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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 8, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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last 20 minutes ace announced it will resume normal service tomorrow. meaning that those tracks are now good to go. >> we've had several reporters on the scene for nearly 24 hours. let's begin tonight with pete suratos amidst the rugged terrain of the niles canyon. >> reporter: the session of that commuter train that derailed into the creek was taken away by union pacific crews about an hour ago. i had to chance to speak to some first responders. they tell me they've never seen anything like this. crews clearing out trees. trying to get things back on track. >> we had to actually get through the brush. once we got through the brush we were able to see we have a car in the water. >> reporter: judson duffy with cal fire was one of the first responders last night after a five-car ace commuter train derailed. one of its cars rolling into a creek in niles canyon around 7:30 p.m. last night. >> one patient was down towards
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the bottom of this car here. so that was a challenge. they weren't pinned but they had to be put on a backboard. >> reporter: investigators say the commuter train which travels from stockton to san jose, was derailed by a mudslide. >> you can see the mud that's halfway to the rear cars when you're up there. there were crews last night trying to help dig out some of the mud to clear the wheels to be able to pull rail cars. >> reporter: investigators with union pacific say while nine passengers were injured, there were no fatalities. a surprise to first responds when you look at the extent of the accident. >> the cars in the water then it went down the embankment there. so you're thinking a lot of injuries. >> reporter: we're taking a look at the train tracks and being told by ace train services they'll resume regular service again tomorrow morning. but you can expect delays in this niles canyon area. now until this incident they've only had one derailment in the past ten years. live in niles canyon, pete s
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suratos, nbc bay area news. >> want to show you what the workers have accomplished. on the left moments after that derailment. on the right video our chopper got a few hours ago. no train cars in the water but you can see the tracks are still a problem there. >> as for the passengers, truly amazing that no one was killed here. let's bring in marianne favro at washington hospital in fremont, mary ann. >> reporter: raj, only two passengers remain hospitalized tonight. one a 24-year-old man who was hospitalized here at washington hospital. and he is in good condition. also a 52-year-old woman is also in good condition at eaton medical center. tonight we talked to a lot of passengers who described the hair harrowing moments after that train derailed. >> terrifying. tonight that's how one passenger is describes his experience inside this ace train car that derail and plunged into a creek in fremont last night. he didn't want to appear on camera but told us soon after the car flipped water and mud started to rush in.
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he says there were nine passengers in the car, one woman was pinned by a seat and another man's head was bleeding. he says the conductor who was also bleeding from the head crawled onto the top of the overturned car and banged on the window, instructing passengers to open the emergency door. >> i felt a jerk and a very abrupt stop. >> reporter: kathy was a passenger in the middle car and says she's amazed everyone got out safely. >> very orderly. no, it was very orderly. >> reporter: john wang of sunnyvale was in the last car and says at first he didn't even realize the train had derailed. >> we saw emergency vehicles one after another. blue and red lights everywhere. and that's when we found out that it was something serious. somebody is hurt. >> reporter: he says rescue crews had to break windows to get people out. >> the first train was literally in the creek. >> reporter: wong says emergency crews asked uninjured passengers to get off the train and walk a half mile along niles canyon road in the rain and chilly
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temperatures. >> it's just like unbelievable. kind of a -- i feel like we're refugees. >> reporter: wong says it wasn't until he finally got home and saw this video that he realized just how lucky he was to escape unhurt. all the passengers we talked to today commented on how calm and orderly all the passengers were. and they talked about how they all worked together. here's a perfect example of that. in that train that overturned into the creek bed, three men came to the rescue of a woman who had been pinned by the satellite and they were able to free her so she could get out. reporting live in fremont, marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> those are nice stories to hear. thank you, marianne. we know they're a danger in wet weather. so how can we predict these landslides? we talked to local scientists who have identified trouble spots in several bay area communities. that story ahead at 6:30. we've also obtained the 911 tapes from the moments after this derailment.
