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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  March 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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adding a zika component to that vaccine to see if it prevents both viruses. need to get to mexico? the service is called uber passport. it promises to make the trip to mexico hassle free. the san francisco company says that this is a pilot program. ber operates in 70 countries, but this is the first timp an uber trip will cross an international bord oer. adjust to changes as repairs between two contra costa stations could take months. all that coming up in a live report. >> and a small dog attacked and killed by a coyote in this small san francisco neighborhood. the latest victim in a growing number of coyote attacks and sightings. what the city is doing about it. we'll have a live report coming up. ing developing overnight.
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"today in the bay" starts right now. thanks for joining us on othis friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. on the official doorstep of spring. the weekend is there. let's get right to your microclimate forecast as we take a live look outside at what should be the bay bridge. >> foggy now. >> foggy and the time change continues to keep things pretty black. >> good morning, kri. >> all you can see is that little red light there. we do have fog across parts of the bay area and watch out as you head out the door and allow extra time to get to work and school. 48 degrees in the north bay and patches of fog, as well, else where. low clouds in the south bay. we're up to 74 degrees today. 71 degrees in the peninsula and 66 degrees today in san francisco. it will be slightly cooler today and we're getting ready for some rain for the end of the weekend. i'll give you details on that, but looks like a slow go across the south bay. mike?
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>> karia friday. a big alert for folks. as you look at your map, goes from just before you get to that interchange past oakland road to 880. they crash around oakland road and maybe blocking one lane. chp is not giving a lot of information. this is a big backup right here. i'm waiting for more traffic to hit and we're still waiting for a tow otruck to get there. the rest of your bay moves well and a delay out of san francisco and delay for b.a.r.t. trains and more equipment issues continuing over in this area and pete suratos will have that for you in about 30 seconds. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. a developing story now. police are investigating an early morning shooting in the heart of san francisco's mission district. this happened steps from the mission istreet b.a.r.t. at 16th street. that's where police say a man was around 2:00 this morning outside. we spoke with police this morning and they say the victim did not suffer life-threatening
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injuries, but the gunman is still out there. police aren't saying much about what happened, but we can tell you that the restaurant is just two store fronts over from an intreway leading to the underground b.a.r.t. platform. we'll bring you updates as we get them. for the latest head to our website, or download our free nbc bay area app. meantime, b.a.r.t.'s problems continuing. we're looking at delays for months. that's what b.a.r.t. riders could be facing after an electrical issue could face a third day of disruption. >> pete suratos is at the b.a.r.t. station with a better timeline of when this is expected to be fixed. morning, pete. >> this could take a few months and folks being dropped off from pittsburg bay point and this all started wednesday morning when b.a.r.t. officials say a pow oer surge damaged the tracks and also damaged 50 cars as a result.
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this is on top of the 80 cars. those trains going through the transbay tube and at issue here is an aging fleet. a lot of the b.a.r.t. cars date back to the 1970s and this puts commuters in a bind. we talked to one. >> just hopping on the internet and looking at it and planning my routes and stuff. you know, back-up routes, of course, for things like this. and i was planning on just taking that from that station all the way to sfo. but now i might have to change my plans a little bit to come here, instead. >> some big changes, indeed. now, a multi-billion dollar bond buy b.a.r.t. is expected to go on a november ballot that i'm referring to. used to make repairs on this aging transit system and they would have to use public funds but still need to be approved by b.a.r.t.'s board of directors. >> pete, thank you very much. also, new this morning, a convicted felon facing the
