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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  March 13, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. >> right now at 11:00, a rainy weekend. and it's not stopping just yet. what you can expect for your commute tomorrow morning. >> and the wet conditions wreaking havoc across the bay area. landslides keeping people on edge. and to a developing story in the east bay. a small sinkhole here leads to big problems for one neighborhood. good evening. thank you for joining me tonight. terry mcsweeney has the night off. rising creeks flooded homes, even mud slides to contend with. we are seeing a lot of damage from the latest round of rain hitting the bay area. and we're certainly not out of the clear just yet. let's take you out live right now. this is taking a look at foster city. you can see the raindrops on the camera lens. also a bit of fog to talk about.
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we do have team coverage. nbc bay area's christie smith is standing by in moraga. but first, meteorologist rob mayeda has a breakdown of what we'll see overnight. >> adding up the totals of rainfall, more than half a footfalling across the north bay, santa cruz mountains, even mt. diablo close to 6 inches of rain as we wrap up the weekend. across san francisco and san mateo, about 2 to 3 inches of rain. and we saw an inch and a half around fremont and los gatos almost 2 inches of rain. all this falling down on area a reservoirs which reached over 100% capacity. relief at the uvas reservoir there. combined with the heavy rain earlier, a flood advisory up into morgan hill that has been allowed to expire as the rain now is going to decrease in intensity. still showers around the tri-valley, into san jose and areas south of san francisco seeing a few sprinkles right now. as we head towards tomorrow morning with less of the showers likely hanging on a little longer, especially four your peninsula and south bay commute tomorrow, still dealing with a
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little bit of rain during the day. but as the rain begins to wind down, the surf is cranking up. high surf advisory. waves to 18 feet. so beach erosion and more damage along the coast could be possible tomorrow. then a big pattern shift headed our way towards the middle part of the week. we'll talk about that and a warm-up in your seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to that. thank you so much. we do continue our coverage with a developing story in moraga right now. a shopping center evacuated. a neighborhood told to shelter in place after a sinkhole led to a ruptured gas line. christie smith is live with the latest. we saw from the mast camera, a lot of police activity around this area. >> that's right. this is kind of a business district. and we're being kept back because pg&e still hasn't capped off that gas line. they've been out here working on it for hours. every now and then you hear the jackhammer. they're doing quite a bit of digging. this started with a sinkhole that got bigger and bigger today, and there was a gas line
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that ran through it. shops along the shopping center the first to be evacuated. customer andrew helped customers get out quickly, i had to evacuate them. their safety comes first. >> reporter: the store closed early. chris labelle was trying to buy gas for his car when he saw firemen and police. >> they turned us around. we can't have anyone going over there there is a gas leak. >> reporter: earlier this afternoon a sinkhole formed at center street in moraga. by 5:00 p.m., a traffic pole gave way and dropped into the hole where pg&e runs a 4-inch distribution line. >> i was not here but heard it on the radio and heard the sound of the gas in the background while the officer was transmitting it. so what we did, we already had the immediate area cordoned off. and the officers began evacuating the surrounding business. >> reporter: initially there was a strong odor. one neighborhood told to shelter in place, my daughter is there and our pets are there. >> reporter: heidi and tom were out to dinner when police showed
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up. >> they just said we had to evacuate. that they're evacuating everyone in this restaurant. we just thought we had a little safe haven here to have something to eat. and they said no, you've got to go south of here. >> reporter: while pg&e brought teams many to work on the repair. >> right now crews are locating and marking the rest of the line so we know exactly where to dig. we're going pinch off the line. >> i'm sure they're doing everything they can. >> i just got an update from pg&e. and they're saying their crews will continue to work through the night to make this repair. but still don't have an exact time of when it will be completed. reporting live in moraga, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> a bit of a mess there, christie. thank you so much. that's not the only problem in moraga as well. experts being called in this week to inspect the soil around this landslide that we first reported last night. this is on augusta drive. two families have already voluntarily left their homes. a neighborhood in danville is dealing with a lot of muddy water and debris tonight.
