chase unraveled. it's dash cam video from
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lafayette police officer. the officer is trying to pull over the bmw on the left side of your screen and all happening on highway 24. the driver then speeds off at more than 100 miles per hour according to the officer owho called off the pursuit because it termed to be too dangerous. minutes later the driver lost control, flew about 50 yards and landed in that building. it happened around midnight thursday and no one was inside that yoga studio, thankfully. the driver and his female passenger were rushed to the hospital with serious head injuries. happening right now, let's take a look at the port of richwind with the historic ship will move out of that dock and a new dock shortly. the last surviving ship that was built during world war ii and moving out to make room for a new winery and moving into a port where it can be rehabbed so it could start taking tours around the bay. >> not moving too far going to a nearby basin.
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clearing out history for better views for the water. coming up, let the sparks fly. >> donald learn not toant. it's not complicated. presidential candidates ganging up on donald trump. yet deall of the resistance, the trump train still gaining acceleration. reaction this morning following yet another contentious gop debate. shuts camden and lee roads here in san jose. we'll have all those details coming up in a live report. joining us.
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i'm ks sanchezin for laurgarcia. =sam/2shot= and i'm br good morning, thanks for joining us i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. feels almost borderline tropical. meteorologist kari with more. >> good morning, sam and kris. we are getting ready for a soggy weekend. milder temperatures this morning. we've had the fog in san francisco and parts of the north bay with light rain coming down there and right along the immediate coast else where we have cloudy skies. we're looking at more clouds today and a couple of brief showers moving through this afternoon but the bigger event with heavy winds. i'll detail that and what to go into the next several minutes. >> kari, overall, the conditions you're talking about the mist and moisture in the air and the bay bridge and golden gate bridge and north of there
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doesn't show on the road weather index and the fog and misty slick roadways are a factor and meanwhile friday we see the lighter volume and over here in the tri-valley and getting over towards the san mateo bridge where 92 shows the start of the slow down. a visibility may be an issue in the next half hour and we're tracking that and low clouds coming into the area. focusing the south bay, fender bender west 237 there's one lane blocked but not a major concern because of the lighter traffic. i'll track that. the rest of your freeways move well and fender bender off to the shoulder but in san jose, this is the biggest issue as far as the amount of traffic flow that is affected. well, it will be this major intersection and camden avenue avoid that for the morning because of this major accident investigation. union avenue is your alternate to lee. so, showing you highway 17 and 85 and we still have this scene and pete is out there with what happened and the investigation that continues.
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>> here at camden and lee road and want to show you guys the two cars that are involved. you have this truck that you're looking at right now. the driver of that truck has died as a result of this accident and it was involve would the durango crashing at that intersection around 2:47 a.m. roughly about 3:00 a.m. they don't know if alcohol was a factor, but when you see some of this debris want to pan the camera over to this side and you can see a lot of debris from this car crash. we don't know if alcohol was a factor, but they are assuming they were talking about high speeds when if comes to this crash. you can see investigators putting the markers down when it comes to this accident. as far as how long they're going to be out here, they are saying the cleanup process could be a few hours but if you're traveling down lee road, you want to avoid camden because this intersection is going to be closed off for the next few hours, guys. live in san jose. >> right in the heart of the commute, thank you very much, pete. we'll check back in with him and
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mike inouye for updates throughout the morning. find the latest on all of our digital platforms. now the bad blood flowing freely among the candidates as they took part in another heated gop debate. a steady stream of insults flowed as frontrunner donald trump fended off attacks left and right. >> from years past as mitt romney attacking donald trump earlier in the day and, tracie, through all this bickering the candidates did discuss some of the major issues they got in there. >> they did. there were issues and insalts and, you know, in hindsight, that back and forth war of words between donald trump and mitt romney earlier in the day really now seems like a precursor to what we heard last night. >> this little guy has lied so