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prospect of more prison time after police say he led officers on a chase through antioch. you might remember the video. officer os say they tried to pull culverson over yesterday morning for just a traffic violation. he said they then took off in his car and then foot. after officers arrested him, they later searched his home and that's when they say they found narcot narcotics, cash and ammunition. he was arrested for being a convicted felon with a firearm. happening today, another day in court after several delays and the man accused of killing his girlfriend on valentine's day is expected to enter a plea later this morning. police arrested pedroza after they found the body of a san jose woman stacey aguilar and possible echdz linking him to her murder. police say pedraza's accomplice perez should be in court today,
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as well. investigators are investigating a body found. police were called to an area where it meets the san pablo bay trail. the police have not revealed if it is a man or a woman or to any possible clues how it ended up there. pet owners in san francisco are on edge and understandably so after a coyote killed a dog in a residential area. >> this happened on saturday night off of ocean avenue. but residents are worried that it could happen, again. >> warning signs are going up in the neighborhood and neighbors want more. >> they want more. they want the city to take action, kr siis and sam. but neighbors saying this has been going on for months, even years. some coyote attacks and the latest victim is dd a dog owned by jeff marquise who said saturday night she was in the front yard for a quick bathroom
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break and a coyote attacked and killed her. the number of reported coyote encounters are up across san francisco and now people want city action. he is especially nervous after what he witnessed. >> right there, the next house down, there is a coyote. and at that point the dog is already screeching something happened very quickly. >> what is our city plan when people are getting nervous about it? do we just sit there and wait for something really bad to happen? i'm not willing to do that. >> it's also happening in the engelside terrace neighborhood where people snapped these photos of coyotes just sitting in their front lawn. the supervisor has called for a city meeting like animal care and control and what is expected to be probably a pretty emotional discussion. not just about dog safety but for little kids and that meeting is set for next thursday morning. live in san francisco, stephanie
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huang, "today in the bay." . in the meantime, claim that ticket quickly. the bay area has a new multi-ianaire. >> that person probably has a lot of friends, too. someone went to this gas station and bought the winning ticket making him or her $9 million richer. this is the volero gas station. no,en wi no one has come forward yet. those winning numbers are 15, 19, 37, 22, 46 and the mega number is 10. >> exciting. good for the store. >> the gas station's owner is going to get $45,000 for selling that winning ticket. the ticket holder has six months to claim the prize.
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if you play the lotto and you know there is going to be a drawing, what do you do with t ticket? >> $9 million, what is that between friends? a lot. >> nobody is losing it after they know it is a winner. they lost it before that, i think. >> keeping at the front of our minds here. the forecast fronting into the weekend and it looks beautiful, kari. >> it does look beautiful. today we're enjoying a little bit more warmth as we go into this last day of winter and head officially into spring tomorrow. it's now 54 degrees in oakland and we're at 48 degrees today to start in santa rosa and looking at highs. they're going to bring it down from yesterday's highs in the upper 70s and low 80s. how about 69 degrees and the outer sunset at 59 degrees. 70 at napa and 70 also in hayward. and livermore today 68 degrees.
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this is a little bit closer to normal and we'll have some even cooler temps heading into the start of next week with some rain. so, i'll detail exactly when that rain will come in and that's coming up in ten minutes. let's get an update on the slow go in parts of the bay area with mike. >> northbound 101 continue to see this grow. now, approaching tully road all the way up to oakland road and see more censosensors add to th oronge or the green and back towards capital expressway soon. capital expressway and some folks will take that over as an alternate and look at the rest of the south bay. that crash still reportedly with an overed vehicle northbound 101 at oakland road. just shy of 880. the rest of your bay moves well, though. no major surprises and we'll hold off on the bay bridge for a second because i wanted to talk about poout pete reported here. no b.a.r.t. trains and the north concord station and that means just past chicago highway and
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take theler concord station and quick look at the bay bridge. just a lit fog drifting around, guys. no biggy. back to you. >> the top of the bridge there. coming up, a high school track coach speaking child and the south bay community was stunned. once again this morning, the new details we're learning in a live report. how a wild chase ended with a suspect smashing this car into a home in the east bay.