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>> we've got partially in the creek. steak now i see three passengers consider or correction nine passengers in the train currently. >> to listen to full 911 dispatch calls head to our web site,, the train derailment is the top story of our home page. turning now to decision 2016, voters in four states are deciding who should be on the november ballot in the race post white house. and right now, all eyes are on two states, michigan and mississippi. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is tracking the results for us. michelle where do things stand right now? >> reporter: at this point we're still waiting on results in three states, idaho, hawaii and michigan. nbc news has just learned that donald trump is projected to win michigan. it's still too close to call for the democrats. also on the republican side, nbc news is projecting trump as the winner in mississippi. on the democratic side, hillary clinton is projected to win there as well.
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so far trump is still leading the gop pack with 397 delegates. on the democratic side, clinton is the frontrunner with just over 1100 delegates. happening now, trump supporters in miami are waiting to go hear from him. and tonight we'll be following all the results and speeches coming up at 6:30 we'll hear from the candidates. jessica, back to you. >> okay. thank you very much. well, oakland police are on the defensive after a handic handicapped east bay man wrongly accused of killing his wife died in jail. melvin stubbs was booked into the santa rita jail on saturday. deputies say they took him twice to the hospital to deal with blood sugar issues he was having. he ultimately died in their custody. tonight county officials are defending the jail saying staff went to great lengths to attempt to address mr. stubb's medical issues. today investigators determined that stubb's wife was not the victim of a homicide at all and they cleared him of murder charges. it's a problem we've helped expose. medical identity theft. after an arrest prompted by our
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investigation, a south bay man gives an emotional courtroom statement. he says his own brother hurt him for years. senior investigative reporter vickie nguyen joins us with the details. >> reporter: raj, ronny vogel spoke from the heart today. he said his brother gary stole his identity and something worth much more, his sense of securit security. >> [ inaudible ] that he stop doing this to me. please stop using my personal information. >> reporter: we first introduced you to ronny vogel a year ago. he said he was the victim of medical identity theft. for years someone had been using his name and social security number to get medical treatment at hospitals across the country. it's a crime that affects an estimated 2.3 million americans a year. experts say it can have serious consequences. >> the medical aspect of this could have killed me if i would have been treated for the wrong thing. >> reporter: ronny suspected his brother, gary wane vogel, and
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turned to us for help. our investigation prompted the santa clara district attorney to get involved. they worked with officers in washington state and last december they arrested gary wayne vogel and extradited him to the bay area. in january he pled guilty to ten felony counts of false impersonation. today a judge sentenced him to 16 months in county jail with credit for the eight months he's already served. gary vogel apologized to his brother, adepression him for the first time in 20 years. >> medical identity theft is happening, it's growing, it's going to happen to so many people out there. and i want to find one way or another to use my life to bring about some kind of change. >> reporter: and ronny is still fighting over bills and trying to clear his name. meanwhile, the troubles for his brother may not be over. we have just learned that gary wayne vogel now faces multiple felony identity theft charges in washington state as well.
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guys? >> vickie, thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call at 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at i'm mark matthews. atop the the dam in marin county where water is spilling over the spillway. but the big story is 200 miles north of here. we'll take you there coming up. i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. we're expecting 6 to about 11 inches of snow by this weekend across the sierra. what about bay area rain? that's on the way as well. we're tracking five different storms. we'll have details on that in about seven minutes. i'm robert handa live in san jose where police and neighbors are providing more details about the recent officer-involved shooting. coming up hear from neighbors about the violent and bloody domestic violence situation that led to the shootings. about a deadly police ooting
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and the blood fight tt led up to it. as we repoed, poli say an officer shot and kill a we're learning new details about a deadly police shooting and the blood fight that led up to it. as we reported, police say an officer shot and killed a knife-wielding suspects last night after he apparently stabbed two victims. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us from police headquarters. robert, i understand police and witnesses are filling in some crucial details now. >> reporter: that's right. the police department is still investigating. but at this point they are still not releasing the names of the officer or the other people involved. but police and neighbors are telling us about what led to the
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shooting. san jose police say officers responded in the pourlg rain last night to a report of a stabbing at third and martha streets and today reported there were multiple stabbings from a domestic violence situation. police say an estranged husband had come to a house and somehow encountered his wife and what police called her male acquaintance. a neighbor said he heard a commotion early on. >> i heard arguing, not sure what it was, and then followed by like four loud whys. why why why why? >> reporter: next-door neighbor james balance said a man staggered out of the house bleeding. >> went directly to him, told him he had to hold his neck because so much blood was coming out. >> reporter: ballard said a man came out holding a knife when a woman ran out and jumped on his back. >> he started stabbing her. he stand her over his shoulder like this in the neck. >> reporter: ballard says the man fought off neighbors and ignored a police officer ordering him to stop.
