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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 17, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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hours ahead. it's about noon at this point and you have to imagine the pints of guinness have been flowing since 4:00, 5:00 in the morning our time. >> we need to be there. why are we doing this show live from dublin, ireland. >> i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon this morning. kari o'hall here she goes. >> a lot of sunshine and the warmest day of the week will be cool to start and not as cool as we had the past several mornings and now at 53 degrees and highs today reaching 77 degrees in the north bay, south bay and 71 degrees in san francisco. east bay 73 degrees and 76 in the tri-valley. let's get an update on this and a little bit of a crowd there at the bay bridge, mike. >> some folks here waiting, kari. i'm looking for the stalled
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vehicle. i have one over here. look at the price change right on the button. the price has changed and folks do pull over and do not do that. in case you get a ticket, don't blame me. looking at the clear roadways. reports of a car that ran out of gas on the approach. the rest of the bay moves really well. watching this area for more surface street traffic going past the b.a.r.t. station. i'll hand off to you on the reason why. >> more delays expected on b.a.r.t. today. crews work to fix some ongoing track problems. >> two stations are still shut down this morning. that is the north concord, martinez and pittsburg bay point stops. pete joining us live from concord. what is the crowd looking like at this hour. a couple trains are out of commission. >> yeah, good morning, guys. we're having issues between north concord and pittsburg bay point and as we mentioned a bus bridge in between these two stations and not too long ago we saw folks coming from that pits rrg and they're letting folks in
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for free. may be related to an electrical power surge affecting the tracks and damaging several cars. we spoke to one of the commuters who was in a rush but he had to do what he had to do to get to work. >> yum not trying to take the bus here. i have tago all the way up to frisco. you have to get the money and get to work. >> now, you'll still be able to board trains from this station if you're heading to san francisco or oakland. ten-minute delay from pits rrg bay point to sfo. good idea to leave early because you'll have to take a bus from this concord station. you could have some delays. we're live in concord. new this morning, sea world announcing a huge change to one of its most popular attractions. the generation of killer whales
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will be the theme park's last. just hours ago the company announced plans to take a new directioned a. three parks in texas, california and florida. those whales remain in captivity because setting them free in the wild is just not an option. last year sea world announced it was ending its orca shows earning praise from lawmakers and activists. the man accused of slashing a chp officer across the neck is back in back in court. he stabbed the officer several times in a homeless encampment. the officer's health has improved since this last month's attack. he pleaded not guilty to admitted murder charges. also happening today the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar expected in court today. dna evidence prompted to char
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charges. her family says they are desperate to find her or her remains. this week marks four years since that teenager was last seen. for the first time in four decades the city of san jose might change its rent control ordinance. that might affect how much landlords can hike the rent on their tenants. >> weren't city leaders annual rent increases to inflation? >> right. this is a difficult conversation all around the bay area. consider the fact that here in the city of san jose, the average rent for a two bedroom apartment is more than 2,700 and a lot of families can't afford the other option which is to buy their own property. that is why so many landlords and renters turned out to city hall last night as the council is considering the first major change to the rent control ordinance in this city in nearly
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40 years. now, the city is considering tying that rent increase to the rate of inflation and the council is also considering allowing landlords to set new rates only after their tenants move out voluntarily. renters fear that if landlords can make more money, the people who can least afford that rent hike will find them selves out of their homes with no where else to go. >> we have to look at the tools we already have and how do we make sure they're working the best and the more efficiently to help the people in our community? >> people are being evicted from their homes. and they have no legal right to evict them. the people that are disabled and the people that are low income are all being pushed out right now now. >> now, there was a lot more public comment last night and that was really the point of the meeting last night. for council members to hear both sides of this very difficult issue. the rent control issue will be back before the city council,
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once again, in about a month's time. all morning long i'll tweet out details from the study that the council is also considering this morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kris. 5:06 right now. one lawmaker is rationing up to bring lawmakers and their families together. mike haund saw the author of the reunited families act. today he plans to reintroduce his measure in washington. help reduce wait time for green card holders. his two previous attempts to pass the bill died before reaching the house floor. well, the push to bring professional soccer into san francisco is kicking into high gear today. >> some football in our ohome town. have you heard of the san francisco deltas? they are the bay area's latest soccer start up. north american soccer league starting next year and they would like to play caesar stadium. so, today, the city's recreation and park commission will meet
