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tv   Today  NBC  March 19, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. breaking overnight. deadly plane crash in russia. all 62 people on board killed when the jetliner slammed into the ground when it tried to land in bad weather. hulking win. a jury awards hulk hogan $115 millionfter the web site gawker posted a video of him having sex. >> this is not only his victory today, but also anyone also who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> gawker vowing the case is far from over. what this means for the tabloids and celebrities. and so much for spring. a nor'easter set to roar up the east coast tomorrow on the first day of spring. a foot of snow predicted in
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areas. will the storm be as bad as first thought? dylan will let us know. and upset nation. march madness busting brackets coast to coast. northern iowa with a buzzer beater. and that shot is not the only one. middle tennessee shocking michigan state in possibly the biggest upset in tournament history. steven f. austin crushing west virginia and millions of fans tossing brackets in the trash today. saturday, march 19th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" from rockefeller plaza. >> good morning. welcome to "today." i'm erica hill.
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>> i'm craig melvin. the top story is the deadly plane crash in russia. the fiery scene caught on camera. all on board are dead according to officials. nbc's chatman bell has the latest from london. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, craig. explosion caught on camera as the plane attempted to land in strong winds. airline is contacting relatives of all on board and an investigation is already under way to find the cause of the crash. the final moments of flydubai. you can see what appearing to be the plane in the surveillance crashing into the distance. exploding into a massive fire ball. authorities say there were 55 passengers and 7 crew members on board. mostly russian. and there were no survivors. no americans on board. it happened in the city of
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rostov-on-don. rain showers and gusty winds up to 50 miles an hour. the plane making the second attempt to land after aborting the first. the investigators believe the weather was to blame. no signs of terrorism. the budget airline ceo released a statement today saying our primary concern is for the families of passengers and crew on board. everyone at flydubai is in deep shock and our hearts go out to the families and friends of those involved. family members were told the terrible news as they gathered. everyone gone. flydubai has a strong safety record. the only other incident was when one plane was hit by small arms fire in baghdad last year. craig, we're told in the latest crash, at lead one of the two black boxes has already been found. >> chapman bell, thank you. also broeaking overnight. explosion in turkey killing five
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and injuring 20 more. it happened in istanbul this morning at a shopping area. the attack is believed to be a suicide bombing. three wounded are israeli citizens. turkish authorities have captured or killed several militants accused from crossing syria to stage the attack. this follows two suicide attacks in the capital. to the verdict overnight. a jury awarding $115 million to former wrestler hulk hogan in his lawsuit against the web site gawker. msnbc's chief correspondent ari melber is here. >> hulk hogan suing after two weeks of testimony and six hours of deliberation, the jury found gawker guilty of violating hogan's rights of posting the tape online. >> reporter: the jury awards hulk hogan $115 million.
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15 million more than he was originally seeking. >> this is not only his victory, but anyone else who has been victimized by tabloid journalism. >> reporter: hogan tweeting, thank you god for justice. the former wrestler says gawker violated his privacy when the blog published a video of him having sex with his former best friend's wife. the jury took less than seven hours to reach a verdict. >> this guy is up in new york sitting behind a computer playing god with people's lives. >> reporter: gawker's lawyers unsuccessfully convinced the jury. >> ask you to put aside passion and prejudice and sympathy and follow the law. >> reporter: both hogan and the woman in the tape heather clem testified under oath they did not know they were being filmed. >> i was embarrassed as what it did to me as a person.
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even as a character. hulk hogan was embarrassing. i started violently shaking. i couldn't stop. >> i wanted it to stop. >> reporter: hogan's real name is terry bollea. he should have a reasonable expectation of privacy not in the public eye. gawker founder nick denton says the company can win the case on appeal. >> i am confident we would win if we presented the full case. >> that is testimony from the man who recorded the sex tape, bubba the love sponge. he suggested that hogan knew about it from the start. if this verdict stands, gawker could be crippled and free press
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advocates could believe this would intimidate reporters in the future. >> does gawker have a strong case for appeal? >> they will argue this is excessive. in a wrongful death case, you get $3 million to $5 million. they will argue this wasn't a case of privacy. they had other evidence not presented in the trial that suggested that hulk hogan knew about this from the start. that he was in on the sex tape. it wasn't something done to him, but something he did. if you can get that in front of the jury, that would change a lot. >> thank you, ari. turning to the weather and potential for the nor'easter on the first day of spring. dylan is on top of it all. if anybody doesn't want this to happen. it is dylan. >> we worked so hard to get this far. it doesn't look like a blockbuster. this is not a storm as it heads out to sea, but we wedged our bets because of the european model with a nor'easter.
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now the european model in line with the american model. you can see no real set storm right now. we will see this intensify off the coast. we have winter weather advisories through the appalachains. i want to point out rhode island. this area will get clipped by the storm as it stays out to sea. we could see up to 4 inches or so and windy conditions across cape cod. watch as we go to sunday morning. this is over the water. we are looking at spotty showers in virginia and west virginia. winds will increase. we will see light snow in southern new jersey. it stays through the southeast and martha's vineyard. i want to point out the models. european snowfall model has 2 to 4 inches across southeast with
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higher amounts through the mountains and american model has more snow, especially out near jamestown, pennsylvania. look at washington, d.c. and northeast. that model is not saying much of anything. it is going to be one of those near misses which goes out to sea. >> i like that model. dylan, thanks. to the race for the white house now and more protests and clashes outside donald trump rally in utah last night and now the state's favorite son, former presidential candidate mitt romney will vote for ted cruz on tuesday, but did not endorse cruz. nbc's hallie jackson is in tucson where trump will have another rally this morning. good morning, hallie. >> good morning, craig. donald trump is on the ground in arizona where activists plan to protest at all his events today and all of it comes as trump again locks horns with mitt romney. in the battle ground state of utah, romney on the frontlines.
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>> we love salt lake city. we love utah. >> reporter: donald trump bracing for more protests after a face-off in salt lake city. angry demonstrators clashing once again outside his rally. >> did any protesters sneak inside? >> reporter: none stopping his attacks. hitting ted cruz hard. >> he hasn't done anything. >> reporter: now a new reason to target mitt romney. now confirming he will vote for ted cruz on tuesday. >> are you sure he is a mormon? he choked. it was so sad. >> mr. trump is a con man. >> reporter: two weeks after the anti-endorsement of trump, a not quite endorsement of cruz. calling for people to unify behind cruz, but to force an open convention. >> why haven't mitt romney and others endorsed you? >> when they say i will
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encourage you to vote for you. that is big. >> reporter: that is key to cruz's candidacy. but john kasich is not giving up. >> this is his view. you know, he's entitled to it. to frankly, i don't think anybody will have enough delegates to get to the convention. >> reporter: now kasich's out with this video. call it romney's greatest hits. >> a great governor of a great state. >> reporter: all the nice things he said about the ohio governor on the campaign trail. romney focused now on hitting trump featured in these ads that will start airing today from the super pac hoping to stop the billionai billionaire. for now, the frontrunner is winning. >> the winner of the arizona primary tuesday will pick up all 58 delegates. a big prize. part of why donald trump is holding multiple events. he has been endorsed by the sheriff joe arpaio.