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>> he had his gun drawn. he was going to shoot but there was a kid on the opposite side of the guy. the cop was good. he kind of waited. >> reporter: ballard says the officer fired about six shots before the man went down. police are not confirming or releasing shooting details yesterday but said the man shot was the focus of a dessic violence case in december and called yesterday's shooting a hectic scene. >> with everyone that was in that area, plus the fact that the suspect anytime could have started going back into that residence, that is why the officer did what he did. >> reporter: again, police say the estranged wife did get a temporary restraining order against the suspect but did not provide any further details. we're told the woman is still hospitalized and in critical condition. the other stabbing victim was treated and released. live in san jose, robert han darks nbc bay area news. >> okay, thank you. that shooting that robert was referring to is the first of the year. police say there were 12 such shootings in san jose last year. half of those shootings turned
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out to be deadly. we condition to track that hit-and-run in castro valley. a 6-year-old boy was hit by the driver of a stolen car. tonight the boy is recovering at a local hospital. he was hit near marshall elementary school yesterday on the way to school. witnesses say the driver ran off soon after this crash. daniel morris is the primary suspect. officers also say morris and a team of burglars broke into the livermore ford dealership. this is the surveillance video there. and they stole five cars early yesterday morning before that hit-and-run. the final thumbs up late this afternoon san francisco raised the tobacco buying age from 19 to 21. city officials were given a yes vote to anyone who buys cigarettes must be 21. it conflicts with state law which states they must be 18.
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the assembly has approved it. now senators must vote on it as well. let's talk about our weather, scattered showers across the bay area right now. you see the green right there on our live doppler radar. nothing, though, like what we saw over the weekend. all that rain certainly helped fill our reservoirs which are now flowing again. a big difference from what we saw even just last month. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in marin county this evening. mark, the reservoirs are looking much better. do you have some sort of report card for us? >> reporter: yeah, i do. i got a reservoir roundup. you can see behind me the water spilling over the dam here at von tempe. the big story is about 200 miles north of here at lake shasta. see that brown dirt ring around lake shasta? well, in december that ring was 90 feet wider than it is right now. and it has the water rises that ring's been disappearing at a rate of three feet per day.
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this is folsom lake and this is the biggest release from the floodgates at folsom in the past five years. in the santa cruz mountains, lexington reservoir is at 42% capacity but lochlomen is at 85%. so is lafayette reservoir in the east bay. >> we're running pretty close to normal. expectations were higher than normal with the el nino year. >> reporter: this man says we're not out of the woods yet even though with all of the rain it sometimes seems like it. at court madera town park i asked residents if they sometimes think it's okay to relax on conserving. >> we shouldn't be thinking that, but we do. it slips out. >> no, not for me. i've been very conscientious about water conservation. >> i used to literally sit there to brush my teeth and watch the water go. i have a little one now so now it's a no no. >> reporter: the chief engineer
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says marin's goal was cutting use by 20%. >> we're at about 21% right now. so we're doing good. >> reporter: the man who keeps track of the state's water resources says remember, nearly 40% of the state's water is coming from groundwater. and aqua first take a lot longer than reservoirs to fill. >> groundwater can take anywhere from a year to five years to recharge. >> reporter: so we need a number of light-years to continue in order to recharge the groundwater. you heard me say that lexington reservoir was at 40% with all of this rain you might think it would be higher but they have been drawing water down from lexington in order to recharge the talk whiaqua fir. let's find out how much more water wille pouring into those reservoirs. jeff rainieri has predictions for the next of the week in terms of rainfall. >> i think we're good for another 2 inches across the bay area.