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a community is in shock and a high school coach behind bars after he had an inappropriate relationship not with one, but with two students and now there is growing concern from parents in that district. >> yeah, there could be more victims. paola reyes live at the district office in san francisco. some very disturbing allegations. >> that's right. we're waiting for the eastside union so we can ask them questions about this latest sexual misconduct between staff and students and the 21-year-old was arrested yesterday. he was a track and field assistant coach at mt. pleasant high school. he is accused of having a sexual relationship with two students aged 14 and 17. he is the second east side union employee to be arrested for
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inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor in the last few months. parents found out about this latest case yesterday and many are outraged. >> i really hope the school takes this allegation serious, whatever it might be. we're out here for the dwurls and we want to make sure they're safe. >> it makes my stomach hurt. you hear more and more stories like this. >> garcia is charged two charges each. the initial report to police was made by a school employee. the child exploitation unit interviewed the alleged victim and moved to make an arrest on march 15th. as you might remember, an interim vice principal at a local high school was arrested also for having a sexual relationship with a student. we're waiting for the office to open so we could ask them questions about this issue. in the meantime, garcia is expected in court today. reporting live from san jose, paola reyes. richmond police officers
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chasing a suspicious vehicle find their culprit crashed into a home. >> officers were searching the deanza neighborhood that appeared to be casing the neighborhood. when they approached the car matching that description and then they found the car minutes later right here crashed into a house. they caught and arrested the passenger and the driver is still on the loose. police discovered stolen property in that car and linked it to a recent home burglary. the property has been returned to the rightful owner. meantime, a wild night for two men who crashed an apblance in san francisco. you can see the emergency vehicle up on the sidewalk in the city's neighborhood. one man was arrested and another not far away. a bottle of rum also found at that scene and police trying to figure out if the liquor played any role in that crash. a temporary legal blow for developers now planning to build a housing project near mt. diablo. the "contra costa times" the
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judge ordered an eir that we hear about some time because bicycle safety was not taken into account the first time around. opponents of the project had sued the city. bike safety was tied to the design of the project itself. changing thousands of people's drive right now. san mateo county might consider putting up electronic billboards on 280. >> this is a pristine stretch of highway that is supposed to be free ofboards. a state scenic highway. a designation that limits developments and building and buried in a county report is an idea to put up billboards on 28 o0 to bring in more money. people we spoke with are conflicted about it. >> i'm torn because that might compromise my serene drive. i would be open to seeing what that looks like. >> "today in the bay "did reach out to county officials and they tell us that san mateo county is
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not considering putting billboards on 280. they say, "all that is being done right now is information gathering on the possibility of having." >> an interesting contrast because people take 280 if they don't want to take 101 to go up the heart of the peninsula into the city and billboards everywhere on 101 and not running right now on 280. >> don't do it. it's very pretty. >> objectively speaking, don't do it. >> mike likes his views and so do we. plenty of them once the fog clears out. >> we have to deal with the this morning and that may obstruct your visibility, as well. a live look at the golden gate bridge. you can still see there but we had some spots with lower clouds and some lower visibility. so, after that clears, we'll have a beautiful day and it won't be as warm as it was yesterday. we're now at 54 degrees in oakland and san francisco and 53 degrees livermore 47. little bit milder, too. and in case you missed it yesterday, the new drought monitor was updated and we still
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have a wide spread area over the central valley and southern sierra with an exceptional drought going on. you could tell by the brightest shades of red. and then in the bay yare, we've made some improvements, thanks to some el nino enhanced rain over the winter. we went from an extreme drought to abnormally dry conditions up along the north bay and down to san francisco and down the peninsula, as well. and as you head over towards parts of the south bay and east bay. we still do have a severe drought there. but we've made, once again, quite a bit of an improvement and little bit of rain in the forecast because of this storm system that continues to spin. it's been held back because of high pressure and it's also bringing in a little bit of some dry air. but as we go into the weekend, we still have a chance of rain on sunday. looking at the futurecast. the morning clouds will be back and the afternoon sunshine that will bring our temperatures down. by sunday we'll start to see that area of low pressure moving in and bringing some rain to the north bay. it doesn't look like a heavy