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and consider their plan. something that is being kicked around right now and getting some push back, a plan by the city of san francisco to charge drivers to park at night. the mta says they need to make up millions of dollars in nighttime parking meters as one of the proposals. >> stephanie chuang live in san francisco making some people mad, steph. >> people don't really take too well especially when you're talking about parking meters. the idea is to do this in the most popular areas of the city. you can see here on the meters it says 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. the idea to go past 6:00 at night and make money for those who are dining and shopping around these areas and this is what the transportation agency is trying to close. about a $14 million gap for each of the next two fiscal years. charging nighttime meter parking would only affect the busiest areas and that has not outlined what it is. the proposal comes after
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supervisors to lower fees for drivers whaget their cars towed. now expected to be a $3.5 million hit to the city. there are other posed moves to make up that money. neighborhood parking permits and visitor passes could also go up as would fines. for instance, street parking violations would go from $68 to $71 this july and 73 next july. there is also a big emphasis now on public outreach, including specific talks with those most impa impacted. the drivers, the business own oers in the areas. there are budget open houses. two of them set for next week to encourage discussion of this. but they have a deadline. it has to balance its budget, present a balanced budget to the city and the supervisors by april, by may 1st, i should say. so, there are plans to try to do the public outreach between now and then. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang.
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>> maybe you can park and walk. the weather should be lovely today. let's check in with kari. >> taking an extra long walk and parking a little bit farther. 53 degrees in oakland and san francisco. some 50s all across the bay area and 40s to the north. look at the highs today, it will feel like spring, even though it doesn't officially begin until this saturday. it will be up to 79 degrees in gilroy. the embarcadero today 70 degrees and santa rosa today 75. so, some beautiful weather as we head out the door this morning. and also later on this afternoon. but we're getting ready for some rain by the end of the weekend. i'll detail that coming up in about ten minutes. let's get a look at the north bay now from mike. >> yeah, kari, start with san rafael and i want to show folks a nice flow of traffic and it is not a problem as far as the speeds right here. the map will show you the same thing throughout. from novato down to the golden gate bridge through the north
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bay and east bay with a smooth flow of traffic and i haven't seen any problems on our live cameras over there. the rest of the bay moves well. tiny build out of the altamont. back to you. >> thanks a lot, mike. 5:10 right now. coming up, president obama making his choice for the supreme court. for his nomination. now the battle between republicans and democrats is starting. the latest coming up in a live report from washington, d.c. plus, michigan's governor in the hot seat on capitol hill today. he's testifying about flint's water problem. more on that right after this break. @ 27:57 thank you .resident,thiy
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life, othethen lynn aeeing laura//convoears agooc: years o0 >> thank you, mr. president. this is the greatest honor of my life. other than lynn agreeing to marry me 28 years ago. that was a pretty good speech yesterday. very genuine. it is very emotional judge merrick garland. garland will now head to the hill today to meet with lawmakers, but republican leaders first insist he'll never get a hearing. from sweet now to sour. tracie potts joining us live in washington. republicans claim this is not about who was nominated but just the fact that president obama nominated anyone and it could be lugly. >> it could be ugly and it could not happen at all, sam, because republican leaders here have said no hearing and no vote. now, some republican members have said they'd be willing to
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sit down and talk with garland just a few, just a handful along with the democrats that he'll meet with here today. but where that's going, the leadership here insists it's going no where. the white house says the president has a constitutional responsibility to fill this vacancy on the court. after the death of justice scalia we have four liberals and four conservatives. who is going to be that middle voice, perhaps that swing voice on the court. republicans do not want that decision going to a president who is outgoing. they think the next president should be the one to make that decision. it is not, actually, there was an op-ed overnight by mitch mcconnell, the top republican in the senate. mcconnell saying it is a fair and reasonable compromise to wait for the new president to nominate garland or someone else. if garland is nominated, again, then they have said they will consider that. also now hearing from the nra. strong opposition to this judge after going through his record. they just think he's not going
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to uphold the second amendment. >> we shall see, tracie potts, live from d.c., thank you very much. more details now. there are several important court cases that could be decided in the next few months. those include abortion in texas a law there. voting rights, afirmative action. the power of labor unions and president obama's affordable care act and also immigration policy for executive order. keeping a close eye on this developing story and bring you the latest information when it comes in. meantime the water crisis in flint, michigan, taking center stage this time in michigan with the governor on the hot seat. >> rick schneider is expected to testify. he will answer questions about his role in the lead crisis and possible solutions. this is the third and final hearing on the flint crisis, which has left the city's water undrinkable. and children suffering from lead poisoning. the state department says the crime is more like a college prank.
