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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  March 17, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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police say the suspect was speeding possibly about 60 miles per hour here at the scene, and he didn't quite make the turn here on san antonio and 16th streets in san jose. sources tell me the car matches the description of another car that was reported in the west part of town. in that incident, sources tell me the driver pulled out a gun on another driver. police did not find a weapon here at the scene, but they did arrest the driver who is a minor for a hit-and-run and driving under the influence of either drugs or alcohol. the house that was nearly hit belongs to platen. he told me no one was home at the time only his daulgs but he says it could have been much worse. >> it's typical. if it wasn't for the brave police officers and exceptionally brave firefighters by could have had a disaster here today. thankfully they were both able to make arrest. as you can see from the condition they were able to save the house from massive damage. i'm very thankful. >> police right now are testing that suspect for drugs or
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alcohol. they're also trying to see if a victim or a witness over at the incident on the west part of town can identify him and the car being involved in that possible road rage incident over by the plant shopping center in san jose. and by the way, we should close by saying that the suspect in this case as he was in the back of the police car did tell photographer ken wilhoit it was okay he was going to get out tomorrow, anyway. live in san jose, damian trujillo, nbc bay area news. >> damian, thank you. bart riders can expect more delays possibly for months which could mean passengers are shuttled on buses instead of trains. this happening as engineers work to locate the electrical problem that damaged dozens of trains. nbc bay area's elyce kirchner joins us from the concord yard. what are engineers saying about the holdup? >> reporter: that's the big question, vicky. this has been a huge headache for those who depend on bart. crews have been working on the more than 50 damaged cars inside the lot here behind me.
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they've been able to figure out what needs to be repaired, but don't expect a fix -- a quick fix. >> we've we've got this particular failure isolated. >> reporr: there's no question there is a problem. but chief mechanical engineer dave hart says bart cruise still don't know why train cars are experiencing electrical voltage spike that is damaging the propulsion equipment. >> this is a high transient voltage. >> reporter: it's happening in cars running on the tracks between the pitsburg bay point and north concord martinez line. forces buses to shuttle passengers on that stretch. hart says they do know what part is needed to fix the more than 50 trains damaged. >> this is the actual device. it costs about $1,000 when we get them. but not everybody makes them. >> reporter: it's a device that typically takes 22 weeks to order. about 100 are needed, which in total is estimated to cost $100,000. >> it could very well be aging
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infrastructure. we'll know more when we actually identify the real cause of the problem. >> if the system was outdated, i used to ride bart every day. but it's not worth it anymore. >> reporter: the breakdown comes as bart's aging rail system needs upgrades to replace the 40-year-old tracks, infrastructure, and electrical substations. to pay for it, a $3 billion bond measure is expected to go before voters in november. >> in this case it's not the money. it's just their ability to see these problems ahead of time and prepare for them so that there's less disruption to the traveling public. >> reporter: and bart officials tell me they most likely will be shuttling passengers between north concord and pittsburg throughout the weekend. they're hoping to reopen that stretch sometime next week, but it's still unclear if that will happen. and even when it does, the more than 50 cars still need to be repaired. and so there will be delays here. reporting live from concord tonight, elyce kirchner, nbc bay area news. >> okay, elyce, thank you. it is a technical and
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political issue now for bart as well. bart's problems coincide with the unprecedented shutdown of the metro rail in washington, d.c. in that story, 26 cables were found to be frayed and damaged, leading to no service. the shutdown in d.c. for 29 straight hours until this morning. in 2010, a study by the federal transit administration found that 26% of mass transit rail systems here in the united states were in poor or marginal condition. needless to say a lot of commuters are frustrated with these bart delays. social media has been a sounding board. serious comments and some sar chairm sarcasm "bart is experiencing delays but our freeways are run like clockwork." you can see a lot of red on our. we posted more comments on you can find out the latest on the track issues inside all of
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our digital platforms. public dollars used to buy booze. we first told you about the questionable spending by a bay area college chancellor. now we've learned he and his administrators are changing the rules so they can wine and dine on the tax payers' dime. a $100 bottle of wine in san diego. a staff dinner with a $900 tab including french martinis and wine. and beer during a work day lunch in san carlos with a trustee. just a few of the expenses the investigative unit first uncovered in november, revealing how ron galatolo is spending your tax dollars. >> vicky with nbc bay area news. how are you? good. did you charge alcohol to the district credit card? >> i'm not quite too sure. >> reporter: he's the chancellor of the san mateo county community college district. and he told us he was both aware and unaware of the district's rules about using public money to buy booze. >> an employee is not authorized to use a procurement card for personal purchases. >> absolutely. and that is true. >> okay. >> were you aware of this policy