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he will do double duty. hosting and handle security, too. craig. >> hallie, thank you. we are learning more this morning about the arrest of the suspected paris attacker. salah abdeslam was picked up on friday after a raid in belgium. he had been on the run for four months. 130 people were killed in the attacks. we have nbc's keir simmons with the story for us. >> reporter: good morning, erica. it is stunning to comprehend the man at the center of the investigation into the paris massacre was found here in the busy city. apprehended in the apartment on the left side of the street behind me there. the police are still standing guard and have many questions for him this morning. >> reporter: europe's most wanted fugitive, a suspected paris attacker. injured during the raid that captured him. left the hospital this morning.
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the french president vowing to see salah abdeslam faces trial in france. one survivor of the paris massacre where 130 died reacting this morning to the news. >> i wouldn't say it is a relief that he has been arrested. it is a sad thing. >> reporter: video of the police operation shows a suspect on the sidewalk. officers drag him to a police car. he falls and bundled into the back. on a crowded street, close by, people flee as more gunfire erupt. live on belgian television, explosion. one of many, the dramatic police raid capturing the 26-year-old abdeslam on the run since the paris massacre. he is among ten isis members identified by investigators as taking part in the paris attacks. all now either died carrying them out or killed or captured. he had been on the run for four months. the key break through was the
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raid tuesday in the brussels neighborhood of mole less than molenbeek. >> if you have a grain of justice, this is it. hopefully there will be more positive steps and more people found and detained. >> reporter: this morning, curtains were drawn at abdeslam's family home streets away from where he was arrested. many this morning are questioning how abdeslam was able to hide in the major european city in the neighborhood where he grew up, erica, and evade capture for so long. erica. >> so many questions. keir simmons, thank you. a former prep student in jail for having bail revoked for missing curfew. owen labrie was convicted in a sex assault case with an underage student in a twisted
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competitio competition. we have nbc's kristen dahlgren with more. >> good morning, craig. for the first time this morning, the now 20-year-old is waking up here a prisoner. owen labrie had been out on bail since sentencing, but as you said, the judge decided he violated that curfew. sent him here immediately yesterday as his mother sobbed in the courtroom. >> reporter: owen labrie in handcuffs, led out of a courtroom an inmate. the judge dismissing his claims he missed curfew for a good reason. >> i'll impose the sentence. >> guilty. >> reporter: since the sentencing on misdemeanor sexual assault and felony luring a mean or from his computer, he has been living with his mother from the 5:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. curfew. the prosecution argued labrie
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was in violation after a reporter tweeted about a chance encounter on a train last month. she said labrie told her he was visiting a girlfriend and worried about missing his cu curfew. >> he was walking around with his nose in the air. >> reporter: the defense admitted the violations, but said he was visiting his attorney or furthering his education and tried to fly under the radar for his own safety. >> telling the public, telling the media, where my client is at all times is not safe for him. so he chose wrongly, your honor. >> reporter: the case drew national attention when the trial revealed a ritual at the st. paul's school known as the senior salute. seniors ask out freshman for sex. labrie's lawyers are appealing his convince. for now, at least his bail is a thing of the past and the man who was once destined for
5:17 am
harvard will remain behind bars. >> now the victim's father was in court yesterday as were labrie's parents. labrie faces up to a year in prison. his attorneys tell me they are deciding whether or not to appeal. >> thank you, kristen. the chicago white sox player who setoff a debate over bringing your kid to work is talking about his decision to retire. adam laroche quit the team after the top executive told him his son was no longer welcome in the clubhouse. sheinelle has more. >> good morning. adam laroche played with the nationals and white sox. he says having his son around has never been an issue before now. in a statement released on friday, he said when he got the word that his son had to go, he chose to go as well. standing by his decision to put family first. >> reporter: laroche roche officially ended his career with the white sox on friday filing retirement paper work after a dispute over the time his son
5:18 am
spent at the clubhouse. in a statement online, laroche said i had to make a decision. do i choose my team and career or do i choose my family? the decision was easy. earlier this week, executive vice president ken williams asked laroche to minimize the time his 14-year-old son drake spent with the team. but laroche said that wasn't going to work. my decision to walk away was simply the result of a fundamental disagreement between myself and ken williams. laroche says he had a verbal agreement with the team to allow his son access. williams saying every day was just too much. >> sometimes you got to make some unpopular decisions. and sometimes they center around things that you don't necessarily want to do. >> reporter: laroche wasn't the only one upset with williams' request. teammates responded with disappointment. >> at the end of the day, it wasn't the right thing.
5:19 am
there was no problem here. >> the most respectful kid i've been around in my life. the father/son relationship that adam and drake had and the way drake handled himself. i can only hope my boy can do the same. >> reporter: laroche grew up around baseball. his father was a coach and player. now laroche will have to look elsewhere to find a home field to embrace their unique father/son bond. laroche says this year was likely going to be the last one of his career anyway. there was no way he would spend it without his son. guys. >> a lot of folks talking about it for a long time. >> thanks, sheinelle. from baseball to basketball. march madness has turned to march sadness. several upsets, busted brackets. number 15 seed middle tennessee state pulled off what some are calling the biggest upset ever.
5:20 am
beating number 2 seed michigan state, 90-81. the big dance ended for third seed west virginia mountaineers. committed 22 turnovers. they got chopped by the steven f. austin lumberjacks. the most stunning win at the buzzer beater from northern iowa's paul jasperson. round two of the ncaa tournament tips off later today. >> talk about a good start. >> it has been a great tournament. >> the whole right side of my bracket is gone. the left side is holding on. i picked iowa for some reason. >> you're done. >> nice confidence. a russian spacecraft carrying a veteran astronaut and cosmonaut has docked at the international space station. this story arrived late last night from taking off from kazakhstan. jeff williams will stay on the
5:21 am
iss for six months. williams is now on track to notch the record for the american spending cumulative days in space. 534 over three missions. a russian holds the world record of 878 days. a long time. >> dylan dreyer is better at forecasting than picking winners. >> i can forecast some things. basketball is not one. as far as the storm, everybody wanting a personalized forecast if they can get around tomorrow morning. i think for the majority of you, you will be fine. we have appalachians and southeastern massachusetts with snow. we are looking at the area of low pressure with heavy pockets of rain. across florida with stronger storms. we see the rain up the east. we have are seeing the lighter snow in the higher elevations in west virginia and western virginia. that is the trouble spot today. it is cooling down a bit. 30s and 40s across the plains. that is the look at the country.
5:22 am
now here is a peek out your window. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. still to come, how to talk politics with your friends and family without punching them in the face. >> so there's that. also coming up, our recap of the week's big news, including this must-see moment at the white house with the credator o "hamilton" and president obama.
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still to come on "today," the lengths the police department in spring break destinations to crack down on the party. and later in "trending" now you see her. look closely. now you don't. the mystery behind the look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat...
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don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes. fiber one. . good saturday morning to you. your time is 5:26. we want to give you a live look outside at san francisco from our cameras in emeriville. good morning and thank you for waking up with me. i'm vicky nguyen. rain in the forecast could delay repairs. crews were making good progress but pg&e says crews are working on ways to divert rain water. the sink hole opened up on sunday. it ruptured a gas line and broke power lines. 100 nearby homeowners were told to shelter in place. many were left in the dark. preparing for the earthquake is creating a hefty price tag.
