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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 5, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm PST

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a lot of weather out there, as you know. rain and wind hitting the bay area hard right now. we're seeing everything from flooded roads, toppled trees and lots of car accidents, and even this house destroyed. tonight we are tracking the storms moving through overnight. thanks for joining us. i am peggy bunker.
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>> look at the satellite radar. it has been lit up all day long. another round moving in for tomorrow. tonight we have team coverage, nbc bay area's team standing by. lots of damage, but rob mayeda has a look at the flood happening right now. >> we are tracking several flash flood warnings around the area, and san lorenzo river, flash flood imminent there, too. off towards the north bay up towards redwood creek, we have flash flooding, that warning until 2:45 in the morning, and willowbrook localized flooding taking place. the flash flood watch has been extended through 4:00 a.m., and flooding for parts of the bay
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area, and you can see how the heavier rain is headed towards the east, and the mountain force lifts, it continues right now. you can see a little break west of san francisco, and the heavy rain continues to fall around the east bay hills and into the santa cruz mountains, and we have rain taking us into tomorrow morning. we will see decreasing rain, but cool temperatures, a chance at thundershowers during the day and another storm comes in late tomorrow and we'll let you know about a series of four storms over the next seven days coming up in the next few minutes. the strong winds definitely knocking down trees and causing power outages as well across the bay area. pg & e say nearly 1,700 customers had no power, and then that number doubled. trees and power lines are down and blocking roads. christie smith joining us in san francisco.
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i understand you are seeing a big mess there. >> reporter: i can tell you, peggy, when the winds picked up we could see trees falling, including this big tree. we saw as crews came around, they tried to deal with the front end sticking out in the street, and can you see it fell over from the roots. the heavy rain left its mark. san francisco firefighters with chainsaws did their best to keep up with downed trees that blocked the street. >> just got busy on the street and we have four or five trees down. >> reporter: strong winds up to 55 miles per hour ripped through tonight after a day of pounding rain, and big branched snapped like twigs, and blocks away, another tree fell. >> i see the huge tree falling in front of our house and made a big crack, and yeah, we saw it
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come right down. >> reporter: luckily, it missed his car. heavy rain made for tough driving conditions, too. the city prepared for el nino with two emergency pop-up shelters and homeless outreach teams spread the word. >> we want to get people in and out of the rain and they can be warm and dry and get something to eat. >> too much raining. >> this car had to be towed out from a flooded underpass. >> i think we went through a little, but when we go through, it's this deep. >> did your car stop? >> the water stopped me. >> the tow truck driver has been on more than half a dozen calls. >> the pop-up shelters will be
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temporary. on the front end we showed you the other side of the tree, and this is actually the side -- the other side that goes, and you can see it extends into one lane here, and crews basically taped it off, and the cars can get by. that's the latest, reporting live, christie smith, nbc bay area news. let's go to sonoma county. a redwood tree slams on top of a house in the town east of santa rosa, and you can see the two-story house was crushed by the tree and that home will likely have to be torn down. the woman was home at the time but was able to get out. >> she was right about here and see saw the tree and ran for her life. >> firefighters also rescued the woman's dogs, and we're told the woman and her pets will stay with a friend overnight and they
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are fine. driving conditions dangerous tonight, and in some cases deadly. a driver was killed in her car today in san ramon. police suspect speeding played a role and the wet roads, and the car hit a car and several trees. on highway 70 north of sacramento, a sad reminder of why you should never drive on flooded roads. a woman here drown after the car she was in became stuck in flash flooding, and chp says whoever was driving ignored the block aids, and the woman could not get out. she was trapped for 15 minutes before rescuers were able to reach her. >> roads and highways across the bay highway remain slick. these are traffic cameras. a lot of people out there on the roads, but looks like speeds are a bit reduced here. the rain is still coming down and the pavement is very well.
