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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 5, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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weather alert. see it on the satellite/radar. these storms sitting over the bay area. tonight we do have team coverage of this rain and also the damage we're already seeing. nbc bay area's christie smith, marianne favro, pete suratos watching these storms. first, meteorologist rob mayeda has a breakdown. >> we're seeing the worst of the rain coming through san francisco. the folks doing the wise thing, slowing down their speeds and increasing the following distance there as the rain races intensify into san francisco. gusty looks more like being inside a washing machine in san jose. 60 degrees. see the rain falling all across the radar. some of the heaviest rain right now around east bay and that rain is falling at a rate of more than a half inch per hour and those are the rain rates which usually lead to localized flooding. flood advisory through 10:00 tonight, creeks and streams in the santa cruz mountains seeing rapid rises. the wind is picking up.
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noticing that if you step outside. wind advisory, gusts could get up to 45 miles an hour until 11:00 tonight. high surf advisory with waves of 14 to 16 feet approaching 20-foot breakers by the time we get into tuesday. this the first system of four that stretch out across pacific that could bring more than twice the monthly average of rainfall over the next seven to ten days. we'll walk you through the timing of all four of those storms in our forecast in a few minutes. >> looking forward to tharkt, thank you, rob. if you don't need to be on the roads, a good idea to stay home. across the bay area, san rafael, richmo richmond, palo alto, san jose, traffic is moving but it's very slick. winds in the east bay, peninsula, are very wet. we're hearing about a lot of accidents because of the weather. that includes this deadly one. this happened in san ramon. the driver was speeding when the driver lost control of the rain.
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the car struck several trees. the driver did not survive. no one else was in car. tonight communities across the bay area are rushing to protect homes and businesses from the possibility of flash flooding. nbc bay area's christie smith live in san francisco with what's being done there for those who have nowhere else to go. christie? >> reporter: well, terry, let me tell you, the rain has really been coming down here in san francisco and the city went on ahead and opened up two popup shelters today that they had been planning for this in advance of the el nino weather pattern that we're seeing. the first one is at the bill graham civic auditorium near city hall. the other at the san francisco county fair building hall of flowers by golden gate park. together they can accommodate about 225 people. existing shelters are at kpask. it allows people to come in and get warm and dry and also have medical teams do assessments. in the storm, teams are out trying to fill space. >> the homeless outreach team is out right now doing outreach and
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letting folks on the street that we've got these two facilities open and encourage them to come in. >> reporter: now, over on 17th and fulson, the san francisco public utilities commission is trying to stop flooding if low-lying areas by putting about 400 feet of temporary bloflood barriers out. workers are on site helping people get in and out of homes and businesses in the area. they'll be removed once the heavy rain stops and the popup shelters will only be opened through the storm and likely be closing down on monday. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> christie, thanks very much. more storm coverage now. thousands of power outaged caused by downed trees and branchs, this is at lafayette elementary school. took hours to cut it up and remove it from moraga road. took out two lanes of traffic. campbell, drownowned trees.
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pg&e reports 8, 500 customers in the bay area have been without power at some point since this storm began. residents near the coastline of pacifica are bracing for the high surf and heavy rain. several apartment buildings there are sitting on the edge of a cliff. we've been watching this erosion here. it is to blame as you see there. the apartments leaning forward. now city officials are concerned that the rain could make it really bad. nbc bay area's pete suratos live in pacifica. last time we talked to you, the people behind you couldn't keep their umbrellas open. >> reporter: yeah, you know what, that rain and wind has not let up. we're right here on beach boulevard in pacifica. i want to show you guys what we're looking at. heavy wind, heavy rain. you can see those waves starting to hit along that pier. people are still walking along the pier we can see from the distance. we talked to people earlier and hope the damage from tonight's storms are minimal. the fast winds and heavy rain didn't stop folks in pacifica from enjoying some time along the pier.