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>> oh, yeah, this is nothing. >> now take a look at this muddy mess. it flowed right on to this man's driveway and into his garage. his flower bed now a small river. now this problem was caused by nearby drainage issues. >> yeah, the mud and the water are just flowed over the drainage ditch and came on to the streets. >> city crews did come out to clean up the street and unclog the drainage ditch which is where the problem started. neighbors, though are, still concerned it could easily happen again. and this is new video also just into our newsroom of a sidewalk in san francisco roped off because of a crumbling hillside. this is between clayton and uranus at 17th street. all of the apartments, though are, in the okay for now. they are watching that hillside closely. to the south bay now, where a campground is closed tonight after today's steady rain and the downpours in fact that caused a nearby creek to flood. more than 150 people had to be
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evacuated from the thousand trails campground. campers were quickly packing up their rvs and trailers to get out of the way. nbc bay area's chuck coppola continue ours team coverage from morgan hill. >> dozens of rvs and campers crossed a bridge that served as a main exit at thousand trails campground. large branches and other debris washed into the bridge. about 200 campers packed up. many were surprised how quickly the creek rose. >> i was not aware of how bad it would be. >> reporter: camper here is had some warning. a precautionary evacuation was ordered friday. by sunday morning, that changed to mandatory. >> the water has risen quite a bit since we got here about half an hour ago. >> reporter: so how much warning did you have this morning? >> they've gave me an hour. >> reporter: but not everyone got the word. or found sufficient help. >> i had to hook up. and really had to have them yell and shout to help me. they kept smiling. but i don't feel safe.
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>> reporter: the santa clara water district says uvas reservoir above the campground is full. uvas creek road when water started cascading down the spillway. reservoir's built-in escape valve. it was a sight that drew a parade of sight sears. >> i haven't seen it like this in i don't know how long. >> reporter: dozens of campers turned into it a temporary rv lot. by mid afternoon manied a moved to a nearby church. i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. >> you can watch the weather and also get the very latest updates and damage information right on your smartphone. just download our free nbc bay area app. new at 11:00, this water main break may cause some delays for those trying to get to dublin elementary school tomorrow morning. it has been fixed. but this afternoon's break damage ed the road. some homes in the area have no water. dublin police will be at the school tomorrow morning to help
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with drop-offs and also navigate the traffic. the university of california is changing how it reviews sexual harassment claims in the wake of a scandal at uc berkeley. it comes in light of an uproar over uc berkeley's mishandling of claims involving its law school dean. sujit choudary stepped down last week after his assistant reported the alleged harassment. the report claims uc berkeley did not do enough to punish choudary. janet napolitano is also ordering all senior leaders undergo sexual harassment training. a deadly hit-and-run in san francisco. tonight police are searching for the person behind the wheel. this crash happened yesterday evening in the tenderloin. police say two men were crossing the intersection at leavenworth and ellis streets when they were hit by a car. one man was killed. the other is still in the hospital. police say the driver fled the scene, and tonight remains on the loose.
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still no word on what caused that mysterious illness that hit an east bay hotel last night. this is video from the holiday inn express in walnut creek. six guests reported they were having trouble breathing and their eyes and throats were burning. one each went to the hospital for their treatment. others a paramedic helped out outside of the hotel. all of the victims said they smelled a pepper like odor in one of the hallways. the hotel evacuated about 100 people. all were let back in to the hotel a few hours later. coming up next, problems with the popular app used to transfer cash. the four-letter combination that can flag users for terrorism. and also new information nearly one year after a germanwings pilot intentionally crashed a jet into the alps. red flags raised than pilot that the airline never heard about. it's looking like we'll still see a little bit of light rain and showers at times through the morning commute as we track this stormy pattern
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across the west coast that's about to transition to a big pattern change ahead developing just off to our west. i'll show you tim pack on the next seven days, coming up when i come right back. nearly a year after a germanwino