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rain. it starts out early sunday morning for the far north bay and it doesn't make it into san francisco and into parts of the east bay and south bay until later on sunday evening and still some scattered showers lingering into the day on monday as well as tuesday. rainfall totals at this point, looks like we could have anywhere 0.5 farth tar the north to lesser amounts farther to the south. i'll have updates on that and let's get an update with mike. >> we had fog from time to time there and we had a little glow, but nothing more. volume of traffic starts to build a bit. look at the map and speed sensors not showing any problems down towards the golden gate bridge and we expect this lighter flow everywhere. the bay bridge toll plaza and we move your map down a little build over towards the hayward and san mateo bridge and that's not the unpleasantly slow part. from capital expressway and we
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just got an update chp that says we have the right lane blocked and they are waiting for a tow truck and that caused all that jam. look at that capital over to 87 or 280 and 87 are alternate. and now back to you guys. coming up next, an investigation and how authorities are linking a stabbing spree in southern california to isis. the dump truck movement tries to get the momentum. i'm tracie potts. that story next. more details noon a stbing
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it involves a ung manrom santa clara -who thebi says new details on a stabbing spree uc merced. what the fbi says was inspired by isis. 19-year-old mohammed was accused of bursting into a classroom and stabbing four people last november. mohammed was shot and killed by a uc merced police officer. they say that mohammed acted alone. state lawmakers are holding a hearing today to talk about the emergency response to last year'sing rampage in san bernardino. 14 people died at the hands of two terror suspects in december. a husband and a wife. assemblyman freddie rodriguez will hold a joint hearing to talk about possible lessons. sheriff department workers and
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an emergency room doctor are among those expected to testify. lawmakers held a similar hearing after the 2013 shooting death of a tsa worker at los angeles international airport. decision 2016 and it's something being called the dump trump movement that might be gaining some speed this morning. tracie potts is live in washington with more on a private meeting held to find someone else to represent the republican party this fall. and whether or not it's even a possibility, tracie. >> it's that anti-trump movement that is coming up with a strategy of finding someone to stop him or slow him down before the convention or if trump gets the nomination, someone to challenge him in the fall. this closed door meeting organized by conservative republicans looking for a strategy to beat donald trump. >> the best way to do it is to get a unity ticket. >> reporter: it's not clear if that is ted cruz.
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they're also looking at backing a third party candidate in november. >> hopefully it's time to still prevent a trump nomination which i think would fracture the party. at a late rally berniers called on democrats to unite. >> dividing us up as trump would have our seats. >> reporter: an overnight "times" editorial warns trump to knock out about riots if he's not nominated. describing him as a child threatening to throw a tantrum. >> to even address or hint to violence is unacceptable. >> reporter: in a scathing speech, the senate's top democrat argues that republicans cannot have it both ways. condemning trump and supporting him. >> appears to evoke the for trump and they should put on make america great again hats and stand by trump in his next press conference. >> reporter: trump's sponse, he's ignoring it all. tweeting overnight that hillary
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clinton is corrupt and focusing on tuesday's primary in arizona. and speaking of arizona, arizona congressman said that meeting put out a statement after saying that he doesn't trust trump, but he trusts hillary clinton less. if trump's the nominee he will vote for the man he does not trust. also says that he's rooting right now and pushing ted cruz hoping that cruz will get the nomination instead. kris, sam? >> he is far behind, though. thank you very much, tracie. coming up next, shots fired in a busy part of san francisco. the investigation now under way after a man is shot in the mission district and the search for the gunman continues. delays continue between two b.a.r.t. stations in contra costa county and it could be this way for months. all the details coming up in a live report. i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco where some neighbors are on edge after a coyote attacks and kills a dog. what the city's response when
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"today in the bay" continues. i'm sam brock=kr/2shot=and i'm i
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good morning on your friday. thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. let's get right to meteorologist kari hall. >> it is the last day of winter. spring officially begins tomorrow evening and wae will have this warm weather and the sunshine at least during the afternoon. now, we're dealing with some fog. it's back and it's 48 degrees in
