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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 430  NBC  March 6, 2016 4:30pm-5:01pm PST

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bay area bcefor another round o. a live look outside as the bay area braces for another round of wild weather. but first, remembering a former first lady. nancy reagan has died at the age of 94. a look back at the life of her and ronald reagan, and also their impact here in california. good evening to you. thank you for joining us. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. remembering the life and legacy of nancy reagan. nancy reagan was known for her loyalty to her husband and her just say no to drugs campaign. >> when someone asks you to help a child, just say yes. >> the first lady, nancy reagan
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focused her efforts on fighting drug use. she grew upon nancy davis in chicago and became an actress starring alongside her future husband ronald reagan. the couple turned from acting to politics. they moved from the governor's mansion to the white house. nancy reagan showed her love and devotion to her husband during her battle with alzheimer's. she gained the nation's admiration for her strength as she attended events honoring her husband's life. >> she was inskredible. tributes to nancy reagan are pouring in, state and u.s. leaders are remembering the former first lady and governor jerry brown issued this statement from sacramento. nancy reagan led a remarkable life and will be remembered for her strength and grace. nancy pelosi released this statement about her death, in june 2009 as speaker and californian, i was honored to welcome mrs. reagan to the capital and also to see her joy as we dedicated the president's statue in the rotunda.
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i hope it is a comport to the entire reagan family that so many around the world are praying for them at this sad time. >> nancy reagan certainly did a lot while in the white house. she's perhaps best known, as we mentioned for the just say no camp exam and keeping kids and young adults off drug, but she did so much more. nbc bay area political analyst larry gerston. so many offering endearing words about nancy reagan. what made her so highly regardeded? >> it's been such for decades and it's not something that came and went and it's a sea change of sorts and beyond that let's remember that she was very active in promoting stem s-cell research and she thanked president obama after he reversed the stem-cell research instituted by george w. bush. in the later years she took on another very touching issue and that's alzheimer's and her husband, ronald reagan had
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alzheimer's the last ten years of his life and something near and dear to her heart and she went around the nation and extolling people to be in touch with this theme for more research and something that touches so many americans. >> absolutely. >> of course, we always remember her helping out her husband when he started to get confused later in life. they had such a special relationship, and the love letters were released. >> from one to the other, by the way. they went both ways, but she was so involved in the white house. she ordered new china any paid for by private funds and she said the white house needed that china. she was involved with state dinners and they had 48 state dinners during the reagan presence inny, compare that to just six during george w. bush and she was very involved with staff and she made sure that everybody tended to her husband and she was watching out for him all of the time. >> compare her to some of of the other first ladies.
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>> you know, she attempted to bring i would call it almost royalty. when she moved into the capitol in sacramento with then governor reagan, she looked at it and said it's in shambles. we can't live here so they moved into private housing and it wasn't good enough for them or the state, she said. when they moved to the white house the second and third floors the plaster was falling off and she called for an entire overhaul of the second and third floor residences, again, funded by private funds and it isn't worth of americans. the dresses she wore, the attire and always regal, very expensive and she really thought of the presidency and her role in that as being very important to the entire country. >> so neat. i love to see pictures of them looking at each other. it's just amazing. >> larry, thanks so much. we'll have more on nancy reagan and the impact she made coming up at 5:00. we'll talk to a local man who knew mrs. reagan well and helped with the design of the ronald reagan statue placed in the