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scrolling forecasts continue to populate several days of rain chances coming our way. great news for the reservoirs and also sierra snow pack. we have this huge stream of sub tropical moisture that is key during el nino. the past month and a half it's been pointed right up towards seattle. but you can see this stream of sub tropical moisture is now aimed right at the california-oregon border. what we'll see tomorrow morning this beginning to lower a little bit more to keep rain chances in our forecast through wednesday morning. the bark really looks worse than the bite here on the current doppler radar and satellite. looks like a lot of rainfall. more a light scattered shower that's falling throughout the peninsula. nothing too heavy. but any kind of showers falling still getting the roadways dangerously slick after heavy rainfall this weekend. san mateo to los altos. east bay at 47 and san francisco starting off at 53. not looking at super heavy rain
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but do expect wet roadways. throughout tomorrow's forecast we'll keep spotty showers in the mix. south bay in the upper 60s. here's how future cast plays it out. north bay, coast, san francisco, contra costa county, some of the best chances of that morning rainfall. then as we look ahead towards thursday's forecast we have another round of some heavy rainfall coming our way. we're going to detail not only this storm but potentially a total of five systems over the next six days. that's in about 20 minutes. a new way to pay for gas at the pump using your smartphone. i'm scott budman. if you need to gas up and pay, there's an app for that. asking his supporters to takhe .
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donald trump is firing back at his critics of the pledge he's asking his supporters to take. he says it's ridiculous to compare to it a nazi salute. you can read that story right now at also it's finally here. our first look at the "game of thrones" season six. we've tweeted out the link to hbo's trailer which features most of the show's main characters. we're back in a moment.
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they say denny's 7-pepper spicy skillet is crazy spicy, but how crazy could it be... denny's new crazy spicy skillet. denny's. welcome to america's diner. user your cell phone to pay for things was behind as the next big thing in mobile. but not everyone really jumped on that mobile pay bandwagon.
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but maybe this will be the game changer. using your phone to pay at the pump. >> and a story you'll see only on nbc bay area, our business and tech reporter scott budman gives us a test run. scott show us the phone, show us how it works. >> reporter: yeah, jessica, you guys are absolutely right. other than the occasional store or coffee shop, most smartphone users haven't found places they really want to shop with their mobile devices. but maybe the game changer will be your local gas station. if you're at the gas pump, you know you have to pay. and you probably have your smartphone close by. now you can combine the two and pay for gas with an app on your phone. >> in a case like that, yeah. i definitely would. i mean, it makes sense. that's where technology is going. >> reporter: exxon mobile will now let you pay for gas with a few touches on your phone. download its app called speed pass plus, connect it to your credit card, apple pay is
6:25 pm
already built in if you're using an iphone, and let the phone know which pump you're on. it might be the killer app phone payment companies have been waiting for. >> visit to the service station, visits to the coffee shops, to the grocery store, eventually, and fast food restaurants, casual dining. those are the type of places that really people want to be able to use this so it makes their life much easier. >> reporter: but not everyone is sold on our phones giving us away to bypass the traditional ways to pay. >> you know, i've seen so many stories on swiping cards and doing all that. i have an absolute fear of that. >> reporter: it is pretty new. but it will help you both find a station nearby and get you out and on your way a little faster, too. it may be catching on. chevron has also experimented with payment by phone. you can download that free app on your iphone or android device. reporting live in san jose, scott budman, nbc bay area news.
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an update on the train derailment in niles canyon. we'll tell you what's next for crews. going into the landslide season. >> local geologists are concerned that another landslide is around the corner. can they predict where it's about to happen? that story is next. trt:03
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==jess/con== buthere wer't as many asfeared.