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the north bay. we have 56 degrees in the south bay and a high of 74 degrees can be expected there today. will be a touch cooler than it was yesterday thanks to a stronger onshore flow. i'll detail that and weekend rain coming up in a few minutes. mike, you still have a jam. >> let's do this for folks. this is friday. we're not supposed to have this backup. 101 northbound is slammed on this shot. look how bad it is on the map. the worst drive and we're looking over towards the capital expressway and the approach all the way up to oakland road and all we're waiting and the slow lane and that's got things jammed up and as we talk about 87 and 280 seeing more traffic as folks are trying to get over to 87 and take it north joining up at the bay shore and further north from the crash. a smooth drive for the rest oof the south bay and the rest of the drive around the bay. back to you. mike, a developing story right now. police are investigating an
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early morning shooting in the heart of san francisco mission. this happened minutes away from the b.a.r.t. station. a man was shot at 2:00 a.m. now, we spoke to police this morning and they say the victim did not suffer life-threatening injuries but right now they're not giving us much more information about what actually happened. the restaurant is two store fronts away from an entry way leading to underground b.a.r.t. platforms and bring you updates as soon as we do have new information from our newsroom. you can download our free nbc bay area app. dozens of trains are damaged and thousands of passengers have a massive commute headache. b.a.r.t. delays continue for a third straight day and, in fact, they could last for months. >> the immediate hold up all over one part, kris. joins us live with the electrical issues that are not getting solved any time soon much to the dismay of riders,
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pete. >> yeah, you know, could take months. so for the next few months you'll see that bus bridge dropping off passengers here in north concord. now, this all started wednesday morning when b.a.r.t. officials say a power surge damaged 50 b.a.r.t. cars and, of course, you add this to the 80 cars that were damage would a similar situation. those trains going through the transbay tube. at issue here is an aging fleet because reality is a lot of these b.a.r.t. cars date back to the 1970s. costly and timely trying to find parts when it comes tathese repairs. >> cost about $1,000 when we get them. but not everybody makes them. and, so, we're reaching out to our suppliers and our supply chain to try to expedite the delivery of this car. >> and we can expect to hear about b.a.r.t.'s multibillion dollar bond measure that will go up on the november ballot. they would use public funds to make repairs on this aging transit system but still needs
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to be improved by b.a.r.t.'s board of directors. >> pete, thank you very much. three san francisco sheriff deputies charged with running a jailhouse fight club are about to face alleged victims in civil court. three city jail inmates filed suit this week against four deputies and the san francisco sheriff's department. the suit claims that the deputies forced them into gladiator-style matches as guards watched for fun. earlier this month the san francisco d.a.'s office brought criminal charges against three of those deputies. pet owners on edge this morning amid a growing coyote population in san francisco and one dog has been killed by a coaty and there are concerns there could be more attacks. >> steph chuang joining us where the attack happened and, steph, what residents want is to formulate a plan and soon. >> a real to protect the dogs, the cats and the kids. a growing number of attacks of
6:35 am
coyote and back in august a man said he was surrounded by a pack of coyotes. he and his dog were surrounded and then there was an attack. jeff martin said just saturday night his dog was in the front yard for a quick bathroom break when the coyote attacked and killed her. they have posted warning signs. coyote sightings go back years and encounters have gone up across san francisco and a real plan. >> we're starting to have a problem. it's real bad. something's to be done. it's getting to the point where our animals are in danger. >> and across ocean avenue in engelside people snapped these photos showing coyotes resting on front lawns. one theory is coyotes are extending their territories because of a drought driving out
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their prey like mice. for he has been pushing for a meeting and that is set to happen with animal care and control talking about a real plan at city hall. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." a very unwelcome visitor or two and tiny and parasitic. all of that wet weather signaling the start of tick system. they're most active during the wet months. those critters climb to the tips of vegetation and waiting for a passing animal or person to brush against them and they could carry a variety of diseases including lyme disease and most of them are harmless, we should xwoet noet. experts suggest wearing long pants and light colors and stay on hiking trails to avoid picking up one of the unwelcomed guests. a plan to bring professional soccer hits the back of the net in terms of having a goal. >> goal! >> the goal of having the san
6:37 am
francisco deltas play their games at kezar stadium is now a reality. they approved the plan just yesterday and the deltas will now join the lower level north american soccer league starting next season. that season runs from april to october. and it is a new deal that calls for $500,000 in kezar stadium improvements. >> thank you for the dramatic intrp. happening today, biology and bioojinetics becoming a hands-on. >> pretty cool new exhibit that is opening. exhibits are going to allow visitors to explore the building blocks of life. did you ever want to create your own mix of colorful dna? well, now is your chance. the museum's biotinkering lab is said to be the first of its kind in any museum anywhere. so, from building superhumans to super heroes. the sensation known as comic con now has a new stage. this one in the south bay.