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before i showed it to you? >> no, i was not aware of that policy before you showed it to me. >> reporter: we found he charged hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol to his public credit card during his work meals and trips. even though the procurement card policy clearly says that's prohibited. last night the district announced a revision to its procedures will now say when employees dine with business partners, vendors, donors or potential donors, the district will reimburse for alcohol. there's no cap limiting how much money is to be spent on booze, just that employees must use prudence and must not purchase an unreasonable amount of alcohol. the district also clarified meals that are lavish or extravagant are not allowed. but deluxe restaurants, hotels, night clubs or resorts are okay if they're reasonable based on the facts and circumstances. there won't be a vote on these new guidelines. it's up to the chancellor and his administration. and the new rules take effect now. the chancellor did not respond
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to our request for comment. board of trustees president dave mandelkern said he agrees with the changes and he trusts the administrators to use good judgment. meanwhile trustee maurice guideman said he does not think it's appropriate to spend public money on alcohol and he wouldn't do it. but he understands there are functions where it happens. >> that's a tough sell. >> you have to ask yourself in a public meeting would everyone go oh, sure you make 300,000 but charge us for your bottle of wine at dinner. the public doesn't generally say that's okay. >> reporter: we called community college districts around the bay area, including evergreen, foothills and peralta. none allow the purchase of alcohol with public money. that's usually what the state and federal guidelines are as well. in san mateo, 276 employees have these credit cards but only the senior administrators will be allowed to use their cards to buy booze. if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call, 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail to the unit at
6:08 pm a high school track coach is accused of having a sexual relationship with two students. he's in jail tonight. police say enoch garcia was an assistant track coach in mount pleasant high school in san jose. on monday police say a district employee notified them about a possible inappropriate relationship. one student was 17, the other was 14 years old. garcia was arrested on tuesday. well, is it a breach of ethics or just a high tech way to communicate? some san francisco elected officials are destroying conversations about public business on their cell phones. it's a new app called telegram. here's nbc bay area's chuck coppola. >> the supervisor is at another meeting. >> reporter: we wanted to ask if someone at supervisor kim's staff had used telegram. that allows recipients to delete conversations or make them irretrievably. destruct is telegram's term for it. the supervisor nor her aide was
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available. >> you have a great day. thank you. >> reporter: other supervisors were out, didn't call back. only aaron peskin responded, saying he'd signed up for telegram last month and had used it once forski business. >> the city business that was conducted at one time, do those records still exist? >> those records fully still exist. i've looked for them. they're 100% there and available to any member of the public or immedia media that wants them. >> reporter: california law specifies that records of public business be kept. but there's no mention of discussions via app. matters now on the radar of the city's ethics commission. >> right now, if a politician holds a meeting using telegram, and that conversation or text is deleted, is that a violation of the public records act? >> i don't know the answer to that. i think that's something that we've got to take a look at as a city. we've got to make sure the rules are clear. we've got to make sure everybody knows what those rules are. >> reporter: san francisco city attorney believes the law includes electronic messages and
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a violation could undo public policies made with them. >> let's say there's a conversation that's going on in secret and these are public officials and this is a meeting that should be happening in public view. one remedy that a court could pursue is invalidation of the official action. that's to be start over. >> reporter: so far, none of san francisco's elected officials are suspected of conducting back room deals with telegram. but the city's sunshine ordinance task force is interested. meanwhile, supervisor peskin told me he's not going to use telegram at all until he hears directly from the city attorney. reporting live in san francisco, i'm chuck coppola, nbc bay area news. armed with bb guns, vandals are taking aim at cars in the east bay and causing a lot of damage. i'm jodi hernandez. in san leandro. i'll have a live report coming up. also where is she and did she charge hnge her look? new leads in the search for a bay area woman accused of
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killing her elderly mother. i'm meteorologist jeff rainieri. the pollen is high with the warm temperatures today. we'll let you know when the pollen will be going down as the sunny skies change to rain. that's coming up in my microclimate forecast in about seven minutes. some good news foa meless
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man in san francsci.. he gets his reward mey for just in. some good news for a homeless man in san francisco. he gets his reward money for helping police capture three escaped suspects.