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the french alps... the date nearly a year after a germanwings pilot intentionally crashed a jet into the french alps, the debate now continues about whether or not this tragedy could have been prevented. investigators just released their final report and it claims that red flags were raised about the pilot's mental health, but they never told the airline. nbc's kelly cobiella explains. >> reporter: just two weeks before flying a german wings jet into the french alp, killing everyone on board, french investigators say copilot andreas lubitz was diagnosed with possible psychosis and referred to a psychiatric hospital. on the day of the crash, lubitz was on two antidepressants and sleeping pills, investigators said. his employer was never told. nearly a year after the crash, the final report confirms lubitz purposely brought the plane
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down. 30 minutes into the flight, captain patrick sondheimer leaves the cockpit to use the bathroom. lubitz locks him out, changing the altitude from 38,000 feet to 100 feet, and increasing the speed. the captain pounds on the door. passengers scream for four minutes. then sounds of five violent blows to the cockpit door. 41 minutes after takeoff, the jet crashes into the side of the mountain at 400 miles an hour. the parents of passenger robert oliver calvo hope this report would explain how a suicidal pilot was allowed to fly. >> almost everybody completely is unsatisfied with the answers that were given. >> reporter: investigators say lubitz hid his condition from his employer, and doctors didn't reveal it, citing patient confidentiality. the final report recommends changing that by requiring doctors to speak out if a
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pilot's mental health threatens public safety, and requiring pilots to have more mental health checks. tonight germanwings' parent company lufthansa says it will support the recommendation. the airline denies wrongdoing. a criminal investigation could take years. kelly cobiella, nbc news, london. a job controversy is unfolding at south by southwest. ibthaj mohamud says a worker made her remove. he also said it is not their policy to make people remove any religious head covering. by the way, mohamud is expected to be the first female olympian to wear a it during the
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competition. an app that lets you pay others and receive cash. but users have been finding an odd glitch. they find in idek as their transaction description, puts it on hold until it is reviewed. idek is an acronym for i don't even know. but it could be considered forehand for the name of an organization link to radical islamic terrorists. good news for the drought. water from the sacramento river is spilling over a special retaining wall meant to divert water away from populated areas. this is the first time in four years that water has gone over what has been called the fremont clear. good to see that. also, lake shasta. so many people have been watching its decline. right now it sits at 100% of its historical average. great news as we see these new pictures. it's been three years since the state's largest lake has been full. the historical average for the lake is about 77% full. so we could have a lot more rain before it tops the lake's
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spillways. right now meteorologist rob mayeda is joining was the microclimate forecast. you've been watching the reservoirs and the lakes and putting together these great graphics. >> we've been looking at some of these graphics. the story across the south bay, the santa clara water district, the district averages 10 reservoirs about 61% of capacity. so places like lexington, well, it's not near 77% full or 99 of historical average. but tonight's gain, 28% of a gain since march. but other reservoirs such as the uvas to the south has gone above 100%. at times today 105%. and some of the releases it's good to help recharge the groundwater system, part of the natural process we have missed out on over the last two years. but you couple that with heavy rain and we did see localized flooding in the areas today. let's wind back in time for darcy nelson weather watcher. november 15th, 2015. and look at it today. quite a difference in just a few
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month's time. as you can see there. as of today, spilling over at 104 to 105% capacity. as more water feeds into that. we're still seeing showers out there tonight. the levels likely to stay high as we go through the week. right now in san jose, we're seeing showers over towards the tri-valley and back into san francisco and oakland. you can see mainly light, brief times a little moderate rain down around the peninsula. this is what we're going see as we head towards tomorrow morning. even though the pattern is still active, the rain likely to be relatively light. but obviously some wet roadways to contend with tomorrow morning. and the best chance of encountering the rain drops will be south of san francisco, with temperatures tomorrow in the 40s to start. hour-by-hour, we've got scattered showers tonight. and decreasing after we pass the morning commute. so the afternoon commute at this point looks dry. and we should stay dry for quite some time here. the rainfall projections here the next few hours, not much. enough to get the windshield wipers going, but not the few inches of rain we saw over the last couple of days.