5:27 am
the sea wall is 100 years old. it's 3.5 miles long and protects 700 acres along the water front. preliminary findings show the mud holding the wall in place is weak and could move during an earthquake. that could mean disaster for a large portion of the city. emergency responders could need help if it's not repaired. >> we're looking at improving the condition of the mud around the seawall. strengthening it so it stays in place. >> the repairs are expected to cost billions of dollars. the living cities competition will help support financing. final results of the earthquake study are expected next month. continuing coverage now on some major bart dilemmas. no word on when things will return to normal for bart riders in the east bay. for now they are going to have to endure long line, shuttle buss and awkward schedules. service between the concorde and pittsburgh stations has been
5:28 am
disrupted since wednesday when 50 cars were damaged along the tracks. bart officials say it was due to a mysterious power surge. the state senator says this bart problem was a train wreck just waiting to happen. >> you begin to accumulate the resources and bart for decades has not done that for this system. >> bart officials say engineers are currently taking part to try to fix some of the damaged ones. the bay area community is battling noise in the night. in neighbors say it's coming from a cement plant just outside city limits. santa clara county's environmental health department received more than a dozen complaints a bout the noise las spring. nothing has been done to fix the problem. >> less productive. you don't get a good night's sleep you're not as productive. >> the community is hoping to force the plant to turn the volume down.
5:29 am
the cement company reportedly says the noise is due to a new exhaust stack and fan that were installed last month. coming up this morning on today in the bay, shock and outrage. that's the reaction over a party thrown by microsoft. we'll tell you why the tech giant is now under fire. that plus your top stories and anthony slaughter will have a look at your full forecast ahead. we'll have that for you at 7:00 and for now we'll send you back to the "today" show.
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♪ fly like an eagle to the sea ♪ >> we are back on this saturday morning, march 19th, 2016. this is a live look for you this morning. this is the bald eagle nest cam. a live feed that has completely captivated the nation. mama bald eagle lying there right now. we are waiting for her to hatch that second egg. friday, thousands, if not tens of thousands, watched as the baby eaglet came out of its shell. we have seen mama feed baby several times. >> dylan updated us on the progress. the baby is learning to eat quickly and showed stronger skills. dylan is one person who is obsessed with the eagle cam.
5:31 am
she had it all morning. finding the eagle cam means i won't get anything done for the rest of the day. >> the forecast may be shot, so you know. >> i do have it pulled out. it is like a version of the truman show. i'm watching the eagle's nest. yesterday, the baby kept flopping down. today, this morning, it's like eating a lot better and it is standing up better. the mama eagle is sitting on top of it and the egg. there is a warning that comes with this cam. it is a wild eagle's nest. there could be sibling rivalry when the other hatches. they are wild animals. it is sitting on a branch where it was windy in washington, d.c. i can't stop. >> did you see her? she sat back. >> she's had it on all morning since she walked in. this is all she has talked
5:32 am
about. >> the eagle cam. >> you might get hooked. >> it is impressive. >> very good camera. two angles. >> we will keep our eye on it. we will update you over the next few days. we will update you on the headlines. investigators trying to figure out what caused a jetliner from dubai to crash in southern russia. officials suspect bad weather is to blame. there were reports of rain and high winds. all 62 people on board were killed. no americans were on board. a major win for hulk hogan in the lawsuit over his privacy against gawker. a jury awarded the wrestler $115 million after he sued gawker because it posted a sex tape of him online. gawker is vowing to appeal. and a big honor for the retired peyton manning from his former team, the indianapolis colts. he played the first 14 years of his career with the team. the owner thanking manning saying a statue will go up in his honor at lucas oil stadium.
5:33 am
manning retired from football earlier this month after winning super bowl 50 with the denver broncos. let's start with the download. sheinelle is here with the week's headlines. >> donald trump claimed victory once again. president obama made good on his promise to nominate a supreme court justice. and richard simmons speaking out about where he has been the past few years. it was a make or break week in the race for the white house. with tuesday's results narrowing the republican field. >> and then there were three. john kasich posting a big win at home denying trump a clean sweep. trump glowing in the victory. >> this was a great evening. >> widening his lead by winning florida. knocking out marco rubio who only weeks ago was tout as the establishment's best chance to beat the billionaire. hillary clinton celebrated a
5:34 am
clean sweep of the democratic contest. >> this is another super tuesday for our campaign. >> but in phoenix, arizona, sanders showed no signs of letting up. >> don't let people tell you that you can think big. supreme showdown. president obama nominated supreme court judge merrick garland to the highest court. >> i ask the republicans in the senate to give him a fair hearing. >> senate republicans continue to insist they won't consider the nomination because the next president should make that choice. big news this week out of seaworld. >> what we're announcing is the end of our orca breeding. >> the hope can hoping it will end years of criticism over the treatment of the captive orcas and several people killed by them. mystery solved? richard simmons gone from the public eye since 2014 talked to "today" on the phone.
5:35 am
knocking down claims he's being held in his house against his will. >> no one is holding me in my house as a hostage. i just sort of wanted to be a bit of a loner for a while. i hurt my knee, savannah, and i had some problems with it. you know, right now, i just want to sort of just take care of me. family first. white sox player adam laroche walking away from the big leagues and big bucks after the team demanded he dial back from the time his son spends with the team. >> many on the white sox called drake their 26th man. he's considered such a fixture with the team that he attends practice at home and on the road. drake has his own uniform and given his own locker at u.s. cellular field in chicago. coldplay beared the cold and rain on the plaza to perform. ♪
5:36 am
♪ we need a new justice for the supreme court ♪ >> and a different performance in the rose garden. creator of "hamilton" threw down a free style rap with the president. ♪ get the job done ♪ potus is holding up the signs ♪ >> and again later with our own jenna bush hager. ♪ i got the weather, al what's going on outside ♪ >> that would be hard to do. >> that takes a skill. that is tough. >> those guys continue to sit atop of the world. >> that is a hot ticket. >> my wife and i are going tonight. 8:00. little date night. >> have you seen it? >> no. >> i think it is time to get another check of the forecast. yes, it might snow here although not much. out west, we are looking at more
5:37 am
or less spring fever. temperatures above average. huge ridge in the jet stream making it cold enough to snow if the storm backs closer to the coast. i think it will stay out to sea. today, we are looking at temperatures 5 to 15 degrees above average. vegas should make it up to 84. portland, oregon, 64. it will dry out today, but rain moves in tomorrow. that cools temperatures along the coast. farther inland, vegas, 90 degrees. salt lake city, 71. 18 degrees above average. that warmer air will spread east. up and down the east coast by the middle of next week, temperatures in the 60s. rain in the gulf coast and florida today. some snow back through the good morning, meteorologist anthony slaughter here tracking some showers for the weekend. although we will stay dry today, you'll notice some green on the
5:38 am
map especially towards the coastline. some drizzle and clouds and here comes heavier rain for tomorrow morning. that's going to spread through tomorrow afternoon. keep the umbrellas handy. we'll see about a quarter inch to half an inch of rain for sunday. although it will stay dry for today. and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you. >> just ahead, the way to keep violence from breaking out when you talk you get a cold. you can't breathe through your nose. suddenly, you're a mouthbreather. a mouthbreather! how can anyone sleep like that? well, just put on a breathe right strip and pow! it instantly opens your nose up to 38% more than cold medicine alone. so you can breathe and sleep. shut your mouth and say goodnight mouthbreathers. breathe right
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back on a saturday morning. a rather tense political season. you might say. it can be tough to have conversations with your friends and family that don't get heated. tempers flare when you talk politics. we have seen it this month at donald trump rallies. >> how can you stay in control and stay friends when the conversation ended? we have thomas farley with us. what are some of the obvious questions? ground rules when it comes to politics. talking face-to-face. >> it is all about respect. for starters, ensure there is no alcohol in the mix. this is key. the moment you introduce alcohol, you know it will escalate. >> we all forget the rules. >> we forget the rules. we throw the rules out the window. keep things sober literally and
5:42 am
figuratively. >> you keep things sober. these things will still pop up. let's call this personal the interrupter. how do you handle that? >> you want to listen. you establish eye contact. not rolling your eyes. you want to respect in the same way you want that respect to come back to you. then you say i gave you a moment of time. i would like to ask the same in return. >> excuse me. you have an interrupter. before you can offer your opinion, they cut you off. the know it all. how do you deal with the know it all? >> it is possible to be someone who can disagree without disagree able. possible to have an opinion without too opinion natuated. ask them to substantiate. that's an interesting fact. what is your source? that usually ends it there.
