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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 6, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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and i'm peggy bunker heavy rain, and ef good evening. i'm terry mcsweeney. >> i'm peggy bunchiker. heavy rain, fierce wind and rough weather moving through the bay area. this is a round from the bay bridge, and cozying home, on the couch. >> rob mayeda is in the weather center and the latest on the storm's path. >> the storm coming up on six inches plus of rain across the santa cruz mountains and you see that up toward boulder creek and the lexington reservoir.
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more than four inches of rain falling there and you can see from pacifica toward the east bay and moring a a almost three inches of rain and more than an inch of rain in san francisco and two inches in oakland and south san jose, close to two inches of rain and mainly areas of north of san francisco and they've been seeing light to moderate rain and now the radar starting to fill in with more moderate rain and later on tonight, heavier rain at times and the enhancement to some of those raindrops could be that they're also accompanied by some thunderstorms which could bring even stronger wind gusts locally overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning. so our rain estimate, though, about a third of what we saw last night and a lot of this will come down in about three to four hours' time. with that in mind, a flash flood watch from 6:00 to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and the other component if you step outside will be the wind and right now not too bad outside and enough to move the camera around and 58 degrees and wind speeds will start to increase as the cold front comes through later this evening. gusts to 45 miles per hour and
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those wind speeds will likely linger into tomorrow morning and that is something that we're tracking very closely and those high wind speeds and heavy rain at times moving into the south bay and the very latest in your forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> rob, thanks very much. right now power crews on double duty and, woers cleaning up from last night's storm and nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco with how power companies are trying to stay ahead of the storm. christie? >> reporter: terry, that rain is picking up as we speak and so is the wind. i just saw an umbrella just blew right out of a woman's hand. we're at ocean beach where it is very windy and also high surf after rough storms battered the bay area yesterday that toppled trees in places like san francisco and then the east bay and lafayette and a huge tree fell, knocking out power to the neighborhood and pg&e saying the height of the storm 16,000 customers were without power and 38,000 over the entire course of the storm. right now they're saying about
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2,000 customers without power and that's subject to change. they've activated their emergency operation center in san francisco and moved resources in place in advance of the storm. they're monitoring and responding to outages and of course, looking for information from customers. >> if they're calling in a hazard such as a wire down, we're addressing those as quickly as we possibly can. and customer information is a valuable tool and we're monitoring the which basically is the system that tells us where these problems are occurring. >> while all of this is going on, cleanup is under way for trees that fell overnight and we have a high wind advisory and also a high surf advisory through tuesday morning, but boy, right now that wind and rain is picking up. reporting live at ocean beach, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> all right. christie. very windy out there. we can hear it. thanks so much. in pacifica, yesterday's storm
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didn't do much damage and the concern of cliff erosion continues. today leaders held a media session from the city. during this session they outlined plans on how they're going to fix this damaged sea wall along beach boulevard. the wall collapsed following el nino's storms in january. tomorrow crews will begin repairs and on tuesday the city will demolish the apartments that sit at 320 esplaneade. they are right over the edge of the cliff because of the erosion that began during the el nino storms of 2010. >> it's not safe anymore and if we wait and there is some catastrophic storm or earthquake or some other event, that building could end up on the beach below. >> the demolition will cost the city of pacifica $200,000 and the city is hoping to get reimbursed by the property owner who they say failed to take action. we are following this very closely and watch the radar in your neighborhood with the nbc bay area app.
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>> and former first lady nancy reagan recalled her quiet nature, grace and considerable strength with her late husband ronald reagan. mrs. reagan died in her bel air home at the age of 94. several los angeles police officers saluted the hearse as it left her home. nbc bay area chuck coppola. >> president obama said she redefined the role of first lady into her 90s. nancy reagan was still at work getting a bronze statue of her late husband installed. >> monica left flowers. >> it's sad. she lived a good life and she was a beautiful woman. >> nancy reagan, former actress became then actor ronald reagan's second wife in 1952. she was california's first lady in the late '06s and '70s before
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becoming the nation's first lady in the '80s. >> she was very protective of the president and was intimately involved with the decisions and sometimes provided her advice on policy decisions. >> nancy reagan's campaign against drugs during the epidemic was remembered for just three word, just say no. in 1988 she told an assembly the u.s. needed to improve tougher drug laws rather than blame nations about narcotics. >> she spent more time protecting ronald reagan's image that her own image suffered in the process. >> while her husband battled alzheimer's disease, she battled for embryonic stem-cell research, a position opposed by republicans. she'll be buried in the presidential library in simi valley. >> many people remembering her today. thank you very much. you can read more on her life and legacy online and head to
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our website at nbc bay still to come, a sexual assault in a uc berkeley campus and this may not be the suspect's first attack. >> also despite yesterday's caucus numbers. marco rubio not giving up without a fight and the good news and the presidential campaign just got today and what he desperately needs to happen this week in order to keep up with challengers trump and cruz. new developments this eveninont.