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and the punishment doesn't fit. this after a university of virginia student was sentenced to 15 years hard labor in north korea. 21-year-old warmbier was found guilty for stealing a propaganda banner while at a hotel with his tour group. the u.s. government issing to secure his release and accusing north korea for using him as a political pawn. >> a lot of emotion wrapped up in that. this is the sad reality right now of our new economy. if you're looking for a job and you want a promotion, you might have to head back to college and you're going to need more than just a bachelor's degree. >> for more on that and the rest of the news before the bell, we turn to courtney reagan live at cnbc world headquarters. good morning. >> hi, good morning to you both. well, wall street may not be adding to wednesday's fed-fueled rally. futures he actually turned lower this morning. we did see stocks rise, though, after the fed decided not to raise interest rates yesterday afternoon. signaling it may only hike them
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twice this year. that's fewer than previously forecast. and that means rates on loans andages will continue to remain low, although savers won't see much of a return on their investment. look for data on unemployment and the nasdaq up 35 to 4763. well, nearly all the big automakers are pledging to make emergency automatic brakes a standard. the system use sensors to detect an imminent crash and one driver engaging the brakes. gm, ford, fiat, toyota and volkswagen among those making the pledge. it may be time to hit the books, again. a new survey by career builder shows more than one in four employers are hiring people with master's degrees for positions that have previously been held with those with four-year degrees. more than a third are hiring people with batch's degrees for jobs that had been held with those with a high school
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diploma. companies say skills for those positions have evolved requiring a higher educated labor force. like you said earlier, perhaps a sign of the time s as our econoy continues to evolve. >> it is. we're hearing about it on the campaign trail from the presidential candidates, too. thank you, courtney reagan. right now we're talking weather and traffic together. >> there you go. >> wonder if the traffic is going to be lighter today. you know a lot of people celebrating today. >> i wonder if a lot of people are celebrating that they do choose a designated driver. >> so important, though. nice weather. >> beautiful weather. we really couldn't ask for anything better than this. all the sunshine and warm temperatures and how about some m mid to upper 70s today. that is what we are heading toward as we take a live look at the golden gate bridge. we are heading out the door with some nice, easy conditions. we haven't seen the fog this morning and mostly clear skies. not as cold, either. looking at that seven-day
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forecast at the bottom of the screen, you do see warm weather the next couple days and then some rain farther down the line. we'll talk about that in just a bit. looking at what you're facing as you walk out now. and the south bay, 51 degrees in silver creek valley. santa theresa 49 degrees. generally some mid-50s. some mid-40s to low 50s now in san francisco going hour by hour we start out in the mid-50s and then look at how we warm up already by 11:00. we're at 64 degrees and we're not done there. we'll continue to have highs reaching the upper 60s to lower 70s in the city. and we're watching the next storm system. it is really getting wound up out there. but it is a slow mover. so, as it continues to advance closer to california, it will be blocked by this high pressure that will keep us dry, at least for the near term and the start of the weekend. we'll also start to see that fog returning late tonight and the next couple of mornings we could have some patchy fog and
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creating some low visibility for the morning commute. and then on sunday, that is when that rain finally arrives. that high pressure moves away and start to see the showers moving in and the shades of green there. show that we will have some light rain and then we see the yellows and the reds showing some heavier rain farther to the north. much of this fizzles out as it moves farther off to the south and by the time it gets to the south bay in the evening, only a couple of light sprinkles and then some light pretty good amount of rain and snow for the sierra and then, again, on late monday night into tuesday. we'll have another round of rain moving through. rainfall totals at this point look like, once again, it will be higher in the north bay. up to three-quarters of an inch in santa rosa and 0.5 in napa and dropping off to 0.25 inch south of san francisco. looking at some lighter rainfall totals there. 0.25 is better than nothing. we will have a nice weekend to start on saturday. we're up to 68 degrees in the north bay and 62 degrees on sunday with the clouds and the
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rain moving in there. rain starts in the north bay and then starts to advance towards the south bay as we go into the evening. we'll keep you up to date on that chance of rain, but let's head to the bridge now with mike. >> we'll look over towards the look from emoryville and see a steady camera. not a lot of wind and a smooth drive. the car is moving well. back up at the toll plaza just for the cash lanes. as we look to the south, coming over here towards the foster city side and san mateo bridge. another clear drive. look at your map and no major incidents for the roadways around the bay. willow pass road and highway 4 and the b.a.r.t. trains are not running between pittsburg bay point and we have more on that. pete is following exactly what happened and what the progress might be. over here in the south bay, an easy drive. we'll send it right back to you. >> mike, thank you. coming up next, on the rise in san francisco. car break-ins. what the city plans to do about it, next. looking live at the city by the bay this morning. find out where san francisco ranks on the list of fastest
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growing cities in america. little green tinge there. we'll be right back.