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during the day tomorrow, more sunshine. temperatures starting to come up a little bit after the south bay showers begin to shut down. temperatures in the low 60s around san francisco. north bay and tri-valley. and from there, temperatures begin to rise. the seven-day forecast shows the jet stream is going to go away for a while that was the conveyor belt of all the storms of the last 12 to 13 days. high pressure returning. so check out the temperatures here as we head towards the middle part of the week. the north bay starting to spring forward. the temperatures, we're going to see highs in the mid-70s from wednesday into thursday. san francisco too by the time we get to wednesday and thursday could see numbers in the low 70s. peninsula temperatures low to mid-70s as we head towards wednesday and thursday for the east bay and tri-valley and san jose areas, south of downtown could have a chance at some upper 70s by wednesday and thursday. so this is a nice little break after almost 175% of the monthly average of rainfall came down for parts of the bay area in just the last few days. as we take a look at the pattern as we head towards next weekend, stay tuned. if you're looking for the next
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chance of rain other than the showers we'll see tomorrow morning, right now it looks like we'll begin to see the return of perhaps a wet pattern as we head towards next weekend. coming up in the next half hour, we'll take a closer look at the next perhaps series of storms. and just how far we've come in terms of the monthly rainfall averages from the 12 to 13 days of rain. peggy, back to you. >> the march miracle after a very dry february. thank you so much, rob. a flooding emergency unfolding in the south. a look at the devastation that is developing in louisiana tonight. seriously tough situation here for our neighbors in the south. problems that will linger long after the water recedes. and a southern california community finally let back home and into their homes after a gas line ruptures, spewing fumes into the air for weeks on end. their long nightmare deputy continue. we're going to show you how they're dealing with it after this. remain under threat of fla-
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floods across four states this is some of the devastation in the south where millions remain under threat of flash floods across four states. six people have died in these record breaking storms. tonight the region is on high alert for possible tornadoes. widespread and deadly floods after days of relentless rain have plagued the area. cities in louisiana and texas are completely flooded. >> cars, trucks, two storage buildings, and everything under the barn is gone. >> nearly 5,000 homes have been damaged in louisiana. more than 800 in mississippi. and officials warn that the floodwaters could be toxic, mixed with gasoline floating through some people's homes. chaos and devastation tonight in turkey after a car bomb killed at least 34 people in ankara, the country's capital. this is the latest in a series of deadly attacks on the turkish
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people in the last few months. turkish officials describe this as a massive car bomb right in the city center, which is also a transportation hub. these bombing attacks are becoming more frequent. three in ankara within the past six months. the two main suspected groups are the kurdish militants fighting against the turkish government, or isis which is using turkey as a gateway into syria. new problems tonight for a southern california community that has been plagued by a majo gas leak. it seems it just won't go away. porter ranch residents in los angeles are now back home. but hundreds of them are reporting new health issues. the health department is reporting about 300 new health complaints. some say they have severe headaches. others say they're getting horrible rashes on their bodies. these health concerns are similar to ones that were reported months ago when a nearby well ruptured, sending thousands of tons of methane into the air. >> i actually think one of the sickest days i had is after i was capped and i spent a night
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here. >> we've gone to doctors, allergists. everybody said they can't determine what this is. >> in response, the health department is conducting door to door surveys. next week the gas company has promised to start indoor testing on a small number of homes. . and now to decision 2016 coverage. the candidates gearing up for a very important week ahead. five states are holding their primaries on tuesday. but a lot of the focus has been on the violent clashes hatching on the campaign trail. >> people united, we'll never be defeated. >> activists at the international action center held an anti-trump rally in new york city this morning. the gop presidential candidate is now facing criticism after protests and also arrests at three of his rallies this week. one happened in chicago, which some talked about today on "meet the press." he blame bernie sanders for the problem. >> they weren't really protesters. they were disrupters. they were professionals. they had bernie sanders signs all over the place.
11:26 pm
>> sander decemb eer denies any involvement. trump is ahead on primaries on tuesday. he leads in illinois, is way ahead in florida, which of course is a must-win straight for rubio, his home state. trump is slightly in john kasich's state of ohio. now to the democrats, hillary clinton is widening her lead over sanders in florida, ohio, and illinois. both clinton and trump still lead their opponents in the ever important delegate counts. a rainy night and a slick commute. yes tracking the storms over the bay area. when we're finally going to dry out. just a couple of days away. we're also seeing a lot of damage from recent rains. one south bay community is excited to see this flooding. we'll explain why. and holding the powerful accountable. the contract they're is cleaning up radiation at hunters point won't talk. but a former worker is breaking his silence, claiming a cover-up.
