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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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forecast. any rainbows today, kari? >> no rainbows today, but a lot of sunshine. no rain clouds across the bay area today and as you head out, make sure you're wearing lots of green. unlike me and also a couple of layers, too, to battle this cold air that we're feeling this morning. but then you'll be taking it off today as we warm up to 77 degrees in the south bay and north bay. some low 7 o0s for san francisco and also the east bay and peninsula. today the warmest day of the week, i'll detail some slightly cooler air for the weekend and a little bit of rain. any slow downs in the south bay, mike? >> i was surprised by the the amount of slowing and by the time we check this slowing. a smoother drive now over the last few and that was just a burst of traffic. let's look at your map and you see mostly green in the spirit of the day and just a little slowing where our camera was. we expect that pattern throughout the south bay. here's the rest of your bay, no big surprises but looking for the slowing and very, very cautious about this. highway 4 shows more slowing
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through pittsburg and bay point and pete sarutos a reason why we might see more folks on the roadway instead of the rails. pete, what do you have out there? >> yeah, mike, you know, if you're traveling between north concord to pittsburg bay point won't be a bus bridge and a number of commuters using that bus bridge this morning. an electrical surge that affected the tracks, damaging several cars. if you're going between both of those stations, you'll have to use a bus bridge and we spoke to one person who hopped on the bus bridge bus and he was a rush. here's what he had to say about these delays. >> early in the morning and not trying to take the bus here. i have to go all the way up to fris. got to get the money, right? get to work. >> i want to point out if you are at this concord station, you can still get to oakland and san
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francisco and at this time the fare is free, as well as parking here at b.a.r.t. a good idea to get here early was you expect some delays. >> pete, thank you. as this story continues to develop, we're going to stay on top of it throughout the morning, both on air and online. just head to for updates and download our flee nbc bay area app. seaworld announcing a huge change to one of its most popular attractions. this generation of killer whales will be the theme park's last. hours ago the company announced plans to take a new direction amid changing social attitudes. it will stop breeding captive killer whales. seaworld has 24 orcas at three parkz in texas, california and florida. those whales will remain in captivity because setting them free in the wild is just not an option. last year seaworld announced it was ending the orca shows. take you live to san diego in our next half hour. also new this morning, not the smoothest flight for
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passengers traveling from dulles to brussels. it included a very lengthy delay and some big-time commotion. >> bloomberg view columnist josh rogan was among those on the flight. he took some video. he says an equipment problem started the delay and then a sick passenger started raising security concerns. passengers were told to get off of the plane. his video apparently shows him complaining there. that flight was delayed more than three hours. roggen says one passenger who realized he missed his connection in brussels detained after a confrontation. 6:03. pg&e says equipment failure was to blame for a massive power outage in the cupertino area yesterday. more than 5,000 customers were without power. the number down to just 14. the power outages caused evening classes to be canceled and classes will resume today. morocco town council members a state of emergency to respond to that massive sinkhole we have been telling you about that formed during sunday's storm.
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>> according to "contra costa times" that allows the town to quickly hire services needed to make repairs on that sinkhole. council members have also budgeted $500,000 for the initial repairs. that sinkhole during the height of sunday's rain rupturing a gas main in the process and causing the sidewalks to buckle. continuing coverage. cal's head basketball coach is among many of the people now under review after the controversial firing of one of the team's assistant coaches. that coach, yann hufnagel is accused of. the school is conducting what it calls a routine examination into whether procedures were followed when the school learned about those allegations. head coach martin is not being singled out in the review and the school, however, is still working to extend his contract. cal's first game in the ncaa tournament is on friday. police right now say they
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have the man responsible for crashing a stolen car and seriously injuring a young boy. daniel morris was arrested at a motel in hayward. he's been on the run for more than a week after fleeing the scene of this crash. morris was driving a stolen car when he hit a 6-year-old boy in castro valley. the boy's injuries were so bad he had to have part of his leg amputated. pretty alarming numbers show how many car break-ins are hap pg in san. car break-ins are up more than 30%. the department is using undercover teams to try to crack down on thieves and in the sunset, people who live near the tileds are organizing a crackdown of their own, posting and reposting signs warning visitors they're being targeted. neighbors say they're tired of seeing broken glass and upset visitors. >> tourists adore it. that's why we're out here because the problem is tourists adore it and it sees them as easy marks breaking into their cars.