6:34 am
much. >> beyond the bickering. >> donald, learn not to interrupt. >> the name calling. >> excuse me, i have given my answer. >> the insults and accusations. >> don't worry about it. >> gentlemen. >> you want to -- >> you have to do better than that. >> i don't think the people of america are interested in a bunch of bickering school children. >> there was substance in the news channel debate most of it it directed at the frontrunner. >> why did you right click hillary clinton to be -- >> it was for business. >> the moderators challenged trump on his new health plan. numbers don't add up. >> trump explained why he changed positions on syrian refugees and guest worker visas. >> we have to have talent people in this country. >> a "new york times" tape that shows him backing off building wall with mexico but he
6:35 am
admits -- >> you have to be able to have some flexibility, some negotiation. >> marco rubio and john kasich agree we now need troops in libya to go after isis. >> we have to be there on the ground in significant numbers. >> what did trump think of the debate? >> getting boring. >> i did think it would be more evil and more vicious. >> well, we'll have to see if that could happen at the next debate. this one was pretty vicious when it comes to donald trump and some of the candidates there. but we're also watching this weekend because they have four contests coming up this weekend. not the larger ones, but significant numbers of delegates we have in kansas, kentucky and louisiana and maine. all of those republican contests happening saturday and sunday. >> all right, thank you very much, tracie. and that is mitt romney who will appear this morning on this morning's "today" show. his first interview since launching his crusade to topple donald trump. he will sit down with matt lauer
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coming up after this newscast at 7:00. a daring overnight rescue in the east bay a car drove into the antioch marina and that is when a nearby security guard jumped into action to save that driver's life. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang is live at the marina and you talked with the man who likely saved that driver's life and you say he's not a hero, but we disagree. >> matter of opinion. i guess he's very hummable is the way he puts it. doing his job and on his overnight shift and saw a woman driving recklessly and then estimates she was going 45 miles an hour straight through to the boat launch into the river and he rushes over and told her to take off her seat belt and pulling her out the passenger window minutes before antioch police arrived. they called in three water rescue boats and divers went in to help search the river and the waters for someone else and there was no one.
6:37 am
the guard said he was just glad he was here to help. >> i tried to see if maybe she's conscious and luckily she was otherwise it would have been a different story. then i see her screaming saying i'm going to die, i'm going to die and i try to calm her down as much as possible. >> learned from antioch police that the woman is 41 years old and lives in oakland. they did smell alcohol on her breath and gave her a field sobritest and they arrested her a and five months on the job and this happens. live here in antioch, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." >> thank you, steph. 6:37. happening today an alleged child abuse case out of the tri-valley going to play out in court. 20-year-old babysitter going to face a judge for the first time. mu mariah gonzalez facing felony abuse charges. she was caring for a 13-month-old baby in livermore
6:38 am
when she allegedly smothered him and then muffled his cries. investigators say that the baby eventually went limp. we tried to reach out to gonzales for a comment but she would not talk. neighbors we spoke to were shocked. >> seems like a normal person, yeah. >> that's a scary thing. >> everybody has cameras nowadays. you have to watch your kids. >> so, gonzalez advertised on the popular website the site says it's providing any assistance it can to police. turn to our microclimate forecast as we take a live look outside at the bay bridge. the mist and a little bit of drizzle out there had this morning. consider this the calm in between storms. >> that definitely looks el ninoish, if that's a word. our satellite shows more wet weather is on the way and it will impact your weekend. kari, we're talking about several inches of rain in some spots. >> yes, this weekend. but mostly today. we will still have some cloudy skies and this kind of picture that we're seeing now in san francisco in the north bay.