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the white house fountain water. going green and keep talking about climate change and being aware of what's happening. >> look at that. >> there you go. green water for st. patrick's day. president obama hosting the irish prime minister. attended the friends of ireland luncheon ahead of st. paddy's day. dyeing the white house fountain green back in 2009 as a nod to a
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very similar tradition in their home town of chicago. well, st. patrick's day not only means more than the usual drinking, we hear, but also more than the usual dui patrol. >> we also heard some will be beefing it up. corn beefing it up. well, drivers beware. san francisco police say car break ins are up more than 30%. using undercover teams to try to crack down on those thieves. in the sunset people who live near the tiled steps are organizing a crackdown of their own. posting and reposting signs warning they're being targeted. they're tired of seeing broken glass. >> the problem is tourists adore us and see them as easy marks breaking into their cars and we don't like that. >> i think that is a really good warning for any visitors coming to the city.
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i think it's something that people should be made aware of. >> if you want them to leave with happy memories. police arrested a man neerg the tiled stairs with burglary tools. last week another person related to eight car burglaries was arrested. 5:26. two bay area cities are on "forbes" top ten lists of fastest growing cities. >> looking at popules and economic growth for the largest cities and surrounding suburbs. maybe the real surprise is that number one on that is austin, texas. but san francisco, if you live in the bay yare, already know the growth rate is red hot here. sf comes in second and san jose also in the top ten coming in eight. seaworld responding. the huge backlash to its killer whale program. the morning commute will be affected if you're using
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b.a.r.t. all the late economisting up in a live report. plus, san francisco city leaders accused of osending secret encrypted messages. the controversial app that many worry is keeping public information private. and i'm kris sanchez in the city of san jose where city leaders are trying to figure out what to do about rent control. major changes that could come for the first time in more than 40 years.
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happy st. patrick's day to you. you can't be there in person, so, we're bringing you live pictures from dublin ireland for st. patrick's day. you know, we've been going out there live for the past hour or so and i think we've seen a steady increase in the clouds. >> it's a block party. i love the fact that the bar there is the temple bar because this is a of worship, essentially, for all irish people across the globe. >> a lot of wearing of the green out there. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam mcbrock. >> good morning. a lot of green grass across the bay area with some sunshine. that's what we're looking forward to. as you head out now, it's cool in the north bay. 45 degree there's and low 50s across the bay area and mostly clear skies and not a lot of fog this morning and highs today reaching into the low 70s for san francisco, the east bay and the peninsula. upper 70s for the south bay, tri-valley and the north bay. and we went to dublin ireland.