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we don't like that. >> i think that's a really good warning for any visitors coming to the city. i think it's something that people should be made aware of. >> from the lookout sending undercover units to hot spots. police say a team arrested a man this week near the tiled stairs with burglar tools. last week another person connected to eight car break-ins was arrested. meantime, san franciscans are ringing the alarm for parking in the city to start costing you after dark. the city municipal transporation agency the mta is discussing turning on parking meters at night. >> let's check in with "today in the bay" stephanie chuang live in san francisco. steph, this idea comes after the city decided to lower some of the towing fees. >> good news, bad news. i just heard back from the spokesperson and he stresses this is a very preliminary idea and just that, an idea. but the idea would be to enforce it in popular places like the
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mission and extend the hours for meters past that 6:00 p.m. that you see there and make money from those who are dining and shopping at night. now, take a look at what the mta is trying to close. we're talking about a $14 million gap for each of the next two fiscal years. the idea to charge for this nighttime meter parking would only affect the area's busiest areas. one of the ideas to make some money, especially after supervisors approved tuesday a move to lower fees for drivers who get their cars towed. that is expect tad be a $3.5 million loss for the city. some other proposed moves. one with actual numbers and details include neighborhood parking permits and visitor passes going up and fines, for instance, if you're caught parking in a tow away section. and the $1.01 feel and go to $1.09 next july. big emphasis on public outreach to get community input especially from business owners who would be in these impacted areas. there is a deadline here.
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the mta has to approve its blajed budget by may 1st and take that to the mayer and. supervisors. we'll see what happens. >> thanks, steph. we're putting in our time and our money for some nice weather. that is always a good thing, especially on a holiday. >> kari was saying i think the warmest day of the week so far. >> yes. we're heading to up thor 70s today. but still cool to start. make sure you're wearing some layers this morning as you head out, especially in the north bay and parts of the east bay where we have some 40s this morning. and now some low 50s for oakland and san francisco. look at these highs today it will be so nice. up to 77 degrees in san jose. 74 degrees in burlingame and the mission district and also 77 in concord and 76 today in the tri-valley. so, nice weather today. a little bit cooler tomorrow and then we're getting ready for some rain the end of the week. you don't want to miss the forecast. that's coming up in less than
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ten minutes. now for an update on the slow down in the east bay. here's a heads up from mike. >> that's right. a couple crashes, kari. bay bridge span itself moves very well. and you look at your map and outside of this map we have a smooth flow of predictable flow around the bay we do have a couple of crashes for the upper east shore freeway west. and at hilltop drive. blocking part of that slow lane but that's enough of an issue that it could cause early slowing. we are tracking that. a couple minutes there and slowing for highway 4 coming into concord and bay point. because port chicago highway takes you to the north concord station and that is the end of the line for b.a.r.t. trains. takes you over to the pittsburg station and those might get more traffic this morn p back to you. >> thank you, mike. it is 6:09. coming up, a way to evade public record laws. the app several san francisco
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public officials are reportedly using to keep their conversations private. i'm kris sanchez in san howhere rent has gone up year over year and now the city council is considering the first change to the rent control ordinance in nearly 40 years. and a live look right now at a golden oracle arena this morning. the warriors struck gold last night. they won their 50th straight home game extending their nba record right now with 50 games. that team dominated the knickerbockers. steph went for 34 points. we're back in two minutes. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips ere-mail theunit@nbcbayarea. nbc bay area, we investigate. several san francco
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supervisors aresing an talking behind more than just closed doors. several san francisco supervisors are using an app to destroy communications and a way for them to bypass open records laws and avoid public scrutiny. the supervisors have profiles on that app and several were active within minutes of being questioned about using it by the
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san francisco examiner. the app called "telegraph" has a self-destruct mode. its creator said that he launched that app to build a means of communication that cannot be accessed russian security agency. it is 6:14 right now. a former 49er with a checkered past was supposed to inspire an east bay community but his response is now anger. tennyson high school invited him to speak to students about discipline. mcdonald had been arrested multiple times for domestic violence and is set to stand trial in a sexual assault case. parents just found out about the vizt and the school board were shocked that mcdonald was invited on campus. >> just have someone with kind of record come and talk with our kids without even us parents knowing. it's just shocking. >> it's incredible. self-discipline. he doesn't even know how to handle his life. >> the district superintendent says he didn't know about the visit and apologized to parents.