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matthew hay chapman seen here in the warriors shirt, was given $100,000 today. orange county supervisor tom spitter there on the left delivered the check personally. how about that? hay chapman spotted two of the fugitives in a stolen car in san francisco and called police. the inmates escaped from a southern california jail back in january. >> quite a payoff. the search for an accused killer from the bay area is now focusing on southern california. el cerrito police say they have information that alicia lisa osabet may have been in the l.a. area. take a close look at this picture. detectives say the 50-year-old may have changed her appearance to look more like a man. they believe she's the one who killed her adoptive mother back in december. police say the daughter is considered armed and dangerous. we have new video of a fight in san jose that nearly ended in a murder. the suspect seen there in the white shirt confronted the victim outside of the willow den bar. this happened last november.
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police say the men bumped into each other inside the bar then began arguing outside. the suspect then stabbed the victim at least once. he ran from the scene and has not been caught. the victim did survive his injuries. they are armed with bb guns and doing serious damage to cars. surveillance video from an east bay neighborhood shows the vandals in action. police say nearly 200 cars have been hit. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez is live in san leandro where neighbors are fed up. jodi, they're saying something needs to be done and they want it done fast. >> reporter: they want this to stop for sure. neighbors are absolutely fed up. they've had to shell out a lot of money for repairs. now, this suv you see behind us is one of the latest cars that was targeted. as you can see, it is undergoing repairs as we speak. this is a scene that has been repeated over and over again here. >> i feel violated. >> reporter: that's how many people in san leandro are
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feeling tonight about the damage caused by a crew of vandals armed with bb guns. >> you can only imagine waking up to go to work tomorrow morning and you come out and find your window smashed out on your vehicle. and the next thing you know, your bill is 500 to $1,000. >> reporter: surveillance cameras have captured the vandals driving into neighborhoods and taking aim at parked cars. blasting away at their windows. >> well, i tell you what. i hope the police catch them before i do. lmpblgts . >> reporter: police say it's the third time crooks have struck on santiago road. >> they're angry about something. and because they get away with it, they come back and do it again. >> reporter: police say the bb gun vandals have damaged at least 180 cars in san leandro and surrounding areas of alameda county. and the attacks have been going on for months. but so far they have no clue
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what or who's behind it. >> we don't know the reason why they're doing it. it really makes no sense as to why people would randomly drive around in neighborhoods and shoot windows out on cars for no reason whatsoever. >> reporter: we're back here live with this suv just got a brand-new back window. you can see the blue tape holding that window in. again, police estimate about 180 cars have been targeted so far. damage is estimated at about $60,000. reporting live in san leandro, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> that is some serious damage. thank you, jodi. a broken gas line forced fire crews to evacuate a hotel in morgan hill. pg&e says a third party contractor accidentally cut a service line while digging near the holiday inn on condit road. this happened just after 11:00 a.m. pg&e crews capped that broken line about an hour later. months after they were burned out of their homes, most victims of the valley fire are
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keeping their lake county addresses. a new survey of the hundreds of victims of last year's devastating fire finds most have stayed there while they've had to find temporary housing, more than 50% of the people say they will rebuild in lake county. about a fourth said they're not sure. lake county's recovery task force surveyed the fire victims so authorities would know how to best help them get back on their feet. there is now a state of emergency in moraga. the town made that declaration because of a large sink hole that still needs repairs. it opened up on sunday causing a gas outage in the area. the emergency declaration allows moraga to bypass the normal bidding process so it can quickly hire repair crews. after years of drought and last week's wet weather, many bay area homeowners are dealing with downed trees. that includes the simons family in walnut creek. look at that. this towering oak that graced their yard just came down last weekend north of ignacio valley road. it shaded their home for years
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as you can see. so it's tough to see it go. >> obviously it's just a beautiful tree. but it's almost like it grew to the exact height it needed to be to not cause any damage an then just surrendered. it's just -- like i said, it's beautiful and tragic at the same time. >> a tree removal crew hauled away the branches already but they need a bigger crane to move that big trunk. that will happen on monday. that is scary. the ground is so saturated. good thing that tree didn't fall the other way onto the house. >> that's a big tree. jeff rainieri is with us. how are you doing, jeff? >> we're doing good. a beautiful day today and possibly more rainfall coming our way by this upcoming beingend. y -- weekend. blue sky at mount tamalpais. 51 for the south bay, east bay at 47 and chilly start for the north bay 45 degrees.