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how about dublin, california, mike. >> let's check it out over here. the approach towards the dublin interchange and the dublin grade. moving well for 580, yeah, good amount of company. look at your map shows a little bit of slowing just below the speed limit and the stretch of roadway that approaches the interchange if you want to make that move over there. meanwhile, little build out of the altamont and an easy drive towards the bay bridge and metering lights should be turning on any second. one of those indicators of the volume of traffic. you may get a little more traffic on 242 coming off of highway 4 for the reason why, i'm going to hand it off to you guys for this. >> yeah, mike, there could be some hiccups on b.a.r.t. today. you can expect delays through two contra costa stations as crews right now going to work ongoing track problems. the pittsburg bay point stop. trains are not running right now between those two stations. >> pete joins us live from concord and, pete, it's probably
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a pretty big inconvenience or readjustment for b.a.r.t. riders. >> yeah, definitely an inconvenience for those b.a.r.t. riders and we just saw some of othem using that bus bridge that we mentioned to come from pittsburg bay point and coming here from concord. when they arrive, b.a.r.t. is giving them free rides one way. what we know according to b.a.r.t. this started yesterday morning and an electrical power surge and possibly an electrical power surge damaging several trains that left sidem-wide delays and this morning you can use the for getting between these two stations. now, a similar hap problem to happen two weeks ago that had affected trains going through the transbay tube. >> 80 cars two weeks ago, some of those have been repaired. what the riders have been experiencing the last two weeks, 16 trains are one car short. >> now, you will still be able to board trains from this station if you're heading to san
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francisco or oakland, if you're getting. between north concord you'll have to use that bus bridge and get idea to get here early. reporting from concord, pete suratos. new this morning, seaworld announcing a huge change to one of its popular attractions. the generation of killer whales will be the theme park's last. >> certainly a lot of public pressure on this issue. just hours ago the company announcing plans to take a new direction amid changing social attitude. sea world will stop breeding popular captive killer whales. three parks in texas, california and florida. those whales will remain in captivity because setting them free in the wild is not an option. last year seaworld announced it was ending its orca shows earning praise from lawmakers and activists. several are using an encrypted message app that allows them to destroy their communication trail. >> the app might be a way to
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bypass and avoid public scrutiny. supervisors have profiles on the app and several were active within minutes being questioned by the use of the san francisco examiner. the app called telegraph erases sent messages. its creator said it launched the app to build a means of communication that could not be accessed by russian security agencies. council members have declared a state of emergency in response to that sinkhole we told you about that formed during sunday's storm. according to "c new york ciontr times." they hired services to make repairs on that sinkhole. council members budgeted $500,000 for the initial repair. it formed during the height of sunday's rain. rupture a gas main and causing the sidewalk to buckle. happening today, the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar expected in court later today. dna evidence prompted prosecutors to charged antolin
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garcia-torres of murder. this week marks the four-year anniversary since that teenager was last seen. last night, her family joined friends and even search volunteers for their annual dinner. they met at el patio restaurants in fremont. one of her favorite places to eat. >> just gives me a sense of peace knowing that they're still thinking about her. >> always having hope. i'm still hoping she is alive somewhere. >> sierra was 15 at time of her disappearance and on her way to school in morgan hill when she disappeared. continuing coverage now. cal's head basketball coach is apparently now among the folks under reafter the controversial firing of one of the team's assistant coaches. that coach accused of, he denies those accusations but the school is conducting what it is calling a routine examination into
5:36 am
whether procedures were followed when the school learned about the allegation. cal's head coach is not being singled out in the but working to extend his contract. cal's first game in the ncaa tournament is on friday. the city might change its rent control policy and how much they can hike the rent on their tenants. >> kris sanchez live at city hall with some of the ideas proposed at a meeting last night. one city leader considering tying annual rate increases to inflation, kris. >> right, this is a difficult conversation in cities all around the bay area, but consider the fact that in the city of san jose, the average price for a monthly rent of a two bedroom apartment is now more than $2,700. and to afford that, renters would have to make more than $53 an hour or $110,000 a year. rents are rising 9% year over year.
5:37 am
so, that is according to the city of san jose. now, that's why dozens of renters and landlords turned up at city hall and the council and considered the first major change to the rent control ordinance since 1979. the city is considering tying the rent increases to the rate of inflation, as you mentioned, but also allowing landlords to set new rates altogether after their tenants out, if they move out voluntarily. now, renters fear that if landlords can make more money, then the people who can least afford the rent hike will find themselves out of their homes with no where else to go. >> we have to look at the tools we already have and how do we make sure they're working the best and the most efficiently to help the people in our community. >> the people are being evicted from their homes. and they, the disability, the people that are disabled. and the people that are low income are all being pushed out right now. >> now, there was a lot more public comment and that was really the point of last night's
5:38 am
meeting for council members to hear both sides. the rent control issue will be back before the council coming up in about a month. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kr sirx s. 5:38 right now. the body of a fallen chp officer in northern california where his family is finalizing funeral arrangements. escorted the white hearse that carried nathan taylor. an out of control suv struck him on saturday. he was airlifted to reno hospital, but he died from his injuries on sunday. the 35-year-old two years at san jose chp division before moving to the sacramento area. a new santa rosa park will be called andy unity park this in memory of the 13-year-old boy shot by a deputy. three years ago they thought that andy lopez was carrying an ak- .47. turned oout to be an air soft bb gun. eric deputy was never charged.