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well, for the first time in four decades, the city of san jose may change its rent control ordinance and that will affect how much landlords can hike on their tenants. >> finding an agreement is difficult on this topic. kris sanchez live at city hall this morning with the ideas being proposed at a meeting last night, kris. inflation. >> right. i want to give you some numbers to put this all in perspective. right now the average price for a two-bedroom apartment in the city of san jose is more than $2,700. taafford that, renters would have to make about $53 an hour or $110,000 a year. rents are rising 9% year over year which is far above the rate of inflation, which has averaged less than 2% over the last six years, according to information in the city of san jose report. that's why dozens of renters and landlords turned out at city hall at the council meeting as considering its first change
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since 1979 when san jose. now in addition to tieing the rate increases to the cost of living index or inflation which would offer protection. new rental rates when tenants move out voluntarily. >> we have to look at the tools we already have and how do we make sure that they're working the best and the most efficiently to help the people in our community. >> people are being evicted from their homes and they have no legal right to evict them. the people that are disabled. the people that are low income are all being pushed out right now. >> so, rent control came up as a public discussion item at last noit's meeting, no decision made. but rent control before the city council, once again, in about a month's time. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thank you, kris. the push to bring professional soccer into san francisco is kicking into high
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gear today. >> heard of the san jose earthquakes, but have you heard of the san francisco deltas. the latest soccer start up. start playing in the lower division starting next year and like to play at the stadium. so, today the city's recreation and commission will meet and consider that plan. football for all. >> there you go. good weather in the bay area for a lot of different sports. kind of a nice day today. >> maybe a little bit warm for being out there running around and just the sun beating down on you. but we will have some gorgeous for not only today, but the next couple of days. here's a live look at the bay bridge getting the day started. you can tell that there is already a lot of people out there on the roadways. we'll check in with mike to see how everything is looking across the bay area. and now looking at these temperatures, it is in the 40s for the bay. and the east bay we have some 50s else where, but let's drop in on the east bay to see what's happening there. it is 48 degrees now in dublin. walnut creek 44 degrees and 47
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degrees now in brentwood. in the north bay, 46 degrees and looking at san francisco, we start out at 10:00 this morning. and we have some low 60s there with mostly sunny skies, but that sunshine will heat those temperatures up. lunchtime it will be 67 degrees in the mission district and the marina district at 65 degrees. haze valley 67 as we go into this early afternoon. and then dropping back into the 50s and 60s by sunset. if you're planning to head to tahoe today or the next couple of days, our temperatures there are so warm, we had so much snow over the weekend and now we're melting a lot of that today. we're up to 60 degrees at squaw valley and alpine meadows. sunshine tomorrow, as well. more clouds on saturday. there should be a few more rain and snow showers heading into sunday into monday. and this is the reason why. we're watching this area of low pressure spinning out there in the pacific. this one is a slow mover. it's being blocked by high pressure that kept our weather sunny and dry the past few days
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and as that continues to move slowly away, it will allow for that rain tamove in, but not until sunday morning for the north bay. it starts out with some heavy downpours around and then the shades of green show some lighter rain. see that moving into san francisco by early afternoon and by the time to the south bay late sunday evening, a lot of that drying up and then another shot of rain late monday night into early tuesday. i'll keep you up to date on those rain chances, but mike's tracking a few problems for the tri-valley. >> that's right. a look at our live camera dublin, california. you have to specify on st. patrick's day. a slower drive. i scanned the area for westbound heading over from tassajara and, still, traffic has a memory. this may be a result of anything having to be removed from lanes. let's look at your map and the slowing on the sensors and double verification there and the build there, of course, as well. heading southbound towards pleasanton and no surprises out
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of and pretty predictable pattern around the bay. crash west 80 at punol valley road and haven't seen a lot of oslowing there, though, over the last 15 minutes. we'll continue to track that. rest of your bay moves well. a new crash 87 coming up towards 101. we'll track that one as chp gives us more info and all the info we need from palo alto and slowing just north of willow. >> thank you. coming up next, a rough road ahead. today president obama supreme court nominee is going to be on capitol hill to meet with lawmakers. but will it go any further than that. the pushback already taking place from senators this morning, coming up next. also today, sam, a lot of people celebrating the wearing of the green. no better than at dublin, irela ireland. live pictures there where people have been lining the streets for hours. it is safe to say. happy st. patrick's day to you. a lot more news ahead.
