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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 17, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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an equipment failurehacould shock the whole sysmbart is trns morning from sevel dned t an equipment failure that could shock the whole system. b.a.r.t. is trying to recover from several down eed train car that could pass along is to all riders. supervisors and accusations of off-line communications. communications that if are true, would violate public law. the net getting wider for cal's basketball program after an assistant coach is accused of sexual harassment. the school's internal review is marching right up the chain. "today in the bay" starts right now. but, first, a little luck of the irish this morning. live pictures from dublin, ireland for st. patrick's day. look at all the leprechauns we say in the streets this morning. >> makes you feel like we're
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missing out on the party. break out the cabbage, break out the corned beef and the green coloring. happy st. patrick's day. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. kari hall has some answers for us. >> oh, we're going to pinch you. >> sorry. well, we have some beautiful weather out there today. a lot green on the grass, but not on the radar. as we look at all the microclimates now. 46 in the north bay and 50 degrees else where and as we head through the day, we will have highs reaching the low to mid-70s. up to 77 degrees in the north bay and the south bay and san francisco 71 degrees. this will pea the warmest day of the week. i'll show you the weekend and something that may interrupt those weekend plans coming up in a few minutes. let's head to dublin, not ireland. >> we don't have a traffic camera there, but you did see
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this nice shot over in the beginning of the show. tri-valley moves very well and the green spirit for the speed senso sensors, as well. tri-valley. we did just get this in. a crash reported in hayward and i'll get lane information as chp arrives. look at that, the rest of the bay looks pretty predictable. more city street traffic over here. bay point, pittsburg and concord for the reason why, it was a b.a.r.t. issue, i'll send it over to you guys for that story. >> you expect b.a.r.t. delays as crews working to fix ongoing track problems. two stations are still shut town this morning the north concord, martinez and pittsburg bay point stops. >> pete, has to be pretty inconvenient for b.a.r.t. riders out there. >> yeah, big inconvenience for riders now. if you're riding from north concord from that pittsburg south and we're at the north
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concord b.a.r.t. station and they believe it could have possibly been related to an electric al power surge to the tracks and disrupting service bewean the two stations. now that bus bridge will be set up to get you back and forth between the two stations. now, a similar problem involving b.a.r.t. trains that happened two weeks ago. that is there trains traveling through the transbay tube. >> some of those have been repaired. what the riders have been inexperiencing the last two weeks. 16 trains. >> now, you'll still be able to board trains from this concord station if you're heading to san francisco or oakland. but, once again, if you're traveling from concord to pittsbur pittsburg, bay point, get here early because we could see some delays, guys. >> pete, thank you very much. happening today, the man accused of slashing a chp officer across the neck back in
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court this morning. investigators say that noel seen here being arrested stabbed officer andrew siranko several times along an onramp to the bay bridge. the chp says that his health has steadily improved since last month's attack. he pleaded not guilty to attempted murder charges. and new this morning, several san francisco supervisors using an encrypted messaging app. >> the app might be a way to bypass open records law and avoid public scrutiny. profiles on the app and several were active within minutes of being questioned about its use by the san francisco examiner. the app called telegraph has a self-destruct mode. he launched the app to build a means of communication that cannot be access by russian security agency. moraga town declared a state
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of emergency. according to "contra costa times" it allows the town to bykeep pass the normal bidding process. council members also budgeted $500,000 for the initial repairs. during the height of sunday's storms rupturing a gas main and causing the sidewalk to just open up and buckle. cal's head basketball coach is among many of the people now under review after the firing of one of the team's assistant coaches. that coach is accused of sexually harassing a female reporter. he denies the acuzags and the school is conducting what it is calling a routine exam anition whether procedures were followed when the school learned about the allegations. martin is not being singled out and the school is still working to extend his contract. cal's first game in the ncaa tournament is on friday. feels like friday around
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here. it will be friday for a lot of people later today. let's check the forecast. >> we are going to start out with cool temperatures this morning. now at 45 degrees in livermore and 51 in concord and 52 degrees. it will be a warmer day. excuse me, we'll be up to 77 degrees in san jose and the mission district at 71 degrees. widespread 70s today. the warmest day of the week with all of that sunshine it will be very nice. up to 77 degrees in san rafael and concord. pleasanton 76 degrees and i'll have an update on cooler temperatures and a chance of rain as we head towards the end of the weekend and early next week. that's coming up in a less than ten minutes. let's get an update on what's happening in oakland now from mike. >> st. patrick's spirits. oakland. right there. that's nice. smooth flow of traffic through 880 and 880 on the map in hayward we were concerned about a crash going on.