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california state capital. the other big topic to catch you up on and the weather that hit so hard overnight and police say a woman died near marysville when her car got stuck in floodwaters and it was submerged in over eight feet of water. police say the woman drowned. an update of santa cruz county. what the creek looked like as it was overflowing its banking and river levels didn't subside this morning and more rain is on the way. >> we have another storm that's moving in and it's expected much of the same as last night and let's take you outside for a live look in fremont right now and particularly the wind and you can see the flag there in the foreground whipping around. meteorologist rob mayeda. will we get enough? >> it's coming in a short period of time and it will threed localized flooding problems and you notice the rain totals
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there. santa cruz mountains on the average more than six inches of rain came down and here's the good news. lexington red voir, caught in 4 1/4 inches of rain along the coast into the east bay hills around moraga st. mary's and more than two inches of rain and in san jose closing in to two inches of rain and san francisco and more than an inch of rain falling in 24 hours' time and you have the rain coming back in and up into the north bay as our second system arrives and one thing that might be a little bit different compared to last night is an increasing chance of some thunderstorms. we've been seeing some lightning detected offshore and there is rain and thunder we'll be dealing with tomorrow night and notice the timeframe hour by hour from 8:00 to 11:00 and we suddenly jump up to some places closing in on an inch of rain in south bay hills and heavy rain at times and flash flood watch begins at 6:00 this evening until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and wind speeds picking up and this is the reason why the san
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jose cameras are bouncing around right now. we have 59 degrees and wind advisoriesal read ed up to the bay area and gusts up to 45 miles per hour and rain heavy at times and gusty winds taking us into the morning commute and it will make for a tough commute tomorrow morning and we have some of the wind and showers. this is the first of four storms this week and we'll have the latest in the full seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> rob, thanks a lot. the storm took a toll on power lines and here is the p gshg & e and the company reports customers still without power. 38,000 yesterday evening and here is a breakdown by region and the north bay is close to 900 and the fewest on the peninsula and 245 customers without power there. >> the weather is bringing also more tense situations along the coast. the cliffs at more danger of erosion. pete sirato with how they're
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trying to get ahead of the storm. >> they tell me the damage was minimal following last night's storms, but they understand they have a lot of work ahead of them and it starts this week. >> when the heavy wind and rain swept through pacifica last night, city official his to be nervous as the city begins, some major repairs. yes, we. we are billed as the strongest storm of the el nino for 2016. >> thankfully, the storm didn't rain on their parade. >> there's been no effects with the rain that we had yesterday on that particular location. >> the city will fix a damaged sea wall along beach boulevard starting tomorrow. the wall collapsed following el nino storms in january. on tuesday, the city will demolish the apartments at 320 esplatat. also the result of el nino storms this time in 2010. >> it's not safe anymore, and if
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we wait and there is some catastrophic storm or an earthquake or some other event that building could end up on the beach below. >> the demolition will cost the city $200,000. the city hopes to get reimbursed by the property owner who they say has failed to take action. >> i wish the private property owner had taken their responsibility to demolish the building and take care of it, but we are where we are. the city declared a state of emergency for other storm-related repairs such as the sea wall and also damages to the pier. cost for those repairs around $350,000. reporting from pacifica, pete seratos, nbc bay area news. we'll be keeping an eye on the rain and the wind and you can watch the raid aron nbc bay area and it is free. still ahead. arnold makes his endorsement. >> the former california governor has his pick for president and has a bit of fun with the announcement. >> plus living off the grid. a northern california snowboa
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snowboarder takes housing to new heights in his custom-built home.
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(singing) i just can't wait to meet you, sweet child you're on the way, i'm filled with expectation, and you're growing everyday... (instrumental)
