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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  March 8, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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what he saw last night. he was one of the first responders after a five-car commuter train derailed and one of the cars rolled into a creek in niles canyon. >> the car's in water, too. and then it went down the embankment there, so you're thinking a lot of injuries. >> reporter: investigators say the commuter train, which travels from stockton to san jose was derailed by a mud slide. >> we don't know where exactly the impact with that mud slide was to the train or exactly when it occurred. >> reporter: amazingly, while nine passengers were injured, there were no fatalities. >> one patient was down towards the bottom of this car here. that was a challenge. they weren't pinned, but they had to be put on a back board. >> reporter: you take a look at those union pacific workers have been working here around the clock. and all ace train services were canceled due to the derailment. still no apl on when they'll be
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running again. they've only had one incident like this in the past ten years. live in niles canyon, pete suratos, nbc bay area news. it bears repeating. no one died in the derailment. part of reason why is because emergency crews arrived at the scene very fast. we've got our hands on the dispatch calls. you're about to hear a portion of those calls seconds after the crash happens. >> partially in the creek, three passengers are -- correction, nine passengers in the train currently. >> total of 14 people ended up injured. four seriously hurt. we're learning that one passenger is out of the hospital. we continue our coverage now with marianne favro who joins us with what passengers were saying during those harrowing moments when the water and the mud started seeping into the train car. how are those injured passengers tonight? >> reporter: well, i just checked. a 24-year-old passenger remains here at washington hospital. he is listed in good condition. there's also a 52-year-old woman who is recovering at a medical
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center in castro valley. she's also in good condition. she's expected to be discharged from the hospital later tonight. today we talked to a lot of passengers about the harrowing moments after the derailment. looking at this aerial video of last night's train derailment is a sobering reminder to john wang just how lucky he was to get out unhurt. john says he was napping on the train when he was jerked awake. >> you can hear the boom, boom, then when the loek moab stopped, and it was not just a rolling stop. it was a complete 100% stop. >> wong was in the last train car and the lights went out and he had no idea the train derailed. it wasn't until later when emergency crews asked them to get out of the train car and walk a half mile along niles canyon road that he realized what had happened. >> the first train was literally in the creek. they told me that some of the
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emergency responders had to break the windows to get to some of those people. >> reporter: we also spoke with one passenger riding in the car that flipped into the creek. he diplomat wadn't want to appe camera but told me it was terrifying because water and mud was rushing in and one woman was pinned by the seat. emergency crews banged on window asking them to open the emergency door. that's when nine passengers inside were finally able to crawl to safety out of the other end of the car that was still connected to the track. one of the things that all of the passengers we talked to today commented on was how orderly the passengers were during that moment of chaos, and they say that they all went out of their way to help one another. reporting live in fremont, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> a lot going on when it derailed. as we mentioned this derailed because of that mud slide. you can see the impact and the
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debris right there on the track. and that slide right there of the earth. the niles canyon area did get a fair amount of rain over the past few days and more is on the way. let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. this is a by-product directly of our rainy weather. >> you have to wonder how they'll be shoring that up with possibly two to four inches of rainfall coming our way. specifically where this train derailed here right to the east of fremont, what we found is that in a four-day storm total they had about 3 to 3 1/2 inches in the vicinity of where that train derailed. that's one month's worth of rain in 96 hours. all of that water added so much weight to the hill and also the higher elevations, and that, of course, is why we had the land and the mud slide leading to this accident. now, just before the accident, we did have the train traveling through some heavier rainfall last night. the tracks were wet.