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laura///o== a ugh roaahead for jge meick gar a tough road ahead for judge merrick garland. senate republicans say a nominee won't even considered while president obama is in office. they want the next president to make the selection. by now garland is the chief judge for the u.s. court of appeals and he has connections to the bay area. the stanford professor. despite through experience working with them. >> for him it doesn't matter whether a case is front page news or just will really affect the life of one individual. he looks at those cases the way and with the same great way and
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attention. >> she was actually one of garland's clerk from 2003 to 2004 in washington. senate republicans have already vowed not to hold confirmation hearings. at 6:24. more details this morning. there are several important court cases that could be decided in the next few months. they include abortion and voting rights. afirmative action and the power of labor unis and president obama's affordable care act and immigration policies. we will be keeping a close eye on this developing story and bring you the very latest as things change and as they come in. now to decision 2016 and donald trump continuing to gain momentum this morning. now, he's giving a stern warning the gop if it tries to block his nomination. >> "today in the bay" tracie potts live in washington, d.c. with more. he's threatening riots. >> well, he's saying that there could be riots if he comes in with the numbers and then doesn't get the nomination. and the city of cleveland, they're hosting the republican convention, they're getting ready. they are trying to get their hands on 2,000 sets of riot
6:25 am
gear. they've got about 1,2 officers in and around the city. they're trying to bring in four times that many for a tote oal about 5,000 to surround this convention. donald trump is saying bad things would happen if he doesn't get the nomination. one thing that's already happened is they called off monday's debate. fox was hosting that debate. but trump said he wouldn't be there. he was speaking to the pro-israel rally on monday. he didn't want to cancel that for a debate he says is overkill. he said we have enough debates. trump pulls out and john kasich pulls out and he won't debate without trump and that only left ted cruz. ted cruz said he would be willing to debate and there is no one left. debates canceled and trump is threatening that riots could happen and he will argue that he's not insighting those riots. want to point that out. also this morning "washington post" in a new editorial calls him a threat to american democracy. they call for a brokerage converngz to try to select the nominee from the convention
6:26 am
floor. >> no matter what happens is the last thing we need to see is more violence surrounding those campaigns. >> good point you made there. the white house fount water. look at that. it is going green for st. patrick's day, of course. president obama hosted the irish prime minister yesterday. the pair attended the annual friends of ireland luncheon ahead of st. patrick's day. first lady, michelle obama, started the tradition of dyeing the white house fountain green back in 2009 as a nod to a similar tradition in the chicago river. >> i think we would have to settle for just green guinness here because dyeing the san francisco bay green could be a bit of a reach. >> as long as it's cold. >> some people like warm guinness, too. >> that's true. charging parking meters at night. kind of a controversial discussion taking place right now in san francisco sparking a heated debate in that city. b.a.r.t. repairs affecting the morning commute between two contra costa stations. the latest update from b.a.r.t.
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coming up. got a tip for nbc bay area investigative unit? call 1-888-996-tips or e-mail nbc bay area, we investigate. in
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top of the morning to you. thanks for joining us. why not?
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it's a whole new hour. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brork. it's st. patrick's day. if you're looking for rainbows or of gold, we don't have any rain. good morning, kari. >> good morning and the rest of the day to you. we will have cool temperatures to start out this morning, but really warm this afternoon. we're now at 46 degrees in the north bay and 50 degrees in the east bay peninsula and south bay. and highs today into the mid up toer 70s for the north bay, south bay, as well as the tri-valley and we will have some low 70s for san francisco. 71 degrees there and 74 in the peninsula. i'll have a look at some slig slightly cooler temperatures for the weekend and also a slight chance of rain. that's coming up in a little bit. and mike knows the way to san jose. >> that's right. show you what's going on in san jose, as well. northbound 101. of course, we have this pattern on our map going from the green of the day to the orange and even the red. right where our camera was.