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they cleared it and said it's gone. don't worry about it. i'll clear that from the map, as well. as we zoom the map out, you're all at speed around the bay. little build out of the altamont pass and i'll let you know what's going on in san jose, i don't know if you'll believe it. >> thank you, mike. the big changes coming after the documentary "black fish" and the public back lash. what comes out after dark may cost you in san francisco. why fees for your leisure are going up. got a tip for nbc bay area's investigative unit. call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail theunit@nbcbaytop nbc bay area, we investigate. @ 27:57 thank you m esident,thiy
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life, othethen lynn aeei >> thank you, mr. president. this is the greatest honor of my life. other than her agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. >> his wife liked that one. an emotional judge garland. president obama's nominee to the supreme court. garland will head to the hill today to meet with lawmakers, but republican leaders still insisting that judge garland is not going to get a hearing. not even a background check. this afternoon senate democrats will rally outside of the supreme court urging republicans to move forward with the process. more details now. there are several important
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court cases that are coming up. >> those cases could be decided in the next few months. they include abortion and voting rights, affirmation and president obama's affordable care act and immigration policy. we'll keep a close eye on this developing story. sea world announcing a huge change to one of its most popular attractions. this generation of killer whales will be the theme park's last just hours ago the company announced planned to take a new direction and changing hopefully social attitudes. it will stop breeding captive killer whales. sea world has 24 orcaa at three parks. officials say thai those whales will remain in captivity because setting them free in the wild is not an option. sea world announced it is ending its orca shows. all right at 4:45 right now. a former 49er with a checkered past was supposed to inspire an
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east bay community but the response he received, anger. tennyson high school in hayward invited to talk to students about self-discipline. he has been arrested multiple times for domestic violence and set to stand trial in a sexual assault case. parents who just found out about that visit and the school board are shocked he was invited on campus. >> have someone with that kind of record come and talk to our kids without us parents knowing. it is just shocking. >> it's incredible. self-discipline. he doesn't even know how to handle his own life. >> the district superintendent said he did not know about that visit and has apologized to parents. 4:45 right now. the body affofallen chp officer is now in northern california where his family is finalizing funeral arrangements. they ecoscorted the white hears.
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he was taken by helicopter to a reno hospital, but he died from his injuries on sunday. the 35-year-old spent two years at san jose chp division. >> that community grieving no doubt about that. a new santa rosa park will be called andy unity park. trooe years ago a sonoma county sheriff deputy thought andy lopez was carrying an ak-47. turned out to be an air soft bb gun. he was never charged. a wrongful death lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial next month. parking in san francisco. we know they raised prices during the day and now it could cost you after dark. the transportation agency discussing charging meters at night. >> lower the fee for drivers to get their towed. the offici . coming up next, they say nothing is for free, as we just
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pointed out. we'll tell you about a restaurant debunking that claim offering you free food just to get you back. something to salvage but you're too lazy to list it? there's an app for that.
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i think mikey inouye. all right. we know a lot of people will be out and they might not be feeling much if they're
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celebrating. hopefully a nice day for them. >> a great day no matter what you have planned. some sunshine today and some warm temperatures today. the warmest day of the weekend and it will definitely feel like spring. everything blooming and sunshine out and into the upper 70s in spot. looking live at san jose. you see we have clear skies and the seven-day forecast is now up at the bottom of the screen and cooler air moving in and also some rain in the forecast. little bit towards the end of the weekend early next week. now, it's 52 degrees in san francisco and the peninsula. the south bay is at 50 degrees and a closer look at the east bay now. it's 47 in livermore. brentwood also 47 degree at alamo and walking out the door to 50 degrees this morning and 46 now in the north bay. hour by hour in san jose, low 50s throughout at least around the 9:00 hour and then by 10:00, we're up to 61 degrees. temperatures quickly warming today today and then up to 74
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degrees by 2:00 today. a nice, easy drive home, as well. if you're planning on heading to the beach on this very warm day, we're up to 67 degrees today in pacifica and light, easterly wind and half moon bay 72 degrees and that air rushing down the mountain really warms up and as you head down towards santa cruz northeasterly winds at five to 15 miles per hour. into the next couple of days, dry and warm weather and along some 60s along the immediate coast and 70s for the inland areas and then we could even have some 60s farther inland tomorrow as we get more of an onshore flow and a weak onshore breeze and that will bring our temperatures down also into the weekend. we'll have more of the same with some more morning clouds and fog. by sunday, we'll start to see the rain moving in. this is the futurecast that shows some heavy rain up and then the green shows some light, moderate rain approaching san francisco during the afternoon. the evening, a couple of sprinkles in the south bay and we'll have another chance of
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rain late monday night into tuesday and then after that we'll have some drier weather moving in for the rest of the week and some slightly cooler temperatures. i'll have another update on that and we'll talk about how much rain you could expect coming up in a little while. let's get an update on what is happening on the roads now with mike. >> live look here in san jose and very light traffic on the freeways. believe there is a justin bieber concert tonight. keep that in mind if you're heading downtown. the rest of the bay, an easy drive right now. watching for traffic on highway 4 and no b.a.r.t. service and bus service between pittsburg and concord. back to you. if you're looking for a new job or promotion, you may need to head back to school. >> we turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning, courtney, good to see you. >> good morning to you both.