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conditions. dangerero we're under a high surf adviry tomorroww -- and into we saw a little bit of everything today. high surf, potentially dangerous conditions at the shores. we're also under a high surf advisory right now and into tomorrow. recent storms soaking bay area communities. causing some a lot of damage. take a look at our cameras on the bay bridge. there you go. also one on 101. this is san jose. both roads, as you can see, pretty slick. we are expecting more rain tonight. meteorologist rob mayeda is tracking the storms. well may get a little break here coming up? >> it looks like it. in the meantime, the main weather alert and warning we're tracking for the day tomorrow is the high surf advisory. you can see the buoy reports offshore of half moon bay. 17-foot wave heights off monterey bay up to 15 feet. we will see waves of 14 to 18 feet, which means large shore break and the potential for more
11:30 pm
coast and beach erosion on the opposite side of the bay area. the sierra snow up to 2 feet plus. avalanche control up around the tahoe basin tonight. and a winter storm warning still up through 11:00. you'll notice maybe another 6 inches to 10 inches of snow in the high country and wrap up the three-day period of three, almost four feet of snow. the snow and most of the active weather is off to the east. but the pretty moist flow aloft still racing over the bay area hilltops that rising motion is enough to ring out raindrops around the sunol grade. we'll have some rain at times for the morning. as we head into the afternoon, skies begin to clear and dry out. this will be one of the cooler days in the next seven as mid- to upper 70s. as we dry out this look. a look at the changes coming up in about 15 minutes. back to you. >> all right, thanks, rob. well, this massive tree came down today on the sonoma coast. it blocked the highway 1 right above jenner at the mouth of the russian river. crews worked for three hours to
11:31 pm
get it out of the road before they could reopen the highway. this area has been one of the hardest hit in the area of storms that the bay area has been through this past weekend. also, some flooding in low-lying areas all up and down the russian river valley. this car got stuck on valley ford record not too far from guerneville. the owner did eventually push the truck out. the tow truck takes the car away. an outage closed the science center in oakland today. hundreds make their way to the center on the weekend. it's one of some 1300 pg&e customers in the nine bay area counties that didn't have any power tonight. and flooding also has cut off access to a popular south bay park. people, though are sort of excited about this one. this is what it looks like at christmas hill park in gilroy. it was caused by flooding from a nearby creek.
11:32 pm
many people coming out to get a glimpse of this. they say they haven't seen this much waterton road in several years. the gilroy fire department is looking at the situation in case any evacuations are needed, but they suspect they're past the danger point now. as we always let you know, you can track the rain in your specific neighborhood on your smartphone with the nbc bay area app you. click on the app to get your live radar and personalized forecast. prized real estate, or simply a toxic mess? hunters point in san francisco is one of the largest redevelopment projects in the country. the investigative unit first revealed the contractor cleaning up this site admitted to mishandling radiation tests and also falsifying data. a former worker explains how that all happened in an exclusive interview. very investigative reporter vicky nguyen has the story. >> over here and in here. pretty much anywhere right here it was done illegally. >> reporter: when anthony smith left hunters point four years ago, he carried a secret with
11:33 pm
him, a secret involving radiation. deception, and a government contractor, a secret he has kept until now. you relieved to speak out about it? >> yes, i am. it still bothers me. i don't like being rear horizon smith says what he witnessed and what he did calls into questions claims the former superfund site is clean and safe. for decades, the navy ran radiation experiments on hunters point. then the government decided to repurpose the land for homes, shops, and parks. it awarded $300 million in cleanup contracts to a company called tetratech. as a radiation control technician, smith tested soil for radioactive contamination. he left his georgia home in 2002 and worked on and off at hunters point for a decade. at first he took pride in his work. >> a lot of samples being
11:34 pm
switched. >> as part of his job, smith collected soil samples from areas that may have been contaminated. he said supervisors began instructing him to get rid of hundreds of those samples and replace them from soil from areas that had already been cleaned. >> i didn't like it. because it was not right. it's not the way it's supposed to be done. >> reporter: how serious of a problem is this? >> very serious. the dirt is still there, still dirty. >> reporter: by dirty? >> still contaminated. >> with the radiation? >> yep. >> reporter: smith says he collected samples under this building. >> right over there is where we accessed under that crawl space. >> reporter: he recalls one sample tested positive for radium, an element linked to bone cancer. >> when i took a sample, it come back hot. and they made me get rid of it. >> so when you get a sample and it cops back hot, what does that mean? >> it means there is supposed to be more remediation going on, and they didn't do so. >> reporter: smith isn't the only one questioning the cleanup. we have learned the state health department ordered the building to be retested in december.