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that burst of traffic now causing the slow and the build for the san jose area and moving through the rest of silicon valley. that is predictable. so is most of this build. little extra slowing and an earlier crash now over on the shoulder. i want to show you the rest of the bay, not a major concern except for highway shore watching over here through pittsburg and bay point and find the north concord b.a.r.t. station and have an issue for b.a.r.t. lines since yesterday. pete is out there giving us the developments. pete, what do you have? >> yeah, good morning, mike. look, there is a bus bridge taking folks from pittsburg bay point and concord and we have seen them coming all morning long and getting free b.a.r.t. fair as they continue to work on these res. they tell us 50 cars were damaged as a result of what took place yesterday morning. they're saying it was a power surge that affected the tracks and damaged several cars. now, two weeks ago we had the same issue with several trains that were going through the transbay tube and we just spoke to this b.a.r.t. spokesperson and she tells us it's important for commuters traveling between
6:32 am
these two stations to arrive to that bus stop early. >> absolutely. you need to add, i would say, 30 to your trip just in case to have that padding to take the buses. and then everyone else is always a good idea to add time when we're experiencing something like this. >> you can expect system-wide delays throughout b.a.r.t. because of all of this. no estimated time when travel will get back to normal. >> all right, thanks a lot, pete. of course, we'll stay on top of the story throughout on air and online and head to for updates or download our free nbc bay area app. right now, a follow up and one person is in custody in connection to a shooting tuesday morning in west berkeley. this happened near the corner of san pablo and delaware streets near university avenue. a 28-year-old man suffered critical injuries. police say that a suspect
6:33 am
surrendered on his own yesterday without incident at the berkeley police department. so far that is all the police are saying about that arrest. a second shooting happened yesterday near the ashby b.a.r.t. station. there are no arrests in that case. a berkeley elementary school is on alert following the attempted abduction of a young student. two men in a green van followed her as she walked from malcolm x elementary school monday morning. she managed to get away. the description of the van is similar to the description of a vehicle used in one of the five child abduction incidents in the area last fall. the berkeley police department is investigating. an alleged groper is behind bars this morning. mountain view police say max davidson seen here was groping customers at books inc. on castro street earlier this month. a well-known store. one of the victims was a 10-year-old girl. police say davidson is a transient. the man accused of kidnapping and killing sierra
6:34 am
lamar expected in court later today. dna evidence prompted prosecutors to charge torres with her kidnapping and murder. as of oright now that trial set to start next month. this week marks the four-year anniversary since the teenager was last seen. last night sierra's family joined volunteers for an annual dinner. met in fremont. one of sierra's favorite places to eat. >> it just gives me a sense of peace knowing that thir they're still thinking about her. >> always having hope. i'm still hoping she's alive somewhere. >> well, sierra was 15 years old at the time on her way to school in morgan hill when she disappeared. 6:34. if you thought parking in san francisco was tough already, a new idea could make it even more difficult. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is considering charging meters at night. >> probably not sitting too well with manydants. "today in the bay" stephanie
6:35 am
chuan xw chuang. now we're talking about late at night, too. >> that's right, sam and laura. i don't know about you guys, but one thing that makes a difference between going out and staying home, hey, free parking. that idea could change in popular places in the city like the mission here where places are getting ready for breakfast now this morning. the idea of floating around the mta everyone is to charge past the 6:00 p.m. deadline. usually that is when you're clear and free. the details, though, are still unclear. but take a look at part of what's driving this possible move via mta, the municipal transportation agency about to close a $14 million gap for each of the next two fiscal years. the mta has not outlined exactly where this might happen, only to say it would be the city's busiest area. why there is a shortage is from a move approved just tuesday to reduce towing fees which is great news for drivers and also expected to cost the city $3.5
6:36 am
million a year. the mta is looking at possible moves to make that money. also talking neighborhood parking permits going up and visitor passes and muni and b.a.r.t. passes going up in price. the board has to approve this balanced budget by may 1st. before then, there is an effort for public outreach to get some ideas and they're holding a couple budget open houses. two of them next week. one argument in favor of something like this overnight late night meter charging is maybe more turnover for cars and perhaps that would increase business, but, again, very preliminary. we'll see what ideas the mta comes up with and how far this gets. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the bay." a new santa rosa park is going to be called andy unity park in memory of the 13-year-old boy shot by a deputy. the of deputy thought andy lopez was carrying an ak- .47 and turned out to be an air soft bb
6:37 am
gun. a wrongful death lawsuit is scheduled to go to trial next month. meantime, a battle between renters and landlords and the south bay all over south bay and a policy that dates back to the late '70s. >> city leaders are trying to change it and not everyone is on the same page. kris sanchez live at city hall with the proposal that caused an uproar at a meeting last night. good morning, kris. >> good morning to you, laura and sam. the city of san jose is considering the first changes to its rent control ordinance since 1979 and consider how much the valley has changed. between then and now when the salaries have gone up so exponentially let's give you some numbers to consider so you know where we are coming from here. we are talking about rent, a monthly rent that is up to more than $2,700 a month. and that is, obviously, very difficult for families.