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by the afternoon tomorrow, it will be mild but not quite as warm as it was today. that will put the north bay at 70 degrees, san francisco out of the low 70s down to 65, trivalley 72, and the south bay at 73. so when does that rainfall arrive for the weekend most importantly? if you're having any plans saturday looks dry. we'll start to see cloud cover begin to increase by saturday evening. we won't see that chance of rainfall arrive until sunday afternoon at around 5:00 it begins to move in. not a big storm system but it will push showers down here across the south bay. and that is going to continue to add to our rainfall so far this month. it has been phenomenal again over the past two to three weeks. check this out. santa rosa $4.98 rosa is a 4.9 your average. we've had 8.30 this month. 167 to 124% of average for this
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month alone. that rainfall this month has made some huge strides in our drought. coming up in about ten minutes i'll have a full update on our drought and also the sierra snow pack. these were not easy decisions. >> the iconic image of seaworld no more. the reason it's dropping its orca show and breeding program. the murder trialinvving
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sierra lamacoulde delayed.attor this -- after d-na evidenclinke
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miing tee sierra lamar we missing fo >> a motion was filed today to obtain more evidence in the case this. after dna evidence linked garcia torres to the missing teen. sierra lamar went missing four years ago in morgan hill. more on that story on our web site. plus celebrating st. patrick's day with irish inspired food and drink. check out the food and recipes. public pressure haled to somedr
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ending its capte breedg public pressures led to some drastic changes at seaworld. the theme park is voluntarily ending its captive breeding of killer whales and phasing out the shows that are built around them. the park releasing this video on its facebook page today, announcing its current generation of killer whales will be the last. the company will phase out orca shows at its three parks by the year 2019 and will no longer breed the mammals. this follows increased scrutiny after the death of a trainer and the critical documentary "black
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fish." >> orcas are simply too large and intelligent to be confined in artificial environments. >> there's more to the story. seaworld says it cannot release the whales into the the wild because they haven't been trained to compete for food and would be exposed to disease and pollution. now, peta has hailed this move as a positive step but it still wants seaworld to send its orcas back into the ocean. check your pantry tonight for canned tuna from bumblebee foods. the company issued a nation-wide recall. it's all because of contamination concerns at a packing facility. bumblebee says it is recalling 31,000 cases of tuna out of concern they could be spoiled. no illnesses have been reported so far. this recall involves five-ounce cans of chunk light tuna, both in water and vegetable oil. the products were produced in february and distributed across the country. a big buzz for a local coffee company. it is now california's small
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business of the year. equator companies m.p. is the first lgbt-owned business to receive that honor from the u.s. small business administration. owners helen russell and brooke mcdonald started equator 21 years ago in a familiar place for start-ups, a marin county garage. they have three retail stores in more than 350 wholesale customers. equator recently made head lives for serving a $15 cup of joe. it's made from rare beans grown in the mountains of panama. cal basketball team about to tip off the ncaa tournament. tomorrow morning is their game. but will the sexual harassment allegations surrounding this team be a distraction? we'll hear from the cal head coach next. we alright. we nna be right.
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runs=:03 =raj/cont vo= upset w/ the verdt -- many s jose state studen are unitin [ chanting ] >> right now at 6:30, upset with the verdict many san jose state students are uniting and rallying against hate. the students say they're fed up with the courts and the university after a blank student was bullied by his white roommates. >> a jury found those students did not commit a hate crime. nbc bay area reporter scat scot bud man is on campus. scott, the students staged a massive protest today. >> reporter: they say they're upset about that verdict. they also say they're upset about what they call a lack of support from the school.