11:35 pm
the state says no contamination was found. who did the testing? tetra tech. >> yeah, there ought to be some legal action against them. >> reporter: smith claims it was faster and cheaper to pass the soil off as clean when it may not have been. smith says his bosses directed him to dump contaminated soil into open trenches, trenches now covered or paved. is there any way of knowing what the contamination levels are in those areas? >> no, ma'am. not until they run at their lab there is no way. >> reporter: smith says tetra tech fabricated documents, including chain of custody forms. they're supposed to certify soil samples stayed under his control. but he says sometimes his bosses filled them out. >> i never got to see them until the end of the day. and then all i done was sign my name and put the date. >> reporter: smith says he also watched tetra tech supervisors tamper with computer data that analyzed radiation levels. >> and they could change the numbers like it was reading high, 10,000, your background is 6,000. they would take that 10,000 and
11:36 pm
knock it down to 5500, 5800, 5900. >> reporter: would you consider that fraud? >> yeah, it's fraud. >> reporter: what was the response when you raised your concerns? >> if you don't like what we're doing, you can go home. >> reporter: smith needed the job so, he stuck it out until 2012 when his contract expired. he put hunters point behind him until the investigative unit contacted him about this. it's an internal tetra tech report. in it the company admits to the mishandling of soil samples and submitting falsified date to the navy. tetra tech blamed four sample collectors on the chain of custody form including smith. you were the scapegoat? >> yeah. blaming me for something he was telling me to do every day. >> reporter: in a series of investigations starting in 2013, nbc bay area revealed how former tetra tech employees and the state health department raised concerns about the company's work. but tetra tech has avoided multiple interview requests. hi, my name is vicky.
11:37 pm
i'm a report were nbc bay area. we're looking for the supervisor on-site for tetra tech. >> that's me, and i'm i am not allowed to talk to anybody. >> reporter: is there anyone who can talk about the radiation cleanup and what -- to reassure the public that this cleanup is safe? >> i am not allowed to talk to the press. everything has to go to the navy. >> reporter: but the navy has also declined our interview requests. according to its report, the company disciplined two supervisors and conducted ethical training. tetra tech says it remediated the suspect areas. but smith believes the company failed to identify or retest other questionable locations. >> when you're doing something, do it right. >> reporter: he worries the health of those who will work, play, and live at hunters point may be at stake for years to come. do you trust the cleanup that is happening at hunters point? >> no. not what i seen, no. >> that was vicky nguyen reporting. the navy awarded tetra tech $10 million in contracts after it caught the company falsifying data. but the navy says it hired
11:38 pm
another contractor to provide quality control. just last month, the nuclear regulatory commission found tetra tech may have violated a federal requirement. the nrc is now considering action. smith says he is he has never been contacted and said he will tell investigators exactly what he told us. if you have a tip, you can send about e-mail to the unit at now let's hand it over to fallon smith, who is joining us from comcast sportsnet. good to see you. >> hey, good to see you too, peggy. unfortunately we have some injury news concerning a giant ace. plus, spring ball highlights from arizona. and it's selection sunday, folks. well new cal would be a lock for the ncaa tournament. but their speed may surprise you. plus, is st. mary's going dancing? find out next in sports. bruce bochy made it clear madis
11:39 pm
11:40 pm
at the start of spring, bruce bochy made it clear madison bumgarner will be his opening starter on april 4th. but after today, his status for opening day could be in question. the giants ace was scratched from his scheduled start today against the padres, and he is also expected to miss his next cactus league start. mad is nursing two injuries, including nerve irritation in his left foot, and discomfort in his rib cage. but he called the injuries, quote, minor, and said he is just playing it safe. well, as we mentioned, the giants were in action versus the padres. we pick it up the bottom of the third. no score until this. mac williamson drives this to