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>> swollen creeks across the bay area tonight, and look at what larkin creek in the santa cruz mountains looked like today. and they now look like this, gushing muddy water racing downhill. in the south bay, wind and rain had drivers and homeowners on high alert. and one car owner may have an unusual insurance claim. >> reporter: he certainly may. if you take a look behind me in the parking lot, you see caution tape up and that's because that tree fell down on top of a vehicle. the driver of that car just took a few minutes ago, and the way he got out was by putting the ladder up so he could get out of the parking spot. he was not hurt. and this has created hassles for motorists throughout the south bay.
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>> reporter: whipping trees, including this one that fell on a car in cupertino, and gusts brought down this larger tree in campbell. neighbors kept a watchful eye on this creek, and the heavy rains are especially concerning after the same creek flooded in 1998, sending water rush into 400 homes on the peninsula. now neighbors are keeping a watchful eye on the rising water level. >> it's a little bit of a concern. i don't live right by the creek, but not too far, so i think water could reach our house potentially. >> really? >> yeah, we do have sandbags stockpiled in case. >> crews hustled to restore power in pockets across the south bay, while drivers put wipers on high speed as they navigated through puddles and curbside flooding on high alert, wondering what will come next.
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it's not too surprising why this tree came down. gusts in cupertino were up to 45 miles per hour today and thankfully they will be decreasing overnight. reporting live in cupertino, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a lot of people that will happen, and any travelers who had flights out tonight are still here. this huge storm is causing problems at bay area airports. sfo, 320 delays, and some passengers are even ending their plane ride now with a bus ride. one man said he was trying to pick up his wife for hours. >> her united flight was coming in from chicago and he was to land at 4:30 and then pushed it to a little after 5:00 and then diverted them to san jose and they still can't land, so they are bussing them up here. >> the san jose airport also has heavy rainfall, and 13 delays but no cancelations, and oakland
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had 15 delays and no cancelations. >> in pacifica tonight, erosion eating away at the cliffs and this week's storms could make things worse. and the complex is due to be demolished on tuesday before it crumbles on the beach below. locals are all too familiar with the problems and worry about what is happening next. >> this is hammering the coastline and we are losing the apartments north of here and you have the hole in the wall there and there's the concern wondering what the city and feds can do to help seawalls in place. coming up, a sexual assault on berkeley's campus. police now say this might not be the suspect's first attack.
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ted cruz keeps up the pressure on donald trump in the race for president. plus a look at the rest of the results in today's primaries and caucuses.
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a sexual assault near the cal berkeley campus and tonight police say this is not the first time the same person has struck. the latest attack happened just after midnight. a student at cal was walking west of campus when a man dragged her off the sidewalk and sexually assaulted her. now berkeley police are releasing the video, and they think this is the suspect, and
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this is from early february when three women were attacked and saw salted in the same area. surveillance camera captured the image of the suspect and he is still on the loose. gaining ground, the campaign for bernie sanders and ted cruz are celebrating victories. five states had their caucuses and voting tonight. clinton won louisiana, winning 71% of her party's support. it's getting down to math as we consider the delegates. clinton has 1,121 delegates overall and sanders has 476, and a candidate needs 2,383 in order to secure a nomination. on the republican side where ted cruz was able to claim two victories in kansas and maine.