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went down an embankment there. so you're thinking a lot of of injuries. >> but not as many as there could have been. victims remaining in the hospital tonight. crews are working to clear derailed ace train from the tracks in alameda county. they have been successful. a landslide covered the tracks. knocked the first train car into that creek. >> a lot of progress in these last 23 hours. it's now out of the water and those tracks are about to reopen. nbc bay area's pete suratos joins us from niles canyon with some key updates. pete. >> reporter: yeah, that final rail car was taken out of the creek about an hour ago. and investigators tell me they believe a mudslide caused all this mess. but some first responds say when they showed up last night they were expecting the worst. as crews clear trees, working to pull this commuter train out of the creek. >> we got through the brush and
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sought car in the wurt. >> reporter: this man with cal fire explained to me what he saw last night. he was one of the first responds after a five-car ace commuter train derailed and one of its cars rolled into a creek in niles canyon around 7:30 p.m. last night. >> the car was in water, too. and then it went down an embankment there. you're thinking a lot of injuries. investigators say the commuter train, which travels from stockton to san jose, was derailed by a mudslide. >> we don't know where exactly the impact of that mudslide was to the train or exactly when it occurred. >> reporter: amazingly, while nine passengers were injured, there were no fatalities. >> one patient was down towards the bottom of this car here. so that was a challenge. they weren't pinned but they had to be put on a backboard. >> reporter: as you can see in the distance, crews are still at it tonight. and ace train will resume regular service tomorrow morning. you can expect delays in the niles canyon area.
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until this incident they've only had one train derailen in the in the last ten years. pete suratos, nbc bay area news. >> pete, thank you. the warning signs were there. we spoke with geologists just hours before that ace train derailed. they anticipated local trouble spots for landslides. and the risk continues in many bay area communities as long as el nino is still with us. a view from above shows a wicked scar, what remains after thousands of pounds of mud and trees tum billion dollar into the path of this commuter train. >> we are well into the landslide season. we're look at a year where we could see some failures in march if the next round of storms is powerful. >> reporter: just hours before last night's landslide, geologist jonathan stock told us that water pressure sensors. >> this is the kind of instrument in the ground out on the landslide site -- >> reporter: were already showing elevated levels after last weekend's storms. >> that's the kind of pressure you feel at the bottom of the
6:32 pm
swimming pool that pressures on your ears. that's causes landslides. >> reporter: the usgs has been monitoring four sites in the bay area since 2009. marin can't, san bruno, pacifica and castro valley, not far from the niles canyon landslide which caused the train to derail. at this moment, three of the four locations show standing water in the soil. that's a red flag. those areas are ripe for landslides. just add water. >> the shallow kinds that go bump in the night during these storms, it's lots of rain at once that we worry about. >> reporter: stock says about half an inch of water per hour is needed to cause a slide. according to the national weather service, only .10 inch had come down in niles canyon at the time of the derailment. the usgs says the science is not advanced enough yet to predict landslides. but this season we should expect them. >> we have lots of steep slopes. we have a lot of trouble spots around the bay area. >> geologists say they haven't been able to collect much data because of our drought but
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they're hoping this season they can learn enough to someday issue those warnings. stay with us as we get updates on the developing story. we're also updating all our digital platforms 24/7. decision 2016 now voters in four states are deciding who should be on the november ballot in a race for the white house. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is tracking the stories for us. where are we at at this point? >> reporter: results are pouring in voters in idaho and hawaii are still casting their ballots. but in michigan nbc news is projecting donald trump as the winner. it's still too close to call for the democrats. in mississippi, nbc has projected that donald trump will also win the republican primary there. john kasich is currently in second. for the democrats, hillary clinton is projected to win by a landslide. right now she has 83% of the vote to challenging bernie sanders with 16. today's win keeps clinton as the frontrunner. she now has more than 1100 delegates. for the gop, trump is still in the lead with 413 delegates.
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and just minutes ago, trump and clinton spoke to their supporters after hearing about their big wins tonight. >> and i don't think i've ever had so many horrible, horrible things said about me in one week. $38 million worth of horrible lies. but that's okay. it shows you how brilliant the public is. because they knew they were lies. and it was just really amazing to watch. . we are so excited to have the campaigns building across the state. and this campaign is about building a future, where every american can live up to his or her full potential, no matter where you come from, what you look like, or who you love. >> the polls in idaho close in about an hour and a half and results for hawaii will come in after 10:00 p.m. jessica, back to you. >> okay, thank you, michelle. we invite you to stay with us
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for the latest election results. we are constantly updating our web site. we'll have full coverage for you tonight at 11:00. a warning this evening for parents in the north bay. there was a possible attempted kidnapping at an elementary school. police say a man pulled his white pickup truck up to a 9-year-old student in the parking lot of hahn elementary school in roaner park. this happened just after 8:00 yesterday morning. so right before school. officers say the man tried to lure that student into his truck, but the student quickly ran to notify school staff. the man sped off. first the arrest now the fallout. the fraternity suspending is chapter at u.c. santa cruz following a drug scandal. police arrested three of the members today. yesterday along with three sorority sisters of alpha kappa delta phi are accused of running a drug ring. investigators found $100,000 of the drug known as molly.