6:38 am
if somehow you've never heard offic con or been to an event, it's a common convention, kris, that is bringing together fans of science fiction and now today san jose leaders will cut the ribbon on the first silicon valley at the mchenry convention center. that happens at 4:30 p.m. and trekies take note tonight's events include an evening with william shatner. that event starts at 7:00 p.m. and comic con runs through sunday and there are going to be a lot of folks out there. that will jam things up and a lot of excitement and a lot of buzz. >> let's go have lunch downtown today. >> let's do it. take it all on a super friday. >> we could even take our lunch outside and a little cafe table, right, kari? >> it will be beautiful. nice and comfortable again today and the sun breaking out after we shake all of this fog that we're seeing out there now. it's in the low 50s for most of the bay area as you head out the
6:39 am
door and get the day started. you may want to leave a few minutes early because we had dense fog in spots and that may slow you down for that morning commute. 69 degrees for the high today in los gatos and 66 degrees in the mission district and we'll have some upper 60s to low 70s. now, this is cooler than it was yesterday. all because we will have a stronger ocean breeze and that will help give us more average temperatures for the middle of march. also, as we head into the first day of spring, we're expecting some rain to move closer to the bay area. so, i'll detail that in about ten minutes. let's get an update on the bay bridge now from mike. >> some slowing but not because of the fog. the fog low clouds technically because these folks, they don't care about it. looking at the map and see the slower drive down the east shore freeway, as well. typical friday pattern and around the rest of the bay a couple spots to point out. westbound highway 4 a little slow and in towards concord and we'll talk about that as it relates to the b.a.r.t. story
6:40 am
pete has an update in tent minutes. if that is a b.a.r.t. system you want to take. the bay shore freeway is what you want to take. you might want tarecheck that. slow as you get towards capital expressway and all the way to the crash at oakland road and that crash blocks one lane and just need a flat truck and 87 as you're heading up to the area and folks trying to find an alternate, guys. back to you. >> mike, thank you very much. the interim principal and now a track coach both accused of having inappropriate relationships with students in a san jose school district. the disturbing allegations coming up. and a quick check right now of othe markets as for the first time all year yesterday. the dow made up ground and then actually ended up in the positive in the green, you might say for the year. today a good start, as well. up 7 points so far. we're going to be tracking the news and the markets without scott mcgrew here today we'll have weather, traffic and more news after this.
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good morning coming up on a friday morning. checking what could be a major snow storm up and down the east coast just in time for the first day of. also ahead, an exclusive live interview with jack dorsy, the ce of twitter. we'll talk about ten years of his game-changing social media platform, its recent struggles and what the future holds. and al is catching up with the true icon. the legendary sofia lauren. when we get started on a fridaying right here on "today."
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♪ concern is mounting in a south bay community after this man, a high school coach, is
6:44 am
arrested for allegedly having an inappropriate relationship not with one, but with two students and now police say there could be more victims. >> paolo reyes live with what are very disturbing allegations, paolo. >> very disturbing, indeed. night in a statement, the superintendent for the east side union district high school district said it was unfortunate this happened, again. he didn't announce any specific steps to stop the sexual misconduct between staff and students at local high schools and 21-year-old garcia was arrested yesterday. he was an assistant track and field coach at mt. pleasant high school. he is accused of having a sexual relationship with two students ages 14 and 17. he is the second east side union employee to be arrested for inappropriate sexual conduct with a minor in the last two months. parents found out about this latest case yesterday and many are outraged.
6:45 am
>> i really hope the school takes the allegation serious because we're out here for the girls and we want to make sure they're safe. >> it makes my stomach hurt. you hear more and more stories like this. >> garcia is charged with two lewd counts and the initial report to police was made by a school employee. thor interviewed the alleged victims and moved to make an arrest on march 15th. and an interim vice principal at another school for this district was arrested in february and we're waiting to see specifically what the union district plans to do to stop this conduct from happening in the school and we're going to have answers for you later today. reporting live from san jose, paolo reyes, "today in the bay." the storm clouds still hovering over cal ahead of this morning's ncaa tournament tipoff. the cal basketball team is dealing with a sexual harassment case centered around a recently fired assistant coach and now
6:46 am
the head coach is also being questioned. >> i don't want to deal with that right now. if you have any questions we can talk to wes and that's a university issue but right now the biggest concern is our basketball team and the ncaa tournament. >> that is the head coach who was trying to get ahead of his team and stay focused in the wake of the scandal. former assistant coach is accused of sexually harassing a female reporter and now martin is being investigated for what he knew about the alleged harassment. cal plays hawaii in the first round of the ncaa tournament. happening later today, raiders fans already breathing a little easier knowing that the team is coming back at, at least for a year to next year. a live look at the coliseum but is a sweeter deal in the works? no one really knows at this point but we know that team executives including mark davis are scheduled to sit down today with the coliseum authority. the agenda calls for closed
6:47 am
session negotiations. this may amount to nothing more than just dotting the is and crossing the ts on next season's one-year deal but raiders fans as they always have can always hold out hope. well, whole foods is moving towards slower growing chickens. the supermarket chain will replace the industry standard chicken, which is bred to quickly pack on pounds. they believe the birds will enjoy better lives and yield better tasting meat. this move should be completed by 2024. uber has launched a pilot program to allow drivers to access thekish that they earned through a mobile banking service. that way they'd be paid at the end of every ride rather than one time a week. that program called instant pay is only available in select cities for right now. drivers won't be charged any fees as long as theyachy ses that contact at least once every six months.