11:41 pm
right. it's gone. williamson's fourth home run occurring just like that. 1-0, giants. then next inning, bases loaded. two outs, williamson not done. singles up the middle. buster pozzi and brandon belt and a 3-0 san francisco. they go on to win big, 8-1. a's taking on the cubs. pick it up in the top of the first. chicago already up 1-zip. and then jesse hahn gives up a solo shot to candelario. hahn gave up two runs in three innings, just like that. 2-0 chicago. top 7, eighth closer sean doolittle on in relief. oh, dear, shawn taking him deep. but the game would end in a tie. 3-3. it's selection sunday, folks, my favorite time of the year. the cal golden bears are not only going dancing, but they have earned the program's highest seed ever in the ncaa tournament. yes, at 23-10, the bears are a
11:42 pm
four seed with a first round matchup against hawaii, the 13th seed. they'll play on friday at 11:00 a.m., just up the road in spokane, washington. >> it's a great time of year. you work so hard to get to this point. so now really having a lot of fun. you know it's win or go home. it's that simple. i think they're excited to play. >> great. i haven't been to the ncaa tournament since my freshman year. so it feels good to be back in there. you know, i'm just ready to get to practice and get out there and ready to play. >> all right. so here is what the bracket looks like. the bears are in the south region with the kansas jayhawks, the number one overall seed. now cal can get past the y and meet the winner of maryland and sth state on sunday, they face the jayhawks in the sweet 16. tough matchup there. meanwhile, st. marys we was on the bubble, unfortunately their bubble was burst today. or they got snubbed for the third straight year, the gaels
11:43 pm
failed to make the ncaa tournament. so randy bettis' team will have to settle for the nit once again. they're a 2 seed in the nit. soccer. quakes hosting the timbers. stoppage time, the quakes up 1-nil. watch this run from quincy. literally outruns the entire portland defense and pulls the shot over the keeper. oh, yeah, great run, great strike that would definitely be a candidate for goal of the year. no question about that. makes it 2-nil, quakes. chris wa had the other win. a record 17 from the pac-12. tickets to the big dance this year. in oregon, they are the number one seed in the west region. pretty impressive. and great for the conference. i'll say that for sure. >> it is. everybody is getting all excited about hearing all the terminology thrown around
11:44 pm
already. here we go as it all gets started. there you go. thank you so much. we'll be right back after this. this latest storm is inging
11:45 pm
11:46 pm
near white out conditions ithe sierra. it's been snowing all d. our latest storm is certainly bringing out whiteout conditions in the sierra. it's been knowing there all day. there is an avalanche warning out for area, including the lake tahoe basin tonight. let's take you live to i-80. this is near the king veil exit near lake tahoe. on the side a lot of snow. roads are clear, but it piling
11:47 pm
up. mike luery has a closer look at travel conditions. >> nice and easy. you're doing great. go ahead. about five feet. >> reporter: chain installer frank mann is practicing patience today in getting drivers back on the road. >> i've learned if i can be patient, they'll be patient and things will work out. >> reporter: so how do you get these drivers to practice zen? >> you know, you just got to stop and make them take a deep breath. >> move forward. >> reporter: a deep breath and a sigh of relief for many drivers as they head quickly on their way. >> i'm very lucky to have him to help me. >> reporter: he was very calm. did he keep you relaxed? >> yes, yes. he give me good instructions. >> reporter: at the summit, caltrans reports several feet of fresh new powder today. >> it's like putting together the mousetrap. >> reporter: and for chain installers making $30 per car, the extra snow has been a march miracle for the pocketbook there. >> is a ton of people going through. >> so all this white coming down, that's green for you?