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donald trump with an more delegates in kentucky and louisiana, and also take a look at the total delegate count for the gop side. the race between cruz and trump, it's getting closer. right now trump has 378 delegates and cruz has 295. this is a call for rubio who is beginning to slip with just 120 delegates. a big storm here and another one on the way, rob? >> rain closing in on an inch to half an inch per hour. right now still a flash flood warning up to 2:30 in the morning. castro valley creek near hayward, you can see near redwood road south of 580 where the creek connects to another connect, and the santa cruz mountains near felton, this area, too, could see localized
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flooding as the river level has come up quite a bit. redwood creek, you are seeing localized flooding, and willowbrook, automated gauge there showing localized flooding underway. all of this coming around as we had winds 60 to 88 miles per hour, and the cold front finally moved by. we will see wind speeds back off and a wind advisory has been dropped and still breezy outside and cooler. 56 degrees in san jose, and you saw the flash flood warnings up here, the heavier rain is starting to move off to the east, and still intense down towards the tri-valley, and the rain breaking out into the north bay where we have the flash flood warnings in effect, and lighter rain moving through. round one starting to get out of here moving off to the east, and behind it, cooler air and
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unsettled weather as we head through the end of the weekend, and still cold air for a lot of snow in the sierra. you can see we had the main event with the heavy rain coming through this evening, and then as we head through tomorrow morning, scattered showers and the cool air environment and maybe small hail and slight chances of thunder late in the day, and then storm number two begins to drop in the north bay. so skies are clearing, and we could have thunderstorms late in the day. highs approaching upper 50s to low 60s, and so cooler tomorrow in the bay area with scattered showers and sunshine and a slight chance of thunder as you head towards the afternoon. storm two will impact the monday morning commute and a bit of a break on tuesday and storm three brings us rain as we head into wednesday. temperatures warming up a little as we approach the middle part of the week, and the jet stream still aiming in on the west coast, and as we head towards
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next friday and saturday, the rainfall projections, one or two inches, and several opportunities for more rain and we should double the monthly average. the rainfall totals going up in the long-range forecast, still the bullseye above average through the 19th. if you are looking for a drier pattern at this point, you may have to look until the 19th to the 26th. good news for the drought as long as it doesn't happen in the same span of days. the rain events should be spread out in the next ten days, and overnight, we will keep you up-to-date on our social media pages overnight and on our app. >> appreciate it, thank you so much. and the warriors have to be a heck of a team where they don't play and you are still the lead story. >> how can you not lead with them? >> yeah, duh.
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yeah, they are the biggest story in sports right now and that's where we are headed. the warriors going for a record-breaking win streak, and we will tell you which team member is not going to take the court on sunday in los angeles sports is next. i was walking home. just picked us up two breakfast croissants for four bucks, when this bear attacked. with one swipe, it devoured one of the croissants. then jack showed up and took care of the beast, so i could escape.
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we need to be ready for my name's scott strenfel and r i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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and a date with the lakers on sunday and what is supposed to be the final time they face kobe bryant, but he may not even play. and the warrior's sixth man is doubtful for sunday's game due to hamstring tightness. >> we found a way to stay locked in pretty much all year, and tomorrow's a game that you want
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to come out and play well and have a good start, and try to take away any momentum they want to build at home, and anytime you have a back to back, taking care of the first one is definitely important. >> and cal's regular season finale visiting arizona state, and golden bears overcame a 10-point deficit to beat the devils. wallace had a game high 24 points. and cal plays the winner of asu and oregon state on thursday night. and then the sharks hosting the canucks game. and then, canucks on the power play, the backdoor, the third power-play goal of the night for the canucks, and the sharks lose 4-2. to baseball, spring training action. giants taking on the indians.
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runners on the corners, and one driven to center. and 2-0, giants. san francisco goes on to win 6-2. more baseball, a's, brewers, picking up in the bottom of the fourth. two and on two out, butler singles up the middle. reddic and valencia comes and scores. this game ends in an 8-8 tie. the cal women's basketball team lost in heartbreaking fashion tonight. ucla went into overtime and the bruins had a win to punch their ticket. so cal women, a tough night for them. we are under a microclimate weather alert. we will be right back after the break with one last look of what you can expect tonight.
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an all new "saturday night live" coming up next. this is from an early rehearsal tonight. let's talk about the future with rob mayeda. >> still seeing flash flood watch in effect until 4:00 tomorrow morning, and the good news, we need the rain and too much at once is causing problems around the bay area tonight. the heaviest rain moving off to the east. from now you have the breezy conditions and rain tomorrow morning and scattered showers and cooler air comes in, which may provide the recipe for thundershowers. a mix of sun and breezy and cool tomorrow, and widespread rain returns tomorrow evening and tomorrow night. >> you are the man. >> thank you so much for
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watching nbc bay area news. >> good night.
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