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>> i don't think we catch anything. >> reporter: you don't think you're going to catch anything today. >> i don't think so. >> it's looking like it's going to be pretty exciting this evening. >> reporter: the longtime resident rod hall also understands this wet weather hasn't been friendly. and judging by the sandbags in front of nearby homes, his neighbors agree. >> this is just hammering the coastline, you're losing the apartments up north of here. you got the hole in the wall there. >> reporter: he's referring to this damaged retaining wall along beach boulevard. it's under repair following storms back in january. there's also the issue of coastal erosion. on tuesday, the city will demolish the vacated apartment complex at 320 esplanad. the apartments at risk of crumbling over the cliff. it's why the city declared a state of local emergency in january. hoping to get federal and local assistance when it comes to repairs. >> there's that concern wondering what the city and the state and the feds are going to be able to do to help put
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serious seawalls into place. >> reporter: now, i spoke to the city of pacifica by phone. they said they're going to continue to monitor rainy and stormy conditions and make decisions accordingly. >> pete, thank you very much. the strong shore and surf washing a body ashore in marin county. we're waiting for details on the story. so far, firefighters say the body of a man was found at the beach in brighten avenue after 6:00 this afternoon. a couple months ago another man's body was pulled from the surf at the same beach. he was later identified as a 52 stockton resident who police described as mentally ill. we'll keep you updated on the latest discovery. when the rain comes down hard in palo alto and menlo park, all eyes turn to the creek. flooded during el nino storms in the past. today's rains have renewed fears the creek will overflow its banks. nbc bay area's marianne favro
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talking to neighbors and joins us live in menlo park. >> reporter: terry, things here are progressing quickly. neighbors have been coming by to check on the creek. see it behind me. it is flowing very rapidly tonight. and neighbors are concerned they will see a repeat of what happened in 1998. we want to show you what it looked like in this area back in february 1998. this is an aerial photo showing how the creek flooded sending water rushing into 400 homes. we talked to one neighbor who remembers her friend's house flooding in 1998 and now she lives near the creek. she's keeping a close eye on it. >> it is a lot more. i mean, last time i checked which was probably about a week ago, it was -- there was just a trickle of water on the bottom of the creek. >> reporter: today, water is moving swiftly through the creek but right now there are no signs of flooding. still some neighbors say several
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people dutmped christmas trees n the creek bed and might clog up the creek and concerned about the stretch of creek that goes underneath the narrow bridge especially with another day of rain expected tomorrow. now the banks that you see out here are 28 feet high and neighbors tell me they're going to come out here tomorrow after the rains on sunday to see just how much the creek has risen. reporting live from menlo park, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of water there. thanks v thanks very much. the weather is causing problems at airports, sfo the hardest hit, 251 delay, 68 cancelati cancelations. international flights hard hit. san jose airport, 13 delays because of wind and rain. oakland, there are 15 delays. air travel delays and delays across the roads right now. you're looking live at san jose. 60 degrees as we have heavy rain at times moving from the south
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bay out toward the tri valley and the east bay. concord right now rain rates of a half inch per hour and higher. the latest on what you can expect for the rest of your weekend coming up. plus it's not your average smash and grab burglary. the forceful way a band of burglars got into a gun store in petalu petaluma. an upset for donald trump. five states holding caucuses and primaries today and he's losing in more than one of them. we have the latest results coming up.
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oh, not your typical smash and grab robbery at a north bay gun store. police in petaluma say a bapd band of burglars used their car to get into the business. hatched this morning at the independent armory on lakeville street. police say once inside the suspects who they believe are four men stole a number of guns. they took off and haven't been caught yet. new at 6:00 a sexual assault investigation on the cal campus. police think this is not the first time this suspect has struck. just after midnight, broerkeley police say a woman was walking when a man drug her off the sidewalk and sexually assaulted her. berkeley police are rereleasing this video. they think it's the same guy. early february three women were attacked and six sexually assau.