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schwarzenegger today announced decision 2016. former california governor arnold schwarzenegger today announced his pick for president. he says that america needs ohio governor john kasich to take charge of the white house. his endorsement came at an event in columbus where schwarzenegger had long ago staged his fourth expo and bodybuilding competition. schwarzenegger says he's been friends with kasich for decades and had some fun with this announcement. >> let me tell you something, when he went to washington he kicked some serious butt. he was an action hero when he went to washington. >> then when he ran for governor i said to him, i'll be back. >> it's fun to see him again. >> the line, for some reason, never gets old. >> it's never good. >> ohio's primary is a week from
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tuesday, by the way. he needs to win his home state in order to win a viable candidate. >> fresh off the primary wins in louisiana and kentucky. donald trump continues to lead the republican pac with ted cruz picking up new delegates from maine and kansas. marco rubio won his first today when he won puerto rico, a u.s. territory. bernie sanders and hillary clinton debate again tonight. nbc's jennifer johnson has our story from washington. >> reporter: republican front-runner donald trump took sunday off to watch golf in his florida tournament. after a victory saturday in louisiana and kentucky, trump has 392 delegates to ted cruz's 305 after he took kansas. marco rubio is hoping for a big win march 13th in his home state of florida. arnold schwarzenegger tried to help out john kasich. >> he was an action hero when he went to washington. republican leaders are already talking abo talking about a contested
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convention. >> i get along with people. i'm a unifier and i'm very much a unifier and maybe people don't see that, but they will see that. >> ted cruz predicts it won't be trump. >> if you want to beat him, you have to beat him at the ballot box and our campaign is the only campaign that has demonstrated to do so. >> hillary clinton in michigan ahead of tuesday's primary has more than double the number of delegates than bernie sanders. she's not concerned that a former state department staffer has been granted immunity in her private email server. >> i'm delighted that he has agreed to cooperate as everyone else has. >> clinton picked up more delegates in louisiana. democrats are caucusing in maine in huge numbers. clinton and sanders go head to head again tonight in another democratic debate in flint, michigan and despite trailing clinton, he fulfills the path to victory. jennifer johnson, nbc news,
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washington. >> skiers and snowboards listen up and more snow in the sierra. how much fresh powder you can expect to see when we come back. fresh powder in the sierratoday
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afternoon.. more xpected fresh powder in the sierra today. snow coming down this afternoon. more expected tonight. the storm overnight brought a fresh look to the mountains. chain controls in effect and we'll have solid snowfall total from rob mayedda in two minutes. first, pro snowboarder mike besitch lives in the mountain near truckee three miles from the paved road. we're talking about way off the grid. >> he has an interesting place. nbc's olivia genaro shows us this unique, hand crafted house. >> tucked in the sierra on the showy mountaintop, mike bestich
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calls a 375-square foot room his home. i said i do i want to do with the rest of my life? >> he realized his dream way before he was 33, when he was 10 years old. >> i wanted to build my own house with my own hands. >> he embarked on that adventure to make that dream come true. he bought a piece of property and used this land to create his home. >> all of the materials are from floor.from the trees and the >> and everything you see he built with his own two hands. and every feature of his home has intention behind it. >> there's the loft. sleeps two comfortable and wake up and the sunrise comes right through the top window here which is really nice to wake you up. >> the wall of windows faces south and they're angled so the sun helps heat it is room. >> the rocks start to heat up from the sun and by evening the sun comes through this window
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and heats these rocks which the granite holds a great amount of heat that can last all night. >> even the foundation of the house is built on several large boulders leaving space underneath for a storage cellar and furnace that heats the floors as well as outdoor hot tub. basitch didn't stop with his house and it included a chairlift. >> it was something that pushed me a lot. >> before living off the grid, he focused on his snowboarding career and had success with the stock market. >> i lived in a huge house and had everything to offer, but it didn't feel very rewarding to me. >> but he says he feels richer living in 275 square feet than he ever has before. >> i feel like i have such a connection with value. >> reporter: and it's hard to beat the breathtaking views right off his back porch. >> that is pretty amazing.