6:30 pm
students came together to protest outside the administration building at san jose state, angry that three white students were recently not found to have committed a hate crime in the case of donald williams jr., a black student, in 2013. >> we were pretty disappointed, kind of disgusted by the fact that they couldn't recognize that this was a hate crime and that it was racially motivated. >> reporter: the students also say they're disappointed in the university for what they call a lack of support. >> we've had demands since 2013 since i was a sophomore at this school. i'm a fourth year now. i am angry! school administrators say they also think the outcome of the court case should have been different. >> i think as an institution we share their frustration and disappointment about the verdict. that is the justice system. we are concerned about how we're going to continue to work with our students and our entire
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community for programs and resources that we have here on campus. >> reporter: both sides agreeing on the court case, even while tension arises on campus. students say they also want to see more resources allocated to improve the racial climate here. reporting at san jose state, scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> scott, thank you. two east bay high schools forced students and teachers to lock their door and stay inside. livermore police put granada on alert and ordered to shelter in place after it received a threat this morning. officers later found that threat not to be credible. then this afternoon, livermore high was put on a shelter in place order. officers say administrators received a message similar to what granada high received. police thoroughly searched the school and found nothing. tipoff is tomorrow morning but the controversy continues tonight. the cal basketball team dealing with a sexual harassment case that centers around a recently fired assistant coach.
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but head coach is also being questioned. >> i don't want to deal with that right now as we're playing the ncaa tournament. if you have questions about that you can talk to wes. that's a university issue. for me right now the basketball team in the ncaa tournament. >> that was today at the mandatory news conference for the ncaa tournament. head coach quonzo martin trying to get his team ready for the tournament. martin the head coach is being investigated for what he knew about the alleged case. cal, by the way, plays hawaii tomorrow in the first round of the ncaa tournament. a terrifying walk to school for a young girl in berkeley. according to police, the man got out of a green minivan and began following her. it happened monday as the girl who is nine years old was on her way to malcolm x elementary school. she told police she felt a push on her backpack and started to stumble. terrified she began to run. the girl made to it school.
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she was shaken but not hurt. police are investigating the incident as a possible child abduction. it's a body camera case that could reach the supreme court. hayward police is being sued after the department charged fees to release officer's body camera footage. that request came from the aclu last year. the civil rights organization wanted footage of a black lives matter protest in berkeley back in 2014. hayward p.d. charged nearly $3,000 for the video, which the department edited. yesterday a judge tentatively ruled against hayward p.d. saying its actions were not supported the public -- did not support the public records act. the case was continued to the end of this month. now for some perspective on our drought. nasa released this photo of the snow capped sierra. after recent storms things starting to look up. let's take you to our live look now from our cameras atop san bruno. lots of green there. very apropos on this st. patrick's day.
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let's bring in chief meteorologist jeff rainieri. lots of green from lots of rain recently, jeff >> yes. we have seen some substantial improvement as you guys mentioned. what i want to show you first is what it looked like on november 1st of 2015. most of the bay area was in extreme to also severe drought. but watch as i advance this especially up into marin, napa and sonoma counties. you're going to see more of a yellow color up here. that is one of the lower levels of the drought category which is considered abnormally dry. that's also in place from san francisco down the peninsula. another improvement we've seen is for contra costa and alameda counties which was under the exceptional to extreme level of drought. it's now dropped to severe. so everyone making headway with that major march rain. with those storms that moved in through early march we had a substantial amount of sierra snow. check it out right now. northern sierra 102% of average. comparing it state-wide to this time last year we were at just 12%. we still need to get a few more