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security cameras caught the picture of this suspect. he's still on the loose. big saturday for ted cruz as we get new results coming in nr the presidential race. several caucuses taking place. on the republican side, ted cruz is overtaking donald trump in maine. the results are still coming in. right now he's looking like he has a 43% over 37% for trump and 8% for rubio. kansas is one state that's already been called. texas senator got 51% support there, doubling donald trump who brought in 23% there. rubio, about 17%. as we take you to kentucky, trump has the lead there now. early results are showing 42% of the vote for trump. total of five states are holding their primaries and caucuses today. we're tfollowing all the result tonight. we should have more democratic results because right now no states have been called on the democratic side. >> peggy, thanks. microclimate weather alert. rain in the bay area usually means more snow in the sierra. today no exception. looking live at the conditions
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on i-80 near soda springs on the way to lake tahoe. fresh snow on the sides of the road. cal tran says if you're traveling in the area, make sure you have chains with you. campbell little l league said it would celebrate its annual opening day march 5th rain or shine, obviously they weren't going to let a little rain interfere. the league held its opening ceremony today despite the downpour. close to 300 kids came out. the rain did cancel the scheduled games. still a lot going on. a lot of good feelings out there. mit highlights included special guests from campbell little league history. >> brought the 7 6s is team out this year, 197 6 we made it all the way and won the world series in the united states. the guys came out from all different state, all areas to come out and join us and have a great time with us. >> today marked the 62nd annual opening day ceremony for that league. lot of history there. >> rain or shine, they're there. meteorologist rob mayeda
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watching this. when is this really going to get heavy? >> right now starting to see the heavy rain. probably the next two, three hours. the rain we're seeing, rates we're seeing, intensity boosted by an atmospheric river back toward hawaii. this has the ability to boost the rain rates per hour. once all of that water slams least from the atmosphere into the mountain areas which make the bay area a very unique place with our mountain ranges, it increases the rain on the west slope of the santa cruz mountains. as the air descends and dries heading to the santa clara valley, the rain tapers off. air rises again, hamilton and the diablo range. it's the story of north to south facing mouche ining mountain ra. as the front is on the approach, rain rates increasing also in the valley. you saw the map, mount. rain totals so far, 4 1/2 inches plus in the santa cruz mountains. los gatos, inch plus of rain.
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notice the numbers as they begin to drop off. big difference. san jose, other side of the santa cruz mountains, less than a half inch of rain so far. right now the rain is increasing in san francisco. plenty out toward the tri valley. warmer air holds more moisture. rain dropping through temperatures in the 60s. tells you about the subtropical or warm air component that is helping to be a bit more like a bigger atmospheric sponge. holding more moisture. once it drops out over the mountains, it's really coming down in buckets in the santa cruz mountains. wind speeds gusty right now. the wind advisory through about 11:00 tonight. we do have the rain heavy at times from san jose up toward the tri valley. san ramon, concord, downpours. rain rates starting to decrease slightly in san francisco and to the north bay. heavier rain moving through napa county off to the east in solano county. in the middle of it right now. still have the front, itself, pushing through. you'll see the winds increasing as the cold front comes through. once all this moisture hits the
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sierra, 2 to 3 feet of snow above 6,000 feet. there's the good news. not so good if you have to travel through the wind and heavy rain and snow. again, this is certainly helping snow pack. for us around the bay area, that cold front will increase the rain rate the around the bay area, south bay especially toward 8:00. notice less widespread rain heading toward tomorrow. as the cool air aloft comes in, slight chance of scattered showers and thunder. north bay, storm number two on approach tomorrow night and monday. highs tomorrow upper 50s to low 60s around the bay area. scattered showers. slight chance of thunder. round two, tomorrow into monday. the next two systems not expected to bring as much wind or rain but we will see another strong system it looks like as we head toward next friday. very interesting as we add all these totals up, over the next ten days some of the long-range models shows we could see about
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3 to 5, maybe 6 inches of rain in the north bay and if that holds up, next ten days could have twice the monthly average for rainfall in the long-range forecast, still show above-after ranch rainfall potential through the 19th of the month. back to you. >> that is good news. all right. we need it. that's for sure. certainly track the live radar and timeline of this rain with our nbc bay area app. >> here's nbc bay area's scott budman. >> when we're in an nbc bay area microclimate weather alert, we've made it easy for you to get the very latest information on your smartphone. just click on the bar that says "weather alert," that will take you to what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm scott budman. that's how to stay informed with the nbc bay area app. coming up next, could you spend 24 hours unplugged? >> i could do it. >> you could not. >> people across the globe are spending the day without their phones, their tv or their social media just like the olden days. w remember them, terry? >> i do.
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i lived them. >> you and me both. we'll explain what we're talking about coming up next.