6:36 pm
the fraternity is cooperating with investigators. new at 6:00, convicted of traveling overseas to have sex with minors. that's the verdict for a peninsula man after a six-week trial in l.a. prosecutors say ronald boyagian travelled to cambodia where he paid pimps and impoverished families for access to girls as young as 8 years old. because he was previously convicted of child molestation he was found guilty as failing to register as a sex offender. he face as sentence up to 30 years in federal prison. police say newly hired dispatch may be to blame for officer' slow response to two recent crimes. took police more than an hour to get to a break in at a home in montclaire in january. the area's police commander says the rookie dispatchers didn't assign the right priority to the call. he says they're now working to
6:37 pm
improve that training. division on the peninsula when it comes to airplanes. a standing room only crowd met today to debate the future of the san carlos airport. it's located right there on 101. noise complaints about the small planes flying in and out of the airport have increased. the airport is home to about 500 planes and dozens of related businesses. of those supporting the airport, far outnumber those wanting more restrictions. but those critics also talking about the safety of so many people on the ground against the activity of just a few pilots. >> there's probably 160 people a day, maybe 200 people a day. they effect almost 40,000 people. >> and i'm disturbed when i see motions that are attempting to shut down powerful new innovation happening at this airport. >> today's meeting was a study session to hear from the community. recommendations will be drawn up before the board of supervisors take action in june.
6:38 pm
>> a high speep chase right out of a kid's tv show. why officers were following the scooby doo van? also move over. don't take up too much space. the plan to fine those seat hoggers on bart. @ -:52 " (chopper and winnoise)
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6:40 pm
8 check this out. tense moments mar county today s a helicopter was summoned to rescue a hiker on a cliff. it was too hard for workers to reach on foot so the chp flew its chopper out for that job. hogging seats is rude. we all know that. but now bart wants to make it against the law as well. a seat hog is someone who takes up more than one seat on a
6:41 pm
crowded train either by sleeping or spreading themselves out or putting their personal belongings on more than one seat. now that ridership is up seat hogs are a problem so a crackdown is being proposed. bart's director is asking that a there be an ordinance that would fine violators $100 for the first offense. repeat violations could cost you more than $500. here's an odd one. a woman driving a van resembling scooby doo's mystery machine led police on a high-speed chase. it wasn't daphne or velma. here's the van an officer tried to pull over during a traffic stop on sunday. this happened in redding. it's green and blue as you can see with the mystery machine painted on the side. police say the driver took off, hitting speeds of more than 100 miles per hour. they've identified the suspect. here she is. sharon turmin is her name. investigators say she ditched the van and hasn't been seen since. >> hmm. >> you're making me laugh. >> i think shaggy should have been driving. that's the kind of thing he
6:42 pm
would do. >> let's go to weather. >> i know. okay. i could say a lot of things right here. but we're going to move on. live look from our san francisco sky camera. we do have a little bit of spotty shower activity tonight. we'll talk more about heavier rain in the forecast in just a few minutes. then a phenomenon in the skies. where and when the solar eclipse will be visible. already reeling from a clecrab r
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
the upcoming son season aralso bay area fishermen are already reeling from a closed crab season. now forecasts for the upcoming salmon season also look dismal. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. takes us north where efforts are under way to save a disappearing run of salmon. from there's one thing that gets fish lovers and fishermen excited it's the opening of the commercial salmon season in may. but the impact of several years' drought has taken a toll on these fish and put this upcoming season in jeopardy. even worse biologists have seen a drastic decline in federally
6:45 pm
