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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 6, 2016 6:00pm-6:31pm PST

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nbc bay area news begins with a microclimate weather alert. a lot of flooded roads and creeks that are cresting rpgs downed power lines and trees and last night's storm brought a little bit of everything and now a second storm is rolling through the bay area. we are tracking this rain so you know exactly what to expect tonight. good evening to you. i'm peggy bunker. >> i'm terry mcsweeney. we're under a microclimate weather alert. you are looking live at our cameras in san francisco and san jose. darker in san francisco than in san jose, but you can see the clouds in both pictures and the winds are picking up and rain is headed this way. we have team conk for you. christie smith standing by with what's being gone to protect our power and rob mayeda has a breakdown of what to expect in the next few hours. rob? >> we're seeing mostly rain and
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wind around san francisco right now. 58 degrees and very soggy drive across the golden gate bridge and no rain in san jose, but the gusts are starting to pickup. wind speeds 10 to 20 miles per hour in san jossy and our wind advisory has been up since 4:00 this afternoon until 4:00 a.m. tomorrow morning and from 8:00 tonight at midnight and 45 miles per hour. also as the rain increases intensity from now through 4:00 a.m. and creeks and streams could see localized flooding as we deal with heavy rain at times and for the coast, all of the strong storms off to the west with wave heights to 20 feet through tuesday morning and here is the view right now of the radar. you can see not only just the rain, but lightning showing up offshore and this is our concern tonight as we're going to see those thunderstorms potentially enhance wind gusts on a local scale and rain rates per hour on top of saturated soil could lead to more ponding on the roads and localized flooding heading into the monday morning commute and
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the first of four systems this week and we'll have the latest in your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> thank you very much. thousands without power at one point last night and 38,000 people didn't have any power. most of it because of the storm and tonight power crews are on double duty. some are still clearing up from last night's storm and others are getting ready for this one. nbc bay area's christie smith is live in san francisco with a look at the damage and also christie, still dealing with the aftermath. >> reporter: that's right. round two is just getting started and it already feels like we're starting to experience it all. rain, wind and high surf here at ocean beach. we've been watching people struggle with their umbrellas and hats trying to keep them in place and the first round caused trees to topple over in spots across the bay area including lafayette in the east bay where a tree fell on to power lines knocking out power in the neighborhood. pg&e poped up their operation center.
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that's to respond to storm-related issues and they're saying 16,000 customers were without power. 38 -- 36,000 throughout the entire storm and about 2,150 still now without power and one key, though they say is their meteorology department monitoring weather. >> and they basically guide us as to where we will need resources and where do we anticipate having outages due to weather impacts and in advance of the weather system coming through, we go ahead and remove those resources to the location so that we're prepared to protect the public. >> reporter: it probably goes without saying there is a wind advisory up and along the coast. it is blowing really hard and a high surf advisory up through tuesday morning and probably a good night to go ahead and stay inside. reporting live in ocean beach, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> wind blowing into the microphone.