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bee new developments this evening on the sexual assault near the cal berkeley campus. berkeley police say the assault that happened early yesterday morning is linked to recent attacks on campus. investigators say a woman, a student at cal was walking just after midnight on etna street near dwight when a man dragged her off the sidewalk and sexually assaulted her. this is from early february. three women were attacked and sexually assaulted all in the same area on the south side of campus. police are still trying to track down the suspect you see in this video. >> a salinas man convicted of molesting three girls is awaiting his fate. earnest vega morales could spend the rest of his life behind bars after being found guilty of several sexual acts. the youngest victim was 7 years old when she was arrested by morales and the second and third victims are now 10 and 11, but they were 8 years old when
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abused by him. earnest vega morales' sentencing is set for april 4th. >> an announcement from jimmy carter. kn coming up, an update on his health.
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never better i don't know if he likes that. yeah part of the complete breakfast turning to decision 2016, fresh off primary wins in louisiana and kentucky. republican front runner donald trump took the day off to watch golf in his resort. after cruz hit maine and kansas
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last night, marco rubio is hanging on hoping for a big win on march 15th in his home state of florida. he won the puerto rico primary today. republican leaders are talking about a contested convention if trump is the nominee and something trump says he doesn't understand. >> i don't understand that. i get along with people. i'm a unifier. i'm very much a unifier and maybe people don't see that, but they will see that. >> over on the democratic side, bernie sanders and hillary clinton debating again tonight in flint, michigan. and we have bernie sanders as the winner there. >> we were just hearing that news, that's right and sanders won big in kansas and nebraska. so far clinton has more than double the delegate sanders has. >> jimmy carter announcing today that he no longer needs cancer treatment. >> carter told his sunday school at his plains, georgia, church that doctors say he is done with immunotherapy. the nobel peace prize winner
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announced it when doctors found cancer on his liver and his brain. the cycle of retaliation after a violent crime. >> we're about to meet one young man who chose a different path, a much brighter one. nbc bay area's garvin thomas has today's bay area proud. >> raymond pardini is at high school. he admits he's a bit shy and knocking on strangers' doors to get them to sign a petition is definitely outside of his comfort zone, but it's what he was willing to do in order to do the right thing. when violence takes the life of someone close, revenge sometimes feels like a good response. an eye for an eye, a fair deal. that is not, however, how raymond pardini sees it. >> i wasn't angry.
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i was -- i was sad. last august raymond's friend chiante, jr., with plans to join the marines was shott and kille while walking a female friend home late one night. raymond heard whispers from some who wanted to take matters into their own hands and not leave just toys the police. >> that shocked me because that's not how i felt chiante. i didn't see him rolling with that kind of crowd who were trying to put themselves above the law because that's not how he was. >> raymond decided a much more fitting response to such a dark act was to shine a light, literally. >> you see, while revisiting the spot, raymond noticed just how dark it was at night. he contacted the city to see what he could do about it. a list of rules followed about making measurements and taking photographs and collecting signatures. all of which raymond spent weeks
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following. >> it was more than just, you know, doing something. it was helping communities and people. >> didn't know they were going to do all of this. >> reporter: raymond's petition asked for lights to be added to a single pole near the crime scene. the city responded, though, with much, much more. >> last week, lighting improvements were completed up and down the block. this admittedly shy 16-year-old had gotten the attention of his city leaders and earned their respect in the process. >> i think what a positive role model this kid is for the community, for his friends. this -- this young man chose to take a different course of action, to do better for the community, to make the community safer. >> raymond says he never expected his plan to work so well. so he's happy it did. his was just a simple hope that
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this spot never be darkened by violence again. >> after the shooting of chiante murphy police did release sketches of three people they're looking for, but so far no arrests in the case. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> if you know someone doing something nice for others garvin would love to hear from you. go to our website, nbc bay area.dom and search bay area proud. that was very nice. >> i'm nice now, but if i come down from it i won't be so nice. >> that's true. meteorologist rob mayeda is happy he's on the other side of the studio. >> i'm staying here. we're seeing the chance of some breezy conditions and winds are a big issue right now. you're starting to see our cameras bouncing around the bay area and here is a view from san jose, 58 degrees and no rain just yet and over toward liver more and 56 in into san francisco you're starting to see the rain there and 58 degrees and see a few drops in the lens
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and it's north of san francisco where you've seen the moderate rain which has been setting up this afternoon into parts of the north bay and spilling closer to the east bay hills there with oakland and not so much around san jose and from pacifica and half moon bay and it's not just rain and obviously the wind is one part of the story and a chance of some thunderstorms, too, as the cold front sweeps through from about 8:00 tonight to midnight. our rain totals again looking at about a third of the totals we saw last night. however, a lot of us with the rain and the half inch to an inch and a half could come down in four hours' time and that's the reason we do have the flash flood watch from 6:00 to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and here we go, we'll pinpoint the heaviest rain from 8:00 to right around san francisco to about 11:00 and quickly moving into the bay area and very likely some strong winds pushing the front into the south bay by 11:00 and by tomorrow morning still scattered showers and
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that's going to help us shut down the showers and it's going to stay blustery through the afternoon. wind speeds increasing at their highest right around 10:00 as the cold front continues to pass through the bay area and the wind changed directions and staying breezy out of the northwest as we move in through the afternoon which helps to bring in cooler air. upper 50s and low 60s in the bay area and decreasing showers and where the showers started to decrease and north bay tomorrow temperatures and still the right chance around napa around the north bay and east bay hills a light chance of thunder. >> you'll notice it trends higher except in the north bay you'll see daily chances of rain there and and they'll tread lower closing in on 70 degree, but here is why heavy rain will come through later this week and we'll see the connection we've been referring to and the river
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set up as we get toward wednesday and thursday and moisture pulled into the late week storm will super size the rainfall totals as we get into thursday and friday and the long-range forecast all of the way into next weekend and it keeps the rain going especially late saturday into sunday as we show you the systems kind of stacked up across the pacific. a pretty impressive one that will impact into tomorrow morning and here we go, two, three and four right across the pacific. the system mainly in the north bay and the system to watch will be later this week into friday and two inches of rain and next weekend it's ooshth one to two inches of rain falling and those storms here. >> i'm getting out of town. thanks very much. coming up, the school of rock is open. >> we salute you. we'll take you inside the classroom to show you the historical opportunity it will give students.