5:43 am
>> and this applies to several things. there is also social media which can rough these days. especially something like facebook. things really get heated. should you post anything political online? >> we have 233 days until the election. it's a long time. i say consider -- not unfriending, but hiding the updates of the friends who are constantly posting political things you don't agree with. you don't know. we all have many friends on facebook with many views. keep it off facebook. >> last week, we threw a birthday party for our 2-year-old. we had family and friends over from the neighborhood. they assume they want to talk politics. should you engage in conversations at all with neighbors and friends on politics or keep it to our busted brackets and sports? >> are you safer.
5:44 am
the etiquette is keep away from sex, politics and religion. that is difficult. i don't think it is necessary as long as you can keep it with respect. our children need to hear the political conversation, but do it in a way that is not objectionable. >> this could be an opportunity to have a civil conversation again? >> i think manners are the key to have a civil conversation about matters of civics. i would say, don't be the one always striving to have the final word. if you say, let's just agree to disagree. it's con descending. don't be the one to try to lead the dialogue saying we obviously disagree. let's let that be the last word. people don't like that. >> thomas farley. what a great public service. >> for families everywhere. it is not even thanksgiving. thomas, nice to see you.
5:45 am
up next, you ask, we answer. it's back. another round of ask an anchor. >> oh, boy. >> we're see me. see me. don't stare at me. see me. see me. see me to know that psoriasis is just something that i have. i'm not contagious. see me to know that... ...i won't stop until i find what works. discover cosentyx, a different kind of medicine for moderate to severe plaque psoriasis. proven to help the majority of people
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mama eagle is feeding baby eagle. >> and baby eagle is doing better. >> it is fish. the dad flies in fish every hour. >> i made dinner last night with my laptop on the counter. i didn't want to miss a thing. i'm waiting to see dad fly in with a fish. my husband told me that's what he does. he works for nightly news. they had the giant news pulled up. >> i thought he was using it for march madness. they have it set up for eagle cam? >> like a human mom, she has been up every two hours feeding him. >> cute. >> back on the egg. we are expecting another hatching at some point. from that to this. our producers like to call ask an anchor. we solicited questions from our friends on the plaza.
5:49 am
we have 90 seconds on the clock. >> don't look. okay. go. >> is this rigged? >> no. >> that hand almost went somewhere else. >> ask an anchor why he's unemployed. if you can interview anyone dead or alive, who would it be? i would say my grandfather. my paternal grandfather. he was dead before i was born. we named our son after him. franklin. i'm up. >> i get nervous. what personality trait gets you in the most trouble. >> i can answer that one for you. >> what? what would you say? >> never mind. it's your question. >> i can get a bit moody if i don't eat. >> that's the only time you get moody? >> i get hangry. >> i have never seen you unpleasant once in my life. >> lightning will strike. >> we should swap. this is not me. if you went to the olympics, which sport would you compete
5:50 am
in? that's a funny question. >> which sport? >> the fact we're saying it. i was about to say gymnastics. >> i would say high jump. >> that is mean. >> you're up. >> our brother on this show. needling. what was your favorite tv show when you were a kid? "little house on the prairie." i had my aunt susan make me a dress and pinafour. my mom made me a cap. >> buzzer. >> still to come on this saturday morning, a little friendly competition with march madness. we will see how we're doing with our busted brackets. >> "little house on the prairie." >> this is "today" on nbc.
5:51 am
5:52 am
5:53 am
still to come on "today," controversy over a psa with olivia wilde. and just in time for spring. fashion help to have you looking like you stepped off the runway. but first this is "today." to the woman in the mid-90's showstopper... you're right. it's time to set this bird free. ♪ hot blooded, check it and see...♪ ♪ got a fever of 103... feelin' hungry? how 'bout a donut? ♪ i'm hot blooded..i'm hot blooded! ♪ whether it's 30-years old or 30-days old, carmax will appraise it in as little as 30 minutes. and then your only concern will be how to spend the cash. rad.
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5:56 am
good morning, your time now is 5:56. and we are giving you a live look at san francisco. a little foggy there as the lights are twinkling in the city. i'm vicky nguyen. anthony slaughter is standing by with a look at the forecast. good morning, anthony. >> good morning, we're waking up to temperatures that are normal this morning. we'll get rid of the fog and drizzle and hang on to some sunshine. 72 today for the south bay. 68 for san francisco u. the east bay will be at 70. the trivalley up to 72. north bay hanging on to upper 60s. same for the peninsula. we have some rain in the
5:57 am
forecast. at least for tomorrow. a full forecast coming up. continuing coverage on the bart dilemma. no word on when things will return to normal. for now prepare for long lines, shuttle buss and awkward schedules. as we have been reporting, service between the concorde and pittsburgh station has been disrupted since wednesday when 50 cars were damaged along the tracks. bart officials say it was due to a power surge. state senator steve glazier says this problem was a train reck waiting to happen. >> you accumulate the resources that replace things that are getting old. bart has not done that for this system. >> engineers are now taking part from eight car trains to try to fix some of the damaged ones. uber is trying to help commuters during this electrical meltdown. they are expanding service to
5:58 am
eastern contra costa county. it allows you to share rides and split the cost of your trip with another rider headed in the same direction. preparing for the big earthquake is coming with a hefty price tag in san francisco. the port says the seawall along the water front is 100 years old and 3.5 miles long and protects 700 acres along the water front. preliminary u findings says the mud holding the wall in place is weak and fear it could move during an earthquake. that could mean disaster for a large portion of the city. if it's not mixed emergency responders may need help. >> what we're looking at is improving the conditions of the mud around the seawall. strengthening it so the sea wall stays in place. >> major repairs are expected to cost billions of dollars. the living cities competition is going to help figure out financing. the final results of that seawall earthquake study are
5:59 am
expected next month. coming up this morning on today in the bay -- >> i have been calling it my pet project for year. >> many homeless are unable to go to shelters because pets are not allowed. the project meant to change that, it is a story that will make you bay area proud. anthony slaughter is back with your forecast. rain on the way this weekend. that's coming up at 7:00. for now, back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. deadly plane crash. 62 passengers killed when the plane slammed into the ground at a russian airport. the fire ball from the explosion caught on camera. this morning, the investigation into how it happened. hulking win. a big victory for former wrestler hulk hogan taking down gawker with his win over right to privacy. gawker posted a sex tape online. the jury awarding hogan with $115 million. upset nation. march madness brackets now busted. northern iowa knocking off texas.