5:39 am
5:38 right now. more than 200 cats are in need of adoption and fast. >> or 200 homes is what they need right now. nine lives animal shelter in redwood city has lost its lease and must be out by june 30th. volunteers are trying to get the animals new homes. ideally, employees say, they want to lease a new building, but that has been a struggle. >> one of the big issues is that many places do not want animals in their space. >> well, that shelter does have a no-kill policy. so, if you're looking to adopt an animal, here's your chance right now. >> there you go, make a big difference. springtime see a lot of kittens out there, too. that's coming. >> along with our flowers that are popping up because now we have sunshine after the rain, kari. >> a lot of sunshine and warmer temperatures, too. and now we're in the low 50s as you get the day started. some long sleeves needed for now, but this afternoon. i mean, take a look at where we're going today in los gatos
5:40 am
and 71 degrees today in the mission district. 75 in napa and oakland 73. we'll also be at 75 des today in dublin. so, i don't have any green on my maps. hopefully, though, mike, you have a lot of green on your map. >> it's over here. all green for most of the bay. we do have a little build out of the altamont, no surprise. justin bieber in san jose tonight. just marking it it down there, folks. morning there, mr. bieber. show you a couple key spots. we have the metering lights on there and the traffic has kicked off there filling in the toll plaza. i will see if we can get the north bay ru, then. look towards san rafael and see how that shapes up. we'll see what we got. any cameras. the bay bridge toll plaza we'll end with this shot, you guys. we'll show you the traffic moving for the fastrak lanes. we'll be right back with more news after this.
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it's a plan with some push back. san francisco proposing charging drivers to park at night. the mta says they have to do this to recoup millions of lost dollars. >> "today in the bay" stephanie chuang. some people not too excited about this plan. >> i live here and i'm not. people who dine and shop in popular areas and business owners who might be impacted.
5:44 am
you see, of course, the time, 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. and that would change past 6:00 at night. you have to keep feeding the meters, although the details are still unclear with this plan. take a look at part of what is driving this possible move. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is trying to close about a $14 million gap for each of the next two fiscal years. and you can see that in the red there. the sfmta has outlined exactly where this nighttime metering would happen but this would be the busiest areas. part of why this shortage from a move approved just tuesday to reduce towing fees. great news for the drivers and it is also expected to be a $3.5 million hit to the city. so, the mta is looking to make money through many possible moves. parking permits and visitor passes going up and monthly union b.a.r.t. passes could go up $5 to 6. july of next year. the board has to approve a
5:45 am
budget balance and get it to the supervisors and the mayor by may 1st. before then a big push on public outreach including specific talks with the business owners in these areas who would be impacted. some of the things they're planning is a couple of budget open houses. that's what it's calling it set for next week to engage the community in what could be headaches for some folks. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." >> thanks a lot. 5:45 despite a booming economy, a growing number of people in san francisco believe the city isn't gettinger. >> 51% of those surveyed believe that san francisco is going in the wrong direction. that is compared to 34% who polled that way last year. the number one issue on people's minds is the city's homeless population. that is followed by concerns about the cost of housing. it is 5:45 right now. and also the end of the road for one of southern california's best known bridges and cinematic
5:46 am
landmarks. >> crews are going to start to tear down the sixth street bridge. it was built in 19 2 and it's been seen in countless movies and tv shows. you may remember it from "grease" "swat" and the bridge can no longer handle the traffic load. a new bridge will replace it in four years at a cost of $450 million. >> wow. it's interesting to see all those movies. >> a plane land on it and a bunch of cars crashing. it has take an lot of beating. my goodness. >> just in the movie. >> it should be an extra listing in the credits there. >> looking for a pot of gold this morning on this st. patrick's day. i guess gold in the form of sunshine. >> oh, yeah, absolutely. a lot of that gold all around the bay area today. and it will warm up our temperatures into this afternoon. today will be the warmest day of the week before it starts to come back down gradually. looking live now at san jose, we start out with clear skies.