threatened winter run chinook salmon on the sacramento river. >> if we get another another bad year like next year since salmon are in a three-year cycle it could see the demise of salmon. >> reporter: the town of regd marks the end of the road for adult salmon swimming up the sacramento river to spawn. it's also where some things begin. >> there's a fish ladder, a trap area. >> reporter: the dam is part of an effort to try to save the winter run chinook from extinction. the fish land in a special holding pen at the foot of the dam, and then the strangest part of their journey begins. >> the elevator takes the fish from the river level up to the top of the dam. >> reporter: an elevator lifts the fish to a waiting truck. then they're hauled up to shasta dam to the livingston stone fish hatchery. >> where we'll manually sort through them to dern which run is a winter run. >> this is a ripe late fall salmon. >> reporter: dna samples are taken, tags attached. >> that determines the hatchery origin fish. >> reporter: the biologists are
6:46 pm
searching for natural-born fish to add to the hatchery program. >> two weeks maybe. >> reporter: it's all part of an attempt to save the winter run salmon which have dropped to fewer than 4,000 fish on the sacramento river. >> what we're trying to do is save the run of fish. >> reporter: although fishermen are allowed to catch fall run fish, regulators will restrict the fishing season based on the number of winter run salmon. the smaller the winter run gets the less time an area out on the ocean a commercial fleet is allowed to fish. >> these are the one run of salmon everybody is considered about. for the hatchery manager the survival of these fish is personal. >> we saw these fish come back that i raised myself at the hatchery. >> reporter: with this year's survival rate at a did that will 3%, the effort to save these fish has become an upstream battle. joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. okay. new at 6:00, a crazy photo that begs an explanation. i call it divine swine intervention. here you see brother damian of
6:47 pm
san francisco's francis can order. yes, in that towel he's holding janet, a piglet. she was a naughty girl running around in traffic stopping the morning commute in the mission district. she's so cute. brother damian managed to catch janet no doubt because he's a francis can and st. francis as you know is the patron saint of animals. tonight janet is doing well. she's at animal care and control where everyone seems to love her. if no one claims janet after five days, janet will go to a pig rescue group. >> let's claim her. >> four minutes of sudden darkness covered parts of asia and the pacific ocean just a short while ago. did you see it? it was all from a total solar eclipse. if you didn't see it, here it is. this happens when the moon passes between the sun and earth, blocking the sun. a total eclipse called totality happened for four minutes at 5:38 our time. so about an hour ago. we couldn't see it from here, at least not with a naked eye but it was visible in indonesia.
6:48 pm
the last total solar eclipse happened last year. >> very dramatic. very exciting. >> cool to see. beautiful. let's turn things over to jeff who loves seeing a total e clipts. >> yes. makes my day. let's get a look at the other thing that makes not only our day but the past four years the fact we're finally getting into this wetter weather pattern again. you can seat doppler radar on satellite. we have activity happening. it's nothing heavy in terms of that rainfall. a lot of this is evaporating in the mid levels of the atmosphere. but we are tracking spotty showers in the north bay and peninsula as well. we'll begin at 50 in the south bay tomorrow, peninsula 52, san francisco 53 and north bay at 48. don't expect super heavy rainfall. again the roads will be wet with on again off again showers. it's going to be an active weather pattern. one system coming our way for tomorrow morning, potentially four others back behind this as we head throughout the next six-day period. let's detail out the first two
6:49 pm
for you. once again through tomorrow morning, we do have that chance of some rainfall coming back. it will be light to moderate here at 7:00 a.m. best chance right up into the north bay, the coastline back there towards contra costa county and the santa cruz mountains. after this we have another chance arriving as we head throughout thursday morning with heavier pockets expected from santa rosa to point reyes down through san francisco. as it advances keep your eye on san jose and watch what happens as this storm front continues push to the south on thursday. you can see it kind of snaps back here. really leaving san jose with possibly not as much rainfall on thursday. you want to watch out for that while you'll have a lot of rainfall from santa rosa to san francisco. once you hit san jose, totals may not be as high. again remember there is several more chances of rainfall coming our way. as we get a look at the microclimate forecast for wednesday that chance of scattered showers in san francisco, the marina at 61, financial district 62. for the peninsula palo alto 69 then back towards the coastline. 62 in pacifica.