6:01 am
middle tennessee taking off michigan state. now all eyes on a big match up. duke and yale. today, saturday, march 19th, 2016. ♪ when the world ♪ >> hey, craig melvin, we're from south carolina. >> we're from florida. it's my birthday. >> sweet home alabama. we're at the "today" show. >> we're from indiana. it's my 18th birthday. >> happy birth >>da happy birthday! good saturday morning to you watching at home. a huge crowd on the plaza. >> a lot of love right behind us from south carolina for craig melvin. >> look at that. >> with my photo shopped head shot. very nice. a lively bunch. very lively bunch. >> we have a lot to get to this
6:02 am
morning. we'll start things off with chanel who has more news breaking overnight. a deadly plane crash in russia. >> a passenger plane from dubai crashes in in russia killing all people on board. the plane disintegrated early this morning. the aircraft reportedly had to abandon an initial attempt to land. most of the passengers were russian. early reports have sited pilot error and weather as possible causes for the ill-fated flight. it was raining and winds were gusting at around 60 miles per hour at the time of the crash. today dond trump is bracing for more protests on the campaign trail. violence erupted in salt lake city. the front-runner takes on ted cruz and one of the senators newest supporters. hali jackson is in tucson, arizona. good morning. >> reporter: hey there. good morning to you. today, activists are expected to
6:03 am
demonstrate at all of the donald trump's event in this state today after a heated night in salt lake city. that's where angry demonstrated again clashed outside trump's rally, but inside trump kept up his attacks on ted cruz and now mitt romney after romney said he would vote for cruz in utah and called on conservatives to unify behind the texas senator but only to force an open convention. romney's support of crews could be a real support of him in that battleground state. but john kasich is not giving up without a fight, even after romney called a vote for kasich a vote for trumpism. both utah and arizona vote on tuesday. utah is where cruz needs a strong showing but here in arizona it's trump looking headed for yet another win. >> we're all waiting to see what happens. thank you. this morning the baltimore ravens are remembering corner back trey walker, the 23-year-old died yesterday from injuries suffered in a dirt bike crash. it happened thursday night in
6:04 am
miami where walker played high school football. he was reportedly riding the bike with no lights and wearing dark clothing when he collided with a ford escape. walker, a fourth-round draft pick played just one season in the nfl. in a statement ravens' coach john harbaugh said he will never forget his smile. new this morning, the father of french hero spencer stone has been charged in an arson fraud scheme. brian stone along with two other men are accused of collecting more than $1 million in insurance money after intentionally setting fires at several sacramento commercial buildings. stone allegedly assisted with insurance claims and faces 13 counts of mail or wire fraud. spencer stone who garnered international acclaim for thwarting a terror attack on a french train reportedly declined to comment on the change. general mills will soon begin labeling its products containing gentlemen metically modified ingredients.
6:05 am
the legislation will acquire food packages in that state to include such information starting july 1st. general mills becomes just one of the few major companies to adopt labeling changes amid a contentious debate in congress about whether identifying gmos should be voluntary. that's a look at some of your headlines. dillen, our snerkt. >> we are keeping an eye on this potential nor'easter. it looks like this storm will continue to stay out to sea. we have heavier rain through florida. this part of this system will get organized. we have a winter weather advisory through west virginia and western virginia. we could see most of our snow in the higher elevations because it's colder up that way. we're looking for southeastern massachusetts to get clipped by this storm. we have winter storm awakt across southeast mass and rhode island. here is the storm by sunday morning. not a whole lot of activity across the mid-atlantic besides scattered showers. then the storm intensifies,
6:06 am
winds pick up out of the northeast. that gives it that classic nor'easter but it will stay mainly out to sea. most of the day u still not a whole lot going on. sunday night into monday, that's when we'll see your best chance through rhode island, eastern massachusetts br we have the best chance of seeing some of the snow. if this storm backs to the west, we'll see more snow. we could see about right now 2 to 4 inches in the boston area, 1 to 2 if it sticks. i don't think we'll see a lot of accumulations stick to the roads. if we look at the american models, it's towards southwestern pennsylvania where we could see ou highest snowfall totals. it looks like the good morning, we're not waking up to anything like the east coast and midwest. we have a few low clouds. it's cloudy really every single microclimate this morning. a little drizzle out there as
6:07 am
well. later on this afternoon, it's still going to be cool. 68 degrees, san francisco same deal. it will be a few places like the east bay and south bay that get into the 70s. more clouds this morning. sunshine this afternoon. rain for tomorrow. and that's your that's your latest forecast. thank you. march madness in full swing in weekend. there's been some major surprising including this huge win on friday when michigan state fell to number 15 middle tennessee state. another cinderella story happened when yale beat baylor. yale will now face off against duke today leaving a lot of people to wonder will this be the preppiest game ever? here is nbc's ron mott. >> lindsey tosses it up. >> reporter: to put it bluntly, yale isn't exactly a basketball school. >> march magic. >> reporter: imagine the excitement back on campus after its team pulled off a big upset over baylor on thursday night.
6:08 am
sparking pandemonium we spotted and shared on twitter. seriously, though, the last time yale played in the ncaa tournament p 1962, when jfk arrival harvard man was in the white house. 50 years later another crimson occupies the oval office. maybe that's the secret because not once did the bulldogs make it to the dance during the 20-year stretch when a friendly alum led the free world. now, they're sundayly college basketball cinderella. hot date next up with the blue devil. >> given yale is rarely in this kind of hoop stair ya, tost's show down with duke has become a thing. this clash between upper crusters, a target for barbs, in headlines, on social media. the most insufferable basketball game imaginable. my father could like buy your
6:09 am
father kind of smack talk. yale versus duke, thankfully someone has to lose. >> these are two schools that you would think maybe we're talking about math leets. >> in case you're keeping score, duke may earn the hardwood over yale, five national championships to yale's zipo. yale wins hands down, 5-1. who wins today? not just an elite team, but all those folks who love to roast them. for today, ron mott, nbc news. >> we all love march madness. we love the stories. can we throw a love to ron mott. that story was so well done. loved it. so, of course, if there are brackets you know that we have to fill them out. >> yes. >> we all have our own sort of method to our madness. >> walk us through your method. >> so as many of you know, i tend to go with underdogs, clearly didn't pick them all this time around. i also like to go with things that are close to me. i'm married to a hoosier, right? there you go, david, that's for
6:10 am
you. one of my mothers-in-law went to duke as did uconn. i'm from connecticut. my sister is a uconn grad. i'm not totally out at this pint. >> not total. >> who is the next one. this is mine. craig. >> craig. wow. nice. >> i have kansas going all the way -- yeah, so far. after last year's embarrassing debacle, i should spend more than five to five minutes on the brackets. kansas going all the way. the game of basketball was invented there. i should probably go with kansas. >> i didn't know that. that's my home state. >> you can't go wrong with having the tar heels in the championship. you know, i think duke obviously wins today. i don't think they get past oregon, though. >> really? you're much more subdued this year with your bracket. >> after all that smack talk last year. >> there are a lot of xs. so this is the first time i actually filled out my own bracket. >> yeah! >> i really had no rhyme or reason why i picked things.