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good to see you, too, sam and laura. wall street looks to add to add to the rally. stocks rising after the feds decide not to raise interest rates and signaling it may only hike them twice this year. previous lly than forecast. rates will continue to remain low. all those favors still won't see much of a return on their investments. look for data today on uneme unemployment. the nasdaq up 35 to 4763. well, nearly all the big automakers are pledging to make automatic emergency brakes a standard feature on vehicles within three years. the systems use sensors including cameras, radares and lasers to detect an imminent crash and warn drivers before engaging the brakes. gm, ford, fiat, chrysler, toyota, volkswagen among those making the pledge. may be time to hit the books, again. a new survey by career builder shows more than one in four
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employers are hiring people with masters degrees for positions that have previously been held by those with four-year degrees. more than a third are hiring people with batch's degrees by jobs held by those with high school diplomas. skills for those positions have evolved requiring a higher educated labor force. >> just the reality of the new economy. thank you very much, courtney. here's something free for you to help your economic pocketbook. chipotle wants its customers back and they're offering free food. >> you throw in free guacamole and we'll. part of the chain has said a very successful campaign to bring back its customer base. >> we're going lunch. >> who's getting the free burrito. early this week the company told investors that the free burrito deals have drawn customers that have steered clear. to get something to sell on
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ebay but too lazy to ship to the buyer. an app for that now, too. ebay will send someone to your door within 20 minutes to professionally pack your item and ship it through or ship it for you through a partnership with the start-up called ship. the new service will also track your shipments and automatically notify your buyer. right now that service is free starting june 30th it will cost ebay users an additional $5 per pickup. >> there you go. eat if you eat too many burritos and you can just sell them. >> give them to someone else. warriors rolling. another win and continuing their run to another championship. >> they crushed the knicks last night. meantime, happening right now disruptions for b.a.r.t. commuters at the end of the pittsburg bay point line. it's affecting everyone. the last two stations are closed and buses are shuttling riders.
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pete has a live report on this. look frupidates on our twitter feed. trending on our website, a puppy that fell off a boat five weeks ago thought to be lost at sea found by the u.s. navy. he actually swam to an island two miles away and we're back in two minutes.
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spring is about to, i want to say sprung, but that's not correct. >> spring has sprung. >> not yet. saturday. we can say spring will have sprung. >> in two days. start the countdown, kari hall. >> at 9:30 in the evening. we will officially welcome in spring and then we're going tahave a chance of rain, maybe some spring showers heading into sunday. this weekend, we're looking at
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highs that will be topping out on saturday in the upper 60s to low 70s and then on sunday more clouds, a couple of those sprinkles moving through and starting in the north bay early in the morning. the south bay not expecting much. a couple of late-day light sprinkles. i'll detail that coming up in just a few minutes, but let's get an update on what's happening on those roadways now and let's check in with mike. how's it looking there? >> we're over by the maze, kari. traffic flows well. over towards the bay bridge toll plaza and berkeley curve watching for any lanes being blocked. let's look at your map. someone ran out of gas on their way over towards the bay bridge toll plaza. we can't find anything on our live cameras. i'll check one more. this showing up on our low speed sensors. there must be a road crew out there but no big problems all around the east bay. >> no lanes blocked for the warriors. they just struck gold and won their 50th consecutive game at
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home. that extends the nba record. last night's game was more like a walk in the park. >> new york knicks prove they're still a long way off from championship caliber. 36 points as the warriors dominated. the warriors have won 32 home games this season. they haven't lost at home since january of 2015. over a year. >> knicks used to be a proud franchise. now they lose by 36 points each night. 4:56. coming up next, what's going on oin sea world they announce a major change there. more issues continuing this morning between north concord and pittsburg bay point. all the latest on how to get around it, coming up. i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco where the tee is considering a move that would you paying more to eat at your favorite restaurant maybe. here's a clue. those details coming up in a live report. plus, sierra lamas acc
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b.a.r.t. issues between north concord and pits bering bay point we'll have all the latest coming up. sierra lamar's killer in court today as her disappearance marks four years. live pictures from dublin, ir rneland where they are seven
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hours ahead. it's about noon at this point and you have to imagine the pints of guinness have been flowing since 4:00, 5:00 in the morning our time. >> we need to be there. why are we doing this show live from dublin, ireland. >> i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon this morning. kari o'hall here she goes. >> a lot of sunshine and the warmest day of the week will be cool to start and not as cool as we had the past several mornings and now at 53 degrees and highs today reaching 77 degrees in the north bay, south bay and 71 degrees in san francisco. east bay 73 degrees and 76 in the tri-valley. let's get an update on this and a little bit of a crowd there at the bay bridge, mike. >> some folks here waiting, kari. i'm looking for the


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