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christie, thanks very much. snow coming down this afternoon in the sierra and more expected tonight, much more. you can see the chains into the mountains and keep track of the weather by downloading the nbc bay area app and it is constantly updating and you know where the storm is and you can download our app for free. new details tonight on friday's deadly crash in san jose. a man is now behind bars for the hit and run. police arrested xavier villarreal on friday afternoon after he fled the scene of this crash. it happened at camden and lee avenues about 3:00 in the morning on friday. investigators say that a truck and an suv collided and you can see it scattered debris across the road. the truck driver was pronounced dead at the scene just after police arrived. remembering the life and legacy of nancy reagan. the former first lady died today at the age of 94. while in the white house reagan focussed on fighting drug use among kids and young adults
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making famous the saying just say no. she grew up in a prosperous family in chicago and starred alongside her husband ronald reagan. the reagans making their rise from political power from the governor's mansion to the white house. later in life nancy reagan showed her love and devotion to her husband during his battle with alzheimer's. she gained the nation's admiration for her strength as she attended events honoring her husband's life. tributes all over the world and here in california. >> several los angeles police officers saluting the hearse carrying her body from her bel air home today. nbc bay area chuck coppola has local reaction on the first lady's passing and her willingness to speak out. chuck? >> reporter: that's right, terry. we spoke to a number of people who knew nancy reagan from her white house years and afterward. nancy reagan was asked how the republican presidential candidates are behaving and as her late husband battled
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alzheimer's disease, she has a rather unpopular position against republicans and human embryonic stem-cell research. at the reagan presidential library in southern california, monica poach left flowers. >> it's sad. she lived a good life and she was a beautiful woman. >> nancy reagan, a remember toer actress became then actor ronald reagan's second wife in 1952 and she was california's first lady before becoming first lady in the '80s. she was very protective of the president and was intimately involved in many of the personnel decisions and sometimes provided her advice on policy decisions. >> nancy reagan's campaign against drugs during the crack cocaine epidemic was remembered for three words, just say no. in 1988 she told a united nations general assembly that the u.s. needed to enforce tougher drug laws rather than blame poor nations that produce
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narcotics. >> she spent so much time protecting ronald reagan's image that her own image suffered in the process. >> and well into her 90s nancy reagan worked to get a bronze statue of her husband placed in the state capital. nancy reagan will be placed next to her husband in simi valley. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> thank you so much. the white house is paying tribute to nancy reagan today. all day they've been posting moments such as these of the first lady at the white house and in washington and that includes the touching photo of nancy and ronald reagan together, the caption rest in peace, nancy. pacifica city leaders are trying to get a handle on a potentially dangerous situation developing on the coastline in pacifica. we've been following this story from its inception. every day residents wonder if erosion will finally cause the building to tumble into the sea. pete seratos is in pacifica with what city leaders said today about the hillside. >> officials tell me damage was
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minimal following last night's storms and they tell me they have a lot of work ahead of them and it starts this week. with the heavy wind and rain swept through pacifica last night, city officials had to be nervous as the city begins some major repairs. >> yes, we are. in fact, billed as the strongest storm of the el nino for 2016. >> thankfully, the storm didn't rain on their parade. >> there's been no effects of the rain on that particular location. >> along beach boulevard starting tomorrow. the rain kohlanced following el nino storms on thursday. the vacated apartments are at risk of crumbling over the cliff due to coastal erosion. also the result of el nino storms this time in 2010. >> it's not safe anymore any if we wait and if there is some catastrophic storm or earthquake or some other event, that
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building could end up on the beach below. >> the demolition will cost the city $200,000. the city hopes to get reimbursed by the property owner who they say has failed to take action. >> i wish the private property owner had taken responsibility to demolish the building and take care of it, but we are where we are. >> the city declared a state of emergency, and sea wall and damages to the pier. the cost for repairs around $350,000. reporting from pacifica, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. we are closely monitoring the effects of the storm to arrive, and in san francisco and the coast as the series lines up this week and powerful storms coming up all of the way through next weekend and i'll have the latest coming up. plus more decision 2016 results coming in tonight and marco rubio's campaign got a much-needed boost today and the problems and the maine caucuses that could bring changes next election. also bad news if you need to
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bike across the bay bridge and the change that is coming that will make that bike trip impossible for a while. puerto rico... a u-s
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teito... turning to decision 2016 marco raubio won his first primary today when he finished first in puerto rico, u.s. territory and last night's win in louisiana and kentucky, and donald trump is well in the lead
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and he currently has 292 delegates and ted cruz has 305. rubio has 151 delegates that hopes to pick up more next week when his home state of florida votes. republican leaders are already talking about a contested convention if trump is the nominee, something trump says he doesn't understand. >> i don't understand that. i get along with people, and i'm a unifier and i'm very much a unifier and maybe people don't see that, but they will see that. >> in the democratic side of the race the maine caucus in huge numbers there and the winner there is bernie sanders. still after taking louisiana last night, hillary clinton has double the delegate count of what sanders has. there were some major problems that means democratic presidential caucuses today and thousands of voters showed up in portland, maine. they had to wait for hours in line and the city clerk's office left before voters could be registered and processed. the problem now says one party's lawmaker there wants to switch to a primary instead of caucuses.