6:38 am
let's move on to the video, though. landlords and also tenants show up to voice their opinions to the proposals that would, one, tie rent increases to the rate of inflation. right now the current ordinance allows landlords to increase rates of rent to about 8% a year. and inflation would mean a maximum of 2% on year on average. it would also allow landlords to increase the rent to what they see fit when they have a new tenant moving in. >> we have to look at the tools we already have and how do we make sure they're working the best and the most efficiently to help the people in our community. >> people are being evicted from their homes and they have no legal right to evict them. the people that are disabled. the people that are low income are all being pushed out right now. >> now, this all was a matter
6:39 am
oflic discussion last night here at city hall. and there will be more public discussion as the rent control ordinance and the proposed changes come before city hall once again in a month's time. kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> thanks so much, kris. lots of green out there today. we're wearing green. green guinness, green, not on the radar right now. kari, no rain in sight this morning. >> no rain for the next couple of days and not until late on sunday as we officially welcome in spring. the first full day of spring and now as you head out, we have some low 50s for most of the bay area from oakland to san carlos to san jose and 54 now in san francisco. look at the highs today. we will in some spots getting close to 80 degrees. gilroy today 79. 76 in palo alto and the embarcadero at 70 degrees. 75 in napa and 73 in oakland. pleasanton looking at 76 degrees. bright, sunny, warm today.
6:40 am
slightly cooler in time for the weekend. i'll detail that coming up in about seven minutes. let's get an update for b.a.r.t. riders now from mike. >> that's right, kari. as pete has reported we have no b.a.r.t. service but we do have a bus bridge in place. anyway, people might want to head over towards that north concord station and why there might be more traffic on highway 4. that's what we're seeing right now. north concord station and take willow road where everybody seems to be getting off the freeway and take it farther south down the other two concord stations. the rest of the lines are moving well, folks. the rest of the roadways are moving pretty predictability. see the build westbound and you see that and moving on a flat section, guys. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 6:40. a major announcement from seaworld this morning. the new direction the embattled company is taking and how it will impact theme parks across the nation. and a quick check right now of the market. pretty flat to start off your
6:41 am
morning here. this after that two-day fed meeting wrapped earlier this week. the dow sitting at 17,317. no scott mcgrew, but i can show you something else irish. >> you don't want to start out with beer this morning. that's not the case in dublin irela ireland. as we take a live look. everybody celebrating the wearing of the green at st. patri patrick's day there. the crowd that we've seen at the temple bar. >> people just want to party. the temple of guinness out there in ireland today and here, as well. we'll be right back. new this morning: =sam/2sh=
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a ge annocement fromea wod regardi one of is all new this morning a major announcement coming from seaworld regarding one of its
6:44 am
most popular attractions. this generation of killer whales will be the theme park's last. >> megan is live out seaworld san diego with what the company is saying this morning and this comes after years of backlash. >> yeah, that's right, sam and laura. you pronounced my last name right which i'm very impressed by. we're in front of seaworld. i'll step out of the way so you can see the sky tower over here. seaworld is making several big changes but the big announcement is that they will no longer breed killer whales starting today and focus on marine life advocacy and education. they're ending their theatrical shows and introduce new inspiring orca encounters. seaworld is partnering with the humane society of the united states and has committed $50 million over the next five years to marine animal rescue and adv advocacy. now these changes as you mention, laura, come after several rough years for
6:45 am
seaworld. first one of their trainers was killed by an orca and then "black fish" was released which negatively portrayed seaworld's treatment of animals. their attendance has declined since then, their profits have dropped and they have struggled to rebuild their reputation. now, seaworld says it will keep its orcas that they have now until they pass on. that's what the ceo said this morning. and these new orca encounters that i'm mentioning will be open starting next year in san deo. i'll send it back to you. >> big, big change there. >> megan, thank you. happening right now, a major interstate at the texas/louisianaer closed this morning from devastating floods that have rocked the region. transportation leaders closed interstate 10 yesterday. you see all of that water from the aerial shot. still no timetable on when the interstate might reopen. in some areas, boats are the easiest and only way to get around.