6:48 am
>> we have some yeah, yeah. well, those are moving over in favor of digital documentation. >> most of us are on social media, parent, and on average parents post 1,000 pictures of their children online by the age of 5. so, in fact, 92% of kids have their online presence by their second birthky. part of the new phenomenon called sharenting. >> publicly talk about their children and gone through all the milestones of their children'ses. >> now, experts do warn that all sharing could pose security concerns if those photos get into the wrong hands. so, make sure you keep your account private, keep close control over those photos and who you them with. >> here's a long-awaited reunion. luna reunited with her owner in
6:49 am
southern california yesterday. think she's excited? 1 1/2-year-old german shepherd fell a fishing boat off san clemente island last month. everythingen with thought she was a goner. but navy official os spotted the dog, luna, on anileand sitting next to a road. they say she was a bit malnourished but otherwise okay. her owner plans to keep her on a short leash or get her a life jacket. >> she swam 2 miles to shore. >> if i didn't do anything. how long would they stay in the wate water? miles. she came out with a trout somehow. 6:49 right now. pufl day in store. we are seeing patchy fog so far. >> yes, the fog is back this morning and we'll have sunshine back this afternoon. and it won't be as warm as we've seen recently yesterday. and it's unreal as we head
6:50 am
towards the end of winter and, yes, it is still winter. today is the last full day and a live look outside now in san jose. you see those low clouds. we won't have as much sunshine today and we'll bring those temperatures down a few more degrees. as the seven-day forecast comes up at the ballotm of the screen, you'll also see rain in the forecast for the end of the weekend. we now have low 50s for san francisco and the peninsula and the south bay. also in parts of the east bay lafayette now at 50 degrees. hayward 51 degrees and 36 in pleasanton as you head out the door, 47 the north bay. highs today reaching into the upper 60s and many spots low 70s. gilroy today up to 74 degrees and 65 in san mateo and the mission district today at 66 degrees. now, we'll also have 60s in parts of the north bay like santa rosa and 72 in concord and livermore 68 degrees. i'm still watching this area of low pressure and still spinning out there well off to the west being blocked by high pressure
6:51 am
and also drawing in some drier air and also have this system moving in. once that high pressure slides off to the east, we will get a chance of that rain. but we start out now with some low clouds this morning and then some sunshine this afternoon. more of the same tomorrow. by 1:00, we'll still have some clouds in the mix, but overall a very nice. then the showers start to move in by sunday morning for the north bay. scattered showers else where across the bay area. some lighter amounts of rain mainly during sunday evening into the day on monday, as well as to start the day on tuesday. and rainfall totals look light at this point. anywhere up to 0.5 farther to the north. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up and a new crash in the east bay with mike. >> kari, all the activity over here near the center divide that just moved in the last couple of seconds. just behind here. it's just behind the word locaters right here. a number of vehicles off to the shoulder and that's off to the main east shore freeway and that's much better news as far
6:52 am
as flow. look at your map. that changed very quickly over here and a little slowing coming up towards berkeley and a smoother drive and the bay bridge metering lights. the rest of your bay moves very well. the south bay and a huge deal. northbound 101 continues with a big jam all the way up towards 880 and oakland road and that crash still blocks one lane and many minutes ago we heard just a couple minutes until the tow truck would get there. 87 picking up more traffic because look at the backup on 101. live camera just shows you it is crawling at 680 here. back to you guys. >> mike, thank you very much. on his just second day on the job a los angeles construction worker killed in a 500-foot fall from a high roo rise hotel. >> the head of the willsure grand hotel project says it was an electrician who tumbled from the 53 story from that building. the man landed on a car that was driving by. the woman driving that car was also taken to a local hospital and she is in stable condition.