6:11 am
i thought west virginia sounded good. i have two sisters-in-law from oregon, so that's kind of my oregon leaning there. i have them going all the way. i don't know if -- >> xs were good, this would be great. >> let's talk about yours. >> i have no idea what we're going to see. >> you're in good shape. >> i'm from wichita, kansas. so i put that there. >> you could have just gone with kansas. >> well, wichita, kansas is where i'm from. villanova. philly is important to me, too. just schools i thought basketball teams, that's about it. >> that's it. >> and it seems to be working well for me. >> it does. >> okay. >> there's our standings. >> i thought you were doing good, too. i guess not. >> i felt like i didn't have as many xs. >> just wins. >> just wins so far. >> all right. whatever, craig. >> good luck as we continue on this road, craig. remember, i think you were in the lead last year at this point, too. >> i was not in the lead.
6:12 am
>> weren't you? >> loser last place is making brunch. >> that's what you said last year and you never made us brunch. >> i got sick. we should note our producer said the game of basketball -- she says it was invented in springfield, massachusetts the game of basketball. there's been some dispute. settle it on twitter. >> isn't that where the basketball hall of fame is. >> settle it on twitter in springfield. still to come, best excuse ever? how the boss helped one 9-year-old who showed up late to school. plus, why justin timberlake's fans are so excited after seeing this instagram post. >> genius and genius. >> that's all ahead in "pop star." is... ordinary objects often seemed... intimidating. doing something simple... meant enduring a lot of pain. if ra is changing your view of everyday things orencia may help. orencia works differently by targeting a source of ra early
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6:15 am
we are back on a saturday morning. time for a little trending. olivia wilde has the special needs community divided over the psa over world down syndrome day. the video is titled how do you see me. it has a range of every day activities from dancing to laughing and relaxing. all this while the narrater explains how she views herself. >> i view myself following my dreams. even if they are impossible. this is how i see myself. how do you see me?
6:16 am
>> so as you can imagine, there are a range of views. many saying the video is positive for the down's syndrome community. others say having an actress like olivia wilde and not a person with down's syndrome play out is missing the point. you know, a lot to talk about. it is worth watching the full ad. >> you know, i will say when i read the story before i saw the ad, my knee jerk was okay. then you see the video. >> it makes more sense. >> a well done ad. it is more positive than negative. >> i agree. it is a great conservation starter. let's go to the optical illusion. here is the video that has a lot of people talking. of a live news report on danish television. look at the blonde woman in the background. you see the blonde woman. another woman walks past her and all of a sudden, she seemingly
6:17 am
disappears. millions like 5 million people watched this video. some are speculating that the woman is a ghost. >> they can talk to each other. >> the woman is apparently real. here's the deal. >> where did she go? >> the woman actually moves off at the exact same time as the woman pushing the trolley. in all fairness, you have to look closely to see that. a lot of people surmise. >> do you know what that man was talking about? >> he coaches the handball tournament. the woman who disappears, she is also a handball expert. >> no wonder. they want to know what happened. >> handball community up in arms. get it? >> somebody's on fire this morning. finally, welcome to instagram, pope francis. the pope with his first instagram post. there you have it. it is a picture of him praying. the picture reads pray for me in nine languages.
6:18 am
this has received 10,000 likes in less than an hour. his handle is @popefrancis. >> maybe we will see easter brunch. could j.t. and pharrell have something in the works? you won't believe who doesn't like "frozen." >> the post that sent justin timberlake fans in a frenzy. you see justin in the recording studio with pharrell. the caption reads currently. then fans are speculating and hoping the two are collaborating on something new. if you think about it, j.t. hasn't released any new music since 2013. we are ready for more. >> that just did it. >> i'm sure they're watching. next up, file this under the
6:19 am
coolest tardy note ever. thanks to the boss. fourth grader was at the sold out show in l.a. this week when the show ran late into the night. before the boss left the stage, he spotted the boy. bruce, i'll be late for school tomorrow. please sign my note. that is what he did. writing, dear miss jackson. he has been out very late rocking and rolling. please excuse him. it doesn't get more rock 'n' roll than that. finally, what kid doesn't love "frozen?" one of the stars children. kristen bell, the voice of princess anna. opened up in an interview about her daughter is not a fan. >> i put it on for her thinking it would blow her mind. she said 15 minutes in, turn it off. i don't like this movie. >> does she know mommy's voice?
6:20 am
>> yeah. we told her. she could care less. >> i don't know why she's talking like this. >> that's your daughter's voice? you have bigger problems. >> i've never seen it. >> you haven't? >> neither have i. >> i love it. >> "frozen?" >> do you want to borrow the dvd? >> let's have a watch party. i was offering it to dylan. >> she would rather watch eagle cam. still to come, by the way, basketball invented in massachusetts. naismith from kansas. the best colors for spring fashion. but first this is "today" on nbc.
6:21 am
6:22 am
still to come on "today," a spring break crackdown. police departments are stopping
6:23 am
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6:26 am
good morning, your time is 6:26. let's take you outside right now. that's a live look at at&t park in san francisco. you're waking up to mild temperatures. a little drizzly out there. good morning, i'm vicky nguyen. anthony slaughter is standing by with a look at that microclimate forecast. good morning. >> good morning, we are waking up to clouds and even some fog and drizzle. take a look at the golden gate bridge. you can see the mist is coming down and visibility is reduced d because of the fog and drizzle. take it easy. otherwise we're going to get rid of the fog and drizzle as we head through the morning and this afternoon we'll see sunny skies for the south bay. 72 degrees there. a little cool for the peninsula.
6:27 am
68 degrees but you'll see the sun as well. even where we have the drizzle in san francisco, we'll still see some sunshine later on this afternoon in san francisco up to 68 degrees. tomorrow we have rain in the forecast. we'll talk about the timing of the rain and how intense it's going to be and how much warmer we'll see our temperatures go as we move towards the upcoming week. >> thank you. continuing coverage on the bart delays. no word yet on when things will return to normal for bart riders in the east bay. for now they are going to have to endure long lines, shuttle buss and awkward schedules. as we have been reporting, service between the concorde and pittsburgh station has been disrupted since wednesday. 50 cars were damaged along the track. bart officials say it happened because of a mysterious power surge. this has been a problem a long time in coming. >> you begin to accumulate the resources that replace things that are getting old. bart has not done that for their system. >> officials say their engineers are taking part from eight
6:28 am
different car trains to try u to fit some of the damaged ones. uber is trying to help commuters during the meltdown for bart. uber is expanding the service to eastern contra costa county. uber pool allows riders to share rides and split the cost of their trip with others headed in the same direction. getting ready for the big earthquake is coming with a big price tag in san francisco. san francisco says the seawall along the water front is 100 years old. it's 3.5 miles long and protects 700 acres along the water front. early findings show the mud holding the wall in place is weak and there are worries it would move during an earthquake. that could mean disaster for a large portion of san francisco. if the seawall isn't fixed emergency responders may need to step in. >> what we're looking at is improving the condition of the mud around the seawall, strengthening it so the wall stays in place.