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a bill is said to be introduced on that issue on monday. bike path on the bay bridge is temporarily closing. take a live look at the bridge and caltrans says the next step in demolishing the old bay bridge includes torch cutting and burning of steel and those activities create smoke and that smoke shouldn't be breathed in. in the interest of safety, caltrans has to close the bike path that runs on the northeastern span of the bridge. the closures start tomorrow and it ends april 1st. so just a few weeks. >> good head's up there. >> right now we're also watching the second storm which is rolling into the bay area and it's keeping rob mayeda very, very busy. >> we've been seeing the wind and rain picking up right now in san francisco. if you're jogging or walking across the bridge my hat's off to you. 58 degrees after we've seen as much as six to eight inches of rain updated as of 4:00 this afternoon and look at that, boulder creek and ben lomond and on the coastal rain and up to
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guern evil and pacifica 3 and it's common to our geography in the bay area where you get all of this moisture forced to rise with the hilltop and you get a tremendous amount of rain on the santa cruz facing side and as the air descends down into the central bay in the santa clara valley and san jose just over an inch and a third of rain, but quite a bit different from the other side of the santa cruz mountains and oakland, about two inches of rain and we're likely to get above two inches by the end of the weekend thanks to what's happening right now and i can see the rain in san francisco and over to the north bay and also rain starting to approach the trivalley. san jose for the moment relatively dry and look at that, that's the rain near the santa cruz mountains as the system brings wind and rain and the potential for some thunderstorms that have been tracking that through and you can so closer to the cold front which will come through at 8:00 tonight admit
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night and you see that to the right side of the screen and it looks like we're about to double those totals into tomorrow morning and starting to see the snow so chain control is very likely in the high country tomorrow. our rain projections for storm number two about a third of what we saw last night and again, it is the fast-moving nature of the chance of thunder showers which can drop a lot of rain in a large period of time and especially 9:00 tonight and midnight and you can see how it races off to the east and scattered showers still impacting the morning commute and less so than the afternoon as dryer most winds take it and still blustery during the day tomorrow. gusts up to 45 miles per hour and wind advisory at time and as we go through the day program as the winds, and temperatures
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upper 50s to the low 60s around the bay area with decreasing showers and trivalley through the week and as the seven-day forecast shows another setup come thursday that you can see the rain rates on the increase again and getting an atmospheric river surge and the rain totals are increasing again by thursday and the daily chances of rain through the north bay in the middle part of the week with warmer temperatures into the south bay and the long range projections continue to keep the rain flying straight on through. next weekend and the next seven to ten days and every 26 to 36 hours the rain chances increase. the nbc bay area app is a great resource to track weather any time. here's scott budman with an explanation of how it works. >> when we're an nbc bay area
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microclimate weather alert, we've made it easier to get the latest information on the smartphone. just click on the bar that says weather alert and that will take you right to what you need to know right when you need to know it. i'm scott budman and that's how to stay inform with the the nbc bay area app. the she still feels guilty 20 years later. back in the week,
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years after h t back in the spotlight. this week the o.j. simpson case made news again more than 20 years after his trial. news broke that a knife was found on simpson's old property years ago that had recently been turned in to the los angeles
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police department. this development comes as the lead prosecutor in simpson's murder trial sits down for a candid interview. marcia clark tells "dateline" about the guilty verdict to this day. >> it was horrible. it was physically painful. that was not justice, and i thought of ron and nicole, and i thought this is wrong. it's so wrong. >> do you blame yourself for this? >> you know, i always do. i do. i was the one trying the case, but at the end of the day we really -- there was no way to reach that jury. there was no way to make them believe. >> you can see clark's full interview as well as interviews with others involved in the trial of the century is coming up tonight at 9:00 p.m. flying faster and quieter, nasa is working toward a supersonic jet that will some day be able to carry passengers. take a look at the artist concept of this possible supersonic jet. nasa says it would like to design a more eco-friendly
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safer, quieter plane and it is a supersonic heartbeat like a soft thump. and there you go. >> and nasa won an award that puts this jet design into motion. anything that gets you there faster sounds good. >> just a thump, not a boom. >> right. >> joining us from comcast sportsnet and i'll give you $10 not to mention the warriors game that was played today. >> we have to mention it. >> you know what, guys? it's my philosophy that they were trying to give kobe a retirement gift. a little gift. in kobe bryant's final game against the warrior, the lowly lakers stunned the dubs. a team that had won 12 games entering the nba beat the best team in the nba handing the dubs their sixth loss of the season. we'll have highlights and reaction next in sports. for the warriors.... but thison.