6:39 am
else where, just expect a lot of clouds today and some mild temperatures. and then as we go into this afternoon a brief, passing shower and a mix of sun and clouds with highs today in the 60s. and by saturday, tomorrow we're looking at heavy rain and some strong winds. also, the potential of some flash flooding and that rain also continues into sunday which heightens that threat. i'll talk more about that and what to expect this weekend and beyond. that's coming up in less than ten minutes. let's get an update on happening on those roadways now with mike. >> kari, our live shot out here. this is where pete continues with the investigation. this is the scene and one of the investigations involved in a deadly crash and as folks recognize from the chase bank but camden is really the issue. camden avenue is closed and i'll show you on the map for the morning at lee. this is right here. camden avenue at lee and we're squus at that corner there and, again, the investigation continues so union as your alternate to lee or maybe
6:40 am
foxworth foand this is where the scene is and that is in the south bay is where things are starting to slow down. a small patch for 280 over at 880 and 101 shows you a slower build, as well. the only incident on the freeway 237 we still have one lane blocked and that is causing a little slow down down the curve coming off mill pets and 880 southbound. the rest of your bay moves well and i want to show you the maps and slowing towards the bay bridge and the live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the low clouds and fog and mist and drizzle and those are the factors and we'll show you more and talk about a north bay crash coming up. coming up, new cases of the dangerous zika virus here in the bay area, why experts say the numbers are growing, but that the virus is not spreading. more good news about the economy this morning. in fact, one of the longest win streaks we have ever seen. a live look at wall street this morning, as well. the dow barely moved this morning, i think they all took an early week. i think it's time to get that weekend started.
6:41 am
thank you, scott. plus, a crowded commute. the mystery problem that's keeping b.a.r.t. trains off the tracks. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. around the globe--- and here at.
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around the globe and here at home the bay area now has three
6:44 am
cases of the zika virus. >> yesterday health officials in san francisco and alameda counties confirmed two cases of the zika virus. this comes on the heels of a case in napa county confirmed the day before. now, the cases are unrelated so it is growing in numbers, but noting. the san francisco and alameda county cases actually fsed last month, but we're only learning about them now because officials didn't believe there was a public health threat so they didn't disclose them. contracted the virus after traveling to central america. that person has fully recovered and no des yet on the alameda county patient but we'll keep trying. former olympic athlete and soccer legend brandi chastain promising to donate her brain. she lives in san jose says she hopes her donation can change her sport for better. a recent study found that players who frequently headed the ball had brain abnormalities
6:45 am
similar to people who suffered concussions. cities across san francisco and now it appears the state will step in raising california smoking age from 18 to 21 is getting the green light and the state assembly approving that bill yesterday. lawmakers said that raising the smoking age will make it harder for teenagers to get tobacco. ers of the plan say it will save millions of dollars in future health care costs. lawmakers have also voted to regulate ecigarettes like other tobacco products. san francisco has raised the minimum age for smoking this week and that law goes into effect in june. if you feel like your b.a.r.t. train is more crowded lately, blame the gremlins. a mystery issue inside the eastbound direction of the transbay tube are knocking b.a.r.t. cars out of service. impacting electrical components on the train and this week alone it knocked 40 b.a.r.t. cars offline. imagine how many people that is. that in turn forced b.a.r. to run shorter, smaller trains.
6:46 am
one source believes the problem may be in some sort of power surge that is happening inside the tube. a robot may take our jobs eventually that's not already happening. >> scott mcgrew a lot of jobs added to the american economy. >> nearly a quarter million in one month. we got the latest numbers from the labor department. new this morning, 242,000 jobs added in the month of february. the unemployment rate stays below 5% at 4.9. we are in the longest string of job gains in decades. it would have been even stronger if it hadn't been for the job losses and the oil and gas industries. megwhitman was just on our sister station cnbc and talking about profit reports from the company she runs but she was also asked about donald trump. whitman is a long-time republican, a previous candidate for governor. she says if trump were president, he would single handedly cause a recession. apple now know who has its
6:47 am
back as it fights the fbi to open an iphone. on thursday dozens of organizations including google and twitter and intel and the aclu and many more filed court briefs in support of apple. we talked to a top lawyer in san francisco moments after she filed her brief. i asked her if she was uncomfortable consider the fight for civil liberties comes after this, a case after so many people their lives. >> the most important thing i think about this case and about all cases that come after this, you can't make decisions like this in isolation. if we could just decide about one phone and have no further repercussions but that is not what happens with respect to security and respect to technology and we know that's naupdz with respect to surveillance. >> those amicus briefs after "meet the press" here this sunday. >> you mentioned weeks ago, scott. what do you mention wee ago next time.