6:46 am
for now the river appears to have crested and the water should recede over the next few days. more rain still possible later in the week. it is 6:45. turning the tables an uber driver is suing uber. wrote by hand from his jail cell in michigan. seeking $10 million in punitive damages and emotional distress from the san francisco company claiming that. he claims uber is the reason he is behind bars and while picking up passengers last month. the judge ordered dalton to undergo a mental competency exam. remembering the life of frank sinot rujr. i should say the son of a legend died yesterday at the age of 72. >> in a statement the family said he died unexpectedly of cardiac arrest. he was supposed to perform in florida, but the show was canceled. the younger sinatra followed his
6:47 am
father into the music. >> i saw him once playing anno for his father at the silver circle. circle star. on the peninsula, right? >> the jackson five. that's so cool. >> no longer there. little bit of bay area history. >> i never got to see him. we are here today on a holiday. i just want to say, blarney. because it's st. patrick's day. i have been waiting to say that all day. no pinching, no kissing. >> we tell the truth, right? >> yes, we do. >> like always investigating that. what we have today by way of nice temperatures for people who are out celebrating? >> nothing to complain about. bright, sunny skies and you can tell by the sunrise by the golden gate bridge we don't have any fog this morning and we are going to see that sunshine continuing. and as the seven-day forecast comes up at the bottom of the screen, you'll be able to see how our temperatures will be warm the next couple of days and starting to dip as we go towards the weekend with another chance of rain. now, it's in the mid-40s for the
6:48 am
north bay. you're at 45 degrees there, but 54 degrees in san francisco. a closer look now at the south bay. we have some upper 40s for santa theresa. santa clara is at 46 degrees in saratoga at 47 degrees as you head out the door. the new drought monitor has been posted. and this is what it looks like for the bay area. we've been downgraded from severe drought to abnormally dry conditions. this is really great news. at least for now. hopefully we'll continue on with a little more rain before we head to our dry season. as we go over to the east bay. we have a moderate drought there and then goes from severe to extreme as you head farther off towards the east. but we are making some progress especially since we had such a wet winter and our next chance of rain spinning out oin the pacific. this area of low pressure won't bring us much and being blocked by high pressure and will take its time getting here. we will start to see more clouds moving in during the next couple
6:49 am
of mornings and then here is the rain that starts in the north bay. quite heavily early on sunday morning by the bright shades of red. you can tell that we will have heavier rain around and lighter rain moving into san francisco by early afternoon and then the rain dries up as it heads farther off towards the south and east. we will have another chance of rain late monday night into tuesday morning. looks like the rainfall totals at this point only look to be about maybe 0.25 for the south bay. anywhere south of san francisco, you'll have some lighter rainfall amounts and then up to 0.75 possible for santa rosa which, of course, will also help there quite a bit. now, we're looking at the weekend forecast. that chance of rain moving in on sunday. until then, we'll stay dry. let's get an update on traffic now from mike. >> yeah, kari. out to the peninsula where palo alto shows a nice volume in the increase of traffic. this is 101 right by university and folks waiting to get on at the fleeway and no slowing and
6:50 am
we will have that in a few minutes. look at the map. you see a nice flow of traffic there. northbound routes through the south bay. we had 101 and 87 with the slowing and kicking in for 280 and 85. this is your typical pattern throughout the silicon valley and no surprises here through the east bay and tri-valley. 680 through sunol out of pleasanton and 880 down towards union city. and we also showed you the san m mateo bridge westbound. we'll send it right back to you. >> thanks so much, mike. it is 6:50 right now. drivers beware. new numbers show car break-ins are up more than 30%. the department is using undercover teams to crack down on thieves in the sunset. people who live near the tiled steps are organizing a crackdown of their own. posting and reposting signs warning visitors they're being targeted. neighbors say they're tired of seeing broken glass and upset visitors. >> that's why we're out here because the problem is tourists
6:51 am
adore it and see them as easy marks breaking into their cars and we don't like that. >> i think it's really good warning for any visitors coming to the city. i think it's something that people should be made aware of. >> police say a team arrested a man this week near the tiled stairs with burglary tools. last week another person connected to eight car burglary was arrested. more than 200 cats right now in desperate need of adoption. nine lives animal shelter just lost its lease and must be out by 30th. volunteers are trying to get those animals new homes. ideally, employees say they want to lease a new building, but that has been a struggle. >> is that many places do not want animals in their space. >> the shelter has a no-kill policy and we certainly hope that they find homes. maybe we should be blaming this on silicon valley, but two bay area cities are on "forbes" latest top ten list and we'll check out those cats a little
6:52 am