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another day, another record for the warriors, but this one isn't the good kind. oh, no. the lakers win over the dubs was the biggest upset in nba history based on the two teams' winning percentage and when you're a dubs team whose money is made at the three-point line shooting 13% from behind the arc makes for a not so golden day for golden state. let's show you how it happened. kobe bryant's final game against the dubs, 20 years in the nba
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pretty crazy. lakers up one and vintage kobe's fade-away jumper gives it a go. to the fourth, it was all late show. warriors down 16 and the lob to larry nance, jr., and then later in the fourth, jordan clark dribbles through the defense for the easy give and steve kerr not happy and wanted a double dribble call and it was that kind of day for the dubs and they lose 112-95. >> they played well. they were very aggressive, executed pretty well. we turned the ball over too much in the first half and didn't give ourselves any opportunities and just one of those nights that you want to avoid it at all cost, but it happened and we'll be all right. >> spring baseball action. the giants fell to the dodgers today 5-2 and they got started
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with san francisco and they gave up five hits and one earned run and struck out five in three innings of work and brandon coffer hit his first homer of spring. also in nationals sunday taking on the padres with the top four. no score. andrew lambeau, hola. adios. and the shot right to center and just like that it's 2-0 as. and the new athletic singles to right, billy burn scores and makes it 4-0 oakland and the as go on to win 6 to 5. with the lombardi trophy in hand the sheriff is officially riding off into the sunset. yes, nearly a month since denver's super bowl 50 win the broncos announced that peyton manning is retiring. the team will hold a press conference on monday and it's after 18 seasons and two rings, five mvps and basically every quarterback record that you could think of and the raiders
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will have to face manny twice a year and that's a good thing because when he played with denver the silver and black never beat the broncos and they did win once last year and that was with brock osweiler. >> team o ladies and gentlemenance aside he's had an incredible career and deserves the accolades. >> and bes when to go. >> thanks, fallon. >> we'll be right back with one last look at the storms. both are resting comfortabl
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we love this story and take a look at this little pup here and a wild sea otter, mom.
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>> the pup is just a fur ball right there. so cute. they're resting comfortably at the monterey bay aquarium and they're not residents of the awaquarium and the mama otter sm into deliver in the tide pools and they were trying to get away from the stormy seas and this is not the first time aquarium has seen a birth like this in the december and it had another otter showing up to give birth to escape the rough waters. >> if they don't live there and they showed up there they are squatter otters. >> squatter otters. well done, terry. >> think about storms right now. that was smart and they had the high surf advisory there and they want to get closer to shore. and those caused issues tonight and a flash flood watch through 4:00 a.m. tomorrow and creeks and streams could rise as we see the frame rates and scattered showers and decreasing showers heading into the afternoon and highs in the low 60s and breezy though, into the afternoon, as well. >> thanks a lot. thanks for choosing nbc bay area
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news. we'll see you back here at 11:00. have a good night. >> good night. doug mcconnell: hello, i'm doug mcconnell, and we've got
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some great discoveries for you along the open road. doug: we'll explore the scenic treasures of sonoma's russian river watershed. we'll find grand, protected landscapes, popular public plazas, and riverside playgrounds, wild wonders, ancient history, and billion-dollar views of the california coast. we'll learn how children and young adults are nurturing nature, and themselves, in the east bay, and we'll meet talented and generous artists painting in our public parks and open spaces, and helping protect them at the same time. [music]


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