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storms in here, but i think that is possible into april. we'll talk about our next chance of rain. that's coming up in about 15 minutes. >> jeff, thanks. our nbc bay area app of course another great resource to help you track the drought. download our app from the apple app store or google play. it is free. a silicon valley merger can be tricky. many people are often left out in the new plan. this time it involves the united way, an organization that's helped struggling families in the south bay for more than nine decades. nbc bay area's joe rosato jr. has the exclusive story. >> i get up at 5:00 a.m. every day. >> reporter: every morning bright and early. >> you get used to it after awhile. >> reporter: jonathan sosa shows up for work at this san jose working site. this is building futures. it's part of a job training program located in san jose's center for employment training. >> they help you find a job after like right away. >> reporter: the program is
6:36 pm
aimed at helping people with low incomes find jobs. it's one of many programs partially supported by the united way of silicon valley. >> we're really focused on how we can lift people out of poverty by supporting the agencies and critical needs. >> but now this age-old organization which was founded in 1922 is going through its own transition. today the boards of the united way silicon valley and the united way of the bay area, which oversees seven counties, voted to merge into a single organization. >> it means that as a combined organization we can provide a better and deeper engagement in the community. >> reporter: ann wilson, chief executive officer of the united way of the bay area, says the merger will help expand the group's mission to care for low income families struggling amidst silicon valley's economic boom. >> the issue of poverty is a regional matter. it is not solved one county at a time. >> that's a great way to use
6:37 pm
that credit card. >> reporter: will wilson says the emergencier will help expand programs into silicon valley like the spark point financial training center at san bruno skyline college. >> they give me free food because i'm low income. that helps me worry less about payments and more on my school. >> reporter: some silicon valleys worry they'll loose funding as theirs folds into the regional one. >> it's hyperlocal. but as sosa has learned, sometimes to get ahead in life you have to learn to build something new. >> well when i'm building i'm thinking about my future. >> reporter: joe rosato jr., nbc bay area news. >> might as well go to las vegas. i don't agree with that at all. >> could it really happen here? electronic billboards along 280. we'll explain the proposal. and no big shocker here. san francisco has awful traffic.
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but where does it rank compared to other big cities? that's next. a new study says bir e more
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dangerous to aircrashan according to researers at george mason uersity: a new study says birds are more dangerous to aircraft than drones. according to research at george mason university, bird clashes happens thousands of times each year and can do more damage. a flock of geese, for example, weighs an average of 18 pounds each. while a recreational grown weighs about 4 1/2 pounds. the study notes, however, that drones are of course controlled by humans. the unmanned aircraft must be flown within regulations. 75 hours, that's how much the average san francisco driver ends up stuck in traffic. that was the last average last year. that puts san francisco in the number three spot for having the
6:41 pm
worst traffic in the nation. a live look now at some of our gridlock coming out of the city. the report also found that traffic increased coast-to-coast because of our improved economy and a higher population. guess who's number one? no surprise here. at 81 hours wasted on average last year for each driver, l.a. was ranked the worst city in the country. well, an interesting trend in the bay area housing market last month saw home buyers going inland where property is more affordable. contra costa and solano kointsz saw a bigger share of house sales in february. february's median sail price was $609,000. that's down from $620,000 in january. the research firm core logic says low mortgage rates are helping to stimulate the market, but the high price of homes is growing out of reach for many potential buyers. well, maybe we should blame it on silicon valuely. two bay area cities are on forbes latest top ten list of fastest-growing cities. forbes looked at population and economic growth for america's
6:42 pm
100 largest cities and their surrounding suburbs. the real surprise is that another city is number one. that's austin, texas. san francisco came in second. san jose is ranked eighth. >> wow. >> okay. >> we're booming. >> jeff rainieri is with us. this is the first time in about ten years i remembered to wear green. and my friends and colleagues here -- >> well, i've got green on the weather maps to cover up. how's that? >> you've always got our backs. >> let's go get a look. you can see in oakland, good job, raj. >> i own one green tie. >> all right. clear skies here across oakland right now. a little bit of haze with warmer temperatures. the air quality is more of a moderate level. but we'll talk more when some of that green will be back on doppler radar in the form of rain in just a few minutes. how about that scenic drive? no more. the plan to put up electronic billboards along 280 and the pushback from people living on the peninsula. san mat county con