6:48 am
a digital device. a lot of ous essentially walk around with these in our hand. we have a hard time. you know, i know. today is national day of unplugging. >> so look up and enjoy the view. the goal is to have fun and get connected without your phones, your laptops or any type of technology. so, here are some ideas on to spend the next 24 hours unplugged. go old school and write with a pen and a piece of paper. re-create a recipe. or learn a new skill. people are encouraged to go tech free on the first friday of march every year. really, we need instructions now on how to not use that device. what do i do with my hands? i don't know what to do. >> i'm going to encourage you to do the opposite and download the nbc bay area. we have some weather coming in and you want to make sure you know what is going on, right? we start to see scattered showers moving in today and not expecting a lot other than just mostly cloudy skies and then a few drops falling every now and then. the seven-day forecast is coming up that bottom of the screen and
6:49 am
we will have a soggy weekend ahead, a very heavy rain event expected to pan out as we go into tomorrow evening into sunday. looking now and we're not seeing a lot going on this radar. we've seen the clouds and some fog and mist and drizzle across parts of the north bay into san francisco. we will have, though, a change in our weather set up with this atmospheric river developing. that is the flow of the upper level winds. streaming right over the bay area and allowing for several areas of low pressure to move in. so, that's what we are starting to see now with the very weak system bringing us a chance of some rain today. by 1:00, we'll start to see theered showers popping up. very hit or miss. this will not last all day. but you want to make sure you have the umbrella somewhere close by as we will have a chance of rain all throughout the afternoon, but not expecting a really heavy downpour. and then as we head into the weekend, some much heavier rain moving in besaturday night and sunday. and it does bring the potential of over 1.5 in san francisco and
6:50 am
parts of the north bay. over 2 inches of rain for the rest of the bay area and it looks like some of that heaviest rain will be across the south bay. so, here is the concerns at this point. flash flooding will be possible, also, the debris flows and mudslides will be a concern and the winds will increase by tomorrow evening. up to 35 to 50 miles an hour. that will bring down some trees and also some power outages may be possible. if you're planning to go to the sierra this weekend, the earlier you can get on the road, the better. we may not see that rain switching over to snow until late saturday afternoon and then once it gets cranking it will be heavy. one to three feet of snow ahead over the next several day s som of the computer models between now and monday morning pult down two feet of snow in some spots like twin bridges and over towards heavenly over a foot of snow and it continues as we go into next week. we are in for a stormy weekend ahead with some cool temperatures, especially on sunday. but pretty much raining on and
6:51 am
off through saturday and throughout the day on sunday. we may see another heavy rain event setting up again for sunday evening especially in the south bay giving us those additional rainfall totals. we'll keep you up to date on that and keep checking in and, of course, keep checking that nbc bay area app. let's check in with mike giving us an update on what is happening with that crash. >> we'll talk about that in the south bay and we still have that closure. camden at lee. other than that, the south bay looks pretty good. i'll show you behind me we have murky berkeley not only tough to say, but tough to see at times. the east shore freeway jamming up and you can barely up the silhouette. golden gate bridge similar situation and slick roads and low visibility. north of here, traveling through the north bay and now we'll look at your map and does not show up as that road weather index and we've seen that popping up at times. we have seen a couple crashes. in fact, three in total. south 101 right around highway 37 and maybe a patch of low
6:52 am
visibility there or may just be some debris that caused all but a couple crashes, again, still off the roadway and maybe blocking the slow lane. you're looking at a mild build towards the san mateo bridge and over here for the tri-valley, no delays. we talked about camden at lee and that is the major crash down there and want to look at the san mateo bridge because we have the build westbound heading over to the peninsula and the low clouds hover around the area and visibility and slick roadways an issue. back to you. >> thank you, mike. another morning, another piece of sports history for the golden state warriors. a live look at oracle arena last night. quiet now. last night fans were cheering, yet, another victory over the nunder. and certainly you recognize that artist he's known as the artist formally known as prince. he was in the house to witness the dws beat the thunder and the third time they have beaten the thunder in recent weeks and also marks 44 straight wins at home.