6:29 am
>> making major repairs is expected to cost billions of dollars. there's the living city competition to figure out the financing. the final results of the study are expected next month. coming up this morning on today in the bay, do you recognize this man? we'll tell you why east bay police think there's a serial robber on the loose. that's coming up at 7:00. for now back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
we are back on a saturday morning. it is march 19th, 2016. we still have a great crowd on the plaza. i feel like its grown. >> we have a school trip visit from louisiana over here. >> we have folks from connecticut. including people from madison. the town next door to where i grew up. >> a lot of people from kansas. a lot of people from there. >> basketball not not born. >> i heard it on twitter. >> there is always next week. the eagle cam is back. we have been watching this all morning thanks to dylan dreyer. we have seen some feeding. she is now sitting on the
6:31 am
eaglet. there is another egg that is supposed to hatch. you can write in your prediction of when you think the second egg is going to hatch. >> do you have an idea when it may hatch? you are an expert at this point. >> that's the one thing i don't know. we will stick to no storms. >> fair enough. >> when the new eagle comes into the world. still to come in this half hour of "today," an inspiring group of dancers proving they will not let anything stop them from getting on the dance floor. and spring officially starts tomorrow. what better way to get ready than with a little fashion help. we will help you fill your closet with the must-have pieces. and the no-brainer sunday suppoer with the brisket. >> it smells delicious. you still owe us lunch from last year's bracket. with the new techniques, some
6:32 am
communities are helping bring spring break under control this year. those methods may be working, some businesses say it is having a negative impact. nbc's kerry sanders explains. >> reporter: spring break. panama city beach, florida. this year? 1:30 a.m. spinaker. a college student mecca here. instead a ghost town. >> you see no one here. >> reporter: the afternoon entertainment. not a rehearsal, but performance. playing to no one. bar owners estimate an 80% drop in revenue. new laws mandate last call at 2:00 rather than 4:00 a.m. now drinking on the beach is illegal this month only. >> it is costing me in the pocketbook. >> reporter: after alcohol fuelled crimes, including an
6:33 am
alleged gang rape last year, panama city officials are employing new tactics. >> we have fewer issues this year. i imagine that is because there are fewer kids. >> reporter: it did not take much advertising to cut crowds dramatically thanks to posts on social media. #lame. >> it is lame. everybody's going to different beaches. >> reporter: to spot trends before they turn into problems like pop-up parties not on the beach, police are monitoring social media. cops started using an algorithm to post for key words like house party. >> is that spying? >> that is not spying. it is out there. we are not violating any privacy rights. >> reporter: in texas on south padre island, authorities are considering the use of drone surveillance to spot unruly spring breakers. in corpus christi, a $250 bounty on underage drinkers. anyone that reports a violation that leads to law enforcement
6:34 am
collects the prize. back on the beach in panama city, spring breakers are still welcome if they follow the rules. for "today," kerry sanders, nbc news, panama city beach. >> you have to think of the spring breakers will find some other beach. >> i thought the same thing. they will keep moving. dylan has a final check of the weather. >> not spring-like right now. it doesn't arrive until 12:30 at night. i saw the sign over here. can i see your sign? we have an invitation to the prom. so where is derek this morning? >> in kansas. derek, will you go to prom with me? >> let me know what he says. derek, please say yes. that would be awesome. we have a decent sized storm in the pacific northwest. it will bring clouds and showers to the northwest today. then heavy rain starts to move in by sunday morning.
6:35 am
from washington state to oregon to northwestern california, we will see some isolated mountain snow. a rain event. 1 to 4 inches of rain is possible. on the east coast, watching a potential nor'easter. it is looking more like the storm will stay mainly out to sea. we could see some accumulation above 1,000 feet in the appalachian. we are looking at heavy rain in florida today. tomorrow, the storm will intensify a bit. it looks like the best chance of snow in some of the big cities is boston. 1 to 2 inches in southeastern massachusetts and closer to 4 inches depending where the storm lines up. a mainly out over the sea good saturday morning to you. i'm meteorologist anthony slaughter. waking up on this saturday to some clouds and drizzle. even from emeriville lots of low clouds moving into the city. we're waking up to cloudy skies. we're going to get rid of the clouds and. fog and drizzle.
6:36 am
we'll hang on to sunshine and a few low 70s for places like the south bay. same deal for the east bay. low 70s there. north bay, san francisco and peninsula staying cooler at 68. and that's your latest forecast. >> all right. dylan, thank you. how often do you ask yourself how happy am i? according to a new report out this week, the u.s. is the 13th happiest country in the world. so, where are the happiest people in america? nbc's kevin tibbles found out. >> reporter: spring approaches. the heat will soon swoop down on lafayette, louisiana. but inside the feed and seed dance hall, it's already steamy. terry and the zydeco bad boys has everyone up and smiling. >> music is my therapy. when i get on stage, i forget about my troubles. >> reporter: and it must be contagious. a recent harvard university of
6:37 am
british columbia poll named lafayette, louisiana, the happiest city. not because they let the good times roll. misty tally is the 31-year-old home grown filmmaker. >> lafayette is like a incubator for new business. everybody is willing to help everybody else out. >> reporter: the city's solid economic footing has a lot to do with optimistic outlook. lafayette diversified away from the booms and busts from the petroleum based economy. it's young people are staying. >> food, family and friends. >> reporter: that's the cajun recipe for happiness. chef justin gerard moved back home to serve food rich in flavor and tradition. >> i feel america is great. i never felt uncomfortable pursuing my dream. i think that's how every
6:38 am
american should feel. >> reporter: how about the presidential election? >> here it's kind of rude to openly discuss politics. >> what a concept. >> reporter: in america's happiest city, perspective. kevin tibbles, nbc news, lafayet lafayette. >> i guess we should put that on our list. >> we should check it out. it looks warm there. it is louisiana. i would say, too, pretty much every day on the plaza we find the happiest people. no matter the weather. no matter the hour. up next, springing into fashion with the look at the trends for the new season. but first these messages. i wah acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away.
6:39 am
my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live.