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it was traveling through light to also moderate rainfall. so it's going to be again interesting to see how they'll be able to shore that up and keep that line clear for the commuters with this heavier rainfall coming over the next seven days. we'll let you know about these storms in about 15 minutes. >> we'll see you short, jeff. we've been live tweeting about this derailment. it's right there on our front page. can listen to that unedited dispatch call in its entirety right there at just into our newsroom, oakland police on the defensive after a handicapped east bay man wrongfully accused of killing his wife died in police custody. melvin stubbs was checked into the jail on saturday. he ultimately died in their custody. county officials are saying staff went to great lengths to try to address those medical issues. they detmined that stubbs' wife was not the victim of a homicide which cleared him of murder charges. tonight we're getting new
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information about the officer-involved shooting in san jose. as we reported last night, police say an officer shot and killed a knife-wielding man who they say had already stabbed at least one person. today police and witnesses filled in some of the crucial details. nbc bay area's robert handa j n joins us with the what led to this particular shooting. >> reporter: the san jose police department is still investigating but police and neighbors are telling us more about what happened and why the officer fired his gun. san jose police say officers responded in the pouring rain last night to a report of a stabbing at third and martha street and today reported there were multiple stabbings from a domestic violence situation. police say an estranged husband had come to a house and somehow encountered his wife and what police call her male acquaintance. a neighbor said he heard a commotion early on. >> i heard the arguing. not sure what it was. then followed by like four loud
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"whys." why, why, why, why. >> reporter: he said a man staggered out of the house bleeding. >> went directly to him and told him he had to hold his neck because so much blood was coming out. >> reporter: a man came out holding a knife. when a woman ran out and jumped on his back. >> he started stabbing her. he stabbed her over his shoulder like this in the neck. >> reporter: he said the man fought off neighbors and ignored a police officer ordering him to stop. >> he had his gun drawn. he was going to shoot, but there was a kid. so the cop was good, he kind of waited. >> reporter: the officer fired about six shots before the man went down. police are not confirming or releasing shooting details yet but said the man shot was the focus of a domestic violence case there in december and called yesterday's shooting a hectic scene. >> with everyone in that area plus the fact that the suspect at any time could have started going back into that residence, that is why the officer did what
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he did. >> reporter: while police say the estranged wife did get a temporary restraining order against the suspect, police are not releasing the names of the people involved. we're told the estranged wife is hospitalized in critical condition. the other stabbing victim was treated and released. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. first, the arrest, now the fallout. a fraternity is suspending its chapter at uc santa cruz amidst a drug scandal. lambda phi epsilon released fraternity brothers and sorority sisters. they're all accused of running a drug ring. investigators uncovered $100 hss this of the drug mdma commonly called ecstasy or molly. decision 2016. one week after supertuesday voters in four are at the polls right now trying to decide their nominee for the presidential race. polls closed in michigan.
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if you're located in the central time zone, still open. and mississippi voters have less than an hour to go. we have four hours for republican voters in idaho and five hours for those in hawaii. we just learned hillary clinton is projected to win mississippi. right now she remains the front-runner just a hair over 100 delegates. mississippi still too early to call but donald trump is leading the gop pack with 392 delegates. our coverage of decision 2016 continues on "nightly news." lester holt is coming up in a few minutes. we'll look at donald trump and the surprise of the national picture when it comes to this election. is this so-called stop trump movement having any effect? supervisor david campos wants the city to declare a state of emergency to help speed up the opening of six new shelters. the move would help avoid some red tape.
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today campos called out mayor lee and the board of supervisors for what he called a failure to act. >> but anger does not help. cooperation does. >> this comes after hundreds of homeless people set up tents under the central freeway. the city did clear that tent city last week. i'm scott budman with a new way to pay for gas using your smartphone. coming up, how you can pay at the pump without leaving the front seat of your car. water running over the top of the dam here in maren county. wait till we show you what's happening 200 miles north of here in lake shasta. and good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. by this upcoming weekend nearly a foot of snow expected across the sierra. we're tracking your next round of rain. i'll have details on that.