6:53 am
that matches the chicago bulls current record set 20 years ago. a warriors win on monday puts the ws all alone at the top of the record books and fans can't wait for that possibility. >> i'm more excited about on monday when we can actually break it because that will be 45. >> it's a remarkable streak. probably a couple games in there that we should have lost. so t it does take some luck. but it's been very important for us the last couple years to establish the home court and really dominate it and we're proud of oour guys for that. >> now, the warriors next game is on the road against the l.a. lakers but, again, you'll have the chance to break the record for most conative home wins, which are the ones we really love monday night when the magic come to town. >> even have fun when you're winning. coming up next, the right place at the right time. the car driving into the antioch marina. the person who rush under to action to save the life of the driver. a fatal car accident shuts
6:54 am
down camden and lee avenues in san jose. we'll have all the details coming up in a live report. happening now, the finger pointer will continue today as the santa clara county jail is still on lockdown. a big brawl caught on camera raises new questions about inmate safety at the santa clara county jail and there is video of the fight the sheriff just bought new cameras and had them installed. that video now trending online and you can find a link to it in our twitter feed. when gop contenders debate these days it's hard not to look. manners clearly not part of the equation. look for the link on our home page right in the spotlight section for the best and most cringe worthy moments from last night.
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6:57 am
welcome back. one last check of the day's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few empty. >> let's get to pete tracking breaking news out of san jose. pete? >> you know what, guys, a fatal accident leaves plenty of car parts everywhere. want to show you guys what we are talking about. it happened around 3:00 a.m. and the driver in that silver truck has passed away and a person inside of that durango and being told a person associated with that duragno is in custody. as i mentioned, plenty of debris
6:58 am
as a result of this car accident and if you're traveling in this area near lee and camden you want to avoid this intersection because it will be shut down for the next few hours. i'm stephanie chuang live at the antioch city marina. this morning we spoke with a man who drove straight into the san joaquin river. he said she was driving recklessly around 45 miles per hour and rushed over and heard her screaming and panicking and told her to take off her seat belt and pulled out her minutes before police and water rescue arrived. as for the female driver, antioch police say she's 41 years old and lives in oakland. they did smell alcohol on her breath and they arrested her for misdemeanor dui. live this morning in yauk, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> we see it is pretty overcast in the background of her live shot there. talk about sunglasses for the
6:59 am
glares in the morning or the glare. not today. >> not this morning. we'll have some fog and also some mist or you may have to turn on the windshield wipers. we're seeing that in the san francisco camera and also for the north bay and temperatures are very mild now in the low 60s and heading today up to 63 degrees in the north bay. off and on light rain and a spot shower for the south bay. the heavier rain arrives tomorrow. >> all right. we know rain will be a factor on the roadways, but so will that deadly crash in san jose. >> let's hotline what he justed about. overall the volume for friday light are on the freeways and access to 85 and 17 are all right but i will take you down to that scene pete talked about lee and camden avenues. i circled it right there. camden. that intersection is closed for the morning. union avenue is your alternate to lee and curtner or foxworthy and a quick look at oakland where kari gave us a peek of that and the full screen. clouds are moving in south.
7:00 am
this could be a factor. >> this is what is happening "today in the bay" a live look at richmond and the "ss victory" that is moving around. good morning. s vitriol and vulgarity. the republican race reaches new lows during last night's debate. >> he hit my hands. nobody has ever hit my hands. i never heard of this. look at those hands. are those small hands? >> is this any way to elect a president? former republican nominee mitt romney is here this morning to talk about that and his unprecedented attack on the current front-runner. >> donald trump is a phony, a fraud. >> our exclusive interview with the man who some say wants to be the savior for the republicans. winter's last gasp? a massive storm stretching from north carolina to new england this morning. rain, snow and a slippery commute for millions. but al says a big warmup is on the way. heading to the jury. closing arguments getting


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