longer here. >> you can still adopt those cats. >> growth of cats and growth of the area. they made the list, two u.s. fastest growing and economic growth and maybe the real surprise here is maybe another city is number one. austin, texas, because if you live in the bay area the growth rate is pretty red hot. san jose actually ranked eighth. >> still a good representation. >> coming up, san francisco is making parking a little bit tougher. the idea behind this new idea that could charge drivers to park in the city while you're sleeping at night. repairs affecting the ride between north concord and pittsburg bay point and we'll tell you what commuters have to say, coming up. right now, happening right now, technically spring still a few days away, as kari is telling us, temperatures could reach the mid-70s in some places
6:53 am
today for the holiday. we just posted our weather alert. you can sign up for alerts and never too early to celebrate st. patrick's day on our website. a live feed of this morning's parade. it starts at 8:00 and you'll find that link in our twitter feed. one last checkothe day's t
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
stories behind weend you of 6:55 right now. welcome back. one last check of the day's top stories before we send you off to "today" show in just a few minutes. >> pete suratos live with a major beef for b.a.r.t. riders today. >> yeah, guys. we can expect system-wide delays throughout b.a.r.t. because of this. working on repairs between north concord and pittsburg bay point and that is a power surge that affected it yesterday morning damaging 50 cars altogether. that is the latest update and you can expect these delays. now between these two steps you'll have a bus bridge. a number of people coming from pittsburg bay point arriving here in concord and we spoke to one of the commuters who experienced one of these delays. here's what he had to say. >> really early in the morning and not trying to take the bus here. i have to go all the way to frisco. so, i got to get the money, right? get to work. >> now, when you arrive in concord, the b.a.r.t. fair, as
6:57 am
well as parking will be free. b.a.r.t. has not given us an estimated time when service will be back to normal between these two stations. a very early idea to extend the parking meters enforcement to pass the 6:00 p.m. time limit and charge people in popular places like the mission here at least at night. that looks at why the san francisco municipal transportation agency is trying to close the gap of $14 million for the next two fiscal years. the idea to charge nighttime meter parking would only affect the business areas of the city and one of many ideas for the mta tamake some money, especially after supervisors approve tuesday a move to lower fees for drivers to get their cars towed. that's expected to be a $3.5 million loss for the city. other proposed moves other parking permits and fines going up. the mta board has to approve the project by may 1st. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, "today in the
6:58 am
bay." i'm kris sanchez in san jose where the city hasn't changed rent control ordinance and during that time the average rent for a two bedroom apartment has gone up to more than 2,700 a year and rents are rising 9% year over year far better than the rate of inflation which has averaged more than 2% over the last six years according to san jose report. the proposal is to tie the rent increases to inflation, which would help tenants who under the current ordinance see their rents go up as much as 8% a year. the proposal would also help landlords to reset their rent rates altogether when they have new tenants moving in voluntarily. this is among the major changes to the rent control ordinance since 1979. no action last night only tiscussion. it will be up on the agenda, again, next month. in san jose, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> kris, thank you very much. plenty of action from dublin ireland. taking the live shots all
6:59 am
morning. gray skies over there, still having a great time. >> imagine thes here, kari. >> beautiful weather today. starting in the upper 70s and starting at 53 degrees in san francisco and 55 in the north bay. highs today up to 77 degrees in the south bay and north bay and san francisco today 71 degrees and the east bay and the peninsula looking at some low 70s this afternoon. >> not all green life in the south bay this morning. reports of a crash with a big rig. >> just got reports of a crash involving a big rig and we're going to show you the san jose shot 101 north. this is north of the crash coming up into the area. you will down at least for the time being and maybe multiple lanes blocked. we'll track that. and st. patrick's theme reported. dublin in the bay area and that's moving well for 580 westbound and look at the bay bridge and the backup there. of course, that's going from, oakland to san francisco. >> have you been saying that all morning? >> oakland, san jose and palo
7:00 am
alto. >> go get a shamrock shake. >> boy, that sounds good. >> have a great day. good morning. battle supreme. president obama's pick heads to the hill today. republican leaders holding firm. no vote. democrats pushing hard. >> have the guts, the guts to vote yes or no. >> is the nomination dead on arrival? we will talk to the president's chief of staff. where is the love? a new poll shows hillary clinton and donald trump are deeply unpopular even in their own parties while trump has a dire warning for the gop if there is a contested convention. >> i think you would have riots. i think you'd have riots. >> is he using scare tactics to try to lock in the nomination? family first. a major league baseball player


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