6:40 am
we are back on a saturday morning with we are back on a saturday morning with some fashion advice to get your spring wardrobe ready. we're here and we love it when you come by because you make it easy and accessible too. so the first friend we have, who doesn't love spring color and it is back this year in a big way. >> nothing says spring quite
6:41 am
like the color pink. >> i love this. >> it's the overcoat. it's kind of almost a men's wear silhouette but a pris si color. it's all over the runways. it's just about wearing in a monochromatic way and officially head to toe. >> head to toe pastel pink. >> you don't have to do it in a 12-year-old way. >> another big trend is called the cold shoulder. >> it's not about being rude. it's the shoulder. we're seeing so many cutouts and this off the shoulder look. this is kind of almost a hybrid between a shirt and a strapless top. the thing about this, it works for any age, any size. most people are bond of their shoulders. >> it's not like your arms where you're anxious. you can show the shoulder. >> exactly. it's something we can definitely wear with more classic pieces i think. you've got a lot of ruffles and
6:42 am
a lot of details happening here. you want to keep it classic on the bottom. >> i love it. >> and the high waist is good as well. >> we don't want to forget the boys. >> this is one we can both wear too. >> i like that too. a bomber jacket. if you're going to get one piece this season it's the bomber jacket. this is great for guys. you can wear it with a clean t-shirt and some very cool jeans or you can dress it up. put it with a great shirt. >> i love this color green too. >> it's all about those greens, navies, and this would definitely work in my closet too. >> excellent. what's nice is we can transition from some pieces because we don't want to break the bank and buy all new pieces so what are we transitioning here from winter to spring? >> 35 one minute and 65 the next. >> tell me about it. >> this is a great sweater so something you have in your closet, maybe you wore it with big pants in the winter and now you're wearing it with an easy
6:43 am
skirt. it's a $20 skirt from h and m. it's about losing the heavy pants and wearing it with -- >> and this is almost a suede or like a mock suede and we can wear that into spring. >> but this is a piece that you just transition from your closet from fall, winter, right into spring. >> and if we want to clean out the closet to make room for spring, have some great tips for us in doing that too. >> there are some great apps these days. there's one called thread up. they'll send you a whole kit which is a box you put in as much as you want, ship it back to them and they will get rid of it. >> they take care of everything for you? >> everything. sometimes you're unsure if you want to get rid of something so there's a calculator that tells you what anything is worth before you put it in. >> and we can also donate things also. so many worthy causes. >> and tradesy, you load anything from your phone to the
6:44 am
app and it sells from there. >> thanks for coming in. let's send it over to the orange room and today's fans of the day. >> this is the henle family. where are you guys from? why are you guys in new york city? >> we auditioned for so you think you can dance. >> can you dance for us in a second? >> coming up some people who love to dance and learn how to do it all over again. but first this is today on nbc. >> you can do something else. this is fantastic. there you go. nice.
6:45 am
6:46 am
back here on a saturday morning with a woman who wants to make life better for people who are wheelchair bound. >> nbc's morgan radford is here to explain. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. good morning. this marissa loves dance more than anything else. after suddenly collapsing ten
6:47 am
years ago, doctors told her she may never walk again. what she did now brings people to new heights president. >> reporter: ron and jennifer lee remembering the first dance as husband and wife. a moment inspired by the tango scene in "scent of a woman." >> i fell in love with the tango. it is a beautiful and sexy dance. >> reporter: back then, he could walk. days after that tango while on their honeymoon, a fall left him paralyz paralyzed. >> one day you are on top of the world and the next, trying to learn. >> i always wanted to get my husband back in ballroom dancing again. >> reporter: meet marissa. a wheelchair dance company
6:48 am
teaches ballroom, hip hop. ♪ >> reporter: and so much more. ♪ >> everyone can dance. i want america to see that it's possible to dance with someone in a wheelchair. just like anyone else. it's nothing different. >> reporter: ten years ago, a disease left marissa paralyzed. >> i thought my life was over. >> reporter: after physical therapy, marissa was able to walk and reclaim her passion and share it with the world. every week, rollers get to rocking with the walking. ♪ >> reporter: even i joined in. watches people like ron and jennifer lee get to dance all over again.
6:49 am
>> i actually think i have better moves now than i did back then. it was very empowering. it teaches you you can live again. >> ron and jennifer are still practicing their moves on friday night along other dancers hoping to show people know matter what their ability, they can succeed at whatever they put their minds and most importantly their hearts to. >> really lovely. >> morgan, thank you. up next, a delicious brisket that's really easy to make. so easy, even i can make it. so easy, even i can make it. the citi double cash® card comes in very handy with cash back twice on purchases. earn once when you buy, and again as you pay. that's cash back now, and cash back again later. it's cash back déjà vu. the citi double cash card.
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the magic begins. this year, make the magic of easter come alive. bring home the lindt gold bunny. all right. on "today's" food, we are closing out the no-brainer recipes with a brisket dish. always good to see you. >> thank you. >> what kind of cut do we have here? >> we have a brisket. it comes with a first cut. second cut. whatever's on sale. >> how do you know it's right? >> as long as it is brisket, it works. >> let's get started. >> we have ingredients. pomegranate juice. onion, garlic, salt, pepper,
6:53 am
chili powder. >> keep going. >> we will start off by getting the brisket in a roasting pan. that will make it good. this is really simple. we will not sear this ahead of time. we are putting it right in the roasting pan. everything happens here. >> if you want to save time, but not sacrifice flavor, what can you do? >> since we're not -- usually you cut it up and sear it. it takes so much time. the flavor difference is negligenceable. you are not missing out. let's get our rub on. simple. we have pepper, salt, we're going one teaspoon of salt per pound of brisket. we have four pounds here. four teaspoons here. brown sugar and chili powder. all on there. sugar on there, too.
6:54 am
i'll rub this in. i'm using the spoon now. you can use your hands on all sides. if you want to help me, i need to whisk tomato paste and pomegrante. >> all of it. >> it is like a barbecue sauce. >> the acid will break down the meat and natural sugar. if you cannot find that juice, you can use cranberry juice and red wine. all work the same way. >> why are those the good swaps? >> they have the acid and sweetness. the sugars will intensify. >> that is well whisked. >> you can put that in here. onion that i quartered. you don't have to do a lot of chopping. >> that is beautiful. >> how much water?
6:55 am
>> 3/4 on the way up to the meat. the juice is similar to that salt tip. juice is one cup of juice per pound of meat. easy, right? >> from that to this. >> cover it up. in the oven for five to six hours at 350 degrees. >> this is perfect for a slow cooker. >> you can do it without the extra water. just the juice. slow cooker, 8 to 10 hours. >> i am so making this. amazing. >> one cup. salad there. >> you pull it. you can mix it up with barbecue sauce. make a sandwich. on top of a salad. >> alejandra, thank you. you can find this at >> we have a birthday wish. our executive producer.
6:56 am
>> happy birthday! >> you look great for 50. >> good morning, barts's updated plan of action. what you'll need to get around the bay area this weekend. plus it's kept the bay at bay for 100 years but it's showing its age. the new concerns over a shifting sea wall. and sunny skies give way to clouds and rain. anthony slaughter will give you a time line for our next storm. ♪
6:57 am
♪ ♪
6:58 am
look at this sweet face. so sweet. ok, we're going to need a napkin gooey, flaky, happy. toaster strudel. i would kill for something sweet. wanna split that? no...soooo much fat... don't fight your instincts. with 150 calories each, try our new rich & creamy cheesecakes. fiber one.
6:59 am
good saturday morning to you. your time now is 6:59. it is saturday, march 19th, 2016. we want to start you off with a live look outside at san francisco of our cameras in the distance. a little hazy out there and a little brizly, but the temperatures pretty mild this morning. thank you so much for waking up with us. i'm vicky nguyen alongside anthony slaughter, who is standing by with a look at the rest of the weekend forecast. good morning, anthony. >> good morning, we were talking
7:00 am
about some fog and drizzle. you can see it at the golden gate bridge in full effect. the fog and drizzle, we'll get rid of that through the afternoon hours. especially at the coastline, san francisco in the peninsula only topping out in the mid- to upper 60s. we're going to see some sunshine for the entire bay area. the east bay will get up to 70 degrees. the warm up to 72 degrees. the first day of spring is today or at least tonight. spring does begin at 9:30 this evening. the first full day will be tomorrow across the bay area and with the first full day of spring comes the first full day of rain. talking about showers returning tomorrow. we'll time out the storm system and let you know how much rain to expect coming up in 15 minutes. back over to you. to a developing story overseas now. 62 people are dead after a plane crashed in. southern russia. all were on board that passenger jet. we told you this story is breaking news last night.


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