5:47 am
no worries about fog this morning. and you can see the seven-day forecast coming up at the bottom of the screen. we will have couple of days of highs in the 70s and then we'll be dropping back into the 60s and, yes, the chance of rain within the next few days. we'll detail that coming up in a few seconds. but now we're in the mid-40s in the north bay and east bay and 50s for san francisco, as well as the peninsula and the south bay. a close look now at the north bay. calastoga starts out at 48 degrees and 44 degrees now in san rafael. going hour by hour in oakland. start out at 50 degrees at 7:00 and all of this sunshine. look at where we're heading today. up to 71 degrees by 4:00 with mostly sunny skies and a light wind that will be blowing off shore. if you're planning to head to the beach today, pacifica, a high of 67 degrees. a light easterly wind. half moon bay making it up to 72 degrees. a beautiful beach spot there. and also in santa cruz we'll be
5:48 am
into the mid-70s today with the light, northeasterly wind. going into the next couple of days we will still have the warm air. it will be in the 70s widespread and 60s along the immediate coast and then we'll start tasee 60s sliding back to 70s with the weak onshore flow tomorrow and then on saturday, few more clouds in the mix we'll be in the 60s, also, for the inland areas and then a few 70s for the south bay. here's the next weather system i'm watching. it's an area of low pressure slowing slowly moving. as of now being blocked by high pressure. we haven't seen much progress with that moving towards the bay area. that will move here as we head towards the end of the weekend. overall looking at nice weather. san francisco up to 61 degrees on saturday and then more clouds in the mix and the rain starts in the north bay on sunday morning and then moves into the south bay during the evening. let's get an update on what's
5:49 am
happening the roadways now from mike. >> kari, overall,y calm. one area we have been watching may an issue as far as the traffic of volume. and you see this from our live shot, as well as from our speed sensors on the map. san rafael down towards the golden gate bridge. the bay bridge metering lights are on and slowing through hayward and typical for 880 at this time. over here little extra slowing and bay point and over towards concord and now the note here is that the concord line for b.a.r.t. is not running between concord and the pittsburg bay point station. might be more surface street traffic as a result. the south bay shows you how light it is else where in san jose. there is the build, it just start, guys. back to you. >> just like magic. 5:49. here's the sport story a lot of people will be talking about. a star major leaguer walking away from a huge pay day because his team considered his son to be too much of a distraction. >> the son, by the way, 14s old.
5:50 am
adam laroche is retiring and in the process he's leaving a $13 million contract on the table. team president williams doeld him that his 14-year-old son, drake, was spending too much time in the clubhouse. so laroche decided, i'm out of here. teammates say that drake was not a distraction and even gave players a helping hand. he is from a baseball family. his father, dave, was a long-time major league pitcher and his brother also played in the majors. you would think riley curry will always be welcome with the warriors. >> warriors just won their 50th home game and last night's win was more like a walk in the park. >> they make it look so easy. >> new york knicks they're still a long way off from championship caliber. steph curry scored 34 points the warriors dominated. the warriors have won 32 home games this season. they haven't even lost at home since january of last year. >> pretty impressive. do you get anything free for
5:51 am
warriors winning a basketball game? free food or something like that? chipotle want their customers back and they're offering free food. >> more free burritos as part of what the chain says has been a very successful campaign to win back its customer base. also plans to offer buy one get one free deals. earlier this week the company told investors that the free burrito deals have drawn in customers who had steered clear after several food-born disease outbreaks last year. talking about finding the gold on the st. patrick's day. a hiker in israel finds a rare gold coin centuries old while out for a hike. >> did it come from a pot? here's the coin. a woman found it last week in northern israel. archeologists say there is one other coin with the same symbol but only one in the world. that coin is from the roman empire dating back to the year 107. the woman is not getting any money for finding it. but it will get a certificate
5:52 am
thanking her for turning it over to authorities. that coin will be publicly displayed very soon. >> i think i'd make pendant out of it. want to go to ireland this morning? there you go. live look from dublin, ireland out there. a lot of wearing of the green across the world today. >> they are well within our celebrations, right? 1:00 in ireland right now. the balloons are out and guinness is flowing and the green hats seem to get taller and taller. >> exactly. a lot of celebrating. hopefully you do it responsibly, as well, today. coming up next, president obama is irish. picks his choice to replace place the late justice scalia. >> the republicans promise to block the appointment. the latest from washington coming up in a live report. happening now, two b.a.r.t. stations remain shut down at the end of the pittsburg bay point line. our pete saratos has another live report coming up getting to
5:53 am
the bottom of when the train service might resume. look for his updates on our twitter feed. a surprise announcement from sea world this morning. it is completely ending its orca breeding program. critics wonder what is really going on. find a link to this story on our facebook page and what happens to the current orcas in captivity.