6:50 pm
for the south bay mainly a cloudy day after a few spotty showers in the morning. 68 in san jose. north bay east bay and trivalley best chance of that rainfall in the morning. napa, santa row say, mitt valley. across the east bay cloudy conditions and 69 while oakland will have 68 and scattered rainfall. trivalley lots of clouds tomorrow and temps in the mid to upper 60s. as we get an overall look at this rainfall pattern the next several days, a chance of rainfall early tomorrow morning. then another chance on thursday and also on friday. coincidentally, the friday system does look stronger. and then as we head throughout saturday, sunday and monday, this wetter weather pattern looks to stay with us. in terms of rainfall totals from all of these different systems coming our way, it looks promising to get to 1 to 1.5 inches of rainfall across the bay area. some more than others. looks like the bull's eye to the northern counties, down to san francisco and orinda 2 to about 4 inches of rainfall.
6:51 pm
once you go south of redwood city it will be anywhere from 1 to 2 inches what we want to see after that dry february. we'll have a full update at 11:00 p.m. tonight. >> thanks, jeff. a team without a name. the problem forcing usf's baseball team to play on the road. and they also have a new nickname because of it. stay with us. the usf baseball field is der cs
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
well, it's a team with no home. the usf baseball field is under construction so the keep is playing its home games on the road. >> that's not very fair. of course they have a nickname, the vagadons.
6:54 pm
here's colin rush from the hilltop. >> reporter: usf dons baseball team has grown accustomed to this. 13 games into the season and not a single game played on the hilltop. >> it's a home game at santa clara against grand canyon. should be fun. >> reporter: hard for head coach nino's club to play at benedetti diamond these days because it's a construction zone and has been since their 60-year-old stadium started undergoing a facelift like august. the goal was to be ready for opening day. then mother nature intervened. >> comes from the rain. we so desperately need the rain right now. it's hard to root against it. because we need it. >> reporter: to steal a line from "field of dreams" if you build it they will come, they are just waiting for it to get built at this point. in the meantime, these vagadons as some have affectionately called them will continue to player with they're welcome. >> we're trying to find a home.
6:55 pm
thanks for cal for hosting giving us an opportunity to play there. st. mary's. santa clara today. everyone has been so helpful. >> the travel has been interesting. it's been fun for the team honestly. we've been able to build a camaraderie we haven't felt the last three years. it's been a good opportunity. i know it's not exactly what we want but we're dealing with it just fine. >> there aren't the comforts. but kids have done a wonderful job of dealing with the adversity, being on the road, not having a home field, not having a practice facility. i commend them for what they're doing. >> reporter: the current field forecast for game one at the new diamond? early april. in santa clara, not san francisco, colin resch, nbc bay area news. the steal and the usf dons have wouldn't west coast conference tournament. >> how about this? march madness is here. congratulations to the usf women's basketball team. late today you're looking at it, the dons upset byu. this gave usf a berth in the
6:56 pm
ncaa tournament for the first time since 1997. that's almost 20 years. a lot of smiles for head coach jennifer azie who has resurrected this program. >> okay. how about this? the guest speaker at a local elementary school today none other than steph curry himself. the most popular athlete in the country. got schooled and a little soap, too. this is at martin luther king elementary school in oakland today. he was there to promote water as a healthy alternative to soda. do you see what's happening there? water ended up on his head. the students taking a page out of the new warriors post-game celebration. how many superstars would be as good a sport as mr. steph himself? >> he's an awesome guy. >> that is great. >> not many people would probably do that. >> no. not at all. >> such a nice guy. >> what did you do at school today? oh, nothing. >> have a good evening. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
6:58 pm
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
erin andrews, never before seen tv crime show. the pilot she secretly shot right after her peephole scandal broke. >> now, on "extra." erin andrews, crime crusader. >> i'll help bring a voice to the nameless victims of crime. >> the tru crime tv pilot she hosted after her own hotel nightmare. plus, the breakdown on erin's courtroom win. >> how much of the $55 million she'll actually see. >> and reaction to the verdict from the new "dancing" cast just revealed today. >> i'm glad that justice is coming her


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