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you can see it there, tense moments in marin county today during a chopper rescue of a hiker stranded on a cliff. lots of agencies coming together to make this rescue happen. now, our recent rains are pushing up lake levels at an impressive pace. on the left we want to show you video of folsom lake from
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december, on the right what the lake looks like this week. we've been checking on reservoir levels around northern california and joins us from marin where the reservoirs are overflowing. >> reporter: marin is really the outlier in a state that's thirsty for water. the dam here at von tempe has been overflowing for most of the winter. what's news is what's happening 200 miles north of here at lake shasta. last year lake shasta was 150 feet below tree line. by the middle of this week it will have risen 100 feet from that low point. it is now 67% full and climbing at a rate of 35 to 45,000 cubic feet per second. think roughly double the amount of water flowing down the colorado river. >> it's certainly good. we're running pretty close to normal. >> reporter: doug parker is the director of the california institute for water resources. he said normal is fantastic
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compared to the past five years but the hope is we'd be above normal this year. folsom lake is currently 10% above its normal or average for this time of year. and for the first time in five years folsom has opened its flood gates. here in marin where the grass couldn't be any greener, gabby admits sometimes it's hard to toe the line on conservation when her kids want to play with the garden hose. >> the fact that it's been raining. they think, let it slide so you can play with the water. >> reporter: i checked with marin's water district to see how many people might be letting the water run. marin has had a goal of cutting water use by 20%. >> we're at about 21% right now. so we're doing good. >> reporter: and coming up at 6:00, changing habits on water use and more on the remarkable rise of one of the state's largest lakes. reporting from marin, mark matthews, nbc bay area news. a hot topic on the peninsula, the increased noise
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from airplanes. today a standing room only crowd voicing its complaints. small planes using the san carlos airport were the focus of today's meeting. the airport right there off of 101 is home to 500 planes and dozens of related businesses. those supporting the airport far outnumber those wanting restrictions. the critics question the safety of this busy little airport in the heart of the density populated 101 corridor. >> there's probably 160 people a day, maybe 200 people a day. they affect almost 40,000 people. >> i'm disturbed when i see they're intending to shut down powerful innovation happening at this airport. >> this meeting was a study session to hear from the community. recommendations will be drawn out before the board of supervisors take action in june. many of us have smartphones but very few of us actually use them to pay for things. that could be changing in a big way beginning today you can use
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your phone to pay at the pump. our business and tech reporter scott budman is reporting. i'm surprised we don't already do this. how will this work? >> reporter: raj, you bring up a good point. a lot of people have put off paying for things with their smartphones until they could find something they wanted to pay for. maybe that thing will be gas. it's a familiar routine. pay at the pump or pay inside. either way it takes time and now there's an app for that. >> so it is faster than using a credit card. >> reporter: exxonmobil just rolled out an app. they call it speed pass plus. and it will let you pay for gas from your smartphone, iphone or android. it's secure with yr thumbprint. you're probably already on your phone anyway. >> it's these everyday type purchases that consupers are looking for as a way to really make mobile payment compelling
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for them. >> if you have a rainy day or something like that and you need gas, you don't have to get out of your car. that would be one of the perfect things. >> reporter: the newest way to buy gas. all you have to tell your phone is which pump you're using. now, chevron here in the bay area experimented late last year with a way to pay with your phone at a few of its stations. who knows? this could be the next big thing in mobile. scott budman, nbc bay area news. can i buy gas with your phone? >> if you can find my phone. i don't know where it is. that's a big problem. >> it's right here. >> that's where it is, yeah. jeff talking about the next storm that's coming in. >> talking about gassing up your car, you don't want to do that in the rain. it will get active in the next five or six days. most immediately we're tracking areas of light to moderate rainfall developing right here from san francisco down to peninsula. and this rain is moving off to
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the south. so it's missed a portion of the bay area. but right now the peninsula looking at moderate rainfall. santa clara valley and contra costa and alameda valleys. temperatures starting off not quite as cold. down to 48 in the north bay, san francisco 53 for the peninsula, 52. let's get a look. not just one storm we're tracking but a potential active pattern that could have five different storm systems right into next monday. so what i want to do is detail the first two storms. and that's a lot to digest, but at least you'll know exactly here hour by hour what to expect. you can see that next storm system really starting to arrive by 11:30 tonight marin, napa, sonoma counties, but the thing with this storm is as it moves off to the south and the east it will rapidly weaken in its strength. i still think we'll have some scattered areas of rainfall to start for wednesday morning. after this we'll find our next chance of rain coming our way by