5:54 am
5:55 am
5:56 am
it will no doubt be a tough road ahead for mayor garland. to fill the supreme court vacant seat. senate republicans say a nominee will not be considered while president obama is in office. they want the next president to make that selection. right now garland is the chief judge for the u.s. court of appeals in washington, d.c. the ninth circuit and he has connections to the bay area a stanford professor who used to be his law clerk describes her experience with working with him. >> to him it doesn't matter whether a case is front page news or just really affect the life of one individual. he looks at those cases the same way and with the same great care and attention. >> nora was one of garland's clerks from 2003 to 2004 in washington. senate republicans have already vowed not to own hold confirmation hearings. more details. there are several important
5:57 am
court cases that could be decided in the next few months. an abortion law in texas, voting rights, afirmative action and the power of labor unions and president obama's affordable care act, as well as immigration policies executive orders. we'll keep a close eye on these developing stories and bring you the latest when we have information. happening today, the water crisis in flint, michigan, once again, taking center stage in washington with the governor in the hot seat. >> governor rick schneider expected to testify on the house committee. he will answercreti questions a his role in the lead kriss and possible solutions. this is the third and final hearing on the flint crisis which has left the city's water undrinkable and children there suffering from lead poisoning. the d.c. metro second busiest subway system back up and running this morning. this after an unprecedented 29-hour safety shutdown following antricle fire on monday. crews found 46 areas of concern
5:58 am
requiring replacement or repair. most of those improvements have now been completed. d.c. has the second largest subway system in the country. what should happen in this next story. the crime is more like a college prank and the punishment just doesn't fit it. this after a university of virginia student was sentenced to 15 years of hard labor in north korea. for stealing a sign. the 29-year-old was found guilty of stealing a tour banner. the white house is accusing north korea of using him as a political pawn. >> you certainly feel for him. 5:58. one south bay lawmaker is ratcheting up his push to bring immigrants and their families together. mike haund saw the author of the reiting family's act. today congressman honda plans to reintroduce that measure in d.c. help reduce weight time for spouses and children of
5:59 am
greencard holders that includes millions of people waiting in their home country. his two previous attempts to do so died before reaching the house floor. ongoing b.a.r.t. repairs affecting the commute at two stations in contra costa. all the latest coming up in a live report. i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco where you may soon have to pay more before you eat your favorite local restaurant. here's a clue what you should be considering, coming up. a story that everyone will be talking about this morning. ending a long standing policy at seaworld saying good-bye to shamu. why the killer whales currently at sea world theme parks will be the last ones ever. "today in the bay" starts right now. and good morning. top of the morning on this st. patrick's day. thank you for joining us. ium sam brock. >> his tie says it all. i'm laura garcia-cannon. let's get to that golden state
6:00 am
forecast. any rainbows today, kari? >> no rainbows today, but a lot of sunshine. no rain clouds across the bay area today and as you head out, make sure you're wearing lots of green. unlike me and also a couple of layers, too, to battle this cold air that we're feeling this morning. but then you'll be taking it off today as we warm up to 77 degrees in the south bay and north bay. some low 7 o0s for san francisco and also the east bay and peninsula. today the warmest day of the week, i'll detail some slightly cooler air for the weekend and a little bit of rain. any slow downs in the south bay, mike? >> i was surprised by the the amount of slowing and by the time we check this slowing. a smoother drive now over the last few and that was just a burst of traffic. let's look at your map and you see mostly green in the spirit of the day and just a little slowing where our camera was. we expect that pattern throughout the south bay. here's the rest of your bay, no big surprises but looking for the slowing and very, very cautious about this. highway 4 shows more


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