11:48 pm
>> that's why golf course is green, isn't it? it works out pretty good. a nice winter after a couple of years of drought. it's great. >> reporter: it's also great news for grateful travelers like janet, who is on her way to reno. >> thank god there is somebody up here to put them on. >> reporter: and you need all the help you can get when your weekend in the snow is on the line. >> i didn't think it was going to be this weather. i was watching the weather channel. but i thought we'd make it. it's okay, though. the guy was great. helped us out. >> very nice. very patient man that is helpful. meteorologist rob mayeda is here with that microclimate forecast. sometimes you don't need chains. but if you do, that guy is a sight for sore eyes. >> those are the type of conditions you've seen under a winter storm warning. tomorrow morning more snow. avalanche control is taking place around the tahoe basin into about 7:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. so if you have travel, hold off until the afternoon, you should see improving conditions on the
11:49 pm
roadways. rainfall totals very impressive. not just for the north bay, which we knew was going to get a lot of rain. you can see around mt. diablo and the santa cruz mountains pretty uniform. almost 5 to 7 inches of mountaintop rain. that's going feed into our reservoir system the next couple days. you can see around the bay area about 3 inches in san francisco. mill valley, close to that. the basketball almost 4 inches of rain. and even san jose. a strong rain shadows still getting 3/4 of an inch of rain. in fremont more than an inch and a half. and moving forward into tomorrow morning, not a lot more. just enough to wet the ground. and probably get the windshield wipers going for brief moments of time for your morning commute. by the afternoon, we should see things begin to dry out. the radar still picking up scattered showers. mainly for areas around the santa cruz mountains. up towards the east bay hills. and near san jose. still some showers at times. and many of the same areas will still see the showers ongoing. it says the jet stream begins to lift to the north during the day tomorrow that will begin to see the showers shut down. so a little more rain to get
11:50 pm
through between now and lunchtime tomorrow. then as we move into the afternoon, you'll notice that things begin to dry out, a little breezy at times. setting the stage for a dryer forecast for the afternoon. highs in the low to mid-60s around san jose. still cool around the coast. upper 50s to low 60s tomorrow. to the north bay, low 60s in santa rosa and the tri-valley. from there we'll see high pressure build in, which means the jet stream supplying all the moisture over the bay area begins to move to the north. as high pressure builds in, highs in the mid-70s as early as wednesday. san francisco should see temperatures close to low 70s. oakland, tri-valley and areas south of san jose, mid- to upper 70s this week. now next weekend, we do have a chance of a little more rain coming in. as the high really never gets out of here. but again, weakens the systems just enough that we will see a chance of some rain at times. especially i think for the north bay. a little bit of a cooldown as we head towards next weekend as the rain chances begin to return again. but what is kind of interesting,
11:51 pm
as we look over the next seven days, we just saw a futurecast that had 4, 5 and 6 inches of rain. that's through the next seven days. you can see all the bay area, and a lot is coming down into tomorrow morning. not much expected between now and the 21st of the month. so as we add things up, 13 days into march, you can see what you normally should get in white. and then the numbers we have in green. what we have seen so far for the month. if you add it all up so far, the other half of the month still to go, 125% to 173% of average. an incredible march which isn't over yet. we should see a little more rain come next weekend. back to you. >> very nice. thanks, rob. rolling up the red carpet is silicon valley. star power at closing night for a popular local film festival. we'll be right back. the warriors keep piling uphe
11:52 pm
11:53 pm
records and the accolades.the th well, pretty tough not to love the warriors. they keep piling up the records and the accolades.
11:54 pm
and the team just nabbed the pacific division title. now they are the t-shirts to prove it. this is the warriors win last night against the phoenix suns. i was a good one. a neck and neck game until the very end. now the reigning champs have won back-to-back pacific division titles for the first time since the mid-'70s. check out the t-shirt taos. the warriors tweeted out this pic earlier today. they said these t-shirts are now on sale through the team store. they look good. the red carpet is getting rolled up tonight in the silicon valley. it's closing night for the cinequest film festival. fans might recognize the actress from her starring role in lord of the rings. this is otto's first time and she had only good things to say. >> i think it's wonderful that there is a festival for people that can come and see films there are so many festivals where general public cannot get tickets. i love where everyone gets to come along. >> more than 200 films were screened during this year's
11:55 pm
festival. a quick break here. we'll be right back.
11:56 pm
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it's at the intersection o22nd street and mission. breaking news here to tell you about in the mission district. this is at the intersection of 22nd street and mission. firefighters on the scene. the fire there is quickly spreading. we'll go to our digital platforms for the latest. we are following the latest there. tomorrow morning could be a really messy commute. >> still dealing with rain. the jet stream aimed in across california, which over the peninsula and the south bay hills and around san francisco too. it's going to keep the rain i think going into the morning, maybe through about midday. right now you've got scattered showers or some heavy drizzle in a few spots. 40s to start the morning. as we head towards the afternoon, we'll begin to see the showers shut down. only around the santa cruz mountains. maybe down east of mt. hamilton.
11:58 pm
may see a stray shower for the afternoon. that's going to be it. we spring forward to the temperatures. the middle part of the week, the temperatures begin to climb. mid 70s in reach for all locations. even san francisco could get close to 70 many the middle part of the week. next chance of seeing rain approach next weekend. not 4 to 6 inches, but matter a quarter inch with the system that comes in by saturday. >> it's all good news too. all counting towards the drought, which is great. thank you so much for joining us tonight. have a wonderful week ahead. good night.
11:59 pm
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