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thursday morning, but the thing to watch out for with this storm is while we'll get heavy rainfall here across the north bay to san francisco down to about fremont, watch san jose as we advance this. the rainfall is going to have a hard time getting down to you. so on thursday everybody could be getting some rainfall except san jose the way it's looking right now. but then as we hit friday's forecast, it will be a better chance for widespread heavier rainfall. i really think thursday heavy rainfall but definitely locked in for friday. take you through the micro climate forecast. temps in the 60s across san francisco for the mission, the peninsula at 62, palo alto mix of sun, spotty showers and 69, for the south bay mainly a cloudy afternoon and 68 degrees. north bay, east bay, tri-valley we'll keep that chance of scattered rainfall throughout nap ta, santa rosa and fremont cloudy and 69. over towards oakland there's
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spotty showers coming out our way. let's go ahead and sum things up with our rain outlook. once again chance of rainfall early wednesday morning, then another chance on thursday and friday and still looks like a wetter weather pattern on saturday evening into sunday and monday. so it's all of these different storm system. how much rainfall? we see things fluctuate a little bit. the north bay down to about livermore has a good chance of two plus inches as we look ahead all the way through this upcoming sunday. but then when you get to san jose southward, we're looking at potentially less. either way a good amount of rainfall as we look toward the next several days. more coming up at 6:00 p.m. thank you, cracking down on these speed hogs. the penalty that you could face if you pick up more than one seat on b.a.r.t. happening now.
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==vl== 've tweetedhe ways youan watc happening now, we've tweeted the ways you can watch today's total solar eclipse. right now the moon is moving to slowly block the sun. here's the catch. you can't see it here in north america, but nasa is live streaming the event online. we've posted video on our facebook page of rescuers who pulled children to safety when their school bus got stuck in high water.
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rookies on the call. oakland police say newly hired dispatchers may be to blame for officers' slow response to two recent crimes. it took police more than an hour to get to a break-in at a home in montclaire on february 20th. a week later a family in rockridge called 911 when they found a man with a knife inside of their home. officers didn't respond until 90 minutes later. the area's police commander posted this apology on the next door app. he says the rookie dispatchers didn't assign the right priority to the call and says they are working to improve their training. it's a green light for california's bullet train. the superior court judge today ruled that california's high-speed rail ploj can go forward. a group of land owners had argued that the state's projections on ridership, construction and operating costs are just not reliable.
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a judge ruled the state's plans do not violate promises made to voters when they approved the project. the latest plan calls for a 250-mile segment to begin operating by the year 2025. seat hogs are a problem on b.a.r.t. trains so a crackdown is being proposed. you know who they are. they take up more than one seat. they spread out leaving you standing. the director says trains have become too crowded to tolerate that kind of rudeness. he's proposing an ordinance that would fine violators $100 for first offense. repeat violations could cost $500. you want to take a hike, officials at yosemite will only allow 225 permits per day during this hiking season that's expected to run from late may through early october. applications for permit are now
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open. lottery winners will be notified by e-mail. a solar eclipse is happening, but on the other side of the world. we're going to show it to you coming up. we continue to trackdevelopment=
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coming up tonight at 6:00, we continue to track developments on that ace train derailme derailment. we're at the hospital talking to first responders and the survivors. finally here at 5:00, the sun is falling into shadow right now. in is the feed from nasa, a total solar eclipse. the moon is passing between the sun and the earth blocking the sun. the period of total eclipse called totality, and jeff, correct me if i'm wrong, totality will happen for about four minutes beginning in about nine minutes. the last total solar eclipse happened last year. you cannot see it here if you just go outside. you got to log on to the nasa feed which we've linked to you on our website. >> it's funny because you know it's real because it's nasa. but that kind of looks fake. >> like someone drew it. >> thank you for joining us here. up next more on this super tuesday results from lester holt and "nightly news."
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a massive system unleashing flash floods. trapping children in their school bus. 26illion at risk as the threat continues for days. mystery bullets, who fired the shot. a dramatic new video of occupier's. carbs and cancer, could some of your favorite foods increase your risk of lung cancer. a dad hailed as a hero for his split second reflexes,


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