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putting up a bit of a scare on the peninsula is san mateo county considering putting up electronic billboards on 280? this is a pristine stretch of freeway that's supposed to have zero billboards. one woman is making sure it stays that way. crew cruising down 280 you can see why it's known as the world's most beautiful freeway. >> green pasture side and trees in the background it's iconic. >> reporter: it's also a state scenic highway, a designation that limits development and advertising. >> i think they're very distracting to drivers. we really need to be paying attention to the highways. i was shocked, frankly. >> reporter: advocate lenny roberts said she noticed the billboard issue quote buried in a report to the county's board of supervisors. >> i'm used to the bay and the western hills are becoming obliterated. >> reporter: she immediately wrote a letter. >> already creates distractions. >> reporter: the county says ad
6:46 pm
revenue could bring in millions of dollars, but it's impossible to put billboards on 280. county leaders are looking at many potential sites in a feasibility study. >> the county of san mateo is not considering putting billboards on 280. right now we're info gathering on the possibility of having billboards in an area 101. >> reporter: still it's little comfort to lenny. >> i always wait until i see something in writing. >> reporter: some drivers who preferred not going on camera say it's just another highway. others, though, say it will ruin the scenic drive. >> you might as well go to las vegas. i don't approve of that at all. >> reporter: other people are simply conflicted. >> i'm torn. because that might compromise my serene drive. however, fit was useful content, digital signage versus old school advertising, i would be open to seeing what that looks like. >> you can't touch 280. the county says the study should take about six months to complete. any decisions have to be approved by the board of supervisors. it's a deal that could save
6:47 pm
lives. automatic emergency braking will become standard equipment on most cars within seven years. 20 automakers and the national highway traffic safety administration agreed to the plan. automatic braking systems use cameras, radar and other sensors to see objects that are in the way and slow or stop the vehicle if the driver doesn't react. >> vince and larry, the old crash dumb midumbies would be vy crowd of where the crash cars are today. they have pivoted from crash mitigation to preventing crashes from occurring in the first place. >> the new plan calls for phasing in the equipment on nearly all models except for some that have older electronic capabilities of those with manual transmissions. okay. let's turn things over to our chief meteorologist jeff rainieri. this is the perfect evening for a little nbc barbecue in the back deck, jeff. >> i know. did you get the grill fired up? >> vicky's taking care of that. >> i will be manning that tonight. >> that's going to be good. live look outside the sky camera
6:48 pm
network. i don't know about you, but for me today i was like checking the calendar. what day is it? this is so much warmer than we should be for this time of the year. at least a month to a month and a half above in terms of our heat. 77 right now in the south bay, sunny skies for the east bay, 72. we'll take you to our weather underground sky camera network. beautiful shot from berkeley looking right back towards the golden gate bridge. there's your sunset there obviously. 73 throughout the berkeley hills. in the north bay, 75 right now. for tomorrow morning's forecast, we'll begin to see some changes in the atmosphere. most notably not quite as sunny as we've had the past few days. we'll have high clouds on the increase throughout the south bay and 51. possibly some patchy fog for the east bay, also for san francisco and the north bay and a mix of 40ss to 50s. let's go ahead and give you a top down view of the futurecast. you can see how it's going to look for tomorrow morning. there's the cloud cover. marin, napa sonoma counties. also the fog developing near the coast. we'll see those clouds right on down to santa clara county. by the afternoon, though, we still get a mainly sunny sky for us.
6:49 pm
i really don't think we're going to begin to get into more of these cloudier and cooler days returning until saturday evening in advance of our storm system. it looks like at this point we're still good for rainfall here by sunday afternoon, moving in across the north bay. and likely pushing some showers down to san jose. look. it's not a big storm system but at least it's a little bit more to continue to keep our fire danger down and add to those totals. i think that larger thing a lot of you will be noticing here are the temperature trends from those upper 70s today down to 69 on saturday. and then by next tuesday, 62. so you got one more day of this wild and whacky warm weather then it will be cooling off for us. that microclimate forecast throughout friday, san francisco dropping out of the 70s. that's a big change from today. we'll go down to 66 in the financial district. for the marina 62. across the peninsula, no more upper 60s to about 70 at the coast. pacifica drops to 59. palo alto sunny and 71.