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if we moved the house and put it here. >> it would cost a lot. >> are you interested living in a house like that. >> i would get stir crazy and maybe when the snow melts, what do you do? good for him. he seems happy. >> let's check in with rob mayeda. >> it looks nice with the ski lift and there is fresh powder in the sierra and the average from the ski resorts this weekend, 20 to 26 inches of snow so far and if that's not enough for you, but wait, there's more. s you can see headed into tomorrow, at least two more feet of snow and notice the elevation, blue canyon into the pines now and we're getting colder air with the system and snow levels is starting to come down and aerial coverage getting a boost as the cooler air comes in in addition to the one to two feet of snow and not at 59 degrees in san jose and it is windy outside and livermore, 57 and mostly cloudy and light rain around san francisco at 58
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degrees as you see there on the view looking off to the north and we do have some rain into the north bay and light to moderate rain to start and followed up by heavier rain as we head into tonight and the system also had some instability to work with with the areas of thunderstorms at times off to the east and also offshore as this comes onshore tonight, we'll have the wind and the rain and there you can see some of the lightning showing up just offshore. rainfall projections with this next system and the numbers don't look as impressive as what we just went through, but most of this will fall in a window of three to four hours' time starting later this evening right around 8:00, 9:00. you can see the heavy rain could have embedded thunder along with that which will enhance the wind gusts from 10:00 to 1:00 a.m. and tomorrow morning still scattered showers and we'll still see a chance of hilltop showers and notice a lot dryer and a lot more sunshine later tomorrow as we start to see a little bit of a break from the stormy pattern at least from the first half of the week when more
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storms come in from the rest of the week in the seven-day forecast and showers and breeze toe start and less showers as we head into the afsh during the day tomorrow and over the next three days and most of the bay area except for the north bay tuesday into wednesday will catch a break and notice the area north of san francisco and nonstop chances of rain and that's when the highest rain totals will be as we go through tuesday, wednesday and thursday into the south bay and warmer temperatures upper 60 through mid-70 through the week and then we see the rain chances on the increase again and we add up the rain totals over the last 24 hours and santa rosa already near the monthly average and check out the next seven days and add those two columns together and we're looking at four to seven inches of rain here to start off march and the reason why is the pattern here that's just offshore and you can see the lineup of storms and you'll have the storms lining up tuesday into wednesday and thursday into friday and that's probably the biggest storm of the bunch that could bring
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another two inches of rain and yes, next weekend, more rain and the driest part of the week will be tuesday into wednesday south of san francisco and there you go, thursday into friday next weekend and four storms in about five days' time which means, of course, next weekend, more rain is likely. so this pattern is not going to let up as we go through the next seven days and chances are long-range forecast still indicating with the 20th of the month slightly above average chances of rain and dryer pattern could go toward the end of the month and they point to twice the average rainfall totals and a lot of that coming downal read a al rready and a l chances through the week. >> usually when people say but wait, there's more. there usually isn't more, but this time there was. >> he lives up to his promises. coming up sending much appreciated support to troops overseas and a big group put together care packages and a veteran helping out and finding out what kind of a difference
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these gifts can make.
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thank you so much. did you say honey? hey, try some? mmm that is tasty. is it real? of course... are you? nope animated you know i'm always looking for real honey for honey nut cheerios well you've come to the right place. great, mind if i have another taste? not at all mmm you're all right bud? never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast
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members of the milit hundreds of volunteers came together in san jose today to put together care packages for members of the military serving overseas. operation care and comfort founded 14 years ago when troops were first sent to afghanistan and iraq. the organization still operates out of one of the co-founders' homes in san jose, but it has grown. every three months or so it just keeps getting bigger and the group put out the call to the community to send care packages. one volunteer knows first hand how much the packages help. >> it meant the world. to get a care package from home, let alone from somebody i didn't even know was amazing, and it got me through the day. it got me through almost 13 months of what i like to say hell, and it's like christmas. >> wow.
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in addition to the packages, operation care and comfort offers support to local military families and look to get tickets to sporting events and concerts. >> well done. a stormy sea with a new mama had a baby and yesterday's rain had animals looking for shelter and the monterey bay aquarium arrived to give birth to a new pup. take a look at the wild sea otter. look at this. so cute! it swam into the tide pool to give birth. you can see the little fur ball. she was probably escaping the stormy seas at the aquarium. both mother and pup are resting in the tide pool. this isn't the first time it's happened, either. in december another wild otter showed up in the tide pool to get rid of the rough ocean waters. >> it helped with the breathing. >> good job, mom. more rain is starting to hit the bay area. we have wind. we have lie surf. we have down trees and we'll
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tell you what pg&e is doing to handle the outages coming up in a live report. also coming up, remembering nancy reagan. still to come, a bay area man shares close ties that he had with the former first lady. >> plus a sexual assault near the uc berkeley campus and police are on the lookout for the suspect who they believe has done the same thing before. and i'm peggy bunker
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heavy rain, and ef good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunchiker. heavy rain, fierce wind and rough weather moving through the bay area. this is a round from the bay bridge, and cozying home, on the couch. >> rob mayeda is in the weather center and the latest on the storm's path. >> the storm coming up on six inches plus of rain across the santa cruz mountains and you see that up toward boulder creek and the


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