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game... is calling it quits.den one of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play the game is calling it quits. denver broncos quarterback peyton manning is retiring. he publicly announced his retirement tomorrow. manning spent 14 seasons with the indian an liss colts and he's played with the broncos the last three years and won super bowl in santa clara. his second super bowl victory. at 39 he is the oldest quarterback to wib the super bowl and is the only five-time league mvp. >> amazing. >> an incredible, incredible career. >> and he's picking the right time. >> he's going out on top. >> nice timing. >> rocking out in oakland. this music isn't coming from the band. it's coming from a school.
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as nbc bay area's ian cole tells us it is performance is so cool the governor drove in to see it. >> you've probably heard or seen the movie "school of rock," but you've never seen the musical on the west coast. the musical debuted on broadway recently, but the mind behind it, andrew lloyd webber did something composers like him never do. he gave the first rank to his musical outside of new york to the oakland school for the arts. >> a once in a lifetime chance for these kids and we're just excited and ready to rock. >> the premiere in san francisco put on by a bunch of middle and high school students, governor jerry brown who helped start this school couldn't miss it. >> we're very excited. >> the honor comes with immense pressure. on top of that, it usually takes serve months to prepare. these students did it in serve weeks. >> it's a huge deal. yeah. really big. it's been super crazy and super exciting all at the same time.
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>> i'm playing rock star dewey den. >> jack isakson brewster plays jack black in the film and he and other cast members and production crews are trying to stay on with the fun musical. >> it's like a reality check. wait, this is what i'm doing. this is so cool and this is what i want to be doing. jot shows will be held at the current theater in an intimate setting on the stage and a top venue for students performing at the pinnacle of their days in school. >> and to actually watch them click into that oh, i'm a professional. this is real, and this is what it's like when you actually go into the professional world, that -- to watch their minds wrap around that, that's the real joy of being a teacher. >> a movie known to many now a musical here unlike anything you've ever seen. in san francisco, ian cole, nbc bay area news. >> some talented kids, that's for sure. performances if you want to check it out go through march 12th. >> the storm really starting to
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pick up now outside. a live look outside there and this is fremont and the flag continues to blow. gusty winds and a strong haze in the sky. i keep thinking about this and almost a purple haze. >> i don't want to do that. >> rob is back with us. >> are you going to do it? are you going to sing it? rob is back in a minute.
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the world's most famous sledogr= the iditarod began ich the world's most famous sled dog race is under way. the iditarod began in anchorage, alaska. take a look here. 85 competitors will race 1,000 miles to nome. they're expected to arrive in nine days and see what happens now and between nine days that's the tough part.
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unseasonably warm in parts of alaska. >> and a snow did have to be delivered to anchorage for the start of the iditarod. >> the dogs do wear booties. >> it's weird that they don't have snow up there. you would think -- >> yeah. you know, and we've been having our problems with the our own snow pack in the sierra. you can move the race down here. for the next nine days you can see we'll be seeing another two feet of snow in the sierra and look at the aerial coverage and lower elevations now between 3,000 to 4,000 feet and a canyon, a foot of snow at 5500 feet and this is a good snow producer and for the bay area, start starting to see the rain increase with gusty winds into san jose and that is one part of the story and wind advisory until 4:00 a.m. and the heaviest rain and 8:00 to midnight and big surf on the coast will continue through tuesday and use caution heading out to the coast and some breakers into the later part of the week, as well. >> thank you, rob. we'll have much more coming up
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in half an hour on nbc bay area news at 6:00. >>more local news at 6:00. we'll see you then. have a great night impeach


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