6:50 pm
the south bay as far as i'm concerned still winning out with some of the best weather. 72 couper tino, 72 sneeze a. north bay east bay and trivalley maybe a three-day weekend coming your way lucky you. napa 73 and sunny. back to mill valley, gorgeous and 69. throughout the east bay fremont comes in at 71, oakland 67. trivalley also low 70s through your friday forecast. as we get a look at the rain outlook, high pressure again keeps it dry for the next 48 hours. then as we approach sunday into next tuesday we'll begin to see that pattern change again with our next storm system arriving. doesn't look like a lot of rainfall as we mentioned. we'll show you what we're seeing right now. we're good for .25 inch throughout the bay area. north of san francisco that's where our totals may get around .5 inch as we head through sunday, monday and tuesday. it's not a whole lot. it's a little something. we'll take it. raj, there's the green on the map. >> i was just going to say that. there's your green. thanks, jeff. up next we have some baby news from a bay area sports
6:51 pm
star. also for the first time in 34 years, a city kid wins san francisco's prestigious golf championship. who does it in dramatic fashion. stay with us. avo: when sends craig wilson a ready for you alert the second his room is ready, ya know what he becomes?
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client: great proposal! let's talk more over golf. craig: great. client: how about over tennis craig: even better. avo: a game changer! avo: the ready for you alert, only at
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ttle bigg. pro bowl quarterbacds fe the raider nation just got a little bit bigger. pro bowl quarterback derek carr and his wife welcomed a newborn son last night at nearly 21 inches long and 9 pounds. this is decker luke carr. he's the second baby for derek and his bite of wife heather.
6:54 pm
congratulations to those two. the past winners of the san francisco city golf championship include legends like johnny miller and ken venturi. >> you can now add the name daniel connolly. >> i don't want to totally say it was luck of the irish. but in a sense it seemed like that just everything about the finals and the semifinals as far as the weather went, the rain and the wind and it was brutal out there. i felt like i was back in iermd. >> reporter: daniel connolly was actually at sfraef's tpc harding park this past sunday. needing a 2 putt for the win the 18-year-old senior at stewart park high school preferred one. >> i hit the putt and i looked up. i knew i was tracking but i knew the speed was perfect. and so i started celebrating a bit. >> reporter: daniel connolly is your 2016 san francisco city champion! >> so i looked like a genius because it looked like i was
6:55 pm
calling it from ten feet out. >> reporter: the birdie putt on the 35th hole gave the kid born and raised in san francisco a three in one victory over former university of oregon play are noah chic. the significance of winning in its centennial year as a city kid means everything to connolly. >> they were tracking the last san francisco native to win it was ray pelligrini in 1982. ray is a good friend of ours who passed away a couple months ago there. were a few things that just went my way that kind of reminded me i'm definitely getting a little extra help here. >> reporter: his main helper is the reason i'm here. joanie foley's irish house in downtown san francisco. busy prepping his owner for his 18th st. patrick's day celebration, daniel's father martin put his place of business aside for a few days to walk beside his son as caddie. >> my role was the old caddie adage, put up keep up and shut up. just stay out of his way. it worked out pretty good.
6:56 pm
doesn't work out good all the time. but it worked out good this time for sure. >> i'm so over the moon just to be able to say that i've won it. i guess irish eyes were smiling to it was great. >> reporter: in san francisco, collin cesch, nbc bay area news. >> i think we'll have a party at johnny's foley irish house tonight. >> i love the motto of the caddy. finally here at 6:00, yes, st. patrick's day it's a tradition in chicago. the river right there at chicago turns green. this was a time lapse video showing how it gets done. three men aboard a large boat use flower sisters to dump 40 pounds of a safe vegetable dye into the water. then another crew comes in and churns that water. and well, you know the final result. it is green in chicago. >> it's like neon green. >> it is. >> thanks for joining us here at 6:00. we hope you're enjoyg your st. patrick's day. >> see you back here tomorrow.
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marcia clark on her rumored romance with chris darden. >> did the o.j. simpson prosecutors really sneak away from the trial for a lovers weekend? now on "extra." >> the undercover affair in the trial of the century? >> it seemed like y'all had a relationship. >> ellen grills marcia clark. what she's confessing about her prosecution partner chris darden, who once told "extra" -- >> we went through a lot together. then -- >> i'm at the st. patrick's day parade as bill o'reilly takes heat from megyn kelly. >> how megyn says o'reilly left her han


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