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san jose mayor sam liccardo is making police department staffing a priority in the coming year. during the state of the city address today he revealed steps he's taken on public safety, broadening opportunity then he outlined his next moves. >> in the weeks ahead, you'll see new initiatives to reform former sapd officers, new cadets and military veterans. even if we do everything right, though, restoring police staffing will take several years. so we need to focus on ways we can make san jose safer in the meantime. >> the mayor says that will include beefing up fire
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department staffing and putting more community service officers on the streets. other highlights of the call n e innovative -- control rent and increase the minimum wage. several were honored including police officer michael johnson killed in the line of duty last year. if you're watching this newscast it's clear you did not sign this weekend's pledge to unplug, what they're calling it. >> or they're cheating it. >> picked a bad weekend to do it. many people nearing the end of their 24-hour break from technology. that means no cell phones, no computers, no television, even though it's pouring outside. this is called the national day of unplugging. it began at sundown last night. i project was started by the jewish inspired group, reboot. a little bit ironic after this is all over they want people to share pictures and updates of what they did when unplugged on facebook and twitter. >> you mean, like, with
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old-fashioned cameras, take pictures and wait for them to be developed and post them? >> how nice. it's a good reminder as we think about -- read on the couch. >> yeah. >> i remember those days. fallon smith has noed idea wha we're talking about. >> i'm 32. give me credit here. i'm not that young. pager, all that stuff. >> there you go, right. coming up in sports the giants and a's involved in cactus league action. interesting news came out of warriors practice. we'll tell you which key member is not going to take the court on sunday in los angeles. don't go anywhere. sports is next.
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gearing up fir their sunday clash with the lakers. in what is supposed to be the final time the warriors face kobe bryant. but kobe is listed as questionable and may not even play. some wonder if who is more
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unlikely to play is andre iguoda iguodala. warriors 6 man is doubtful for sunday's game due to hamstring tightness. steve kerr said they're playing it safe. the lakers won just 12 games this season but respect all their opponents. >> found a way to stay locked in pretty much all year, obviously we only have five losses so tomorrow is a game you want to come out and play well, have a good start. try to take away any momentum that they want to build at home and any time you have a back to back, taking care of that first one is definitely important. baseball spring training action. giants taking on the indians. a little daddy/daughter fun at the ballpark. top three, runners on the corners. matt duffy drives one to center. wow. the incredible catch. the junior -- 2-0 giants. top nine giants up 3-2. one through the right side.
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two-run score. like that it's 5-2 giants. kept it rolling. bottom nine. bases loaded for cleveland. fly out to end the game. the giants roll on to win 6-2. a's/brewers. first look at veteran hill. top one, flies out to right. josh reddick with the nice play doubles off. right there. later in the first, bases loaded. middle brook strikes out looking to end the inning. 1 1/3 innings pitched. bottom four. two on, two out. billy butler delivers. singles up the middle. two runs will score. a's and brewers end the game in tie. 8-8 the final. exactly one week ago the sharks picked up james reimer to be their backup goalie. tonight he'll make his first start for san jose at 7:00. in 32 games with toronto this
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season, reimer had a 2.49 goals against average. now one final note, the 25th ranked cal men's basketball team currently in progress right now facing arizona state. terry and peggy, the bears need to win tonight to secure a first-round bye in the pac 12 turnment. colorado loss to utah would also give them a bye. >> two chances. >> wishing them luck. >> we'll see. >> hope it goes well. >> now they're losing so hopefully they pick it up. >> that's right. a little mojo there. thanks, fallon. we're under a microclimate weather alert right now. meteorologist rob mayeda will be back after the break. one last look of what you can x expect to see tonight.
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we told you earlier about the republican win in the caucuses. let's get results from the democratic side. looks like hillary clinton has been called the winner of louisiana. challenger bernie sanders has taken two states, kansas and nebraska. also looks like a possible early winner in maine. we're following news results. we'll bring you the latest tonight. >> rain, rob. heavy rain at times. that's going to continue next two to three hours. storm number two comes in late tomorrow. >> all right. thanks for choosing nbc bay area news.
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plus small businesses are getting sucker punched. regulating pay per view boxing matches. >> we had no idea. >> the information is not getting out. >> now a bay area lawmaker promises to fight for the businesses. >> i think we need to change the law. >> but first, employees say they're getting sick just from going to work. >> i would characterize -- >> their employer, the epa. the government agency in charge of protecting the environment and health of the american public. here's senior investigative reporter vicki nguyen. >> thank you for joining us. epa workers based in the bay area says it's ironic. they're reporting to an office building they don't think is safe. after two years of


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