6:53 am
witnesses from nearby buildings and those who frequent the area were very saddened by the event. >> they're brave for doing this. >> from the window just the body layingen the floor. >> on beof our whole project team, we extend our condolences to the family. >> well, project officials would not elaborate whether that worker was wearing a harness or who was nearby when he fell. we can tell you that osha and the lapd are investigating. you see some of those construction sites and you're driving on the freeway and i always hope that they're safe. >> sure takes a lot of courage to do that job and your heart goes out to their family. growing concern about coyotes and one bay area city with at least one dog recently killed. how neighbors are taking action. ongoing b.a.r.t. repairsing delays at two contra cost b.a.r.t. stations and it could be this way for months. all these details in a live report coming up.
6:54 am
plans for new signage on interstate 280 have some people saying it sends the wrong signal. critics say when it comes to electronic billboard, you might as well go to las vegas. also details on a controversial plan and a possible timeline before you might see those changes. and who needs vegas anyway? someone in the bay area is headed into the weekend $9 million richer. and our twitter feed you can follow the latest jackpot here in the area that has lotto players abuzz. one last checof the das top sto
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
welcome back. one last check of the day's top stories and we send you to "today" show a few minutes after that. >> let's go right to pete suratos with round two. three b.a.r.t. delays. pete? >> b.a.r.t. continues to work on those repairs. we'll see this for the next few months. north concord and this all started wednesday morning and officials saying a power surge damaged 50 cars and, of course, we saw a similar situation two weeks ago with more than 80 b.a.r.t. cars being affected by the same sort of power surge going through the transbay tube. all the delays are putting commuters in a bind. >> xwleen, just hopping on the internet and looking at it and
6:58 am
planning our routes and such, back-up routes for things like this and, you know, i was planning on just taking from that station all the way to sfo. but now that i might have to change out my plans a little bit to come here, instead. >> now, b.a.r.t. contends this is an issue of an aging infrastructure and bovoting and for those of you folks this weekend traveling between south hayward and fremont. you'll expect delays from 10:00 and crews will be doing electrical work. we're live in north concord, pete suratos. i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco where some people are on edge after a coyote attacks and kills a dog. saturday night his dog was in the front yard for a quick bathroom break when a coyote attacked and killed her.
6:59 am
sioaty sightings go back years but reports of encounters have gone up across san francisco. across ocean avenue people snapped these photos of coyotes just resting on front lawns. he pushed for a meeting involving animal care and control and others to come up with a plan and that meeting is happening and set for next thursday morning at 10:00 at city hall. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang "today in the bay." the weather couldn't possibly get any better. >> we did have to deal with some fog this morning and low visibility in spots. temperatures in the low 50s for most of us and heading into the 70s for the south bay peninsula and tri-valley. some 60s else where. overall, a beautiful day. last day of winter, nice way to end it. >> they say madness. that is not maddening. that is beautiful. mike, you're watching a traffic accident on 101. >> crash cleared and you'll already see some recovery and
7:00 am
another crash and that interchange is jammed up. should see recovery because it is our lighter friday. >> follow updates on our twitter feed and be back in a half hour with more live local news. good morning. nasty nor'easter. good morning. nasty nor'easter. a massive snowstorm brewing for the very first day of spring. millions in its path from the carolinas to maine. the question is, will there be a lot or a little? stop trump. the movement to block donald trump from getting the republican nomination gaining steam. conservative leaders mapping out a strategy. a hacker group declaring total war on trump and releasing his personal information online. now overnight a scare for family. a threatening letter sent to his son. are things going too far. today, exclusive, ten years after its debut, twitter is now being dubbed the pulse of the planet. 320 million active users turning


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